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Jamie Benn - Substitute Teacher (Requested)

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A/N: Hope this is what you were looking for Anon! 

Warnings: None 

Word Count: 804

Request: Can you do an imagine where you’re a kindergarten teacher and Jamie Benn is your bf and he ends up surprising you while you’re teaching and then he ends up teaching your class about hockey and you’re in awee

“Okay class I need everyone to put their crayons away because it’s story time,” you said to your kindergarten class. You watched as the kids started to put their crayon away and move to the corner in your classroom you have set up with pillows and blankets so the kids can get comfortable for story time. Tommy, one of your students, was still coloring at his desk by the time the other kids moved to the story time area. He was a good kid but faced some issues at home and had some attention problems as well. You went up to his desk and crouched down to get to his level.

“Hey Tommy it’s time to put the crayons away because its story time” you said as you looked over and saw that he was drawing the Stars logo. Tommy was a huge Dallas Stars fan and an even bigger Jamie Benn fan. 

“Can I just finish drawing this please Ms. Y/N” Tommy said and looked up at you with a sweet smile. You were just about to answer him when there was a knock at the door. 

“Five more minutes okay Tommy,” you said with a smile before heading to see who was at the door. You thought maybe it would be the teacher in the classroom next door asking you for chalk or maybe to watch her class for a minute but when you answered the door you saw your large hockey boyfriend taking up most of the doorframe. 

“Hey baby,” Jamie said with a goofy grin. 

“What are you doing here?” you said and you came out of the classroom, pulling the door to be semi-closed behind you. 

“I told you we were doing school tours for charity stuff, I just forgot to mention I was assigned your school. I just finished up with the group of kids I was assigned so I thought I would pass by and see what you were doing.” He said after giving you a small peck on the cheek.

“I was just about to have story time do you want to come in and tell them a story?” you asked. 

“Sure why not,” Jamie said with a smile. 

Jamie walked in and most of the class got excited, the one who was the most excited was probably Tommy. His eyes lit up light you had never seen before, he was in total disbelief.  

“Jamie this is my student Tommy, he’s one of your biggest fans,” you said introducing Tommy to Jamie.  Jamie knelt down to get to Tommy’s height and took a look at the Stars logo drawing “This is pretty cool” Jamie said with a smile.

“You can have it” Tommy said as he handed the picture over to Jamie.

“You have to sign it first,” Jamie said as he handed the picture back to Tommy “that way I can tell the rest of the guys who drew it” Tommy looked so excited as he signed his name and added his number 14 underneath. Jamie spent the rest of the class talking to the kids about hockey, answering all their questions patiently. You watched from the back corner of your class admiring how well Jamie was doing with the kids. He ended up sticking around the rest of the day and even helped you get the kids ready to go home, helping those who needed into their jackets. 

“Hey Mr. Benn do you think I could play hockey one day?” you overheard Tommy ask Jamie after most of the kids had gone home for the day. It wasn’t unusual for Tommy’s mom to be late to pick him up so you just let him sit in your class and play games until she showed up. 

“If you practice a lot and work very hard at school I’m sure you can play one day,” Jamie said. He was sitting next to Tommy, coloring together, as you got some work done at your desk. Tommy just nodded his head and went back to coloring. Tommy’s mom showed up shortly after and after forcing Jamie to promise to visit again they left with a smile plastered on Tommy’s face. Jamie helped you get your stuff ready and started walking you to your car. 

“You were really good today, thanks for being such a great help,” you said as you grabbed his hand. 

“The kids were awesome; it shows they have a really good teacher,” he said with a wink.  

“Thanks:” you laughed. You guys walked in comforting silence until Jamie broke it.

“Let’s have one”

“One what?” you asked genuinely surprised. 

“A kid?” He said and you stopped dead in your tracks.  He just looked at you like it was so simple, he was so calm when he said it and confident that you couldn’t do anything but agree. 

“Okay,” you answered and continued walking with Jamie hand in hand.

We Tear Apart The Sky

 There’s an emptiness that comes after crying.

 It’s almost comical, in its own, twisted way.

 You’re so full, bursting with emotion, and then it’s all just… gone.

 And you wonder what the point was in the first place.


Most of the time, it just starts with an off day.

He can’t concentrate on the lectures; finds himself staring at the dreary sky and twirling his pen, listening but not hearing.

His spikes don’t quite go through.

Practice is a blur of going through the motions, it becomes just a thing he does rather than an activity he enjoys, a club he picked for the love of the sport.

He leaves it feeling small. Exhausted. It’s easy to blame it on the exercise. There are just days like this.

Until these days bleed into weeks. Everything is gray.

He laughs at his friend’s jokes, but they don’t seem real, tangible, there.

Oikawa hangs off his arm on the way home, like he does sometimes when he desperately wants Hajime’s attention. Hajime just sighs, feeling the fatigue in every muscle.

“You okay?” Oikawa asks, brow furrowing in concern.

Hajime shrugs.

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BTS’s reaction to you doing a slightly *ahem* suggestive dance:

Jin: “Ah, I’m sorry, honey, I just can’t do it!” Jin groans, crouching over to recover his breath.

“Aww, come on, Jin,” you say, “You were so close to getting it! Let’s run through the choreography just once more.”

He shakes his head. “Maybe tomorrow.” Plodding over to the corner of the room, he grabs a water bottle, and starts gulping.

You let your shoulders sink. “Alright then. But I want to get in a little more practice myself. Do you mind if I stay here for a while?”

“Not at all,” Jin smiles, “Would it be okay if I stayed to watch.”

You pause.

“Sorry,” Jin blurts, “I just thought maybe I could pick up some stuff, watching you. I’ll go, if you want me to.”

“No, no, it’s fine,” you reply, “I’m just not used to being watched when I practice. You’ll have to forgive me when I mess up.”

“My honey? Messing up?” Jin shoots you a disbelieving look.

You just laugh, and head to the laptop, clicking on the song you’ve been working on.

When the music begins, you manage to forget Jin’s there, allowing the melody to pick you up and carry you through the movements. You’re like a well-oiled machine – both sharp, and fluid. As the music draws out its final beats, you slip back to reality, and find Jin staring at you, his mouth hanging open.


“I didn’t realise my honey could be so…” Jin trails off, unable to finish his sentence. He doesn’t need to. His face says it all. You’ve lost your innocent image in his eyes. But that’s necessarily not a bad thing…

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Yoongi: “Y/N? Have you seen Y/N?” Yoongi bursts into the practice room where Hoseok and Jimin are stretching.

“She was practicing with us,” Jimin replies, “But she left a while ago. I think she wanted to work alone for a bit.”

“What’s the rush anyway, hyung?” Hoseok asks.

“Nothing,” Yoongi huffs, “I just want to see my girlfriend. Is that a crime?”

“Aww, you were jealous because she was spending time with us, weren’t you?” Hoseok crows.

“Shut up,” Yoongi retorts, a tell-tale blush crawling up his neck.

Hoseok and Jimin smirk.

“Whatever. I’m going to find her.” He slams the door behind him, and begins to work his way down the corridors, peeking through the doors of different practice rooms. Is he too late? Have you left already?

Then he notices the light shining under the last door.

He opens it cautiously, and is greeted by a wave of music, and you sprawled out on the floor, in the middle of a rather questionable move. You scramble up when you hear the door open.

“Yoongi!” You face turns a violent shade of red.

“Please, don’t stop because of me.”

“I can’t believe you saw that,” you hide your face in your hands.

“Don’t pull that now,” Yoongi chuckles, striding over and pulling your hands into his, “You’re only allowed to be sexy or cute. Both is unfair!”

“Can we just forget that happened?” you plead.

“Never.” Yoongi plants a kiss on your burning cheek, and you bury your head in his shoulder.

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Hosoek: “Hey! Your expressions are too raunchy!” you shout.

