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Earlier in the dungeon, there was a room which the DM described as “Dank”, as in dark and dank. All the players laughed, but he rolled with it and said there was marijuana growing in the room.
Later on, while they were fighting a gelatinous cube:

Barbarian (lowest intelligence character): “Look, you’re stupid, I’m stupid, let’s just sit down and hang out.”

DM: “The gelatinous cube wiggles.”

Barbarian: “I throw an ounce of weed into it”

DM: “Um.. okay, the gelatinous cube wiggles slowly in a relaxed way. Congratulations, you beat my favorite monster by getting it high”

pidge who lowkey really wants to go to prom but she doesn’t want to go alone so she decides just to get over it, except then lance, hunk, and keith find out and decide to all be her dates

they split the cost of her ticket and then help her shop for a dress and do her hair and makeup

pidge ends up having three different colored corsages, and not to mention the best prom pictures ever

the boys take turns dancing with her, spinning her around the room and tossing her in the air, and it’s the best night of her life

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On Ke$ha’s hit 2010 song, Blah Blah Blah, she says “zip your lip like a padlock”. I never even questioned this 7 years ago but I’ve been thinking about it lately. It makes no sense. Padlocks don’t zip. 



“I do not regret being who I am, being as open as I’ve been. And I am proud of myself for not apologizing for it. I don’t fit into any of the boxes that so many petty-minded little motherfuckers love to put me in, and I don’t really care.”

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85 of the drabble thing!

85. It’s not what it looks like.

Rossi just ordered delivery, I don’t think he will be leaving anytime soon.

good thing that Tara just left to go get pick up then, huh?

I’ll be there in five minutes.

The response you received from Spencer came within 30 seconds of your reply, causing you to laugh at the eagerness one person could convey in a single text.

Attempting to keep the relationship you had with Spencer a secret was difficult on an average day, but now that you were away on a case and forced to further distance yourselves by sharing hotel rooms with other team members, it felt nearly impossible to remain inconspicuous. 

Always one to hold true to his word, Spencer was knocking on your hotel room door just five minutes later. Not wanting to waste any more time, you were quick to open the door and pull him in by the sleeve of his shirt before anyone could spot him.

“Well, hi,” Spencer breathily laughed as he helped closed the door behind him.

“Hi,” you smiled gleefully, running your hands up his chest until they came to rest on either side of his neck, “How’d you manage to sneak away from Rossi?”

“Told him I didn’t want pizza for the third night in a row and was going to go get something else to eat,” Spencer explained hastily, placing his hands on the lower of your back before leaning down to place a long awaited kiss against your lips.

“God, I’ve missed you,” you mumbled against his lips, feeling yourself melt into his touch. 

“I missed you too,” Spencer reluctantly pulled away from you, tucking one hand behind your head, “Are you sure that we won’t get caught?”

“Tara just left, we’ll have plenty of time until she gets back,” you grasped hold of his tie and gently tugged him backward with you until the backs of your legs hit your bed.

Hesitation still lingered in Spencer touch, but the lack of contact he had had with you over the past few days overpowered his worry of someone walking in on you.

In one swift movement, Spencer turned your bodies so he was the one against the edge of the bed now. With his lips back on yours in a searing kiss, Spencer sat on the bed and pulled you onto his lap, moaning into your mouth as you softly tugged at curls resting at the nape of his neck. 

Too caught up in each other, you and Spencer were both unaware of Tara’s return back to the hotel room.

“I seriously got halfway to the Chinese place before realizing I forgot my w— oh my god,” Tara’s voice dropped off in surprise as you tore your head away from Spencers.

It’s not what it looks like” Spencer panicked, pushing you off of him and onto the open side of the bed in an attempt to expel what Tara had obviously just witnessed.

Standing up, Spencer stumbled over his words in an attempt to come up with a plausible excuse, “I just came over to ask Y/N if, uh, she, wanted to, uh—”

“Spencer,” you saved him from blush any harder, “Just go back to your room.”

Without another word, Spencer avoided eye contact with Tara before swiftly exiting the room. 

Flopping back onto the bed and covering your face with your hands, you could practically hear the smirk dripping in Tara’s voice.

“So, does making out with Spencer usually look different, or…?”


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other tips for new cat owners / people who may get cats soon:

no, getting a grown cat won’t be boring / less cute! they’ll become just as attached to you as a kitten. get a cat that speaks to you (literally or figuratively, maybe you want a cat that’s chatty). older cats will be so appreciative to have a home. 
people get rid of their cats for all kinds of unfair reasons. just the ones i’ve seen on the craigslist listings in the last 5 minutes: “i am just more of a dog person (7mo old kitten)”, “we hoped she would get over her kittenish behavior, she has not (2yr old cat)”, “i need to get rid of my cat before my baby is born (3yr old cat)”.
you can totally pick up a beautiful, loving, grown up kitty who will be needing some comfort after getting dumped. just look at this girl.

