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Remember that time?
  • Harry: Hey guys, remember that time I refused to shake Malfoy's hand?
  • Ron: Haha, yeah, good times!
  • Harry: What about the time I threw mud at him by the Shrieking Shack?
  • Hermione: I still can't believe you didn't get in more trouble for that!
  • Harry: And remember how I used the map to follow him around sixth year?
  • Ron: Haha...
  • Hermione: *rolls eyes*
  • Harry: Okay, well, remember that time I snuck into the Slytherin dorms under the cloak to watch him wank, and then I stole his pants but he noticed so he followed me back here and then I panicked and tied him to my bed? And then remember when I freaked out and left him bound and gagged upstairs LITERALLY STILL IN MY BED?
  • Ron:
  • Hermione:
  • Harry:
  • Hermione: Uh...
  • Harry: HAHA yeah me neither

okay but can you imagine Eskild, Noora and Linn coming over and Isak is all “you guys want tea? I will make you tea” but this time he is determined to do it right

so he gets the cups, fills them all with water and then he’s like “How the hell does Even get the water hot” 

so he like gets a hair dryer and then starts just blowing hot air over the cups and this is the moment when Even gets home, walks in on this disaster and is just like

“Isak what are you doing?” 

and Isak’s just standing there with a fucking hair dryer and is like….”making tea?” 

and Even is trying really damn hard not to laugh at his baby…he just shakes his head, while grinning, walks up to the cups, takes one and just pops it into the microwave. 

Isak just stands there watching and is like “ohhhhh” 

and now every time they have people over who want tea Even just puts a hand on Isak’s who is about to get up, and just silently shakes his head at him while saying

“i’ll take care of the tea” 


Wizarding law is way different from Muggle law you guys, I just want to clear that up. Because a lot of people in the fandom don’t seem to realize this, you’re judging wizards by Muggle standards and that never works because OF COURSE you’re gonna find problems. Maybe in wizarding law it’s perfectly fine to let kids go school shopping by themselves, or it’s not unprofessional in their world to hold a job interview in a bar. Of course we wouldn’t do any of those things but maybe, just maybe, to them it’s perfectly okay. I’m pretty sure Tom Riddle wasn’t the first kid to go get his school supplies alone, or Trelawney wasn’t the first teacher ever interviewed in a bar. To these people, they’re not bad things. And nobody got hurt. I mean it’s not against their law to make love potions, and what Fred and George sell are perfectly fine and legal. They can sell Acid Pops to children, candies that can turn you into birds/make your nose bleed, and exploding playing cards, I think that should tell you something. Fandom can’t use Muggle law when looking at wizard customs, it’s just not going to work out.

Remember Patty?

That’s the new girl. She knows a lot of the rules already, got her name picked out and everything. Patty, come over here, say hi! Make her feel welcome, yeah? Oh, a couple of you might know her from that party right after New Year's - y'know, when Danger Dude was off his head and wanted to dive into the river? Yeah, Patty was one of the people trying to hold him back. She also punched Yellow’s ex in the face. So basically, she’s a handy gal to have around, ain’t that right Patty? Ha, yeah she’s good people. Oh, could you ple-ah-I mean - do you mind grabbing me some chips from the table? Thanks Patty. See what I mean? Good people.

Okay, thanks for being cool guys. I know most of you were at that party - Ginger, I know it was you who punched Yellow’s ex. We all do. But Patty - she just introduced herself, told me those stories like I wasn’t there, so I had to play along. I’m not the only one getting - y'know - vibes, right? Aw man, she’s coming back. Have any of you seen her around before? No-one’s heard of her? Does nobody remember Patty?

No? Thank god. Because I sure as hell don’t.


Dating Youngjae would include:

request by anon: can you please do like a list thingy about what dating Youngjae would include…..pweaseeee…. 

a/n yay!!! requests about my bias omgggg maybe I’ll do all the members if you guys like this one?

