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// Carl Grimes // TWD Season 4 // 4x09 “After” //

// “Walker inside got my shoe, didn’t get me.” //

Little things I want to do more this year

-support local/unknown artists more even if it’s just sharing their work (if they’re okay with that and with credit of course)
-donate to friends/acquaintances go fund me’s more, even if it’s a small amount
-ask people about themselves and their interests more, listen to them instead of waiting for my turn to talk
-when I think someone’s pretty, tell them.
-take my friends out more, they deserve it
-focus on being kind even when kindness is not deserved

Meme Monday on Sunday

Oh my gosh, is this the last Meme Monday of the season?! It can’t be. Maybe it can continue through the hiatus. We are at the finale y’all. We made it. So, without further ado, here are this weeks memes.

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more after the break (hoping the break works this time)

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