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Can you please do BTS as dads?

(this is based on their sun signs)


  • the fun dad
  • looks like he hasn’t aged since he was 20
  • probably the least strict
  • because sagittariuses value freedom and independence 
  • they want their children to be their own people
  • super chill
  • doesn’t believe in strict punishment
  • cooks better than their mom
  • loves adventures
  • takes his kids camping, to amusement parks, anywhere they want
  • d a d j o k e s
  • always bright and sunny and cheers them up his humor
  • or makes them cringe
  • “dad im hungry” “hi hungry im dad”
  • [windshield wiper laugh]
  • instills strong morals and values in his kids

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  • the affectionate dad
  • pisces are very compassionate, patient, and understanding
  • so he’d be able to handle kids and their moodiness really well
  • the person they always go to for comfort and advice
  • loves spending time with his kids
  • always makes them feel loved and appreciated
  • encourages their creativity
  • shares his love of music with them
  • “kiddos u know back in the day i was kinda a big deal. they called me suga”
  • “dad we literally live right next door to the bangtan uncles”
  • makes his kids hold each other’s hands when they start arguing
  • cries on the first day of kindergarten
  • the type to take pics and make scrapbooks and record videos to keep memories
  • and cry proud-father-tears when rewatching them

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  • the cool dad
  • another one that’s not strict
  • encourages his kids to be unique and individual
  • wants them to have a high self esteem and not follow the crowd
  • would raise really artsy kids who have a unique fashion sense
  • lowkey would be fine with them breaking some rules
  • high fives them when they stand up to mean teachers or bullies
  • pranks his kids
  • acts more like their friend 
  • so so supportive
  • shows up to every sports game or performance and screams louder than all other parents

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  • the overprotective dad
  • his little ones would probably inherit his god of destruction gene
  • so you’d come home one day and he’s wrapping them in bubble wrap
  • puts all his energy into raising his kids
  • lowkey strict
  • but only because he wants to see them shine 
  • the house runs so well
  • they go to bed at exactly the same time every day
  • sets a curfew
  • has those “my child is an honor roll student” stickers on his car
  • brags to other parents about how gifted they are
  • embarrasses them in public
  • his kids look up to him a lot

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  • the hot dad
  • teachers flirt with him during pta meetings
  • impresses their classmates by picking them up in his nice car
  • all his daughter’s friends have a crush on him
  • his kids will be super popular 
  • always fair
  • can defuse fights between them like a pro
  • creates a calm, peaceful, and beautiful home
  • his kids are always the best dressed
  • has a really good relationship with their mom and takes her out on dates every weekend
  • a good listener
  • is like their friend and has a really tight bond with them

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  • the rich dad
  • his family will live in the nicest biggest house
  • works hard to make sure they’re financially secure
  • always away on some business trip
  • but comes home with so many gifts
  • puts his kids in the best private school
  • spoils them
  • but still keeps them down to earth
  • his kids have good manners from a young age
  • teaches them the importance of hard work and discipline
  • old fashioned
  • the type to say “i’m your father, listen to me” all the time
  • loves taking his family on fun extravagant vacations every summer
  • super proud of every little thing his kids accomplish
  • keeps pictures of them in his (gucci) wallet

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  • the organized dad
  • has his shit together
  • super reliable and dependable
  • keeps everything neat and tidy
  • helps the mom with cooking and chores
  • color coordinates and name tags all their toys and clothes
  • makes them cute lunch boxes with supportive messages every day
  • sings them to sleep
  • tries to be strict but fails
  • “son it’s time to study please get off the computer. wait…is that overwatch? ….okay one more round if i can join”
  • a bit of a worry wart
  • always thinking about their well being and safety
  • when they get sick he flips out
  • “y/n according to webmd they’re dying. i’ve failed as a father. this is it.”
  • “jungkook pls calm down it’s just a cold”
  • puts his little ones in sports or dancing and takes them to practice
  • supports the heck out of them

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Paladins with their pokemon team!

