okay wow this is really bad but whatev

finishing Inquisition thoughts:

  • oh god oh god dodge around evil demon magister we’re so close come on please CUTSCENE FUCK YEAH
  • wait solas where are you going
  • solas come back
  • shit
  • okay, whatever parties, nice, i like parties let’s retire to my quarters
  • claudia black has a really nice voice, wow
  • yesss lets see how i fucked up my decisions this time
  • wait how did they become divine i didn’t even support them
  • well uh shit, not too bad
  • okay end of epilogue whew WAIT SOLAS WHAT THE FUCK

conclusion: ???????????????

illuminatingxdarkness asked:

"Too bad I'm not giving you the option to opt out of this." Wow look at how pretty their fanged smile is. They might also be moving a closer to him, maybe it's a figment of his imagination.


{    Well fuck. This is a situation he really doesn’t care to be in. He might be
     trying to keep his distance, it’d be fucking great if they did that too.    }

       Right, okay. Hey, before you
         kill me or whatever, could
         you do me a quick favor?

{    Gun’s up, fire!    }

foxxy-karkitty asked:

Oh my fuck, your makeup and new clothes... Just, hgn! You look so hot!! how did you do your makeup so well?

afgajetuhatkhdhjaekjghatkuaeraerkj thank you,,,,,

Okay, so here’s the story on this makeup.

Tbh I screwed it up really bad at first. A majority of it was in eyeshadow, (and not in the very well blended even kind of way) but then i’m like, hey let’s cover that shit up in cream eyeliner and see where that takes me. The eyeshadow got covered and its like wow that’s not good. Hmm…let’s exaggerate the wing or whatever the hell that is. It turned all rhombus shaped and i was like, okay. Well. That’s a thing. Let’s just…go with that. Alright. Here we go. And, that’s basically it. I just tried to cover my mistake and created this. Sometimes redoing the makeup makes a better look.

In all seriousness though, it takes lots and lots of practice, redoing the makeup, and getting pointers from friends who use makeup like everyday to help me do this kind of thing. You can pretty much chalk it all up to the skills of my friends beginning to rub off on me, because I wouldn’t know how to do anything if not for their help.