okay what is he wearing in general really

Genius - Zach Herron AU

Description: You’re a close friend of Daniel’s, practically a sister to the boy. You’ve met the Why Don’t We boys a couple of times, though very briefly. When you decide to move to L.A. when you’re accepted into UCLA at age 16, they offer to let you stay with them. However, feelings surface - or maybe resurface - for you and a certain Gemini quickly.
Rating: PG


You take a deep breath as you sit on the plane as everyone gets off. You’re young; your mom freaked. How were you supposed to say no? You couldn’t help it that you surpassed your peers by miles back in elementary and middle school when it came to academics. You stand up and grab the backpack at your feet, which contains a few notebooks, normal books, and lots and lots of pens. You have this odd fascination with pens. You step off the plane and into the terminal, soon out to the airport itself.

Once you enter the building through the big, automatic glass doors, you look around for the goofball you call a best friend - Daniel Seavey. You frown as you don’t see him and debate whether or not to call or just wait. You settle on just wait and head over to get your bags at the baggage claim. You find one of them, which contains all your undergarments, socks, shoes, and shorts/pants/skirts, but the other, which contains all your hoodies, sweaters, jackets, and shirts, is no where to be found.

You, being you, analyze the situation before letting the baggage claim go around once more. You sigh; no bag of yours in sight. You head over to the main office, where, luckily, no one is in line. You walk up to the front and take a quick breath. Talking to strangers has never been your forte; you’re quite awkward.

“Hello, how can I help you?” The man asks. Oh, great, just make the torture worse.

“I-I can’t find my other bag,” you tell him, cursing mentally. You sound like a complaining four-year-old. “I’ve found one of them, but the other wasn’t on the baggage claim.”

“Huh.” He turns to his computer and opens something up. He looks at you. “Name?”

“Y/N Y/L/N,” you reply, leaning over the desk a little bit to see what he finds.

He types in your name, and an odd sound comes out of the computer. You frown and stand up straight, causing you to stop leaning over.

“What’s wrong?” You ask worriedly.

He bites his lip. “I’m sorry, miss, but somehow your bag got onto a flight to London. It’ll be back here in about three weeks, and we’ll call you as soon as it comes.”

You bite your lip too. “Thanks, I guess.”

You leave the office, sulking. What are you going to do? You’re definitely not rich; no way. You can’t pay for another closet full of-

“Y/N!!!” You’re almost tackled to the ground by a gangly, brown-haired boy.

You smile instantly and pat his back. “Good to see you too, Danny.”

(Y/N/N = your nickname)

Daniel pulls away. “I missed you, Y/N/N!”

You pay his shoulder. “I missed you too, bud.”

He looks at you oddly. “That’s weird… you haven’t used any big words and I’m not lost yet. What’s wrong?”

You sigh as the other boys come up. “They lost one of my bags; the bag that has all of my shirts, jackets, hoodies, and makeup in it, to be exact.”

They all frown. You sigh and look down at your hands.

“And I have no money whatsoever for new clothes. I have enough for makeup, though, so could we stop by either a Sephora or Ulta on our way back to your house?” You ask Daniel, looking up at him after saying that mouthful.

“We’ll find a way around your clothes problem, but, yeah, we can stop.” He slings his arm around your shoulder. “How long until the bag gets here?”

You sigh again. “Well, it’s on a plane to London at the moment, so they said three weeks, minimum.”

He cringes. “That’s not good.” He takes your bag. “C'mon, lets go get you some paint for your face.”

You shake your head with a small smile and follow him, the other four in tow.


“Jesus, I now see why you could only afford the makeup,” Daniel says in exasperation. “It’s like twenty bucks for this teeny-tiny bottle of that tannish-stuff.”

“Foundation, I think,” Corbyn butts in.

“Yeah, not all of us have a makeup vlogger as a girlfriend, dude,” Jack tells him.

Corbyn rolls his eyes but smiles at the mention of Christina. You smile a bit at that.