Matching feline + a flying + type of pokemon with color + bayard +  element of each paladin :’)

Pidge: Shiny Espeon bc there are not green cat pokemon. Also a psychic type. And Ferroseed. Its evolution has this long vine things like pidge bayard. rowlet is a must with pidge tbh

Hunk: Shieldon bc  Shield + Rock and Steel, Shiny Luxio bc electric precious Lion ,and a FLYING ALOLAN ROCK FROM SPACE (also yellow core )

Keith: Pawniard is know as the sharp blade pokemon and biasharp as the sword blade pokemon. Litten is literally Keith and Fletchinder evo Talonflame has highest base Speed of any fire pokemon

Lance: Alolan meowth is literally Lance, Ducklett is a birb and evolves into another beautiful birb and Clauncher is known as the water gun pokemon plus is BLUE and BADASS

Shiro: Absol mega is Flying and pretty, and a feline, Noivern is a flying dragon powerful fast and Weavile is the sharp claw pokemon and is know for work in groups of 4 or 5.

Uhh, a Reddie soulmate fic?

Based on this post I made, some people wanted me to write it out, so I am! Here’s the first one with RichiexEddie, and I plan on doing the other 2 soon. It’s not very well written oops but hey it’s my best shot at sitting down for an hour??????? It’s also longer than intended so oops???????

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Could you make a fic list of new Fics you want to read and the older ones do you want to reread?? I'm looking for H/L fic to read!!! Thanks 💕


Newer fics on my to-read list:

Older fics that I’ve never read that are also on my to-read list:

Fics I want to re-read because I loved them:

and just for shits and giggles

Fic I’ve read recently:

currently reading:

OKAY KELLI THAT’S ENOUGH. that’s so much more than you asked for but once I’m on a roll, I can’t stop. soz. hope you all get some fun reads out of this. here’s my fic rec tag btw. Everything else in there is ace. mkay byeeee.

NB Rogue Headcanons

Dedicated to the lovely @faelise who made my day <3 since we were talking about them inspired by @natsii‘s amazing art earlier I thought I’d do some

  • Takes it upon themself to make the new, reformed Sabertooth a trans and nb inclusive and supportive space, with help from their boyfriend Sting, who is trans. 
  • Used to do a lot of reading up on LGBT+ history in secret under Giemma’s reign. Still likes reading and to educate themself at every opportunity where they have the energy but prefers reading lighter LGBT+ fiction now.
  • Luckily Levy and Freed, who are trans and genderfluid respectively, have a lot of good reccomendations of well written trans characters.
  • Happily educates the younger saber members about the LGBT+ community, Frosch the friendly nb exceed is a helpful presence with the children too. 
  • Loves having long, well taken care of, nails (often painted black or ruby red). They help with the dragon aesthetic and are fun to inspect with disdain when dealing with ignorant bigots. Also lovely tapping noises and nice to run through their hair.
  • Baggy clothes are you best friends for maintaining a mysterious aura while also coping with body dysphoria.
  • A cute, confident Frosch also helps, especially when they bring chocolate and list the things they love about being nb with Rogue.
  • Usually doesn’t have the energy for make up, but if they’re in the mood their winged eyeliner could cut through magic like butter and their smoky eyes put the effects of Natsu’s fire to shame.
Blue Shirt

Characters: Bones x Reader

Summary: anon requested a fic where the reader breaks her arm in engineering and refuses to go medbay because of a bad experience when she was younger.  but bones shows her there’s nothing to be afraid of.

A/N: I’ve never broken a bone before, so i have no idea what that feels like…also i changed the request a bit from arm to wrist…hope that’s okay! also i’m still shit at titles

Warnings: untreated injuries, description of broken wrist, descriptions of panic attack 

tags: @outside-the-government @yourtropegirl @feelmyroarrrr @jimtkirkisabitch @malindacath 

Part Two

One minute everything was fine.  You were in a vertical Jefferies tube, doing some minor maintenance in engineering, humming a classical song to yourself and chatting with Lex, who was in the tube above yours. The next, your boot was slipping on the ladder and you were falling out of the tube.  You barely had time to scream before you were landing on the deck with a loud thud and a small crack.

