Everyone’s an auntie or an uncle

English is her first language, Malay is her second language, and she knows bits and pieces of other languages due to the makeup of her intercultural community. It has been this way for Eddie since as long as she can remember. Where she lives, most people know a little bit of everything. Oral traditions keep aspects of shared cultures alive, and if it wasn’t for one of the many women she referred to as ‘auntie,’ Eddie would have never learned of Ramayana, folk music, and ghost stories such as the tale of the Penanggalan who files around with only her head, lungs and organs attached and smells of vinegar. It is after that particular story that eight-year-old Eddie thinks she catches the scent of vinegar sometimes. She makes a vow to never become pregnant.


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//I’m CRYING. I showed my my Mom the little child I made for the child-meme yesterday and she’s just SO MEAN TO GLADION. Highlights of this conversation: 

“Oh great, it’s that floppy haired dude.”
“What’s his name? Gladion? That sounds like some type of eevee thing.” 
“Why’s he gotta be the father? That child will even see his eyes. Poor thing’ll walk around like “DAD WHERE’S YOUR EYE?” 
“If I were that baby, I’d pull right on his bangs all the time.” 

Local dad demoted to lame dad upon return of the last son of krypton.

Also, overall deep regrets about forming a league of super-powered peoples.

Bruce is probably the butt of jokes HAHA this poor onion
Honestly this was an excuse to draw each one of them bc who needs to study. 

So we’re watching Beauty and The Beast and the first thing my mom says about Emma Watson? “Uhg, that girl is ugly.”

EXCUSE me, mother! Emma Watson is NOT ugly! She is a beautiful motherfrickin bamf chick who will forever be Hermione Granger in my heart. I feel like my whole childhood has been insulted, I need a mother with a working brain please.