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Not to be that sentimental but heck I am : KIM SEOKJIN graduated from university.

Let it be known to all.

And let it be known, that Jin is one hell of a hardworking guy. I do not know about you, but I admire this guy so much. Shoot, I complain about having to study for exams and getting up at 8 a.m for classes plus feeling like my world crashes down on a daily due to stress of university. And I wonder is my career path the right one. But Jin? He made it through all the odds. I know his journey was not all positive but the end goal? Wow, that is amazing. And so, I respect this man. He makes me happy in a lot of ways and he is letting a lot of people know that no matter what circumstances you have, even when all the odds are against you, and your world feels like hell - you can make it.

Kudos to him. I hope he pops bottles lol.

AOS 4x15:  AKA I don’t really have any words aside from that was BRILLIANT!

I realize the fandom is reeling.  That was a lot to take in.  But I am HAPPY!   So many theories are FINALLY happening…granted not how I though or we may have wanted but they are happening none the less.  So this meta is going to have a bit of a a different feel to it.  

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Hey guys @ me in anymore asks from exclusionists you get and one of us will handle them okay? ~hate-police (Toto)

Thank you so much toto, you’re great ~🐱

Hi, there! This is kind of a rant, so feel free to skip, but I’d rather appreciate if you could at least skim through this post! A lot of really nice writers have been the victims of anon hate today. I really don’t get it.

Fanfiction writers take time out of their day to contribute to the communities they love and care about, and it really isn’t okay to anonymously leave hate for them. Writing is actually pretty hard if you want to do it correctly, and I am fairly sure I don’t even come close to getting it right.

If people keep sending anon hate, there will most likely no longer be anon questions available! I think that having anons are some of the best parts about getting asks! It would be a shame if we lost that privilege.

If you don’t agree with what someone has written, then that’s totally fine. Individuality is great! But you know what isn’t great? Like, at all? Voicing your opinion in a hateful way. 

If you dislike a fic, then stop reading it.

Don’t send anon hate.

Sorry if I’m kinda just going off, but this needed to be addressed. Some perfect human beings like the wonderful and amazing @imagineham (I hope you’re okay with me tagging you here!) have been getting anon hate.

Seriously, this needs to stop. I really don’t care if they’re writing about fictional characters, dead people, or real, living people. If it isn’t your thing, and it isn’t about you, then don’t get mad at the author.

I’m done ranting, now. Have a day that’s as beautiful as yourself.

Hey guys,

So, I’m not sure if anybody noticed I haven’t really posted much for possibly a couple days. I’ve been having a pretty rough week. I’ll try to get around to posting more soon, but I’m not sure I’ll get to it today. I hope all of you have been having a much better week than I have. Don’t over exert yourselves and stay healthy, okay? 💜


Why you keep calling me pinocchio?

Okay find no more side step the question.
*takes deep breath*
I’m not good at emotions like the others. Truthfully I don’t know exactly how I feel about morality I care for him more then the others but I’m not sure if it platonic love or romantic love or what. I just don’t know okay. Morality is morality you guys can’t tell him, I love him I don’t know what kind of love. But I do love him and I don’t want things to get weird. So don’t tell him about any of this cause I don’t even know what these feeling are.
There you have your answer. Now let’s move in from all these feeling there are to confusing.

