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What (probably) happened why Jin ended up kissing a statue

“I don’t mind not having a statue to kiss,” said Jin, looking up from the script in his hand. The director was asking for his opinion about the kiss scene for their new music video. He motioned towards Taehyung who seemed more stiff than the actual statue, eyes wide in anticipation. “If Taehyung-ah’s okay with it, I don’t mind kissing-”

Namjoon and Yoongi simultaneously spat out whatever it was they were drinking.

“Absolutely not!”/ “What the fuck?!” The two yelled at the same time.

“T-that’s disgusting!” Yoongi accused dumbly, unable to look Jin in the eye. “And besides, that role is originally mine, so shouldn’t you be asking for MY permission to have a k-kiss scene!?” He finished almost angrily, jabbing his hands in the air, his cheeks the color of a tomato.

“I won’t allow you to do that,” said Namjoon with finality. "The statue will suffice. As a matter of fact, it’s much more aesthetically symbolical and imperative to use a statue to better capture the essence of our theme.

The room fell silent.

Jin sighed loudly and placed the script down. He walked towards Taehyung and patted the younger in the head. “Sorry to suggest something so awful, Tae,” he said with an apologetic smile before walking away with the director.

Taehyung wanted to say something, but his hyung had already left by the time he realized what was happening. He glared at the two rappers who pretended to busy themselves, vowing to take revenge against his hyungs one way or another. He WILL kiss those lips sooner or later. Preferably sooner.

The Panel ~Grant Gustin/ Supernatural Imagine~

Hello humans! So here’s for the person that requested the Grant Gustin imagine (I actually didn’t know who he was until you requested it so I looked him up and he’s a cutie) This isn’t my best writing, but I hope it’s okay! :) 

*Not My Gif*

“Cut! That’s a wrap!” The director called out.
I relaxed a bit and took a deep breath. We had just finished an emotional scene, but honestly almost every scene was an emotional
scene in Supernatural. I had been apart of the cast since I was about 14 and every day was so much fun. I was practically best
friends with everyone. I was 25 now, but I still acted like I did when I was 14.
“You did a great job today. I about bursted into tears, just seeing you cry.” Jensen said as he smiled.
“Thank you. You did great today too.” I said, smiling back.
“Thank you. I’ll see you at the panel tommorow.” He said as hugged me.
I went back to my dressing room, changed out of my costume and wiped the fake blood off of my face. I got my stuff together and
went home to get some rest. We all had a panel at the Supernatural convention tomorrow and I didn’t want to go there exhausted.
I also wanted to get home to Grant. Grant and I started dating back when I turned 17 and about a month ago we got married. I smiled
as I started remembering all the memories of it. When I got home, Grant was standing at the door with a pizza in hand.
“Hungry?” He asked with a cute smile.
“Starving.” I replied.
I walked up to him and pecked him on the lips.
“How was your day?” He asked as we sat down at the table.
“Pretty good. How about yours?” I replied as I grabbed a slice of pizza and took a bite.
“Good. I missed you though.” He said as he ate.
“Aww I missed you too babe.” I replied.
He smiled at me sweetly. After we ate, we got in our pjs and went to bed.