Hoseok pauses his dancing to look at you in confusion. “Huh?”

“You’re over doing it,” you tell him, from your spot on the floor, “You have young fans you know.”

“It’s a suggestive dance, though,” Hoseok whines, “How else am I supposed to do it?”

“I’ll show you,” you say, pushing yourself off from the floor.

As the music starts up again, you begin to copy the riské choreography perfectly: too perfectly. Hoseok watches in awe as you swirl about him, your body riding the chords like a smooth rollercoaster. His brain and his lungs have stopped functioning.

“See? There’s other ways of dancing, without making it overtly sexual,” you say, halting your movements, and giving Hoseok an I-told-you-so look.

“That was way worse than anything I’ve ever done!” Hoseok cries.


“You totally exaggerated the worst moves, and your expressions? What was with all that tongue action?”

The blood rushes to your face. “Tongue action?”

Hoseok demonstrates for you, swishing his tongue across his lips. “Just like this!”

“Don’t!” you laugh, pushing him away, “I didn’t do that. Don’t lie!”

“You did too,” Hoseok pushes you back, “You’re a massive pervert!”

“I guess we’re just as bad as each other then,” you giggle, admitting defeat.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Hoseok pulls you into him, and showers your neck and collar bone in kisses.

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Namjoon: “Come on, just do it! It’ll be hilarious,” the MC encourages.

Namjoon watches your face anxiously. When the MC had suggested that you show off a ‘sexy dance’ for the variety show, he was unsure how you’d feel about it.

“You don’t need to do anything you don’t want to,” he reassures under his breath.

You give his hand a quick squeeze, then get up from your chair. “Cue the music!”

As a popular tune starts to play, Namjoon can only watch dumbly as you begin to dance along. You start off silly, swinging your hips to the drums, and making faces at the camera. But as the beat picks up, something changes in your face. Now you’re dropping down, you’re back up, you’re over here, you’re over there. Your body movements are smoother than buttercream.

“I can’t watch this! It’s too much!” the MC cries, and the music is cut off. But the live audience are calling out in disappointment when you return to your seat.

“Rapmon, did you know your girlfriend could dance that well?” the MC demands, widening his eyes for dramatic effect.

“I had no idea,” Namjoon admits, scrunching up his face, and hiding behind his hands.

He’s going to have a talk with you when you get off stage. And then he’s going to plaster you with kisses.

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Jimin: “Jimin, could you take a look at this choreography I’ve been working on?” you ask.

“Sure, baby!” he smiles. You’re normally too shy to show off your skills, so when a chance like this comes along, he’s ready to jump on it, eager to see the dancing he loves so much.

But, as soon as the first beats start up, Jimin knows that this dance will be different from the others you’ve shown him. Your body begins to blend with the notes, turning to melted chocolate, and each roll, each twist, each flick has Jimin’s heart banging, and his cheeks flaring up.  On the final few chords you fall to the ground, and your body begins to feel out the floor, flowing, stretching, and sinking.

When the music fades, your heavy breathing is all that fills the room, a new kind of melody in Jimin’s ears. “What – what did you think?” you ask, pulling yourself up, and coming to sit next to him. He tries to ignore how your damp clothes cling to you.

“It was good, baby.” It’s so difficult to construct advice when his brain feels as useful as a wet dishcloth. “Um… maybe just pay more attention to your footwork in the second chorus…”

“Okay,” you nod, your eyes serious, “Want me to try it again?” You’re about to get up.

“No, that’s enough for one night!” Jimin tackles you to the floor before you can do any more damage.

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Taehyung: You are the kind of person that asks to pet strangers’ dogs. You compliment waitresses on their hairstyles, and play on children’s swings, and make daisy chains when the weather is nice. In short, you are the most innocent person Taehyung knows.

So why? Why is it when you dance something changes in you?

The first time Taehyung took you dancing he was shocked. He had been unable to form a coherent sentence the whole evening, and you had remained completely oblivious.

Now, when you suggest going out, Taehyung’s more cautious.

“Why don’t you want to go dancing with me, Taehyungieee?” you moan, burrowing into his shirt as the two of you lie on the couch.

“Because,” Taehyung mutters, “I’m tired.”

“That’s a lie!” you pout, “Just a couple of minutes ago you were jumping about and singing. Are you sure there’s not something else going on here?”

Taehyung sighs, and sitting up, allows you slide into his lap. “Well, I- I, uh, I don’t really like going dancing with you.”

“Why’s that?” You scramble off him.

Taehyung has to start his sentence off a couple of times before he can get his thoughts in any kind of order. “It’s just, when you dance… you can be sort of, kind of, a little bit… sexy,” he admits, “It makes me feel things I’m not used to, and I get all confused and discombobulated.”

You begin to laugh, softly at first, then with your whole body. “Is that all? Sorry, Taehyung, I didn’t even realise I did that.”

Taehyung giggles as well. Not a normal giggle, airy and feminine, but a deep, rumbling sound. “Sorry I didn’t tell you before.”

“That’s fine!” You jump up from the couch and begin dancing to no music, giving him your best come-hither look.

“Stop,” he growls, and with a grin, he stands up and smothers you in a bear hug.

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Jungkook: Everything had been going so well. Then this happened.

It all began with a simple ‘dance off’, but things had quickly spiralled downhill, and now Jungkook is watching as his friends crowd around you, offering compliments, and admiring looks. Some even have the nerve to add cheesy flirtations to the brew of unwanted attention.

Why did ‘Something’ by Girl’s Day have to come on? Why did you have to dance the choreography so well?

He can still picture you sinking to the ground, matching the ripplings of your body to the beat. That vision won’t be leaving him any time soon. He had been shaken up by your bravery, and okay, he admitted it: pleasantly impressed.

But your amazing dance skills didn’t give the other members of Bangtan the right to steal you away from him. He watches from a distance as Hoseok bounds around you, and as Namjoon claps a hand on your back. He bites down hard on his bottom lip, trying to stifle his irritation.

Then Taehyung picks up your hands and begins to hop about. “Wah, Y/N’s so good at dancing!” he sings.

Jungkook can’t take it for another millisecond. He pushes his hyungs out of the way, and grabbing your wrist in his blazing hand, he begins to pull you away.

“Jungkook?” you question, “Is something wrong?”

“You’re only allowed to show those kinds of moves in front of me,” Jungkook mutters, his cheeks colouring as he leads you away.

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A/N: Why have I never done these before??? This was so much fun to write! I might have got a bit carried away - that’s why these are so long, heheh…

(I don’t own these gifs)

The Crash

Title: The Crash

Genre: Fluff, Domestic

Word Count: 5, 904

Warnings: None!

Description: It’s another sleepless night for Phil only that Dan comes along and they end up shopping at like, 1 A.M. at a twenty-four hour superstore. It’s a bit of a disaster.

Author’s note: *comes up with a simple plot* *5,000+ words later* Uhhh… (Please remember that this is fiction.)

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Bad reputation.

As promised here’s another story based on a Shawn Mendes song. This is also based on my own experience so please be kind. I’m sorry for any mistakes. xxx

Harry knew what everyone at his school said about this girl. He knew about the stories they told and all the rumors about her.
‘She’s a bitch.’
But he knew that all those stories about her weren’t true.
Her ex made up these rumors. He told all his friends that she cheated on him and that was the reason why they broke up.
The truth was though that her ex was an asshole and treated her like a piece of shit. And then when she finally couldn’t take it no longer she broke up with him. And he couldn’t take the fact that he got dumped so he made it seem like she was the bad one in this. The worst thing was that everyone believed him even those who once have been friends with her. They never asked her if it was true.
Nobody knew the truth though apart from her closest friends. And Harry.
He saw it while she was with that guy. She saw how unhappy she was and he saw how everyday she lost a bit of her confidence until there was nothing left.

