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Send To All - Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Prompt: There’s this comedian called Michael Mcintyre who has a chat show and sometimes plays this game called “send to all” where he takes the guests phone and sends a mass text out then reads the replies out. It’s on you tube and hilarious but anyway i was wondering if you could do something where the reader is an actress on the show and agrees to play and he sends out a flirty text or something like that and she gets a few funny replies from Evans, Fassbender, Macavoy, Cumberbatch and TOM HIDDLESTON
Note: Okay so I went a bit mad with this one and did make a few adjustments, however 99% of it is what was asked for. This one is for the lovely @dohegotthesuperbooty - I’m sorry it took so long (I’m really behind!!) - for anyone who is interested, the video behind this idea can be found here.

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You were stood at the side of the stage awaiting your cue; it was your turn to appear on several British chat shows to promote your new film. You were staring in a new rom-com opposite Tom Hiddleston; the two of you had become very close over the last course of shooting the film, a fact that had purposely been left out of the media.

The show you were appearing on was that of comedian Michael McIntyre. All you could think about was his infamous game of ‘Send to All’. The producers had prepared you for the game; however it was up to the host as to whether or not you would be playing.

From centre stage, you heard Michael call your name. You began to walk over, the crowd went wild. Walking over to your seat, you waved to the audience. Once you reached the spot where Michael was stood, he gave you a friendly hug and welcomed you to the show. The two of you took your seats. Once the crowd had quietened down, he welcomed you to the show once again.
“So, welcome to the show!” He smiled.
“Thank you!” You said with a smile, “Thanks for having me, I’m a big fan of the show but I never thought I’d be sat here!” You exclaimed.

The interview was going extremely well, you were laughing and joking with both the audience and the host. Then he said those words you really didn’t want to hear.
“So we have a bit of a tradition on this show.” Michael began to laugh; everyone knew what he was going to say. “I like to play a lovely little game called ‘Send to All’ with my guests, are you up for a go?”
You started to think, what options did you have? If you were to say no… well, you’d only be forced to play to prove you had nothing to hide.
“Sure!” You said, a little too enthusiastically.
“Excellent!” Michael matched your tone. “The rules are simple, I’m going to come up with a message to send to all of the contacts in your phone and we’re going to leave it over the course of the show and then see who replies!”
“Great, can you just not send it to my mum” you laughed, as did everyone else in the studio.

“Okay, I think I’ve come up with the perfect message” Michael grinned.
“Oh no” you joked as you handed over your phone.
“Here goes…” Michael typed each word as he said it. “Hey, it… feels… like we haven’t seen… each other… in such a long time…” Michael stopped typing and looked over to you, he was giggling at the message he was typing. You on the other hand were using your laughter to disguise how red your face had become. “Why don’t we…” he continued to type “meet up… for a drink… or two?” Michael turned to you once again, “Do you use emoticons?” he asked.
“Probably too much” you responded.
“Excellent, how about little kisses?” he asked.
“Yeah, I guess, just one though. And always lowercase!” you added.
“In that case, I’ll add a little winking face and a kiss!” He looked up and addressed the audience. “Ladies and gentlemen, we have our text message!” The audience cheered. “Okay, here’s the message…” he paused and cleared his throat, “Hey, it feels like we haven’t seen each other in such a long time. Why don’t we meet up for a drink or two [question mark] [winking face] [kiss]” he laughed, as did the audience. You began to laugh but at the same time you were slowly bringing your hands up to your face to once again, cover up how red it was. “What do you think, shall we send to all?!” He asked the audience. They went wild. “It’s gone, sent!” Michael turned back around and walked to his seat to continue your interview.

