little klance thing i’m hung up on today:

“listen, Keith. we can’t just go in and blow things up like a psycho. planning is important.”

and he was super impressed and proud when lance presented his plan!

but not only that, Keith took it to heart:

“i don’t understand your plan but i’m gonna make my own one”

“are you seeing this, lance?”

“lance, i did it, i made a plan!” 

“isn’t that amazing, lance?”

“i’m so proud of myself rn, i listen to advice”

“i’m gonna go up this ladder and sneak towards my target, be proud of me, lance!”

a reminder: sunbeams find andrew every morning in bed. he no longer abruptly sits up, rapidly blinks, and scans the shadows in his room. instead, he sinks deeper into the sheets, blankets wrapped around him and his arm wrapped around another pillow. he feels the steady weight of honesty and trust and always pressed against his palm, a promise that isn’t just lip service. his bones aren’t tired of the body they’re in, nor are intrusive thoughts slamming against the solid confines of his skull like plaster. he doesn’t open his eyes, but if he did, he’d be met with slate-eyes and a soft smile, copper curls and patchwork skin. 

stay, his mind whispers–soft, unbidden, assured. the word doesn’t taste like desperation, only certainty. 

Billy Hargrove is not a poor misunderstood wooby

He is a victim of abuse. He lashes out in anger because that’s what he knows. He’s a bully and an asshole. He hurts others because he’s hurting, but that doesn’t make it okay.

Billy is rough and he’s cruel. He’s angry and he takes it out on people who don’t deserve it because he can’t take it out on the person who does - but that doesn’t make it okay.

He’s in pain and he causes others pain. Because that’s what he knows. but that doesn’t make it okay.

And I love him. He’s an absolutely fascinating character. And I really hope season 3 develops him more.