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Sexuality in Kpop

There has been much debate about K-idols sexuality. Some believe it is not our business to wonder but I disagree. Wanting to know your idol’s sexuality is like wanting to know what their favorite color is. It’s when you want to force your own ideas and perceptions onto them that is wrong. If you knew your idol was gay, then that shouldn’t influence you in either way of liking them less or more, just a way to know them deeper.  It’s when you want to know if your idol is a certain sexuality because of your own wants and ideals that’s the problem.

It’s fine for fans to have OTPs and their pairings but it’s another to push it in idols’ faces. Not all idols are gay nor or they all straight. There are gay idols. And they can be gay with other idols. But a majority is most likely straight. So if you post on your idol’s instagram or twitter, you should be considerate.  Don’t post “oppa needs a girlfriend” because he might not want one. Don’t post things like “JONGKEY <333” or “Eunhyuk don’t cheat on Hae!” or whatever to their social sites. Idols have made it clear that they don’t like that. Even in concerts there are signs, pictures, and fanart of fan couples. Keep your fangirly heart to forums and fansites.

Another thing I’d like to mention is that it is common in the field of psychology that sexuality is a sliding scale (based upon Alfred Kinsey’s research).  This means that a majority of people are neither completely gay nor straight but somewhere in between. It’s based on a scale of 0-6, 0 being exclusively heterosexual to 6 being exclusively homosexual. Bisexuality is the norm. Sexuality is a grey area, not as black and white as most tend to think.  (Of course there are disputes and arguments to this data but that’s not the point of this).  In regards to kpop, it is just as likely your idols follow along this line to a certain degree. Let your fangirl minds go wild with that. 

I also know some people that work in the kpop industry and they have told me a few things. Trust me, fans know a lot more than they think. If you think LOGICALLY and don’t let biases or OTPs get in the way, you can see what is really going on. Idols have private lives but sometimes they let us in a bit (whether intentionally or not).  No idol is going to rush out and tell the public they’re gay until they are absolutely positively ready (which they may never be, Korea is just beginning to evolve on the matter of homosexuality). Therefore, no one can say that X is gay (or straight for that matter) with 100% positivity until the idol says it themselves.  

It’s okay to theorize and imagine. But please do not hate your idol if they don’t turn out the way you thought. Support them whether they get married and have children or if they end up with a same sex partner. You love them for a reason (personality, voice, talent, dance skills…), not because of who they love. 

Okay i see some bitching about the Q&A and it makes me disappointed.

You guys should be thankful we get anything like this i mean we could get no spoilers, interaction with the creator or any bts pics. Show a little gratitude.

I am thankful just for the show and the amazing cast and crew there is and how hard they work. Jeff works the hardest with all that he does. So i don’t think you all should be bitching because of the answers he gave.

Also Jeff is known to troll, just putting that out there.

If you’re in uni or college then I don’t wanna hear anything along the lines of “but why would I even have to take [insert course here] I’m in [insert program here]”. Like okay, let’s just all have one-sided educations with no diversity of understanding. Like if you’re in arts and you need statistics, don’t tell me it’s irrelevant. If you need economics or poly sci or englush and you’re in sciences, don’t tell me it’s irrelevant. The fact of the matter is nothing is black and white so unfortunately you can never understand something completely without the subjects surrounding it. 

Okay, so I’m gonna say I get both why people self-diagnose and why other people hate it. I, myself, am not fond of it.

But let me clear some shit up. If you have done extensive research and know what exactly you’re diagnosing yourself with through and through, then great. It could be a step in the right direction and getting help. Thats awesome.

But if you’re like “I’m so depressed my fav character died” or “im so anorexic I only ate a bagel for lunch!” or “lol i was sad two minutes ago but now im happy haha im so bipolar!” or “im a sociopath i took a quiz online trust me” you can actually fuck off. I get that you need attention, I totally do, I’ve been there. But getting that attention through trivializing someone’s very real illness is completely wrong. You’re not making it better for yourself and you’re only making it harder for the people that actually have the illness.

