okay what is he wearing in general really

Namjoon’s Affection

Before I start this, I wanna say a h u g e thank you for 4,700 followers!!!! I can’t believe I just actually typed that number out I’m so so so grateful to all of you and I hope all of you are just having really good days/nights/whatever time you’re reading this at!! Onto our amazing leader, my lowkey spirit animal who is so lovable and cute and tiny even though he’s not actually tiny he’s tiny in my heart bc he’s so sweet and precious and I wanna protect him, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka joon

  • Just a quick explanation of this since it’s pretty self explanatory, this is just gonna be a post about I think the boys would cuddle/hug, their PDA levels, etc.
  • An actual flirt
  • It doesn’t matter how long you two have been together, he’s gonna flirt he could be an old man and still be winking at you when he walks by
  • “Lemme get that number”
  • “We’ve been dating for four years”
  • He’s not gonna be overly affectionate like he’s not gonna be hanging off of you 24/7 but he’s definitely gonna have his moments where he wants all the affection
  • He l o v e s it when you initiate the affection but Namjoon is a flirty person when he wants to be so he doesn’t have any issue being the one to grab your hand first so he’s really okay with both options
  • Calls you every pet name in the book but babe and baby are his favorites (have you ever heard Namjoon say baby bc it’s actually real cute)
  • Kim Dailys, selfies, pictures of you taken by him, pictures of him taken by you just all the photos
  • Your biggest supporter tbh like he’s forever encouraging you to just do whatever you wanna do, if you wanna wear an all pink outfit, go wear an all pink outfit, you wanna grow your hair out or you wanna cut it short, you go for it, Namjoon is all about self-expression and being yourself and supporting the things you believe in
  • Forever making you laugh tbh he’ll sing randomly and he’ll sing off key on purpose just to make you smiley
  • Likes to squish your cheeks or sometimes pinch them
  • Thinks you’re the cut e s t, is forever smiling at you and giggling his cute lil giggle but also knows when to be serious
  • He would be s o good to talk to side note, he’s so smart and he’s so mature for his age but still has his childish side so you could talk to him about serious things but then you could also talk to him about Spongebob theories
  • Pillow talking with joon would be a nightly occurrence but how long it lasts depends on his day and yours
  • If he’s had a really long day and he’s really tired, it’s gonna be hard to stay away once his head is on that pillow and he’s under all of the blankets and he has you in his arms and he’s just so warm like how is he supposed to stay awake
  • But at the same time he lo v es pillow talk so much it’s one of his favorite parts of the day and he loves hearing about what you did that day and he loves telling you about what he did, his new music he’s working on, a new song he started that he’s really excited about
  • It always happens while you two are cuddling
  • He likes being able to hold you so really any cuddle position that will allow that is a okay with him
  • A big spoon situation, your head on his chest, his on yours, those are his top three
  • He’s of course not gonna be upset if he doesn’t get to sleep in one of those three bc cuddling is still cuddling but he definitely likes it a lot more when he’s able to have his arm around you and be able to pull you closer or kiss your forehead or shoulder or cheek (wherever he can reach really)
  • Namjoon is pretty much a giant teddy bear like when you first see him and you watch him on stage he looks so badass and confident and it’s like well shi t but then you see him off stage and he’s so smol he’s so giggly and goofy and he’s the pure definition of giant teddy bear
  • A big fan of the back hug
  • He loves (l o v e s) how sometimes he’ll be doing something, making music, getting ready for the day, just relaxing and playing on his phone and then he’ll feel your arms go around him and your head on his shoulder or his back, he always has to smile and those beautiful dimples make an appearance every time
  • But he always really loves being able to do the same thing to you and surprise you with a back hug and let his chin rest on top of your head or your shoulder (depending on height differences) and give you a lil squeeze just to say hi bc he’s curious about what you’re doing
  • Idk what it is about joon but he just looks like so much fun to hug/cuddle, he looks so cuddly and sweet and he’s definitely a hair stroker he likes playing with your hair when you hug and depending on the mood, he’ll either mess it up to annoy you (that’s a more playful hug) or he’d be stroking it really gently and it’s so soothing and you could hug him forever
  • Namjoon would totally leave behind a couple of his favorite hoodies for you when he goes on tour and they all smell like his cologne and sometimes when you miss his hugs, you’ll wear them bc his hugs are just as warm and comfy
  • He does like holding hands but as I’ll talk about in the PDA bit, he prefers having his arm over your shoulders but he doesn’t mind some hand holding
  • He normally does it when you two are sitting down or when you’re talking to each other and you’re sitting really close to each other and his eyes are focused on you and they have that really soft in love look
  • He’s more likely to just hold your hand in his but he’s not gonna complain if you decide to interlock your fingers with his
  • As you’re talking, he’ll give the back of your hand lil kisses as a silent “I’m listening keep going”
  • He likes kissing your forehead or the top of your head (even if it requires getting onto the tips of his toes to do it) cheek kisses are pretty frequent as well though
  • The cheek kisses are more frequent in public and they’re very common when you’ve done something he finds cute or when he’s just feeling affectionate and wants to say “I love you” in a cute way while the forehead kisses are more frequent in private
  • Forehead kisses are his greeting kisses, like when he comes home or you get home, they’re the goodbye kisses when one of you leaves, they’re the “I just walked in a room you’re in and wanted to say hi” kisses
  • His lips are s o nice have you ever just admired the fact that his lips are so full and they look so soft honestly just fuck me up
  • He’s more of a meaningful kiss type of person but he does love the playful kisses too bc they make you happy and they make him happy and you really can’t help but smile 
  • But he really really really loves being able to put all of his love into a kiss and being able to put all the emotions he can’t find words for into it and knowing that you love him just as much, he just really loves all of it
  • He always has to move your fringe out of your face before he does it, he’s always gotta end it with a quick, soft lil kiss, he’s always gotta hold onto the back of your neck to pull you closer
  • But his playful kisses are really cute too, they’re much lighter, they’ve still got a lot of love in them but their purpose is more to make you smile or laugh and to cheer you up
  • Onto PDA levels
  • Arm over your shoulders always a l w a y s
  • Hand holding is cute and all, it makes him smile but there’s just something about being able to have his arm over your shoulders and have you super close to him and being able to know you’re right there is just wow he loves it
  • This isn’t even a head canon, joon is forever putting his arm around people and it’s so fucking cute and endearing what a sweetheart
  • He’s not very shy about PDA, he’s not an extremely shy person in general but he does have his moments
  • He’s not gonna wanna be making out in public but he’s okay with a couple kisses here and there, more of a “peck” rather than a kiss (I’m really tempted to make a reference to his whole thing about why a kiss is a kiss but I’m not gonna)
  • Bonus if you surprise him with a kiss bc then he gets all flustered and giggly and :D
  • Probably really loves matching themed outfits, so like both of you wearing an all black outfit or both of you going for a certain look just bc aesthetic as fuCK
  • Affection with Namjoon is v v loving and warm and it always makes both of you really happy
Better Than Good

