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So, I have this idea in my head and because you're an amazing writer I wanted to see if you could write it. Harry and y/n become friends but they always had that spark ,and one night they kiss but she pretends like she doesn't remember. Time after that she has a boyfriend (that Harry hates) who will propose. Harry knows this so he confess his feelings. You can take it wherever you want, this is just and idea. Ps. I looooooooove you and your blog ❤️😘

Oh man talk about pressure. Okay, here we go.

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If it weren’t for you he would not be there.

He would be at home, wallowing in his self pity with a glass of wine and watch rom coms until he passed out like the loser he was. He would be a hermit, trying to lick the wounds he still had despite it been a while since that night happened.

But no, you begged him to go…and because he was a sucker for you you tagged along. Course you had to make him be the awkward third wheel.

You had been friends for a while, three years to be exact. You two met in New York, yes he was dating someone at the time but the second he saw you he was stuck. But he was cautious, he didn’t want to give himself so strongly like he had before…before had dim ruined and he swore he would be more careful. So you two stuck an friendship, and that was enough for you. You were his shoulder to lay on and him for you.

Whenever he had to tour you two would talk until the late hours of the night, even in time zones you tried to talk to each other. You would Skype watching movies, he praised your work as you were gung ho about his. Then the night of his birthday happened, and it all went to shit.

Alcohol was involved, that was the first mistake. You two were just standing at the kitchen just laughing and talking nonsense. You two were close, way too close. He had no idea what was said, just that you were laughing so hard. He loved your laugh…the way your face just lit even when you said you hated your laugh. Before he knew it, the alcohol getting to him he leaned in to kiss you on the lips. You just blushed and quickly changed the subject, acting as if it never happened. That stunk…worse when he called you the next day and you told him you had no idea what happened.

It was months later, when he was introduced to him. His name was Bronson, the dude was a douche…plain and simple. First of all he was a little younger then you, hell he was younger then him! He was some sort of 19 year old radio dj intern, you two just sort of met on Instagram and decided to date? What the hell was that?

He was way too vocal about his opinions that were so homophobic and misogynistic. Yet you stayed quiet, it made his blood boil. But he stayed quiet, if this Bronson made you happy…who was he to say? But the more the guy talked…the more he wanted to punch him in the face. And he hated violence, so that was saying something.

He stayed the supportive friend, when you and Bronson broke up at least twice because he blocked you and got super jealous over the stupidest things. He even broke up with you because of him, saying you two were too close for his liking. But somehow despite even that you took him back. And it became you hardly speaking to him just to keep things calm…he about had it.

He had to stand there, watching Bronson getting way too handsy on you. Having a death grip on his drink as his jaw clenched but he remained tight lipped.

Soon he watches you go to do something but Bronson comes walking to him…fuck.

“Hey bro having fun?” He asked, he would roll his eyes slightly.

“Yeah don’ alruight…” he replied.

“Hey, can you level with me? So…I’m gonna propose to YN tonight, you think she’ll like the ring?”

He looks at…that pathetic excuse of a ring and he wanted to bash his face with it with little damage it could do.

“S’alruight,” was all he could say.

“Thanks, figure I’ll make an honest girl out of her,” his smirk was so damn smug! He couldn’t take it, he had to find you and fast.

He leaves him, muttering he had to go take a wee or something. But he walks to find you, once he does he gently takes you somewhere where you could talk in peace.

“Harry are you okay?” You asked.

“He’s gonna propose,” was all he could say. Seeing your reaction with wide eyes.

“W-What?” You stumble but he kept going.

“I don’t wan’ yeh marrying him,” he spoke. “I kept my mouth shut, I truied being the gud friend buh I can’t…I can’t do this anymore. Yeh can’t marry him.”

“Harry I don’t think it’s your right…” you start but he stops you.

“No, it is muy right. It became muy ruight when he talked down about yeh being bi. That’s when it became my ruight, I have watched yeh cry and get hurt by that juhk and I will not just stand herea and see you say I do to a man you only have whah…one thing abouh?”

You don’t say anything, you just stand there as he keeps going.

“I’m tellin yeh ruight now, if yeh say yes to him we are done being fruiends,” he then threatened causing you to gasp.

“Harry you don’t mean that!”

“The hell I do mean it! YN do yeh have any idea how I feel about yeh?” There was a silence, he sohuld stop…but the cat was out of the bag now. He took a big gulp of his drink almost slamming it down on the counter.

