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“Come on, tell me what you really think of me.” Dean was probing your brain, a few drinks having loosened him up. The bar was filled with a moderate ambience and Sam was chatting up a bartender, for once. 

You stalled, sipping on your whiskey again and licking your lips. You couldn’t remember what brought you to this point in the conversation, only that you wanted to divert it to somy other subject. You would answer anything but this question. 

He whined your name. “Cooome oonn, it can’t be that bad! I’ve been insulted plenty of times, hit me with it.”

You sighed and set the glass down. “Ok, well I, you’re like… I think of you like sunshine.” Your eyes immediately hit the floor.


“Yeah I-” You looked up. He waited for an explanation eagerly. “You’re just like this huge ray of sunshine. Your presence, it’s lights up the whole room. You’ve got this smile, like the happiest kid, and a laugh that shakes your whole body. I’d love to enjoy the things you enjoy as much as you do. So yeah, you’re like sunshine because you…” you tapered off, muttering the last part, “light up my life.”

Dean grinned and blushed, like you had paid him the greatest compliment. “Wow, that’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever said to me I think. You got any more where that came from?”

You shook your head at him, turning back to your drink. “Don’t push it.”

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“kirby is a perfect character with no flaws!!”

Okay but have you ever heard of Kirby & the Amazing Mirror and Kirby Squeak Squad where Kirby was way too quick to jump to conclusions and caused chaos because of that?

Not saying Kirby is a bad character, I’m just kinda tired of people spreading this lie.

OKAY BUT even though I’m sad Malcolm went so early that was literally perfect editing on CBS’s part. Like everyone was so ready whether they liked it or not for those votes to read Sandra and then THEY ALL READ MALCOLM and the rug is snatched out from under us I’m? Bald? Like rip Malcolm but that was shookening. CBS editing wants us all dead huh

Thoughts on New Girl ep "Misery"

(Skipped last week because I watched it so late)

•Winston getting better at burns
•Schmidt and Cece are the perfect couple
•Nick spent more than $300 to win a large stuffed animal named “Stewart”… Sounds about right.
•Jess’ dad wanting to know what’s going on
•Okay but Nickname would be the perfect nickname for Nick
•"How’s that dress gonna fit you when you ain’t got no legs?“
•Winston’s Dad is a Cop
•I kind of love that we’ve gotten to know more about Winston’s past these last couple episodes
•"You’re my dad.”
•Schmidt and Cece are parents.
•The loft residents are their children.
•These are facts.
•Add “Crazy Linda” to the list of Winston’s personas

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You have boss character consistency skills. I'm low key thinking about starting a script for a comic, and I'm trying to practice my faces so I'm ready when/ifever I start actually drawing it. Do you have any tips, in addition to just straight-up practice, that can help someone nail character consistency?

Oh gosh, thanks! ;w;/
Hmmm… Well I’ll just ramble a bit talk about my process a bit and maybe it will help or maybe not. X”D

You should absolutely start a comic script. Join the nuz community and link it to me when you start posting! <3

Okay so right, practice is good. But practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect (to quote the football coach at my high school). And what I mean by that is if you draw your character ten times ten different ways, that’s not practice that will lead to consistency, it will just help you explore character design.
You have to draw them ten times consistency to get better at consistency. Which is probably why consistency is so freaking hard.

So these are some characters I practiced for another comic I’m working on;
Silas Wolff and Aharon Hayes

They’re pretty sketchy and you can probably see my process pretty well here when it comes to laying out facial features.
1) It helps to draw comparisons between characters because it will help you remember what their most striking features are. Part of consistency is knowing what makes your character stand out from your other characters. And you have to remember what those features are every time you draw them.

Aharon has a more defined, square jaw and chin where Silas’s jawline is smoothed out. Aharon’s brows are lower over his eyes than Silas. Silas’s nose is flat and Grecian where Aharon has a hooked nose. Both have high cheekbones, but Silas’s are more prominent. Aharon has a smooth hairline where Silas’s comes in further at his temples.

2) In Silas’s, the bottom row has three drawings that are at pretty much the same angle and they’re really consistent, right? Expression changes, but the features are all right. I have comic panels around that are like, “wow that looks like you drew that character line-for-line the same!”
Yeah. Because most art programs have a magical thing called “copy and paste” and you can copy your own art and use it again and edit what you need to or use it as a sketch and re-ink it. X”D
If you’re doing a progression of expressions like this from the same angle, copy the first finished sketch and put it into another layer and sketch over it. It drives home how to draw them in that angle.
In humor, using the exact same line art/art actually drives home the humor.
There is no shame in tracing your own art or references. It’s your art. You can do what you want with it. There is no shame in copying your own art and using it as a sketch/base. There is especially no shame when you’re making comics where you have to draw the same thing over and over again. You can’t steal your own art. You can’t plagiarize your own art. Do what you gotta do. It will also save you time and effort. Which I am a fan of for a comic which is offered free of charge. :P

3) In comic process, most people do sketching, inking, coloring ect in structured passes, one page at a time. When I work on comic pages, I actually work at least 3 pages (usually 5) at once. So instead of going through that process on one page, 3 pages are sketched, then they are all inked, then I do the flats and backgrounds individually (and copy and paste backgrounds as needed). That helps keep things more consistent between pages since there’s less time between the pages being sketched and inked.