  • Taking Coco for walks
  • Eating popsicles on hot days
  • Holding your hand in his pocket on cold days
  • Karaoke
  • Correction* SLAYING karaoke
  • No, seriously you’ll always be singing together
  • Lots of blurry selfies
  • Lots of pics of you and Coco on his phone
  • Kisses you holding your face in his hands
  • Laughing ™
  • Literally All the time  
  • Always asking if you’re okay
  • Smiling while you make out
  • You being the honorary sister of GOT7 (because they all frikin’ love Youngjae)
  • Getting embarrassed when you kiss him in front of the members
  • You calling him ‘my sunshine’
  • Him calling you “my sky’
  • Singing your favourite songs to you
  • Meeting his family early on
  • Rarely fighting because you can read each other like a book
  • If you do it’s usually a miscommunication or small built up arguments that lead to one big one
  • When you fight he always cries
  • You’re his world
  • You talk it out through tears “I can’t lose you.
  • End with a long heartfelt kiss
  • And cuddles
  • Speaking of cuddles…
  • He would always want to cuddle with all the lights off and humming you to sleep
  • And…Running his fingers through your hair a million times
  • Nervous giggles the first time you make love 
  • ShOoo0k by how beautiful you are
  • Spooning and kissing your back after you finish
  • Breakfast in bed tradition on Sundays if he’s home
  • Being his best friend
  • Random English
  • This is Youngjae and ______ class” 
  • Playing the piano for you all the time
  • Hitting each other when you laugh
  • Hurting everyone’s ears
  • Getting caught kissing by his brother in the apartment 
  • Him blushing like a tomato 
  • Subtle couple clothes 
  • Eye to eye smile every time he sees you after being away
  • Not taking his eyes off you 
  • Because he doesn’t want to waste one second with you
  • Shy caresses 
  • Soft, intimate and romantic sex
  • Talking late into the night 
  • About everything
  • and nothing 
  • all at the same time
  • Trying to teach you how to play video games
  • If you start getting good he will not hold back
  • well…maybe he’ll let you win once or twice
  • but will say he tried really hard
  • Small presents and surprises
  • Like a chocolate under your pillow
  • Or a small sticky note with cheesy lyrics on your mirror
  • Writing so many songs about you
  • Knowing you’re the one quickly
  • Not wanting to scare you off by being too intense about his love for you
  • Says I love you though like 20 times a day
  • planning your future together in his head like everyday 
  • Trying to plan how he’ll ask
  • he wants it to be perfect
  • as perfect as he thinks you are
  • After you date for like 3 years ( and he feels you’re ready) he’ll propose:
  • he’ll take you to the park
  • where he first confessed to you
  • He’ll tell you he loves you and then,
  • he’ll pull out the ring and say…
  • “From today and every day after.

okay but Peter  “i’ve known you for a day but here take my mask while i suffocate”  “let me just grab this stone i know will kill me instantly”  “killing my dad will leave me powerless and unable to escape but you guys live so cool i’ll just chill here while the planet explodes”  Quill is so down to die for his family and it’s honestly?? killing me??

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ok i mean this in the best possible way because I'm genuinely curious, but what does fetishizing gay relationships mean? why is it problematic to be straight and ship two people of the same gender??

no it’s okay!! it’s fine for straight people to ship two gay people, it’s just the problem of calling it “sinful” or something. like in the post, some straight people calling a gay ship “my sinful babies” is unacceptable. also some shit i’ve heard straight people say is like calling two gay guys in a relationship (like . irl) ‘yaoi’ and also something i’ve heard some boy at my school say “oh yeah girls on girls that’s something i can get behind but guys on guys makes me feel weird” and shit like that is also unacceptable. if you’re straight and ship two gay guys okay cool but don’t call it sinful or make it seem like it’s out of the norm because it’s not.

