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  • friend: I need some relationship advice
  • friend: Oh, I know. I'll ask my aromantic, asexual friend with no dating experience whatsoever
  • friend: *explains situation to me*
  • friend: So what should I do?
  • me: ...
  • me: okay yahoo answers don't let me down this time

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period advice?? tampons?? help?

Hi darling,

I have some really good advice for you that includes links and helpful information on periods (before, after and when on period) and some useful tips that helped me out when I did get my period. (I’m on the depo birth control shot.)

Helpful tips on how to make your period lighter:

  • Take natural remedies. Natural herbs that seem to have a positive effect on reducing menstrual flow include agrimony, blue cohosh, and golden seal (orange root). Be sure to discuss these herbs with your doctor before taking any of them because they may interfere with certain prescription medicines.
  • Be sure to get your nutrients. Make sure the foods you eat contain essential nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and essential fatty acids. Vitamins B, C and E and iron should also be on your shopping list when it’s that time of the month!
  • Enjoy good nutrition. Avoid foods containing saturated fat, excess sugar and flour because these ingredients can negatively affect your period.
  • Avoid stress. You might tend to eat poorly when under stress, and this only compounds a heavy period. Check out the food pyramid to find out the recommended healthy foods in each food group for your daily menu.
  • Take birth control pills. Taking oral contraceptives may alleviate the symptom of heavy bleeding—if a hormonal imbalance is causing it, according to the Mayo Clinic.
  • Move your body. When you get regular exercise, you’ll reap the benefits—including reducing the amount of monthly bleeding. Good choices of healthy exercise range from swimming to Pilates and yoga. There are also many advantages to a good, old-fashioned walk in the park!
  • Get enough Zs. Make certain you’re getting enough sleep each night to feel rejuvenated and healthy.

Source + more info:

Before your period-

  • Plan out your day
  • Eat a health lunch and  plenty of snacks though out the day
  • Gather materials you may need when you’re on your period
  • Speak to those around you and let them know what’s going on & how you feel.

During your period-

  • Take a warm bath each night
  • Spend time doing calming things
  • Maybe take a short walk
  • Have plenty of clean underwear
  • Make sure you’ve got enough pads or tampons that suit YOU
  • Get a good nights sleep
  • Chocolate helps

After your period-

  • Work on going back to your normal route

Something to keep in mind:

  • When you’re on your period- the hormones in your brain are different and that can cause a person to not be in the best mindset at times.
  • Maybe speak to your OB/GYN about getting on birth control.

Menstrual Cycle:


Okay, those are a lot of links, I hope at least one helps you out. Take care & don’t forget to smile because you’re beyond amazing!

Day 25: Yelling

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Yay! We’re officially a quarter of the way through! How exciting! I will celebrate any milestone because I literally never stick with any kind of deadline oriented prompt/challenge. So..uh..YAHOO!

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