  • (Not part of RoseGarden Snippet Stories) After that one RWBY Chibi episode of Nora drinking coffee, I'd think the new guy wouldn't understand to NEVER give Nora coffee.
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): Oscar. Have you ever thought of...getting coffee?
  • Oscar: No, not really. My aunt never let me have any.
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): But your aunt isn't here now is she?
  • Oscar: yeah, so?
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): cofeeeeee sounds really good right about now.
  • Oscar: Are you okay?
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): Never been better.
  • Oscar: Sure.
  • Nora: *slides up next to Oscar* Hey...Oscar. Can you do me a favor?
  • Oscar: Sure Nora.
  • Nora: could you...buy me some coooofeeee?
  • Oscar: First,the professor now you?
  • Nora: pleaseeee? Ren won't let me get some, and Ruby and Jaune refuse to listen to me!
  • Oscar: Nora, I may have just met you, but I personally think if you drank coffee, you'd explode.
  • Nora: I wouldn't explode. Maybe you would. It happens.
  • Oscar: fine. It can't hurt. I'll buy you one and oz one.
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): well. I mean it's not like I can taste it.
  • Oscar: then why'd you ask me, huh?
  • *Ozpin and Oscar bicker all the way back to their seats, where an attendant with a cart is waiting for them.*
  • Oscar: Where is Ruby, Nora and Ren?
  • Attendant: Your friends saw a Grimm in the last train car.
  • Oscar: Nora...don't you think you should help them?
  • Nora: *with a crazed look in her eyes* They'll be fine...I mean it's coffee!
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): C'mon...
  • Oscar: I'll have two large coffees. One black and one with extra sugar and cream. *"I'm totally going to regret this"*
  • Attendant: *makes coffee* Here you are, sir! This coffee is on the house! Or on the train!
  • Oscar: Really? Why?
  • Attendant: Cause one of your friends are really cute.
  • Nora: *spits out coffee* Which one? If it's Ren...
  • Attendant: The blonde one. He's so handsome and funny.
  • Nora: Wow. Um, okay.
  • Oscar: Yeah.
  • *awkward silence*
  • Attendant: Okay! I'll get going now.
  • Oscar: *sits down, takes first sip of coffee, spits it out* Ugh, how do you drink this stuff, Ozpin?
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): I lived and breathed coffee. You haven't lived if you haven't drank it.
  • Oscar: It's awful. And there's no point in drinking it if you can't taste it. How's your coffee, Nora?
  • Nora: *jittery, from all the coffee*
  • Oscar: Nora?
  • Jaune, Ren and Ruby rush back in
  • Jaune: We stopped the Grimm—Nora!
  • Ruby: Oscar! Did you give Nora coffee?
  • Ren: Seriously, does ANYONE listen to me?
  • Oscar: Sorry...
  • Ren: *sighs* It's fine. Nora will probably break the fourth wall, or pass out, but she'll be okay soon enough.
  • Oscar: Well, okay.
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): I don't know what to say. You children seize to amaze me.
  • Oscar: Says the old man whose souls is intertwined with a teenager
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): Point taken.
  • Honestly, I love Oscar and Ozpin's interactions. It's so funny. I've seen many posts where people think Oscar is 12...which is very odd when it comes to RoseGarden stories...let's pretend he's 15 too, shall we?

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How was work tonight?


okay so i work at the front desk of a hotel and i have all sorts of horror stories but tonight was like. fucking surreal. 

this guy is hitting on me. which is super gross and disgusting but whatever i’m just trying to get him to leave me alone and then he says, HE FUCKING SAYS, “you remind me of my cousin. she’s fifteen” WHAT THE FUCK. THIS DUDE IS HITTING ON ME. THIS DUDE WHO I KNOW TO BE TWENTY-ONE IS HITTING ON ME AND THEN THINKS IT APPROPRIATE TO POINT OUT THAT NOT ONLY DO I SEEM TO BE UNDERAGED, BUT I REMIND HIM OF A FUCKING FAMILY MEMBER. WHAT IS THAT. WHAT IS THAT. 

not only did that happen but the other guy he’s here with kept trying to flirt with me and talk me into working for him and then when i say no repeatedly, he asks me where he can buy some weed. 

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Would Mycroft be the kind of guy who is insecure the first time you see him undressed?

Oh yes but in his defense I can say with certainty that despite how much our partner my talk highly of our bodies when the clothes come off for the first time you will be nervous unless, of course, you have the confidence of Miss Adler or Sherlock.

It’s completely natural for the first time you have sex with any new partner (unless you’re either intoxicated or drugged but that’s a WHOLE different story altogether) but Mycroft may take a bit more convincing than others.


Joelle: Okay guys. That’s enough. We got what we wanted, now we just need the freak to follow through and show up, then we can go from there.

Morgan: I still don’t get why you’re so interested in her..

Joelle: Just to have a little fun! And Lexie to come through will be a double whammy.