“Finally, I get to give you a hug.” You chuckle as Jonah wraps his arms around you. He, in past visits, always made you feel at home and welcome. The others did too, of course.

“Hey, hey, hey, you’re not the only one.” Jack pushes him away and hugs you too, then Corbyn.

When Zach gives you a hug, you get that funny feeling in your stomach. Of course, you decide to ignore it and he lets go. Daniel comes back in with a box of animal crackers.

“And I thought we were expensive,” he scoffs, referring to boys in general.

You giggle. “What is it with you and animal crackers?”

“They’re good, okay?”


After the first week of wearing Daniel’s shirts to bed and buying a few Walmart t-shirts, you miss your own wardrobe. Especially that one cute sweater that you bought a couple weeks before coming. You really miss that.

“I can take you shopping, if you want,” Zach offers one day, making the funny feeling come back. “I mean, if you want. I have a license so…”

“I would love to, but I’m broke.” You sigh.

He shrugs. “So? I’ve got money.”

You look at him. “Oh, no, I couldn’t let you pay for me.”

He shrugs again. “It can’t be that bad. I mean, we’ve gone with Christina shopping once and that was fine.”

For a split second, you consider the offer. This feels like one of those things in that Episode app you used to have where you had to pay for a certain choice, only you had enough gems and you weren’t sure.

“Just go,” Daniel says from where he is playing FIFA. “Let someone treat you to something for once, Y/N.”

“But you’re already letting me stay here until I can-”

“Nope, c'mon.” Daniel grabs your hand and drags you off the couch, giving his remote to Corbyn. “You’re going with Zach. He’s being kind, since that’s all he knows how to do.”

You sigh and walk with Daniel to the door, him letting go of your hand. He looks at you. “Buy whatever you want and do not feel guilty. For sixteen, Zach has more money than he knows what to do with.”

“It’s true,” Zach says as he joins the two of you.

“Now go! I want you back home with mounds of clothes!” Daniel pushes the two of you out the door after subtly winking at Zach, which you don’t catch.

As yo two walk to Zach’s car, Daniel heads back to the living room with a sly smirk.

“I don’t like that look,” Jack says as they take a break from FIFA.

Daniel just smiles. “It’s going to work; I know it. Zach can finally get his mind off of that girl, whoever she was, and Y/N can take a risk once in a while.”

“You’re saying Zach’s a risk?” Jonah asks with a grin.

Daniels scoffs. “No way. That kid’s got chivalry and kindness down. To her, everything’s a risk because she’s underage and going to college.”

“I still don’t get that,” Corbyn says. “I mean, how can someone possibly be that smart?”

Daniel shrugs as he grabs a box of animal crackers.

“Probably because she never ate any animal crackers,” Jack comments.


As the boys talk about you two, the two of you are actually heading into Rue 21. You had told Zach just to go to Target or Walmart or somewhere cheap, but he refused. When you finally gave up and told him the stores you usually shopped at like he asked, he drove to the mall and now here you are.

“Get whatever you want,” he tells you with a small smile. “I don’t care.”

You sigh, having given up, and he follows you to the section of the store with the t-shirts and hoodies and such. You find a cute shirt with a finger gun on it going ‘pew-pew’, and soon you find an adorable pug sweater. As you try everything on and find more, Zach just sticks with you, telling you, honestly, what he thinks. Of course, it’s not blunt honesty but soft honesty, as you like to call it. For example, when you picked out a horrible-looking dress, he tells you that it doesn’t compliment your skin tone like 'x’ dress. You appreciate his input, and, eventually, after about six shops and too many bags, the two of you head to the food court.

“Thanks again, Zach,” you tell him as he also pays for your Panda Express, which you argued about for a small amount of time. You should really learn.

He smiles. “No problem. I even got this sweater, so it’s cool. It’ll help with the upcoming shoot we’re doing.”

You nod and go to grab your plate, but he has it already and heads to a table. You follow suit, thankful for him since your hands are practically full.

