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A Day In The Life: Things I Hear About My ADHD

As requested by @mycupcakedreams14

  • “Did you take your medication?” 
  • “I can’t believe you forgot again!”
  • “I bet if you tried hard enough, you could remember. You just don’t care.”
  • “Stop saying you CAN’T focus! You CAN! Just try!”
  • “Have you tried exercising and eating right?”
  • “You don’t need medication; just try meditating or something!”
  • *a bunch of jokes about my absent-mindedness that make me feel bad*
  • “Wow, you’re so messy lol”
  • “ADHD isn’t real though???”
  • “ADHD is such a benefit, though! You guys are creative!”
  • *probably another hunter-gatherer analogy*
  • “I have a friend/family member/partner/whatever with ADHD, and they do just fine in school/at work.”

I have wonderful, supportive friends (some that are also ADHD) that don’t really say these kinds of things! I also get things along the lines of: 

  • “It’s okay that you forgot! I’ll try to remind you next time!”
  • “Do you need help with remembering [whatever task]? I can help if you want.”
  • “I’m here for you if you need anything, it’s okay.”
  • “What can I do to help?”

okay guys, so I was kind of freaking out when traci thirteen was announced for s3 of yj because she’s been jaime’s love interest and my lil bluepulse shipping heart doesn’t need canon bluepulse but if either of them has another canon love interest it might wither up and die. then i heard that traci is a lesbian in the newest iteration and had a surge of hope.

a yj s3 scenario

jaime and traci become good friends as they’re paired together for more missions, and jaime asks her out eventually. and she’s just like “yeah you’re a good friend and a nice guy, but i’m a lesbian. super gay bro.” and he’s like um yeah okay but he’s internally screaming in embarrassment.

the last girl he liked before traci was gay and now this? wow. what luck. he must have whatever the opposite of a gaydar is.

bart came out about a year ago, but jaime didn’t think too much of it. he doesn’t like every single female friend he’s ever had, so assuming that bart likes his is just ridic.

and bart’s just like ahaha yeah your luck’s really bad bro and jaime can tell that he’s a little off, but it might just be because bart’s gay and jaime complaining about being into gay girls sounds like straight boy bullshit.

anissa pierce aka thunder joins the team soon afterwards. and jaime falls for her too. too bad he doesn’t realize that she’s black lightning’s lesbian daughter.

“yeah, i have girlfriend.”

out loud jaime says “oh, okay. cool.” but inside he says “again? what the fuck?”

it feels like a curse at this point, falling for gay girls. he’s been struck by the gay bug again.

but then, then the world throws a curve ball at him.

puberty hit bart late but it hit him like a train senior year of high school and he’s just gotten really hot okay. on top of how close he’s always been to the guy and how much he already likes him, it just kind of does something to him. something that makes him realize he’s not as straight as he originally thought.

“every single person i’ve ever liked is gay.”

“person?” bart asks, “don’t you mean girl?”

“uh, no,” jaime says, because he kind of can’t back out after outing himself with the pronouns, not with his best friend, “person now.”

“oh, okay. was it uh, someone specific? or just realizing you like more genders than one?”

“a specific, male person.” he really wishes bart would stop. this is embarrassing.

“you do mean me, right?”

“yes, you.” the dumbass comes out in his tone, not his words.

“ah thank god,” bart says, and a second later he’s right in front of jaime and then they’re kissing and it might be irresponsible but they can work out the details later.

they gay curse has final provided jaime with something good. all it took was falling for a gay guy instead of that huge horde of lesbians

Auston Matthews

First Imagine ft. Mitch, my meme son

Also look at these dorks

Angst and basically a whole paragraph of it is just Auston appreciation.

Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five

Word count: 2,137

Warnings: None

Song suggestion of the day: I’ve got this friend by the Civil Wars

Originally posted by wonthetrade

A feeling of undeniable, unadulterated helplessness and utter dispair became all-consuming as you made a desperate bid to come to terms with what you were hearing, staring between your two best friends who stood hesitantly opposite you on the other side of the kitchen bench. It was the blonde who spoke first, watching you with wide-eyes as she awaited your reaction. “I’m sorry we didn’t tell you earlier..” she sounded deflated and you hated the negativity that was surging through you at the sound of her voice. “We decided it was best if Mitch was the one to tell you… You’ve been tight since kindergarten but apparently-” Steph send light-hearted glare towards the brunet boy stood beside her, causing him to wilt and grin across at you sheepishly.

“Only, I might have forgotten…” he murmured, raising a hand to rub the ever-reddening back of his neck with embarrassment. 

Sure, you’d been out of town for a while and there might of been some things that had slipped their minds but you couldn’t believe that Mitch had just forgotten to tell you he was dating steph now. Then again, it was Mitch Marner so you couldn’t be sure. The boy would probably forget his own name if it wasn’t sewn onto his jersey. 

Of course, you couldn’t kid yourself. The real reason that you’d become so worked up about the whole thing was the fact that you’d only just escaped the life-ruining grasp of your three-year-long crush on Mitchell Marner. As if to add to your misfortune, tonight you were going to admit it to him and finally move on with your life.

You glanced back over at the two of them, switching back and forth between their matching expressions as they anxiously awaited your response before faking a smile you sincerely hoped didn’t look like a grimace of pain. You were happy when they were and if whatever made them happy just so happened to be each other, who were you to get in the way? “I mean, congrats and yeah..” you managed to stumble out. “Wow, I, uh, wasn’t really- I mean it’s just weird for me…Not bad weird! Just different weird..”

They glanced once at each other before returning their attention to you. “..You’re okay with it?” Steph questioned quietly. 

“Sure! Yeah, fine!” You responded cheerily. “I mean, it’s not like you need my blessing or anything. You do you! or each other..I’m going to just stop talking.”

Mitch had let out a boyish laugh before a suffocating silence could descend upon the three of you. “Now, that’s out of the way.. I come bearing gifts..of news. Admittedly that’s not as great as actual presents…”

Steph was rolling her eyes. “Get to the point before she dies of boredom.” The blonde prompted.