My alarm clock buzzed. I lifted my arm and dropped it on top of the clock, causing it to stop.
“Didn’t I just go to bed 10 minutes ago?” I said as I kept my eyes closed.
“I wish.” I heard Grant reply in his groggy morning voice.
I smiled when I heard his voice. I rolled over and opened my eyes to see him smiling at me.
“Morning beautiful.” He said.
“Morning handsome.” I replied.
I got up and got a shower, then did my hair and makeup. Grant and I ate cereal as we both read the comics in the paper.
“I gotta go.” I said as I got up and put my bowl in the sink.
“Okay, have fun babe. I love you.” He said as he grabbed my waist and pulled me close. He placed his lips on mine and kissed me
“I love you too.” I replied when he pulled away.
I grabbed my bag and headed down to the convention center. I walked into the back room where everyone waited for the panel to start.
I sat with Jared and Jensen as I waited.
“You nervous at all?” Jared asked me.
“Ehh a little. Nothing too major though.” I said.
He smiled a bit.
I peaked my head around the curtain and saw tons and tons of fans sitting and waiting for the panel to start. A couple of them
noticed I was looking so I waved at them as they fangirled. The panel started about 15 minutes later. We all took our seats on
stage. I got seated in between Jensen and Mark. Soon after we sat down, we started taking questiosn from fans. One girl stood up
and looked directly at me with a huge smile on her face.
“Hi! This question is for everyone, but mainly Y/N. How was your wedding and what was everyone’s favorite part?” She asked.
I felt my cheeks turn red and I looked down and hid my face a bit. Mark leaned over and looked at me with a smile.
“She’s blushing.” Mark said.
I looked up and over at him.
“Thank you for announcing that.” I said as I laughed.
He broke out into a fit of laughter.
“The wedding was great. Everything was beautiful. My favorite memory was getting to kiss my husband.” I said.
The whole cast and crowd broke out into ‘Awwwwws’.
“My favorite memory was eating the cake.” Jared said with a smile.
“It was like he wanted us to hurry through the service so he could eat cake.” I added with a smile.
Jared laughed along with the crowd.
“My favorite memory was walking Y/N down the aisle. I felt important.” Jensen said.
The crowd all 'awww’d’.
I smiled as I looked over at Jensen.
“My favorite memory was after the wedding when I told her if she ever wanted to call it off, I would make her a deal.” Mark said.
“It wouldn’t be a wedding without Crowley.” I said as I laughed.
I smiled as I looked at the fan.
“Long story short, it was a wonderful wedding and all the dorky friends up here were there. Thank you for asking.” I replied.
The crowd clapped as I smiled.
I looked around at the whole cast and the whole crowd. I thought about all the great memories with the cast and with Grant. I smiled to myself as I thought 'Damn, I love my life.’

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okay haha Benedict Cumberbatch did the voice and mo-cap for Smaug, that’s all great

but can we talk about Manu Bennett for a second?? who did the voice AND motion capture of Azog the Defiler AFTER AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY WAS ALMOST FINISHED AND HE HAD TO SAY ALL HIS LINES IN THE ORKISH LANGUAGE WITHOUT KNOW THE ORKISH LANGUAGE 




We’ll meet up with Undyne, or the dogs. It’s gonna be okay, I promise.”

How was this happening?

Papyrus scanned the trees around them. Where was Flowey? “Please,” he begged, “just leave, before-”


Slowly, like every joint was encased in ice, Papyrus looked down.

Next to his boot, near enough to stomp on, Flowey grinned up at his brother.

“Boy, you have really crappy timing.”

Aw, I almost broke my own record, 5 drawings in one day. But unfortunately, Midnight ticked and I had to go to bed before I got to finish it. Oh well, it’s 5 drawings in 24 hours then, still good (this + that one fanfiction project).

Last scene of 23rd chapter of @unrestedjade‘s FINAGLC, so obviously, Erm.. Spoilers?

This was a lil’ thing to appease myself while waiting for the 24th chapter to come out of Beta.

Okay but I was watching all the Jasia scenes again at school today and I noticed during the conversation near the end that Jac reaches out and grabs Zosia. Like, right after Zosia asks her how she can accept being so cold and alone, Jac reaches out and holds her. It’s so subtle and off screen that you’d almost miss it. But when Zosia finishes speaking and sort of zones out, like she’s taken a step too far or confronted something she shouldn’t have, Jac steadies her and brings her back down to Earth. Just like she does during the hug. It is such strong foreshadowing. Because in this earlier scene, Jac also makes Zosia feel stable; she brings her back from losing it, from breaking prematurely. Gives her this comforting squeeze of the arms to tell her that it’s okay to be scared and to break but that everything’s going to get better because she’s strong and brave and loved. Jac who hasn’t properly loved someone or expressed emotion around someone since Elliot(?). Jac who almost never touches someone and almost never smiles with sincerity and emotion did both things in just this conversation alone. The connection and the love there is so harboued but so strong you’d have to be blind to miss it. Rosie and Camilla are killing it, honestly, I’m at the point where I literally ship these two more than Berena.