As you eat, you can’t help but get that funny feeling in your stomach. Nobody at your school had ever been this nice to you; you were always viewed as the crazy nerd that wanted to graduate early. They treated you as if they’d catch a virus from you. It was awful.

“Something wrong?” Zach asks, and you look up from your plate, surprised.

“No,” you lie. “Why-Why do you ask?”

He shrugs. “You just looked really sad for a second.”

The same thing came up as before where you felt like you were in that stupid Episode game. You debate whether or not to tell Zach. You mean, it seems like you can trust him. He’s sweet, he’s nice, he’s nice looking-

'Woah, Y/N,’ you tell yourself. 'Hold your horses. He doesn’t see you like that.’

“I just…no one’s ever been this nice to me, other than Daniel,” you tell him shyly. “All the kids at my school thought I was a freak.”

He frowns. “Why? Just because you’re smarter than them?”

You shrug.

He scoffs. “Kids do a lot of rude stuff, especially when it comes down to someone being better at something than them. Just because you are smarter than them - which I know because you’re wayyy smarter than me - they wouldn’t accept you. That’s just stupid. Don’t dwell on that, Y/N, they’re not good enough for you.”

You look up. “You really mean that?”

He twirls chow mien around his chopsticks. “I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it.”

That day, the funny feeling grows.


Over the next week or so, you and Zach hang around each other more. Daniel gives you odd looks when Zach sits next to you willingly or offers to get you something when he goes somewhere. As you sit on the edge of the pool one day while Zach’s in it playing around with Jonah and Corbyn, Daniel comes and sits next to you, swinging his legs in the water like you are.

“So…” Daniel says. “How do you like L.A.?”

You shrug. “I like it. A lot. You guys are most of that, though.”

Daniel laughs. “Yeah, we are pretty awesome.”

You roll your eyes and wave back to Zach, who waved at you a few minutes before.

“What’s going on with you and Zach?” Daniel asks.

You blush a little, though you try to hide it. “I don’t really know…we’re just friends, I guess.”

Daniel looks at you. “Do you like him?” He wiggles his eyebrows.

You laugh and push him, but he catches himself. “I don’t know, actually.”

Daniel’s whole face lights up. “I think he likes you, Y/N. You should make a move.”

You look at him like he’s crazy. “No! I can barely hear his name and not blush!”

Of course, you two are whispering. As you continue your short conversation, Jonah and Corbyn get out of the pool while Jack gets up from the chair he was drying off in. You push Daniel in after he wiggles his eyebrows again, laughing as you do so.

“Hey!” He resurfaces. “What’s up with that??”

You giggle. “Stop being an idiot and I would’ve have pushed you in, ya dork.”

You continue laughing, though you don’t notice Zach come up behind you, dripping wet. He counts to three silently and Daniel winks on three.

“What was the wink fo-” you scream as you fall into the water, and Zach plummets next to you.

You push yourself up and gasp for air, brushing your hair off of your face. “What was that for?”

Everyone else has left, leaving the two of you alone as Zach smiles.

“You were so boring, just sitting there,” he says. “So I decided to have some fun and make you un-boring.”

You roll your eyes. “Gee, thanks, Zach. Good to know how boring I am.”

He laughs. “You’re welcome, Y/N.”

The both of you are silent for a moment, and Zach rubs his neck as you two float there.

“Hey, uh, Y/N?” Zach asks.

You look at him. “Yeah?”

“I, uh, can I say something?” He asks.

“Unless you’ve suddenly turned mute, which, according to the laws of science and the human body and brain, is very unlikely, then I would say yes, yes you can,” you ramble, which he just laughs at.

You blush as Zach just calms down before sighing.

“Look, I’ve really enjoyed spending the past week or two with you, and I just…I was wondering, you see-”

“Yes.” You cover your mouth as Zach just bursts into laughter again, causing you to blush crimson.

“Okay, how about at seven tonight?” He asks you.