You spent the rest of the interview trying not to think about the messages currently coming through to your phone. You had just about removed the thought from your mind when Michael said “Right, well there’s just one last piece of business we need to discuss before I let you go.” He paused while the audience reacted. “Let’s read out some of the replies to the text we sent from your phone shall we? Okay so the message we sent read ‘Hey, it feels like we haven’t seen each other in such a long time. Why don’t we meet up for a drink or two [question mark] [winking face] [kiss]’. Wow, okay so you’ve got a fair few replies here!” The audience cheered.
“Better than getting none I suppose” you joked.
“Right, first up we have Chris Evans ladies and gentlemen! Wait, is this Captain America Chris Evans or BBC Radio DJ Chris Evans?” he asked you.
“I don’t think I should answer that until you’ve read the reply,” you laughed “no it’s Captain America Chris Evans” you smiled.
“Well Chris replied with ‘Dude, we aren’t even in the same country right now! Count me in for next time though, we’ll all go out’ how nice is that! But what does he mean by ‘all’?
“Yeah, he’s a good egg!” you smiled, “I’m guessing he just means getting the old gang back together”
“Okay next up is… it looks like you’ve got the number of everyone who’s ever been in a Marvel film here!” the two of you laughed as he continued to look for the next reply. “I think we will go for this one next, James McAvoy.”
“Oh no!” you exclaimed as you brought your hands to your face, “This is going to be a bad one isn’t it!”  
“That depends what it means! It says ‘Are ye sure pal? You know what happened last time!’ then there’s one of those laughing and crying faces. What happened last time?” He questioned you.
You tried to contain the laughter, “nothing, nothing happened last time – at least nothing that you’re all probably thinking anyway! All that happened was a few of us had gone out and had far too much to drink, we all got a taxi and when it was my stop James helped me out of the taxi and then after insisting I was fine… I fell up the steps.” The audience and Michael laughed at your story, you chuckled, after all it had been quite funny.

“Wonderful, we have time for just a few more! Who’s next? ‘Benny C’ is that who I think it is?” you nodded in response. “We have to read this one! It says ‘Sorry not tonight, I’ve got my hands full. However you can both count me in next time!’ At least he’s up for the next time, but what does he mean by both?” he questioned you.
“Well a fair few people know I’m here tonight, he probably just knows it was you” you smiled.
“Hmm,” Michael looked as you quizzically.
“He is Sherlock Holmes after all,” you added “all that detective knowledge has to have rubbed off”
Michael agreed with you and moved on, “Okay, this is the last one now, let’s go for the man himself, your co-star Mr Tom Hiddleston ladies and gentlemen!” The audience cheered, some more excited than others as you heard several women let out high pitched screams.
Your face turned the brightest shade of red possible; you could only hope that he hadn’t said anything that would give the two of you away.
“Let’s see what he has to say shall we,” Michael cleared his throat, “’Darling, we spent six months together making a film and I’ve seen you every night since we got home. Shall I come and pick you up? x T’” Michael took a moment for everyone to process the message he had just read. “Well, well, well! It looks like you were hiding something after all. Anything you want to say?” He asked.
“No, not really” you responded, you could feel yourself getting warmer. You were debating whether or not to address it, although Tom had practically already made that decision for you and left you without a choice. In the end, you decided it was best to talk. “When you shoot a romantic film you spend a lot of time with your co-star and about sixty percent of that time you’re in quite an intimate position.” The redness was starting to disappear from your face, replaced only by a smile that suggested you were happily in love.

“Well ladies and gentlemen, it looks like the show is ending on a lovely note! Thank you to all of tonight’s guests and I’ll see you next week!”

You know what fucks me up a little? I’ve literally opened up about being in an abusive living situation we’re trying to escape from + having BPD (among other mental health issues) & someone thought it was okay to tell me no one loves me or cares about & things of that nature…y'all, I’m completely honest when I say it genuinely didn’t affect me tonight, but it could have. If tonight was a last night or the night before, I probably would have relapsed. What I’m saying is, don’t be a fucking piece of shit. 🌿

Okay so this is gonna be a long post and nobody will probably even see it but I needed to talk about the concert tonight. I had the wonderful opportunity to see B.A.P last year in concert and it honestly was the best concert I’ve ever been to. I got lucky again and got to see them tonight and I can’t believe that this one was even better than last year! BAP are so talented and they are AMAZING live. They are so energetic and fun to watch and I couldn’t stop dancing and singing/yelling(I lost my voice lol) I could feel how happy they were to be there and that they love what they do. You can also tell how much they love their fans. They were constantly interacting with the crowd and every time they talked they told us how much they loved us and how thankful they were that we came to see them. So thank you B.A.P for doing what you love and I hope you all stay happy in the future.💜💜💜

“Irresistible” Dean x Reader PART 2

Word Count: 2,000ish

Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: Dean takes you out on your first date.