She didn’t know though that Harry knew the truth. She didn’t know that he looked at her whenever nobody else did. That he saw it when her smile fell and a frown took over her face. She didn’t know that he saw it when her eyes became that glassed over look and he knew that she drowned in her thoughts. She didn’t know that he saw the fear in her eyes and the shaking of her hands whenever she walked past that group of boys who talked so badly about her and gave her this bad reputation.
And those boys won’t ever let it go. It was almost two years ago now but they still looked at her as if she was the worst person ever. And she knew that they were still talking about her, about how stupid she was and how big of a bitch she was.
Maybe she shouldn’t have broken up with her ex over a text message but for her that was the easiest and most comfortable way to do it because she did not have to see him and talk to him.
But we all make mistakes, right?
And Y/N wasn’t the bad one in this. She was the victim.

Something that Harry couldn’t understand was that she did not have a boyfriend since then. She was young and incredibly beautiful, there was no reason as to why she did not have a boy at her side. He saw that little sad sparkle inside of her eyes whenever she saw a couple or whenever one of her friends had a boyfriend. She wasn’t jealous but she was sad that she didn’t find someone who wanted to be with her. No boy at their school wanted to get too close to her because of the things they heard about her.
Of course there have been boys who tried to make a move on her but she rejected them because she wasn’t interested in them the slightest bit and if she was quite honest she wasn’t that huge of a fan of the idea of having a friend of her ex as her boyfriend.
And that one time when it seemed that one boy really wanted to be with her and really liked her she ran away. Because she was breaking.
She didn’t feel like someone was able to love her because that bit of her confidence was still missing.
Harry felt so sad when he saw her. His heart was breaking for her when he saw how deep she was sinking into her thoughts and drowning in them every time.

Harry himself was too scared to make a move on her. Not because he believed anything that was being said about her, no. But he didn’t want to be rejected and he also did not want to make her uncomfortable if he asked her out.
So he watched her from afar. He admired her beauty every single day and every time he caught a glimpse of her smile his heart started to race.
Every time she walked past him he wanted to ask her if maybe, just maybe, she wanted to hang out sometime. But he never did it.
One thing he didn’t know about her was the fact that she watched him as well. She liked him. He was cute and he was always very nice to her. And he was very good looking, she liked the way he wore his hair and she liked the way he dressed. And she liked the fact that whenever she walked past him he would give her a soft smile and sometimes even a little ‘hey’.
But it was never more than that.

Until that one day when Harry had football practice and Y/N had to go home. He saw her, she walking a few meters in front of him and he knew that she had to go into the same direction as him. He wasn’t stalking her on her way home or something like that but he saw her walking that way a few times.
He jogged the few meters until he was right beside her.
She jumped at the sound of his voice and pressed one of her hands against her chest.
“Harry! Goodness, you scared me there.”
He chuckled at how cute she was being. He was never sure if she really knew his name but now he heard the sweet sound of her voice pronouncing his name.
“M'sorry. Really did not want to scare you. I just thought we could walk together because I have to go in the same direction.”
“Of course.” she smiled softly at him and the shakiness of her voice earlier was gone now.
“Football practice?” she asked.
Harry was surprised at her question. He didn’t think that she knew he was playing football.
“Yeah. How do you know I play football?”
“I’ve seen you playing once.”
Oh. Well, hopefully he played good that day.
“Oh, okay. Did not know you were interested in football.”
“I’m not.” she laughed.
“I’ve just been there because my-”
She stopped her sentence before she could finish it but she did not have to. Harry assumed she was at a game because someone wanted her to and not because she was interested. And he also knew who that someone was.
He remembered that game. It was that one time when he had to play against this boy he absolutely disliked. And if he was quite honest he also showed that on the field.
“I think I remember that game. Was a good one, we won.”
“Yeah you did. You scored quite a lot.” she looked at him from the side.
“Yes, I did. Was probably my best game.”
She smiled at him and nodded.
Somehow Harry wanted to tell her everything he knew in that moment. He wanted to tell her that it didn’t matter what those people said about her and that he most certainly did not care at all. But he knew that wasn’t the right moment.
“Well, that’s my street here.” Y/N said after they walked next to each other for a bit more, in silence and Harry did not even notice they reached the street she lived in.
“Oh, okay.”
He was standing in front of her, only a few inches between their feet.
“Can I ask you something?”
She looked at him surprised for a moment before she nodded.
“Do you maybe want to hang out with me some time?”
He watched as her eyebrows drew together and her eyes did that thing where they were looking all over his face. But she did not respond. She waited for the moment he would start laughing and tell her that it was a joke. She was sure it would happen any second but the only thing that happened was that Harry’s eyebrows started to furrow more and more with each passing second.
“So I’ll take that as a no. S'okay did not want to-”
“Of course I’d like to spend time with you.”
Harry looked up and into her eyes and he knew then that there was no reason as to why she would have said no.
“Great. That’s perfect.”
She smiled at him softly and nodded.
Harry was so happy that she said yes. He got to spend some time alone with her. He will see her alone, all by herself. Without any other people around who could make her feel uncomfortable. He’s will make her see that he is different. That he treats her right without making her feel bad about herself or putting her down about something. She was no bad person. She was perfect and did everything right.
He knew her without knowing her.
But now he’s finally going to get to know her.

Important (Simon Request)

“Hello gorgeous” Simon smiles when you open the door to your apartment.
“Hey” You reply and give him a long kiss.
“The boys might have been a little bit suspicious today" He chuckles, “I’ve been spending a lot of time at ‘the gym’”
You laugh and the pair of you head into the lounge to relax.
This was a general ongoing for you. Especially being in a secret relationship. You knew so much about the guys, so much that you could meet them and talk for hours. But you couldn’t do anything like that because you and Simon had promised to keep this between you two. Mainly because he didn’t want the guys to ‘scare you away’ according to him. He figured they would say something out of line and he didn’t want them to upset you- no matter how many times you told him. So, instead, he made up a lie to the boys and headed straight to your place. “So how’s everything going with the book?” You ask him, snuggling into his side as his arm comes around you.
“Its great, a lot of signing and the launch is tomorrow actually” He comments, playing with your hands.
“The launch?” You raise your brows.
“Yeah we’re going to the Shard, big party with all our friends” He says and then realises the problem, “You know I’d want nothing more than for you to be there but you know why”
“I understand Simon but we’ve been dating for 7 months now and this is gonna be one of the most important nights of your life” You sigh, “I just hate that I can’t be there to spend that with you”
He looks down and feels guilty evidently, “I hate it too babygirl”
“Are Emily and Katie and Kay gonna be there?” You ask.
“Well yeah I think so”
“And the guys are absolutely fine with them” You point out truthfully.
“This is different. I’m known as the one that never gets a girlfriend. Always. And now I do, they’re bound to make fun of it at every oppurtunity” He says and you can see he’s uncomfortable.
“Okay, I understand” You nod, “Its okay babe” You smile and kiss his lips even if you deeply wished you could be there to celebrate with him
~~~Time Skip~~~
You and Simon spent the next 3 hours talking about anything and everything until his phone rang and you actually realised what the time was.
“What do you want JJ?” He answers jokingly and you can hear his loud friend on the other end of the call.
“Where are you? You can’t have been at the gym for this long!”
“Oh um I bumped into one of my old friends so just went for a chat with them. I’ll be home soon, don’t worry” Simon lies, you knew he hated lying to his friends.
“Okay, I’m hungry so we’ll go for KFC later” JJ yells before hanging up
“Looks like I’ll be going” Simon sighs and pecks your lips.
“Yeah sure” You nod and move from under his arm to stand.
He grabs his jacket and heads to the door, “I’ll see you day after next”
“Sounds good” You smile, “Have an amazing time tomorrow night”
“I will” He replies and kisses you again before leaving.
~~~The Next Day~~~
You spend the following day relaxing in one of Simons hoodies he had left one time. And, of course, you were watching some of his latest videos you had not yet seen as well as some of the other sidemen videos.
And then your phone buzzed loudly in the pocket of your sleeping shorts.
“What can I help you with Minter?” You answer, closing the lid of your laptop.
“You are required to dress up for an important event beginning at 8pm” He replies in a posh voice, “Your driver will collect you at 7:45 on the dot and dress code is black tie optional”
“Okay…” You chuckle, not fixing together the fact that this was also the time of the book launch.
“Bye babe,love you” He says quickly before hanging up the call.
You notice the time is 7pm already and hurriedly head to your bedroom to find something suitable to wear to whatever he had planned
By the time quarter to eight hit, you were fully ready. You had opted for black skinny jeans with a white cami top and a stone colour bomber jacket. You didn’t want to go too posh simply because you knew it wasn’t your style.
And then there was a knock at your door and you opened it to reveal Simon on the other side.
He was clad in fairly smart clothes for him with a black bomber jacket and jeans.
“Ready for the launch?” He wiggles his brows excitedly.
“Are you serious Simon?” You question.
“Of course” He grins, “I figured what would the most important night of my life be without the most important girl in my life by my side?”


