okay yes i'm saying everything and anything now

On Being 8 Weeks Pregnant
  • Stomach: I'm hungry.
  • Me: Okay. I've got... fried rice?
  • Stomach: YES! Anything! I'm starving here!
  • Me: *reheats rice*
  • Stomach: ~GROWL~
  • Me: HERE! Shut up already!
  • Stomach (after two bites): This has pork in it. The uterus says no pork. Bleh!
  • Me: Then what DO you want?
  • Stomach: ....
  • Me: Well?!
  • Stomach: Nevermind. You yelled at me. Now I'm going to sulk for an hour.
  • Me: Want a ginger ale?
  • Stomach: Talk to me again before 2:00 and I swear I'll hurl everything you gave me since Sunday. I'll do it; don't push me!
  • Me: God, I hate the first trimester.