(taken off craigslist) she would be more than happy to live her cat life with you. is she not cute? she is. she is cute. so, ultimately, adopt whatever cat you like, but don’t rule out older cats!

nextly: no no, do NOT declaw your cat. DON’T DO IT. I’M TELLIN YA.
it’s a deeply painful procedure, actually removing the entire first knuckle, not JUST the nail. it causes long-term and potentially permanent pain in the cat, and can lead to nasty infections, behavioral problems, and helplessness if they ever find themselves outside and in need of protection or climbing abilities.
“but i don’t want my cat to scratch me / my kid / my furniture!” okay, i feel you, but there are other, cheaper, less inhumane options. my favorite of which are claw caps.

you gently press on your cat’s foot (to unsheath their claws), and place the soft cap onto their claw using the glue that’s included in any soft paw kit you get. it might take some getting used to on the cat’s part, but it should under no circumstances be painful, and when the kitty’s claws grow, the cap just kinda falls off, and you’ll put another one on.
you can also file or clip their nails down! if you’re too nervous or clumsy to do it, your vet will usually do it for a small fee, or a groomer can take care of it. Personally, I just let my cats’ claws hang out and accept the pokes when they knead on me, since i don’t have any little babies or expensive upholstery in my home. 

No, cats ain’t “low maintenance”. This is a living, social creature, not a chiapet. Especially if you’re raising them from kittenhood, they need a lot of attention and resources. cuddles, playtime, training, health care, feeding, cleaning up their facilities. you get a pet to interact with, not to buy and leave it be! a cat that you don’t socialize is going to be very moody and sad. get a pet if you plan to invest the time and energy they need- if not, maybe we can come back to that cactus idea? 

Cats need meat. I repeat, cats cannot survive without meat. Dogs need meat too- but cats are incapable of creating taurine in their own, and where do you find taurine? meat! hallelujah!! 
Feeding cats a vegan or vegetarian diet is a slow form of starvation and animal abuse. If you’re not comfortable feeding an animal meat, please do not adopt a carnivore. There are plenty of vegetarian mammals that you would be much better suited owning, but do not abuse your cats just because of your own feelings about protein. 
Without enough taurine in a cat’s diet, severe health problems will follow, like blindness, weak and decaying teeth, weak heart, and digestive issues. This is terrible. This objectively sucks. So pretty please give your cat a proper diet!

It’s way way safer to have an indoor cat. I don’t need you to tell me that you want your cat to be with you for many years, ‘cause I already know you do. Outdoor cats are exposed to wild animals, animal abusers, poisonous substances, cars, harsh weather, kidnapping, and diseases. Cats like rolling around in grass and grabbing birds from trees, and that’s great, but having an outdoor cat makes for a steep decrease in their estimated lifespan. The average lifespan of an indoor cat is 16.8 years, whereas outdoor cats average out to a hard-hitting 5.6. Ouch. 
So it’s definitely safer to keep a cat indoors! If you’re adopting a young kitten, it won’t be hard, since they won’t be expecting outdoor time already. If you’re still really into that whole grass idea, you should totally grow some indoor grass for your cat to chill in. 


that’s everything i can think of for the moment, but please don’t be afraid to do your own research on animal care. there are tons of resources out there, and if you have a good vet, they’ll answer any questions you have! 

thank you for readin’ about cat care. as a reward, i’m adding a picture of toby as a baby. enjoy.

I just saw Logan in theaters.

Somebody hold me.

My fake boyfriend Part 1

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1056.

Warnings: Angst your ex is an ass, fuffly Bucky is a cute pie.

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta. You rock.

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Bucky wakes up with someone shaking his shoulders, he groans annoyed not ready to get up yet “Leave me alone, Steve, I’m not gonna run with you today.” He hears someone laughing, he swears that is your laughter “It’s not Steve… it’s me.”

He opens his eyes, he sees your face in front of him and it feels almost like a dream having you in his bed “What are you doing here, doll?” You smile weakly at him “Sorry, Sam let me in; I just need to talk to someone.”

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Supergirl Fans: Kara’s an invincible ray of sunshine and goodness and kindness

Flash Fans: Barry is a true hero and he’s good, and sensitive, and compassionate and so romantic.

Legends Fans: They’re all gonna mess up really bad and make a huge mess of time but they’re a family and they’re trying.

Arrow Fans: Oliver just stabbed someone with a chair leg and he will destroy anyone who gets in his way and I support his decisions 100%. 

Pidge is the new favorite

Pidge: *accidentally gets hurt in training*
Shiro: My favorite child, are you okay?!
Lance: She’s fin- wait what do you mean favorite child?!?!
Keith: Yeah, I thought I was the favorite!
Lance: WHAT?!
Pidge: *looking deeply into Keith’s eyes* Not anymore Keith, not anymore.

This is based on the idea that Pidge is actually the favorite and not Keith XD