“The second I saw yeh I fell in love with yeh. Yeh beautiful…smart…yeh view the world in such a beautiful way. I neva thought I would meet anotha pohson who captured me the way yeh did…yeh still do. Yeh have such a warm…and loving spirit…I kissed yeh at my birthday party, yes we were drunk buh I don’t regret it because that’s all I wanna do. I wanna kiss you every fookin’ day. I wanna see your sleeping next to me when I wake up. To make meals with yeh, to actually watch movies with you cuddled up togetha and take yeh on dates! Propah dates not a fookin’ bar like that arsehole!

And I saw that ring yeh deserve bettah, yeh deserve a big rock hell yeh deserve everything! I could give yeh that, I can give yeh everything you want and more if yeh would let me. It’s noh too late, we can walk out this party right now…figure something out. Buh I mean it, if you go in that room and get engaged that that cunt I am done.”

There was a heavy silence between the two of you, you just looked at him and he couldn’t read you. Expecting the worse he sighed, turning to walk out that room. He could not take another rejection.

“I know we kissed,” your voice made him stop to look at you. “I just…pretend I didn’t remember because I…I felt it too. I’ve felt a while but Harry you scare me! You are everything I could ever dream about but I’m scared if I…if I allow this to happen I will be so heartbroken…”

He closes the space between you, pulling you into a deep kiss on the lips. That all you two did, just pour everything you both had for each other into the deep kiss. He pulled away, smiling as he heard you whimper but he kisses you once again on the lips.

“Be ruight back,” he said and walked out. After a few minutes there was a noise, followed by people gasping before Harry bursts back through waving his hand as if he hit something.

“Come on,” he takes your hand and out the door, rushing to the car and speeding off.

God that felt so good, punching him in the face was more satisfying then he originally thought. Sure you were going to scowl at him but he didn’t care, it was worth it. Taking your hand and gave it a squeeze before bringing it to his lips for a kiss.

No rom com could write a happy ending like this in his opinion.

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Hi, so, a friend asked an important question today, and I cannot answer. "Spoon theory was made for physical health problems, but is it okay to be used for Mental Health issues too?" She said that when she read the original blog post, it felt like it was describing her exactly, but doesn't want to use it if it's just about physical health issues, because she doesn't want to undermine anyone's issues, thanks so much!

Hey there!

The spoonie community (as far as I’ve experienced) isn’t necessarily united on whether mental health issues fall under the term “spoonie” or not. As far as I’m concerned, the spoon theory was coined to describe a phenomenon that’s difficult for able bodied people to grasp. As someone who has suffered both physical and mental health issues, I agree that the spoon theory applies to both.

I would argue that you’re welcome to use the spoon theory (and/or the term “spoonie”) if you strongly identify with it, because that’s why it was written in the first place. It’s very difficult to get the experience into words, and I think that’s equally true of both mental and physical health troubles.

In short, I would say please go ahead and use the term if it helps you! Having a way to describe the experience of illness is incredibly useful and validating. That said, I don’t know whether this is necessarily a stance taken by the whole community. I hope this is helpful!

Followers, you’re more than welcome to give your two cents in the replies!

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Um okay so what about ut and us bros with an s/o who can fuse, but doesn't tell them. One night they're dancing and it happens by accident. How would the bro react? Thanks, your blog is awesome btw!

Thanks you Smol Bun! Also this reminds me I need to watch more Steven Universe. Also, Bonus with what the fusions are like.

UT!Sans is freaked, but also not? Fusing is kind of… huh…. Peaceful? Nice? Harmonious? Adjective? But still what? Why? How? The science in his bones makes him want to research. Once he finishes freaking out. Fusing with Sans is kind of like becoming part marshmallow. It’s soft and comfy. It’s really calming. But also kinda… lackluster? Energy and motivation do not exist, apathy reigns. Everything’s kinda in a nice, dull fog.

UT!Papyrus is so happy! But still! There was nothing about this in his dating manual! This must mean he’s done something right… right? I mean, obviously this is a good thing! He’s obviously trying to hide his nerves. Fusing with Papyrus is like taking eight shots of express and then running a marathon. Your heart is beating so fast, and you have soooo much energy. There’s so much to do! SO much to be done!