Warnings: Language, fluff, kissing


You stand in front of your mirror, taking in your appearance for the night. After meeting Dean last week, he had immediately asked you to go out on a date with him. You had originally scheduled it for last weekend, the night after you two had met at the bar, but he said something “came up” and he couldn’t make it. He was short on the details, so you assumed it had something to do with his top secret FBI job or his family. You told him it was completely fine and that you would just go out this weekend instead.

He didn’t tell you what you’d be doing, so you just opted for something that could work for both a casual date or something nicer. You were in skinny jeans and a sweater, along with your hair down and enough makeup to satisfy you. You wanted to look nice- this was your first date since your breakup with your ex. Plus, Dean is a very attractive guy.

You were about to put on your shoes when you heard a knock at your front door, implying that not only was Dean there, but he was early. Like, fifteen minutes early.

“Shit,” You hurry to put your shoes on, looking in the mirror one last time. You look around your house and see that it’s a huge mess, making you internally groan.

“Hold on!” You yell out to Dean, trying to make the house look a little nicer just in case he decided to come inside. You really hope not.

Your attempt to clean your house within thirty seconds was somewhat of a success, but by the time you open the door you’re out of breath.

“What, did you just run a marathon or something?” Dean gives you an amused look. He’s wearing jeans and a flannel- completely different than the suit he was wearing when you first met him, but goddamn did he still look good.

“I, uh,” You bite your lip, trying to think of something to say. “Anyways, we should go.” You avoid the question, hoping that he doesn’t expect to be let in. You grab your purse from the cabinet on your right and exit the door with Dean.

Not even five minutes into the date and I’ve made a complete fool of myself.’ You think to yourself.

“You look great. Even better than I remember.” Dean winks at you as you two walked towards his car.

“Thanks- holy crap, is that your car?” You ogled, seeing his impala parked at the end of your driveway. You don’t know much about cars, but you know enough to know that he had a nice one. Your dad always used to tell you that you can tell a lot about a man by his car.

“Ah, yes, this is baby.” Dean pats his car, and opens the passenger side door to let you in.

“You named your car baby?” You laugh. “Well, ‘baby’ is a nice car.”

“Know much about cars?” He asks, and gets into the driver’s seat.

“I used to. My dad used to know a lot about cars and when I was younger, he would always talk to me about them. I don’t remember much but I do know enough to tell you that you’ve got your hands on a pretty good one.”

“Yeah, it was my dad’s actually. Guess both of our dads liked them.”

“Yup.” You say. “So, mind telling me where we’re going?”

“I was thinking we could go fishing. I heard bass is in season this time of the year.” Dean says with a straight face.

You look over at him oddly, not sure if he’s joking or not. Fishing? What the hell?

“You can relax, babe.” Dean laughs, and he pats your thigh. “I’m only messing with you. I don’t fish. We are going out to eat, though. Hope you like burgers.”

“Oh, thank god.” You let out a sigh of relief. “Burgers sound great.”

“You like my car AND you like burgers? Where have you been all my life?” Dean laughs, being his charming self. You blush at his words even though you know that he’s probably only making a joke.

The ride to the burger place only takes about fifteen minutes, and the place was insanely cute. It was an old 50’s diner style restaurant that was complete with checkered floors and handmade milkshakes.

“This place is adorable.” You admire, walking into the building. Dean leads you to a booth and you two look over your menus.

“So, you’ve been here before?” You ask.

“Yeah, me and my brother Sam used to come here all the time. I come more often than he does now, since he’s an absolute health food freak these days, but I still love this place. The burgers are freakin’ fantastic.”

