[13/?] Favourite Male Characters → Hideyoshi Nagachika (Tokyo Ghoul)

“May I have this dance, my queen?”

Have I mentioned how much I love seeing Jack in prince suit? Plus, I also love it when he looks at her so lovingly. No, scratch that. I love it so much when they both look at each other sooo lovingly.

Jack’s suit is based on this amazing cosplay

demons possess people and a lot of the times the demons “let them watch” so like

imagine how many people have sam or dean gutting them with a blade as the last thing they saw


…and i heard my name and i looked up, and he was just standing there, on the opposite platform. 

wow. that sounds amazing. 

yeah, it was.

honestly i really love how hoshi is so caring and considerate with the other members especially the chinese members and how they’re still in the verge of learning the language and not completely fluent yet like he’s been like that since predebut years and he still hasn’t changed and still points out that china line is still learning new korean words and it just makes me really happy this is one of the biggest reasons why i love kwon soonyoung hiNT HINT u should too

A casual reminder:

Deviser Gaines actually didn’t know mianite would once more betray everyone in the finale and no doubt feels awful for being so dedicated to a man who turned on everyone so easily, possibly because he felt pawn.

He left all of his hard work behind and no doubt has no family or friends with him at this point as his own God who is most likely his only companion, his God seemed to give him everything he has such as the headquarters where he then built the portal.

With mianite dead it seems to me Gaines jumped into the portal (If I recall) with absolutely nothing close to him.

( just thinking things over with each character, correct me if I’m wrong)

Do you ever just remember how beautiful of a character Sam Winchester is and cry

  • friend: are you okay?
  • me: yeah
  • me: *internally* no im not because im still emotional over the fact that ian wanted to travel to japan above all other places and anthony took kalel to tokyo to propose and it still makes me cry at night despite the fact that kalel and anthony broke up