You just nod, your hands still covering your mouth as he ducks his head under the water and disappears.


The end!! Hope you enjoyed! trying to get my writer’s block gone so I can work on a request for @ashleyswriting!

some Hansol headcanons

•  so I know I’ve mentioned hella times that he’s a huge cuddler but like…
•  he really is!!!!
•  nothing feels better than being squished by him and having him press quick, tiny little kisses all over your face esp when he’s feeling extra cute
•  he goes into fanboy mode when you suggest doing his makeup
•  busts out his finest pallets and highlighters and pencils and sits you down in front of him omg
•  he’d love any kind of style you’re going for, and will take a 100 selfies of the finished product and pose cutely with you
•  greasy food hunting has become a part of your weekend routine
•  like yall would stroll down the city streets for hours just looking for a new restaurant or food truck that you haven’t already visited
•  he makes you feel comforted and warm when he makes you a meal if you’re sick
•  and absolutely LOVES that you fuss over him when he’s sick himself
•  don’t put it above him to whine and moan about needing cuddles even when he’s sick
•  he’s become very fond of early morning talks
•  esp when he’s away and can’t whisper sweetnothings in your ear
•  so you’d talk on the phone for hours as soon as one of you wakes up
•  Hansol feeds you in front of the other members to stop them from nagging and teasing him
•  or he just wants to show off that he’s in love and they’re all lonely lmao
•  when he sees cats or dogs on the streets, expect him to be chatting them up for hours
•  “awwwwwhhhhhhhuhuh please, y/n, can we have one?”
•  animals in general seem to be drawn to him bc he’s so angelic omg he would own a petting zoo by now if he could
•  I bet he’d call you the cutest/cringiest nicknames ever but it’s so endearing
•  he doesn’t even know what privacy means tbh he’d jump in the shower or come lay on top of you whenever the mood hit him
•  I mean as long as you were okay with it lmao but yall wouldn’t get along if you weren’t big on skinship
•  he plays with your ears without really knowing
•  esp if you’re wearing cool earrings, his hands would always find their way to your ears or the crook of your neck to mess with them
•  he loves serving you hot drinks on a cold day, where you both would sit and watch the snow or rain outside
•  he’ll open up his jacket and squeeze you in there if you’re not wearing something thick aw baby
•  he just really worries about you a lot sometimes
•  this kitten deserves every ounce of love and cuddles and hugs in the world 🌸

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Namjoon’s Affection

Before I start this, I wanna say a h u g e thank you for 4,700 followers!!!! I can’t believe I just actually typed that number out I’m so so so grateful to all of you and I hope all of you are just having really good days/nights/whatever time you’re reading this at!! Onto our amazing leader, my lowkey spirit animal who is so lovable and cute and tiny even though he’s not actually tiny he’s tiny in my heart bc he’s so sweet and precious and I wanna protect him, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka joon