“Sam’s the one who’s your partner, right? I still think it’s really cool that you two not only have the same job, but you’re also partners. I doubt that happens often. Do you ever get tired of working with him all the time or are you two best friends?” You question.

Dean furrows his eyebrows, and his face seemingly having a confused expression. If he did, it was gone instantly and his smiling self was back.

“Oh, right.” Dean says slowly. “Yeah, nah I don’t really get tired of working with him. He’s a pain in the ass but in the end he’s my brother, and yeah, he’s my best friend. One of them, at least. I have another best friend named Cas.”

“Cas? That’s an odd name. I kind of like it, though.”

“Yeah.” Dean laughs. “We’re just like one big family. But anyways, tell me more about yourself, Y/N. My life is pretty boring, I’d rather talk about yours.”

“Before I do, I need a suggestion on what to order. They all look really good.” You bite your lip, looking at the menu.

“Oh, definitely the cheeseburger with bacon. And make sure you order it with a side of their special sauce, that shit is the bomb.”

Just as he’s saying that, the waitress comes over, a notebook in her hands and a pen behind her ear.

“What can I get for you two today?” She asks, her eyes lingering on Dean longer than necessary. She sets two water glasses down in front of you, filling them both up to the brim.

“We’re both going to get the number four, I think.” Dean looks over at you for approval, and you nod your head.

“Coming right up. See you later, Dean.” The waitress winks at Dean, walking away. Dean immediately puts an uncomfortable smile on his face and looks at you, waiting for your reaction.

“So, know the waitress?” You raise your eyebrow, taking a sip of the water that was left on your table.

“Yeah, I, uh-“ Dean looks obviously flustered, not knowing what to say.

“You can relax, babe. I’m only messing with you.” You joke, repeating what he had told you earlier. You’re not under any impression that he was some lonely, single, virgin man before you met him- I mean, look at him- so you know that the fact that he probably fucked the waitress doesn’t affect you. You’re the one sitting here with him tonight, not her.

“You’re hilarious.” Dean grins. “But anyways, back to talking about you.”

“Well, what do you want to know?”

“Anything, babe. I’m all ears.”

“Well, okay.” You try and think of something. “I’m twenty-four, but you already knew that. I graduated college last year with a degree in nursing. I’m currently working as a nurse at the hospital in town, although I am strongly considering going back to school to get my master’s degree. You already met my best friend Ana, even though she was drunk as all hell. I have two sisters, and both of my parents passed away when I was a teenager. I really like to watch Netflix when I have free time. Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead are my shit. I also like reading but I have a hard time finding books that actually interest me…” You pause, realizing you’re rambling. “Wow, I’m sorry, I’m rambling.”

“No, it’s okay.” Dean smiles. “I like hearing you talk.”

“Okay.” You blush.

“I didn’t know you’re a nurse. That’s cool as hell.”

“It’s hard.” You admit. “But I really enjoy it.”

“Yeah, that’s how I feel about my job too. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it. You get to save so many people.”

“I could imagine. You get to see some crazy shit being an agent, don’t you? My dad’s best friend used to be a cop, and he would tell me all about the stuff he would see. But he got to save so many people from dying, or kid’s from kidnapping, or just anything like that. It’s completely different from the life-saving that I do, but it’s super important as well.” You say.

“Exactly how I feel.” Dean replies, and you both see your food coming to your table.

“Oh, it smells so good.” Your mouth starts to water, and you realize how hungry you actually are.

You both eat your burgers, continuing to talk about your lives. You learned from him that both of his parents had passed away when he was younger as well, and by the way that he talks about his job, that it’s his life. He really enjoys it. You tell him more about yourself as well, but only dumb things like your favorite color or your favorite food.

Before you know it, the night was coming to an end and he was already dropping you off at your doorstep. The date had gone tremendously well and you prayed that there would be another one.

“I had fun tonight, Y/N.” Dean looks down at you.

“I did, too.”

His eyes are focusing in on your lips, and you look at his. He leans down, and the space between your lips closes. You were expecting a fast and rough kiss, but to your surprise, it was slow and romantic. The kinds of kisses that you see in the movies. And oh man, did he know what he was doing.