Teach Me

Sasha Banks/Bayley: Can I request a Sasha and Bayley smut where Bayley doesn’t know how to masturbate so she goes to Sasha to get her help and they end up fucking? - @rolivia-fin


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this is a collab with @rapmoniepapi

Summary: You’re friends with a group of trouble makers, ‘junkies’ as the town calls you. But one day.. it gets all too much.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

After saying thanks to Amber for the first aid kit, and getting her number, incase we wanna hang out again, we were on our way. 

Walking quietly around the town, we found a park, and sat down at a picnic table. I rested my head against Jin’s shoulders and in response, he wrapped his arm around me, kissing my forehead, silently telling me everything will be okay. 

Jungkook suddenly spoke from in front of me, “You guys know what I miss?”

“Weed?” I heard Hobi ask, “Cause I sure fucking do." 

"No, well yes, but that’s not what I was talking about,” Jungkook said, shaking his head, chucking, “No, music. We haven’t really listened to any since we got here, and the music at the bar doesn’t count." 

"Well, what do you wanna do, rob a music store?” Jimin asked him, sarcastically, but immediately noticed the change on his face, “I WAS JOKING.”  

“Well, I didn’t take it as a joke, now I wanna go rob a music store.” Jungkook said, with a smug look on his face. 

“We’ve never robbed a place before, also we don’t know which stores have cameras and which don’t.” Jin pointed out, his arm still around me.

“What about those black masks that we have? Also, we all have hats, plain generic black hats. We could get away with it.” Jungkook said, pointing to the back pack on Namjoon’s back.

“He’s right. Plus, new headphones, and we all have black clothing, they won’t know who it is,” Namjoon responded, after pulling out the black masks and hats, “I actually forgot I packed these.”

“As long as we don’t get caught and thrown in jail, I don’t give a fuck,” Jimin said, “It will be a good story to tell my kids, if I ever have any.”

“There’s one thing you guys are forgetting,” Jin said, getting the boys attention, “We don’t have anywhere to play the music." 

"Yeah, we do!!” Hobi said, “We can play it when we go back home and get the truck!!”

“Anything else we’re forgetting, eomma Jin?” Jimin asked, nudging him from the other side of Jin.

“We have to be out within 5 minutes, so makeup your mind on what albums you want.” He said, with a sigh. 

After changing, and walking around for about an hour we finally found a music shop. 

“Who’s phone isn’t dead?” I asked, “Mines dead, and I wanna know the time." 

"It’s three am, so if we’re gonna do this, we better do it now,” Namjoon sighed, “Wait, do you not have your charger?”

“No, I do, but we gotta get a hotel or something if i’m gonna use it,” I said, letting a smile slip at the end, “So, let do this, yeah?" 

Jimin got on his knees before the lock on the door and started using the few bobby pins I found at the bottom of my bag to try and unlock the door. "Almost got it,” Jimin grunted out, but froze when we heard a voice ring out.

“What are you guys doing?” He sounded familiar, but I couldn’t place from where. I turned around to face him, and his head tilted to the side, his eyes squinting at me. 

“Weed girl?” It hit me where he was from. 

“Cologne guy!” I said, pointing to him, “I didn’t recognize you cause you dyed your hair!" 

"Oh, yeah, I got tired of the blonde, do y-” he got cut off by Hobi saying, “Wait, you know him?" 

"What? Oh, yeah. The day that everything happened, when Jin dropped me off at the bus station, Cologne guy-" 



“The cologne guys’ name is Yoongi,” he said, chuckling.

“Yoongi gave me some cologne cause I smelled like weed, and I don’t know, why were you so nice to me?” I asked, spinning back around to look at him. 

“Cause I went through the same thing. Now two things, can I have you guys’ names? annnnd, what the hell are you guys doing?" 

Pointing to each one, I started calling their names out, "Namjoon. Hoseok, but we call him Hobi, Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, and then I’m (y/n). Also, we’re robbing a music store." 

”(y/n)!! You can’t just say that!“ Jin scolded me. 