  • Just a quick explanation of this since it’s pretty self explanatory, this is just gonna be a post about I think the boys would cuddle/hug, their PDA levels, etc.
  • An actual flirt
  • It doesn’t matter how long you two have been together, he’s gonna flirt he could be an old man and still be winking at you when he walks by
  • “Lemme get that number”
  • “We’ve been dating for four years”
  • He’s not gonna be overly affectionate like he’s not gonna be hanging off of you 24/7 but he’s definitely gonna have his moments where he wants all the affection
  • He l o v e s it when you initiate the affection but Namjoon is a flirty person when he wants to be so he doesn’t have any issue being the one to grab your hand first so he’s really okay with both options
  • Calls you every pet name in the book but babe and baby are his favorites (have you ever heard Namjoon say baby bc it’s actually real cute)
  • Kim Dailys, selfies, pictures of you taken by him, pictures of him taken by you just all the photos
  • Your biggest supporter tbh like he’s forever encouraging you to just do whatever you wanna do, if you wanna wear an all pink outfit, go wear an all pink outfit, you wanna grow your hair out or you wanna cut it short, you go for it, Namjoon is all about self-expression and being yourself and supporting the things you believe in
  • Forever making you laugh tbh he’ll sing randomly and he’ll sing off key on purpose just to make you smiley
  • Likes to squish your cheeks or sometimes pinch them
  • Thinks you’re the cut e s t, is forever smiling at you and giggling his cute lil giggle but also knows when to be serious
  • He would be s o good to talk to side note, he’s so smart and he’s so mature for his age but still has his childish side so you could talk to him about serious things but then you could also talk to him about Spongebob theories
  • Pillow talking with joon would be a nightly occurrence but how long it lasts depends on his day and yours
  • If he’s had a really long day and he’s really tired, it’s gonna be hard to stay away once his head is on that pillow and he’s under all of the blankets and he has you in his arms and he’s just so warm like how is he supposed to stay awake
  • But at the same time he lo v es pillow talk so much it’s one of his favorite parts of the day and he loves hearing about what you did that day and he loves telling you about what he did, his new music he’s working on, a new song he started that he’s really excited about
  • It always happens while you two are cuddling
  • He likes being able to hold you so really any cuddle position that will allow that is a okay with him
  • A big spoon situation, your head on his chest, his on yours, those are his top three
  • He’s of course not gonna be upset if he doesn’t get to sleep in one of those three bc cuddling is still cuddling but he definitely likes it a lot more when he’s able to have his arm around you and be able to pull you closer or kiss your forehead or shoulder or cheek (wherever he can reach really)
  • Namjoon is pretty much a giant teddy bear like when you first see him and you watch him on stage he looks so badass and confident and it’s like well shi t but then you see him off stage and he’s so smol he’s so giggly and goofy and he’s the pure definition of giant teddy bear
  • A big fan of the back hug
  • He loves (l o v e s) how sometimes he’ll be doing something, making music, getting ready for the day, just relaxing and playing on his phone and then he’ll feel your arms go around him and your head on his shoulder or his back, he always has to smile and those beautiful dimples make an appearance every time
  • But he always really loves being able to do the same thing to you and surprise you with a back hug and let his chin rest on top of your head or your shoulder (depending on height differences) and give you a lil squeeze just to say hi bc he’s curious about what you’re doing
  • Idk what it is about joon but he just looks like so much fun to hug/cuddle, he looks so cuddly and sweet and he’s definitely a hair stroker he likes playing with your hair when you hug and depending on the mood, he’ll either mess it up to annoy you (that’s a more playful hug) or he’d be stroking it really gently and it’s so soothing and you could hug him forever
  • Namjoon would totally leave behind a couple of his favorite hoodies for you when he goes on tour and they all smell like his cologne and sometimes when you miss his hugs, you’ll wear them bc his hugs are just as warm and comfy
  • He does like holding hands but as I’ll talk about in the PDA bit, he prefers having his arm over your shoulders but he doesn’t mind some hand holding
  • He normally does it when you two are sitting down or when you’re talking to each other and you’re sitting really close to each other and his eyes are focused on you and they have that really soft in love look
  • He’s more likely to just hold your hand in his but he’s not gonna complain if you decide to interlock your fingers with his
  • As you’re talking, he’ll give the back of your hand lil kisses as a silent “I’m listening keep going”
  • He likes kissing your forehead or the top of your head (even if it requires getting onto the tips of his toes to do it) cheek kisses are pretty frequent as well though
  • The cheek kisses are more frequent in public and they’re very common when you’ve done something he finds cute or when he’s just feeling affectionate and wants to say “I love you” in a cute way while the forehead kisses are more frequent in private
  • Forehead kisses are his greeting kisses, like when he comes home or you get home, they’re the goodbye kisses when one of you leaves, they’re the “I just walked in a room you’re in and wanted to say hi” kisses
  • His lips are s o nice have you ever just admired the fact that his lips are so full and they look so soft honestly just fuck me up
  • He’s more of a meaningful kiss type of person but he does love the playful kisses too bc they make you happy and they make him happy and you really can’t help but smile 
  • But he really really really loves being able to put all of his love into a kiss and being able to put all the emotions he can’t find words for into it and knowing that you love him just as much, he just really loves all of it
  • He always has to move your fringe out of your face before he does it, he’s always gotta end it with a quick, soft lil kiss, he’s always gotta hold onto the back of your neck to pull you closer
  • But his playful kisses are really cute too, they’re much lighter, they’ve still got a lot of love in them but their purpose is more to make you smile or laugh and to cheer you up
  • Onto PDA levels
  • Arm over your shoulders always a l w a y s
  • Hand holding is cute and all, it makes him smile but there’s just something about being able to have his arm over your shoulders and have you super close to him and being able to know you’re right there is just wow he loves it
  • This isn’t even a head canon, joon is forever putting his arm around people and it’s so fucking cute and endearing what a sweetheart
  • He’s not very shy about PDA, he’s not an extremely shy person in general but he does have his moments
  • He’s not gonna wanna be making out in public but he’s okay with a couple kisses here and there, more of a “peck” rather than a kiss (I’m really tempted to make a reference to his whole thing about why a kiss is a kiss but I’m not gonna)
  • Bonus if you surprise him with a kiss bc then he gets all flustered and giggly and :D
  • Probably really loves matching themed outfits, so like both of you wearing an all black outfit or both of you going for a certain look just bc aesthetic as fuCK
  • Affection with Namjoon is v v loving and warm and it always makes both of you really happy