Ian: Babe, what are you going to do?

Joelle: (chuckles) You’ll see.


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Name: Mina

Nickname: Disgrace lmao okay I don’t really have one, sometimes MJ I guess

Gender: Female (kinda androgynous tho? idk)

Star sign: Gemini

Height: 5′9

Sexual orientation: Girls are cute, guys are cute. Everyone is cute.

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor

Fav colour: Blue and red

Fav animal: Deer

Average hours of sleep: Either 4 or 16. There’s no in-between

Cat or dog person: There is no right or wrong. Both.

Favorite fictional person: Changes every second but currently probably Will Graham

#of blankets I sleep with: Just one? 

Fav singer/band: Sticky fingers, San cisco and the wombats

Dream trip: I really want to visit New zealand and Scotland

Dream job: Okay, so I’m a really indecisive person, but what I do know is that I want to go into the field of something creative. Either I’ll strive to be a writer or an artist but then again I have this really gross sappy dream of opening a little book cafe that is basically a library with pastries and every pastry is based off of a novel. The dream gets funnier once you realize that I can’t bake :) jokes..I got ‘em..well basically I am one, just like my dreams. That got way too real but yeah, either way all of them would be pretty cool

When was your blog created: I think december 2016?

current # of followers: I think like 20? idk man I have a small family but I love ‘em all, it’s cozy! 

What made you create a tumblr: Actually only to receive updates on my favorite shows but then skam came around, chuck norrised me in the face and now that’s all I care about tbh

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Hey! I started having feelings for my best friend of almost 15 years, she knows I'm bi and is okay with it, but she's straight (she calls other girls, real and fictional, hot and makes jokes about being with them). She also is dating a guy she really likes, so I think I should get over her. I'm used to getting over crushes by confessing to them, but I'm so scared that I'll make this really awkward or difficult for her, since we're basically sisters. Do you have any advice?

you say it yourself you will get over it if you tell it to them.. so tell her and tell her why you told her. Talk it out and also tell her that you still want her as a friend that you 2 can work it oit. Im sure you 2 can. Goodluck

Going Away Party!*

Hi guys! Thank you so much for coming to my party! Im so happy to see all of you.! We have lots of food and drinks! But no sausages. I ate them all….

Okay lets have fun and im gonna miss all of you! And i love you guys! And I didnt really get permission to have it here so dont ruin anything! 

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I am so not selfie ready so here’s a picture of my new teddy bear courtesy of my bf from my birthday last week!

Tonight is going to be killer and my anxiety is rising! Who’s going to die tonight?!?!?! Will Murphy stop being a cockroach? I hope not. He makes a great cockroach! Will Miller get his head out of his ass? I REALLY hope so(won’t happen this ep though). Jasper… You’re gonna piss me off aren’t ya? We get more Kane and Octavia! Roan and hopefully Indra! BELLAMY AND CLARKE!!! can it be showtime already?!?!?!?

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Hey there :) just wanted to know abit more about ur OCs!! What are they like when they are nauseous and how burpy do they get when sick/just in general life? love love your writing!!

anon asked: Could you possibly write burpy/sick head canons for ur OCS? Absolutely love them!!

A/N: Okay, I’ve never really delved in like this before - which is funny because I started this blog with these guys. Apologies for the gigantic post. But this was fun. Thanks for the interest :) 

Noah is pretty vocal when he’s feeling lousy. He’s still a teenager; he’s loud. Not so much with words but his body just gets really upset really quickly and he doesn’t bother holding anything in. Initially he does the whole tough guy routine but he has yet to get anything by Jason. If his stomach is upset he doesn’t really give a fuck. He’ll let out his burps to try and relieve the discomfort. They’re unapologetic and loud and just…all boy, (I’m picturing my brothers, here)? Like there’s no discretion whatsoever. He gets bad hiccups if his stomach is really wrecked. Absolutely cannot handle alcohol. Jason once described him as “bodily functions incorporated”. His stomach doesn’t handle rich food very well. He gets horribly burpy if he eats too much. He’s on the thinner side and it’s definitely noticeably if he’s overindulged.

