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Churboose - church trying to pick out a gift for caboose (holiday, birthday, promo at work?? w/e!) and fretting over it (but we all know what he could really give caboose) pre-slash maybe????? confession fic???? ?????? ???? Tucker having to play wingman is a plus "Damn it church i dont wanna stand here and watch you make eyes at the fucking idiot. either bend him over and do it already or im out"

You knew I had to use that line.

Gift Exchange

“Just pick something already!”

“You’re actually not helping, Tucker,” Church groaned as he bent over the display of watches. Would Caboose even want a watch? No, better question, would Caboose even wear a watch? No, even better question, did Caboose know how to read an analog clock?

“What about this one?” Church asked at last, looking up at the man who was, somehow, his best friend, and pointing down at a watch that had stars on the tips of the arms and had a nice blue face that was the exact shade of blue that Caboose liked more than any other, and what looked like a comfortable leather band.

“Who the fuck cares? Can that idiot even tell time? Why are you dragging me along for this? I just bought him a box of cookies. Why are you even putting so much time into this? You know you could just bend him over and…”

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I need a fic where Wells was never Eobard and is actually nice and also the one who adopts Barry instead of the Wests. And Barry grows up around everyone at STAR Labs and is always running around, asking questions, watching, and causing chaos. He’s a distraction to everyone involved, but they love him regardless. Maybe he goes to school for something inspired by Wells because Barry knows he will inherit STAR Labs one day and he wants to make the smartest man he’s ever known proud.

When the particle accelerator explodes, it’s truly an accident and Barry is at STAR Labs that night to celebrate with his adoptive father. None of them expect the mess the night would turn into and when Barry gets struck by lightning, Wells feels responsible and pulls him from the hospital to look after him at STAR Labs because he trusts Caitlin more than other doctors. When he develops his powers, they’re not surprised, but Wells is weary, worried about what this could mean. He doesn’t care about the company anymore or his research. His sole concern is Barry. He will protect Barry and help him with his powers, mainly so Barry can take care of himself because what none of them know (except Caitlin because she is his doctor) is that Wells is sick and trying to hide it from everyone. He needs to make sure Barry will be okay on his own.

And maybe Len walks into Barry’s life and causes trouble and then the two get involved and Wells is very, very concerned. He highly encouraged Barry to choose his partners better, but Barry doesn’t listen and it stresses Wells out so much that Caitlin becomes concerned.

My ideas stop there (I’m too tired to develop them more)…but, really, I just need Wells as Barry’s dad, even if they’re not blood related and a whole lot of pain with Wells’s illness because I can see Barry taking care of Wells, vehemently expressing “you always took care of me. It’s my turn to take care of you.” And Wells being like “Does this mean you’ll date someone better than Leonard?” (Because it’s NOT helping his health, he would argue.) And Barry just gives him a look, snorts, and says, “Nice try, but no.”