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How Curious This Is (Newt x Reader)

(okay, this is not a request, I just really love Newt alright and thought of doing this just because I love writing,,oops)

prompt: “they end up as flatmates”

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Yes y/n, you are always welcome here!” Queenie cooed at you whilst holding both your hands to comfort you.

You sigh.

“Thank you so much Queenie, I’m dealing with some financial troubles right now and I knew I could go to my best friend for help. Thanks for letting me stay..” You say timidly, still kind-of feeling bad about barging into her home.

Tina nodding in the distant kitchen, nodding in agreement to Queenie while eating an apple.

 Queenie furrowed her brow as she read your mind. She moved a strand of hair out of your face.

“Y/n you’ve been my best friend since Ilvermony, even though you were a few years younger than me. I would do anything for you and you know this.” She said quietly with a warm smile.

You smiled back.

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i love you. i am so fucking in love with you that i catch myself smiling over the smallest thing. some boy told me you were no good for me, i think he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. you make me happy, you make me feel less alone, and most importantly you make me feel like maybe there’s still some sunshine left. because yes the sun always shines but sometimes it’s so dark i can’t feel it at all and before you, i was so cold. but then you came right up to me and said, “you look like you’re about to cry, are you okay?” and i swear to god a layer of darkness was lifted up, and i felt just the slightest bit warm again. you have a smile of pure sunshine and a laugh that makes spring come just a bit earlier. it makes flowers grow in my belly and blossom straight into heart, it’s like i see you and i catch a whiff of lilac. ever since i met you, since you dove right into my ocean, ive felt a little less like drowning and more like swimming. more like i can breathe, like maybe it isn’t so bad after all. and i don’t know what that means, i don’t know what anything means, but i do know that i love you. i love you. i love you. i love you so fucking much that it’s pouring out of me and i don’t even bother catching it anymore, i just hope that you’ll catch it, that you’re basking in my love, and i hope you’re happy. that’s all i want. i think id set myself on fire just so you could be warm. i think maybe id drown for you too, id do anything to see that sunshine smile again.

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hii i saw somewhere that you were from Serbia?? i'm from Slovenia and i absolutely LOVE your blog ♡♡♡

OH MY GOD! Okay, first of all, I’m from Serbia. Me. Lena-chii… almost always inactive admin T_T (sorry about that! working on it!) Yes, I’m from Serbia. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! ♥ ♥ ♥

Admin T-chan? Hello, admin T-chan? YOU HAVE A NEIGHBOR WHO LOVES THIS BLOG (T-chan is totally from Slovenia omg this is so amazing I had to comment on this too and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TELLING US, she’s a little busy, but let me tell you, she’s probably crying tears of joy right now). 

I’m really happy to have you here and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy this blog! ♥ Q___Q

– Lena

This is how I look right now because……..I have no words. I’m so excited like I know few friends who like anime but none of them like KnB they’re more on big three anime and you’re the first one and I love you, I really do. And thank you so much for this kind words ;;


Simmons tells her parents she's dating Fitz:
  • Jemma: So...there's something I've been meaning to tell you. Something important. Which you may be shocked at.
  • Parents: (in Union) okay?...
  • Jemma: well..it's just..how do I put this...I...me and-no! Fitz and I are dating. (She settled upon firmly)
  • Parents: ...
  • Jemma: I know this comes as a bit of a shock,but you've met him..many times,actually. And he's always treated me right-and always will for that matter-and well,we just didn't want to wait much longer to tell you. Besides,you guys already love him. Not as much as me but..you-wait why are you laughing?
  • Dad: to be perfectly honest with you,we thought you two were already a couple.
  • Mum: yes,we were expecting you to inform us of a grandchild on the way...
  • Dad: I guess this is why it's taken so long for a wedding...
  • Jemma: ...well-I-that's just-we only just-I'm- I mean we've (sigh)...well at least one of your conclusions were right.
  • Dad: so you two are engaged?
  • Jemma: do you see a ring on this hand? (She held up a ringless finger, before placing her hands on her stomach)

They were like parallel lines:
Always close, always together, always right in front of the other,
Yet, never touching.

And it wasn’t because they didn’t want it;
Oh, how they wanted it.

Was it the sheer denial?
The foolish pride?
What was their undoing-?
You can’t undo something, that never truly happened.

(Except you can.)

If you don’t have the courage to take a leap of faith,
If you don’t have self-esteem to deem yourself worthy,
Is it truly love, to begin with?


Some stories are tragic,
Some stories are beautiful.
Some are filled with maybes, and almosts, all the doubts and fears coupling to create an explosion of destructive desire

Theirs was all of these things, and more.

—  Some even call it The Greatest Love Story Ever Told.