The boy glared. “Okay, okay.” He turned back to you, an almost malevolent twinkle in his eyes, making you rightfully wary. “I have found you the perfect match!”

This only succeeded to illicit groans from you. Mitch fancied himself matchmaker, and what better victim than his perpetually single childhood best friend. “Mitch, I swear to god-”

“Come on, this is a good‘un.” He pleaded. “Steph even helped me out, and you’ll notice she has great taste.” He waggled his eyebrows at you while the girl in question rolled her eyes yet again and delivered a light whack to his bicep.

“Don’t you trust us?” Steph chuckled, turning her gaze back to you with a small smirk painted on her features.

“I trust Steph LaChance, it’s mitchell marner who’s got me wary.”

“Hey!” mitch protested. “i’m totally trustworthy. Name one time-!” He was cut short by the sound of the doorbell, a wicked smile lighting his features at the sounded.

Sighing, you moved to get the door, straightening the tattered leafs shirt you were wearing as you did so. You were greeted by the sight of a suited up Auston Matthews waiting patiently on the doorstep, causing you to smile. Despite only meeting him a handful of times in person, his constant appearances in Mitch’s snapchats certainly seemed to make up for lost time as his presence provided you nothing short innate reassurance and familiarity. 

“Mitchell, your boyfriend’s here! Get your stuff we’re going!” you called back into the house before turning to properly greet Auston, attempting to engulf him in a warm hug. A smile lifted the creases of his mouth as his muscled arms moved to return the gesture, squeezing you ever so gently.

“hey,” you greeted, smiling softly up at him.

“hey,” was his reply as he turned to lead the way to his car. “how’ve you been?”

“alright.” you answered truthfully, climbing into the passengers seat as he buckled himself into the seat beside you.

As if sensing your dejection, he frowned slightly as his brow furrowed and deep-brown, soulful puppy-dog eyes trained their full attention on you. “you’re still not over him are you?” he murmured quietly.

This only caused you to let loose an exasperated huff. “Was I really that obvious? It’s bad enough half his family know, let alone Stromer and McDavid. I’m almost properly over him, it’s no big deal.” 

At the sight of Auston fixing you with a look of clear disbelief, you caved. “It’s just a shock. I’ll get over it after a couple of days.” you told him truthfully.

“Then why do you look so sour?” He coupled this with a small grin, letting you know he was lightly teasing but the concern in his eyes said different.

“They’re trying to set me up.” you admitted. “right now I just feel like curling up at home with as much chocolate as I can eat and watching The Incredibles five times over.”

“Solid plan.” The boy beside you agreed but it was lost amongst the sound of the car door opening as, much to your chagrin, Mitch and Steph hopped into the backseat, their hands securely resting in each other’s palms. Noticing your frown, the San Francisco-born teen beside you was quick to start the car.


You’d been on exchange overseas for the past year or so, which explained your lack of knowledge when it came to relations between your two best friends. Still, your temporary bitterness at the two of them didn’t stop you from attempting to enjoy a hard-fought game of hockey. Neither did it stop you and Steph screaming your lungs out after Mitch was unfairly penalised or gasping audibly whenever he took a big hit. Obviously, no matter the amount of times Mitch went on the ice, you couldn’t help but worry, especially given the power behind some of those slapshots. Your anxiety wasn’t helped by the way Steph wouldn’t stop glancing over at the leafs bench until Mitch was once again back on the ice.

Patrik Laine scored a minute into the second period. You’d heard about the supposed “rivalry” between Laine and Auston after the american was drafted first overall over the Finn. You’d no clue if this was true or not, as Auston hadn’t actually mentioned Laine at all in the time you’d known him. Still, you had to give it to the eighteen-year-old, he had an arm on him.

“Hey,” Steph murmured as the period concluded. “I didn’t realise that you still…” she trailed off, looking visibly uncomfortable. “If I had’ve-”

“Steph, don’t. Don’t apologise.” You replied quietly. “and for the record I am over him.” you added with a pointed glance towards her concerned expression. Still looking hesitant, she moved off the subject. 

“Auston’s cute, noh?” Steph questioned, with a knowing smirk.

“Yeah sure.” Was your reply, attempting disinterest because there was no way you were giving Mitch any ideas. Still, you were pretty sure it was a crime to not find Auston Matthews adorable in some form. He wasn’t what you would classify as traditionally attractive, with no slim, high or pointed features but in no way did this make him any less appealing. He had deep, sorrowful, brown puppy-dog eyes; plump full lips with an adorably prominent cupids bow, fluffy brunet locks, a sharp jawline and an insanely cute nose. There was no denying his sweet, loveable demeanour either. If you hadn’t of been so engrossed in Mitch when you’d first met the young leafs #34, you probably would have been pining after him like a lovesick puppy.

Once the third period started, it only took another minute or so before the Jets fans’ frustration began to bubble over the edge. Those few clad in navy fell back on the chant used in the previous game at Auston’s expense. You swore that if you heard the phrase: “Laine is better” one more time you’d punch something.



You turned at the voice, finding yourself face-to-face with the eighteen-year-old, Finnish, Jets’ winger; Patrik Laine himself. The blond-haired, blue-eyed teen smiled warmly down at you and you couldn’t help but smile back.

“Hey,” you replied. Laine made you a little uneasy, you weren’t sure if it was the fact that he was a total stranger or that you felt that you shouldn’t be talking to your friend’s so-called “rival”.

“Wrong team.” Laine joked, good-naturedly as he nodded towards the leafs logo on your shirt.

You laughed a little, almost awkwardly, unconsciously tugging on the hem of the navy material. “Heh, yeah. You play well though.” you complimented, ducking your head a little as you did so. 

