With tears of pastel pink
in an idle town under a black sky
She found herself married to her demons,
and covered her sadness the same way one
might cover tired eyes.
Pretending the dream is still alive,
she keeps staring at the clock trying to pass time.
Now her throat burns and her eyes sting
because she can’t figure out what she’s missing.
Mascara rain replaces bright eyes,
and the roses only scratched her fingers,
because she was too naïve to know better.
And when she blows out her baby blue candles
she wishes to be naïve again;
to be ignorant to the world she had to meet under
unfortunate circumstances.
A tragedy that doesn't belong to her,
or one she denies the possession of,
she still swears to love a sunset and the stars above the day,
and she’ll tell you the reason she sits so still is
because she’s hoping you’ll stay.

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What do you think about an Oumasai phantom thief/detective au? It's half canon anyway, and there a few fanarts of the scenario already.

I love saiouma phantom thief/detective AUs, they’re a weakness of mine. Given the love hotel scene and Ouma’s very not-subtle homage to phantom thieves in general, I’d say they’re one of the most perfect AUs for the ship.

There was actually a “phantom thief/detective” prompt the other day in the saiouma wandoro on Twitter, and a bunch of really good fanart came out of that. It was a blast to go looking through it, a lot of the pieces were really cute!

Between Ouma’s love for grand, flashy scenarios, heists, and huge pranks, and Saihara’s inherent need for the truth even though he’s also hesitant and cowardly and anxious, there are so many good opportunities for a super “catch me if you can” scenario.

Plus, in any good phantom thief set-up, you need to include all the usual tropes like flirting close to the detective in disguise, mysterious letters in code, and of course, a heart-pounding chase-scene across rooftops and down alleyways. I live for this shit

Me: *wants to talk to people*

Me: *(surprisingly) has the energy to talk to people*

Me: So, um…

Brain: You’re going to say the wrong thing and make them hate you no matter what so I’m just gonna go blank if that’s okay.

Me: Thanks :)

And now the “trauma stuff tag” reappears.

(I have no clue what tags to throw this question in)

I’ve been going over this question in my head for days now, so I may as well ask about it.

What do you do when someone basically…tries to steal and/or control your spiritual life?

The events that caused this happened nearly two years ago, btw.

I could go more into details, but the short version is that after she discovered I’m a polytheist, my abuser claimed to have had the same/similar experiences to me–when we don’t even share the same beliefs.

We don’t share the same beliefs, or gods.  Nothing in common at all.

The wording of how she described her “experience” wasn’t exactly like mine, but how it was phrased tipped me off that this was about…about control, and about making sure I could have no private parts of my life.

It said “the same thing happened to me, this isn’t special or sacred at all.”

I keep going over that in my head, and this has just…absolutely killed what joy I had in my spiritual life.

I’ve quit (mostly) talking about my spiritual life online, but I keep remembering that my abuser claimed the same Meaningful experience happened to her.  And that make me just hate that this Ritual had happened; it just…ripped away all the meaning it had.  I can’t think of it without wanting to cry in sorrow and rage.

I’ve considered just walking away from my spiritual life all together.  Any time I spend with my deities, I find myself being afraid that my abuser can somehow sneak into my spiritual life and ruin every precious thing I keep to myself.  I know she can’t, I know that fear is irrational, but it’s still there.

tl;dr: my abuser tried to claim she had a similar experience to something Important I’d experienced; it’s haunting me, and killing what joy I’d found in my spiritual beliefs.  How do I move on?  What can I do to recover from this?

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Did Ouma know his memories are fake?

He did, yes. Or rather than saying that he “knew” from the start, Ouma was someone who heavily suspected and doubted absolutely everything around him. Anything that couldn’t be objectively proven, anything that he couldn’t verify with his own two eyes, he regarded as a possible lie. Being unable to trust his own memories, talent, backstory, etc. was the same as having to consider all of it a lie.

This is, of course, one of the central themes of his character, as well as one of the reasons why he was deeply paranoid and unable to trust anyone else in the game.

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