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most of the time Eddie and Richie act like they hate each other, but sometimes they do ridicules crazy over the top romantic things that get the whole school talking, like the school talent show they did Belinda Carlisle's "Heave is a Place on Earth" singing to each other and dancing close, making whole school ask "wait for they.... dating" which of course Eds and Richie deny totally, because that'd be crazy....

After the talent show things are reaaaally different
Even all three of the grades below them in their school have noticed
Richie hold Eddies hand, but not in public. Because they aren’t dating of course.
Eddie kisses Richie’s cheek in public, only because friends do that and they definitely aren’t dating.
Richie and Eddie sometimes make out. When they’re alone, in the library with Richie covering the side of their heads with a book, at Eddie’s locker. Yanno. Friends can do that?? !!!!

It isn’t until richie is on top of Eddie on his couch, kissing the life out of him, giving him lovebites, until he finally gives in and is like “okay um so we’re dating, yeah?” “Yes, now shut up and kiss me”


If I could read Japanese and Korean my life would be so much easier—

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ok ok but i like to think the first time raphael got the courage to tell simon he loved him was when they were watching a movie together and simon had his head on raphael's lap while raphael played with his hair and simon was slowly drifting off the sleep because he's had a rough day (and by that i mean raphael's touch is rly soothing and it's mesmerizing ok?) so when raphael noticed this he just quietly said "sleep well, i love you" and he was super embarrassed for the next week

omggggg!!!! i can totally see this happening and Simon is now very much awake and he sits up with his hair all floppy like a lil puppy like “what did you say” but Raphael completely denies it and tells simon he was dreaming but simon knowsss and for the week he walks around like “you love me, you love me” and eventualy Raphael is just like “ugh yes i love you okay now shut up or else ill be loving a dead you” and simon’s just like “haha i knew it” but he says i love you too


It’s true that even in our practice match, all eyes were on Kageyama. To think they had another special setter…

Living in a Phantasy — Epilogue | The Phan Boyfriend Tag

Summary: After 3 months of secretly being in love, Dan and Phil finally decide to tell the world. 

Genre: fluff, love, romance, phan, domestic (sort of)

Word count: 2145

Trigger warnings: swearing, a little angst i guess 

A/N: So this is the very last part in Living in a Phantasy. I think I might cry (jk) I hope you’ve enjoyed this story, I certainly enjoyed writing it lol. Cya later

Part 9

Dan drew a deep, shaky breath and switched the camera on. He joined Phil on his bed. There was no backing out now.

They’d only used a day to prepare. After finally deciding it was time, Dan and Phil hadn’t written a script as such, but notes about what they’d say. The whole video had been planned, from beginning to end, but Dan assumed it would change throughout the video.

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Have people already pointed out how team SSSN’s over reaching theme is epics? Journey to the West (Sun Wukong), Peter Pan (Scarlet David), Aesop’s Fables (Sage Ayana), and (though this may be stretching it) the Odyssey (Neptune)? Works of fiction so ingrained in society that they are seen almost as myths and legends themselves though at their creation they were simply and only tales of fiction. Yes? Okay sorry I’ll shut up and stop being redundant now.

Drunk On You

Based off prompt, “Got drunk and broke into your apartment last night." 

Percabeth AU ft Drunk!Percy. 1.9k. Rated T. (based off Fanfiction.net ratings)

On fanfiction.

Specially for bellalou5’s birthday because she’s absolutely wonderful.

“Hello there gorgeous.” Percy winked at the sight in front of him, swaying slightly.

Slightly fuzzy in the streaky metal elevator door, his reflection winked back at him. That little flirt.

Percy’s grin widened, “Well, aren’t you pretty?” He asked his voice slurring.

Percy paused, mortified. Pretty. Embarrassed and high on testosterone, he looked around the empty elevator to make sure no-one else had heard that implication against his masculinity.

He coughed. “Pretty damn hot.” He corrected hastily, just to be sure.

He grinned, feeling a little too pleased with himself. Good save Percy.