He smiled at this, a light dusting of red making its way across his fair cheeks. “Thank you…”

“Y/N,” you added, in answer to his unspoken question. He smiled, repeating this once to himself. The both of you stood in a slightly awkward silence for a moment, with you fidgeting with your hands as Laine shoved his into his pockets. He coughed quietly after a moment, causing you to finally look back up at him.

“Were you waiting for someone?”

you nodded. “a couple of friends, they’re driving me home.”

“Oh,” he nodded. “boyfriend? Are you… I mean do you-?” 

Before he could finish a large slam sounded from behind you causing you to jump nearly a foot in the air, clutching your heart as you turned to stare, wide-eyed at Mitch and Steph who were attempting to hold in snickers whilst they stood alongside an Auston Matthews who looked so utterly furious that it terrified you. All sanity forgotten, you turned away from Laine to prod the bear. “Auston, are you alright?” you questioned, your tone laced with concern.

“These are your friends?” Laine questioned, regaining your attention as Auston stalked forwards, placing himself on your right-hand side.  

“Yes.” the elder boy cut in, voice dangerously low. Tension hung thick in the air as silence fell upon the four of you, causing you to shift uncomfortably.

“Well, it was really nice meeting you!” You smiled up at Laine, attempting to diffuse some of this and get going. You didn’t like the look on Auston’s face, nor the uncomfortable atmosphere that clung to the two rookies. The Arizonan obviously eager to leave, turning swiftly on his heel to stalk towards Mitch. Upon realising you hadn’t followed, he returned to your side, placing a large hand on the middle of your back, gently steering you away.

“You too, Y/N! I hope we get a chance to meet again.” Laine replied sending a small wave your way which you mirrored over your shoulder.

“That’s unlikely.” Auston muttered lowly from your right. Only once outside did he drop his arm as you turned to glare. Mitch could barely contain his giggles, failing to disguise them as coughing.

“What was that for?” You quipped. Firmly crossing your arms over your chest. “I’m not the president. I don’t need an escort.” Auston was a great guy, he really was but right now you were fuming. It was as if you couldn’t speak to another guy unless you were accompanied by Matthews or Marner. It was really grinding your feminist gears.

“Can we not do this right now?” Auston muttered. “Just..Just get in the car, okay?”

Mitch had stopped laughing and Steph was glancing between the two of you and her boyfriend nervously.

“Fine!” You replied, which seemed to be the only thing you could say without regretting it later. Without another word you climbed into the backseat and buckled yourself in, with Steph joining you moments later after a worried glanced shared with Mitch. The smaller boy in turn sent the american a pained look that Auston couldn’t decipher. Eventually Mitch gave up attempting telepathic communication and just shrugged.

“Great,” Auston murmured with a huff as Mitch closed the passenger-side door behind him. 

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Would you consider doing the prompt #12, (the one person is locked out of their room and begging the other person to let then stay) Pyrruby/Ladybug/whatever else. The idea of bed sharing and the locked out unfortunate sharing the others pajamas is just so adorable and cure and uwuuuuuujiiuu

Okay, Pyrruby coming up, and WOW this was actually really difficult because I’m terrible at writing these two, apparently, so I hope it’s not too bad! Sorry it took so long! This takes place in the same universe as yesterday’s prompt fill.

Pyrrha moved around the room, tidying up as she went while keeping her scroll pressed tight to her ear. While most students were out spending Saturday night with friends or sleeping to recover from the week, she’d decided for a nice, quiet night in, organizing her room and talking to her mother. Between the two activities, the former certainly took less time than the latter, seeing as she’d nearly finished but the older woman had hardly gotten started.

“Yes, Mother. I’m taking a little time off from training.” She smiled, putting away some freshly folded clothing from her load of laundry earlier in the day. “I worked very hard to be here but a little break won’t hurt.”

“I know that, Dear One, and you need to take time to rest.” In her mind’s eye, she could see her mother’s slight frown and the furrow to her brows. “But you are not one inclined to being idle; I’m just worried. Are you sleeping well enough? Eating? What of your studies? Is there something troubling you?”

“I’m fine. I just… want a little extra time to hang out with my friends. That’s all.” Pyrrha chuckled, grabbing hold of her device and switching to the other ear to lessen the tension on her neck. “How’s Mom?”

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happy place - connor murphy x reader 

title: happy place

pairing: connor murphy x reader

words: 1,585

I am really excited for this one! Little summary, Connor is feeling super stressed so you, his best friend, bring him to your happy place. Mentions of drugs, implied anxiety. I listened to ‘how deep is the ocean’(frank sinatra) for a majority of me writing this and I am really feeling the love right now. I’m also bad at endings, wow. Fluff.


“Okay…I agreed on this little road trip of yours but I’d really like to know where we are going.” Connor said monotonously. Connor was not having a good time recently, and even though you two had just recently become friends, you quickly grew close. You sighed and you grabbed the steering wheel a little tighter than you did before. You had to admit you were a little frustrated.

“Don’t worry about it, and stop being so moody.” you chuckled.

“Whatever.” Connor scoffed. Maybe that wasn’t the right word to use.

“I’ll let you play your favorite songs if you want.” You motioned to the auxiliary cord as you still kept your eyes on the road.

“Mmm…” Connor said thinking about it. “No thanks.” He slumped in his seat and gazed out the window.

“Okay well can you grab my phone and put on one of my playlists.” You said to him. He lazily grabbed your phone and went to your playlists.

“Which one?” he asked.

“Look for one that says, road trip.” you replied. Out of the corner of your eye, you could see him smirk. You decided to let it slide.

Tchaikovsky & solitude by the miniature tigers started playing. Connor seemed to enjoy it as he was bopping along to it a bit. He suddenly turned towards you.

“Okay honestly, I am a bit upset because you told me we’d just sleepover my house and smoke.” Connor said a bit agitated.

“I’ll make it up to you, I promise.” You turned to him and smiled.

“You better…” Connor said turning back to the window.

“Stop being so weird, you know you’re excited to hang out with me…”  you said. Part of you was just saying this to convince yourself because Connor was suddenly being distant.

