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this is your fault for sending me pics of them @ that concert or festival thing but can u write about going to a concert with grayson :-)))))

You felt like you’d been plucked from reality and placed directly into a series of aesthetically pleasing photos from a Pinterest article. The gasp that left your mouth was unintentional, but the hop in your step paired with the cheesy swing of your arm as it was attached to Grayson’s was not.

Affectionately, Grayson peered down at you with raised eyebrows. “It’s like you’ve never been to a concert before, babe.”

You shrugged, bumping your hip to his, “You’re right. I’ve never been to a concert with you before.”

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Hello , can i share you art at my group ?? MM Arts ?

Hmm… I’m okay with sharing as long there’s credit, but please do NOT repost my art on sites I’m already on (tumblr, twitter etc). Thanks for asking!


// Carl Grimes // TWD Season 4 // 4x09 “After” //

// “Walker inside got my shoe, didn’t get me.” //

Hym’s replies 7

This is long, please bear it ^^;

esexoeveryday said

Hi there! sorry to bother hmm I was wondering if you take requests? I absolutely love your drawings and recently started following you. You’re very talented btw.

I don’t take request, I am sorry;; but Thank you <3

luladyin said

Could you please please pleaseeee do a Luhan fanart dressed up as Napoleon pretty please? :3 I really love your fanarts <3

Why Napoleon? but I don’t take request, sorry ;__;

Anonymous said

Hi^^ Can I make a request? If you don’t mind, I ask for kai fanart or comic ^^  Btw, I really love your arts and comics ><

I don’t accept request, but I am sure I will draw Kai :3

dyojjang12 said

If I may ask, Chen Xiumin and Luhan are your main biases?

yes they are *_* and yours is D.O right

btstanya96 said

hey i really love ur art…. i have one request… can u plzzzz dwar some kai’s pic…. if u can and want… ^:^

with others tooo…

I will draw Kai…if he does something interesting :B lol I am sure I will draw him, he’s climbing up my bias list *___* but drawing Kai is hard for me, I still can’t draw his face rightly

OMG! I love you drawings so much! It’s like.. Yhey look alike with the real boys! I make drawings too, but, I van only draw Jongdae and Minseok right. Sorry if I scared you kkk Baaaaii

‘kay bye lol, thanks tho :3

jazzieherzcc said:

Omg!! Your drawings are soo cute!!! 😘  I love them.💜

Thank youuu ♥♥♥

Anonymous said:Hi! I love all of your arts they are so cute! Do you make any of your arts into stickers? Bcs if you do, I would love to buy it! :3

I haven’t yet,  I have plan to make sticker sheet but I think I’ll wait after EXO next comeback ^^

yehet-bitches-ohorat said:

Why did I take this long to find a blog like yours?!?? PLS HIT ME WITH A BRICK!

Anonymous said:

Oh my gosh you’re baekhyun and Chen comic was absolutely adorable….I didn’t expect a foot massage lol!

What did you expect? :3

Anonymous said:Omg I’m loving these chenbaek drawings (≧∇≦)/

Thank you~!! ^^ More ChenBaek drawings will come~

Anonymous said

What app do you usually use for drawing? I really want to learn how to make a fanart ❤️

I use Adobe Photoshop CS2, I hope you will enjoy making fanart ^^ ♥

Anonymous said:

I love your line stickers!!!! I promise if they make it (I’m sure they will) I will buy them!!!!!!!

Amen~ but It’s still in review orz, I have no idea it will take this long

Anonymous said:

First want to say I love your fanart^^  I also draw fanart and I am thinking of doing blog like yours~ Any advice you can gI’ve me? And you don’t draw on paper do you?

Yes I don’t draw on paper. Do you mean advice for drawing fanart or advice for running a fanart blog? If your drawing style is manga style too, I can give you some tips&trick, it works for me so I hope it will work for you too~

For drawing fanart :

  • draw the recent event of EXO, if you pay attention, most fanartists draw fanart of the recent event
  • give story/ funny thing in your fanart, if you familiar with EXO members’ characters you can imagine their reactions when something happens ^^
  • if you can’t do both, draw cool/beautiful fanart with details, beautiful fanart doesn’t need to follow the recent event and doesn’t need to be funny, you can draw randomly such as, Minseok in historical era outfit *___*

For running a blog :

  • make your tumblr’s layout fit as fanart tumblr, medium/ big thumbnail, for me I prefer not to use infinity scroll -personal taste lol-
  • idk if this works for tumblr or not, but for twitter, I usually post fanart when the my timeline traffic is high such as 08.00 PM- 11.00 PM
  • use hashtag, this works for both tumblr and twitter, I usually use #exo, #exo fanart, #exo fan art, #member’s name, #pairing name -if you draw pairing-

what else? hmm I think that’s it~! sorry if it sounds lame lol

Hi i love ur art! <3 how long have u been drawing??

