okay time to get started on my essay

anonymous asked:

Are you okay? It's been a long time since you posted anything?

Welcome to the continuing adventures of ‘the mod of this blog is a little bit of a human disaster (but not the amusing drunk kind)’.

I’m sorry for the delay in replying to this, and I’m really, truly sorry about having not updated in such a ridiculously long time. Unfortunately, my life is really hectic at the moment - my university has been incredibly unpredictable this term; I’ve had essay and presentation deadlines change about three or four times, plus a few personal problems, and it’s all a bit “trying to keep my head above water” at the moment. I swear, every week I say ‘this is the week I’m going to start posting on the blog again’ and then

I am really sorry for being such a mess about all of this, and thank you so much for asking if I’m okay - I’m really trying to be, and I do genuinely hope to get everything together soon! I’m definitely not giving up on this blog, it will be revived! … Eventually… <3

OGJKDSJKG OMG I JUST REMEMBERED SOMETHING WILD FROM COLLEGE  omg okay so every wednesday I had a 3 hour elective humanities class and the semester started getting so hectic I realized I wouldn’t be able to waste 3 hours every wednesday in the fucking class 

so I had a friend that had a 4 hour break during that wednesday that was friends with one of my other friends in class. and generally she would just sleep during those 4 hours MY FRIEND STARTED GOING TO MY FUCKING CLASS FOR ME SO MY ATTENDANCE WOULD BE THERE AND WOULD LITERALLY PARTICIPATE IN GROUP DISCUSSION AND OR SLEEP THE ENTIRE TIME AND ALL I DID WAS WRITE MY ESSAYS AND GO IN ONCE IN A WHILE FOR A TEST ON WORK I NEVER WAS EVEN IN CLASS FOR