"Nah, its fine. Mind if I join in? There’s a cd I’ve wanted for a while, and we can take my jeep, it’s a faster getaway than running,” Yoongi said, pointing to down the block where his jeep was parked, “It doesn’t look the best, but she’ll do for the time being.”

“Fuck yeah, okay, let’s get this show on the road!” Jungkook yelled, “Open it!!” Now yelling at at Jimin.

“How about you hold your fucking tits while I unlock a goddamn deadbolt,” Jimin muttered, while I heard Yoongi chuckle under his breath.

“Hey,” I whispered to Yoongi, after walking towards him, and standing next to him, and him humming in response, letting me know he’s listening, “I think you’ll fit in with us, you know? We’re a bit broken, but we fix each other. You can be apart of us, too. Well, if you want. Also, you might want this,” I handed him a black mask, and a hat that I pulled out of my bag. After a moment of silence, he spoke, “I think I’d like that, and thanks,” he turned towards me and offered me a gummy smile, which I returned with my own smile.

“Fucking finally! Guys, come on! If we’re gonna do it, let’s do it now!” Jimin yelled, and we all walked to the door, immediately hearing the beeping from the alarm in the wall going off, and Yoongi immediately punching it, making us all look at him. 

“What? It’s annoying. Now, come on, we’ve only got 5 minutes,” he said, immediately taking off, grabbing a cd. I start walking towards the cd section of the music store, and looked around for some music I liked, and hopefully a pair of headphones. After I had gotten around 5 cds, I heard Namjoon calling my name, and I immediately lifted my head up. 

“Black or red?” he asked, holding up the two pairs of headphones. “Black,” I responded, pointing to them. 

“Guys, we gotta go, like now. I hear the sirens in the distance,” Jin said, and we immediately started running out of there, Yoongi pulling out his keys and unlocking the car, I jumped into the passenger seat, taking my cap off and putting the cap and cds in my bag, and Yoongi starting the car.

“Hey, Joon?” I asked, looking in the review mirror after a moment.


"Did you get my headphones?" 

"Yes,” he gave me my headphones, and I put them in my bag. 

“Can we go to a hotel now?” I asked, and got a choirs of ‘yes please’ and Yoongi said, “Yeah, i’m staying at one, you guys can stay with me.”

All about the tickets and a kiss (Ethan)

Summary: Ethan surprises you with a date going to an arcade and you guys make a deal. Whoever gets the most tickets takes all. 

Warnings: None. Awful summary though. 

A/N: I always wanted to go on a date to the arcade, and with Ethan, it would be so fun. The arcade is like Dave and Busters I just didn’t state it. I hope you guys like this! 

It’s been four months since I started dating Ethan, it’s been amazing so far. We were always close friends, but eventually, we caught feelings and things went from there.

Right now I was getting dressed to go on a date with him. He said he had a surprise for me but to dress casually. Which I did black jeans, a tank top with a red and black flannel I borrowed from Ethan, and my Vans. Maybe it was a picnic date? Or a trip to the movies. Whatever it is I’m sure I will love it.

He always does something extra it’s just in his personality. I looked in the mirror one last time fixing a strand of hair that was out of place. Soon. I heard knocking on my door, must be Ethan. I grabbed my phone and bag, then went running towards the door, trying not to trip. I was clumsy good at falling over nothing but Ethan was there to make sure I was okay then laugh at me after.

I opened the door and there stood Ethan, I took his appearance in still amazed by how beautiful he looks. He was dressed in a gray jumper, black jeans with rips that he made himself, and Vans that were matching mine. Something so simple, but he makes it look good.

“Take a picture it will last longer,” he smirked glazing over me.

“Shut up E,” I giggled giving him a hug. I inhaled his cologne in the embrace, something I do to remember the small things about him. “Where are we going?”

He looked down at me still holding me in his arms. “It’s a surprise.”

I frowned knowing him it’s probably something extra that he didn’t need to do, I was never one for surprises and he knows this. It doesn’t stop him from doing it anyways.