 I started drawing since 2008~ but for fanart I started drawing it since November 2013,

wow-lovely-idjits said:

OMG, I’m in love with your fanarts <3

Thank you~!! ♥♥

rraviosa said:

I love your art omg but the other night a saw a repost of the xiumin and chanyeol comic you did, but on instagram I wasn’t sure if you were okay with reposting until I just now read your description just thought you should know

Thanks for telling me this, can you give me the IG link?

I am getting tired of this repost thing. Some time ago, someone told me that my fanarts reposted in weibo, tumblr, and twitter too. I have told some of them to take it down but they ignore me, mostly fanbase that has guts to ignore fanartist’ complain. I hate it so much when fanbases repost my fanart, like.. it will make a lot of their followers think “reposting is okay it’s sharing” =.= no it’s not sharing since the reposter took the credit from the fanartist and make it like it’s theirs

tbh it’s almost impossible to avoid repost thing until someday our fandom can appreciate fanartist more. That’s why I only post low quality of my fanarts and it always has my huge watermark lol

sorry I am ranting here .__.

soojinnie710 said:

good luck with the stickers <3 they are soooooooooooooooo adorable >“< I’m absolutely looking forward to themmmm :33

I am looking forward too ;___;

iseefairies said:

uM HI I just found out that you’re Indonesian and um yeah I LOVE YOUR ARTWORK SO MUCH I CANT BELIEVE YOU LIVE NEAR ME (im in jkt but y'know) anyway I LOVE YOUR ART A LOT OK PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND HAVE A GREAT DAY♥♥♥

I live pretty far from you since I am in surabaya haha


Anonymous said:


;______; thank you anon~!!

bubbleteablupblupblup said:

HII!! I LOVE YOUR ART! OUO can’t wait for your line sticker :3

I can’t wait too orz, thank you for the support~! ;___;

Anonymous said:

What app do you draw your fanarts? :))

It’s Adobe Photoshop CS2 :3

Anonymous said:

how do you draw all your fanarts?can you list down the steps one by one? :)

by moving my fingers and hand *troll face*

I posted this gif in my ask.fm sometime ago

  • 1st pic : ugly rough sketch, only to make me sure their pose and position
  • 2nd pic : refined outline
  • 3rd pic : blocking, different colours mean different layers
  • 4th pic : coloring
  • 5th pic : add clothes pattern, headset cables, a lil bit light effect from upper right
  • 6th pic : give simple border, add watermark, and write anything on it

I did most of my fanarts like that ^^

captivatesme said:

Your art makes me smile 💛 thank you for sharing!

Thank you for liking it~!! <33

geenjae said:

Not gonna ask anything. Just wanna say that you’re AWE to the SOME!!!

Thank you so much~~!!!

Meme Monday on Sunday

Oh my gosh, is this the last Meme Monday of the season?! It can’t be. Maybe it can continue through the hiatus. We are at the finale y’all. We made it. So, without further ado, here are this weeks memes.

As always, feedback is welcome. Reblog, like, comment, share….but please give credit, okay? And let me know if you want to be tagged, untagged, etc.

My peeps (hopefully waiting with bated breath…ha!): skcolicity solicity97 jbuffyangel smoakingquiver smoakingtardis redpenandfern thenerddess olicity-beautiful-dreamer sentence-fragments scu11y22 mel-loves-all andjustforthismoment we-are-the-unthinkable thethornyrant jedichick04 aubvi mogirl97 olicity-university 1forall0allfor1

more after the break (hoping the break works this time)

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A New School Year

Heyy, can you do one where c/n is in 3 of ur classes PE/English/Maths. And y/n is really thrilled when she finds out in the beginning of the year and at first he talks to her but as the school year goes on, he slowly starts ignoring y/n so she stops trying all together to get his attention? But something happens and he confesses his feelings to her? (Sorry it’s so long btw)

Sophomore year. It finally came. You was walking into the school for the first time since a couple months ago. And since then you still had a major crush on y/c. Last year you guys talked, but after while you realized you had a crush on him and it was hard to talk to him, and other things changed. You hoped that at least you had one class with him. He was gorgeous to you.

