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I hope next time you inform yourself before making an assumption and criticizing others. Keep in mind that everything in life comes around and karma is a bitch so one day something bad is gonna happen to you and everyone is going to be too busy laughing at your misery to take time and recognize all the things you've ever work for. You're not that different from Pewdiepie. Laughing at him makes you as bad as him.

It’s only been a few hours since the announcement for the BSD movie came out and I’ve already seen people being salty about it because Chuuya and Dazai are on the cover together.

Now, I understand where a lot of these people are coming from. I get it. You’re worried that this movie is just going to be pandering to soukoku shippers. You’re worried that it’s going to cater to fujoshis. You’re worried that your favorite characters aren’t going to get any character development. You’re worried that Chuuya and Dazai aren’t going to get any character development and that the whole movie is going to be queerbait fanservice for a ship that you don’t even like. But honestly? There’s literally no reason to get so worked up right now.

Literally all the information that we have about this movie is the poster and the supposed release date. That’s it. We have no plot, no cast list, no trailers, nothing. All we have is a poster where Chuuya and Dazai are standing in a ruined city together. That’s literally all we have to go off of.

Does this imply/suggest that the movie will be soukoku-centered? Yes. Does it confirm that the movie will be soukoku-centered? Absolutely not. All you are doing is speculating based off of a single movie poster. You’re being salty because two characters are standing next to each other when you have literally no other information.

Furthermore, what’s wrong with having a soukoku-centered movie? This could be a great opportunity for the fandom. If Chuuya and Dazai are the main characters then we will get content with them together as well as content with them apart. Who knows? Chuuya may very well get character development outside of his relationship with Dazai! We might very well get to see how he interacts with a lot of other characters! We might get Buraiha Trio and Dark Era flashbacks! We might get backstory on Chuuya and Dazai’s partnership! We might get any number of other character development scenes for both Chuuya AND Dazai!

And think about it; BSD isn’t a sports anime or a reverse-harem anime or some shit. It’s not meant for queerbaiting. It’s not meant to pander to ships. It’s an amazing, beautiful, well-written, complex, very well thought out series and there is absolutely no reason for you to think that the movie will be anything less than stellar just because Chuuya and Dazai are standing next to each other on the poster. This isn’t going to be a movie about Chuuya and Dazai standing shirtless and almost kissing each other only for something to distract them and make them stop. This is going to be a good movie with a good plot just like the rest of the BSD series is.

We get it. Soukoku isn’t your all-time favorite ship and you get uncomfy when anything remotely soukoku happens in canon. But there’s literally no reason o be salty over a movie poster.

Until we get plot, until we get trailers, until they butcher a character, until they butcher the plot, until they actually give us a goddamn reason to think that this movie will be terrible, please stop making posts about how bitter you are that we might possibly be getting a movie that focuses on Dazai and Chuuya. Please just let the fans enjoy this movie and don’t go into it with a bad attitude or you aren’t going to have any fun watching it regardless of whether it’s soukoku-centered or not. 

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: Kaede Akamatsu had so much potential as a good protagonist to break with the classic boy protag formula, she had a more bossy, determinated possibility unlike all the previous main characters. The game's dynamics would have been different and more interesting if we had a girl as the main character, and people would have been much more satisfied if they didn't kill her off to make us stuck with The Boy™ again. Ultimately, Akamatsu had so much chances and possibilities to explore with her unique personality, but was killed off early in a unsatisfactory way.

hey mercy mains reblog this w the most useless your team has been

mine is when we had to deliver a payload and the opposing team and the rest of my team just decided to meet up in a random location to murder each other and I delivered the payload entirely by myself, didn’t even see anyone the whole time, and then got yelled at for not healing them

So, it’s common knowledge for people in ndrv3 spoiler territory now that the killing game was actually a show well into its 53rd season. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about that, but one thing I don’t think I’ve seen is people talking about the fact that this particular killing game show was practically contingent on Junko making an appearance in every single season.

I’ve done a brief transcription of “Junko’s” (see: Tsumugi in cosplay’s) grand appearance, and I’m just…blown away. This idea is so much fun.

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I finished the whole gang in perler beads! I made the Layton a while ago, but now that I got some beads of my own and some free time, I decided to make the rest to match! I used patterns based on the in-game pixels, with a few minor changes (mostly to Flora), and I’m really happy with how they all turned out!

These are all based on the little current-party icons, and the patterns were made by the same person, but Layton ended up being shorter than everyone, and I find that really funny for some reason?

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NDRV3 Transcripts: Ouma Consults Monokuma

I’m a firm believer that there are things that can really only be conveyed in a work’s original language. Danganronpa knows it all too well: while the localisation does a good job overall bringing this fantastic series to the West, there’s still so many nuances and details that are easily lost in translation.

So as we know, transcribing Japanese text is quite the laborious undertaking, and naturally I took it upon myself to perform this task.

The following scene occurs after one of Saihara’s nightly training sessions. Much like a couple of scenes in the previous games, this one does not happen in the presence of our protagonist. Rather, it is a quick exchange between Ouma and Monokuma, and I thought it was significant, so I transcribed it.

Not only did it surprise me, because I was not expecting it, it also scared the shit out of me, because I think it’s the first time Ouma pulls out one of Those sprites. So anyway, please enjoy!

Thank you so much for taking the time to transcribe all of this! I definitely agree that trying to take the time to look at original Japanese always gives the fullest picture of what’s going on. English localization companies do their best and work under time constraints, and always have to keep in mind how best to appeal to a wider audience in order to sell more copies of the game—but that does mean that sometimes the original meaning or intention gets lost a little along the way in favor of making the game more generalized. Cutting out honorifics or particular suffixes that are specific to a character’s speech habits is just one example of this.

