hi i’d like to confess that i was almost late for work today bc i was reading the new chapter of “until my feet bleed and my heart aches” when i was supposed to be getting ready


feeling kinda icky so I made a comic to cheer myself up?

And the award for my favorite part of YOI episode 5 goes to:


This blatant misspelling of the name of the country where this entire show was made:


A Lieutenant Duckling Tale - Part 1 of 2 |Part 2 Here|

When Princess Emma decides to ask Lieutenant Killian Jones to the annual Royal Holiday Ball, things do not go as planned. His captain, and older brother, Liam will not stand for it. There is no one else she would like to attend with, so maybe this ball wont be so magical after all… What happens next however, may surprise this sweet duckling.

For @emmascaptn, my CS SS giftee. :) 


getting out of bed and going to my stupid retail job today was so heroically difficult. Bless everyone who made it out of bed today. Bless everyone who has to do it again tomorrow. I’m with you.

One of my pet peeves in reading erotica, (particularity professional, I’m willing to forgive fanfic some things) it’s the inauthenticity of the physical mechanics involved. Like I get what you’re trying to say “bent over backwards” but unless you’re a contortionist, that isn’t very likely and neither is the multiple hands thing where seemingly everyday Chad goes from having two hands to a terrifying innumerable amount.

And I know I am not alone in this because I get so many messages asking me how to real “better” sex scenes and when I talk about including communication and the inclusion of safe sex (use lube, for god sake use LUBE, spit is not a good substitute and water most certainly is not) invariably people say “no, how how do you write those scenes, how do you make it more natural and fluid” and, like, I want you all to know, it’s not spur of the moment, it doesn’t come naturally to me to write certain actions, I have to sit down and think about them in terms of what is feasibly physically possible. And if I can’t wrap my head around the dynamics I want for it, well, ETD puts up with a lot of my shit lmao

Ah, so very interesting story here.

Mum has always liked manga and drawing. Back when she lived in Japan, she and her brother had a very impressive collection together. In college, she was in her school doujinshi club (doujinshi meant something very different back then than now, it just meant amateur comic, not necessarily derivative fanwork). Then, she got in an arranged marriage (very common back then) and abandoned her hobbies to be a Good Respectable Wife. They got divorced then she got married to my dad and had me, but then they moved to the States and mum started working on her Masters then Ph.D, so no time for hobbies. When I was very, very young, she would draw for me and that’s definitely the starting point of my own interest in drawing, but she didn’t have the time or energy to draw as I grew up. She continued to be super workaholic (and divorced dad), but never discouraged my own fandom tendencies, always joining in during what little time she had (we loved LotR and PotC together back when I was in elementary school).

Getting long, so beneath cut, but fascinating story if I do say so myself, please read on if interested ^ ^

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I wasn’t feeling so great last night, overthinking things. And thinking nobody really did enjoy my squid OCs.

Which in turn made me wanna make more splatoon OCs. So here is Rose! Shes a anemone who is pretty ditzy about like…everything but is super supportive of everyone the best she can! 

Starfruit is basically her bff, and also a bit of her brain as Starfruit reminds Rose of things she needs to remember and of what certain things are. 

I’ll give her a outfit soon. 


Skyhold - Bellanaris Din’an Heem

Cataloguing Skyhold: Elven Arrow with Inscription

An arrow. Elven of course, because who else would be this fancy with a throwaway? I’ve talked weapon talk with traders before, and the squiggly scratching means “make you dead,” or near enough. Well made. Have to be, to keep its shape since whatever ancient sod-around its from. All I know is, there are centuries of nocks in the walls I have to patch. They keep an edge if they don’t hit stone. Tell the men to mind their fingers. They got fresh blood on this one.

Mason Gatsi


well here you go, three sides of me being serious and three sides of me being not so serious. lol hha. Honestly i couldn’t choose my 6 favourite selfies from 2016 yet again i don’t really take tons of selfies this year, i just realised that when i was browsing my picture folder. So i’ve come out with these six selfies which aren’t that bad.. i think? hha. 

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