okay to rb

Anyways to all my nonbinary and trans followers, no matter how you identify or what state of transition you’re in, or whether you want to/are transitioning or not

You’re all valid and I love and support you okay,

and to any of you who’s families don’t support you, hi I’m your dad now, I bring support for whatever pronouns you like and I will personally fight anyone who tries to make you feel unsafe or invalid over your identity.

You know what makes me tear up a little is that I have watched my 14yo little brother struggle with body image & ED-like tendencies for years, to the point where his wardrobe was basically clothes he could hide in, if that makes sense

But then he watched all of Queer Eye on Netflix and now he’s cooking healthy meals for himself, keeping his room clean, and he asked mom to take him to get some nice clothes for the beginning of school

I don’t wanna say it was a miracle or attribute everything to the show, but those guys really touch the lives not just of their episode subjects but of the viewers, and it warms my heart immensely

so since summer is finally FINALLY starting, i have one big thing i want to say:

Don’t push people in the pool, lake, or ocean!

There are many (fairly obvious) reasons you should never do this! I will list them

  • they cannot swim!
    • whether it’s because they don’t know how or because they physically aren’t able to, being thrown into a body of water when you’re not confident in your abilities can be terrifying
  • they are wearing a device that cannot get wet!
    • yes, it could be a phone, but it could also be an insulin pump or heart monitor or any other type of sensor that would be compromised when immersed in water and cost thousands of dollars to replce
  • they are afraid of water!
    • drowing is a very real, and fairly common, fear or phobia,taking away someone’s control by throwing them in the water can be very triggering
  • they don’t want to be in the water!
    • if someone doesn’t want to be in the pool/lake/ocean, they don’t have to have a reason for their boundaries and desires to be respected

I no longer go to pool parties because so many people (especially drunk college students) have a penchant for throwing/pushing people in the water without their consent, and I have had an $3k insulin pump DESTROYED because someone thought I was being ‘lame’ and 'a party pooper’ because I wouldn’t get in the pool, and decided to shove me in instead

pool parties and lake parties and beach parties are tons of fun and everyone should be comfortable and able to enjoy themselves while they are there, regardless of ability or preference

“There’s people who have it worse.”

Ok. Listen.

Of course abuse is worse for some people than to other people.

If you burn your arm. It hurts. Like it really fucking hurts.

B u t.

If you burn your finger, it also hurts. It still really fucking hurts.

They both hurt. The arm seems worse because the surface of the harm is larger compared to the finger, but that doesn’t mean that burning a finger is painless.

If you tell someone: “there is someone, somewhere who burned an arm”.

That won’t fucking heal their finger.

Those situations don’t cancelled each other out.

The thought of someone burning an arm, doesn’t mean someone can’t burn a finger.