US!Sans is very happy. Yes! He did something! … What did he do? He’s kind of confused, but happy! He did a thing! … Does this always happen when humans dance? He’s full of questions, but surprisingly unalarmed. Fusing with US!Sans is kind of like eating a blue raspberry slushie. It’s refreshing and cool. And you’ve never felt more awake. Kind of hyper, and unfocused. And an odd craving for sugary foods.

US!Papyrus is majorly freaked. He never wants to do that again. Nope. He’s keeping himself as himself from now on. You’re not sure what fusing with Papyrus is like, because all you felt was him freaking out. Panic and fear and a lot of WTF.

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Could I pretty please have a preference about each of the boys favorite positions {doesn't have to be long at all} pretty please with a cherry on top? {& because I'm asking don't be afraid to say no} the reason why I asked you earlier if you're okay with the promo thing is because that blog is NSFW! & the closest thing to a porn blog possible.. some people don't want to be associated with that .. so I wanna respect your wishes & your work & not involve in something without asking!!

honestly everyone who leaves a request is so nice about asking like u could be all “bITCH GIVE ME THIS AND THIS AND THIS” and i would still do it everyone’s so nice but thank you omg

and also i hope this is ok with u bc i was feeling lazy so i just decided to do a visual (which means if u don’t like seeing actual dicks u might wanna keep scrolling)

ashton: missionary

ok so like he would be so experimental with lots of positions but i feel like he’d always go back to something tried and true cause you don’t fix what’s not broken, right?

michael: wall sex

idk if there’s an actual name for this, but i feel like michael would love how animalistic it was and he’d probably be the type of guy who got bored of fucking in the same place every night

calum: reverse cowgirl

i feel like he’d get tired of doing all the work and insist you ride him, but backwards, because he’d just love the ass views, honestly

luke: cowgirl

this boy just needs someone to ride him, like i feel like he’s the type of dude who would dig getting whacked in the face by tits or just seeing more of the front of you

requests are open, please go leave one ;)

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in the wtnv au is there still a literal five-headed dragon running for mayor? and if so who is it?

Oh HELL yeah… 

idk about mayor but Providence Mcfalconer is definitely running for something. (or, maybe we’re running from him. debatable…)

I am 100% done with basic human decency being coded as “identities.” Words like “ally” and “feminist” shouldn’t be self identifiers for people who just want to be called that. You shouldn’t get a badge for simply thinking people deserve basic rights and you certainly shouldn’t get to give yourself that badge.

You are an ally when you are actively participating to the best of your ability in the dismantling of harmful social structures. You are an ally when you are actively trying to support other people who could use your help. You are an ally when you are projecting the voices of marginalized people when they have something to say about their experiences and the things they need.

You are not an ally just because you think women, POC, LGBTQA people, disabled people, etc are human beings. You are doing the bare minimum; your thoughts do not actively help anyone.

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1ST RULE:   tag 9 muses you would like to know better. @rapturerecordssilas, @streetwisebusinessman@hector-goddamn-rodriguez,  @subjectwyk, @aquickdisguise@incubabe, @razensky …okay yeah anyone else who wants to do this because I am too tired to think of more and I already cheated tagging both of some of your blogs, so I’m giving myself an I tried star. But if you want to steal this please do and say I tagged you because I want to see things about everyone’s muses.

2ND RULE:   BOLD the statements that are true for your muse.


  • i am 5'7" or taller
  • i wear glasses
  • i have at least one tattoo
  • i have at least one piercing
  • i have blonde hair
  • i have brown eyes
  • i have short hair
  • my abs are at least somewhat defined
  • i have or have had braces


  • i love meeting new people
  • people tell me that I’m funny(no they don’t but she can pretend)
  • helping others with their problems is a big priority for me
  • i enjoy physical challenges
  • i enjoy mental challenges
  • i’m playfully rude with people i know well
  • i started saying something ironically and now i can’t stop saying it
  • there is something i would change about my personality


  • i can sing well
  • i can play an instrument
  • i can do over 30 push-ups without stopping
  • i’m a fast runner(but not a happy one)
  • i can draw well
  • i have a good memory
  • i’m good at doing math in my head
  • i can hold my breath underwater for over a minute
  • i have beaten at least 2 people in arm wrestling
  • i know how to cook at least 3 meals from scratch
  • i know how to throw a proper punch(well maybe not proper, but it’ll hurt a helluva lot)


