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Do you know of a klance fanfic where shiro tells the team that Keith is galra and everyone is chill about it (except allura) and there is a scene when Keith and lance are watching a movie and end up spooning on a couch? I only got a chapter into it before I couldn't find it again so sorry if I'm not being specific enough. It's in ao3 if that helps...

okay i tried searching for this fic and im really sorry but i couldn’t find it?? i don’t know if there’s any other way to make the tags more specific in ao3 but in any case, guys if you know this fic, please add it to this post!! help this person find this fic! it sounds really good tbh

Bonner and Sharna

I appreciate him knowing that he’s not the best there because he’s not and that’s okay. But he tries. 

I liked the dance. It was a fun creative concept and I liked the stuff at the beginning. I think this was his best performance by a long shot. Technique-wise, I think he’s done better. But as a whole piece, I was a fan.

Also, not going to pretend I don’t like them, not to going to stop voting for them, and not going to be disappointed they’re still there. Sorry not sorry. We’re all allowed to make our own choices and I’m going to continue to support them. But that’s a rant for another day. 



Sebastian Stan and the Tshirt™ for the Beauty Book (2011) (x)

russian classical authors like guys from high school 

(just some of them, both novelists and poets)

Pushkin: popular guy who’s  good at freestyle rap, untrustworthy lady’s man, the main editor and the founder of school’s newspaper, fluent in french

Lermontov: Emo, loves the most popular girl in school, but also hates her (and the rest of the school too), reckless, likes mountains and the idea of spirit of freedom, good at painting, but nobody knows.

Leo Tolstoy: teachers hates his essays bc they’re too long, writes text in half-page long sentences, cheated on his girlfriend several times.

Gogol: some dudes are mocking him bc of his nose and haircut, has good sense of humour, writes satirical articles for school’s newspaper, loves everything his mom cooks.

Dostoyevsky: likes to stay in the shadow, had difficult childhood, once forgot to return a pen he had borrowed and can’t sleep well at night ever since, poor, hates bright colours

Kuprin: desperately falls in love with everybody, constantly writes lots of love letters, buys expensive jewlery to his girlfriend.

Griboyedov: natural born diplomat, sharp-witted, mood swings, travelled to middle asia once, wears glasses and fancy scarfs.

Bulgakov: smokes tobacco pipe, likes black cats and tweed suits, wears monocle and lots of hair gel, mysterious, walks a lot at night.

Esenin: underage alcoholic, an actual hillbilly, girls always love his hair, spends at least one month in the summer in the coutnryside with his grandparents, always ready to fight.

Mayakovsky: tall and loud, talks about weird futuristic shit a lot, always makes up new strange words, good at debates and discussions, depressed deeply inside, somehow handsome.