Kai’s message to EXO-L:

Annyeong~~~ It’s me, Kai. I came right after playing bowling. Have you all eaten? I ate meat just now. (laughs) And…… erm…….. Did you enjoy watching our broadcast? (laughs) We’ve not played bowling for some time, i’m not sure if you’ve enjoyed watching it. I’ll play better next time, okay? 

You can watch this video again whenever you want. You just have to log in to V App, you’ll be able to watch this a 100 times 1,000 times, so let’s see each other again whenever. 

In a bit, we’ll be able to see each other again. So please look forward to it. Until then, make sure you eat well and take care of your health. Annyeong~~~

You seem familiar!

(this is for miachee‘s Demon! Marco Au thingie.)

A demon! Marco Au fic.

I am sorry to all who read this.

(quick note, I have not seen the episode blood moon ball yet so I have no idea what the hell’s bell is. So dimensional scissors it is!)


“So lets see! We are missing a few ingredients but I can pick them up from the underworld no problem!” Star said, grinning and closing the book she was reading. She was trying to do some sort of spell, Of which Marco had not been paying too much attention to, and she needed some things in order to do it properly and not kill anybody within a 500 meter radius.

“Lets go Marco!” The girl said, grabbing a very surprised Marco’s arm and dragging him.

“Wait what?! Why do I need to go?!” He yelped, wrenching his arm from her grasp as She got out her dimensional scissors.

“So that way you can help me gather the needed items! Duh!” She said like it he was suppose to have known that.

“But humans are not suppose to go the  underworld unless they are DEAD! I AM NOT DEAD!” He yelled.

“Oh yeaaaah!” She snickered. “Good thing you remembered!” She quickly got her book out again and flipped through the pages, trying to find some sort of spell to turn Marco into a demon temporarily.

“Aha! Found it!” She said grinning and reading the spell carefully before closing the book. “Okay hold still Marco or this will kill ya.” As she said that she was powering her wand up.

“WAIT WHAT.” He had no time to argue as Star repeated the spell out-loud. (haha I am too lazy to put the spell in.) Before Marco knew it there was a blinding flash. He shielded his eyes, flinching. As the light died down he uncovered his eyes.

“Did… Did it work?” He asked, promptly being answered with a tail slapping him in the face.

“OW! What the hell wa-” He cut himself short, noticing the thin blackish-brown tail with a pointed end. “IT WORKED HOLY CRAP MARCO!” Star was jumping up and down, grinning with glee.

“Okay but can I have a mirror to see what I look like?” He asked, watching the girl still jump with glee at the success of her spell. She nodded, quickly spawning a mirror. Marco looked in it and was surprised at how well the spell worked. He had a small pair of nubby horns on his head, four eyes oh god the second pair is looking in different directions, The tail that slapped him earlier, Pointed ears, Noticeably darker skin and tiny fangs poking just a little out of his mouth.

“The spell worked great. And I am still alive so good job Star.” Marco said, patting her on the back. She grinned at the praise.

“So how long does this spell last?” He asked her. Star just shrugged. “I have no clue to be honest.” She admitted. “The book did not say.”

“Well we best get moving to the underworld before the spell wears off.” He suggested. Star nodded and used the dimensional scissors to open a portal to the Underworld. Marco walked through it nervously while Star skipped in with no hesitation what so ever.

“Okay so first we need…” Marco was not paying attention to Star. He was too busy focusing on where they where. It seemed familiar, but that is probably due to the fact that Tom calls Star a lot, via her mirror so maybe he sent her a call here once? Either way, he felt like he had seen it before. He noticed some Underworld residents and was about to tell Star they had to get moving, only to realize she was gone. He looked around wildly before spotting her. He ran after her, worried she would get caught.

“STAR WAIT UP!” Marco called after her, but she did not hear him. He managed to catch up with her, gasping for air.

“I found the first thing we needed!” Star beamed, holding up some sort of plant. She grabbed a clear bottle and put the plant inside, corking it off and putting the bottle in her bag. Wait, when did she bring a bag? Marco shook his head, deciding not to question it.

“Okay next we are going to need… Some sort of bat thing.” The blonde said grinning. Marco was going to ask what it was but then realized the text on the page was a different language and that she was doing this by the pictures provided. She set off towards the west, with an already tired Marco following after her.

Marco was looking around the place while keeping up with Star. The place was not just hell fire and screaming souls thankfully, but more or less almost like Earth in terms of activity. People chattering, businesses and the such. The world itself was pretty okay in his terms. That is when Marco noticed Tom and stared pushing Star towards where they where going quickly.

“What the heck?” Marco put a hand over her mouth, still pushing her quickly. “Tom is here!” He hissed to her. Star’s eyes widened and she started running with Marco right beside her. When they got to where they where going Star looked around for the bats. Meanwhile Marco was looking out for Tom, who was walking towards their location. Not wanting Tom to see Star, Marco walked out casually. Tom of course, noticed Marco almost immediately.

“Oh! I was not aware of other demons being here!” Tom said, watching the other demon jog up to him. “Oh. Is this place private or something?” Marco asked him. Tom shook his head. “Nah but few other people go here since it is abandoned.  I go here so I can have some time to think.” Tom said. “Really? I can leave if you want.” Marco offered but Tom shook his head. “Nah it is okay. I would not mind having somebody to talk to.” Tom said grinning to Marco. “Well i would be okay with talking to you. My name is Ma-” Marco cut himself off. “Max.” He said, hoping Tom did not notice him pause. “My name is Tom.” The pale demon said holding his hand out for him to shake. Marco took his hand and they shook, Marco still nervous Tom would find out who he really was. “Say… You look kind of familiar. Do I know you?” Tom asked him. Marco started freaking out internally. “Nope! We have never met before!” Marco said quickly, sweating slightly. Tom noted how fast he replied, but decided to ignore it. “Well anyways… What do you want to talk about?” Tom asked Marco, sitting down. Marco sat by him and thought for a moment. “Do you like Snickers?” He asked.

Star grinned when she finally caught fur of the bat thingies. She looked around to find Marco and frowned when she did not see him. She shrugged and decided to just continue on since she only had one more ingredient to grab.

Tom and Marco meanwhile where having a hearty conversation about things they liked. Tom had no huge interest in earth things, but did show a liking towards their music. Marco noticed how there where a good number of things here that earth shared, but not too many.

Marco was going to go check on Star, when he noticed her walking someplace else. Marco was ready to bolt after her, but then remembered Tom was still with him. Tom noticed Marco looking at something, but had no idea what it was.

“Is something wrong Max?” Tom asked him, making Marco flinch slightly. “Oh nothing! I just thought I saw somebody I had recognized.” Marco said quickly. Tom just shrugged. “Happens to everybody at some point.” He said. Marco nodded and knew he should really go after her again soon.

