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Thinking you know how you should be doing things, or what you should be doing but then not executing those things leaves you kind of doing this spiral of disappointment. All that thinking is based on time. You’re basing who you are and what you think you should be on who you’ll be tomorrow and who you were yesterday. All you really have in life, I think, is just now. A series of nows. I think when you kind of surrender to that you can’t lose. For me, getting through the struggles that are associated with day to day life is just be present. Don’t think about tomorrow. Don’t think about the next minute. Just where you are right now, don’t miss right now, be here now.

Happy birthday, @captnadorable​! <3

  • stranger: how are you?
  • me internally: i am not okay. my favorite show in the universe ends today and i am so so sad oh my god im sobbing so much inside please i need a hug or something im wallowing in my sorrows right at this moment
  • me: good

All I can say now is thank you 2NE1

before i knew i was borderline, i was really in love with a girl, and she left me, and it left this hole in me. and my friends would say “you’re still not over her? what the hell dude” and i would feel like such a creep for still liking her & obsessing over her.

now, i know that she was my fp. that it’s a reason why i still feel a little pain when i see her, even though i have a new fp. and it honestly ? helps a lot, and i feel like i understand myself better now, especially on why i completely split on her after she left me.

Okay so.

My favorite thing about Tracer “MAYBE SHE’S NOT A LESBIAN” thing is whoever the hell it was that

“Maybe its a British thing”




They barely like being in the same room as other brits without a great deal of tutting or insults disguised as compliments. Sorry chum they’re lesbians and they do the do.