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A lot of people say sorry to us because we didn’t get first place today but I wanna let you guys know it’s fine because we know that you guys work hard for us and you guys know we work hard too and yeah that’s it. We don’t need anything more than that. Like you know we have each other and that’s the most- like that’s all that matters. We don’t need first place. Like okay it might be important but it’s not as important as like we have each other. First place is not everything, you know? So stop saying sorry, we’re fine. 

- Bambam, 171019

how to comfort the moon signs 🌜

Aries Moon: give them their space to blow up and rant..and then go get ice cream or something. making them feel accepted despite their intense emotions is how you comfort them.

Taurus Moon: let them know they’re safe and will be okay, bring them things like some chocolate and their favorite movie. making them feel at home is how you comfort them.

Gemini Moon: just listen to them ramble on about it. talking your ear off and getting it out makes these guys feel a lot lighter and better. making them feel heard is how you comfort them.

Cancer Moon: hold them close and let them know you’re never going to leave. making them feel nurtured is how you comfort them.

Leo Moon: tell them how amazing they are and that they can get through this. making them feel good about themselves is how you comfort them.

Virgo Moon: give them advice, help them make a plan to fix whatever is wrong or heal from it. making them feel organized in the chaos is how you comfort them.

Libra Moon: tell them to let it out and talk to you. similar to gemini moon but they may need some gentle prodding as they don’t like to bother others with their emotions. making them feel open is how you comfort them.

Scorpio Moon: be there, show that you understand and will never leave. let them come to you and always hear them out with no judgement. making them feel understood is how you comfort them.

Sagittarius Moon: take them on a long drive or hike. explore with them. remind them that there is more to life than whatever has them feeling down. making them feel free is how you comfort them.

Capricorn Moon: tell them you believe in them and remind them of their strength. point out that whatever is hurting them is simply another hurdle to jump over in their journey. making them feel in control is how you comfort them.

Aquarius Moon: help them find a hobby to try or something new to learn about. send them funny pictures and get them laughing. making them feel distracted is how you comfort them.

Pisces Moon: remind them of the good times and talk about how much better things will get. pull them out of the negative feelings and fill them with positivity. help them fantasize about new things to come. making them feel optimistic for the future is how you comfort them.

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Steal My Girl

Song Series!
> Please give me some feedback on this, been debating posting it for like two days. Let me know if you liked it. 

He met Y/n when they were young kids. He knew from the instant that he met her that she was gonna be the most special person in his life. The way her smile could make his day go from shit to kind of okay. She gets to him in ways no one else can. 

She been my queen, Since we were sixteen, We want the same things, We dream the same dreams

“You ready?” She asks walking out of their shared bedroom. 

She’s in a black rock tee shirt, dark blue flare jeans, hair teased and curled, make up done. 

He locks eyes with her for a second and smiles, her returning the favor. 

“Yeah, you look amazing babe.” He places a small kiss on her forehead. 

“Thanks, you look great too.” She says, unbuttoning that top button on his shirt. He tenses at her touch. Goosebumps rising on his skin as if he’s cold, but it’s 80 degrees out. 

They were headed out to a Nick Jonas concert, meeting a few of his buddies there. He got tickets from the label, and they get to go back stage to see him after the show. 

Nick and Shawn are friends, have been since they met through the label. It’s a unspoken agreement to support the others on the label. They’ve worked together for a brief time, when they happened to be in the same place at the same time. 

She’s never gotten to meet Nick, she met Demi a few months back at an award show, but she didn’t get to meet Nick. She’s screaming on the inside, she’s a huge Nick fan. Has been since she was a kid and watched his shows on The Disney Channel. 

She’s trembling with excitement when they are walking to their seats, meeting up with Shawn’s friends and their girlfriends.

“Y/n looks like she is about to pass out.” Mike jokes as the lights start to dim.

“Shut up, I’m the biggest Nick fan.” She says over the bass that starts blaring though the old speakers. The floor starts to shake and the screaming gets louder. The lights are flashing making their senses act up. 

Shawn watches her, watches as she sings along to the songs, dances to the beat, laughs with his friends. She fits into his world, and does everything she can to have his world fit into hers. She’s the most perfect person for him, and he couldn’t be more happy that he has her. 

He knows that he has her support no matter what. She was his before he got famous and she’s still his now that he is. He knows that he has a safe place with him always, as she would always be by his side. 

But he can’t help but feel a twinge of jealously as he watches her smile at the stage. She’s swaying along to the song. He needs her to look at him to remind him that she’s his. Like she reads his mind, turns and looks at him from over her shoulder. 

“Gonna hold me Mendes?” She says, winking. 

He doesn’t need to be told twice, he steps forward and wraps his arms around her from behind. He nuzzles his nose into her hair and inhales deeply. She smells like home, he can’t quite describe her scent other than that it reminds him of the candles his mom used to light when he lived at home. 

She’s leaning back and resting her hands on top of his, his resting on her stomach. She’s still singing along, but now she’s smiling because the words remind her of Shawn. 

Everybody wanna steal my girl, Everybody wanna take her heart away, Couple billion in the whole wide world, Find another one ‘cause she belongs to me

Their backstage now, in a room with a group of people. Mostly people from the record company, and a few other up and coming artists. 