You pick up the pace, and wrap your arms around his neck. His hands go to your hips, pushing you up against the wall as he continued to kiss you. You’re about to take it a step further when he pulls away, his forehead still touching yours.

“I should go.” His voice comes out low. You can tell that he’s holding himself back, just by the look in his face (but you can also feel it pressing up against your leg, if you catch my drift). You desperately want to tell him to stay, to come inside with you, but you just nod your head.

“I’ll call you tomorrow.” Dean whispers, and kisses your forehead. You watch him as he walks back to his car, slightly disappointed but also glad that he actually said he’d call.

You walk inside and go straight to your bed, not even bothering to change as you curl up underneath the covers. It was a good night, and you can’t stop touching your lips where his were once pressed up against. One date and you’re already wrapped around his finger. 

“I’m so screwed.” You groan to yourself.


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The Nanny (Ashton Irwin - Part 5)

You were out of a job and Ashton’s name was plastered all over the newspaper a week later. Your city knew all about the affair thanks to his now soon-to-be ex-wife. That’s the thing about having a big reputation. It can be ripped away with one headline and in a matter of hours, the news can be in every home. You were grateful that Mrs. Irwin hadn’t dropped your name. Not yet anyways.

He had tried reaching out to you with phone call after phone call but you ignored every one of them.

There was a knock at your door around 9:00pm on Wednesday. You turned the volume of your television down as your roommate got up to answer the door. Not thinking much of it, you went back to watching your show.

“(Y/N)?” your roommate called back to you. “There’s someone here for you.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, getting up off of the couch to see who was at the door. When the person came into view, you slowed down, shaking your head.

“No… no,” you said quickly, staying back.

“I just need to talk to you…” he said softly, staying in the doorway.

“No! Not after what you did to me!” you widened your eyes.

“Just talk to him (Y/N),” your roommate sighed, not wanting to stand in the middle of you two arguing.

“Seriously?” you scoffed at her.

“Just talk,” she raised her eyebrows, coming over to you and pushing you forwards. “If I don’t hear you talking, I’ll make you stay in a room. I know you hate him, I do too, but if the guy is trying so hard to talk to you, just do it.”

You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms over your chest, waiting until she left the room to address him.

“I would’ve figured ignoring all your calls and whatnot would have been a big enough hint, but I guess not,” you spit out.

“Please…” he breathed out, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Just… I had to do it…”

“Had to throw me under the bus? For what? Your marriage was over either way. How did she find out huh? Did you tell her or did she push it out of you?” you said harshly.

Ashton shook his head and stepped in your house, shutting the door behind him. “I get it. You have every reason to be pissed at me. I shouldn’t have gotten you involved in the first place. I shouldn’t have dragged you into it. I got what I deserved. Okay? I lost my wife, my child and my home. My job is hanging by a thread and I made sure she didn’t drop your name in the papers so you wouldn’t be at risk.”

“Oh, how considerate,” you scoffed. “You deserved all of it Mr. Irwin.”

“I told you to call me Ashton…”

“It’s Mr. Irwin. Barely,” you shook your head and took a step back. “Did you say what you needed to?”

“I guess,” he said defeated.

“Good. So you can go now.”

He stood in front of you quietly.

“Please…” he whispered but you shook your head.

“I’m not going to be a rebound, or a filler until you find someone better. I’m not going to commemorate you for your… ‘brave’ actions of coming clean to your wife. I feel so fucking shitty for doing that to your daughter. I have to deal with my own consequences out of the spotlight. I broke a family apart. How can I ever forgive myself for giving into you?”

“My marriage was already broken…” he said.

“So I cut the final string then.”

“In a way.”


Looking at your feet, you disappeared into your mind for a moment.

“This is completely my fault,” Ashton said after a couple minutes of silence.

“You don’t need to tell me that.”

“I know.”

You looked back up at him, shaking your head. “I can’t believe I did this… to your baby girl… how do you think she’s gonna feel when she grows up? When her mom tells her why you’re not around? That’s gonna fuck up her idea of love…”

“I know.”

