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Imagine one of the matsus and their s/o play a game and the loser has to have a punishment. The s/o ends up winning and the matsus punishment is to listen to iyami's sex tape (omg I'm LAUGHING SO HARD I CAN'T BELIEVE I THOUGHT OF THIS)

I’M SCREAMI N G at least they only have to listen and not watch it that would have been a nightmare for them!!!

  • Okay Oso is the only one stupid enough to agree to that and probably made up the idea himself
  • And he picked a game that he could win t too where he could easily cheat and watch you suffer
  • But jokes on him his s/o sees that shit from a mile away and cheats right back ensuring their victory
  • You don’t even want to know how he got that or how he knew it existed, just watch in bliss as his face contorts in pure disgust at the yam man’s moan and groans
  • He wants to soak his head in bleach after that 
  • his sex drive is so low for like a week because he just can’t unhear that. 
  • He can’t even look Iyami in the eyes for like a month

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who’s the one to wake up the kids:

clary!! but okay so its bc i hc that sometimes izzy has to leave for a few days to go on trips or to go to idris or w.e. and clary feels lonely and so she sneaks into their bed and in the process wakes them but its okay bc they miss izzy too and they all fall asleep together i have A Lot of feelings about this okay

who makes the breakfast:

izzy TRIES to make breakfast she really does and clary loves her so much but ohmygod the kids need to eat something before they die izzy move

who’s the one to cry for everything:

both tbqh. they both get so excited and so proud and usually its crying from laughing too hard

who’s the more discipline parent and who’s the more lenient one:

they kinda switch it up but neither is too into discipline like they both screw around they both know that its okay if the kids mess up

who helps with the science fair:

clary has been helping simon with the science fair since the beginning of time its literally in her dna to help her kids now

who does baby talk:


who wakes up for midnight feedings: 


who’s the one who always worries:

eh? i mean they both worry about each other on missions and stuff but like nothing too much

who picks up the kids early from school for some fun:

clary!!! school is useless anyways come on lets go eat some ice cream and gossip

who’s the competitive parent:

both are!! they both push their kids so much but also try their best to hold themselves back bc they dont want to like pressure their kids but you know

who kisses the ouches:

ahh izzy!!! shes so loving and freaks when her kids are hurt like no come here i’ll make it better here draw this run- izzy its just a splint-HERE DRAW THIS RUNE KIDDO IT’LL BE OKAY

who’s the sucker for the puppy eyes:

clarissa fairchild!!!! which is the worst bc they use it against her all the time im.

who makes the “dad jokes”:

clary has grown up with dad jokes thanks to luke AND simon [wth simon youre supposed to be on my side???] she ofc has to pass them on

who embarrassed their kid for fun:

they are both the Cool Parents okay but its clary

who’s the over protective one:

neither? like they trust their kids and they know theyre bound to be hurt but you know they also want to protect their kids from everything but also you know.

who’s the “take a sweater!” parent:

clary okay its clary shes such a fukin loser

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i uh saw your best friend hc's and had a few requests of my own. What about Reinhardt , Reaper and Genji as a bestie?

Reinhardt: The best friend that always knows what you need when you come over and will always make food for you. Makes sure that you’re feeding yourself and keeping clean if you’re in a sad slump, and do you want any hugs? bc he just wants you to be happy and okay. Will happily see movies with you and laughs way too loud and too hard at your jokes. Also a very good wingman.

Reaper: Roasts you every chance he gets, but it’s always lovingly, and he calls you on your shit. The friend you go to if someone is being an ass to you, or an ex is trying to weasel their way back in, bc he will take care of them no questions asked. Helps with your Spanish homework.

Genji: He’s the best friend that you chill with, and will offer great life advice to help you through a rough patch of life without a problem. Will listen to all your ranting and then offers a way to take care of your frustration in a positive way that you don’t hurt yourself with, and always makes sure that you’re healthy. Likes to do nature retreats to help get better acquainted with you and be more zen

 “ If you continue swearing,
   I’ll be forced to report you.

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just read Dirty Laundry and I had to put my phone down multiple times bc I was laughing too hard or I was just freaking out especially when Keith saw Lance's dick 10/10 would do again

okay wanna know a secret? I literally had to stop and take a breather when I wrote the line about Lance’s dick. Like. It’s a dick and Keith was just staring at it like the dick was some magic wand or some ancient artifact like?? no? that is your fake boyfriends peen buddio get a grip 

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Big Bang and Seventeen reaction to their Boyfriend being sore the day after ;)



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“Hey, I did pretty good.”


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“YOU asked for it.  YOU pay the price.”


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“You liked it and you know it, boy.”


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*sorry not sorry*


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“… oops?”


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“… Are you okay?”