“Am I?” Connor said jokingly.

“Shut up!” You punched him. Now you could tell he was joking. Connor busted out laughing.

“Okay, okay fine… I’m sorry.” Connor said smirking. “I am very happy to be graced with your presence.”

“Good.” You sassily smiled.

“Kind of wish I was high right now though…” Connor said under his breath.

“Ugh, shut up Connor…” you sighed.

The trip went by rather quickly, even though the destination was a little less than 2 hours. The scenery slowly changed from highways to sandy roads with small mountains surrounding you.

“Oh no.. Are we going hiking???” Connor said loudly.

You laugh echoed the car. “No Connor, calm down.” you said turning into a deserted area. Then he realized.

“You brought me to the beach.” Connor said disappointed.

You quickly hopped out of the car and threw off your crewneck to reveal your bathing suit top. You looked at Connor through your open door.

“Well, I don’t have a swimsuit so I guess I’ll just watch you frolic around.” Connor smiled.

“WELL, I happened to buy you some swim trunks so you can use those.” you smirked. Connor looked a bit flustered.

“Don’t worry they’re black. Didn’t want to mess with your aesthetic.” you teased.

“Can we not… Like seriously.” Connor said crossing his arms. You frowned.

“Connor, please.” you said.

“Fine. Where are the trunks..” Connor said finally unbuckling his seat belt and getting out of the car.

“YAY!” you cheered. You quickly hopped into the back of your truck and grabbed his swimsuit from your bag.

“Here you go, hurry up.” you threw his trunks at him.

“How did you know my size?” Connor asked. You shrugged. You really didn’t you just kind of guessed.

You jumped down and turned around to give Connor his privacy.

“Don’t judge how I look.” Connor said finishing up.

“CONNOR, I am your best friend.. I am not going to judge you.” You said.

“Who said you were my best friend… You can turn around now.” Connor teased.

“Shut up..” you said as you turned around. You were a little taken aback by the fact that Connor had abs. And you might’ve stared for a bit too long. But who could blame you..

“You’re judging me.. That’s it, I’m walking home.” Connor said, ironically throwing up a peace sign and walking in the other direction.

“Connor!” you said running towards him, you grabbed his hand and swung him around.

Connor just sighed and looked down into your eyes giving you an awkward smile.

“Let’s go.” you smiled. You both walked towards the shore, you had to tug him along but at least he was cooperating.  

“It’s been so long since I’ve been to a beach. I never go when my family goes.” Connor said.

“I love the beach.” You said.

“I can see that…” Connor stated.

As you approached the water you let go of Connor’s hand and dipped your feet into the water. You then sat down and happily sighed.  Connor followed at sat by you. The water came and went, each time making its way to yours and Connor’s legs. Your turned his body towards his.

“Look, I know you don’t really want to be here but I just wanted to help you get away.” you said looking down at your hands.

“Well now that were here… I am feeling a lot better.  Plus this water feels nice.. Or..uh-” Connor said having trouble putting it into words.

“I got you.” you chuckled. “Well that makes me feel a bit better.” you sighed. You turned back to the waves and the sky. The sun was starting to go down and it looked beautiful.

“I’m sorry for being such a dick this whole time.” Connor said angrily. “Ugh, like all you wanted to do was help and I was being so rude earlier.” Connor continued.

“Connor you’re fine-“ you started.

“You see, this is why I fucking hate myself- I just-“ Connor said getting angrier.

“Connor!” you said grabbing his face. He seemed surprised.

“Connor, look you’re fine. I understand that things are tough right now. And we’re here now so let’s just enjoy right now.” you slowly slid your hands down so one was on his shoulder and the other was resting at the crook of his neck. He looked down. You pushed some of his hair behind his ear and lifted his chin up so that his eyes could meet yours.

“Okay?” you asked making sure he was okay.

“Okay.” Connor nodded. You started to pull away but Connor quickly grabbed your arms.

“Uh- sorry I just-“ Connor was stumbling with his words. “I just wanted to hold you for a bit.”Connor said bluntly. He blushed and looked down. You lightly chuckled and pulled him into a hug. You pulled away and you smiled at eachother.

“So.. out of all places, why’d you bring me here?” Connor said playing with the sand.

“This is my happy place.” you said.

“Whenever life is shit… whenever I get into a fight with my parents, whenever I feel like nothing is going right. I come here and just sit. I even come here when I’m really anxious because its quiet…besides the waves. But I like the noise of the water. I just wish it was closer.” you chuckled.

“What do you do when you’re anxious?” Connor asked.

“I like to focus on sensations, or specific things. Like the feeling of the sand against my skin. Or naming the colors around me. Counting anything helps.” you said. Connor nodded.

The colors painting the sky resembled rosy pinks and purples. The light from the sun gently surrounded you both.

“Just look at this… It’s so beautiful.” you smiled.

“Just like you.” Connor said turning to you. “Sorry that was terrible-“ Connor said face palming and chuckling. You laughed too.

“Just a little bit…” you teased. Internally you were freaking out. Did the Connor Murphy just call you beautiful? Was he flirting? Being nice??

“Not lying though… You really are beautiful. In every way, I really admire you.” Connor said looking down. “Thanks for caring so much…I don’t think anyone has even given me the time of day as much as you have.”

“Connor I will always care about you.” You reached for his hand. You looked into each other’s eyes; you could tell you both were unsure of what to do next but to you surprise Connor quickly leaned over. It was soft and hesitant. He pulled away a bit so that both of your lips were just brushing each other.  He pulled away more and gazed at you, surprised at what he did.

“Sorry I had the urge to kiss you and-“

You felt so much, you felt so eager and you quickly kissed him again. It was deep and a little sloppy. You could feel Connor’s body move a bit in surprise of your quick movement. You pulled away and looked at him.

“Okay guess I didn’t have to be sorry.” Connor smiled.

“Well now I’m sorry, that was…sloppy and…” Connor shut you up by another soft peck.

