on a very serious note, i want everyone to know that i read everybody’s rules before interacting with them and i am very aware that some of you have URL’s mentioned in your rules that if mutuals are seen interacting with will warrant an unfollow/block. this is fine, but please remember that i’m only human and my memory isn’t going to be able to hold all of these URL’s and if you ever see me interacting with anyone undesirable/proficient for being problematic or someone you just generally aren’t okay with for whatever reason, then please let me know and I will cease all interaction with said roleplayer, because my long term mutuals/friends will always have  higher priority   to me than a   new/recent mutual   who I’ve only started interaction with very recently so!!    to conclude:   if this ever happens, I’m sorry, I forgot, let me know, I’ll sort it out. thank you. 

Bloody Murder
  • Jihoon:*yelling at Soonyoung*
  • Minghao:Do you think you could-
  • Jihoon:*yells louder*
  • Minghao:Hey, it would be nice if you'd-
  • Jihoon:*turns to Minghao* *literally starts screaming bloody murder*