He can’t help but notice how most of the men, dateless or not, watch his girlfriend. How she holds herself, how she smiles, how she laughs, how she wins playing beer pong with a few others.

He’s watching her from across the room as one of the guys from the beer pong game starts to inch his way closer to her. She’s backing up just as much as he’s coming closer, and when he bends down to whisper in her ear she shakes her head no and says clearly,

“I have a boyfriend.” 

Shawn smiles and knows that he doesn’t have to step in because she can hold her own, but for the hell of it he leaves the conversation he was having to go tell this guy to fuck off. 

“Hey.” He says tucking his left arm around Y/n’s waist, extending his right hand out to shake the other guys hand. “I’m Shawn.” He says grinning evilly.

“Zac.” The other guys says, cowering. He shakes Shawn’s hand and tries to hold back his wince when Shawn squeezes to hard. Crushing the bones in Zac’s hand.

“Zac, this is Shawn, my boyfriend.” Y/n says with a small smile on her face. 

“Yeah I got that.” He grumbles rubbing his hand. 

“Maybe you should go find another girl to hit on, this one’s taken.” Shawn says passive aggressively, that way if anyone was watching them it would be seen as a normal conversation. 

Zac nods his head and rushes away from them, shaking out his hand. 

“A bit much don’t you think?” She giggles up at her boyfriend. 

“Think I broke his hand.” Shawn says watching Zac try to open and close his hand repeatedly.

All she does is laugh and hide herself into Shawn’s side. He laughs too and kisses the top of her head. She smiles and then leans up to connect their lips.

Kisses like cream, Her walk is so mean, And every jaw drop, When she’s in those jeans

They pull away and she looks over at the ping pong table.

“Geoff and Mike wanted me to tell you to join us for a game of beer pong.” She says noticing how Mike and Geoff were waiting.

“Okay.” Shawn says smiling. “How about I get you a drink, and meet you there. And try not to get hit on by some random guy on your way over.” He teases. 

“Not my fault.”

“True, you can’t help how beautiful you are.”

“Cheesy.” She laughs pushing his shoulder towards the bar. 

She walks away, hips swaying. He can’t help but just stare at her, well him and every guy she walks by. The others just gawk at her ass, while Shawn smirks knowing that that ass they were looking at was his. Chuckling at the fact that he bought her those jeans because he knew they would make her ass look great. 

He goes up to the bartender and orders drinks for his group, returning to them cheering as he hands the drinks over. 

They play a few games of beer pong and Shawn just watches as she beats his ass. She’s on the other team and with the rate that their playing, he’ll be drunk before the game is even over. 

But the lights dim. and her smile glows. The sun is setting behind her and her eyes have this sparkle that twinkle when she looks over at him telling him to 

“Drink bitch.” 

He laughs and does as told. Winking at her blushing face over the rim of the Solo cup.

I don’t exist, If I don’t have her, The sun doesn’t shine, The world doesn’t turn

Her hair framing her face, the way her face lights up when she smiles. He swears he could write a thousand songs about her. About her eyes, about her smile, about her lips. Those sweet lips that are colliding with his.

The soft moan that escapes her mouth as he pulls her a little closer.

“Ready to go home?” She whispers.

“You didn’t even really meet Nick.” Shawn says looking around.

“Why do I need a Nick Jonas when I have a Shawn Mendes to take me home?” She quirks an eyebrow. Shawn smirks and kisses her again. Harder this time.

It’s him moaning softly when she pulls away. He let’s his hand slide down to the globe of her ass, squeezing lightly.

“Gonna take me home Mendes, or do I need to find Zac.” She teases starting to move from his hold. 

“Come here.” He says pulling her back, making her collide into his chest. 

She’s laughing, trying to contain her giggles, but the alcohol in her system is making her feel light and happy. 

Shawn takes her hand, leading her out of the room, towards the car they ordered. He would love to take her out for a midnight drive, but they’ve been drinking and she just wants to go home. 

Everybody wanna steal my girl, Everybody wanna take her heart away, Couple billion in the whole wide world, Find another one 'cause she belongs to me

Her make up is gone. Her hair is in a messy bun, her glasses are sliding down her nose, and her lips are sealed to her coffee mug. She’s wearing his ‘Take Me Home’ shirt with her PINK booty shorts. Her bare feet are cold as they stand on the freezing hardwood. The tattoo on her ankle on full display. 

She’s humming a Nick song, one that had been stuck in her head from the concert they saw earlier. Her hips are swaying a bit as Shawn watches her from the living room. 

She shows no trace of sitting in the VIP section at a Nick Jonas concert. No trace of meeting Nick Jonas. No trace of partying with some of the biggest names in the music industry. 

She’s just Y/n. 

She’s just Shawn’s Y/n.

He loves that he gets this part of her. No one get’s to see when she’s tipsy and trying to sober up a bit so she won’t have a hangover in the morning. No one gets to see her purple glasses, or her face free from any trace of make up. 

She’s just his girl. Relaxed and free. 

He can’t help to think that over the billion people in the world, he wouldn’t rather have anyone else sleep next to him every night, have anyone else to wake up next to. He just wants her. 

best friend’s brother - tom holland au ♦︎

Pairings: best friend’s brother! tom holland x reader

Warning(s)?: steamy forbidden make-out sesh ooh la la

Word Count: 1.6k

Summary: Tom’s your best friend’s older brother that you couldn’t help but to catch feelings for. Now you two are dating behind her back, but your secret can only stay hidden for so long..