Pursing your lips together, you looked at him for a moment and groaned internally. “Where are you staying tonight?”

“At the hotel in town,” he cleared his throat.

“Well you can stay here instead. On the couch, but…” you sighed, not knowing why you were giving into this.

“Really?” he asked hopefully.

“Yeah… you should probably preserve the last of your money,” you teased, keeping a flat face. “Just… go get your shit. I’ll wait up for you.” He reached out towards you but you stepped back. “It’s just a couch to sleep on. Doesn’t mean we’re okay.”

“Right… I’ll uhm… I’ll be back. Thank you.”

Amour: Part 2

Summary: Reader moves to Quantico, Virginia, where she meets her very attractive neighbor, Dr. Spencer Reid. Will this move be beneficial or will it all blowup in her face.

Pairing: Reid x POC! Reader

Word Count: 1212

A/N: Sorry it took me so long to get this out but I dd change the plot of this story and so I am remaking it a bit. I hope you like it. And also, if you want to be tagged into this story, send me an ask. 

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It has been almost a year since you have moved into your apartment. You have quit working as a lawyer and opened your own bakery in heart of Quantico, Virginia. The tedious long nights and mountains and mountains of cases and paperwork was too much for your new carefree lifestyle. So, you quit. Ten plus years of school down the drains but It was worth it. You are your own boss, and It felt amazing. You bought a cute little shop that was going out of business, the interior needed work, you need to buy new equipment and employees. It started off slow at first, you trying to get the hang of owning your own store and getting a steady commission going. Not only that but the early mornings and late nights preparing for the next day took a toll on your personal life, until you hired Kendra, a pastry chef. The two of you would trade off on the early mornings prepping for the day. Having her there made everything much easier. Soon enough, the store became popular amongst the busy city, the pastries and treats that you and Kendra made becoming favorites. Business was booming and you loved every minute of it.

You were preparing the dough for tomorrow’s rush, when Kendra strolled into the kitchen. Her black curls bouncing with every step she took. She spotted you, giving you a quick wave before putting her things away in your office.

“So, Kendra, how was your date last night?”You heard a deep sigh coming from the office, followed by a light thud. You furrowed your brows, whatever happened last night, wasn’t good. You left your dough on the counter, wiping your floured hands on your apron, you peeked your head inside your office. Kendra was sitting in your chair her face planted on the wood of your desk.

 “Did something happen?” You walked in, standing next to the desk. She lifts her head, her beautiful brown eyes red rimmed and tired, obviously, she has been crying.She opened her mouth but quickly closed it, thinking.

“The guy that I had dinner with…”


“Yeah. Him. Well it started off amazing, he was so sweet. He opened my door for me when we got to the restaurant. He pulled my chair out. He even picked a wine that would complement my dish.”

“That sounds wonderful.” You said. She scoffs, running a hand over her face.

“Well it was nice until afterwards. He dropped me off and we were walking to my door. Ya know, gentlemen like, but then he came in for a kiss and I refused.”

“Did he try something?”

“God, no. I would have kicked his ass if he tried. He got mad, saying that I shouldn’t have strung him along if he couldn’t even get laid at the end.”

“What an asshole!”

“Exactly. I told him to kick rocks and he left. I swear men are starting to be more jerks now. Like what happened to courting a dame, bringing her flowers, and waiting until she’s ready for anything intimate.”

“Is that the reason why you’ve been crying?”

“What? No.” she scoffs, putting her curls into a messy bun. “I bought a burrito before I came and as soon as I got out of my car, I dropped it. Had me on my knees in tears in the parking lot.” she wipes a stray tear from her cheek.

 Food. Just food. You roll your eyes, walking away from her. Sometimes Kendra can be the biggest drama queen when she needs to. 