Fandom: Supernatural

Word count: 1946

Characters: Dean x daughter!reader, Sam

Warnings: cheating boyfriend insulting weight, looks etc, breakups, Dean being overprotective

Summary: Requested by @savingpeoplepuntingthings . The reader’s boyfriend sends her a text meant for someone else.

You never seemed to have enough time to get ready for dates. No matter how far you planned in advance, you were always rushing to get ready at the last minute, and hoping desperately that you wouldn’t smudge your make-up in the process because then you’d have to do it all again.

And your dad was no help. He and your uncle found it both amusing and bewildering that you got so wound up about getting ready for dates.

“Y/N. If you want to be at that restaurant by half past seven, then we need to go,” your dad said tiredly through the door.

“Yeah, one sec! I just need…” You scanned the floor, looking for your heels, then scooped them up. “Found them! Okay, I’m coming now.”

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mybeautifulclonebabies  asked:

1-10 for Kralj :3

1. What do they smell like?

Kralj always has a hint of a woodsy, fallen leaves sort of scent underneath the smell of blasterfire.

2. What is their voice like?

Deep, more so than his brothers, with a gravely sort of tone to it.

3. What is their biggest motivator?

His biggest motivation is keeping his team together and safe.

4. What is their most embarrassing memory?

Probably getting his face clawed up by a nexu on a rookie mistake. But, one time he almost walked in on his general in the freshers taking a shower, he booked it out of there so fast he almost ran Shadow over in the halls.

5. How do they deal with/react to pain?

Grits his teeth and ignores it when he can, and eventually crumbles later when he feels safe/okay doing so.

6. What do they like to wear?

He is really fond of his armor, however, he was given a nice tunic and pants to wear on leave on Coruscant, and they are very soft and comfortable. He rarely wears them though, always feels embarrassed to be seen in civvie clothing.

7. Which of their relationships have impacted them most positively?

His general, Nile Renarus has been a good impact on his life. She helped teach him the value of his own life, and to not throw it away so carelessly. Shadow, who is always his voice of reason, and WILL kick his butt if he has to.

8. What’s the weirdest thing they’ve ever eaten?

Some kind of bug stir fry concoction during an undercover mission. (It was gross)

9. Describe the way that they sleep.

Kralj can often be found sleeping on his left side with his blanket pulled up to his chin and his left arm tucked under the pillow.