“Frowning like that will give you wrinkles babe,” he joked.

I rolled my eyes but smiled nevertheless. “Let’s go before you get memory loss,” I said grabbing his hand leading him his towards his car. He opened the door for me, I got in putting on my seat belt. He ran over to the driver’s side and got in.

He put on his seat belt then turned on the car, ‘Slow Hands’ came on the radio. I hum the tune as he backed out of the parking spot. I started singing the lyrics to the song.

Soon Ethan joined me in singing the song. It was always fun jamming out with him, sometimes he gets way into it and I have to remind him to focus back on the road. We have been driving for about 20 minutes I only know because I check my phone.

“Are we there yet?” I whined turning to look at him. I was also enjoying his beauty, the sharp jawline and fluffy hair that was my weakness.

“Almost,” he answered his lips lifting up into a smile.

He turned the wheel and we pulled up in a parking lot. I look at the building and saw that we were at an arcade. I start smiling like a kid going to a toy store. I was talking about going to an arcade a few weeks ago and he actually surprised me with this.

“Ethan,” I whispered still taking it all in. It was something simple I didn’t need an expensive restaurant date or anything too crazy. It was the little things that mattered to me.

He found a parking space and turned off the car, “Are you surprised? Is this okay?” He asked looking worried that I didn’t like it.

“This is perfect E, we could just cuddle on the couch as a date and I would be perfectly happy,” I said then went to kiss his cheek.

He laughed and then we got out the car walking hand to hand to the entrance. When we got in it was a line at the front desk, it was crowded but what do you inspect on a Saturday evening. The walls and carpet were some crazy patterns, the bright light lit up the place, some pop song I didn’t know blasted through the area.

I heard the different games going off and the people talking and laughing. It was filled with high energy as it should be and I couldn’t wait to play the games. Ethan paid for our passes and we got our cards with the money on it.
“Where to first?” Ethan asked.

I looked around and saw the basketball game called Super Shot. I was decent at basketball and Ethan was to, so it should be easy tickets. Start with the easy stuff and work our way up.

I pointed over to it. “Let’s start with basketball.”

He nodded and we walked over to it, we slide our cards in the slots.

“I bet I’ll get more tickets than you,” I challenged.

“Okay, let’s make a deal whoever gets the most tickets with all the games we play the winner gets to pick out the prize with all the tickets both parties won.” He said grabbing a ball.

“Deal,” I replied also picking up the orange ball.

“And a kiss,” he declared turning to glance at me.

“I laughed. “Fine with me, now let’s play.”

We pressed the start button and the buzzer sound went off, the countdown started. I threw the ball and it made it in the hoop, I threw the second ball and it missed, bouncing off the rim of the basket. I groaned but continued to throw ball after ball my score going up.

I heard the tickets come out of the machine I hope I have more than Ethan. The time ran out and I saw I scored more and I pumped my fist in the air.

“Looks like I am in the lead,” I said grabbing my tickets. Ethan bend down and got his.

“It’s not over yet Y/N,” he responded looking for another game to play. I love it when he gets competitive.

The evening turned into night and we played many games.
Spin the wheel, Pac-Man, skeeball, air hockey, speed of light, and the dancing game. We ate at the bar we weren’t old enough to order alcohol but we didn’t need it anyway. After we ate, we played a few more games that didn’t involve tickets. Like a game called Dark Escape 4D, it had monsters in it and you had to shoot them to survive. It came with 3D glasses and you could feel the creature’s breath on you.

Honestly, my favorite game here with Ethan not so much. Soon it was time to count the tickets we been collecting so went over to the counter for the worker to count them in this container.

“Who do you think going to win?” Ethan asked.

“Um…I think me,” I answered putting my finger under my chin acting like I was thinking hard about it.

“If you say so,” he replied turning back to the worker.