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friendly reminder (from an annoyed photographer)

since i’ve seen so many people in the parks lately with big fancy cameras who clearly have no clue how to use them-

do not use flash during shows during the day. it has no effect on your photos and it’s just irritating to performers and everyone around you.

do not use flash on brightly lit shows at night. it’s annoying and gives everyone in the photos a weird shiny white-washed look. and it’s not just your photos. i don’t particularly care if yours look like that. if you like that look, fine. but take a second to consider everyone around you and those performing. do not blind the performers with your huge flash just because you don’t know how to use your camera properly. do not ruin everyone around you’s photos because you don’t know how to use your camera properly.

do not use flash on dark rides. let me say that again. do not use flash on dark rides. you wouldn’t think this needs an explanation but for some reason everyone feels the need to do it anyway. don’t do it. it annoys the people around you and it’s not like “the cast members won’t see it”. they will see it. just don’t be that person. it’s not a difficult concept.

do not use flash when it is unnecessary. learn how to use your incredibly expensive camera or don’t have it at all. if you’re not willing to learn to use it without ruining things for everyone else, leave it up to someone who is.

do not use flash when it is unnecessary.

do not use flash when it is unnecessary.


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I don't know if you're a person who takes head canons but I love how in the stuff you post and reblog that Shitty is this huge wildcard. Everyone doesn't understand something? Shitty is there intently interacting with whatever it is.

yeah man shitty is a Huge Wildcard to me like i just???? i don’t really???? like. here is what I know about Shitty:

  • loved and appreciated jack zimmermann instinctively when jack was a awkward lonely freshman. for this reason alone he is in my good books forever.
  • extremely annoying and talks too loud and too much but has a very good heart underneath it all.
    • but seriously, shut up for like fourteen seconds???? please???
  • honestly not the best at hockey but having a good time anyway. (we should all aspire to enjoy things in as uncomplicated a manner as b shitty knight)
  • calls his father “dad” in a really sarcastic tone of voice because it sounds way more disrespectful than “father” (which is what shitty’s dad would really prefer to be called because he’s into the whole snooty posh anglophile rich people thing. when shitty realized this he switched to “dad” exclusively.)
  • probably doesn’t deserve to date someone as rad as lardo daun but if she chooses to date him then that’s her prerogative and shitty is deeply blessed. he knows this. shitty is the first person to tell you this.
  • always treats lardo right though. very good boyfriend. he’s trying to unlearn that Rich Whiteboy Entitlement to the point that he honestly sometimes swings too far in the opposite direction?

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Are Those Jeans Too Tight Or Are You Just Excited To See Me (Michael Clifford)

michael’s got a bit of a problem and he’s out of condoms. well, michael’s got two problems.

warning: very light smut (also side note this is my first attempt at writing any type of smut).

(requested) (have a request?)

This was not the first time that Michael and Darcy were having sex. Hell, this wasn’t even the first time they were doing it at his place. It was, however, the first time they were attempting to get it on while the other boys were home. They hadn’t planned it, they hadn’t even been thinking about it (well they sort of had but they had planned for it to be later, back at her empty apartment).

It was all Michael’s fault really. He’d been watching Darcy and Luke battling it out on guitar hero (well he’d only really been watching Darcy, but still) when he’d started to feel the tightening in his pants. It might have been the way she was biting her lip in concentration, or the way that her hands were moving over the buttons of her controller; it could’ve been something as simple as the fact that she was really getting into the game, because Michael found virtually everything she did attractive.

In short, he didn’t know exactly what about the situation had turned him on but he did know that it was happening at possibly the worst time imaginable.

He shifted uncomfortably in his seat until the song had finished and then he grabbed Darcy by the wrist and began dragging her towards his room, muttering about how he needed to talk to her just loud enough for the other boys to hear.

He pulled her into the room and quickly shut the door behind him and let out a somewhat relieved sigh (at least none of the boys had noticed). When he turned to face her Darcy’s eyebrows were drawn together in confusion, her lips set in a small pout. Jesus christ, did she always have to look that god damn attractive?

“We’ve got a problem.” He told her.

At his words her eyebrows rose, the tone of his voice caused her eyes to drag down his body before settling on the noticeable bulge in his pants.