  • i enjoy playing sports
  • i was on a sports team at my school or somewhere else
  • i’m in an orchestra or choir at my school or somewhere else
  • i have learned a new song in the past week
  • i work out at least once a week(Deadlifts ;))
  • i’ve gone for runs at least once a week in the warmer months
  • i have drawn something in the past month
  • i enjoy writing
  • fandoms are my #1 passion
  • i do or have done martial arts


  • i have had my first kiss
  • i have had alcohol
  • i have scored the winning goal in a sports game
  • i have watched an entire season of a tv show in one sitting
  • i have been at an overnight event
  • i have been in a taxi
  • i have been in the hospital or er in the past year
  • i have beaten a video game in one day
  • i have visited another country
  • i have been to one of my favorite band’s concerts


  • i’m in a relationship(verse dependent)
  • i have a crush on a celebrity
  • i have a crush on someone I know
  • i have been in at least 3 relationships
  • i have never been in a relationship
  • i have asked someone out or admitted my feelings to them
  • i get crushes easily
  • i have had a crush on someone for over a year
  • i have been in a relationship for at least a year
  • i have had feelings for a friend


  • i have at least one person i consider a “best friend”
  • i live close to my school
  • my parents are still together
  • i have at least one sibling(half-siblings)
  • i lived in the united states
  • there is snow right now where I live
  • i have hung out with a friend in the past month
  • i have a smartphone
  • i have at least 15 CD’s
  • i share my room with someone


  • i have breakdanced(badly)
  • i know a person named Jamie
  • i have had a teacher with a last name that’s hard to pronounce
  • i have dyed my hair(there was a rainbow phase)
  • i’m listening to one song on repeat right now
  • i have punched someone in the past week
  • i know someone who has gone to jail
  • i have broken a bone
  • i have eaten a waffle today
  • i know what i want to do with my life
  • i speak at least 2 languages
  • i have made a new friend in the past year

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Okay sooo if someone is an artist who doesn't draw anything on your 'no' list but STILL doesn't want to get reblogged by you, what should they do apart from outright blocking you?

why don’t you simply send me a message saying “please don’t reblog from me” ?

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Thank you for the follow back! Do you mind doing a scenario on how the GOM + Takao + Kiyoshi + Imayoshi falling for a girl who is the lead singer in a alternative rock band and they see them perform for them for the first time? I'm sorry if this doesn't really make sense and you don't have to answer it if you want to. I love your blog btw.

 You’re very welcome~^^ I hope this is okay~ : D I’m glad you like my blog, thank you so much for your support~ :3

Akashi: In all his years of being raised in absolute excellency, Akashi had never stepped foot in a bar. That was, of course, until he had fallen for you. The red-head was willing to go out of his comfort zone and watch you perform, even if it meant being surrounded by drunk men dancing like buffoons. 

That didn’t phase Akashi at all, mainly due to the fact that he was able to watch you sing. Though he had been acquired to a more classical genre of music, the emperor was strongly intrigued by your take on alternative rock, so therefore made it his duty to attend all of your performances just for the sake of watching you and listening to your beautiful voice.

Though he wouldn’t admit it, Akashi Seijuurou was hooked.

Kuroko: Tetsuya watched with wide eyes as you arrived onto the stage with your band and began to perform one of your newest songs, a large blush plastered across his features. 

Despite feeling out of place in a bar full of adults who were chugging beer whilst he was sipping a poorly-made vanilla milkshake, Kuroko was already a fan of your band. The male did not want to make it too obvious that he was watching; after all, you didn’t actually know that Tetsuya had come to watch you perform. 

“___-kun is amazing.” He thought to himself with a nod, taking a sip of the milkshake. “I think I’ve fallen for her even more.”

Kise: Whilst you were performing with your band, you were surprised to see a familiar flash of blonde at the front of the audience. It was none other than a friend of yours: Kise Ryouta. The blonde was jumping up and down excitedly among the rest of the audience, who were head-banging to the music in a cool fashion. You tried not to laugh at the fact that Kise looked like a five year-old at a birthday party and carried on with the song.

“____-icchi! You go ____-icchi!” Ryouta cheered, receiving a few odd looks from the audience. “I love you!”

Did Kise just confess to you?

