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*opens door to Solangelo tag and pokes head in*

Okay I randomly got this headcanon about Will having a condition called Asperger’s Syndrome awhile back and yes I do have support for it

So to address the ADHD thing some people with Asperger’s (like me) tend to have ADHD and/or OCD and obviously Will is gonna have ADHD since that seems pretty common in demigods (Not all have dyslexia though)

They also tend to be rather clumsy, which could be why Will isn’t so good with a bow and arrow (I know that I ain’t good). Well not clumsy per se, more like bad motor skills. Which also comes into play

Also Aspies can be pretty blunt and come off as insensitive to some people, and Will wasn’t exactly the most sensitive to Nico’s feelings in his spotlight time in BoO. Will also seems pretty straightforward to me (Although he doesn’t fall in the “straight” part of it)

And Aspies usually have a major interest that they yak on and on about and Will comes back to healing and medicine like every other sentence in the book

Plus Aspies stare at people sometimes and Will seems to do this??? Idk

So yeah uh I can sorta see Will explaining all this to Nico sorta

Ugh idk like I don’t have a lot going here for me but I just really like the idea

There’s probably more out there that I could use to support myself but I can’t really go out there and look right now

Okay I’m just gonna leave this here and let you guys have at it

Just kinda be careful when shooting me down okay? Because I really like the idea of more Aspie characters in literature and this headcanon is super important to me

Like I would’ve shared this sooner but I was too scared to

Okay I’m going now Mar out

*slams door shut*