A/N: hi ok i’ve never seen this idea with tom before so i thought it’d be cute? this idea popped into my head bc i deadass have a crush on my best friend’s brother whoops … but i can only pray what happens in this imagine happens to me lmao. but listen to best friend’s brother by victoria justice A BOP for added effect while reading okay bye enjoy!! also gif credits to kelly aka tomshollandss 


You walk into your best friend, Alisia’s room, slinging your book bag off your shoulders and onto the floor carelessly. “Thank God it’s Friday,” you exclaim, plopping into your friend’s furry bean bag chair beside her bed, feigning exhaustion.

Alisia giggles before rubbing her stomach. “I’m hungry. Let’s get some food.” You follow Alisia down the hall and into her kitchen where her mom, Nikki, was unloading groceries into the fridge.

“Hey, mom,” Alisia greets before grabbing two granola bars out of the pantry, one for you and one for her.

“Hey, love. It’s so nice to see you around here again, Y/N.” Nikki commented, even though you’d been over here more times this week then you’d like to admit. She didn’t know about those times though, because it was a secret.

As you take a bite out of the granola bar, you couldn’t help but ask the question swirling around in your mind. It was awfully too quiet for a place where Tom Holland resided. “Hey, where’s Tom?” You tried to sound genuinely curious rather than concerned, even though you were. You had a right to be though, he was your boyfriend.

The only problem was that Tom was your best friend’s brother. You were aware of how cliche it sounded, but it was hard to not fall for a guy like Tom. While you and Alisia were juniors, Tom was a senior, and a complete heart throb to say the least. He was popular, well liked, and charming. Every guy was friends with him, and every girl couldn’t help but turn their heads whenever he would pull up to school with the top down on his Audi TT and his best friend Harrison Osterfield in the passenger seat with him. He could’ve had any girl he chose, but he only wanted you.

When you and Alisia got close the summer before sophomore year, you couldn’t help but silently swoon every time you and Alisia would walk into the kitchen and Tom and Harrison happened to be watching TV in the living room. Or when Nikki would force Tom to take you and Alisia home from school. Soon enough, you, Alisia, Tom, and Harrison became close, almost like a band, and would hang out normally without having to be told.

And that’s where the feelings came in. You and Tom instantly clicked, both of you possessing the same sense of humor and sharing a lot of the same interests. The subtle flirting and the stolen glances weren’t enough for Tom; he wanted something more with you. So when he asked you out, it was quickly after Alisia had momentarily left the room. Immediately after you hurriedly kissed him, he said, “She cannot find out, okay?”

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The One With All the Kissing

(I promised this for @lgbtrashmouth, @sighlil, and @toziertrashmouth so I hope it’s okay. It’s not incredibly long, it’s really just the scene from Friends where Chandler kisses everyone because he kisses Monica in front of everyone on accident. But it’s Reddie. So yeah. They’re all young adults here, too.Thanks!)(Also I know I said I’d do this tomorrow but APRIL FOOLS I MADE IT TODAY)


“Hey, dude! C-come on, gimme back my pretzel!”

“No way, you set it down, it’s mine now!”

“Guys, can you not? I’m trying to get this remote working again and I need concentration!”

“Stan, shut up. You know you’re just taking the batteries out and putting them back in again. It’s hardly rocket science.”

The familiar bickering made Bill smile, despite the fact that Richie swiped his hot pretzel, and was tormenting Stan, and getting salt everywhere. Eddie was complaining- something about telling Richie to shut up and chew with his mouth closed. Beverly was laughing and resting a hand on Ben’s shoulder, who would occasionally smile at her between talking about Mike’s day as they caught up all together. They were sitting around his dining room table, talking over one another, having individual conversations, interjecting and making a group conversation, and yet everyone was still in sync. It was beautiful, in its own, chaotic, noisy way. 

They had spent the day drinking tea, watching movies, and just horsing around Bill’s apartment. Earlier they’d gone out for ice cream and visited the quarry like they had when they were little. Nowadays, nothing much had changed. Not habitually, anyways. Ben and Beverly had finally gotten together. Stand and Bill had as well. Mike was seeing a pretty girl who’d gone off to college in Japan, but he didn’t mind, and everyone loved how loving he was and dedicated they were to each other despite the distance. Richie and Eddie had also begun seeing each other, as well- however, that relationship was still in the closet

While the boys knew the group would accept them, just as they had Bill and Stan, Eddie was still hesitant to announce it to anyone in the group because of the big deal he knew it’d be. He’d spent MUCH of his life denying his love for Richie, most vehemently to Richie himself, who always threw himself at Eddie all that time, playfully, then seriously. Eddie caved one day and kissed the other in the middle of one of his “your mom” jokes, and Richie hadn’t been the same since. Bill thought he was somehow softer towards Eddie, cracking less jokes about his mom, and holding doors for him. Stan just thought he was even more insufferable with all the near perverse flirting. 