Murasakibara: Sticking out like a poor thumb, Atsushi didn’t even attempt to hide when he came to watch you perform for the first time. It wasn’t hard to spot the purple giant standing in the middle of a crowd of much shorter people who were all cheering and dancing, whilst Murasakibara just stood there with a lazy expression. It wasn’t that the male wasn’t having a good time, he was just daydreaming about you again.

Although he didn’t really like the loud setting, Murasakibara certainly liked you. Due to these two factors, the giant didn’t think twice about walking onto the stage and carrying you off mid-way through the main chorus of the song, leaving the audience and the rest of the band confused whether this was part of the performance, or if the lead singer had just been kidnapped by an overgrown child.

Midorima: Making sure that you couldn’t see him, Midorima adjusted his sunglasses, staring into his drink as he sat at the bar, listening to you and your band perform. If someone were to notice him, that would be the end to your relationship. Relationship being, of course, that you were only dating in Midorima’s point of view. You didn’t even know that the male liked you.

“Hey, Shin-chan, is that you?”

A chill went down Midorima’s spine as he heard the voice of Satan, choking on his water in the process.
“Hey, I didn’t know that you liked ____-chan’s band!” The hawk grinned, making his way over to his friend. To make the situation ten times more awkward, the rest of Midorima’s teammates had also come to watch you perform.

“Hey, ___-chan!” Takao called to you, “Shin-chan came to watch you sing, isn’t that great?”

Midorima was 99% sure that he was about to die.

Aomine: The tanned male watched with a smirk, leaning against the bar as you performed. Daiki wanted you to notice that he was watching you, he wanted you to realize his intentions. 

He had never seen you perform before, and the male could admit that you were an amazing singer. He was never really interested in music, but Aomine really did get a kick out of hearing your voice. Whether that was just because he was head over heels in love with you didn’t matter. 

Throughout all of your songs you were staring at Aomine, wondering why he was there in the first place. Believing that you were doing this purposely, the male felt pretty special. 

“Heh. That’s my girlfriend.” Daiki stated to some guy sitting next to him, smirking widely.
“…Uh, that’s not true.”
“….Shut up.”

Takao: The hawk grinned among his friends, watching you perform. Takao had never seen you sing on stage, and he truly was in awe. He was a big fan of singing himself and really did appreciate good rock music, especially sung by beautiful girls such as yourself. You were friends with Takao, however didn’t know that the male had a huge crush on you.

The Shuutoku regulars laughed as Takao mimed along to your singing, obviously forgetting where he was and not realizing what he was doing. It was only a matter of moments until the hawk would confess to you after all this time.

Kiyoshi: Teppei grinned optimistically, waving to you from the audience as you sang with your band. He was a sucker for girls who could sing, and had actually been in love with you for a few months now. In fact, the iron heart wished he had come to see you perform sooner. 

Though you had performed many times, you truly felt special under the gaze of Teppei. The way he’d stare at you with his goofy smile and deep blush made you want to perform for him all night long. You could even say that you were developing a little crush on the male.

Imayoshi: Your heart skipped a beat when you noticed Imayoshi watching you with a wide, almost sinister smirk. You were one of the few people who believed that he was truly a nice guy, whilst many others were convinced that the male was a serial killer. 

In truth, Imayoshi really was a nice. Sure, he looked a bit like a villain and many people found his accent creepy, but he treated people well. Well, most people. People like you, for example. 

Imayoshi found you truly fascinating and took great pleasure in watching you sing. You could almost call it an addiction, because from that point on, he made sure to attend every single one of your performances, even after the two of you were officially dating.

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Okay instead of asking people to buy you things from your wish list get off your fucking ass and buy it your damn self. Like if you want a 4 ounce chocolate bar get some damn money and buy it. Don't beg for things and saying 'I added less expensive things' doesn't make it right. Sorry but who do you think you are?

Hey guys buy me stuff off my wishlist because this is my blog and I can do whatever I want with it, and just because you don’t want to buy something doesn’t mean you need to be salty!




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I absolutely love your blog and your genderflux shirts and all! I was just wondering your opinion on my wanting to potentially buy one of them for myself since I'm a cis female... I'm definitely trying to steer away from being offensive by involving myself in something that doesn't particularly pertain to me. Or if you would find it okay since I'd be proudly repping 😊 It'd be awesome if anyone else wants to give me feedback on my question as well, if it even makes any sense? Thanks! ❤️❤️

Makes perfect sense! I love that there are cis individuals who can see the brand for what it is and be inspired by it. I want to educate others with the GenderFlux t-shirts, and just because you are cis doesn’t mean that you can’t educate others on what non-binary means or how gender is a spectrum.