He sat back down, worried suddenly about when the spell will wear off. Tom noticed that Marco seemed deep in his thoughts. “Are you okay?” Tom asked him, making Marco jump slightly.

“Yeah! I am fine. I am just worried about my friend.” He admitted. “She dragged me along to the underworld and we got separated.” He said, becoming more and more worried for Star.

“Well maybe i can help you find them.” Tom offered, surprising Marco slightly. This was the demon that tried to kill him a week ago? Marco thought it over and decided that yeah, he might as well. He nodded, standing up with Tom. Marco set off looking for Star immediately.

“Hey i never found out what species demon you are.” Tom said. Marco flinched slightly. He had no idea himself, Star had no told him. “To be perfectly honest, I have no idea.” He said awkwardly. Tom looked him over before shrugging himself. “I don’t either. Never seen a demon like you before.” He said.

Star looked around, holding a redish-black crystal. She put it in the clear jar and grinned. That was all the ingredients she needed. She went to go look for Marco when she saw him looking around with Tom nearby. She quickly signaled to him. Marco noticed, but Tom did not. While Tom was distracted, Marco quickly snuck away to where Star was.

“Why where you with Tom?” Star asked Marco when he reached her without Tom noticing. “I had to distract him from you.” He said. “Lets just get going before the spell wears off.” Marco sighed.

Tom looked back expecting to see Marco, but was surprised when he did not see him. He looked ahead and noticed Star with said demon. Just as he was going to go over there and asked what they where doing, Star pulled out dimensional scissors and drags her and Marco into the portal. He watches as the portal disappears.

He is going to have to call Star later asking who that cute demon was and more importantly, what he was doing with Star.

Little Sis

Based on Anon Prompt: “ possibly one where you’re Owen’s sister and you naturally are able to take control over the raptors and he’s stunned and stuff?”

A/n: This one got a little off track but it wasn’t my fault I swear. ;*

Yeah, it was cool to watch Owen work with the raptors, but when your big brother said he would take you to work with him, you thought it might be a little more ‘hands on.’ You watched him closely: clicker, hand signals, authoritative commands, and ending with a snack.

I can totally do that, you think to yourself. So when he says he’s going to go get the two of you something to eat, you jump at the opportunity of being alone (well at least Owen isn’t around, and the guards are easier to fool). You ask for a sandwich and before he leaves he says, “I’ll be right back,” and looks directly into your eyes. “Don’t move from this spot.”

You roll your eyes at him and respond with. “yeah, yeah, hurry up I’m hungry!”

He chuckles as he gets on his bike and as soon as he is out of sight you climb the stairs of the catwalk. The guard at the top sees you and walks over.

“You’re not allowed up here missy,” says the boy who doesn’t even look old enough to drink. How dare he talk to you like that? You’re 13 years old, you’re not a child!

“My brother said I could come up and practice. He said I can give the raptors some treats.” You smile confidently knowing that he probably knows less about the raptors than you do, and grin wide when he steps back,

“Well, okay. But be careful!” He still looks skeptical, but you get away with it nonetheless and he walks to the other side of the catwalk.

Smirking, you walk up to the small table built into the railing and grab Owen’s clicker. You click it a few times and within seconds all four girls are below you. You think back to when you were watching Owen and try your best to sound like an Alpha. You put your hand up in a fist and shout, “And we’re walking!”

You begin to walk along the catwalk and they follow you below. This isn’t so hard, you think to yourself.  Just as you’re about to toss them treats, you hear someone yell “PIG LOOSE!”

It all happens so quickly. You see the kid get pulled over the railing and land in the cage. You don’t know what to do. You hear people shouting and screaming but all you can think is, I wish Owen was here.

But you know Owen isn’t here, and right now, you’re the one with the clicker. You click it and shout to the girls. “Charlie, Delta! Eyes on me, girls!” But it doesn’t work. They glance your way for a moment and focus back on the young guard who let you get up here in the first place. You close your eyes and try not to panic. You search your brain for an idea, any idea that will keep them from attacking.

Your brain grabs onto a memory. You’re eight years old, running around Owen’s house with the park’s first baby raptor. You spend the day playing hide and seek with your little “Blueberry” and your brother walks in the room laughing at the two of you.

“She’s not always going to be this big, you know,” he tells you. “One day she will be big enough to eat you.” He tries to make it sound like a joke but you hear the sadness in his voice.

“Yeah maybe,” you smile and reach for your keychain, “But she’ll never be too old for this!” You shine your laser pointer on the wall and she goes running after it. She spends the rest of the day chasing after the small red dot until she falls asleep in your cot, curled up next to you.

Now, as you look down into the cage, you pray that Blue still remembers something from that day. You pull off your backpack and search for your keychain. She and Charlie are lowering their heads, sniffing the shaking guard and you know you only have seconds. You finally feel it in your hand and pull it out, shining the laser pointer on the ground in front of him.  Charlie jumps back at the sudden intruder and begins to hiss. Blue simply tilts her heads and stares at it. You move it a few feet to the left and all four girls react, turning to the side, keeping it in front of them. You move it again as Blue pounces at the light, smiling a little as you realize it’s actually working.

“Come on girls,” you say as you move the red dot closer under the catwalk, away from the door and the scared man in front of it. You see Barry begin to open the door and see Owen dragging him out of the cage under it. At the noise of the door, the girls lose focus on the light and run back over, pacing alongside the bars, upset that their meal got away. You hear the metal stairs creak and see Owen running towards you. He kneels down and pulls you into a tight hug.

“You could have been killed.” He says, holding you close, and you can hear the fear in his trembling voice.

“Hey,” you pull back, “I’m fine. And so is he,” you say as you nod to the guard on the ground. “Blueberry remembered!” You hold up the laser pointer to show him. “I told you she would never be too old for it.”

He just laughs and pulls you back into a hug. Then he looks at you sternly, “Next time I tell you not to move, you better not move.” You smile knowing he’s more relieved than mad and you nod your head.

“Yes sir!” You mock salute him and then you reach for your stomach as you hear it growl. “So,” you say, “about those sandwiches…”

 Thanks for Reading!!

Send me Owen Grady headcanons and Owen x Reader Prompts!!

Scary Movies

Scary Movies
Pietro x Reader

“What movie shall we watch today?” Pietro asks you as he shuffles through the box of DVDs.“Hmm… we should watch something scary,"you said.You were laying down on the bed staring at the ceiling,waiting for Pietro to respond."Scary?Are you sure you won’t get too scared and be all over me tonight?"he says turning to you with a smirk.You sat up and said,
"Haha very funny,you would like that wouldn’t you Mr. I’m-not-scared-of-anything-Maximoff."He looked at you and laughed,"What kind of name is that?"You rolled your eyes and sat down next to him at the foot of your bed.You looked at the DVDs he was holding and you saw "the Grudge”.
“Ooh! This one!"you screamed as you snatch the DVD out of his hand.He looked at it and gave you a puzzled look,”‘The Grudge’?“he says.You nodded your head and jumped off of the bed."It’s a great movie you’ll like it,"you said as you put the DVD in the DVD player.You closed the lights and jumped in bed with the speedster.

In the middle of the movie,you got hungry."Pietro,"you whispered,"can you get us some popcorn please?"In one second he was gone and came back with some popcorn and other snacks."Thank you.”

You watched this movie so many times already but somehow,it still gets you.Pietro has his wide eyes locked to the screen.You smirked a bit.You can tell he’s scared,he was just trying to hide it from you.Then you got an idea.

You texted Wanda.

“Hey Wanda! Wanna help me prank your brother?”

*few seconds later*

“Yeah (Y/n)! What do you want me to do?”

“Okay,well we’re watching the Grudge and Pietro was teasing me earlier about how scared I’m gonna be and right now he seems pretty scared so we’re gonna try to scare him even more.”