“I don’t know,” She smirked at him, bringing her eyes back up to his. “It seems like you’re the one with a problem. It’s got nothing to do with me.”

“It’s got everything to do with you.” He spoke through gritted teeth, the words very nearly coming out as a growl. “If you didn’t look so good all the fucking time it wouldn’t be an issue.”

She let out a short giggle. “Looks like you want the ‘d’.” She pointed to herself as another peal of laughter passed through her lips.

“Oh my fucking god,” Michael muttered to himself. “That is wrong for so many reasons.”

She continued to stare at him, the same smirk still pulling at her lips, and eventually he just couldn’t take it anymore. With a strangled groan he gripped her by the waist and pulled her into him, wasting no time before pressing his lips to hers.

She didn’t wait for him to ask permission as she parted her lips and he slipped his tongue into her mouth. Darcy’s hand wound into the brightly coloured strands of his hair which caused him to moan into her mouth as he slowly backed them up until they made it to the end of the bed. They separated just long enough for Michael to sit down on the edge of the bed, and for her to pull his shirt over his head and drop it to the floor before she sat down in his lap with her legs on either side of his waist.

Within a matter of minutes they were both down to their underwear; Darcy was laid down on the bed, Michael hovering over her peppering kissing down her neck and across her collar bones.

“Mikey,” She started to talk, pausing momentarily to let out a gasp as his teeth grazed along her jawline. “What about the boys? Ash, Cal, and Luke are just out there.” Her eyes flickered to the door.

Michael didn’t have time to think about the fact that this was probably not the best idea considering they still hadn’t told their friends what was going on between them (mostly because the two of them didn’t even know); instead all he could focus on was how much he hated the fact that their names were falling from Darcy’s lips when they were together like this.

“You’re just going to have to be quiet then, aren’t you?” He didn’t miss the way she let out a faint whimper at his words, nor did he miss the way she arched up into him as he pressed against her.

She nodded slightly before reaching up and pulling his lips back to hers. Being this close, but still not close enough was starting become unbearable for Michael, almost painfully so.

“I need you…now.” He whispered into the crook of her neck before leaving a soft kiss there.

“Okay.” She breathed out, nodding again as he slid her underwear down her legs shedding his own moments later.

He kissed her again before pulling away and opening the drawer of his bedside table. He rummaged around for a few moments before letting out a string of curse words.

“What’s wrong?” Darcy asked, sitting up and running her fingers through his hair.

He leaned into her touch before letting out a groan. “I haven’t got a condom.”

“Oh.” She responded, her hand stilling.

“Give me a sec,” He mumbled as he pulled his boxers back on quickly. “I’ll check if Cal’s got any.”

Darcy pulled the sheet from his bed over her body as he disappeared into the bathroom that he shared with the other boy.

“Fucking hell, this cannot be happening right now.” He muttered to himself as he re-entered the room, tugging on his already messy hair.

“Hey, it’s cool. We can do something else.” Darcy told him, trying not to let the disappointment show in her voice.

“No, you don’t get it. I need this. I need to be inside you.” His voice came out strangled and he hated that he sounded so desperate. “And I can’t ask you to do this without a condom because I know how you feel about that and I’d never try to make you do something that I know you’re not comfortable with.”

Despite everything that was going on Darcy couldn’t help but be awed by how sweet that was.

“I can’t believe I’m about to do this.” His eyes flicked to the door before he looked back over to her. “Stay here alright. I’ll be back in a few.”

He didn’t even bother to put a shirt on before he pulled open the door and stepped into the hallway, making sure to close the door behind him. He took a deep breath preparing himself for what was about to happen before he called out to Ashton.

“Mate, can you come here for a second?” He tried to keep his voice as level as possible so that Luke and Calum wouldn’t know that something was up (quite literally in fact).

“What?” Ashton asked coming around the corner into the hallway.

Michael quickly put a finger to his lips as Ashton took in his half naked figure, praying he’d keep his mouth shut just this once.

“Whoa, what the fuck is going on?” He yelled, clearly not getting the hint. “Wait are you and Darcy..?”