10. What is their favorite food/kind of food?

He loves breakfast food, especially fried eggs and any sort of sweet breakfast pastry.

Kylo Ren Imagine

Imagine Kylo overhears a conversation between Phasma and you where you tell her that you have a crush on Kylo.

Originally posted by reylooo

„You look concerned Y/N. Did something happen to you ?“ Phasma asked curious while she took off her helmet.
You hesitated for a moment. „Not really but.. I have a problem with Kylo. I think that he manipulates me with the force.“
Phasma glanced worried at you. „This doesn‘t sound good. Why do you think the commander would do something to you ?“
„Because he stares at me since a few weeks. I can‘t see his face through the mask but I feel his gaze on my body. Also I feel so weird when he‘s around me. My head is empty , my cheeks turn red and I start to sweat but I should be angry at him for his behavior.“
Phasma giggled.
„It‘s not really funny for me , you know. We used to be so good friends but now I think he‘s mad at me and I don‘t know what I did wrong.“
Phasma smirked at you. „I don‘t think the Commander uses the force on you. In my opinion you‘re just really sick. Both of you.“
You looked at her with wide eyes. „Oh no , do you think it‘s deadly ?“
She laughed and patted on your shoulder. „Not that kind of sick. I think you‘re in love. Like you have a crush on the commander. And after your description I think he likes you back but he doesn‘t know how to express his feelings properly.“
You thought about her words for a moment.
„Actually this makes more sense. Help me , what should I do now !?“
Phasma shrugged. „Tell him.“
„Really helpful , thank you Phasma.“
„How about you tell me what you like about the commander ? Maybe you will find the courage to tell him about your crush then.“
You started to blush. „Uh… okay so I like his sense of humor. His cheeky comments on General Hux are really funny. He‘s good looking and in my opinion he should never wear his mask. His fashion sense is really good too and I really appreciate his friendship. Also he‘s a skilled fighter and his lightsaber looks so cool ! But to be honest , I could never tell him all this stuff in his face.“
Phasma grinned. „I think you don‘t have to anymore. I‘ll leave you guys
alone now.“
She took her helmet and left you alone.
You turned around to find Kylo in front of you. Your cheeks flushed red and you had the bad feeling he heard everything.
„How long have you been standing here !?“ you asked embarrassed.
„Since you thought your crush is deadly. I‘m really sorry you felt so bad because of me.“
Your heart started to beat faster. „It‘s okay.. but please stop avoiding me. We don‘t need to start dating if you don‘t like me that much but don‘t end the friendship because of my feelings.“
Kylo took off his helmet and smiled at you. „I‘d never end the friendship with
you ! And to be honest… the relationship thing… Your words really touched me. I‘m happy that you think like that about me because normally people fear or hate me but you think so different. So… if you want to you could visit me later in my quarters. We could hang out and I can show you some force stuff if you‘re interested in it.“
You smiled. „With pleasure ! But… is this a date or are we just hanging out ?“
Kylo blushed. „A date ! I guess.”
You walked past Kylo and gave him a kiss on his cheek. „I‘m looking forward
to it !“

minimallyeschew  asked:

yooooo if you wanted to write a fic that was like "we are wearing matching but also really obscure halloween costumes at this party right now, wtf??" i would be v v happy!!

THIS IS ALSO FOR @book-pirate, who asked for “ Accidental matching costumes for bellarke?”

Clarke does not do matching costumes. She was part of a giant group costume in freshman year, where her and five of her friends went as a rainbow, because all she had to do for that was dress entirely in blue, and it really got out the “I’m not straight” message, which meant she got to make out with Raven Reyes for an hour. So it went pretty well, but Clarke still, largely, is not a fan of the whole matching costume thing.

Which is why it’s so fucking irritating that everyone thinks she and Bellamy Blake planned this.

“How does anyone even know who we are?” she demands. She knows it’s not his fault, but she’s going to yell at him because that’s kind of her default. Yelling at Bellamy is a way of life.

“You know we’re at Jasper and Monty’s party and you’re dressed as a Final Fantasy character, right? Did you think they weren’t going to recognize you?”

Clarke had chosen Celes because she was kind of hoping to get laid, and the combination of cape and no pants seemed like a pretty great way to get that message across. Plus, Wells dragged her to Otakon last summer, so she already had the outfit, because Wells is really into cosplay. And she’s played Final Fantasy VI on her DS like five times, so if any of Jasper and Monty’s comp sci friends try to call fake geek girl on her, she can kick their asses on like every level, which is always a fun thing to do at parties.

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