Mike was suspicious of the two, as was Beverly. But if it was one thing they were good at, it was being patient and letting people speak on their own time. The dynamic of the group within itself may have shifted, but they all still remained incredibly close- living within half an hour of each other, hanging out almost every day, crashing at each other’s places just because. It really was a dream come true. Mike was working as a coach’s assistant at their old high school, Beverly taught self-defense at the local gym. Ben was an official published writer, working for the local news paper where he covered the art section, of which Bill was proudly in numerous times for his paintings. Stan worked at the community college, the resident ornithologist on-hand for advice and lectures. Richie worked at the local radio station, his voices having improved over the years, though his comedy… hadn’t. Eddie had surprisingly taken up a job outside of the pharmacy, owning and operating his own bakery with the help of fresh produce from the Hanlon Farm. 

Ughhhhhh. I don’t want to goooo….” Despite their lives having turned out well, work was still work, and Richie was still Richie.

“Do you always have to complain about everything?” Eddie sighed, exasperated and rolling his eyes. 

“Give him a break, Eddie,” Stan said uncharacteristically. “He only has a limited amount of brain cells. Maybe he’s used them all today.” Ah, that sounded more like him. 

Beverly laughed, standing up and clearing away the remote pieces. “Okay Stan, you’re just breaking it more, so don’t go on about brain cells.”

OOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!” came a chorus from Ben and Richie. 

“Hey Rich, why don’t you act like an adult and get to work?” Eddie snickered, “As your roommate, I’d like to eat better this month, thank you!” Richie just rolled his eyes. 

“Yeah yeah, I’m going.” As he walked towards the door, he went over to Eddie, still seated at the table. 

He leaned down and put a hand to his cheek, tilted his face up delicately, and kissed him fully, tilting his own head to the side and closing his eyes. It was a touching, soft thing. 

WHAT THE F-F-FUCK, RICHARD?” Bill spit his tea out, and the table erupted in short-lived squeals and demanding questions. 

Richie was a peculiar mix of green, red, and white, and Eddie was sweating up a storm, frozen in place. Suddenly, Richie shook his head sharply, walking over to Beverly and grabbing her face. He leaned in and kissed her hard and messy until she shoved him back, laughing. Ben looked ready to protest until Richie landed lips on him, too, shutting him up altogether. Mike was hooting and hollering in his chair, and only laughed harder when Richie kissed him, chuckling at how interesting of a story it would be to tell his girlfriend on their Skype call. Bill only stared in amusement as Richie faced him, a determined and embarrassed look in his eye as he kissed him quickly. He then turned to Stan, who was red and wide eyed. 

When Richie leaned in, Stan leaned back, comically toppling out of his chair. “Don’t you put those chapped ass lips on me, you freak!”

“B-But it’s how they kiss in Europe! It’s not funny or anything!” Richie half heartedly protested while the group laughed. 

“Well this is Bill’s apartment, you nut. Y’know? In MAINE? Go to work already.”

Richie simply complied, scurrying out the front door, followed quickly by Eddie, which did not escape anyone’s eye. 

“I’m gonna have to quote Bill on this one, Trashmouth,” He grabbed Richie’s arm as he shut the door to the hallway, “‘What the fuck, Richard?’“

“I’m sorry, you just looked so cute and happy curled up in his little chair, like a doll! I spaced and forgot. I’m sorry you’re so kissable.” Richie pouted, looking down at his feet. 

Eddie instantly softened. “I’m sorry, too. Go to work Richie, I’ll be here when you get back- we’re all staying over since it’s Friday. I’ll take care of this. You owe me.”

Richie grinned wolfishly, “I love it when you get demanding, Eds. Anything you want and you got it.”

Eddie shoved him, “Don’t call me Eds, now go get paid you doofus, we need the money.”

Eddie walked back inside to five sets of curious, demanding eyes. “Alright, alright. Yeah, no, we’re… more than roommates.”


That was the most synchronized they had ever been.  

Best fam

Okay guys, so I finally reached the Hoshidan history map. They gave each of the siblings their own challenge map…

Fighting Sakura is a good way to feel like the scum of the earth…

Sakura: This can’t be..! Not… here…

But then they give you these lines when defeating her with each of her big sibs and I just-

Ryouma: Sakura, don’t worry about it. I already know just how strong you are.

Hinoka: You’ve really grown, Sakura. You might soon surpass even your older sister.

Takumi: Sakura, you’ve grown so strong. When we get home, I’ll be sure to train with you.

They are so kind!? And sweet!? So supportive of their little sister! I am dying from the family feels..

hey there. i just want to share a story about girls who claim to be feminist, but deep down really only use it for the label and to spread female chauvinism. i also want to talk about people who think their partner deserved the rape. and my friends who refuse to be on my side, bc they’d rather be friends with a rapist than deal with drama. sorry if i ramble, but the “#metoo” thing on FB makes me want to talk.

many years ago my abusive ex boyfriend raped me. my current boyfriend at the time told me i deserved it, because i had cheated on him with my ex before. i still feel terrible about the cheating, but the rape was real and i did NOT deserve it. anyway, my now ex forced me to stay friends with my rapist for the sake of “the group”, which includes a female i have known for a loooong time. she strongly started calling herself a feminist a few years ago. i started to notice, however… she only talks about feminism when a man doesn’t want to be with her, or when it looks good on fb… and she was not there for her “sister” when i thought i would be able to count on her, when i was verbally assaulted by my rapist for THE LAST TIME and she called the cops on ME. 