The employee turned towards me with my paper with how many tickets I won. “You have 1167,” she said. Then she turned to Ethan holding out his paper. “And you have 1065,”

I smiled feeling accomplished that I got that many tickets. “Looks like I won,” I beamed.

“Yeah, you did let’s go pick out your prize,” he said grabbing my hand leading me to the prize area,

It was so much to pick from of course some of the stuff was too much, I don’t know how they think people could get that many tickets. I looked around to see what caught my eye, I really wasn’t going to use Ethan’s tickets. He deserved to get what he wants even with the deal.

“What do you want Ethan?” I questioned.

“You mean what you want you won the deal fair and square.”

“What about we get something we both like then? I’m not taking no for an answer.”

“Is that what you really want?” He asked making sure.

I nodded happily, glad he was agreeing with me. After some time of looking around saying why so many points for that thing or no I don’t want that. We agreed on this big Batman plushie, it looked like a cute monkey. We also got some candy since we had a few points left over.

We got our things going back out to head to the car. Today was a long day but it was worth it spending time with Ethan. When we got to the car Ethan stopped me from putting the Bat monkey in the car that was twice my size.

“You forgot a part of the deal Y/N,” he addressed.

“Ah, I did,” I replied pretending like I didn’t know what he wanted.

“I want the lips,” he demanded pouting.

“Oh, you do,” I teased. Before he could respond I stood on my tip toes since he was a few inches taller than me. I closed my eyes and kissed him, his lips were soft and tasted like the virgin strawberry daiquiri he had. His hands ran through my thick curly hair, I was going to do a quick peck on the lips to tease him but he was going in with a passionate kiss.

I melted into his kiss my heart fluttered, it amazes me even after this time he still makes me feel this way. I nibbled on his bottom lip then pulled away catching my breath. I realized we just made out in public but I didn’t care.

“The best boyfriend ever,” I said giving him a hug with Batman at the side of us.

“The best girlfriend ever,” he said kissing the top of my head.

“I had a wonderful day thank you so much, Ethan,” I responded.

“You’re welcome now let’s go to your house to cuddle,” he said letting go of me. I smiled glad to have a guy like him in my life.

I actually have a Bat Monkey that I won, it takes up half of the room in my bed. But I’m happy I got it. Anyways, Ethan is amazing! He would be the best boyfriend.

… And then I (apparently?) got blocked.

Okay I’ll get it as “I can’t write a decent answer without repeating the same, unjustified concept for 10 lines so better use a funny gif instead”.
Nevermind, it’s so hard to find people who think different and actually would like to discuss about it.

Funny how you guys write debate posts and then wimp away from your own statements when you find someone open to actual confrontation. Very mature.

anonymous asked:

I'm kinda worried because I recently started identifying as asexual biromantic, but I'm kind of afraid it's because I thought I was aromantic a couple months ago and I didn't like the idea of not falling in love. I honestly can't tell if that's the reason... plus, I'm not even sure what romantic feelings are //supposed// to be like? I get crushes on girls and guys alike, but I've only had experience with guys and in those cases they give me a lot of anxiety. Any advice? 😬😬

Mmm, try to worry less about labels. Go where feels right. Where you think “yes, my people.” Since a group is so different sometimes that won’t be the same place all the time. That’s okay too! For example, most bi spaces are great for me, but sometimes I realize they are very bisexual. Which is fine, just less personally relatable as a biromantic. It might feel like you are randomly in and out of rooms*, or that you just found yourself into one accidentally because all your friends are that label. Sometimes that helps you realize a label isn’t the best fit, sometimes you realize you followed them because it is a good fit for you.

Make sure you aren’t being used by the labels. Some people focus so much on finding the right one label that they don’t value or really stop to simply feel whatever queer feeling they are having.

(* I don’t know why I personally relate the process as rooms. Maybe it’s left over from high school social clubs. But when describing moving through different online communities they are mentally “rooms”.)