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*gets all giggly*


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*feels super bad about it* “You should’ve told me it was too hard…”


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“You wanted harder.  I gave you harder.  You have no room to complain.”


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*tries to make you feel better in any way he can*


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“Deal with it.”


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*laughs about it*


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*is shy about it*

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hi I wouldn’t post this publicly but I just wanted to share my voltron OC with you since we share the same love for the show :$ this is just a quick sketch (I need to work on her attire) and I haven’t thought of a name for her yet but I like Erin. her obsession for voltron leads her to finding the riders and eventually joining their team! she is a bit too bold and laughs too hard and hates being told no. yeah. anyway I hope you like it and I love your blog okay bye!

Emmy’s Silver Lining (Maybe)

OKay it’s sad (though I was kinda prepared so I’m not reeling too badly) BUT bearing this in mind, the Mark Mann shoot mystery deepens. Fox didn’t campaign the series hard and had to know it was a long shot, the Deadline article that was posted with some of the images really didn’t merit the time for two crazy busy actors to visit a location together for a shoot , which makes me think that just maybe there’s something else to come. Maybe they’re presenting. Maybe it’s for an S11 announce. Maybe GA &DD just needed a cover for a date in Tribeca. 

Whatever it was though, today’s announcement makes me think that there is more to it than we know. And I’m going to use that to warm my spirit and go back to not paying attention to awards shows for a bit!

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So, this is unrelated to your fics, but a guy who had his head resting in my lap while we were lounging told me I had Tempur-pedic thighs. Was that a compliment or an insult? I can't tell.

Okay so I read this fucking message last night as I was trying to sleep and I laughed so hard. So fucking hard. This is the best thing I have ever heard of a guy saying while laying on your lap.

I have some questions…is the guy straight? Is the guy available? Does the guy call you himself or text you himself?

If you answered no to any of the above questions then you were just a comfy napping spot. Don’t read too much into it.

But if he said that and the above questions are a “yes” then it was a compliment and it was a witty as fuck, funny, flirty compliment, let me tell you why.

A Tempur-Pedic is a high quality mattress. The kind that gets special ordered and feels so fucking good under your body that you want to spend your whole life laying on it. It molds to you and it lulls you into a sweet sense of comfort that you never want to leave it.

So basically you’ve got some super high quality napping thighs. Now, whether or not you particularly like the idea of having “good napping thighs” is irrelevant. This isn’t about the squish or the softness or maybe the volume of the thighs anymore, this is about the extreme comfort and security he felt when he put his head down on your thighs and you let him rest there.

This is some good shit! I’m so amused and entertained by this.

Take the compliment at face value. Guys don’t usually say things with deep hidden meanings. He’s not calling your thighs fat. He’s not insulting you. he’s remarking on the feel of the physical and also the comfort he felt there on your lap.

Guys also don’t nap on the thighs of just any woman. There should be something there for it to happen.

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ok i didnt want to spoil, but one thing i didn’t like about the portrayal of akane’s character was she was way too volatile in this way. like she defaults to killing carlos way too fast whenever junpei dies, which is way ooc

mm i understand people being put off from akane’s characterization but i always kind of expected that her “real” personality was a mix of her sentimental 21 y/o self in 999 and her calculating 67 y/o self in VLR because she i figured all that aging in an post-apocalyptic world would make her more jaded. but i do agree it feels unnatural after actually seeing her VLR self - i think a major problem is the sequencing of the games’ releases themselves.

Chandler, hey dude!

That could definitely be a problem. I think to me the problem is largely that her behavior seems ridiculous on a conceptual level. She is hundreds of thousands of years old as a modest estimate - Uchikoshi puts her at a million in the VLR Q&A. He plays at answers that suggest that Akane is beyond mortal understanding as an entity. I personally don’t perceive her growth as linear, which is why I don’t really buy the “she’s just acting like a lovesick kid” thing as a concept. After her escape from the incinerator, Akane’s consciousness branched out to infinity - we even hear her calmly explaining the nature of nonlinear time as the “bottom screen” narrator as a young child in 999.

It is certainly reasonable for a 22-year-old, under normal circumstances, to grow and develop into a different person by the time they’re pushing 70. But I see Akane’s circumstances as so atypical and her nature as so fundamentally incomprehensible that seeing her pushed into the “dimwitted love interest” box at any point is incredibly disappointing to me.

And as you said, defaulting to killing Carlos is absurd. The whole premise, even, was absurd. The entire thing is established on false pretenses. Who killed Junpei? Well, rationally we have three options: Akane, Carlos, or some third party - Zero, or another person who has gained the ability to travel between the wards. The game’s “well, you don’t know Zero’s name so it doesn’t count!!” is nonsense. The possibility exists and examination of that possibility was warranted. They expect me to buy that a time god who had herself personally set up this exact scenario in the past - dropping bodies under dubious circumstances - wouldn’t think to consider that? It’s garbage. Intellectually, she’s a shadow of her former self. 