You lay still for a second, trying to assess the damage.  You were on your stomach, forehead pressed to the hard ground. You flex your legs; they were fine. Your right arm is bent off to the side, and you flex it and use it to push yourself onto your back.  As soon as you move your weight from your right arm to your left underneath you, you feel a radiating, piercing pain.  You shriek and fall onto your back.  Well, you found your left arm.  

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Yoongi, Jimin and Taehyung react to: finding out their girlfriend is a lingerie model.

REQUEST :Hello~ I was wondering if I could request Jimin, V and Suga react to finding out that their girlfriend is a lingerie model? Thank you! I love your work! 😁
YOONGI: (You had left some important  things back at your apartment and asked Yoongi if he could come and drop them off at your photoshoot)
YG: *Calls you* Hey, Y/n, I’m in the lobby do you want me to come up and give you your shit or do I leave it with the receptionist? Please don’t make me come up.
Y/N:*Laughs*  Come up here babe, you’ve never seen me at work, have you?
YG: No, you’ve never invited me *huffs*
Y/N: Well I’m inviting you now so hurry up and come to the 16th floor.
YG: UGHHH! Why do you have photoshoots all the way to the top floor?
Y/N: I don’t know, maybe they like the view you get from up here, oh and Yoongi
YG: What?
Y/N: The elevators aren't working so you’ll have to walk up the stairs okay, love you bye! 
Time skip
YG: *swings the door open* Y/n here’s your shit!
Y/N: *takes the bag from him and sets it aside* Thanks, babe *kisses his cheek* You’re just in time to watch me work honey, so take a seat, there’s water over there and some snacks I’ll be back in a bit.
YG: *grabs a water bottle and sits down where you told him* ‘What is she modeling now?’
Y/N: *you take off your robe*
YG: 'Okay so she’s modeling lingerie…’ *spits out all the water he had*  LINGERIE?!

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JIMIN:(You mentioned you had a photoshoot today so he tagged along)
You walk him into your dressing room.
JM: So this is where you work huh?
Y/N: Yup, I’m gonna go get ready, I’ll be back in a few.
JM: Hmm let’s see what she’s modeling this time.* looks through the clothes on the rack*  Dresses, dresses, lingerie, skirts, what a minute lingerie *smirks* I hope she wears this.
Y/N: Jimin I’m back.
JM: *puts the lingerie back and walks away from the clothes* All done babe?
Y/N: Yup, I’m gonna change so could you wait for me outside?
JM: It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked *smirks*
Y/N: *blankly stares at him* Out
JM: *puts his hands up in defense* I was just playing *laughs* But it’s true.
Y/N: *pushes Jimin out the room*
Y/N: *You change into the lingerie* *sighs* Great time for that pervert to tag along. *steps out the dressing room*
JM: *Jaw drops when he sees you* Damn babe you should borrow this to wear at home *winks*
Y/N: Jimin park your ass over there and try not to pop a boner.
JM: *shrugs* I’m not promising anything 
Y/N: Pervert 
JM: You look great love!