it started out with a party on NYE. i had spent a week having anxiety attacks preparing to be around my rapist, for “the sake of the group”. my feminist friend, who knew he was an abusive psycho and also my ex… was on her knees basically stroking his dick in front of the entire room.  so, i went off to smoke with another friend. i was already tipsy, and used to pretending to be my rapist’s “friend”, so i didn’t really care when he wanted to smoke too. he basically brushed the girl off of her to come upstairs and smoke with me and an old friend, who also knew about the rape. my rapist was really drunk, like the time he raped me .. and ANGRY… and was screaming top volume about politics in my face. all i kept saying was “please, lets change the conversation i don’t want to talk about this”… he continued yelling, i asked for THE FIFTH TIME “___, can you PLEASE stop? you’re making me really anxious”, and i showed him my shaking hands. he knows i have a panic disorder. i wanted to leave, but he was blocking the door. my male friend just sat there and let the fight happen, didn’t stick up for me or even bother to say “could you shut up?”. as soon as my rapist saw my hands, he got really in my face and SCREAMED, “YOU KNOW WHAT??? YOU’RE JUST A STUPID FUCKING BITCH!!!”. He always verbally abuses me at parties and when we dated, but this time was the last. I went to throw the content of my drink on him, but he lifted his arm that was holding his own drink. As I threw the liquid content, his glass clinked into my glass, and split his lip. He knew what had happened,an accident. but, before I could even blink he was running downstairs telling everyone I stabbed him with a shard of glass.  before my “feminist sister” could ask if I was “okay” or “what happened??”, she had already called the police and told them her friend had been assaulted by me! so the cops come within ten minutes, which everyone blamed ME for btw, bc my rapist couldn’t have walked down the street and said he slipped on the ground and called the ER himself. instead, my “feminist friend” decided it was her duty to call the cops!! so my rapist went outside to the cops and bold face lied to them… he told them i started it all and attempted to brutally mutilate him. luckily my rapist heard me say, “this man has done things to me in the past that i could have called the cops on but didn’t” i also had a voicemail saved of him threatening to rip my lungs out and kill me in case i really needed to show the cops what this guy was like. so, even though the rapist stuck to his story, he told them he didn’t want to press charges. when i came inside everyone was angry at ME for disrupting the party before the ball dropped. nobody cared that a grown man had screamed in my face that i was a stupid fucking bitch, whilst not letting me leave the room. my friend who was in the room during the fight literally said, “he was screaming at you, but you shouldn’t have let it escalate to that.” so i still basically deserved it. nobody cared that the “feminist” had called the cops without even warning ppl to hide their weed, and that she or my rapist was the reason no one saw the ball drop. my ex boyfriend who told me i “deserved” the rape was there, and gave me evil glares all night….. i thought for sure my feminist friend would at least apologize after i ended up freaking out and screamed to the room what he did to me in the past, and that it was “THE LAST TIME” bc i was “SICK OF GETTING ABUSED BY MY ex/RAPIST”. i cried for about twenty minutes solid while she just stared at me and continued to laugh and party with my ex that told me i deserved it, whilst flirting with him! i have been having flashbacks about that night and the rape ever since Jan, and now I know that no matter what… even when the biggest feminist at the party finds out her friend is a rapist… that they will remain the rapist’s friend until the end of time. Because, I “deserved it” and was being “dramatic”.

So after that I have been having a lot of trouble trusting “feminists” who act like they care so much, but only when it suits them… I think feminism is great, but I’m just so angry and I want to confront her. I want to let her know that what she did was a move against the feminist cause, even if he was hurt … she didn’t even ask if I was okay. Usually for a girl to toss a drink on a man, the man did something to warrant it. I didn’t say anything negative to her, though… for “the sake of the group”. Then she stopped following me on social media a few months ago, completely out of the blue… knowing damn well we are going to be at parties together again. Why would she do this on top of everything else? I never called her out for ppl saying I ruined the party, when she almost ruined my life if I had gone to jail. I am not wealthy like her, i wouldn’t have had bail money… and I should not have had to face punishment ONCE AGAIN due to my rapist. I have such mixed feelings. I would love to go around calling myself a feminist, but I’m literally afraid of the word thanks to all the female chauvinists, and my in real life experiences.

I know I should look for new friends, but it isn’t easy in a one square mile town where everyone knows your name. On top of it all, my rapist’s sister went around town calling me a “rape crier”. so, it really hurts when I finally stick up for myself, and once again IM the bad guy! I have PTSD from the rape, and this just made it all so much worse.

Do you have any words of advice? Or tips on how to figure out who the real feminists are without having to be attacked by a male IRL first? Or how to get people to understand that it’s not okay for men to scream that women are stupid bitches to the point where they are having a panic attack? Should I just accept that most people suck, and stop talking about it? I worry that every time I make a post on fb about rape or abuse, someone is sitting there thinking… “liar. slut. she deserved it.”, even though I never mention my story or that it happened to me. I want to put myself out there. I want to post “#metoo” statuses, but it seems like in this world if you actually get raped instead of just a slap on the booty at a bar, you’re being “dramatic” or “lying”, or at the very least are questioned about it.  . I feel sometimes like women are worse to each other than men. I just don’t know what to do and I feel so fucking alone, even though I’m happily married with a man who knows i didn’t deserve it…. he doesn’t understand the pain and the flashbacks and daily morning panic attacks. I want friends who don’t sympathize with rapists, and feminists who are what they say they are!!!