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(Clawing across the sand of a vast desert) need,,,, more,,,,, blupburns,,,,,

I feel this ask so hard,,,Big Mood

So me and @trustlup threw some headcanons together for ya

- clothes sharing which is…so important. Magnus wears a bandana around his neck most of the time but Lup and Barry have both “borrowed” one in the past and never given it back, but magnus doesnt mind because he likes seeing them wear them
- Lup can wear all of both of their clothes, mostly Barry’s jeans and Magnus’s big flannels. Barry can also wear Magnus’s shirts and he likes them because they make him feel small
- in fact almost everything about Magnus makes him feel small, which is novel feeling for him. Barry’s not tall but he’s stout and soft and usually can’t help the feeling that he’s too much, that there’s too much of him, but Magnus’s hands are so big and cover so much of him that he never has to feel too big with him
- They without thinking always get each other coffees without ever asking or even if they need it or if they still have a full one they are still grabbing another
- Barry loves playing with Lup’s hands and does it when he’s nervous or working through a problem it’s just sorta, second nature to have something to do with his own hands and they hold hands
- Lup and Magnus are well suited to each other because they have so much energy and zest and playfulness but they’re also both extremely reckless. Davenport says he trusts Barry to keep them both in check but Barry doesn’t a) because who could possibly control them and b) he likes watching their antics
- Barry tries to teach Magnus to play piano but only ever gets around to teaching him the accompaniment line to ‘heart and soul’. Years later (post thc) Magnus still remembers how to play it but has no idea where he learned it or what the main line sounds like
- magnus and Lup have a lot of, let’s say, stamina, flexibility and creativity in the bedroom and often wear Barry out trying to keep up with them (but he has fun too so it’s okay)
- I’ve got a lot of nsfw ones but I’ll try to keep this more general
- Magnus is a…huge sap and loves on both of them all the time. He’s also the first to say “I love you” to either of them
- Lup just sorta naturally makes dairy free editions to their meals in a smaller portion. Never really mentions it just. does it and barry cries.
- Barry has a really nervous and sensitive stomach and gets sick quite frequently, especially when Lup has been cooking something more elaborate or spicy. He tries to hide it at first because he doesn’t wanna hurt her feelings
- they all love to kiss all the time, everywhere, and it grosses everyone out. They’ve also had sex in every room on the starblaster and been walked in on so much that it doesn’t even phase any of the IPRE anymore
- Magnus and Lup love that plush Bluejean-covered ass so much

That’s all I have for now but I hope this helps water your crops

Things in the Nintendo Direct we should be talking about

-Warning: Most of this is just me blabbing about Crusty Sean-

Bisk. Just in general. He’s a friendly spider crab who looks really derpy! And he owns a shop called Shella Fresh. He’s just perfect!