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TAEHYUNG: (Jimin found a magazine with you on it modeling lingerie)
JM: Hey your girlfriend’s a model right?
TH: Yup why do you ask?
JM: Oh no, it’s just that I found a magazine and the model looked exactly like her
TH: Which magazine was it?
JM: Uh I can’t remember which one *laughs nervously*
TH: Was it recent? I could ask her if you want.
JM: No! Uh, I mean no that’s fine.
TH: Okay then, no need to get all weird about it.
JK: *comes running into the living room* TAEHYUNG!
JK: Okay weird but whatever, Tae did you see Y/n’s new pictures?!
TH: The ones from a magazine?
JK: Yeah! You aren’t reacting?! Why aren’t you reacting?!
TH: Because I haven’t seen them.
JK: But if you haven’t seen them then why was the magazine in your room?
TH:  It’s Jimin’s room too you know… Show me the magazine! 
JK: Here! *gives Tae the magazine*
JM‘Oh shit I better go’ *tip toes out of the living room*
TH: LINGERIE!?! JIMIN YOU’RE DEAD *chases after Jimin*
JK: *Keeps looking at the pictures* Woah Taehyung you lucky son of a bitch.

TH: *Calls you* Y/n I’m gonna need you to come back right now.
Y/N: What? Why?
TH: We need to have a little talk about some pictures of you, so don’t make me wait baby girl.

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Please do tell me if I have any mistakes
Thank you for requesting, hope you like it

How do I tell you I love you?

My first h2ovanoss, be gentle with me please!

Relationships: main- h2ovanoss, side- ohmtoonz

Words: 7,220

It’s Luke’s fault, really, it is.

Jon prides himself on being a good friend, the best pal anyone can ask for (although some might argue he’s terrible at listening and his imagination gets people into trouble more times than it should be possible to experience in someone’s lifetime- and that’s only coming from Marcel), but his shoulder is always available for a good cry and he would gladly go pick you up at 4 in the morning if asked to.

So, it’s with a horrible and sickening feeling, truly, it is, to have to say no to Luke when his friend asks him for a really fucking important favor.

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Okay  honestly I know Legends has been awesome in providing crack episodes to us but really they’re missing out on some great stuff: 

  • It’s great and all that they’re traveling to different places but when are they gonna travel to ancient Greece? Or Rome???? GIVE IT TO ME. 
  • Forget space pirates give me pirates pirates. 
    • You KNOW there’d be a badass lady pirate and Sara def is into her.
    • Mick is probably made captain of a pirate ship somehow. 
  • Seriously. I just - cannot believe that they put the historical periods into a montage (besides Camelot). Just give me ALL the historical periods and “Sometimes I Remember I’m A Historian” Nate going “mmm….not historically accurate.” 
  • What’s that? Them going into space and fighting/being friends with aliens? 
    • Ik we kind of went into it in Invasion but like, let’s make it more explicit this time. 
  • @hedgiwithapen has de-aged headcanons like??? Imagine teen Martin comforting 3 year old Jax and then they merge by accident and now you have a 3 year old Firestorm lighting shit on fire while teenage Mick finds more stuff for them to blow up. 
    • Good god I’d watch a WHOLE episode of toddlers running the Waverider and ykw?? It probably wouldn’t be that different. 
    • Fine okay so this REALLY only works with Firestorm, Nate, and Amaya but it’d be fun, or if the team somehow found themselves with each other’s weapons I’d start laughing. 
      • Amaya and Sara can now merge which is great. 
      • Ray is left alone on the ship and is like “OH SWEET I GET TO BE CAPTAIN AGAIN”. 
      • Jax has Mick’s heat gun and Mick has the steel powers and both are thriving. 
      • Nate gets Amaya’s powers but for some reason can’t figure it out and ends up running away from danger half the time. 
      • Stein grabs the atom suit and for all his knowledge can’t figure out how to use it, and ends up destroying it. 
        • Mick laughs because he remembers Ray told him an idiot could use it.
  • Where. Is. My. Bodyswap. Episode. 
    • As per @calmandcalculating Mick and Sara swap bodies and have the same stance. 
    • Jax and Rip probably swap and they’re like “………….great”. 
      • “If you damage my body I’m killing you Rip.” “No worries, Mr. Jackson.” 
    • Nate and Ray swap but they’re pretty much the same person so does it even make a difference lmfao. 
    • Somehow Stein/Amaya/Gideon all swap and now Gideon is in Amaya’s body, Amaya is in Stein’s body, and Stein is an AI and he’s startled but now keeps annoying people by popping up with his unwanted opinions all the time
    • It all starts when Ray Palmer and Nate Heywood, Horror White Boys ™ bring a Ouija board on the ship. 
      • Ray thinks it’s ridiculous and Nate just laughs because he doesn’t believe in it so both are down to play it. 
      • Sara doesn’t know if she believes or not but honestly she thinks she can kick a demon’s ass so it’s okay. 
      • Stein and Mick probably end up possessed. 
      • Actually tbh maybe this wouldn’t happen because Jax is smart and would break the board. 
        • He probably does this every time Ray & Nate bring something stupid on board. “Oh a tape that kills you if you watch it? Yeah okay HOW ABOUT NO”.
        • Oh you went to an antique shop and found this creepy puppet??? “Nope, nope, nope, not today. Hell no, you two are out of your minds, get that shit away from me, nOOOOPEEEEEE-”
Snezcanon: Voltron Edition