“No need to apologize.” Connor smirked. You blushed and hugged him.

“I have a question.” Connor said softly.  

“Yeah?” you asked.

“Can this be our happy place?” Connor said pulling away and looking you in the eyes.


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Can you do something about Amaimon trying to flirt with Rin's daughter?😹😹It'll be really fun nd weard. Love u!!💚

Okay, wow, I’m so sorry, this was at the very bottom of my ask box and must of been in here for months…you’ve probably unfollowed me or whatever since then, I don’t know if you’ll even see this now because it’s been so long…I’m sorry it’s took so long, I tend to tackle requests from the top more. Anyways, this is probably really bad because I just sat and wrote this now instead of taking my time on it like I should of done. Anyways, enjoy my random oneshot! Love you too, ah thank you so much!💚


Paring: Amaimon x Rin’s daughter
Word count: 1,206

Originally posted by jaggedthorn

It had been twenty years since the showdown in Assiah and Rin saved the world. Since then he became paladin, became a husband, and a father. Seventeen years ago Shiemi finally felt ready for love, so her and Rin began their relationship. Not long later they were married and had a baby. She was born half human, half demon, just like her father, and to honour Rin’s late father, they named her Shiro. She did not inherit the blue flames, but instead green flames, which were third in Gehenna, only black and then blue surpassing them. The green flames also tied in with her special ability to summon a vast range of plant demons from a young age. Now fifteen years later she’s a first year in True Cross academy and an exorcist in training, with a tamer as her meister.

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title: how to get a boyfriend: a comprehensive guide by kuroo tetsurou
fandom: haikyuu!!
pairing: kurodai
word count: 2311
summary: kuroo asks daichi out thru texts, then regrets it: the fic

for @maskyoursmile! i hope this is everything that u wanted!!

here on ao3

Daichi lets out a long, relieved sigh as he finally finishes his homework for the weekend. It’s only Friday, but he’s always found it much easier to do all of his homework as soon as he gets home from school instead of leaving it until Sunday night. It makes it a lot easier to enjoy his weekend, he finds, so even though the guys poke fun at him for it, he sticks to his routine because it’s something that works for him.

After a nice stretch of his arms and spine that leaves his bones feeling pleasantly melty, he reaches for his phone. He always turns it on silent and leaves it facedown while he does his homework to avoid any distractions, but Suga always sends him messages anyway so he figures he should probably check them and get back to him.

When he turns his phone over, however, he finds the screen flashing with an incoming call from Kuroo Tetsurou.

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tbh with the whole reveal thing i can see both of them figuring it out BUT NOT SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT IT TO ANYONE NOT EVEN EACH OTHER because “i must protect his/her secret, no matter the cost”

and then adrien and marinette somehow become really good friends and akuma attacks are horrendous because they’re just trying to protect each other

but lmao they also get real flirty with each other and everyone’s confused about it cause no one can tell if they’re actually dating or not like not even marinette and adrien knows if they’re dating and eventually they’re just like screw it and they start being “official” but that doesn’t exist in france??

and the legit reveal is also the most casual thing like it just slips out one day when marinette and adrien are hanging out. or like ladybug and chat are on patrol one day and they’re like “hey should we tell each other who we are? I mean it’s been like a year and a half, I don’t think anything bad would happen if we did?” and they’re like aight, says each other’s respective names and they’re like ‘oh wow’ and go back to doing whatever they were doing oh look it’s a thug

Me and falling for characters
  • Supernatural
  • Sam Winchester: oh okay. This is normal..he's great...
  • Dean Winchester: wait.. He's not supposed to be the one I like...shit.. He's actually really amazing.
  • Castiel: oh he's adorable. Aw what a baby angel..
  • Gabriel: what? Wait a minute..he's...he's actually funny and kinda cute..
  • Lucifer: WHAT THE FUCK? Oh great I'm going to hell for sure...
  • Crowley: WHATEVER bring it on! This is nothing.. Such sass and grace packed into a rather small thing. Wow.. He's perfect
  • Doctor Who
  • Ninth Doctor: um..he's kinda.. Not bad looking. Wow, he's awesome as fuck
  • Tenth Doctor: he's great! Wow, this guys amazing.. A little conceited but okay. David Tennant though,,.oooh he's hot.
  • Jack Harkness: OMG he's so flirty and cute!! Haha I'd ship him with anyone and anything anyday!! Barrowman for president
  • The Master: what the fuck? Um no... No no no no no NO NO NO NO!!! Wait... Maybe....
  • Eleventh Doctor: there's no way I'm gonna like hi- OMG HES so adorable and clumsy and cute and holy hell look at him. He's so compassionate and sweet. He's like a bundle of flowers with ice cream and chocolate. Defiantly my doctor...
  • Rory: what? He's a dork...and a nerd... No way...And cute..and super cool.
  • Clara: wait a second... She's... She's... TOO FUCKING ADORABLE!! What a baby mouse. So cute.
  • Twelfth Doctor: he's Peter Capaldi of fucking course I'm gonna have a massive crush on him!
  • Missy: why the hell not?
Hetalia boyfriend scenarios!

I don’t own Hetalia but I own my keyboard

Caught making out part 1




You and America have spent the entire day on your couch, watching the Super Bowl. Now the actual game is already over, and you’re just watching some random highlights. Well, America is watching while you’re enjoying the view – America does look pretty hot in his football jersey.

   “Hey, America”, you smirk, and he turns his eyes to you. “Say ‘touchdown’.”

   “Touchdown?” he says, feeling a bit confused. Your grin widens as you crawl onto his lap and kiss him passionately. America doesn’t ask any questions – he slides his hands down your back and let’s your tongue feel the inside of his mouth. You break the kiss for a moment to take off his jersey, and then his lips crash against yours once again.

   “America, you git, why aren’t you answering your – Bloody hell, sorry!” you suddenly hear a familiar British voice yell, and both you and America turn to look at the door. England is standing there, covering his eyes and cursing. “I’ll just… Leave you to it… But next time you should probably lock the door!”

