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Animal Shelter Volunteer!Junhui

Woahhhh back at it again with the terrible bullet aus! I’ve got some things that I’m working on atm though so hopefully soon I’ll be coming at you with some proper scenarios (pls stay tuned ily)

  • GOd damn this beautiful boy
  • He makes me feel a lot of things okay yeye lets gO
  • Highkey uSEs his prettiness against people
  • ,,,,well that’s what it seems like but in actual fact he just really loves the animals and wants to cuddle them a lot* But yeah it ends up that the other people that volunteer there either end up fancying him or being entirely endeared by him and secretly wish they could take photos of him when he’s playing with the kittens and petting the dogs
  • “OKay can you just,,, stay there….”
  • “Alright?? Wait why are you getting your camera out?”
  • I could see him taking on a lot of shifts?? Just bc it’s quite a rewarding feeling and he gets a kick out of it also the animals are cute
  • The reason why he starts volunteering there in the first place is because he once adopted a cat from there with his family and remembered being so excited about it !!!
  • So yeah when he decided that he’d like to do volunteering he picked this shelter without a second thought
  • …………….which is really lucky wow
  • because you always come in every week without fail to donate food and toys and nice things for the animals
  • Everyone that works there knows you and endlessly ask you to join them and work there too
  • But you always say you can’t because you’re busy with school and extracurricular activities* The first time Junhui sees you he’s not only grasped by your kindness, he’s also kinda blown away by how pretty you are
  • When you leave he goes up to another worker
  • “Who’s that?”
  • “Oh! That was Y/N, they bring in stuff for the animals every week.”
  • And for some reason you kind of get stuck in his thoughts
  • He spends the following week eagerly waiting for you to donate things again
  • And when the day you usually comes in rolls around he’s so !!! and excited* “I ! might ! see ! that ! person ! again !”
  • THIS TIME HE PLans on talking to you because why shouldn’t he??
  • But then he realises he doesn’t know what to say
  • And spends the time up until you arrive being concerned and confused and worrying that he might be really awkward and terrible o no
  • So yeah,,, it’s a ‘disaster’
  • Nonetheless, you arrive at the shelter, donations in hand* Suddenly he’s at a loss for words and decides to dash over to where the cats are because he doesn’t know what to say and maybe he’ll mess this up even though he lowkey wants it to be perfect with all of his heart* Why though???? Because from what the other volunteers have told him you’re lovely and sweet and kind and actually have a really good sense of humour
  • But he continuously has to remind himself that you haven’t actually spoken to each other yet so he can’t get his hopes up too much that you’re some kind of saint-like person* So yeah he goes and hides with the cats and probably ends up petting one of his favourite ones for a little bit
  • But oh,,..,.,,,,. You’ve brought blankets with you this time and have asked if you can see some of the cats today
  • Therefore, unbeknownst to Junhui, you’re heading his way and the other volunteers have said that since he’s already in there he can introduce you to all the cats
  • And he’s just sitting there, tirelessly running his fingers through a cat’s fur when you walk in and go
  • “Uh, you’re Junhui right?”
  • But you sort of make him jump so he jolts a bit and turns around, the cat he was petting held tightly in his arms* (but obviously it doesn’t scratch him or anything,,,, probably not anyway)
  • And you’re instantly thrown off guard because??? This cute and pretty boy is holding this equally cute and pretty cat in his arms and looks impossibly endearing and attractive
  • While you’re staring at each other, Junhui would probably blurt out some awful and greasy line that makes you start laughing
  • “Hey! That wasn’t meant to make you laugh,”
  • Thankfully the laughter has broken any awkwardness that might have latched onto the atmosphere of the room, and as he shows you around and introduces you to his favourite cats you get to know each other a little bit and yeah it’s really nice
  • So let’s just say he’d end up eagerly awaiting your arrival every week
  • (and any texts you might send him when you work up the courage to give him your phone number)
Rajigaze Nov 11

(a fan asked how they chose the set list for the Halloween live) 

Kai: Well, the five of us thoroughly – okay, not really thoroughly, but – we talked about it. And the Dogma tour had just finished, so it was kinda like we were being freed from Dogma, and we actually made up a list of all our songs. 