“Okay,what’d you need me for then?”

“I need you to dress up like the grudge and come into my room.”

“Got it;) be there in a bit!”

“Thanks :D”

You smirked and took a quick glance at Pietro and boy….he was so scared that he was sweating!

A few minutes past and the door creaked open.“What was that?!"Pietro asked,his eyes wide and now his eyes were on the door."That’s nothing Piet,probably just the wind,"you said.Then you heard it,Wanda making the same sound the Grudge makes."No no no no,the wind doesn’t make that sound (Y/N)!"You rolled your eyes and grabbed Piet by the shoulders."Piet,I am te-ll-ing you,"you said slowly,staring straight into his eyes,"there’s nothing to be afra-”
You paused and your eyes was now behind Pietro,staring at someone else.Pietro’s eyes were now searching yours.“What is it (Y/n)?"he says as he thinks about whether to turn around or not.

He turns around and his eyes filled with horror.There in front of him was the Grudge herself,or so he thinks.It was just Wanda in a white dress,her hair over her face,and her face with white and black face paint.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,"Pietro screamed as he turns back to you and basically tackles you.He hugs you tight and you just burst out laughing."Bwahahahahaa!"you laughed.The light switched on and Wanda moved the hair out of her face and laughs along with you. "Wait,What?"he says,still hugging you.

"Who’s all over me now?”

A/N:I’m in Health right now I finished the finals for this class already so I wrote this and I’m not into horror movies and I haven’t watch the grudge but I know a little bit about it since my sister has watched it before and yeah…let me know if you liked it!

Clingy (J.S Imagine)

This was a request by the amazing holland-maloley .. Hope you enjoy.💜

(Sorry if you don’t like Madison, she’s the only one who I could think of, again IM SORRY!)

Request; A Swazz imagine about him being clingy.


Being in a relationship with John, was good and bad. Good because he was super supportive of a lot of my decisions, he took very good care of me and overall just truly showed he cared for me, bad because he was very clingy, like a kid to their blanket. I mean don’t get me wrong his clinginess was good on certain occasions but when we’re at the store or just out and about he has to always told my hand when he sees another boy around, or always has to kiss and be touchy.

“Babe I’m gonna go to grocery shopping, I’ll be back in a little” I said

“I’m coming with you!” He replied

“Of course” I mouthed walking to the door.

While at the store John stayed super close, like closer than you can imagine.

“J, I love having you close, I really do, but we’re just grocery shopping, no need to be that close” I said

He looked at me and stepped away rolling his eyes. I don’t get why he’s the one who gets mad, he’s the one literally suffocating me.

We finished at the store and went home, Sam had texted me that him in the boys were gonna come over too have a little gathering, Madison included. I liked having Madison around sometimes, she was the only one who I could truly talk to and get some honest advice, because G was the same with her.

At the party~~~~

“Hey guys!” G yelled

“Hey!” I said

We all gathered around and talked about their careers and life and of course J was right there behind me, very close, arm around my neck.

“Hey, swift, any closer and you might just choke Y/N” Johnson said

We all joked about it but he was right, J did have a tight grip.

Through out the rest of the gathering, everywhere I went he followed, the only place he left me alone was to the restroom. and when I got out he came right back.

“Hey babe can I talk to Mad about something real quick, promise I’ll find you after we finish”

“sure I’ll go with the boys”

“Hey what’s up girl?” Madison said

“It’s J, his clinginess is getting a little to much for me, I mean not too much to where I wanna break up with him, but I feel like I never get my own space, like if I go to bed he’s right there behind me, when we’re at the store he’s right there very close, sometimes i don’t even shower or use the restroom here by myself, he joins!” I said

“I just don’t know how to tell him without hurting him” I continued

“Well as you know I went thru that with G, but you have to be honest, I mean what’s a relationship without honesty, sure he’ll be upset about it but you have to set boundaries.” She said

“You can do it girl, In fact talk to him now so after you talk he can hang out with the boys and get his mind off of it.” She said again

“Thanks girl I will.” I said giving her a hug

I walked over to where the boys were and since the music was kind loud I went close to his ear

“Hey babe can we go up to the room and talk really fast” I said

I went up to the room and he followed, closed the door behind him and kneeled in between my legs while I sat on the bed.

“Listen, J, I love how affectionate you are, it makes me feel like the most luckiest girl ever cause it makes me feel wanted, but sometimes you get a little to much babe, and it’s not that bad, but when I’m using the restroom it don’t always feel comfortable with you being there. Or at the store when we’re shopping it gets difficult to push the cart with you always there. I hope you don’t get upset when I tell you, if you can just tone down the clinginess just a little.”

“Yeah.. I guess, I’m sorry” he said getting up and walking out of the room.

I didn’t mean to intentionally hurt his feelings, but I just wanted to tell him how I felt.

I stayed in the room the rest of the night until everyone left, of course I went down to say goodbyes but after that I went back upstairs. J stayed down, playing his game, and once I changed into comfortable clothing I went down stairs to talk again.

“Hey” I said sitting next to him

“Hey” he replied.

It stayed quiet for a little until he spoke.

“Listen babe, I thought about what you said earlier, and I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be that clingy, I swear, and I also didn’t mean to walk out like that instead of talking, but after thinking about what you said, I realized that you don’t need me to be around you 24/7 i mean yeah, I can be around but I realized too, that you’re an adult as well, you can handle yourself too, even if other guys look at you, but I’m sorry, and I love you.”

“I love you too, and it’s okay to be clingy sometimes when it’s appropriate but not all the time.”

“Why do you say we go upstairs and watch a movie and cuddle.” He said

“Sounds good”

We went upstairs, he changed into just some boxers, and I changed into one of his t-shirts and underwear and we both laid and cuddled and watched Secret Life of The American Teenager. (Secretly our favorite show) and he laid his head on my stomach while arm over my legs.

I may not be able to change clingy swift, but I can sure get used to it.

Sorry if it sucked, I tried my best to make it interesting, I didn’t want to try and make it like everyone else’s so I still hope you enjoy.

Keep sending requests! 💖


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY @pumpkinpeggys!!!! Izzy, you are such a wonderful part of this fandom and I am so happy I’ve gotten to know you! I hope your birthday was stellar and that you enjoy your late gift.

Fitzsimmons. AU. Meet cute. about 1000 words. Jemma’s running late for her plane and bumps into someone who makes time stop

Jemma Simmons has made a grave miscalculation, and, as a woman who has very rarely made miscalculations, Jemma Simmons is livid.

“Daisy I have to call you back– I know I know– but I just checked my ticket and apparently my flight doesn’t leave a quarter after 1.” Jemma huffs into the phone, sprinting through the packed crowds. “It leaves a quarter before 1! Stupid mistake! Bye love you!” Weaving through the crowd with a skill she usually doesn’t possess, Jemma heads towards Gate 3.

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Requested? Yes.
Mature: No.
Word Count: 1459
Anon asked: Text Au or imagine where you’ve been dating Skate or Derek for about a year now but you find out that your best friend doesn’t support your relationship since she likes him too even though she hasn’t known him for that long. She shades you then drops you so Derek or Skate comfort you. Thank you! :)

I’ve decided on writing this scenario for both of them because it’s too hard to choose. The first one is SKATE.

Hope this is sorta what you’re looking for! ~Enjoy xx.

“Baby!” You exclaimed when you opened the door to reveal Skate standing there. “I thought you were gonna be at the studio all day?”

“I decided that since the Skaterade tour is in a couple weeks that I should try spending as much time with my lovely girlfriend as possible.” He grinned and enveloped you in a hug.

“Oh you don’t have to do that. I know how much you want this tour to be perfect.” You grinned and brought your arms around his neck. He smiled down at you and leaned in to gently place his lips against yours. You’d just started to kiss back when Y/B/F/N cleared her throat making Skate pull away.