I’ll definitely go ahead and translate the transcription here. This is a very fun exchange in Chapter 4, and it was definitely meant to shock and intrigue the audience. The fact that we see this whole exchange between Ouma and Monokuma without Saihara around at all emphasizes that this is particularly important that it would be shown to the audience and the players, even without the protagonist around.

For anyone who wants to see a particular translation of this scene, please be careful because spoilers for Chapter 4 will follow under the read more!

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Newsies Live Things
  • The collective sigh in the theater when Crutchie says “watch me stand, watch me run” in Santa Fe Prologue, followed by my friend saying “honey…” 
  • The little hitch in breath during Carrying the Banner at “when the bell rings”
  • Les’s dialogue 
  • Ben Fankhauser’s face always 
  • “What, like a strike?”
  • The way they use the projections to show headlines and backdrops 
  • Katherine is Purse Sass ™ 
  • My friend (who knows nothing of Newsies) asking me at intermission if Davey is supposed to be Jewish 
  • The fight choreography during Seize the Day 
  • Les Jacobs, everybody 
  • Katherine’s tap solos during King of New York
  • Spoons during King of New York 
  • Santa Fe just ripped my heart out okay
  • Letter From the Refuge…Holy Heckers man
  • Pulitzer was very good, like his voice was A++ and he plays a villain well 
  • The Katherine Reveal was amazing and the whole theater’s gasp…Iconic ™ 
  • “poor guy’s HEAD IS SPINNING” 
  • Brooklyn’s Here was amazing, especially how they started it
  • The ease of dialogue between Katherine and Jeremy before Something to Believe In 
  • Something To Believe In was very good and A+ 
  • Once and For All was perfect in every way and I had chills 
  • When Jack meets Teddy Roosevelt it was just too perfect 
  • Jeremy’s attempt to do the jump-heel-kick thing at bows…you tried, and that is what matters 
  • Andrew Keenan Bolger is adorable as heck
  • The whole thing was amazing

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So I have a question. Since I see you post some saimatsu stuff before, do you really ship them in the game, and why? I was just curious by the way.

I’m a multishipper generally, so I do ship saimatsu in-game! I felt it was really well done, and I enjoyed seeing Kaede and Saihara’s interactions throughout Chapter 1. Any ship that’s based on mutual support and interest I’m usually a pretty big sucker for. Saimatsu is definitely supportive, and based on trust, and there’s no denying they both took an interest in one another—I got attached pretty fast.

As much as I still don’t like the bait-and-switch trick they pulled in Chapter 1, I still appreciate that Kaede remained an important and almost-tangible presence with the rest of the group and particularly with Saihara even after she was killed. Saihara’s feelings for her are an undoubtedly present and important part of his character, and without Kaede, it’s doubtful that he would ever have been willing to continue seeking the truth.

Of course, I have a few particular ways I like to ship it. If I had to pick a particular flaw with what we see in canon, it’s that by performing a bait-and-switch and having Kaede sacrifice herself so early on, there’s an kind of feeling that Saihara latched onto her and she became important to his development—but we know almost nothing about how he would help her development.

Kaede is pretty much fully developed by the time we see her in Chapter 1. That’s why she makes for the “perfect protagonist” figure; she’s almost at the finish line of her character growth arc while many other characters are only at the starting line.

Because of this, I like to think of ways in which saimatsu could potentially develop in a way that’s not strictly just Kaede existing for the sake of Saihara’s development. If she stuck around, I’d like to imagine that Saihara latching on and kind of viewing her in this extremely idealized way would’ve become a point of discussion at some point, and something Kaede herself would have told him wasn’t the whole “truth” of things.

Despite Kaede’s own desire to become someone extremely close to being the perfect protagonist, who is self-sacrificing, cool under pressure, energetic, and a charismatic leader, she’s still a person. She still has flaws. I really like the idea of saimatsu having a potential dynamic of both of them sort of realizing that even if Saihara still has a long ways to go with coming out of his shell and developing, Kaede also has room to develop, and has to be seen as a person rather than just an idol or a symbol.

Saimatsu is a really good ship even from what we see in canon, of course! Given everything we see in FTEs and bonus mode content, as well as Chapter 1, Kaede clearly valued Saihara as someone important and trustworthy, and could certainly open up to him in the way that she wanted to be able to open up to everyone else. I really like the fact that there’s so much potential for growth and trust and support in their dynamic, even if what we see of it is cut relatively short in canon.

california gothic
  • you come from a town of 5,000 people. you know none of them. there are no familiar faces
  • it’s mid-february. yesterday it was 95 degrees. today, the weatherman says it’s been raining for a week, and will continue to rain for another two.
  • drought, says the almond orchard as you drive by. you roll up your windows and drive faster. droughtdroughtdroughtdroughtdrought
  • your friend wants you to meet them by the palm tree at the 7/11. you wished they’d been more specific; there are fifteen 7/11′s and twenty six palm trees in town.
  • you are told the train comes every hour, but you can hear the rush of them on the tracks constantly. they don’t stop to pick up or unload cargo. they just go on forever.
  • someone from out-of-state mentions how odd it is being in california during christmas. “i miss the snow,” they say. you laugh at them. snow isn’t real.
  • in an airport in salt lake city, the man standing next to you asks where you’re headed. you tell him you’re going home to california. he sighs wistfully. “I’ve always wanted to live there,” he says.
  • you’re driving through the mountains. it’s been days, and you have yet to see another car.
  • the town you used to live in had three trailer parks. you return one day to find that trailer parks have overrun the whole county. 
  • the creeks were dry this spring. but teenagers still sit on the banks and dare each other to swing across on an old rope tied to a tree. “I’ll break my neck,” says one of them. another touches the first one’s shoulder and says, “bro. you’ll be a legend.”