I don’t discourage getting help, I don’t discourage getting that help through cheaper means if necessary, but I do discourage using self harm, suicide, mental illness, or any other real-life-overly-stigmatized-health-aspect as a means of getting attention or making a joke.
Would you sit and laugh about having bronchitis or the like when your friend is in a hospital bed because their illness became so bad they had to have something done? Would you joke about illness at a funeral of someone who suffered from cancer? Would you pretend to break your arm to get people to sign it, or would you take someone with a broken leg’s crutches and tell them to walk? NO.

So fucking stop doing it to those with invisible illness.

im so pissed about the u2 album thing like now i actually have to go out of my way to get RID OF IT off my phone weren’t things fine before when i was totally indifferent to you why are you doing this? no, i don’t care how ‘legendary’ you are if you do it again i’ll break your guitars in two and use it to start two halves of a band twice as good as you are.

I shouldn’t be on tumblr BUT I MEAN COME ON ITS TUMBLR!!
I just read the Jason/Nico scene!! I couldn’t get over how emotional it was (and no one will listen to me because I’m suppose to be reading about Western Europe in the post classical era, not Diocletian {although I did just learn about him}) Nico didn’t really choose to come out, he was forced, and Jason understood. Nico didn’t just look up to Percy, he thought of him as like a “celebrity” (you’ll find out why I used that word in a minute). Nico developed a crush on Percy, but knew it was never going to happen. Not only was Percy straight and was falling for Annabeth, but he was the famed son of Poseidon!! He knew that his chance of getting with Percy was nothing, yet he couldn’t shake off his crush. He started to hate himself and feel alone because he was crushing on someone of the same sex. And growing up in Europe in the 1930’s, and having thoughts like that, he must’ve felt like he was crazy! His hatred for himself made him feel small, but he could get away with it, being a son of the underworld. But when he meets Cupid and is put through misery and anger himself, he’s forced to come out, still thinking in his 1930’s influenced mind that’s he’s crazy and if he ever mention this to anyone, they would not only abandon him, but make fun of him for it. So when Jason finds out, Nico’s reaches a low point, expecting Jason to leave him, think he’s nuts. But Jason is from the modern world. He’s part of a culture that’s starting wake up and realize that there’s nothing wrong with liking the same sex! So when he expected to be cast out, Jason tells him it’s okay, that there’s nothing wrong like like the same sex. He comforts Nico, which conflicts Nico at first. But he’s just to shocked to process the acceptance. Nico’s biggest secret was being gay. And after being forced to come out, he was accepted. And some people might be questioning why this is allowed in a middle school series. And my logic behind it is simply because some middle schooler reading this book might be questioning his/her sexuality or hiding it, and maybe, seeing that Nico can come out, can find the courage to find themselves or even come out. Putting this in the book helped show that our society, as a whole, is starting to except equality for everyone.


One of my biggest annoyances is people who don’t put down their cell phones.

Especially when you go out to be with that person and the whole night they are texting some else.


(p.s- I am truly sorry if I ever did this to anyone) 

Some of y'all have been asking me "how can you be so sure that an idol simply made a mistake? what they're actually malicious in real life?"

If you have been following me for while, you should know by now that my golden rule is to “research and get to know the idol better before you make any assumptions”

Let me show some examples:

When Namjoon was accused of being racist and misogynistic, you know what I found out?

That in various fan accounts, he had often said that he found American girls (*note not white) attractive. That he had actually collaborated with a black producer (Warren G) and that his biggest role models are in fact black rappers (ie: Nas and Drake), AND that a lot of the tracks that he used for his mixtapes were originally created by black artists.
Not to mention while BTS filmed American Hustle Life (a reality show where BTS got trained by professional hip hop artists and dancers), their tutors were nearly all black but there was nothing in particular that made it seem as if Namjoon was racist". Like he was openly hugging them and talking to them eagerly and etc. There was even a scene where he had to get comfy with woc and boy- did he get comfy with them.