“Oh, babe why didn’t you say you had…?”

“Y/B/F/N.” She said quietly. Skate could never really remember her name even after a month of knowing each other. “Right, Y/B/F/N. You didn’t say she was over.”

“You didn’t say you were coming over.” You countered. “I know but I don’t want to ruin your girl time.” He smiled again, this one being a little more innocent than the last and it made you stand on your tippy-toes and peck his lips. “You’re not. We’ll have plenty of time to bond later.”

Feeling Skate nod against your lips you released him from the kiss and wrapped your arms around his torso and his arms hugged your shoulders.

“Well in that case, hello /Y/B/F/N.”

She slowly nodded with a rising blush, “Hi Skate.”

“We were just watching some movies, wanna join?”

“I could stay the night…” Skate offered again as you pushed him towards the door. “I wish, but we need some girl time!”

“But baby!”

“No but’s! I’ll see you tomorrow okay? I love you.”

By now he was standing on the other side of the threshold but wouldn’t let your hands go. “Let me stay.”

“You can tomorrow, I swear. Now say you love me back.” You pouted and stuck your bottom lip out. He chuckled and leaned over to kiss you again and again and again, “I love you so much.”

Being satisfied you gave him one last kiss and shut the door as he turned around and headed down the driveway.

“Y/B/F/N!” You sang as you entered the living room again. She looked up from her phone and gave you a blank look, “What?”

Quirking your eyebrow and crossing your arms over your chest, you huffed at her shortness with you, “What’s the matter? You’ve been acting funny all night.”

“You didn’t seem to care when Skate was here.” She mumbled but you heard it loud and clear. “Excuse me?”

“Nothing, Y/n. Forget it.”

“No, I won’t. Ever since you met Skate you always act different when he’s around. Do you not like him? Did he do something wrong? You’re my bestfriend and your opinion matters to me.”

“No he hasn’t done anything wrong but…” She trailed off.

“But what?”

“Me liking him is the problem and I’m sorry but it’s hard for me to accept you two together.” She blurted out.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” You watched as she stood up and mimicked your stance.

“I like Skate… I like him a lot and I feel like we’d be better together.”

You were taken aback by her words considering everyone thought you two were perfect together. You and Skate rarely ever fought and when you did you’d end up in each other’s arms a few hours later. It was almost impossible for you two to stay away from one another, especially when the other was so upset. “You barely know him! You just met him a month ago!”

“And your point is?”

“We’ve been together for 18 months. That’s a year and six months and you think you would be a better match for him?”

“Doesn’t matter how long you two have been together.” She simply stated. “Wow,” you scoffed, “we’ve been bestfriends since we were [AGE] years old. You’re willing to give that friendship up over something that will never happen. Skate can’t even remember your name, yet you think you two are perfect? Pathetic.”

She didn’t say anything but the look on her face said it all and you could start to feel the tears blur your vision. If Nate happened to leave you you’d go off the deep end. He was your bestfriend before anything else. He listened to all of your problems, let you cry into his chest when you needed him the most, and because he knew how insecure you were he made sure you knew you were beautiful, but the more you thought about it the more possible it seemed to become. “I-I…” You couldn’t speak but in your mind a world of thoughts raced around your brain. “I’ll let myself out.” She gave you a smug smile and pushed past you, making sure to knock your shoulder away in the process.

After she was gone, you let yourself collapse to your knees and sob into your hands.

“Babe? Baby open the door.” Skate’s muffled voice said through the front door.

Four days had gone by since your little argument with your ex-bestfriend and you’d been too afraid to face Skate in fear of the things he could possibly tell you.

“Babe, seriously. I left my key inside… I can’t get inside.”

You kept a spare under a rock at the bottom on the driveway but not even Skate knew that.

“Y/n open the door. You’ve been ignoring my texts and calls, and it’s scaring me.”

You finally decided to get off the couch and face your fear rationally but only because seeing Skate so worried hurt you 10x’s worse. Almost as soon as you opened the door he attacked you in a hug. “What wrong? Why are you ignoring me?”

“I-I…” I still couldn’t place my thoughts into words: I’m scared. I’m scared of losing you. I’m scared you’ll realize there’s someone better out there for you and that’s not me. I’m so scared.

“Talk to me.” He urged as he shut the door behind him and guided us to the couch. “The other day Y/B/F/N told me something and it’s scaring me.”

“What’d she say?”

“S-she admitted to me that she liked you and that she’d be a better match for you. She kept saying how she would be better for you. She was so blunt about it, like she hadn’t just thrown away all those years of friendship. It made me scared that maybe she was right and if it wasn’t her you would probably find someone you’d rather be with that isn’t me. I’m scared of losing you because I love you so much and I’d lose my mind if I lost you.” By now you were sobbing and Skate had his arms wrapped tightly around your waist and he pulled you into his lap.

“No baby girl don’t ever think that. You’re the best I’m ever going to have and you’re one of the most important people in my life. I love you so much and Y/B/F/N is a bitch for planting that dumbass idea in your head. Okay? Listen to me. I. Love. You. If she ever thinks I’d choose her over you then she got another thing comin’.” He soothing rubbed his hand over the small of your back and the simple action made you want to sleep in his arms forever. “If I ever see that whore again I’ll personally put her in her place— with my words only of course.”

You let out a muffled laugh and fisted his shirt in your hands, “I love you too.”

“But please don’t be scared baby. You’re the only Lil’ Mama for me anyways. No one could compare to you.”

Once again you giggled and the smile that appeared on Skate’s face lit your whole world up.

“Got it?”

You nodded and he leaned down to kiss you passionately and slightly whimpered when he pulled away,

“So how about a movie weekend?”

Movies were one of the only things you couldn’t refuse, and Skate was certainly one of those thing.

Not when someone so important made you so happy.


Request: Can you do one where SamXReader start to date, but they were friends forever before so its kind of weird for them to start dating. Like, they dont know if they should kiss or hug and stuff? I just think you’ll do awesome with this one!

Request:  SamXreader where she is a not a fan of the morning so she wakes up with terrible morning breath and fucked up hair and falling asleep in the most akward, half dressed positions. Sam is horrified and while dean can relate, not to that degree. Thanks.

Request: A fluff SamXReader where Dean makes fun of them for dating? Not like mean, just funny?

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Preference #4 Fathers Day (Cashton)

Sorry this took so long! I’m gonna have a Muke on mothers day up soon hopefully so yeah, I hope you enjoy this :)



You looked at the bed, smiling as you realised Ashton was still fast asleep, then looked at your 3 year old daughter, wanting to laugh at the excited smile she had on her face. It didn’t take much to work to see that Y/D/N was Ashton’s child. She had inherited her father’s curly hair and hazel eyes, and whenever she was with him she was a complete daddys girl. Ashton adored her too, and you loved how sweet he was with her, even if he did tend to spoil her in an attempt to make up for when he wasn’t home, although he really didn’t need to.

It was fathers day today, and the first one Ashton had actually been home to experience and Y/D/N was very excited. A little bit too excited in your opinion, especially when she had crept into your room at 5 in the morning and attempted to climb into your bed so she could give Ashton his present. Ashton himself had managed to sleep through this, and you had managed to convince the excitable child to wait a little bit so daddy wouldn’t be too tired but now, at 7am, you were going to let her do what she wanted, not that you were completely sure what that was.

“Can I wake him up now?” Y/D/N asked, looking up at you with her wide hazel eyes. She looked almost angelic, although you knew better.

“Yeah, he’s been asleep long enough.” You said.

You watched as Y/D/N made her way to Ashton’s side of the bed, giggling slightly as she stood next to her still sleeping father. She opened her mouth , taking a deep breath before yelling as loud as she possibly could “WAKE UP DADDY!”

A look of shock was clear on Ashton’s face as he opened his eyes immediately, but you saw it soften when he saw Y/D/N stood next to him, an innocent smile plastered on her face as she attempted not to giggle.