Our Non-Binary t-shirt is the most popular and most embraced term among the collection. The campaign shirt, which features a new spin on the transgender symbol is also a favorite. The symbol intrigues people then they ask questions and the opportunity to educate them is yours.

I have a lot of cis friends who are exposed to gender as a spectrum and understand the importance of pronouns and personal boundaries. They wear GenderFlux stuff all the time and educate anyone who asks. I also have friends who when I first met them, they identified as cis, but later discovered otherwise.

That’s what the whole campaign is about. So that said, I think it would be awesome of you to rep the brand and be apart of what my team and I are creating.


-Elliott Alexzander

17632) Sometimes I'll reblog confessions onto my normal blog because I want someone to realise I'm not okay. But the only person who said anything was an anon who told me I "don't have an ED because I haven't been diagnosed." A doctor's diagnosis doesn't change anything, I still have a problem either way. I just don't want it confirmed, I don't want to recover anymore. People hate me.

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Hi! Do you like Stiles? Do you think he deserves to be happy and should be able to be happy? Of course you do, and hate to break it to you but he's happy with Malia. He smiles whenever he sees her, he looks at her like she's his moon. Stiles is finally happy, and has what he's wanted since season one. And yes, he did envision himself with Lydia at first, but then he met this amazing girl who blew him away, and y'know what? He doesn't want Lydia anymore. He's happy with Malia and he loves her

Okay, so I honestly think it’s hilarious when someone feels threatened by a ship that’s not canon when theirs is AND has the need to come to a shipper of said non canon ship’s blog to praise their canon bullshit. Stay in your lane, sweetheart; it’s sad that you’re doing such a thing.

Second, I’ll ship what I want and you’ll ship what you want and that’s okay. WE’RE FREE TO SHIP WHATEVER WE FEEL LIKE SHIPPING. We are also entitled to our own opinions and to voice them, but it’s just not cool to go to someone’s blog to send hate. Again, it’s sad. TAG YOUR SHIT PROPERLY AND STAY OUT OF THE ANTI-TAGS!

Third, I’ll just ignore pretty much half of what you wrote because I’m torn between bursting out laughing or vomiting and I can’t decide which is more suiting.

But I’ll tell you what. Lets hope you’ll be true to your word and remember that when Stiles is with Lydia and happy (when, not if), you’ll accept it because you want him to be happy. Because I do want Stiles happy and I can accept that he currently might be for whatever misguided reason, BUT I DON’T HAVE TO LIKE IT!

Still, I’m gonna save this post for later because this is gonna make me laugh really hard when Stydia becomes canon, so I’ll see you then hon

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One thing that really bewilders me is people using passive!chara flavor text as a way to try and absolve them of all sins. Its so confusing to me because like... Even satan can enjoy watering his garden, y'know? just because Chara can be funny or enjoys chocolate doesn't change the fact they basically killed their entire family + the world. I'm not the only one who finds it a bit weird, am I? (btw, great blog! Chara is my fav and its so cool seeing all these theories.)

(undertale spoilers)

i’m baffled that people think chara potentially doing a few nice things means that it’s totally okay that chara wanted to murder random humans, REGARDLESS of the reason why, as murder is still murder. not to mention asriel’s comment that “chara hated humanity”, which implies it was an act of hatred for humans rather than of compassion for monsters. chara pressured asriel on multiple occasions to go through with their plan. and chara wanted to force asriel, against his will, to murder, even as asriel resisted. 

chara shows no remorse about toriel’s death – in fact, the genocide “talk” option just leads to “not worth talking to” which doesn’t strike me as especially sympathetic. the player does not have the choice to kill asgore or flowey – chara does this themself. in canon, chara chooses to slaughter their own “best friend” (for what could be a multitude of different reasons). chara is shown to have done many morally questionable things even before the player showed up.

if the narrachara theory holds true (and it very well might), then chara IS funny and chara DOES have depth to their personality. that’s the interesting thing! often, characters who have horrible intentions are painted in a completely serious and fun-hating manner, but chara is actually a three-dimensional character. chara has likes (chocolate? dogs? flowers? smells?) and dislikes (long monologues? the player pointlessly redoing a genocide route? other flavour text things?), but none of these things erase the fact that chara tried to force asriel to do something against his will that he didn’t want to do more than anything. they had no regard for asriel’s safety when they purposely provoked the human attacks by bringing their own dead body to the human village.