My take on something I know has already been done, sorry not sorry (?) <.< But In My Humble Opinion here’s the mains—

Allura: She’s got the dainty sneezes. The ones with the distinctly girly-sounding endings, like “hehttChiew!” However, for all her daintiness, she sneezes in threes, and on the third, her magic has a tendency to go haywire. This makes for some interesting times aboard the castle, and she’s never allowed to pilot when ill.

Coran: His sneezes are obnoxiously vocal, and usually contain a handful of gratuitous syllables (I think you can guess what I mean without me spelling it). He uses handkerchiefs religiously. Because every sneeze is a dramatic production, he gets exhausted really really quickly when he’s sick or allergic or what have you. Usually the Paladins and Allura have to force him to go to bed.

Shiro: Shiro’s sneezes blindside him almost without fail. This is a source of embarrassment for him because, regrettably, his sneezes are not discreet. He wishes he could make them more so, but he almost never realizes he has to sneeze until he has to sneeze. So he’ll be sitting quietly, minding his own business, when suddenly his lungs seize up and – “hahDJYSSCHhhuh!” (Pidge has been known to fall out of her chair) He’s usually good for one, unless he’s sick, in which case he sneezes intermittently and gets wicked headaches and sinus pain due to his scar….

Pidge/Katie: She’s got the kitten sneezes. Quiet but forceful, and many at once. She haaaates this because once she starts she knows there’ll be a good dozen before she’s finished, and it’s annoying as hell. Sometimes it’ll happen while she’s in the middle of working or worse, an explanation, and she tries (and fails) to continue typing or speaking every time.

Lance: Lance’s sneezes are ticklish AF. He’ll build up for a good several ticks before finally dissolving into mini-fits of 2-5 that take a lot out of him. His sneezes distract him horribly while they’re forming, which is bad news for everyone else usually (”Lance, watch where you’re aiming those ice blast - oh shit he’s gonna sneeze take cover”) and his eyes water like mad, especially with allergies. He’s also bad at remembering to cover, which gets him yelled at. A lot.

Keith: Keith is The Stifler of the bunch. He hates drawing attention to himself, so when he sneezes he can almost always do it near-silently, though if he’s sick it gets a lot harder and he has to physically pinch his nose and such. When he does let himself sneeze (i.e. when no one is around and/or he’s too tired to stifle) his sneezes are harsh and tear his throat. He sneezes twice without fail, occasionally in small fits of these pairs, but Lance has his sneezing patterns figured out and is inordinately amused (”hehGgKXt!” “hahaha okay waaait for it~~” “sh-shut uhh- hheGKkTSh-t!-dh - up!!”