“Yes, okay. Now shut up I don’t need the whole apartment building to know.” Michael shot him a glare. “I need a favour.”

Ashton’s eyes went wide and he was about to say something but Michael didn’t have time for any of this so he cut him off.

“Ashton, just shut the fuck up and listen.” Michael scratched at the back of his neck. “I need a condom.”

Ashton held up both of his hands, signalling that Michael didn’t have to say anything else, before he quickly walked over to his own room. After a few moments he walked back out and threw a box at Michael.

“Have fun.” He said quietly before letting out a laugh and walking back towards the lounge room.

Michael waited outside just long enough to hear him start to tell Luke and Calum exactly what was going on. He rolled his eyes and ducked back into his room. Darcy was lying there, patiently waiting for him and fuck he was one lucky guy.

“Now, where were we?” He asked, walking over to her.

Seeing as how everyone now knew exactly what was going on, neither of them really felt the need to try and censor themselves. For the first time Michael marked her neck and the area above her collar bones because they weren’t hiding it anymore and he wanted to make sure that everyone knew that she was his. The sound of their heavy breathing was mixed with the moans carelessly coming from their mouths and they didn’t really care if anyone else heard them; it was easy for them to forget that a world existed outside of the room and apart from each other.

Somewhere along the way Michael let slip that he loved her. She didn’t say anything in response but she pulled him closer and kissed him as hard as she could. She hoped he understood that while she couldn’t say it, she still reciprocated his feelings.

When they were done Michael held her in his arms for a little while before Darcy eventually decided that she was hungry. He couldn’t stop the laugh that burst through his lips any more than he could stop the smile that spread across his face (a smile that was filled with so much adoration that it made Darcy blush).

They quickly got dressed again before they made their way out to the kitchen. They both chose to ignore the intrigued and amused glances the other boys sent in their direction as they walked past the lounge room.

While they were trying to decide what to eat (a difficult decision because the boys didn’t keep the apartment very well stocked) the other three boys poured into the small kitchen.

“So,” Luke started, a stupidly smug grin on his face. “Good talk guys?”

“A very good talk by the sound of it.” Ashton put in, his smile mirroring Luke’s.

Darcy had never really been a shy girl but that didn’t stop the heat that crawled up her neck and flooded her cheeks. Michael was giving all three of them a bored look, waiting for them to get it over with. This wasn’t the first time something like this had happened, but he’d hoped because Darcy was their friend too that they’d let it slide just this once.

“You know, Darcy. I always thought you were the quiet one out of the five of us.” Calum smirked. “Guess I was wrong about that.”

Michael knew that she was beyond embarrassed because usually she would have spat some insult back at Calum within seconds. When she didn’t say anything but instead looked down at her feet, letting her hair fall in front of her face, he took a step closer to her and wrapped an arm around her waist.

“Stop being such dicks.” He told the three boys before leaning down so he could speak just to her. “Ignore ‘em; they’re just jealous that it wasn’t them making you sound like that.”

She looked up at him and he pushed a few strands of her hair back behind her ear before pressing a light kiss to her forehead. She blushed again but for an entirely different reason this time.

“What do you say?” He whispered, a cheeky grin spreading across his face. “How about we go make them a little more jealous?”


Request: Can you write something with Michael where y/n is plus size and insecure thanks xx

a/n: awe yes yes, the Michael feels..

Michael accidentally walks in on you changing which makes you feel super embarrassed and insecure so he makes you feel better.. ps. requests are always open guys!

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“y/n, baby please come, please, please, pleeeease!”

Michael had invited you and some of your friends over to their LA home to one of their many parties, you’d go every time but you were hesitant with this party because this was a pool party and you weren’t the most confident girl. You were quite insecure because you weren’t the thinest girl, you were thicker than most girls Michael had dated, he obviously didn’t care if you weren’t a size 0 or if you had thick thighs or a chubby stomach, he loved you, thats why you guys have been dating for the past couple of months right? you were trying to convince yourself to go because no matter what excuse you could come up with, nothing worked.

“so what do you say babe? will you come please? we’ll have loads of fun!”