there is a lot of questionable flavour text even in the pacifist route. the snowdrake’s mother stuff stands out most. i haven’t seen any flavour text that seems to erase every awful thing chara has ever done.

it is never outright stated that chara was abused or that they’re mentally ill (although it is perfectly acceptable to come to either conclusion). our only hint is asriel’s very, very ambiguous comment: “i know why chara climbed the mountain. it wasn’t for a very happy reason.” 

a reason that is not “very happy” could mean a multitude of different things. it could mean that they did something bad and wanted to escape the consequences. it could mean that their family was murdered by other humans and they were left with nowhere else to go. or, like a lot of people think, it could mean that they suffered abuse from the humans they grew up with. the interesting thing about chara is that their past is up to the individual’s interpretation. it’s something that we can only presume but never truly know for sure.

even if chara was the victim of abuse or a traumatic childhood of some sort, that only explains chara’s actions – it doesn’t justify them. wanting to murder at least six (non-specific) people isn’t suddenly okay just because of the past. it’s understandable, but it’s not okay. trying to force asriel (both physically and emotionally) to kill potentially innocent people is not morally okay. these are things that occurred, in canon, before the player had any influence on chara. 

that said, i don’t think that chara was a literal demon (despite how they refer to themself) who was never capable of any positive feeling ever. it’s also possible that they genuinely enjoyed their time with the dreemurrs. they make a lot of references to hell in the genocide route (and not just with the royal guards) which leads me to believe that the “demon” thing is all part of a theme. 

their overwhelming desire to kill people took their life in a bad direction. it seems that chara lost sight of other important things in life after that. it seems they never quite appreciated the good family they eventually got. if chara did, why would they, as intelligent as they proved to be, go through with a plan that could easily end in the deaths of their monster friends even if the plan was successful? why would they risk asriel’s life? why would they force asriel, toriel, and asgore to watch chara die horrifically?

whether or not chara did good things in life or as a part of frisk, it doesn’t excuse the other things that chara did. chara did do things wrong. that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t appreciate how wonderful a character chara is. that doesn’t mean chara never had the potential to do some good. but people should acknowledge the things that chara did because it’s such an important part of their character.

@Everyone who doesn't like zootopia because 'it teaches kids cops are the good guys'

First off I’m not trying to vague blog I just know the @ system is broken? Or at least it was, idk if it still is.

Okay now here’s my point. Zootopia 1) shows cops as the good guys because that’s their JOB. The main character literally is someone who just wants to make the world a good place, like most cops do. 2) it DOES show cops being prejudiced. The chief KNOWS Judy is the best of her class, but still puts her in a position where she can’t do an actual cop’s job. Judy is shown not to trust foxes through the whole movie, even flinching when Nick jumps at her a little. She’s also shown to think that predators have a ‘vicious biology.’

Anyway, of course it’s going to teach kids cops are good, because the majority got this job to help people. You know what’ll happen if you teach kids cops are bad? They won’t report things that happen to them. If you teach a child that a person, who has a job meant to protect them, is evil then they’ll trust that they’re evil and never report things like, I dunno, abuse, domestic violence, rape/molestation, etc.

Do you really want to teach kids not to reach out because ‘these people are bad 100% of the time no matter what.’ Because I know if that had happened to my cousins who were MOLESTED at 6 and 8, then they wouldn’t have said anything until they were older. They would possibly be dead (suicide) and more children probably would’ve suffered from the attacker.
Yes there are bad cops, and that is only somewhat addressed in Zootopia, but do we show movies to kids that go in depth and explain things like murder and rape (movies meant for kids)? I really hope not because that can seriously traumatize a child (things that explain the basics of no touch zone and that kind of thing are different.)
I’m just really annoyed because my friend went to the police just recently to report that their father had been molesting them and their siblings. We were talking and they kept saying “the officer is rlly nice” “Also, the cop who interviewed me was really nice” “And they’re super supportive and really nice” are exact quotes. I know this isn’t the same as some situations where cops are worse, but this obviously shows that these people aren’t just an evil hive mind bent on destruction.