‘alright yeah this guy has some points about how the working class & poor have been trampled by the wealthy and how technological innovation has many times actually made life worse for the poor because it’s not being paired with universal basic income initiatives, mayb -”


‘oh okay nevermind’


and then they fucked.

I just had a really sad thought about Peko.

So in this last episode when everyone in the class was stating what they were going to do after graduation, it sort of mirrored their original goals, right? Mikan talked about medicine, Souda about pollution, Sonia about leading her country, so on and so forth.

Peko’s goal? Peko never wanted to kill another person. “We shall never kill again.” Which got me thinking about her and her life more than I already do.

Her job was being a yakuza hitwoman. Killing is sort of Peko’s thing. But if that line fits in with the rest of the lines in that scene, she never wanted to do it again. I already figured that she wouldn’t have exactly liked killing people (She never condoned violence for violence’s sake in the game and she killed Mahiru because if she didn’t, Fuyuhiko would and he would get executed), but it never struck me how much she must’ve hated it until now.

Peko Pekoyama was never really mean, not even to Komaeda who was the class punching bag. Peko loved animals. Before she died in the game, one of the last things she said was that she wanted the killings to stop. And when everyone was talking about their original goals, hers was to do no harm. She had no natural malice. No part of her wanted to kill before Junko’s influence.

And yet she killed, and probably often, because that was what she was ordered to do and she probably would’ve been killed herself if she disobeyed. Every human part of her rebelled against it, and yet she did it. How miserable do you think that must have made her? She probably developed her worldview of being a tool when she was very young, probably right after her first few kills, because how could a child with a kind and innocent nature deal with that? She had to make up a worldview that could let her live with killing or else she probably would’ve killed herself before she even entered middle school.

She just didn’t want to hurt people. Peko just didn’t want to kill again, but Junko sunk her claws into her and led her to become part of the worst terrorist organization the world had ever seen.

I think Peko would’ve made a hell of a doctor if life had been a little better to her. Even if the exact phrase doesn’t appear in the Hippocratic Oath, it’s the one thing a doctor can promise: First, do no harm.

Zodiac Chats:
  • Scorpio:No I'm fine, how's your day?
  • Taurus:my day was okay hm something is wrong, are you alright? Do you wanna talk about it?
  • Scorpio:That's good, so what ended up happening earlier today?
  • Taurus:oh you know the usual, nothing big really happened. No, but seriously what's wrong
  • Scorpio:No, I'm alright, I really just want to talk about you.
  • Taurus:Okay but if something is bothering you..
  • Scorpio:I really dont want to talk about it, I really just want to not talk about it. I'm fine, okay thanks but I'm fine
  • Taurus:Okay nevermind.. *goes quiet*

Draco padded quietly through the large and intimidating house, a small, silver, plush dragon toy dangling from his clenched fist that was held strictly at his side by rigid arms. It was no good to act ‘scared’ in the manor. The manor was his house. ‘You shouldn’t be frightened by your own house’ was what his father had scolded many times, when Draco stated that he didn’t want to go out in the hallway just because it was big and he was scared he’d get lost.

So here he was, slowly dragging his feet towards his parents’ large doors at the end of the hall. Candles flickered to life when he passed by them, only for them to disappear again when he strode past. It was eerie and made Draco want to curl up in a corner, but he knew he would only get even more afraid. Plus, the nightmares might come back.

Reaching the large doors, he grasped the handle and pushed gently, glad that it didn’t groan or squeak. Slipping inside, he made his way towards the large bed with two lumps in it, showing his two slumbering parents. Avoiding his father’s side of the bed, he headed straight for his mother’s, scrambling up on the covers and crawling so that he was at her side. Then he tugged at her sleeves a bit until she awoke.

“Draco..love?” She blinked sleepily, looking up into the big eyes of a terrified four year old. “What’s wrong, dear?” She whispered, pulling him into her arms. 

“I had a nightmare.” Draco whispered back, falling into her embrace willingly, Narcissa twisting so that Draco was placed in the middle of her and Lucius, her arms tucked around his waist tightly as his head was tucked into her bosom.

“A nightmare?” she hummed in repetition, already have asleep, knowing her son was safe.

“Mhm..” Draco said, opening his mouth to talk about it. But seeing his mother’s soft breaths and her once-again closed eyes, he shut his mouth and simply nestled himself deeper into her arms, sliding his eyes shut. His mum always found a way to keep the nightmares gone.