Nintendo makes the same squidhole joke as they did in their previous direct.

Speaking of the previous game, Port Mackerel’s back! With sponges!

You can play with your friends in Splatfests now!!! That’s super cool!

-Okay, here’s the part where I start obsessing over Crusty Sean. Feel free to stop reading.-

Crusty Sean’s back, but with a food truck? What? He seems to be selling food that look oddly similar to his own species… He’s also wearing glasses!!!! And make sure you notice that he calls one of his dishes a “Super Seanwich.” In less important news, his outfit has also changed, including his shoes!

He’s also still a Squid Sisters fan, as he’s sporting a sunshade with them on it in his food truck!

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okay so I lowkey have a cold and can’t really smell tHAt much bUT they do smell really nice actually from what I did get! Like all of them! They all smell great!! not even for like wearing a cologne or whatever but just like in general lmao anyway I can’t really explain it but they smell good, reaaaaalll goooood👀👌🏼

Better Than Good

Fandom: Supernatural

Word count: 1946

Characters: Dean x daughter!reader, Sam

Warnings: cheating boyfriend insulting weight, looks etc, breakups, Dean being overprotective

Summary: Requested by @savingpeoplepuntingthings . The reader’s boyfriend sends her a text meant for someone else.

You never seemed to have enough time to get ready for dates. No matter how far you planned in advance, you were always rushing to get ready at the last minute, and hoping desperately that you wouldn’t smudge your make-up in the process because then you’d have to do it all again.

And your dad was no help. He and your uncle found it both amusing and bewildering that you got so wound up about getting ready for dates.

“Y/N. If you want to be at that restaurant by half past seven, then we need to go,” your dad said tiredly through the door.

“Yeah, one sec! I just need…” You scanned the floor, looking for your heels, then scooped them up. “Found them! Okay, I’m coming now.”

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10 and 38 for James and Sharna please.

Sorry this is kinda late! 

Send me a number and I’ll tell you [X] : 

10. Who drives? Cooks? Does the handiwork? Cleans? Pays the bills? Handles the public?
James usually likes to drive (obviously) which works out because Sharna likes using her phone in the car, but when they go to an unfamiliar place, she drives because she can barely work the navigation system on her phone, so he has to be the one to give her directions. They have made a rule that whoever sits shot gun gets to control the radio. 

James likes to cook breakfast, and they always try to cook dinner together when they’re not eating at a restaurant or ordering take out. He has a chef’s Italian voice that Sharna loves to hear so she’s always in the kitchen asking him to narrate what he’s doing. She tries to “help out” but she mostly ends up trying to distract him, especially when she tastes the food.

James does the day to day handiwork, but Sharna loves to decorate and build things, so whenever they order new furniture, she’s the one who assembles them, and he reads the manual because she refuses to. 

They both take care of Duke and Daisy and they walk them everyday that they’re together. Daisy seems to favor James a lot more than Duke does, even though James likes playing with Duke more. 

James set up automatic payments because their lives are too busy to remember to pay the bills. 

She and James are both charismatic enough to handle their own selves for interviews.

What are they like in the bedroom? Any kinks/fetishes/turn-ons? Anything they won’t do? Lmaooo I can’t believe I got asked this!

Okay let’s see, James jokes about fetishes and kinks just to get a reaction out of Sharna but doesn’t actually have any ones that are really out there. He does however love when she wears his t-shirts, something about it really gets his engines revving you feel? They both have a weird thing for fire suits on each other, for James, it’s just her wearing them in general. And for Sharna, it’s when he has half of it hanging off his waist. Sharna’s confidence is a huge turn on for him, especially because he loves a good challenge. They also take pleasure in watching each other come undone and how they just seem to fit with each other so perfectly. Sharna loves to kiss the pulse on his neck and feel the beat against her lips. James adores how she can go from sexy to sweet in an instant and is always learning something new about her. 