   As Iggy leaves and slams the door close, you and America chuckle at each other.

   “He’s right, though”, you laugh as America grabs the hem of your shirt. “We should lock the door.”

   “Naw, maybe”, he smirks. “But he isn’t coming back anytime soon, so why don’t we continue?”

   After that England never came to your place without knocking at least a dozen times.





It’s pretty early in the morning, and you and Canada are still lying in bed. You tell him about this weird dream you had, and he listens with a shy smile on his face. At some point he takes your hand in his and starts planting kisses on your knuckles. You grin and tangle your fingers in his hair, pulling him closer. When your skin brushes against his curl, he moans quietly. The next thing you know, his lips are pressed against yours. You let your hands wander under his t-shirt, until suddenly…

   “Hey bro, are you – “, America yells, kicking your bedroom door open. When he sees you two half naked on the bed, he freezes and just stands there staring at you.

   “America!” you shriek as Canada desperately pulls the blanket to cover you.

   “What are you doing here at this hour?” Canada whisper-shouts at his brother.

   “Hahaha, I was just gonna ask if you guys wanted to come play video games with me!” America laughs. “But you should definitely get dressed first! I’ll wait downstairs!”

   You and Canada look at each other with wide eyes before bursting into laughter.

   “How long do you think he’ll be willing to wait for us?” you ask with a smirk and Canada runs his thumb over your cheek.

   “Let’s find out”, he whispers before kissing you. Later you found out that America was willing to wait for exactly ten minutes before walking in on you again.





“Show me the Hello Kitty pajamas! Show me the Hello Kitty pajamas!” China cheers excitedly in your bedroom, nearly jumping on the bed. Chuckling, you step out of the bathroom and show him your new pajamas. China’s jaw drops when he sees you, and then he swallows very slowly.

   “Do you like it?” you grin. China doesn’t even say anything – he just grabs your hand and pulls you onto the bed with him. You fall on your back and China climbs on top of you. He slams his lips against yours, more intensely than usually. Your tangle your fingers in his hair, making him moan. His hands tickle your almost bare sides before making their way under your pajama top. He’s just about to take your shirt off when you suddenly hear the door open, and you both jump in shock.

   “Hey, China!” South Korea grins, standing at your bedroom door. “Sorry, is this a bad time? Wow, you really look like you’re having fun with (Y/N), da-ze!”

   “Get out!” China hisses. “Now! I’ll deal with whatever problems you have later, because yes, this is a very bad time, aru!”

   “Haha, okay, I’ll see you guys later! Have fun!” South Korea laughs before walking away.

   “Do you think you should go help him?” you ask, but China just shakes his head.

   “He can wait”, he grins and pecks your lips. “You, on the other hand, can’t. I want you now.”




You and Iggy have a habit of lying on the couch every Saturday night, watching British TV shows. And since you lie on top of him, at some point his hands always start caressing your back. Eventually his fingers move a bit lower, and by then you’re usually already kissing him passionately. His tongue explores your mouth as he slides his hands under your shirt, and you tangle your fingers in his hair. Just when he’s about to take off your shirt, you hear someone laugh. You freak out and fall down to the floor, feeling your terrified heart pound in your chest.

   “Ohonhon”, France smirks at your window, his eyes shining with delight. “Having fun, Angleterre? Is he a good kisser, (Y/N)?”

   “Bloody hell, France!” England exclaims, his face bright red as he stands up and tries to straighten his shirt. “How many times have I told you not to creep behind people’s windows? Now get the hell out of here, you frog! I’m very busy, in case you didn’t notice!”

   “Ohonhon, very busy, indeed”, France chuckles before disappearing. England sighs and helps you back on your feet.

   “I’m sorry that frog scared you, love”, he murmurs. “He really has no concept of privacy.”

   “It’s fine”, you grin and pull him closer. “And to answer France’s question… yes, you are an excellent kisser, Mr. Kirkland.”

   “Oh, really?” Iggy smirks and let’s his hands slide slowly down your sides. “You aren’t so bad yourself, Miss (Y/N).”

   And soon after that you were back on the couch.

hannahabbott  asked:

hey!! could you do a timestamp request of your fic: not if they were called scumdrops; with the prompt actual parentage ? i love your writing, thank you!!!

Original fic!

In general, Nate doesn’t understand relationships. He gets why people have them, he wants one himself, and when he’s dating someone, he enjoys it. But he’s pretty sure that there’s supposed to be this kind of progression from dates to cohabitation to marriage to children, and the pacing of those is a mystery. He watched Bellamy go through all of them in the expected order, and it still boggles him, how easy he made it look. Bellamy’s supposed to be worse at these things than he is.

“So, you want to marry Monty?” Bellamy suggests, when Nate asks him how the fuck this happened. Only without the profanity, because his goddaughter is starting to talk, and he doesn’t want to lose the who teaches her the first swear word bet. It’s definitely going to be Clarke. It would be shameful to lose to her. “That’s what I’m hearing. Since you guys are already cohabitating.”

“I don’t know,” he says, scrubbing his hand over his face. “It’s only been two years. That’s not long. You and Clarke didn’t get engaged that fast.”

“And we’re obviously the gold standard of relationships everyone should aspire to,” Bellamy agrees, picking up Diana when she frets. Even after two years, it’s strange watching Bellamy as a father, not because it’s unnatural, but because it’s not. Bellamy’s such a good father, it feels weirder remembering that he once wasn’t one. “We met in college,” he continues. “It’s not like I wouldn’t have married her sooner, but it didn’t feel like there was much of a rush. We weren’t ready to get married. But if I met her when you met Monty, I probably would have proposed already.”

“So I’m not going too fast, I’m going too slow?” Nate asks. “Great, thanks. Glad I asked you. Really helpful.”