You got your schedule for this year, you first period was English. You walked in and sat in the third table. Your teacher was currently writing something in huge letters.

Once you sit down. This will be your permanent seat for the semester till I say otherwise. Says on the board.

You sat down, expecting know one would sit with you.

You were right no one did. Except this extremely shy girl. It was getting to the minute bell.

The minute bell rings and there came rushing in y/c.

You look at him with a smile. Yes! You cheered to yourself. You have a class with him. You haven’t had a full conversation with him since, since freaky January. Since his stupid schedule change. But he probably won’t even sit with you. There were only 3 seats left. The cool popular table. 3 silent shy boy at another table, who you have never seen before. Then your table with the girl that was completely shy.

He looks around the room, and spots you table. He smiles silently and heads towards your table. Your eyes connect for a second.

“Oh shit.” You whisper to yourself, so no one can hear you except you and possibly the silent girl.

Right when sits down the bell rings.

Permeant seat. Damn.

“Hey y/c.” You say.

“Hey! Miss me.” He jokes.

“If that keeps you happy, then yes.”

The teacher started speaking, and everyone went quiet.

After 1st period was over, everyone was heading out the door at once.“ What’s your next period?” You ask him.

“P.E. Mrs.( teachers name).” He says.

“Me too.” Wow you have two classes with him. You were so happy.

While you were walking to the next class, you guys were having an amazing discussion what you did this summer. You haven’t talked to him like this since ages ago. You missed this.

In P.E., he starts walking a bit faster, so you think he wants to leave you for other friends so you walk a different pathway. You were sad, but thankful you had a full conversation. You spot one of your friends and sit down.

“Hey.” Y/f says.“

“Hey, y/f! How was your summer.”


“Hey! Where’d you go.” Y/c sits next to you with a small smile.

“Oh- I-” you have no idea what to say. So you change the subject.“ Do you know my friend, y/f.”

“Hey.” He says to your friend. He looks at you.“ Mind if I sit here?”

“No. Of course not.” You say while blushing.

Soon after a while his friends came, and slowly he was getting out of your conversation to his own. The whole P.E. period was fun because it ended being a big group discussion. Since it was the first day of school, you didn’t do anything in P.E really.

Your next period wasn’t with him. Which saddened you.


It was your 4th period. Which was Math. You hated math with passion. You had the same math teacher you had last year, which wasn’t so bad since you liked him. And look at the bright side. Y/c was here. But he was talking to some girl, that you knew liked him last year. They looked happy.

His seat wasn’t by you. He was across the room.

Your teacher was explaining something that you had no clue what to do. But you felt someone staring at you. You look at your right and saw y/c looking at you. His cheeks turn slightly pink, but he turns into a funny face. You look behind you to see if he was looking behind you, but he wasn’t.

He was looking at you. You stick out your tongue. And mouth the words I hate math.

He just silently laughs and mouths the word me too.

The rest of the day was a blur. Till lunch, which he actually walked with you to the lunch line. But soon you had to part ways to eat with your friends.

———3 weeks———

It’s been amazing. You and him start talking none stop and are actually good friends to the point where he gave you his number for a project that you had to do in English last week. Even the girl sitting at your table was opening up.

“Class. Today we have a new student. His name is (name here/ n/h).” Your teacher announces.

He was hot. You will admit that. But nothing compares to (y/c). He actually looked a little familiar.

“Go to any empty seat.” The teacher says to him. There was one in your table, the one next to the quiet girl.

He looks at you with a small smile and sits down at your table.

“Okay class. We’re going to do love quotes today. More like love poems and put a theme to them.” Your teacher announces to you and your classmates.

Y/c looks a little down in the dumps for some reason. You have no idea why, so you don’t pester it.

“Hi, I’m n/h.” He says to you and the others.

He was defiantly a 8.5/10. His brown hair and hazel green eyes were breath taking. He looked so familiar.“ Hi, I’m y/n.”

His eyes brighten up.“ I know you. Weren’t you in (camp or kindergarten/ choose one) when we were 6 and 7.”

“Yeah I was.” You giggle at his excitement.

You guys talk about the good old times when you were younger.

“I remember I had the hugest crush on you when I was 7.” He gushes.

“No shit! Me too.” You blush.