You finished prepping for the next day, craving some wine and a TV series on Netflix. And maybe, if he’s there, some company from the doctor next door. The two of you became very good friends at the start. You are bumping into each other outside of the apartment building, chatting any chance you got. Then gradually spending time at each other’s apartments, watching movies and eating take out as the young doctor spit out random facts that came to his mind. You met the BAU team about three months into your move, them liking you almost instantly, inviting you to future dinners at Rossi’s. And even the kid’s birthday parties. It felt like you are welcomed into the BAU family.

Hearing you phone begin the vibrate in your pocket, you wipe your hands on your apron again, answering your phone.


“Hey Y/N, its Spencer.”

“I know, I do have caller I.d.” you hear him chuckle, the sound making your heart do somersaults.

“Okay smarty pants, but what are you doing tonight?”

“Um…. I don’t know. The usual probably. I don’t have a life outside of this bakery.”

“Well you do. Rossi is hosting another dinner tonight. You want to come as my plus one?” you can hear the smile in his voice. This is the closes you will ever get to him asking you out somewhere and that’s only as a friend. And yet you can’t help but hang on the slightest chance of that he might like you back. It’s borderline pathetic and unrequited. 

“Yeah, sure. Can’t pass up Rossi’s cooking. I swear the last time I had a foodgasm was when he made the bruschetta. Oh, it was so good.” You moan out of habit, the thought of having the bruschetta making you hungry. You heard Spencer let out a sigh, hearing a faint groan right after. “Hey are you alright?”

“Uh… yeah I just… hit my knee on the corner of my desk.”

“Oh, okay. Did he want me to bring the wine like last time?”

“Yeah can you. He said the last one you brought complemented his dish well. And that’s a plus in his book. He might just marry you if you do it again.”“I might let him. A man that can cook like that is goals.”

“Well you have competition with his ex-wife.”

“It’s alright though. I can’t get between two people in love. I would never forgive myself if I did.”

“Okay well dinner starts at 8 so be there at least thirty minutes early.”

“I’ll be there.” you say your goodbyes and hang up. You can feel Kendra’s eyes burning a hole in the side of your head. You turn to look at her and she’s has a smug look on her face.

“May I help you?”

“You need to tell him how you feel.”

“Kendra, we been through this. He doesn’t like me in that way.” You put the last of the pastries on the pan, putting them away for the next day.

“How do you know that. You two flirt like mad and yet don’t do anything about it. Trust me when I tell you this. You will never know until you say something. You need to tell him before It’s too late.”

“I’ll think about it okay.”

“You better before I take him. You know I like them tall and skinny.” You both laughed, the sound mixing into the air. You cleaned yourself up, giving instructions to Kendra and the night crew what you wanted to be prepped and done for tomorrow before saying your goodbyes. You looked at your watch, you only have less than three hours to take a shower, get dressed, and go to the grocery store to get the wine. As you walked to your car, the thought of confessing weighing heavily on your heart but your insecurities over powering those feelings. You cant get over the feeling that he doesn’t like you.

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make a vlinny x vinny fanfic

Vinny walked into his bedroom, finishing that last bite of pepperoni pizza. To his surprise, Vlinny layed on his bed in a very… strange pose that made Vinny feel very uncomfortable.

“Uh..” Vinny stood still.

“Hey,” Vlinny replied. “What’s up?”

The fact that he was actually talking made Vinny even more uncomfortable. “Please get off my bed and out of my house,” he pleaded. “I was about to go to sleep but this is probably gonna end up giving me nightmares.”

Vlinny sighed. “Okay,” he agreed. “But you better keep one eye open tonight, or else.” He squinted at Vinny and jumped out the window.

Vinny stared on for a few seconds, trying to process the events that had just taken place. After 4 minutes of questioning literally everything in existence, he was finally asleep in bed.

Then, an hour after he had fallen asleep, Vlinny came into his bedroom, picked up the bed with him in it and threw it outside.

The End

About Time // Part 4

| Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

Type/Genre: Angst, Alternate Universe (Time Travel!au, Soulmate!au)

Word count: 6,888 words

Prompts: “What if you find your soulmate… at the wrong time?” - Lauren Kate, Passion

Summary: Be careful for what you wish for, because you may never know how to deal with them once it comes true. What would you do when your wish for a second chance actually came true? But was it really a fulfilled wish? Too many questions lie when it actually happened. Were they real memories? Or perhaps a part of a past life? Was it only a dream all along? Will everything be different this time?