He instinctively seeks out his brother when he’s feeling sick, craving that particular brand of care that Jason basically specializes in at this point. He’s definitely clingy once he’s been found out. He gives up the pretense of, “I’m fine” and turns into a lethargic cat in human form; curling up in Jason’s lap and whining if he’s left alone, (side note: I don’t own a cat but I’m pretty confidant this is an accurate assessment?).

When he’s nauseous, he holds out on throwing up for as long as possible. He’d rather suffer than endure the humiliation of getting sick. His stubborn streak drives Jason nuts.

Jason is the epitome of “silent sufferer”. He’s the oldest, he practically raised his little brother; he’s not going to admit anything’s wrong until he’s quite literally caught in the act. He has a strong immune system and a solid diet; he doesn’t get sick very often. When he does, it tends to knock him out for at least a few days - bedridden, can’t keep anything down, delirious with fever - the works. It scares the shit out of Noah anytime Jason comes down with something, (a lot to do with their mom); Noah is clueless and petrified and prone to panicking for the duration because, “WHAT? I have to be you??”

Jason is hopelessly polite - like the boy gets flustered so easily. He will do everything in his power to control his body’s urges when he’s around anyone; this includes Noah. Unfortunately, he’s also a big dude; tall and broad-chested and the exact opposite of inconspicuous, though he tries his best. If he’s feeling sick in public he will swallow down his queasiness like there’s no tomorrow - or until all hell breaks loose.

If he’s by himself in the seclusion of the bathroom, his burps tend to be deep and rumbling, rolling up from low in his chest and forcing out all of the discomfort he’s been holding in for so long. They’re the kind that sound like they ought to be bringing something wet up with each expulsion.

If he does end up vomiting, it’s usually pretty violent and prolonged. He tries to be quiet but it just…doesn’t work? Jason tends to get really sleepy afterwards, often using his brother as a human pillow if he’s available.

Nick exudes dorky charisma around most people, (basically he’s Lance before I knew Voltron existed). He’s the life of the party. He’s also terrified of throwing up.

He will do everything in his power to deny the inevitable. As a result, when he gets sick it’s usually abrupt and messy. He has no self-control once he’s passed a certain point. The possibility of getting sick will often induce panic attacks, though he tries to hide this part of himself, something he perceives as a weakness.

If he’s nauseous, he tends to hiccup. He’ll start burping involuntarily if he’s close to losing it. They tend to be short and sharp, intent on ushering up whatever’s causing his body to rebel.

Cass is straightforward with just about everything pertaining to her life. This includes getting sick.

She’s matter-of-fact, doesn’t get embarrassed easily, and is a pro at coaching Nick through his panic. Not exactly a soothing bedside manner but she’ll make sure you’re cured one way or another.

She will definitely isolate herself if possible when she’s sick - not wanting to bother anyone else with something so trivial. She can handle it. “Let’s get this over with so I can fucking go to sleep,” kind of chick.

Her blunt attitude and efficiency in dealing with just about everything nicely compliments Jason’s chill stoicism. He’s the only one she feels comfortable letting loose around because she knows he’ll always be there to catch her. He’s only seen her really sick once. When she finally let him into the bathroom, he refused to leave and stayed on the bathroom floor with her all night - doing everything right. As gross as the situation was…it was sweet, and kind of hot how concentrated he was on ensuring she was as comfortable as possible.

This should suffice for now. If you want more detail about different aspects of these characters feel free to shoot me more questions! 

Guys, I know everyone loves reblogging that Spencer gif of him getting punched in the face, but we shouldn’t be spreading the idea that it’s okay to punch Nazis. 

I know whoever punched him had good intentions, but he could have seriously, seriously hurt his own hand. Punching someone in the face is probably the quickest way to break your fingers, so if you’re inclined to remind greasy, cowardly white supremacists that they’re not safe in your city, might I suggest forearm smashes, palms, and elbow strikes instead? They tend to hit just as hard/harder and don’t carry as much of a risk of injury. Maybe take some yoga classes so you can limber up and put your foot in their hate spewing teeth?

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, but let’s be smart going forward folks.

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