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can you write what vernon would be like if you guys were at a big party and some guy was being all touchy with you even though you asked him not to. sorry if its kind of weird haha

It’s not weird lol And I’m assuming (y/n) is his girlfriend in this scenario. Thanks for the request xx

  • Okay so since it was a big party there were a lot of people there
  • Vernon tried to make sure that you stayed close to him but at some point you guys got separated.
  • It wasn’t that bad though, the people there seemed friendly enough and it helped that you knew maybe a few of them
  • At some point you were getting a drink from the kitchen and some random guy came up to you, asking for you to dance with him.
  • You politely declined but he persisted.
  • He ended up putting his hands on your waist which immediately made you uncomfortable. You moved away from the guy and told him to not to touch you.
  • “Oh c’mon, I just wanna dance.” He smiled at you about to grab your arm. You shook your head ‘no’ and started to move further away from him.
  • Before he could even lay a finger on you, Vernon stepped in between the two of you.
  • (Funny thing is that Vernon isn’t really the jealous type, mainly because he rather see the good than the bad in people. Besides, he trusted you and knew that you could handle yourself. However, when something was obviously wrong like this, he’d always step up to say something)
  • His back was towards you so you couldn’t see the expression on his face but he sounded pissed off when he spoke
  • “Didn’t she tell you that she didn’t want to dance?!” He asked the random guy sternly.
  • You heard the guy mumble a “sorry” as he backed away.
  • Vernon turned to you with a worried look in his eyes
  • “You alright?”
  • Once you told him that you were just fine he sighed in relief and clasped his hand around yours tightly.
  • He didn’t say a word about the incident that whole night, and you didn’t question him about it either.
  • You stayed by his side for the rest of night as you guys continued to enjoy the party together.

Simplification study + merging of things I like. (shirtless guys and ponies)

Okay, while its impossible to be canon in FiM, it’s STILL possible to be canon in EqG.


Oh, also, if you’re interested in art that isn’t always pony or maybe you want some memes? You can always look at my Blog. Or if you just have questions about me and why I am the way I do, you can always send me a msg there.

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Do you think okay to transition (transgender) if I'm/We're multiple? Most or all of us are guys, but the body is assigned female at birth (AFAB). So far, no one seems to be objecting, but We don't have the best communication.

While being a system can certainly complicate your gender identity, I haven’t seen anything that suggests the disorder can change how one identifies completely. DID doesn’t make you trans! If you, as a whole, would feel more comfortable transitioning then I think you should go for it. 

A lot of the changes on testosterone are reversible, so if you get uncomfortable, you can always stop taking it. If it’s making someone feel uncomfortable, you’ll know it. Be safe and take it slow, but know that your gender identity is valid with or without alters (and it’s still valid if your alters have mixed gender identities). 

Okay but guys you know what we need in Voltron?


Can you like imagine 


-Pidge feeling really sad because they miss their family and Lance coming over and giving them a hug and saying, “It’s okay, I miss them too.”

-Lance cutting Pidge’s hair when it gets too long because he’s the only one on the ship who knows how to give a decent haircut 

-Pidge (trying to) teach computer stuff to Lance so he can understand what’s going on when people start talking about really complicated stuff 

-Pidge and Lance finally playing that video game together 

-Lance teaching Pidge how to face mask because “It doesn’t matter who you are everyone needs a good face mask now and then” 

-They stay up for hours just kind of talking about Earth and their families because they both miss it 

-Lance and Pidge playing pranks on EVERYONE in the Castle 

-Pidge uses their computer skills to change the programming of things while Lance does the good old homemade pranks because he lived in a huge family with a bunch of pranksters 

-Pidge and Lance playing instruments together (Lance with his guitar {He found it on some random planet} and Pidge with their computer making weird noises)

-Lance kind of reminds Pidge of Matt because they both have that desire to help people and explore, and they both are living memes and care about them very much

-Pidge reminds Lance of his younger siblings, because he must PROTECT THE CHILD WITH HIS LIFE