Aoi: We did.

Kai: (laughs) and it was kinda just like, “How about this one? How about this one?” And I guess we were kinda thinking of songs that would go well with Halloween? 

Aoi: Well, kinda, yeah….yeahhh…..

Kai: I guess that was kind of our standard. But on tour, you know…we have someone who is quite selfish…

Aoi: Yeah, we can’t drop any names, but…

Kai: (laughing) Yeah, we won’t say any names, but, we have to listen to their opinion…

Aoi: It’s like, if you have all the answers why don’t you just decide?

Kai: (laughing) And if you try to be like, “well actually, I think…” you pretty much get ignored. Ahh yes, we have a difficult person in the building! 

Aoi: Yes! Very difficult, being in a band!

Kai: (laughs) Yeah, but in general all five of us think about it together. And our 15th Anniversary live…yep that’s gonna be a shitstorm too

I wonder who it is

oh how did that get there

Best Party Ever

Imagine: Bucky at one of Tony’s parties, as soon as he looks up, he sees you enter the room | @oh-goodness-loki  

The sounds of clinking glasses mixed in with the commotion of conversations and laughter filled the room. Of course, pretty much everyone here I didn’t even know and had no interest in getting to know them. Since Steve practically forced me to go to Tony’s party with him, I might as well try to act civil, but it was actually quite hard when you used to be a wanted deadly assassin who worked for Hydra. I still sensed the looks people gave me, how they purposefully avoided me, my left side to be more specific. I glanced around the room, watching as the party goers bustled around in conversation.

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Art Trade with @kaindycandy ! :D

Kaindy just requested me to draw Sabo from One Piece (i assume that he’s Kaindy’s fav character xD)

this is probably quite challenging cuz i tried to draw his eye to match what he’s depicted in the anime with my style, i hope it’s okay xD (look at dem kinclong /plak)

and yeah i actually enjoyed drawing him and i’m looking forward to see Kaindy’s post on their part (since their part is already done xD)hope you like it!

Out of all the messes that Metatron made, the one thing I am still not over and probably never will be is that it’s his fault that Castiel now wears a different trench coat. I mean, yeah okay, it was Cas that left it in the laundromat, but if Metatron hadn’t stolen his grace and made Cas human then he wouldn’t have been in the laundromat in the first place as he could have just cleaned his clothes with his angel powers like he had many times before. It’s the one thing about Metatron that I don’t think I could ever let go (even more than Demon Dean - which tbh was actually quite fun to an extent).

I mean we went from this:

to now this:

It’s like in Season 7 when the boys couldn’t ride the Impala because of the Leviathans and had to keep renting out different cars in every episode and it just felt wrong.


Requested by anon 

“Dally what do you think about having a child?” You asked him already knowing that one was on the way.
“No, I don’t like kids. I don’t really want to be around them let alone have my own.”
“Dallas, I’m pregnant.”
“What? How? Oh wait, I remember now.” He laughed and a smile actually formed on his face.
“You’re okay with this?”
“Yeah, I mean if I was having kids it was going to be with you. I want this kid to have the best life it can get. You need to stop smoking and drinking immediately. I’ll quit with you, if that’ll make it easier.”
“Thank you Dally.” You smiled knowing he really wanted to be a lovely father.   

Okay so this could just be me, or that the people I follow just happen to like other characters more, but I somehow feel that Daichi is a little underrated?? (゜-゜)
I mean, I think he’s suuuper awesome~ (*´∀`*) 
(And quite handsome too~ \(//∇//)\) 
But then again this is the first time I actually drew him… so…I don’t know, I should draw him more… _(:3 」∠ )_ 

See, there’s the “High School History” Nerd who spouts righteous outage at meme-history that didn’t actually happen the way you’re taught.

The smug “God, you still believe High School History, listen-” Nerd who spouts righteous outrage at the fact that popular historiography is bad but still only has a survey-level grasp of what’s presently considered ‘right’ in modern historiography.

And the “Ngh, yeah, kinda, but it’s way more complicated than that. God, okay, bear with me here, cuz I’m gonna have to start like 500 years back and three countries away to explain why that’s not quite right-” Nerd who is full of righteous outrage at the very existence of history itself, and the cosmic farce that made it the field they’ve chosen to be good at in life.