“okay Mikey, i’ll go if you’ll shut up now.”

“ugh yes! okay ill see you at 8 okay love?”

“yes Michael, bye!”

you almost slapped yourself for agreeing to go, what were you suppose to wear? There were gonna be girls there in their teeny bathing suits and you’ll look awkward if you didn’t wear one.

“C’mon y/n wear it!” your friend Liz says trying to convince you to wear your bathing suit you found deep in your closet.

“no liz, what if Michael feels embarrassed to be seen with me! Do you not know how many size 0 models will probably be there, i’ll look ridiculous!”

“y/n, you’re overreacting, Michael is so in love with you, how do you not see that, he will still think the sun shines out your ass even if you wear a potato sack!”

“okay liz, you know what, I’ll wear it under my clothes and if i feel confident enough once I’m there I’ll wear it yeah?”

“ugh okay, it’s better than nothing? but we need to hurry now, the boys are probably waiting for us!”

Once we got to their home we were greeted by Ash and Luke.

“Hey guys have you seen Michael?” i look around to see Cal in the pool with a few girls, the party wasn’t as big as others they’ve had so i was a bit more comfortable about wearing a bathing suit.

“last i saw him he was over by the grill, i’ll go call him if you’d like?”

“can you just let him know I’m here Luke? I’m gonna go change to his room really quick yeah?”

i make my way upstairs to his room trying to build my confidence once again, i’d brought my bathing suit and a tshirt and some shorts just in case i changed my mind. i tried on my bathing suit and walked over to the wall mirror and my confidence immediately dropped.  turned to the side and couldn’t help notice my thighs and my bum almost coming out of my swim bottoms and my stomach sticking out, i was on the verge of tears when i heard someone knock on the bedroom door.

“y/n, baby are you in there?” Michael says as he’s opening the door. You run to the door trying to stop him from coming in.

“no Michael don’t come in!”

“why what are you..” you can feel him staring at you up and down with those green eyes.

“please stop staring at me..” you say wrapping your arms around yourself.

“what why, i’m your boyfriend” he walks closer to you wrapping his arms around you looking at you with concerned eyes.

“what’s wrong baby girl?” he says giving you a peck on your lips and you can feel his hands feeling their way down your back resting on your bum.

“no nothing, i was just going to change into some tshirt and shorts, give me a second yeah?” you say looking anywhere but at him blinking fast trying to stop yourself from crying.

“why don’t you were this?” he pulls away slightly to fully look at you in the bathing suit, you look down and wrap your arms around yourself again and he furrows his eyebrows trying to understand what’s going on.

“stop that y/n, why do you keep covering yourself” he pulls your arms away putting them on his chest.

“because Michael..because i look gross and fat! my thighs look gross! my arms look gross, my bum looks gross, everything looks gross.. i don’t know why i thought i’d look good in this. sorry you had to see me like this Michael” you mumble as tears began running down your face.

“woah baby don’t cry, y/n look at me, you’re fucking perfect for me okay? you look absolutely amazing and i don’t care what you say i love your cute stomach, and your bum..and oh god your thighs. Look i’m not the most muscular guy out there and i have some chub instead of a six pack but you still love me right?” you nod smiling a bit as he places your hands on his stomach.

“see it’s completely natural to have fat baby girl but you are not fat, do not let it define you, you’re the most amazing girl i’ve met and i wouldn’t want anyone else but you, I’m so in love with you baby girl!”

“i’m so in love with you too Michael, I’m sorry you have to put up with my self conscious self.” you chuckle lightly

“it’s okay baby, i enjoy telling you and showing you why i love you so much, i’d actually really love to show you how much i love you right now because this damn bathing suit does things to me.” he says gripping your bum and leaving kisses down your chest.

“mmm, Michael” a soft moan escapes your lips.

just as things were getting heated there’s another knock at the door.

“hurry up Michael! The guys are burning the burgers!” Luke yells

“fuck, these guys can’t do anything right. we’ll continue this later baby girl.” he says lacing his fingers with yours as you make your way out to the pool.

  • yay, hope you all like this, major Mikey feels! fee free to request & stay rad! x