I don’t know if this was the right type of content to submit to your blog, I just really like your posts and you seem to offer good advice. I’m sorry my story is so long… Thank you so much for taking the time to read it <3

Poly Relationship Headcanons [Dick Grayson + Jason Todd + Reader]

Request: do you do ot3 ships? if so, dick/reader/jason please (headcanon and/or fic) but only if you’re okay with it! ^^

Notes: I have definitely done a lot more than consider this one… sorry it’s short!

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Taglist: @robincoalition @instantangelstudent @puggleprincess @followeroonieclassic

  • “Screw you guys, I’m the smallest so I always get the middle.”
  • You walk around in their clothing 99% of the time you can. At your apartment? Boom, Dick’s boxers + Jason’s sweatshirt. At the Manor? Wow Jay, thanks for the jacket! I’m gonna go smother Dick and myself with your delicious cologne. At the Watchtower? Yes, Superman, this is, in fact, a limited edition Dick Grayson t-shirt. No, you can’t have one too.
  • You can never compromise when it comes to seating or sleeping places. Even if their three spots, Jason will whine about how he wants to be in the middle, Dick will promise him “next time”, and then you’ll bring up how Dick sat in the center three times in a row and a mini-argument will brew. Let’s say Dick drives, then you and Jason usually have to have a flirt-to-the-death until one of you wins. If you tie, you get to sit on Jason’s lap and possibly get pulled over, so it’s a win-win situation for the both of you.
  • Jason makes really intricate meals and you probably wouldn’t be capable of surviving with him tbh. Dick tries to make recipes but always wants to wing it (pun intended), and you just settle for take-out and crappy microwave meals. When Jason says “I’m going grocery shopping to get ingredients for [insert fancy meal here]”, you and Dick will be waiting by the door with wagging tails and watering mouths.
  • Bruce is almost overly supportive, and he and Alfred conspire together for your Christmas gifts. You all get matching sweaters, and Dick and Jason’s say “If lost, please return to Y/N.” Your’s says,”Keep them.

Bonus: [Based off of the Justice League cartoon]

  • Jason and Dick: [facing Amanda Waller and the multiple guards/military police behind her, protecting someone.]
  • You: [standing between the boys cockily, with your hands splayed on their shoulders fabulously] [in Waller’s face with a huge smirk] … Mine are bigger than yours.
Actually, I’m Taken (Theo Raeken imagine ft Liam, Gabe, & Nolan)

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Request: Hi could you please do a tw imagine where the reader is nolans older sister (werewolf) and Liam and gabe fight over her but she’s dating theo

Warning(s): fluff, curse words

“Hey little bro” I teased as I ruffled Nolan’s hair.

Nolan groaned, “(Y/N), can you stop? I’m not a baby anymore”.

“Too bad, you’ll always be a baby to me” I teased and he groaned again.

“Gabe, Liam, and Theo are coming over in a few minutes” Nolan informed, “Fine, with me” I agreed.

“Don’t they like all hate each other?” I asked.

Nolan shrugged, “Liam hates Theo but he’s getting used to him now and Gabe apologized to the both of them for everything, he even wants to apologize to you”.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry I was on their side” Nolan apologized. I sighed, “Nolan, it’s okay. I didn’t tell you what I was and that’s my fault and you were scared”.

“Yeah, you didn’t but still. I should’ve trusted you in the first place when you said they were good” Nolan added.

I hugged Nolan and let go to get the door.

I opened the door to reveal the three boys. “Hey (Y/N)” Liam grinned, “Hi (Y/N), you look cute” Gabe greeted. 

“Hey guys, come in” I greeted back and moved to the side. The two walked in and I looked at Theo and he winked and I smiled at him.

After a few minutes, Liam and Gabe were arguing.

“What are you two arguing about?” I asked and they looked at me, “Who you like more” Liam answered.

“No, we were arguing about who should take you out on a date since we both want to” Gabe corrected.

I looked at Nolan and Theo and we all laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Liam and Gabe questioned.

“You two have no clue do you?” Nolan asked while laughing still.

“Actually, I’m taken” I told them, “By who?!” The two exclaimed.

I looked at Theo, “By me, obviously” he smirked.

“Why didn’t I see that coming? Like seriously, how did I not see this?” Liam asked himself and we all laughed.

hello friends so i’ve always been very vocal about my sexuality on this blog in terms of being bisexual. the bisexual label gave me a home in the LGBT community that i desperately needed growing up and in my early adult life.

but as the years have passed, i’ve examined a lot of my own behaviors. my standards are ridiculously high for men, like i’m waiting for them to say something i don’t like so i can stop talking to them. i haven’t been with a man since my relationship almost 4 years ago. i genuinely loved him, but he was the last for me in a long string of men who abused, assaulted, and mistreated me, and who i allowed to do it because a man liked me, and i should just be thankful, right?

i deserve better than settling. i think about marriage with a man and i know i never want it. men make me uncomfortable, the thought of ending up with a man forever is something i can’t process, and there are so many things about heterosexual relationships that i just don’t want.