Skam 3.08 thoughts

So…I’m pretty much up to date with Skam by now (I’m almost done with season 2, and then I’ll have finished the whole thing). Yesterday the final clip from 3.08 was released, and holy shit that episode was an emotional roller coaster, so here are some of mine own thoughts on the subject

- The morning after scene? I love. I didn’t really understand Even’s comments about Sonja controlling him (at the time), but the part with the dancing and Gabrielle…that scene is haunting me okay. They’re so fuckgn cute together I can’t believe 

- Not much to say about the second clip except that I love Sana “Control Your Hoes” Bakkoush more than life itself. I imagine what she told Isak about religion and hatred influenced the text he sent his mom later in the episode which is lovely if it’s true.

- Even meeting the squad; Isak not being able to look Even in the eyes, the dork; Magnus totally squealing over Isak’s hottie boyfriend–which, #relatable; “I think it was for the best that you weren’t there” heh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

- Like a lot of people I felt like Even’s behavior at the end of the clip was a little…off. Around the time this one came out I started reading some theories about the possibility of Even having a mental illness, especially bipolar disorder–like this excellent post here. I was a little skeptical but found the bipolar disorder theory very persuasive, especially considering the latest clip (”Sonja doesn’t like people who live freely and are real” = Sonja considers his mental illness a “problem” which he should confront with treatment, medication, and he doesn’t (?)). 

- The last clip, hoo boy. The first half seems pretty fantastic at first–boyfriends meeting up after school, splurging on a suite so they can bone and eat burgers naked on the floor…I mean, c’mon, what kind of romance novel fluffy bullshit was that. Setting aside any psychoanalysis, that was stupidly romantic.

- The burger scene is heartbreaking in retrospect, or even the part with the lady at the front desk of the hotel. Considering the symptoms of mania / hypomania on Wikipedia, it becomes pretty obvious that that’s what Even is experiencing, with the exaggerated self-confidence (the way he talked to the hotel clerk, how he casually told Isak they were going to get married without any visible self-consciousness), jumping from subject to subject, heightened energy, etc. There’s a point in the burger scene where we see Isak’s face kind of drop, like he’s just realized that something is going on with Even. Heartbreaking, indeed.

- “I never sleep, ‘cause sleep is the cousin of death”. Instead of sleeping with his boyfriend, Even is wandering around the suite naked, fussing around (?). 

- Isak says “baby, come lie down with me”, I die for the 98459834th time this season. 

- And of course, Even leaves. I didn’t fully understand this part at first (certainly not when I was watching it without subtitles and I had no idea what people were saying), but Isak’s expressions were explanation enough.

- I know there are a lot of people right now who hate Sonja, think she’s a bitch, etc. but I actually think her actions and words, if cruel, are understandable. She’s been dating Even for years and knows him and his experience with bipolar disorder (assuming that or something similar is his diagnosis) much better than Isak. Isak didn’t even know he was struggling with something until she told him. Yes, it was very cruel to tell Isak that Even didn’t really love him (mentally ill people can still love!! their relationship is still valid and good and beautiful!!!), but I do kinda get why she’d say that since Isak did cause them, a longtime couple, to break up and she’s probably still distraught over that, plus the fact that Even had to get taken in by the police and she was not there to protect him. I’ve seen posts saying that Sonja has probably taken over the role of Even’s caretaker over the years, and that seems accurate considering the way Even says she tries to control him, i.e. with medication or whatever is the standard treatment for bipolar disorder and possibly acting as a “helicopter mom” towards him. That obviously isn’t a good foundation for a healthy romantic relationship, but that appears to have been their reality.

- But don’t get me wrong, that ending basically ripped my heart out of my chest and stomped all over it with combat boots. Tarjei is a fantastic actor but I’d prefer not seeing Isak cry ever again, thank you very much. 

Anyway. Sorry for rambling all over your dashes, but I have a lot of feelings right now okay. I do trust, however, that Skam will pull this off (as they have for the past 2 season), and Isak and Even will survive this. I don’t think Sonja is a villain, but rather the three of them just need to communicate more and Even and Isak definitely need to have a long talk before they can ride off into the sunset in the finale (as they most certainly will).