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what's the weirdest thing you did as a kid

okay so my school had this really big yard and there were no trees or anything so when it was raining there was this really stong wind which could practically make you fall down okay so around 4th grade me and my friend came up with a game we would open our umbrellas and go stand in the yard and then jump and the wind would actually carry us for a little bit and everyone thought we were crazy

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I saw that you and flamingponyta are related (its weird that you guys don't look a like) and I was wondering if you could tell us a story from when you were a kid


so one day when i was like five or six maybe i was playing with this doll my mother gave me and you know i was minding my own business and whatnot and Joseline (flamingponyta) was playing her blocks or something and my mom was fixing up the bedroom since we had just moved. so i guess joseline was salty or what the fuck ever cuz she just had some dumbass blocks and so she was like let me play with the doll and of course 5/6 year old me was like fuck no go play with your blocks, so home slice went to the room where my mom was busy took a hammer off of a chair while her back was turned and fucking went back and fucking hit me over the head with the god damned hammer

so naturally i started screaming my head off and my mom ran in and there was lots of blood and so we went to the hospital and they fixed it and so now its not very noticeable but i have dent in my head. so there you go anon a story from when we were kids

on the brightside i did get mcdonalds that day because of it and a few years later i got sorta vegence

Rivals, part 7: The X/Y Kids

Okay.  Just me this time.  Jim’s played Omega Ruby, but not X or Y, so he’s not terribly familiar with Serena/Calem and the rest of the gang from X and Y.  Let’s… see if I can still write one of these on my own, then.  So, first impressions, then; what do we think of the X/Y rivals?

…right, right; it’s just me.  Bollocks; this is harder than I remember.

Well, let’s just start with a quick recap of who these idiots are.  We’ve had multiple rivals for a while now.  Ruby and Sapphire had May/Brendan and Wally; Diamond and Pearl had Lucas/Dawn and Barry.  Then Black and White gave us Bianca and Cheren, who we’ve talked about already, and they were the first pair of rival characters who are set up to be equally important to the story, and to strongly contrast each other.  Where Black and White are about duality and opposites, though, X and Y are rather fond of diversity, and so they have a squad of four rivals, and they each have their own shtick.

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okay kids story time on why blackberry phones are possessed and we need to burn all of them

once upon a time in 2010 i went to a church camp and because my mom was working in the kitchen that year she allowed me to sneak something in to listen to my music on.  i would listen to it going to the camp and coming back and during camp when i was alone and had nothing better to do, and she would keep it safe in her cabin and all i had to do is ask to get it.

the problem was was at the time i didn’t have any sort of music player, but my dad had a blackberry phone he had just replaced with an android, so he let me load up my john williams cd collection i just got for my birthday onto it and i went off to camp.

the bus trip to the camp was four hours long so that gave me ample time to put my cd collection on shuffle and listen to it.  i dozed off on the bus, enjoying my music, until suddenly a file that wasn’t john williams appeared.  it wasn’t a random song or anything, but instead a file with some weird af audio on it.  there was a man with a nasally voice speaking backwards, and then there was a woman breathing erotically, and then there was the cry of a baby, and then after all that the creepy, background music climaxed and it ended.

and it scared me shitless.

i never asked my dad about it and i got his old mp3 player to listen to the next year so the blackberry has disappeared somewhere in our utility room, but i think about it all the damn time.  i listened to that file on accident many times and i can still remember it clear as day and it was the scariest shit i had ever experienced at that time.

i finally asked my dad about it today after 5 years and he had no idea what i was talking about.  i have googled this so many times and i’ve only found two people who had a similar issue to what i did, but there are tons of people who have reported audio corruptions (i.e. one dude whose phone played an audio file of someone screaming anytime he got a notification and he never set it on that).  my dad offered to go out and see if he can find that old blackberry but tbh i never want to hear that file ever again it scared me so much omg.

all i know after all this is that blackberry phones are fucking terrifying and i have been scared of them for 5 years now and we should just.  stop using blackberries and destroy all of them.  they are possessed.  where are these audio files coming from blackberry no one has ever really received an answer when they ask.


kids + water + camera gets a taste of suho’s wrath


Anonymous asked: Ryan Ross or Brendon Urie

i hate when people treat LGBT+ as if its some dirty thing

like that its some sexually dirty not for children thing not for cartoons or kids shows its too inappropriate and dirty and sexual for kids cartoons. like even holding hands is WAY TO DIRTY FOR KIDS. like being gay is something for adults to do cause its “dirty" wow okay

cover your eyes kids!!!

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Do you think it's alright to still let your little sister watch Steven Universe? I mean, I think Pearl and Rose fusion was a bit too much, right? It was too explicit. Is it okay to kids watch this kind of relationship?

It’s weird how I never got any messages like this after Lars and Sadie’s sloppy makeout session in “Island Adventure” but now two feminine-coded characters dance close in a romantic way and appear to kiss (or that they might kiss) and suddenly its like “Oh no, think of the children!”. Just saying, the motivation seems pretty transparent.

Is it okay for kids to watch the kind of relationships that happen in real life? That they themselves might be able to relate to? That some girls are interested in girls? That there’s much more variety and ways to be in life than you often see in most forms of media (especially children’s media)? Gee, I don’t know how I, a queer individual, feel about that.


Animation Suggestion Thursday!

I know I said I’d stick to obscure animation that people may have not heard of, but I think relatively new/limited release animation counts, especially when it is this amazing. I really don’t want anyone to have not seen The Secret of Kells. There is really nothing that I didn’t like about this film, it was animated gorgeously, the style was refreshing and interesting, the characters were deep and endearing, the story was entertaining and different… It was able to be eye candy and brain candy at the same time, which is a very rare treat. And I don’t mean to say that it is deeply philosophical (which it is not), I mean to say it wasn’t bland or predictable, it was a simple story about an interesting event and was all about character interaction and circumstances of the time and the world. It is very hard to explain how well this movie is put together, please watch it if you haven’t yet.

  • What she says:i'm fine
  • What she means:The game AKINATOR has the "is your character in a relationship" and "is your character gay" questions and Dan and Phil skipped Phil's 14th question and I just dont know how to deal with this information
Dating Taehyung Would Include...
  • hugs from behind 
  • giggling at each other when you’re supposed to be quiet 
  • smiling at everything 
  • PDA
  • kissing all the time 
  • pouting 
  • kissing his pouting lips 
  • playing with his hair 
  • surprises all the time 
  • cooking you breakfast 
  • meaningful talks until 3 AM 
  • “but i love you” 
  • “fine, okay” 
  • “I want kids” 
  • “look at how cute my nephews are.” 
  • morning sex 
  • shower sex 
  • make up sex 
  • sex 
  • dancing in the kitchen while dinner is cooking 
  • “what if your family hates me?” 
  • nose bopping 
  • Sunday morning brunch in bed 
  • hugs all the time 
  • deep moans of pure bliss 

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