You know sometimes you get those awkward encounters with people who will outshine any star you’ve seen in the sky. I honestly don’t even know how to end this but just they’re good people. You know? Good people who don’t get enough credit in life, in this world. Let them know. Try and keep them. You may never see another one again.



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Neither of us were the first, you know

She watched Blade’s swift and violent moves as he was depriving his captros of life. He finally stopped to look at her. Concern painted across his face.
She saw his lips moving, but didn’t get a word from what he was saying.
“You look so…different” she spoke softly. His veins were visibly pulsating under the skin. It was mesmerizing and terrifying view. Crystal shook off and embraced his body in warm hug. “I’m sorry I’m just glad to see that you’re okay.”

She took a deep breath and let the man go. “We have to find a way out of here and get some help. There can be more of them on the way. Did you have any luck with locating those mutants? All I got was disturbing boy and knife in back.”
she put her hand on a patch.

anonymous asked:

I'm not getting sick of you or anything like I said I think you're great, it's just some of your responses just seem....tired? Like you're exhausted or something, so that's why I asked because I was thinking about a prompt but I don't want to send it in if you're swamped.

oh my gosh i seem tired?? oh noooooo i was worried about that oh no no no no o noooooo (also all my responses are always tagged with my name on the other blog i want you guys to know that its very important, on this it’s untagged cause it’s just me)

its not that im swamped its just that im kinda…not happy i guess like it’s kinda like oh what’s the point, no one cares (i’m venting here cause no one checks) and like

i never did any of this to be appreciated or anything, that’s not my intention and it’s still not but it’s kinda sucky when you do a lot of the shit, but all you ever see is u know a group thank u or specific thank yous to the other mods just in general or doing a fill or they’re someone’s favorite but you’re just…nothing to anyone and i like i don’t want to whine you know, i like to keep that sort of stuff to myself or really close people but since no one will actually see this why not

and i know i shouldnt feel like shit but like from the beginning i’ve felt like i’m seen as the mean/hated mod because i had to keep things diplomatic so i decided to make psa’s myself as a precaution and that backfired on me greatly cause i don’t get to have the nice image because i want to be honest about myself but its just so annoying to do like so much work and no one ever even reads the tags to see you’re doing it or anything and great im tearing up now thats lovely but like i get requests for add ons faster than it takes to actually read it and i feel like the blog is the shame blog for people that people wont reblog prompts on to their blog, but they’ll do it for other places i dont understand what i’ve done wrong if im that sucky

and i cant even say anything for anything anymore because people will always jump on me to tell me what i’ve done wrong but i’m just a person i just like to write thats all i want to do i just feel like im doing a group project most of the time but worse cause okay this is a really whiny sentence, forgive me im going to cringe typing it, cause it feels like no one likes me ah im sorry im sorry im really really sorry i dont want to guilt trip or fish or anything i hate that more than anything else im so sorry

i’ll try harder starting tomorrow to make things a little different, i dont want anything to reflect on my writing im really sorry im trying to…make things easier, thats why i did a major spring cleaning on the other blog of course….never mind…

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