“Sorry I love Clarke more than you love Monty,” Bellamy shoots back, grinning, and Nate grins back. “Seriously, if you don’t know if you’re ready to get married, just ask Monty. Clarke and I talked about when we wanted to get married all the time. It doesn’t have to be a surprise. It really shouldn’t be.”

“That’s part of why I’m worried,” Nate admits. “We talked about this stuff all the time before we got together, but as a joke. And now it’s still kind of a joke, like, think about all the kids with shitty names we’re going to have. But–” He exhales and lets himself say it. “I want kids.”

“Cool, you should. You’re going to be a good dad. Here, get some practice,” he adds, and hands Nate Diana without further warning.

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okay but what if Thranduil actually found a way to make Bard immortal (yes I know it’s basically canonically impossible but shhhh) but Bard refused to do it - because he doesn’t want to see his kids die before him, because he thinks immortality sucks, idk, pick your reason. And Thranduil totally understands and even though it hurts he doesn’t mention it again. except then there’s a battle or something - a minor thing really, but Bard gets wounded and it’s bad. And there’s no other way to save his life, so after getting a “fuck it, do it” from the Bardlings Thranduil does the thing, whatever the thing is, and makes him immortal (possibly galadriel or elrond or mithrandir help ‘cause it takes more than one person’s power to do it? and they agree because of scientific curiosity (like wow is it even possible to pull that off?) and okay maybe because they have some sympathy for the mirkwood king) - and when Bard wakes up he’s pissed off but also thankful but also terrified and basically MIXED FEELINGS and ANGST u feel me

Roller Coaster (M.C.)

(By the way you’re Calum and Mali’s cousin)


“Maliiiiii!“Y/N shouts at her cousin from the couch. 

 ”What?” Mali replies from the kitchen. 

 ”I’m boooored.”

"How about the beach?" 

"No, I’m still sunburned.”

“The mall?”

“We went to the mall yesterday.”

“The cinema?”

“I’ve already seen all the good movies.”

“God, Y/N, what more do you want from me?” Mali walks into the Den, toast in hand. 

“I got it!” Y/N’s eyes light up, “Are there any good theme parks around here?” Mali grins, because Y/N’s excitement is contagious. 

“Oh my god, yes. Put on a cute outfit, we have roller coasters to ride.” 


Fifteen minutes later, Y/N and Mali are ready to go.

"Cal, we’re going to the theme park, we’ll be back later, kay?” Mali calls down the hall to Calum. Y/N hears a crash and Calum stumbles put of his room, a cord wrapped around his left ankle.

“I wanna come! I can’t believe you didn’t invite me!” He gasps. 

“Ugh, Calum. If you come we’ll have an odd number.” Mali replies with a groan. Y/N frowns. Mali’s right, but, like, Y/N likes Calum too. He’s her cousin. And he’s pouting and she feels bad.

“Pwease? I can invite the boys and then it’ll be even!”

“Calum.” Mali glares at him.

“I don’t know, I think he can come.” Y/N interrupts.

“See! Y/N agrees with me!” Mali turns her glare to Y/N, and Y/N feels kind of bad now.

“I’ll go call the guys!” Calum exclaims. Mali’s face pales.

“Oh no.”

"What?” Y/N asks, curiosity lacing her voice.

“Cal is going to invite all his friends.” Mali says with a groan. “Now I have to deal with four Calums instead of one.”

"Sorry?” Y/N says. Mali just sighs.


It’s been almost five hours since the group arrived at the theme park and Y/N now knows why Mali had been so upset. The four boys never shut up.

“I have to use the bathroom.” Luke announces (Y/N now knows all their names, mostly because Mali is constantly yelling them).

“There’s one over there.” Calum says, gesturing to a building that must be the restroom. The group makes its way to the structure, then splitting up because Y/N was not going in the boys’ bathroom and she wasn’t letting any of the boys in the girls bathroom (though they probably would’ve gone if she’d let them).

 ”So what do you think?” Mali asks Y/N.

“What do you mean?” Y/N asks, eyebrows knitting together. 

“Which one?”

“Which ride?”

“No, which boy?”

"Do I like?” Y/N asks, somewhat confused.

“Yea. I can tell you like one of them, but I’m not sure which.”

“I don’t like any of them!” Y/N claims, but her pink cheeks give her away.



As the group meets up outside the bathroom, Mali gasps.”I forgot about that ride, oh my god! We have to go!” Mali points to a ride directly across from the group. The sign reads ‘Avalanche’.

As the group waits in line, people start picking partners, as its a two-person ride.”I want Calum!” Michael exclaims.

“Nuh-uh. I’m riding with Calum this time.” Mali argues.

I wanna ride with Calum!” Michael replies, grabbing Calum’s arm protectively.

 ”No.” Mali says, shooting daggers at Michael.

“Mike, I think Mali should ride with me for this ride, cos, you know.” Michael glares at Mali but obliges. Michael turns to Luke and Ashton, but the two have already agreed on being buddies. Michael glares at them as well before turning to Y/N.

“Glad to be your first choice.” She says sarcastically. Michael ducks his head, and runs his hand through his hair. 

“It’s not that I don’t like you but…” Michael trails off as the roller coaster returns to the loading platform. Y/N notices people sitting in each other’s laps, and everything clicks. Of course Mali would want to ride with her brother on this ride and of course Michael wouldn’t want to ride with a girl. Now both Michael and Y/N are blushing.

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anonymous asked:

I can't really see rinharu lasting, to be honest with you. Like, obviously there's sexual tension there, but they're just not the couple that would like... make it. They'd be together for a few months tops and even that would be littered with little arguments and unhappiness and I just can't see them working out as a real, long-term relationship, though I love the ship

Okay, wow. So first, I respect your opinion and I think everyone can think whatever they want to say. Whatever.

But! On the other hand, you left this opinion in my inbox specifically, and in anon. (Also, I’m in a very, very sour mood. I just came from hell.)

You left an opinion here, not a question, about my Free! otp. It’s not like I don’t like talking about RinHaru (on the contrary, I love talking about them so much). But this one was just– It sounds really bad to me. If that’s just me being in this mood and reading into tones wrong, then I’m sorry.