All the while your other girl classmate was laughing at you both, while y/c was quiet doing his work.

——- time skip to after class—–

Usually, you and y/c walk to the next class together.

He waits outside for you, since you lounge around with n/h.

“So what’s your next class.” You ask.

“Uh. P.E.”

“No way! I do too. I can show you around.” You walk out and y/c is waiting for you with a bright smile, but then soon notices that n/h is walking with you guys, so his face falters.

Y/c seems so distant. Why? You wonder to yourself.

“So there’s this new movie coming out this Friday, would you want to come with me.” N/h asks.

You turns towards y/c and he just frowns at you.“ What? It’s not like we’re dating.” He motions towards you guys, and starts walking ahead.

Your heart did a crack.“ I was just-.” You don’t continue your sentence, you turn toward n/h.“ Yeah sure.”

The day proceeds and n/h also has math with you, and he sits right next to you, y/c always looks back at you and he usually gives you a goofy face, but instead he has some type of face that you can’t comprehend.

The date that was on Friday was okay. It was kind of weird and he seemed like he wanted to kiss you, but you made sure to keep a distance.

That same week, Monday, and Tuesday were terrible. Y/c continuously ignored you. On Friday you were assigned to right a love poem. It was due Wednesday.

Today was that day. And the poem you wrote was about y/c.

Okay class.“ Who would like to share there poem out loud for extra credit.”

Y/c hand shoots up.

“Y/c, go on ahead.”

Y/c gets up.

It goes like this…

I see her
And all I want to do is be with her
She’s right in my finger tips
Yet I can’t reach her
I preach to the lord
Oh why, oh why she has to be taken

I see her
She’s so close, yet so far
And if I had her, I’d boast about her
Say how she laughs
Oh how she laughs, like a dying monkey
Or how she laughs till she’s crying

I see her
The way she smiles
Makes me want to throw up bile
But not in a bad way
In a way
that I can’t understand why she doesn’t think her smile isn’t beautiful

I see her
She’s taken though
And I’m a crow with a black soul
Which is to dark to be seen
I’m not to keen to open
But I just don’t want to be sappy
Even though it makes me feel crappy
I want to see her being happy

He looks up at you for a split second. A lot of people were laughing at the poem. It was kinda of funny, but quite sad in some points. He turns it into our teacher and we continue with the rest of the day.


You see him going out of class going to his locker.

He’s been acting strange around you and you don’t like it.

“Hey.” You say.

He tense up when you speak, he turns around and sees you.“ Hey.” He says back.

“Look you know and I know that you’ve been acting differently, and I don’t understand.”

“You don’t have to understand anything, maybe you should ask your boyfriend in English.” He turns back around getting stuff out of his locker.

“Are you jealous.” You challenge him.

“No, why would I be.”

“You are, aren’t you.” You taunt him with a smirk.

“No I’m not.” He turns back around.

“Yes you are.”




“Yes, who was that poem about then.”

“Who’d you think, you.” He laughs at that.

Your cheeks redden. Why would you think he would write about you. Your smile falters.

“Whatever.” You start walking away till you find strong arms grab your shoulders.

And in seconds his lips are on yours. Your eyes go bug eyed. Wtf. But you soon relax under his touch and close your eyes while kissing him back with full force, kissing back with passion. He wraps his arms around your waist while you go to his hair and other hand to his cheek. You were kissing in the middle of the hallway. You hated it when someone were doing PDA, but you didn’t give a flying fuck if it was you.

You guys pull apart with heavy breaths, he tugs at your bottom lip with his teeth and let’s it go with a plop.“ It was about you.” He whispers. And kisses you again.


Yay! This is finally done. It took so freaking long to do this. I had a minor writers block for know apparent reason. I’ve been getting a lot of request and a lot of when’s your next imagine. Well here it is, sorry it took like forever. It’s literally midnight right now. Anyways hope you guys like it 😀. Such a crappy ass poem I wrote. But I didn’t give to flying fucks since it’s just a short poem. Anyways, like and reblog! 😀😀!!!

Be my Augustus Waters.