Better yet, every single one of these people will be proven completely wrong about what they’re saying now in the next two, three decades, easy.

justmeandmypiano  asked:

8,11,12 and 21 :)

8. most embarrassing concert experience?

I don’t really have an embarrassing one, but one time was quite awkward: We were playing Mozart’s Magic Flute Ouverture as a wind quintet (one of my most beautiful memories tbh) and the structure of the piece is Adagio-Allegro-Adagio-Allegro and after the first Allegro there’s like a long pause and of course, the audience started clapping. We had actually expected this but we had no idea how to fight it, so yeah that was stupid. (Also I played the oboe part with my clarinet bc we had like one oboe at our school lol)

11. which composer do you hate the most?

Okay so don’t hate me for this, but I really don’t like Felix Mendelssohn. I can’t really see why his music is so popular, I don’t think it’s that great but MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY he didn’t support his sister as a composer after growing up and taking lessons together. And he DID support Clara Schumann so?? (Btw this is backed by like 1-2 sources so correct me if I’m wrong) Anyways, I respect his works but I like neither him nor his music.

12. favorite music theory pun?

A unison sounds quite…monotonous. (more of a language pun but still)

21. would you rather get piano lessons from chopin, liszt, or rachmaninoff? or, would you rather put these three and a piano in a room together and observe for up to two hours?

I think I’d be really nervous if I took a lesson and they couldn’t teach me super advanced stuff bc I’m bad so I’d probably just put them in a room and spectate.

Thanks for asking! :3

heyitsdess  asked:

Is it me or does the teaser look too dramatic for it being a live action death note?

Yeah it was super dramatic but then again the actual anime was quite intense as well.
The first 10 seconds of the trailer was okay but it then took a turn for the worst.
There was too many things going on all at once.

1) I found it a bit weird that light had a kissing scene in the trailer. TO ME it look like light had a meaningful relationship with misa i hope that’s not true because that isn’t really how light is portrayed in the manga and anime

2)There seem to be loads of action parts in the trailer. Which I found to be a bit odd considering that the anime and manga itself is well know for being a intense slow pace thriller.one of the biggest reasons that death note is so popular is that it isn’t a action anime. So i found that a bit strange..

oh my god oh my god

some ridiculous white boys in the hallway are talking and apparently one of them thought they found the other one’s tumblr and they were like “i know you meme about this all the time but you’re just meming, right? but this was like serious, so i was worried” and i was trying to figure out what they were talking about, and then the first dude goes “yeah this was some hardcore nazi white supremacist shit, like they were actually serious and it wasn’t memes, i’m surprised that the liberal super snowflake tumblr hasn’t shut it down”

and i’m sitting here like…okay. first of all, you can acknowledge that this shit is horrible and reprehensible when serious, but you still “meme” about it? the lack of self awareness is quite frankly baffling. second of all, you both insult the “liberal snowflakes” and expect them to police your community? make no mistake, those nazi white supremacist fucks? they think that you are one of them. they think you agree with them. they see you as comrades. you wanna make jokes about racism and genocide, you gotta deal with the fact that people who actually believe in that shit are gonna think you’re one of them.

so no, random white hallway dudes, this isn’t our responsibility to clean up (though i really wish i could). this is entirely on you. this is your fault. you made them think these kinds of behaviors and beliefs were socially acceptable again. you made this mess. you get to sleep in it.