Hunk: Hunk, amazingly, has the squeakiest sneeze of them all. He’s not quiet, per se, but his voice cracks and pitches higher when he sneezes. (first time it happened, everyone lost their shit. he was Not Amused) Like Shiro, he’s usually good for one, but he’ll be sniffly for a long time after, and sneeze again if he doesn’t blow his nose. 

lmao straight people are so wild like there are literally scenes in shows where “straight” characters say the gayest shit like they make jokes about not being straight or get flustered and go on and on about an attractive person of their same gender or literally kiss their same gender and then yall still tell us we’re unreasonable for thinking that character isnt straight. like are yall really that homophobic that you can’t let other people have their own interpretation of a character even when there’s evidence to suggest that our interpretation is correct??? like you realise that shows literally include shit like that to rope gays™ in??? like oh it’s okay to queerbait the fuck out of shows but as soon as we respond to that we get blamed for “making everything gay” lmao news flash asshole it was gay the entire goddamn time

Lullaby pt. 2 // Happy Lowman

authors note: mkay so I suck and this has actually been done for a ridiculously long amount of time…yeah I suck. But it’s okay because I’m TRYING to get my shit together. Once again huge shout out to @crimsonheart01 and @megasadpizzazz for putting up with me and giving me feedback. I would love to hear what y’all think about it or any thoughts on this so feel free to send me an ask. ALSO if you want me to tag you in upcoming installments of this story lemme know 


She’s almost 5.”

“Five?” Happy choked out.

“Yeah. Look, why don’t you give me a some time to see if I get any other hits on the name, okay? I don’t work Sunday so why don’t you drive up here and we can go grab a drink of something. Just give me a couple days.”

“Fine. See you Sunday.” Happy deadpanned snapping the disposable shut. “Tomorrow.” He could do that he thought, sighing. With a crack of his neck and one last drag off his cigarette, Happy took a deep breath and revved is Harley to life.

Sunday. It had always been his favorite day of the week. The club never did anything because some of the guys had families, plus Gemma didn’t like being told no when she suggested family dinners. As the years went on however, the dinners became less and less frequent eventually becoming nonexistent. So Sunday’s were Happy’s “do nothing” days, meaning he’d clean his tools and guns even if he hadn’t used them that week. Sunday was also the day he’d go visit his mother; he placed Sunday’s very high on the very short list of things that were important to him. Once he met Dani, that became the day he did all those things, with her. In his world, everything happened on a Sunday.



“How long have you been up?” She hummed wrapping her arms around him from behind as he cleaned his already clean knives.

“A while. Took Mom to the doctors, went to the store for her, and ran some errands for Gemma.” Happy rasped.

“Oh. I thought I was going with you today.”

“You were sleeping, couldn’t wait all day for you to wake up. Had to get Mom to her appointment on time.” He grumbled detaching her from himself.

“O-oh. I guess I’ll go to the store so you can make your dessert for Gemma’s dinner tonight, then.”

“I’m not making it.”

“But you always make it?”

“Don’t have time today. Gotta run to Lodi and Stockton for the club.” He said bluntly, sliding the knives into the holder and walking away to their bedroom closet.

“It’s Sunday, Happy.” She reminded, leaning against the door frame.

“So? Shit’s gotta get done.”

“Jax never has you run errands for the club on a Sunday.”

“Everyone else was busy with their old lady’s or family. I’m not.” He snapped closing the closet door with his heel.

“You’re not?”


“You’re not busy, like you are every fucking weekend?”

“You see an old lady and kids running around this fucking house? No. So till that day happens little girl, I’m gonna run club errands and you’re gonna remember what is and isn’t your place.” He yelled stepping closer until he was standing over her.

“My place. My place? You wanna talk about what is and isn’t my place? How about the next time that you come home absolutely covered in blood, I just throw the shit out. Because god knows, you never figured out how to get blood out of a piece of clothing. Or next time you need me to do shit for the club, I tell you to fuck off because that’s not my fucking place. Or the next time I take your mother to see her doctor because you’re on a run and forgot, I’ll call her a cab instead of driving out to her house, picking her up, and taking her out to lunch afterwards because that’s not my god damned place. How bout that? And, you know what, in return I won’t ask for or expect a ‘thank you’ because it’s not like I get one either way. It’s all shit that I just do for shits and giggles. There’s no point putting in as much effort as I do because it’s not like I’m your old lady. You force me to be at the lockdowns, fuck up my ability to keep a job, tattoo your fucking crow and name on me but I’m the fucking problem. ” She snapped pushing him back, throwing the towel he’d used to clean his knives at his chest.