i haven’t dated a girl since middle school. i haven’t kissed one since i suggested roleplaying games in elementary school that involved me playing the guy so i had a wife. i don’t have any tangible evidence to solidify my attraction to women, but what i do have is the certainty that i love being around women. they make me feel safe, my standards for them aren’t anywhere near as high as they are for men. i love the idea of saying “my girlfriend” or “my wife” someday.

it took me awhile to come to this conclusion because i thought i wasn’t allowed to use a label. i’ve been with men and genuinely loved them, so obviously i’m attracted to them right? but as i’ve learned and researched, that’s okay. maybe bisexual fit me at one point in my life, but it doesn’t now.

so to get to the point, because i always want to share my life with you guys, and i want to be honest about where i am, and because as i’ve come to the conclusion, i’ve been dying to just say it and tell everyone:

hey, i’m a lesbian. 🌈👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

(Okay so a little warning first. This will probably get a bit long and cheesy but I might a bit drunk and full of delicious food and cake, so I’m sorry in advance.)

First of all, I’ve celebrated my 26th birthday yesterday and I have to admit birthdays are always a bit tricky for me. I usually have some kind of personal crisis ‘cause I just keep thinking about how my life is not where I wanted it to be and my head is just all over the place. This year thanks to a bunch of people here my birthday was actually really great. So I wanna thank once again to anyone who send me good wishes and even wrote me a fic and created a gifset and a moodboard for me. Every single word, every single thing meant the world to me, so thank you again. 

Also, I’ve been on this site for around 7 years (god, that makes me feel old) but this is the first time that I’ve actually been a part of a fandom and properly interacted with people in it. We have our moments but most of the time I’m having a great time here. I’m in awe with all you talented people (fics, gifs, videos, graphics, art, moodboards, anything really) and with all the funny and smart things you write. I wish I could speak individually with every single one of you but I’m a bit awkward when it comes to interacting with people, so mostly I’m just admiring from a far and expressing my excitement in my tags and posts. Those that I do talk with, you’re true sweetheart and I love you to bits <3 All the others, I’m looking forward to talking to you in the future.

Following this rambling is an alphabetical list of blogs I love seeing on my dash. I admire you and I love you and you make my days brighter. I probably forgot a few of them, so sorry for that. Also, I’m always looking forward to meeting new people/blogs, so this list might get longer in the future. Thanks for reading this mess and now go and follow these awesome people <3

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You know, I try not to be bitter — it’s a bad look — and I’ve tried to be as nonjudgmental and welcoming as possible in terms of people getting on board with Reylo as a viable theory. But man, does it rankle a bit to see the same people, communities, and sources who have openly mocked us as “delusional fangirls” for the better part of two years coming in like, “Okay, I have a theory, guys — what if… WHAT IF… Rey and Kylo Ren have a deep, intimate connection that has nothing to do with being related? *stunned gasps* I know, but hear me out! *rolls out two years worth of Reylo meta and observations*” 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s genuinely wonderful to have people warming to the ship and joining the fandom, and to see the mainstream consensus coming to accept Reylo as not just a viable but probable theory instead of constantly mocking and degrading it as the fever-dream of a bunch of fanfic writers.

But… I’ve been here a long time, and I’ve seen so many absolutely horrific things done and said to Reylo shippers. The receipts are miles long and are staggering to consider when you realize that everything that’s been done was done because a group of people liked the thought of two fictional characters coming together in a romantic way. And after that, after seeing how many people have been hurt in heinous and deeply personal ways by those same people who are now espousing the same theories they crucified us for believing?

…I wish I were a big enough person that it wouldn’t bother me. But I guess it does, and I’m not. 

I’m twenty-five … I’ve wanted to meet Taylor Swift ever since I was fourteen.  FOURTEEN. Fourteen … I’ve spent each day of every year feeling so thankful for having her in my life and I’ve wanted nothing more than to thank her in person and give her the biggest hug.  I’ve gone to every show thinking this might be my night - #thistime as my dad has started to phrase it.  I am always so optimistic thinking it’s finally my turn to have that moment with her but each time I walk away without it happening.Yes, of course it’s discouraging and of course I feel kind of sad and of course I get jealous of everyone else who got to meet her … but I’m also so excited because each night I didn’t meet her just meant that my night was still coming and I got to spend however long until then always dreaming about it and looking forward to it. I am SO happy for everyone who has gotten that opportunity to meet Tay and I know that she is doing her best to meet soooo many of us and I know that my time will come.  I love her all the same and love her endlessly and I’m thankful that I get to share in these moments with so many of you guys.  It’s so incredible to see. I hope that anyone else who also feels this way knows that it is okay to be sad about it, but don’t let it get you down for too long. Our time will come.

damn fuckin hell brain

okay you know that fuckin soulmate au where you get the first words ur soulmate says to u tattooed somewhere on ur body

bossgat soulmate au would have johnny have somewhere on his body “hope you dont mind hepatitis”

and of course boss would have “who the fuck is this guy”

symphonysonata  asked:

Okay, I heard someone say Burgerpants and I came running. My man. My main man. Face of the customer service revolution. On a scale from one to Sans, how many emotional breakdowns do you have in a day? Actually, a better question would be do you need a hug? Too bad, you're getting one anyways. Shh. Don't fight it. Let it all out, BP.

“What?  Someone came running for me?  This has gotta be some kinda joke, right?”

“In times like these, I have to play it cool.  I’ve been called a cool cat.  Once.  In a dream.  During the day.  A daydream.”