Me talking to other Undertale trash: Haha yeah and don’t even get me started on my skeleton crush

Other trash: Omg SAAAME, I wanna marry him and kiss him I don’t even care if he doesn’t have lips

Me: Omgosh yes he’s the best, my fave skeleton, don’t like his brother quite as much though…

Other trash: Yeah Papyrus is pretty childish, it can get annoying 

Me: … Uh… *thinks about Papyrus* *hears angel choir and wedding bells* …Sure? I guess? 

okay actually i do need to vent because this stupid xanax situation is pissing me off. for once my mom is the only one listening to me. how funny is that. my aunt and grandma did a 5 minute google search, saw “XANAX ADDICTION SUPER DANGEROUS” and convinced themselves im addicted. so to them what do i need to do then? stop taking it immediately. yeah thatd be great unless there werent always warnings about it like “QUITTING TOO SUDDENLY CAN BE LETHAL MAKE SURE YOU HAVE DOCTOR SUPERVISION” but they wouldnt let me wait until i could do that! i needed to stop asap! all on my own!

and AND they suggested i go back one hour a DAY. it takes a WEEK for my body to get used to one hour delay. so thats why my aunt only refilled half of my prescription because she thought i wouldnt even need that many and would be completely off them in a week. ive tried MULTIPLE times to explain to them but they never listen! my grandma said “i read this on the internet which is what you do so you cant say its wrong ;)” and that shes been on so many pills she knows how everything works (she doesnt, she never listens to her doctors and its why shes on so many medications) and its INFURIATING

for ONCE in my life i thought MAYBE i could have a voice? devin went on this really long backstory once just to reassure me that his mom would listen to us about mental health issues and that its okay to speak up. but shes not. i was right, its never okay to have opinions. but you know who is listening to me? of all people. my mom. she said she trusts that i know what im talking about because she knows i put more research into these kinds of things than everybody in my family combined.

ive got no refills left and since they didnt even mark that my aunt refilled half i cant get the other half so if i run out before im completely off them im screwed lol

@yasisworld replied to your post “Okay. Having time away from tumblr yesterday really gave me a chance…”

this feels like you’ve had a look into my head and wrote everything down. only thing is, i can’t quit them. i want to, i want to be over them, be just a casual fan, but it doesn’t work at all.

Yeah….I mean I don’t actually know if I can quit them either. At this point in time, I haven’t “seen” them since Wednesday….like I haven’t watched anything, I haven’t heard their voices, I haven’t even seen the episodes that have led me to feeling the way I feel right now. When I eventually see them again (I think I’ll watch Fridays episode tomorrow ugh if I’m brave enough) I might feel different and all that love and pain might come back. 

I honestly don’t know. I think this could just be like a….slow decline. Like we’ll all just gradually start caring less and less the more ED fucks them up. And one day we’ll just realise we like them a normal amount, we’re not total slaves for them, we’re not staying up until midnight waiting for spoilers and we’re not losing our shit when we do hear stuff. We’ll just be….normal fans who maybe love them slightly more than other characters/couples. I don’t know, if ED carry on like this, unless there’s some kind of miracle with how they “fix”/”resolve” this (and especially if the Bex/pregnancy stuff happens) then I think more and more of us will revert to “casual fans” without even realising it. There’s only so much shit we can take before we take a step back, consciously or not!

This is just a mess and I just feel almost numb (with a twinge of sadness in my heart lmao). It’s shit, basically lmao :( 

zodiac signs as I, a Sagittarius, have known them
  • Aries: calm the fuck down
  • Taurus: do I actually know any
  • Gemini: clean your glasses
  • Leo: yeah okay you can be cool but deflate your ego a bit mkay
  • Virgo: cinnamon roll. unproblematic. gentle. deer-folk.
  • Scorpio: I'm sorry but I really can't trust you, Scorpios have broken me too many times
  • Sagittarius: YO, MY FAM // we're kinda assholes, y'know? But I understand that you mean well, and don't ever let anyone make you feel like you're a bad person
  • Capricorn: you. are . so. hot SO HOTT I CAN;T EVEN HANDLE IT HOLY FUCK YOU ARE SO HOT please don't be mean to me I know I'm annoying and alSO KISS ME
  • Aquarius: y do you cheat on all of your girlfriends
  • Pisces: please try to smile, it's no fun to see you cry all the time

So I get that everyone likes fairy-tale romance in literature where the leads kiss on the last page and you assume they’re going to live happily ever after, but is anyone else interested in seeing more stories where characters go on a date or kiss or even sleep together and then go, “Yeah, maybe this actually isn’t quite right”? Because it just occurs to me that romantic relationships that don’t work out for no other reason than it just didn’t click are grossly underrepresented. Can we normalize this? I feel like it should be more okay than it is for fictional characters to not fall in love, just because.