“I ain’t got time for this shit. I’ll see you at Gemma’s.”

“Fine.” She snapped taking a seat on their bed and putting her head in her hands.

And just like that, he walked out leaving her to sit in their bedroom. She wished she could say this was the first time but she couldn’t. Although this was the worst one, it had been like this for weeks. Normally she would’ve brushed it off as him being pissed that he had to give up his Sunday, but that day she couldn’t. Not after what he had said. Not after what she’d been dreading telling him for weeks.

“You see an old lady and kids running around this house…?”

Because he was right. She wasn’t his old lady and there weren’t supposed to be kids running around this house. He couldn’t have an old lady. She knew that. She knew that he wasn’t capable of doing that and she knew that although his mother wanted to have grandchildren, he was never going to have kids. He didn’t want them. But there she was. Acting like an old lady, embracing the club shit like she’d been given the security of the title, and pregnant. Almost 6 weeks pregnant and being smacked in the face with the realization that she couldn’t stay. She couldn’t take his eyes changing into cold and emotionless. She wasn’t wanted here anymore. He didn’t need to say it, in fact she really didn’t want to hear him say it. So she broke down. She cried and slammed her fists into the bed, begging for this all to be some sick twisted dream. But it wasn’t. So she screamed until she had nothing left to give the world. Until every ounce of soul crushing, heart shattering anguish had left her body. And then she grabbed her a few bags, taking only what she needed. Clothes, phone, charger, her great grandmother’s ashes. And then she left. No note or explanation, it didn’t matter at this point, she wasn’t wanted or needed here anymore.

That was the last time Happy had seen her and it killed him to know that. It tore at him everyday that he hadn’t stayed and talked it out with her, that he’d lied to her. He hadn’t been running errands for the club, they knew better than to ask that of him on a Sunday unless it was an emergency. But he lied, left her there, and then she disappeared and that was something he’d never forgive himself for. He should have stayed. He knew it then, but instead of handling it, he bailed and went to bury himself in a distraction.

Shit Abled People Say #398

When i mentioned that i had been having weird moments where i just couldnt move (later found out they were absent seizures i was concious for) 

“Okay next time it happens i need you to just tell god that you need help and alologize for everything youve done and he will fix you i need you to do that for me can you do that for me???”

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If you want all 'nazi's to leave, then I will. No hate; but what are YOU calling a nazi, in the sense of politics? As this is Tumblr, everyone has a different set of rules here.

Well, I can at least appreciate the honesty and respect.

If you think white supremacy, KKK, anti-Semitic or Neo-Nazi values are good things to have; if you think killing people because they are a different race, religion, gender, sexuality, etc. is an appropriate response (or just thinking harming people in general because of these reasons is a good idea); if you think Hitler’s ideas were good ones or that Trump’s racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. comments and plans are positive things; if you are willing to march around waving Nazi flags and flaming torches while saluting Hitler and yelling “hail Trump”; if you look at the Charlottesville tag on Tumblr or Twitter or just Google it, and you think the horrible shit going down there is okay or acceptable in any type of way; if you, as a person, would go out of your way to spread hate or to put any one of my other followers in danger, normal people who are just trying to live their lives and enjoy their free time, because they are not of the same religion of you, because they do not have the same skin color as you, because they are a different sexuality or gender than you are, or for some other random reason that literally does not affect you in any way, then you need to leave my blog, unfollow it, and block it because there is no place for you here.

I hope this gets the point across. I do not plan to clutter my blog with any more of this type of content. 

Luster [Part 8]

Boy-howdy have I got some Good Drama in store for you guys.