…I could probably vent in this vein for a while, but I have an early start tomorrow and should probably crash for the time being  Thanks for chiming in with your thoughts! It’s been a good time chatting with you and the rest of the crew.


You’re so adorable haha I love it. 

I don’t like vlogging much in public either, when I do I usually do it along a trail so theres a lot less people haha that and I’m not trying to give away my location to anybody haha.

Mash ketchup! Hahahahaha I laughed way too hard

Hahahahaha grind them up ahahahahaha i choked on my chips lol!!!

I dont play but my bf and i go out to his pokestops lol.

It would be cool to see more but its okay if you dont haha :D I still follow your social networks incase u update us more there :D.

Photo Set 2.


Things I learned on day four of playing Pokemon Go:

I have a lung infection and it’s trying really hard to become pneumonia, but it isn’t there yet (and never will get there, because I have antibiotics). When my doc asked if I had done anything lately to aggrivate my lungs, I just said, “Okay this is really embarrassing,” and she looked at me and said “You started playing that new Pokemon thing, didn’t you?”

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I think thats part of why I love thinking about aro harry too. like maybe on the surface if you dont look very hard it might seem like theres a conflict with mr. 'we love love' styles but there really isnt.

mhmhmhmhmmmm!!!!!!!!!!! mhm mh m mhm

i think harry is such an interesting discussion re aromanticism esp bc harry is v much a pleaser? harry likes people to be happy and laughing and has worked hard to get to a point were being the silly over-dramatic one is okay with him as long as it is for someone else’s happiness. and like, the joy in someone else’s joy, the loving of that loving, doesn’t mean anything about a. what kind of loving, or b. harry’s own loving, really?

harry is exemplar at projecting what people need in his persona. at creating the most lovable frame for someone to hang their hopes and wishes on. that’s definitely a kind of caring, an emotional intelligence, but it’s not OH I’M ROMANTIC ABOUT LOVE, like most people have to ascribe it to make sense of it. and you have to wonder how the internal reconciling of that realization might happen.

in writing/playing with this character, there’s so much open potential in the articulation of commonly romanticized attributes of this person, that are really just traits of someone who wants to look at people like they are flowers and give them sun patches to lean to and a song to fold their petals into. 

aro harry who wants to see the world love the world and doesn’t think it ought to be limited to just one track when there’s albums to say about it. aro harry who coos and ribs and pushes for understanding of love and the hows and the honeybees and the happilys. aro harry who used to cry over what people thought, and now says “we love you and our love is strong,” like a group affirmation, like a personal declaration. (there is strength in (y)our youness, and it was always there. your love was always right, because it was.)

aro harry that is all at once a contradiction and a complement. 

RWBY quotes/paraphrases TeamFourStar FF7 Machinabridged

Ruby: Alright. We need to take these guys out. Yang, you know what to do?

Yang: Yup. While Weiss fights Emerald, I’ll deal with Prince Dyes His Hair.

Mercury: Please, Blondie! The curtains match the carpet.

Yang: Oh, so you dye your dick, too?

Mercury: Sorry, but I actually shave there, Sugar Tits.

Yang: Well then, that makes one of us.

Mercury: What’s the matter, Bimbo? Afraid of hurting your vagina?


*Yang rushes Mercury and punches him in the crotch with her robotic arm hard enough to break his Aura*

Mercury: You destroyed half of my enormous dick!

*Emerald and Team RWBY try to not laugh*

Yang: Yeah, okay. You keep telling yourself that.

Mercury: And that’s my cue to leave. Ow ow ow ow, bad day to wear tight pants!

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I feel like if I met Calum I’d try way too hard to not freak out and he’d be like “are you okay” and I’d straight up just be like “no I’m dying on the inside but I’m tryna be cool about it” and I hope he laughs bc otherwise I’d just start nagging him about when I can hear invisible live and make the entire situation awkward until he walks away from me

anon asked for: laurel/nyssa, the morning after

“I’m not awake,” Laurel mumbles as a hand slides over her hip under the covers and fingers creep into dip of her waist with a possessive touch.  "God, I’m not even sure I’m alive,“ she mutters, rolling over in bed and grimacing as her body aches in protest.

Nyssa pretends to be concerned, brows drawing together as she leans up over Laurel but the curve of her lips is smug and self-satisfied.  "Perhaps I pushed you too hard in our training session,” she observes mildly, but her hand stays on the swell of Laurel’s body: warm and full of intent.

“Okay, I’m sure that’s what it was,” Laurel laughs as she pulls Nyssa down towards her for a kiss that makes them both a little dizzy, “but now I’m awake, how about some more…training?”