4) find some face models. Models or actors or friends. Even if they aren’t perfect, just collect a bunch of pictures of them, save them in a folder somewhere, and study them when you’re trying to draw that character. It will also help you draw their features (especially their nose; noses are hard af) in different profiles.

Also it’s worth mentioning that I’ve been drawing most of these characters for 3+ years and over 500 pieces of art. So… You know. Don’t be too hard on yourself. :”D
It’ll take time and perfect practice. Hopefully this helps. ;w;/

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You can acknowledge that what Mon El did was at least wrong, and that Karamel is at least a little bit toxic, right? This isn't even a matter of supercorp vs karamel, this is a matter of, the shows writers are essentially destroying Kara's character.

Okay, lets be real for a second nothing is perfect not in this world not in theirs so people holding the fact that Mon el lied against him is just sad because at the end of the day he said he’s sorry and it’s not like he was proud of his past he was truly trying to change and forget that that’s who he was and I commend him for that because not a lot of people are able to own up and admit that they were a horrible person and actually change . And most of all Kara forgave him so what are we to do about it through our TVs ?

And as for they’re relationship being toxic no, he’s literally changing his ways to be with this woman he in no way shape or form did anything to intentionally hurt her and I’ll I see is them being cute tbh . Unfollow me if I’m wrong but I ship Karamel & WestAllen and I’m gonna post about them till my fingers bleed . 🙂

And as for Kara’s character development I think she’s growing into the woman and superhero that we all want her to be . And most of all she happy .

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Give ♡ this ♡ to ♡ the ♡ twelve ♡ nicest ♡ people ♡ you ♡ know ♡ if ♡ you ♡ get ♡ five ♡ back ♡ you ♡ must ♡ be ♡ perfect ♡

Okay, but YOU sent me this? Like in all honesty, you are among the nicest people I know on this site, and I’ve made no secret of that… So YOU sending me this just had me go, “Whoa! I must really seem like a nice person!” Thanks Karolina! All the love back- Ana :*

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Can you believe I stopped in the middle of a serious thing just to draw this bullshit because honestly I can’t

All A-spec people belong. 
We are all deserving of love, respect, acceptance and community. 

I wasnt able to include all of the flags/identities I wanted to in this, but hopefully the message is still clear. I might re-do this one day to be even more inclusive/include all the flags I missed. Maybe with a second ring or something.

Image Description: The picture is an a-spec positive drawing with the words ‘All A-spec people belong’ in big letters inside a ring of hearts and flowers. 

The hearts in the ring are coloured to resemble a-spec flags: 

  • Two asexual flag hearts - black, grey, white and purple stripes
  • Two demisexual flag hearts - a black triangle on the side with white, purple and grey stripes
  • Two aromantic flag hearts - dark green, light green, white, grey and black stripes
  • Two demiromantic flag hearts - a black triangle on the side with white, dark green  and grey stripes

Between each heart in the ring there are (8) flowers. Each flower is coloured uniquely to resemble a different lgbt+ flag. This is meant to represent how a-spec people can also have varied non a-spec identities that are just as important to them/the variety of different identities among a-spec people. 

The flags seen on the flowers, starting from the top of the circle and going clockwise, are: 

  • The pansexual/panromantic flag - pink, yellow and blue stripes
  • The bisexual/biromantic flag -pink, purple and blue stripes
  • The lesbian flag - different shades of pink stripes 
  • The gay flag - a rainbow/red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple stripes
  • The polysexual/polyromantic flag - pink, green and blue stripes
  • The transgender flag - stripes in the pattern: blue, pink, white, pink, blue
  • The intersex flag - yellow with a ring of purple in the middle
  • The non-binary flag - yellow, white, purple and black stripes

It’s the season 6A finale, and Stiles is found, he’s remembered, he gets his hugs in with his friends and his dad, and one of the last scenes is this: Stiles goes to his dad and tells him he’s graduating early, that he was done after the first semester of senior year anyway, and had only stayed to be with his friends until the last possible minute, but…after all this, after being taken and forgotten, it was the last straw, and it’s just too much for him.

He needs to get away now. So he does, and he tells his dad that he’ll be at Berkley on the first day in September. But he has to get away for awhile, get some peace from all the insane shit he’s been through the past two years.

So the last scene is Stiles in his jeep, filled with suitcases, when his phone goes off. He answers it with a big, goofy smile - a smile we haven’t seen on Stiles’ face in a very long time.

And he says “hey, Derek.” 

A pause, and then, “yeah, I’m on my way…I’ll be there.”

Another pause and then, “I’ve missed you, too.” 

Another smile, this time soft and heart-eyed, and then he says bye, and hangs up, and the music swells as the camera pans away from the car, and the last shot is the jeep driving past the “Now Leaving Beacon Hills” sign. 

Fade to black.