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Alright, so… Taako’s figured some shit out.

He stretches in the bed he didn’t fall asleep in this time, because he’s gone under so many times without doing much in between that he’s finally… maxed out. He reaches for the stack of envelopes from Patrice and, with a pillow behind his head and shoulders, tears it open.

Yadda yadda adjusting well yadda yadda haven’t heard from you yadda yadda…

He tosses it aside, takes the one under it.

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So we were caught on AO3 by a teacher

It’s sex/drug education day in school and we were allowed on the computers to use an educational drug website. Turns out, AO3 hadn’t been blocked on the school’s computers yet, so we decide to play our usual game of ‘find the funniest tags’. We’re casually laughing at the description of a smutty fanfic, when I hear “oh shit” coming from my friend. Turns out a teacher had been standing behind us the entire time. He then proceeds to tell us that 'it’s okay’ and 'we’re were doing sex education today after all!’


that includes b*rchie. honestly this fandom gets so crazy about attacking people because of their ships, that some people make these posts all the time. all.the.time. it shouldn’t have to be said. if someone ships b*rchie, leave them be. if someone doesn’t have the same ship as you, let them be. if someone doesn’t ship bughead, let them be. don’t put things that are anti ship posts in the ships tag, don’t try to say your ship is better than someone elses. don’t fight over it. don’t shit on someone’s favorite pairing okay. be respectful for crying out loud. don’t attack other ships.

A/N: This is my much-overdue rewrite of what I remember to be my first em fic (?), and I’ve been meaning to rewrite a lot of my old works now but I decided to start with this one since it means a lot to me. I decided to keep it in past tense even though I tend to write in present tense now, just because I had written it in past originally and figured I’d keep that the same. It’s also been a good six months since I’ve written any kind of fic like this, as I’ve more recently been writing random shit inspired the insanity that is my mind :x Which, sidenote, is actually really enjoyable for me, and if you wanna check out some of those works they’re pretty much all that’s in my writing tag rn, lmao. Anyway, I reread this a few times (which I almost never do, I usually can’t stand to proofread my work) and I’m hoping it’ll be okay and coherent, but the tense might’ve still ended up weird at times since it’s hard to switch back to past. Also, I don’t think I cared most about this when I first posted this but I don’t know how more people will feel about this since it’s based from a mix of my strange imagination, a lott of my own headcanons and an experience(s??) to some extent so;;;;; o.o This is technically like my re-debut to the em fandom but I think I’m psyching myself out more than I need to? o: 

Hope you all enjoy~

The night was late, the only sounds to be audible were the soft snores of the boys around him. It had been a very long day, as his days always were. And though there was so much he had to think about, so many things to worry about, his body began to cave, the hands of sleep pulling him in deeper, until he could do nothing but submit.

He could feel his eyelids flutter shut, yet just as he did, he felt an unmistakable weight on his chest.


She mumbled inaudibly.

“You never tell me how you get in here, do you know what could happen if you were found in the boy’s barracks?”

She didn’t reply.

He sighed and shifted slightly, in an effort to shake her off. “We’re all really tired, Mikasa, I’m sure you are too.”

When the words left his mouth, the room fell a deathly quiet, and for a moment he was sure that she’d fallen asleep already, right then and there, but she sat up, long and slow, before he could make another effort to move her off.

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anonymous asked:

what would everyone dress up as for halloween?

this is all just my own bullshit but you know

  • sonya - angel or greek/roman goddess
  • natasha - this will sound cliche but like ..princess
  • nikolai - a viking or some shit (in my perfect world….catwoman)
  • pierre - sherlock holmes or another literary figure
  • andrei - jim’s thing from the office where he just puts a name tag on
  • anatole - “sexy pirate”
  • helene - “sexy cat”
  • dolokhov - batman or something
  • mary - a vampire but her fangs fall out every time she smiles
  • denisov - a cute doctor
  • boris - zomboris