And the thing with the interview in which he said that certain members were so dark that he couldn’t see them at night, that’s the humor in Korea. Korea favors lighter skin tones in terms of beauty. Am I saying that this is an okay mentality? No. But Namjoon was just being a Korean saying Korean things and we need to move on from this. He was not referring to the black discrimination that takes place in America whatsoever.

And then in an interview with Star1, Namjoon even said that rappers need to stop degrading women in their tracks. Previously, he had said that he regrets releasing his past tracks that made it seem like he was “misogynistic”. He told us that he was an immature teenager and to forget that those tracks even existed.
And with the controversial line in “Joke”, a long time ago rapper B-Free called Namjoon a “woman” because he was an idol that wore makeup and costumes. Namjoon was simply referring to that event and responding to the diss in his track.

Also if you look at his lyrics, all of them praises women but of course anti-fans are always going to find a way to twist them but you know I’m over that.

And then with BamBam:

I don’t even follow any Bambam stanning accounts but it was all over the intl-fandom about him starting the dabbing trend in kpop and how he was hanging out with woc before the LA concert. And literally all of you guys were like “YES LOOK @HIM. I’M SO PROUD. BAMBAM ENDING RACISM SINCE DAY 1″ (where did y’all go????)

Also there hasn’t been any issue with Bambam favoring one race over the other. Like each time I come across fan accounts of him interacting with intl-fans (which happens quite often), he treated everybody with the same love and respect and goofiness.

With the current video at hand. I would just like to remind you guys that it was a private party that Mark’s father had prepared for the boys because they had finished their US Tour. We technically weren’t supposed to find out about anything. And given that it was a private party- of course there are going to be some issues. Mine is, is that Mark friends literally did not give one shit about got7′s images as idols. Like yeah, of course you can still party with your idol friends- it just means that you’re going to have to choose to keep some things a secret ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU KNOW THAT THERE ARE FANS THAT FOLLOW YOU ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS

And after doing some research, I found out about how problematic the people at the party were. Like some of Mark’s friends  openly use the “n” word and it’s obvious that they don’t respect the history behind it.

And knowing that Bambam is a naive thai that knows limited korean and english, it’s easy to realize that the rumor of Mark’s friends telling Bambam that the word means “brother” is very likely to be true. In Korea, the whole entire black rights movement is barely covered and I bet it is the same in thailand as well.

Also, there were no poc at the party besides for Mark’s family/friends (who are again known to be problematic) and Got7 themselves. So nobody could’ve told him how wrong of a word “n*gga” is and that it’s wrong to use if you don’t belong to that culture.

Edit: I also found that Bambam was getting hate for doing the whip at one point? And he literally said that he didn’t know that it could be offensive for some people and he literally said “I’m sorry, I didn’t know” and “I’ll do better” in his ig comments.

In the end, people can still be offended over a mistake. That’s absolutely okay and completely normal. However, you guys just need to stop being so thirsty for “tea” and an excuse to hate certain idols. Please be slower to anger and take a moment to research the background of the celebrity at hand before you begin any labeling.

Idols like Rap Monster and Bambam try so hard to please their intl-fans and it’s so clear that they would never do anything to purposefully hurt someone or offend someone. It’s horrible to see them in such a horrible atmosphere just because some people are just unforgiving and ignorant.

But of course (in Rap Monster’s words) “people will see only what they want to see. But if they’re interested and try to understand what being an idol is about. I don’t think they will say things like that.”

SVTFOE Rant #2

Those little…I just…they used the freaking word. They used our beloved ship name, and, just how dare they?!! I mean the smooch buddies Scene was as much as I could have expected and more because oh my god they were the best and most heart wrenching 30 seconds of my life but damn, I can’t, did y'all see, ugh THEY KEEP TEASING IT AND IM NOT OKAY BUT THEY HUGGED AGAIN AND WHYYYYYYYYSHANAK SHDIANSKANND.