Ashton smiled, reaching his arms out of the bed and hoisting the 3 year old up and putting her down on the bed next to him. “You’re a little monster, aren’t you?” He laughed, tickling her sides and causing her to erupt in fits of giggles.

When she finally managed to escape Ashton’s grasp Y/D/N threw herself at his torso, wrapping her little arms around it. “Happy Fathers Day daddy, I love you.”


You opened your eyes, sighing as you saw that Calum was already gone, he had to go to the studio early today but he had said he should be home earlier than normal, which was good seeing as it was fathers day and you and Y/S/N were planning a little treat. Calum often worked himself too hard, and you knew that there were times that he wished he could be spending more time with you and your 4 year old.

You could hear the sound of the TV from downstairs so you were presuming that Calum had sorted your son out this morning, letting you have a much needed lie in, but it was time to get up now.

You headed downstairs and poked your head through the door of the front room to see your dark haired child engrossed in an episode of Spongebob. You decided it would be best to leave him there while you tidied up a bit, because when he got bored he could be a handful.

When you were finished you went back into the front room, and not surprisingly Y/S/N was still staring at the large screen. “Do you want to help make daddy’s cake?” You asked, chuckling at the excited look that appeared on his face. Y/S/N loved cooking, especially when you were making ‘daddy’s cake’, otherwise known as Calum’s favourite chocolate cake that your son had also decided was his favourite.

However, making a cake with a 4 year old wasn’t always easy, and by the time it was in the oven, you, Y/S/N and the kitchen were all a bit of a mess.

“Mummy, you’ve got chocolate on your face!” Y/S/N giggled, pointing at you with his own, dirty fingers.

“Well so do you! I’ll go and get some wipes to clean you up a bit, messy child.” You shook your head, grabbing the wipes of your shelf and proceeding to try and clean him up a bit. He had literally managed to get cake mixture everywhere, you didn’t know how he did it but he just couldn’t stay clean.

“Just stay still for a little bit. Then you can go and play okay!” You stated, holding the 4 year olds shoulders in an attempt to stop him from wriggling as you tried to get some mixture from behind his ear.

“But I don’t want to!” Y/S/N decided to argue, stomping his feet and scrunching up his face.

“Well you have to.” You spoke more forcefully this time.

“No I don’t!” He retorted, managing to escape from your hold and running to the other side of the kitchen, knocking the table as he passed. You could only watch as the flour that was balanced rather precariously on the edge of the table fell and hit the floor, a cloud of white powder bursting from the bag as the rest went all over the floor.

It was at this moment that Calum walked into the room, “Well, I can’t say this is what I expected to find when I got home.”

You just shook your head as he sniggered, while Y/S/N ran towards him with his arms outstretched so Calum could lift him up. “Daddy! We made your cake! And it’s in the oven and it looks really nice!” He spoke excitedly.

“Oohh my cake. When can I have a bit?” Calum asked, wiping some of the remaining cake mix from your son’s arm.

“After dinner, we still have to ice it! Come and play football with me until it’s done! Please! Mummy hasn’t let me play all day!” Y/S/N replied.

“Hasn’t she? Well that’s mean isn’t it. Go and get your ball then we can go out in the garden.” Calum smiled, placing the excited child down and laughing as he raced off.

“And I suppose mummy is going to tidy all this mess up?” You sighed, smiling at Calum as he laughed at you.

“Well, it is fathers day!”

bringfoodthenleave  asked:

You had a seizure? What happened? Are you okay?

About once every year or two, stress of various kinds causes my gut to seize up, making me feel barfy and poopy and pee-y all at the same time, while also simultaneously making my brain fizz out until I am unconscious.  It is fun!  Usually this happens at pretty innocuous, private places, like in my apartment, and I can manage the whole deal pretty well without causing any problems.  But sometimes it happens while watching Iron Man 2 on opening night, and SOMETIMES apparently it happens while I’m in an airplane flying home from Comic-Con International.

For some reason, other people think this is a greater cause for alarm than I do, like airline attendants and the medical team they call to meet me at the airplane when it lands.  ”I’ll be fine, just let me erupt from every orifice while unconscious in peace like God intended” is something I would say if I were not shutting down entirely as my eyelids flicker.  

(That last detail is a new one on me — no one’s ever seen me do it before.) 

I don’t remember a lot, for obvious reasons, but I do remember them asking if there was a medical professional on the plane and later I woke up (twice) to a very nice nurse of some sort who was managing everything very expertly.  Maggie was also there, obviously, with one of those “oh thank god he’s not dead” faces.  I got to put one of those yellow oxygen masks over my face (which I thought was unnecessary but I GUESS THEY’RE THE DOCTORS) that usually springs out of the ceiling according to the flight prep but this one was attached to an oxygen tank which they switched out as it ran dry.  

Anyway, the worst part is when you wake up and the realization hits that NOPE that wasn’t a crazy dream you just had, you actually fucking exploded on an airplane.  This is now your day.  

And then you land and see the CNN coverage of ebola breakouts on the terminal teevees and then you’re all ohhhhh THAT’s why everyone else on the plane stared at me like I had come to destroy them.

I am fine now.  I am always fine roughly about 15-to-30 minutes after it happens.  We landed and the medical team took blood samples and blood pressure, and both my sugar levels and pressure were normal.  And as per usual, they asked my age and I said 35 and the doctor stares at me like I’m insane and I’m like I KNOW, RIGHT???

This childlike beauty comes with a cost.

anonymous asked:

can you make me feel a bit less shit? can you tell me a joke or something?

Well maybe some AM stories might make you feel better, so okay:

One time the guys were going to the soundcheck of this concert and they were all already down the hotel about to get to the bus and the tour manager goes. hmm where’s al? and then they called him on the phone and he was still on the room. turns out the loser was still on bed watching cartoons

This other time they were doing a concert in new zeland or australia i can’t remember. the 31 of december of 2011. and they were playing and suppose to make a countdown for new year. thing is that al and the guys go after the encore to backstage to celebrate and they found out after that that they had to make a countdown. so they go to stage apologize and do a countdown when it was already fucking january 1 haha.

so this other time around 2006 the monkeys had to do a interview press thing but the manager couldn’t find them anywhere. and he was like wtf where are they. turns that they were for some fucking reason on the top of the eiffel tour just bc they wanted to “go outside for a bit”

One time al was on this bus going home and he finds a guy o the bus too. he randomly talked to him and that guy was john mclure member of the band judan suki (and brother of the guy from the whatever people cover) and he said right there if he wanted to be in his band and alex said ok. so that’s how he get on his first proper band for a bit. years later he and chris shared a flat on london. kinda random.

during the brits awards 2007. they won best album and best band. and during the specch on a video they didn’t added nick on the thing bc he wasn’t on the first part of the era. so they dressed up and they litelally grab a guy who was working as a builder outside. he’s on the video with the other monkeys.

Jamie used to work as a tiler doing bathrooms and he always used to said that if the monkeys were succesful he would grab his shovel thing and throw it on the fuckign river. the monkeys were succesful after all but he never did that. he said that all the equipment of his days of working as a tiler are still somewhere on his garage gathering dust.

This time the monkeys were to see the libertines live, and they didn’t had the age to enter to the venue, but al, andy and jamie could enter. not matt tho. so he sat outside during the whole concert waiting for the guys to come out. pretty sad haha poor matt.

Okay, im done. hope ur feeling better

Winners Get Treehouses

A sequel to Winners Don’t Always Get Lucky Breaks
Chapter 1, ao3
Chapter 2, ao3
Chapter 3, ao3
Chapter 4, ao3
Chapter 5, ao3
Chapter 6, ao3

Big shoutout to Caitlin for just being great. She suggested sexy wood chopping and then I made her proof it. But I mean she got what she asked for. :)

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