“Shit, I’m rambling, I’m totally blowing this.”

“Emotional break-downs?  Little Buddy, my entire life is just one big emotional break-down!  I’m barely holding it together!  Take it from me; it’s easier not to have dreams!  Then you don’t have to worry about life cru–”

He pauses.  You’re hugging him.  He wasn’t expecting that.

Slowly… his arms lift to encircle you.  He’s vibrating with excitement.  

Oh wait.  He’s purring.

“Can…. Can we stay like this?”

taylor made us all promise that if someone says this song isn’t about her angel boyfriend to get them!!!! THIS IS ABOUT JOE AND NOT ANYONE ELSE OKAY!!! SHE TOLD US TO TELL YOU GUYS!!!

I forgot! I did have a 504 story for you guys!

Okay, so we’re just about to start shooting 504. We shoot in New York, but I,  the writers, and the Network are in Los Angeles. I get a call from a pretty high-ranking crew member in New York. He says “Hey, so in scene 9 of 504, we heard that the writers are changing the Princess of Montenegro to the Princess of the Riviera, but in the script you just sent us, that change wasn’t made. What’s up?”


Like we are JUST ABOUT to shoot 504. And our legal department had to check with the State Department to make sure we could fictionalize the royal family of Montenegro–this is going to take time! Also…………………………………..  “Princess of the Riviera” isn’t a thing. But okay.

So I e-mail the Johns and very diplomatically ask for confirmation that they want to do this RIDICULOUS thing.

BUT THERE’S A PLOT TWIST: They know nothing about this.

So the crew member in New York and I start calling up and down the chain on both sides of the country, trying to figure out WHO requested this change. Asking all sorts of people! Nobody in New York owns up to being the one who first heard about this, no one in LA has any idea what I’m talking about.

Well, FINALLY, we figured it out. Turns out, someone had a copy of 503. An old copy. You see, at one point, for legal reasons because I guess maybe it’s the name of a real gangster or something, we changed the name of the gangster after Red in 503 from Montego* to Rivera. And the first place we mention him WAS IN SCENE NINE, the very same scene in 504 when we first mentioned the Princess of Montenegro. This person looked down at their old copy of the 503 script, and said “hey, I’m like 99% sure we changed Montego in scene 9 to Rivera.” However, the person they were talking to was holding a copy of 504, and, not realizing that they were talking about different scripts, turned to scene 9, saw “Montenegro,” heard “Riviera,” was like “Huh, weird, I didn’t know we changed that” and THUS A RUMOR WAS BORN. 

WE PLAYED A LITERAL GAME OF TELEPHONE, YOU GUYS. So many coincidences had to fall into place for the mistake to have been made! They both were introduced in the same scene number! The two original names sounded very similar! “Rivera” sounds similar to a place where like maaaaybe you might have a royal family! 

At the end of the day I didn’t mind too much: it was pretty funny and I did not have to call our legal team and ask if they could put a rush job on getting permission from the State Department to fictionalize a Princess of the southeast coast of France. So, a good day!

*Not exactly the name we originally used (please don’t come after me, real gangsters!) but close enough for you to get the idea why the two words were confused.

Get Up- Jordie Benn (by anon)

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Ok guys so we got a little Jordie blurb here submitted to me by anon! I’ve got a few more of the ships done and will post them later! And I’m trying to get some more imagines written but we’ll see anywho! Enjoy!

Warning: none!


I was lying on the floor with a pillow under my head when Jordie walked in from practice. 
“What are you doing on the floor?” He asked dropping his bags at the door. 
“You know how I went to the physio yesterday, about my knees?” I asked
“Yeah…” He replied sitting next to me. 
“Well, I did the exercises. And now I’m pooped.”
He laughed, leaning down for a kiss “as you should be.”
“Okay,” I replied “but you guys make practice look so easy.” 
“They aren’t.” He said
I rolled over and groaned in frustration. 
“Come on bubs, you’ve got this. It’s always the worst to begin with. It’ll all be worth it.”
“Promise?” I asked my face in the pillow. 
“Yep.” He said rubbing my lower back. 
“How about we go for dinner at your favorite spot? And we can have ice cream after…”
“That sounds fantastic.” I said having not moved from my spot.
Jordie just laughed and headed for the shower.


Let us know what you thought!

Guys! Good news! I’m moving onto the second movie in my re-watching of Naruto. I plan to get the pre-Shippuden ones watched before I jump into the episodes of Shippuden itself. That means I get three movies! Watched the Clash in the Land of Snow recently (mmm scarf-Kakashi!) and now it’s time to move onto the second movie - the weird Stone Gelel one!

Wait … what is that…

OMG. … Are you… the third missing clone? Or… the original?

Okay okay… you don’t wanna talk to me… ^_^;;;

How about your sensei?

Lemme get Minato sensei!

Stay right there! ^_^;;;

Okay! Sensei is her- …

Oh… o_o;; O-okay, bye then. ^_^;;;;;;;;

*checks figurine shelf*

Yeah… still gone. *rapid breathing* Okay… okay, just a figurine that seemingly gained sentience gone missing after cloning itself… well, three total missing since it’s the original and two clones…

I’m okay. They’re just… spooking me. ^_^;; Yeah? *nervous chuckle*