I just want to take a moment and marinade on the relationship between waverly earp and officer nicole haught on wynonna earp and just how, like, nice it is? Just in terms of things we’ve been fed via media yadda yadda. It’s almost innocent how they are, and definitely adorable. I don’t know, just, like, from the very moment we’re introduced to Officer Haughttie McDimples we know that she loves the ladies in an intimate fashion and that she’s taken quite the fancy towards one Ms Waverly Earp. Like she made her intentions clear, and when Waverly refused those intentions, Officer Haughttie was just soft and smiles and nodding and ‘yeah, okay, that’s fine, no harm here, just thought i’d try’ and Waverly was just like so completely flattered by Nicole’s interest???? 

Which, is just so beautiful, because like, not only is the show writing in the thing, but it’s then making that thing not an actual thing of consequence: it’s taking the time and respect to say ‘hey, queer is fine and good and natural and we’re cool with it’ at least in the vein of Waverly (but also people who’ve noticed Nicole’s adorable keen ways, people like Dolls, you know, and it’s just not a thing). And It’s a small town, they play up on the small town things, but Nicole has been open in her interests and the people she interacts with on the regular are just like ‘well, yeah, men generally do suck’ or ‘well, Waverly is a definite keeper’ type of shiz. It normalizes a thing that should already BE normal and NOT a thing, and that’s so great, just on a Nicole Haught is a lesbian level. 

But it’s even better, because like they haven’t written her as being predatory or creepy or can’t take no for an answer. They’ve purely written Nicole as someone who is quite smitten on Ms Waverly Earp, and has expressed that to Waverly and hasn’t tried to hide that from Waverly either, and it’s really just one of those things where it’s so nice to see a character who is perfectly fine existing in a world where their crush exists and if their crush smiles at them it makes their day, you know? I love that. That’s so rare. Like that’s rarely (if ever) seen w/ het relationships in the media. And Waverly is, like, she’s okay with being crushed on? Which, yeah, just probably plays into the thing that’s been alluded to throughout the series thus far: the entire town is practically in love with Waverly Earp (and for good reason), so she’s used to all sorts of interest being thrown her way. But, you know, television/media and this is a small town and here’s this woman who has a crush on her…and nearly any and every other show out there would’ve gone to the ‘creeped out / freaked out’ negative place with it (even if they did intend the pairing to happen at one point. 

Normalization while understanding the current media context and what needs to be said and shown in order to specify why your universe is more progressive. They’re doing that so right.

I just love that Nicole has just been her keen self, offering her friendship and support and affection without any expectations or demands…she’s let Waverly dictate how things go. (and maybe it would’ve been different if Waverly hadn’t shown any interest, maybe Nicole wouldn’t have continued to be keen or would’ve tried to move on…whatever. what ifs. yadda yadda) She let Waverly decide for herself, and promised nothing but time and a safe person to come to, really, no strings attached. RESPECT is what i’m underlining here. 

Like that whole one conversation about two completely different topics thing we had in the last episode was so completely adorable and also beautiful… because here’s this thing…these thoughts that have been churning through Waverly’s everything since Nicole showed up in her bar, because reasons. And You’ve got Nicole who is so far from even thinking that Waverly would be thinking like that, because you know we all get a certain sort of blindness when it comes to those we’re crushing on. It’s so innocent, really, in the scheme of things. Just girl likes girl and oh, golly, this is new but i like it, but it’s new and scary and what if i mess up and am not good enough.

…and then you’ve just got Waverly approaching both times in the episode, with the intent to attempt to do a thing with Nicole. Waverly approaching. Waverly deciding to hurdle that fear and get what she wants, and it’s cute and hot and adorable and so real. Because she’s so completely smitten with Nicole as well? She wants to woo this woman who has came into her life and shown her how good true appreciation and respect feels. And she’s flustered and messes up, but Nicole’s just like ‘trust me, that’s impossible, i’m so far gone just on your smile…there’s nothing to be scared of’ afkuehf;ewhilauehgfewohewh

and like, i just am really appreciative of the softness and respect we’ve been provided through this particular storyline, you know?