He’s also a really big tease in bed, as opposed to Sharna who’s a big tease to get him into it. One night, James was doing some sort of paper work, but Sharna came to him with a problem. He smirked when her “problem” was that she needed him to come to bed with her immediately and he asked for 20 more minutes. She responded by asking if his car needed maintenance wouldn’t he try to fix it right away? He had laughed and told her that her analogy was silly and he’d be in bed soon. Then, she huffed and responded by standing behind him and rubbing him from his shoulders down to his chest, whispering in his ear that she guess she had take care of the problem with her own hands. He was in the room to help her, no more than two minutes later.

One of things she quickly learned early on in their relationship, is how focused and in-tune James is with her in bed; it’s her least and most favorite part about their sex life. He knows exactly how to get her off quickly when they don’t have much time, how to gently make passionate love to her in a way that it feels like it lasts all night, how to wake up her up in the morning with lazy make out sessions before they start their day, or how to tease her until she’s ready to strangle him. Nonetheless, James is always putting her first, making sure she’s fully satisfied before allowing pleasure for himself and Sharna always makes sure to return the favor. She absolutely loves it when James is completely dazed and wrecked afterwards; he considers it a job well done on her end when he isn’t able to come up with a sarcastic comment or even form coherent sentences for that matter.

Sex is especially great when they reunite after not seeing each other for a while, because they’ve obviously missed each other and phone sex just doesn’t cut it. There was one time in particular where James got in a fairly bad crash, and the whole thing ended up being the cause of a big argument for them. Eventually, it led to a night of him proving to her that every part of him was intact and her holding and kissing and touching every part of his body to make sure he was really okay. 

One thing they won’t do, is anything in front of Daisy and Duke. It almost happened once, and they ended up not being able to go through with it. Something they have tried, but would probably never do again, is to have sex in the shower; it ended up being alot more complicated than they thought, not to mention way more dangerous. Anywhere else in the apartment however, is fair game. The beach is also a place where they’ve tried, but the sand did end up getting everywhere. So, while it was certainly and interesting experience, probably not a place they would ever consider doing it again. 

Whoops, looks like I kinda got carried away there! Thanks for the ask, it was pretty interesting to write, not gonna lie!

minimallyeschew  asked:

yooooo if you wanted to write a fic that was like "we are wearing matching but also really obscure halloween costumes at this party right now, wtf??" i would be v v happy!!

THIS IS ALSO FOR @book-pirate, who asked for “ Accidental matching costumes for bellarke?”

Clarke does not do matching costumes. She was part of a giant group costume in freshman year, where her and five of her friends went as a rainbow, because all she had to do for that was dress entirely in blue, and it really got out the “I’m not straight” message, which meant she got to make out with Raven Reyes for an hour. So it went pretty well, but Clarke still, largely, is not a fan of the whole matching costume thing.

Which is why it’s so fucking irritating that everyone thinks she and Bellamy Blake planned this.

“How does anyone even know who we are?” she demands. She knows it’s not his fault, but she’s going to yell at him because that’s kind of her default. Yelling at Bellamy is a way of life.

“You know we’re at Jasper and Monty’s party and you’re dressed as a Final Fantasy character, right? Did you think they weren’t going to recognize you?”

Clarke had chosen Celes because she was kind of hoping to get laid, and the combination of cape and no pants seemed like a pretty great way to get that message across. Plus, Wells dragged her to Otakon last summer, so she already had the outfit, because Wells is really into cosplay. And she’s played Final Fantasy VI on her DS like five times, so if any of Jasper and Monty’s comp sci friends try to call fake geek girl on her, she can kick their asses on like every level, which is always a fun thing to do at parties.

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