okay who doesn't want this on their blog

omgjustinoluransi  asked:

in the wtnv au is there still a literal five-headed dragon running for mayor? and if so who is it?

Oh HELL yeah… 

idk about mayor but Providence Mcfalconer is definitely running for something. (or, maybe we’re running from him. debatable…)


hahahah, the middle one is the BIGGEST SMILE I COULD ACHIEVE! 

Anyways, this is a post I’ve been trying to do for a long time now and have been wanting to do, just didn’t know how. I’ve had this blog for 3 years, and I guess I’m finally doing a post like this!!! EXCITING - THIS IS A BIG DAY!

My name is Bryce Freshwater. That’s my real name, and it’s who I am! I’m Bryce! hahah, a lot of you on here call me “Giddy” which I love!  

I love Tumblr, and I love this blog. It has helped me through the toughest parts of my life.

So the top row of pictures are like the pictures I usually post, like lookie!!! It’s my face! ^_^ but I would never and would be terrified to post anything like the pictures on the bottom… Because of this blatantly obvious medical bracelet being shoved it y’all face.

At least that what it feels like to me; it’s an attention seeking little thing.

I wear this little thing everyday of my life in case I ever drop dead or my body stops functioning, it’s to let paramedics know what’s wrong me, so they know what to do if I ever do go down and it gives me a better chance of surviving life.

 Hahahah, so it is a very important thing as well.

Every single selfie I have ever posted I have been insecure about it, I would hide it because I fear being looked down on for it and I would even fear comments on it!! if someone were to ask me, “what is that?” How do I answer that without a long post like this?

So the first time I streamed League with video, I noticed and got really insecure about it because I put my hands up and knew… It’s going to be really hard to hide this thing…

So… I fell ill when I was really young. Was it unfair? i mean… yeah. But am I okay with it? Yes!!! It’d made me into the person I am, and I couldn’t be happier!

Maybe the reason I’m finally making this post is because I am finally happy with where I am in life. I am happy and not bitter!

The illness I had caused both permanent nerve damage and brain damage. So I need this little thing. My body is always in a very vulnerable state. A lot of systems in my body are unstable from the damage which just means if something goes wrong…. it’s all going to go wrong. A lot of systems could fail. And that’s scary!!!

I live with a lot of fear!!! With a lot of “what ifs”…


This isn’t a post that I want y’all to feel sorry for me for! 

Hahah, bad things happen! It’s okay!  

This is just a Well.. I guess I’m not going to hide this bracelet anymore, so here! I shall explain it!

And maybe I want y’all to know more about me, I don’t know