ANYWAY. You know, that’s a fair enough idea. Every couple might get through rough patches in their relationships. It’s true for everyone.

The thing is, though, the way this statement is phrased, you’re severely underestimating RinHaru. SEVERELY.

Like, obviously there’s sexual tension there, but they’re just not the couple that would like… make it.

No. NO. Just. NO.

Yes, there is sexual tension. That’s so important, you know. That chemistry, that physical attraction that feels so palpable? It’s something not all pairing has. It adds a certain spice to the pairing.

But wow, man, way to underplay the pairing.

You know what else RinHaru has?

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5SOS Blurb 4/4: Blowjobs


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Alaric deserved that rock in his tire!! In fact he deserved worse than that! Like really? You’re just as bad as Elena! Making damon seem selfish by doing whatever it takes to save bonnie! Okay so he compelled you, get over it!! He had a good reason, the one time he’s NOT being selfish you bitches still accuse him of it! Wow you guys really care about bonnie huh!? Then why is damon the only one making an effort!? I hope when bonnie comes back she realizes who was really there for her and her and damon run off into the sunset while everyone else eats shit! They don’t deserve bonnie because they are not being fair to her. Even when Elena told damon thank you he responded “she’d do the same for us” he knows!! Damon is the only one that has been showing appreciation to bonnie and everything she’s done for everyone so screw then because they don’t know how to be real friends!

anonymous asked:

Why do you ship poke?

Honestly I really like a ton of Ash ships, but I guess to me personally Ash and Misty are just my favorite or the one that makes most sense to me? (but I mean pearlshipping is a close second for something I think would work really well)

But um lemme ramble and see. I really like the reason Misty fell for Ash in the first place–because of his love for Pokemon. I think this is really important, because the reality is Ash loves Pokemon pretty much more than anything. And he acts dense and he doesn’t always get stuff and he always wants to train, which might be a bother to some, but to someone like Misty I think Ash’s drive and passion about it is one of the main things she loves about him, so she wouldn’t want it any other way. She’ll work hard at her own dream running the gym and even if she has feelings for Ash, she wants him to fulfill his dream and keep learning and experiencing Pokemon everyday and just being happy. I can’t really imagine her liking the idea of Ash sitting still and I don’t think she ultimately cares much how romantic he is, because Ash has his own sweet charm unique to him that she’s seen, even if he knows how to push her buttons, too.

And well, Misty was a bit of a “mentor” to Ash when he first started. Ash had no idea what he was doing, so even if he couldn’t stand Misty at first and probably didn’t even want her to tag along, I think this is something down the road he stops and really thinks about. Misty put up with him all the time and his difficulty, even if she wasn’t always the most patient, she still stayed by his side and always helped him and got him out of a pinch if need be. And I mean, Misty grew, too. After Togepi, she started maturing and got her hot hotheadedness under control to a degree, and I think just the two of them both off on their own together on the first time had a rocky start and a bit of a clash, but in the end, they wouldn’t have been able to get the start they needed without each other.

And this is more of my personal headcanon I suppose, but Misty left the gym because she wanted to prove to her sisters she could be something. She always lived in their shadow, they got all of the attention and were recognized more as gym leaders even though she felt more qualified, and she just eventually felt so suffocated and trapped that she had to leave. She would improve herself and, well, maybe even discover herself a bit in a way that wasn’t just an identity through her older siblings, and she would come back and show them why she deserved to be the official gym leader as well as their respect. And I think Ash helped be a catalyst to this, to accept her for who she was and become friends with her even if she could be a pain. He found her advice and friendship valuable, and I think that was something that meant a lot to Misty, even if they did have a rocky start together. Another piece of my personal headcanon–Misty was closer to her dad more than her mom (their mom died when Misty was too little to remember her, but her sisters remember and favored their mom). Their dad was very outdoorsy and loved Pokemon, and he would always take Misty out into the water to go fishing or whatever else (her sisters never really wanted to go), but one day he died and it was a huge heartbreak for Misty. After that, things with her sisters got particularly bad, and they soon began changing and taking over the gym despite their father’s image of it, which upset her further. Misty sees a piece of her father in Ash–this selfless, goodhearted person who loves Pokemon that’s just a bit goofy, and it really drew her to him. But okay wow that’s getting really personal for headcanons.

But yeah, I think Ash would really appreciate all Misty did for him, especially once he became May’s sort of “mentor” and could really heavily reflect back to it, since I think during that time he would often think of Misty and miss her since this is the first time he’s ever really split up from someone. He needs her because she gives him everything he needs, even the stuff he doesn’t want (like her acting like a mom and telling him not to play out in the rain for too long). And I think he just hugely respects her as a gym leader–there’s even an episode in AG where he boasts about how Misty is the best in all of Kanto. It makes him happy and hyped and stupidly proud to know she’s getting stronger and stronger, and I just love that they have this common link of that intensity of battling. I like to imagine once Ash is a lot older and starts settling down him and Misty battle and train together all the time and it’s just really intense, and they both love every minute of it and push each other to the max.

I don’t think Ash would fall in love for Misty until way later though. I think he developed some sort of feelings for her that he wasn’t aware of when he was traveling with her (and it would cause him to stare at her sometimes in awed confusion and get jealous over her for reasons he didn’t understand on a few occasions), but these feelings would resurface later down the road once he was finally back in Kanto to settle for a bit, and spending time with Misty and seeing how she’s grown but just being the same Misty he remembers would I don’t know, just really blow him away. And to be honest, I know the bickering can be a turn off for this ship, but I really like it–I think it shows a lot of true colors about their relationship and personalities, and as cliche as it sounds, they just pick at each other like that because they care. They probably find teasing each other to be fun, too, and I love that he feel like they can just poke each other like that. They love each other, but won’t let the other get away with their BS either.

Wow okay this ended up being really long but yeah I just really love them