  • Who would not mind getting his heart broken by His Hazel Grace. Someone who’s willing to mend his own heart which undergone series of heartaches because of his love for Hazel. Someone who sees his brokenheartedness as a privilege because it’s his Hazel Grace’s doing.
  • Completely honest about his feelings. He knows he’s imperfect. He knows that his thoughts are like stars that he cannot fathom into constellations. He knows he can’t fully understand what others think because he can’t even wholly understand his own. 
  • He tells her the truth and nothing but the truth.“I’m in love with you, and I’m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things.”
  • He knows he needs to fight. “ I’ll fight it. I’ll fight for you.Don’t worry about me, Hazel Grace. I’m okay.I’ll find a way to hang around and annoy you for a long time.” Because of the simple reason that His Hazel Grace needs her, because he doesn’t want to see her crying because of his status, because he wants to be with his Hazel Grace, he’s trying to fight his fate and try to change it. He tried to look strong, says he’s okay when in reality he’s not. Because it pains him more to see Hazel struggling with him, weeping for him and he can’t do anything about it, words just plain words.
  • Who is willing to give his death wish to the person he loves. He’s goddamn selfless, he gives his only queen the precious thing he can only use once. Nothing can beat the happiness he obtained when a smile etched on his Hazel’s face. Her smile can justify the use of his one last wish.
  • An Augustus Waters who can use a simple word just to promise his forever, even in the numbered days they’ve shared.  “Maybe ‘okay’ will be our 'always’.


anonymous asked:

Do you have any pointers for plotting a story?


But seriously though, I can really only talk about the way I personally plot out my stories. I’m sure there are better ways of doing it, but this is what works for me:

First of all, I brainstorm! I usually spend a few days letting the initial idea gestate inside my head. I find that if I start trying to outline too early, I get frustrated at myself because not enough of the story exists in my head yet — but at the same time, I also don’t want to think of the best idea in the world holy shit in the middle of the night and then forget it the next morning. To get around this, I’ll usually scribble down a one sentence reminder to myself — like “Thorin gets the ring and shit gets fucked up” or “Bucky lies about Steve being his girl during the war” — and then let some of the details develop in the back of my head for a bit. 

Second of all, I outline! My outlines are always SUPER ROUGH and never ever look anything like the finished product. They’re usually just straight-up bullet points with plot ideas, some dialogue, usually some asterisks for actions. Here’s an example of my outline for the first chapter of Beneath the Mountains Music Woke:

That outline ended up translating to 5,700 words of fic! 

I usually have a lot of “figure something out here??? idk idk” and “shit I dunno man figure out a way for them to kiss here” notations throughout my outline, especially if it’s a multi-chapter fic. When I start out I’m always less certain about what’s going to happen later on in the fic, although I usually have at least a vague idea of how it’s going to end. When I start actually writing I usually end up highlighting or crossing out big chunks of the outline to show myself what I’ve already included in the story. 

If it’s a particularly massive multi-chapter fic, I’ll often start with a few paragraphs of “story bible”: this talks about who each character is, what their abilities are, what the setting is, what their motivations are. This is super helpful to consult throughout the writing process to keep everything as consistent as possible.

Here’s the “story bible” I started with for Until My Dying Breath (LJ/AO3) way back in the day:

Again, these are always super rough and will change a lot during the writing process! (Look at how many questions marks are in there, like. Did I know what I was doing??? nOPE.)

Third of all, I write! THIS IS THE HARDEST PART TO MOTIVATE YOURSELF TO DO. Tragically there is no substitute for writing except… more writing. Just do it, even when it feels like all you’re producing is complete crap. That’s what editing is for.

If I’m writing a multi-chapter story, I try to structure it so that every chapter is an individual journey: I want the characters to be in a different emotional place at the end of the chapter than they are at the beginning. During this stage I often end up structuring my chapters completely differently than expected in my outline. 

Last of all, I edit! The editing process is actually still really important to the plotting process for me, funnily enough. I don’t just mean that this is the part where I check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors: the editing stage is where I scrap scenes, re-structure entire chapters,  completely re-write huge sections, and generally tear the story to pieces before putting it back together again. It’s often during the editing process when I realize that something I plotted out in the outlining stage just doesn’t work on paper, or at least doesn’t work in that particular section. I feel as though my best writing is often produced during the editing stage, and that some of my best story structuring actually happens here too. 

Then I send my draft off to my beta, cross my fingers, and pray that the story isn’t as terrible as I think it is in my own head! (Pro Tip: I always think everything I’ve ever written is the worst thing ever right before I post it. Don’t let this stop you!! Sharing my stories with other people is the best way for me to rediscover all the things I like best about my own writing.)

Anyways, there you have it! This is probably much longer than you had in mind, but I hope it’s at least somewhat helpful. Happy plotting!