Warning: Mentions of cancer

a/n: Sorry for the slow plot in this chapter. But it leads to what would happen next, and I hope I can post the next chapter as soon as possible^^ This is unedited, btw - I hope I can go back to it before updating the next. Sorry for the wait :)

Originally posted by won-der-land89

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Just Go With It

Not a request but I just had this idea and I really wanted to write it lol

Peter Parker x Reader

Send in prompts from this list!

(gif credits: calebhaas)

“So, single replacement or displacement reaction. In this type of reaction, a more active element replaces a less active element in a compound. ” Mr. Rodriguez explained.

Hands slightly cramping, I scribbled down notes as quickly as possible so that I wouldn’t miss anything important. I was completely engrossed in chemical reactions when I felt a tap on my shoulder. A string of curses ran through my mind as I lost my train of thought. I shook my head, ignored the tap, and continued with my work.

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Twin Winchester

Imagine you are Sam and Dean’s little sister and you have a twin.

“(Y/N)! (Y/S/N)!” Dean yelled at you “we have to hit the road!”

“Yeah, yeah!” You sister replied.

Since you two are very close and you always did anything together, you never minded to change at the same time in the bathroom, especially when you are in a hurry.

“I wish we could just stop going to school” you whined putting on your shirt.

“Come on, it’s not that bad, a new school means fresh meat” your twin laughed.

You roll your eyes, your sister is really like Dean and you are more like Sam. You are shy and prefer to study, read, write, watch TV shows and draw. Your sister, look out for boys, party and having fun teasing you, but you don’t mind, you love her like that.

“You know, we could ditch” she proposed.

“I heard that!” You heard Sam’s voice said out of the door.

“Nah, it’s okay” you smiled.

“Do you want me to do your make up and make your hair? Maybe I can make something-“

“Stop!” You laughed “you’re such a princess”.

“I am a princess” she winks at you “you are the tomboy, maybe you want to be my prince dear sister”.

“You are such an ass”.

Dean behind the door, hears his two little sisters laughing and can’t help to smile even though he knows he should be screaming at you two to hurry up.

The two of you get out the door, both wearing outfits which resemble, but were completely different. You are wearing black ripped jeans, a black t-shirt, a blue denim jacket and black convers. You’re sister, black ripped jeans, a black t-shirt tucked in her pants (when she goes to school she changes for a black crop top where we can see a little of skin, too much for Dean) and the same pair of convers.

“Finally” Dean sighs “let’s go”.

Arrived at school, you can’t help the scared feeling in your stomach. This feeling is always there when you start a new school. You are scared of people, seeing how they look at you how they judge you. You don’t care of what people think, but you hate it.

“Okay, you two will have to walk tonight, Sam and I are probably going to come late at the motel” Dean said.

“Okay” you nodded getting out of the car.

“See you later, Dean” your twin said and follows you.

Seeing the look on your face, she knows that you are afraid, like always. She is the one who knows you the best.

She takes your hand giving you a small smile “come on, (Y/N)! It’s our last year of high school, let’s make something good about it”.


“Oh. My. God!” Your sister laughs “did you see that guy!”

You look up, a boy walking with his friends inside the school.

“Well, he does look good” you admitted “go talk to him, I’ll try to find our first class and text you, okay?”

“Okay, go, go, go!”

Your sister walks to the boys and fakes falling down on the ground, and luckily for her the first boy to help her is the one she saw.

“Class, this is (Y/N) and (Y/S/N) Winchester, they are new here” she looks at you “want to present yourselves?”

You grab your twin’s hand, looking down on the ground, you really don’t do publics.

“No thank you, Miss” your twin said and drags you to the back to two empty desks.

If you didn’t have a twin to help you through this, you don’t know how you would.

Your sister gives you a smile and leans on her desk “at lunch we ditch, I want to go eat some candies”.

kishusworld2  asked:

Hey any idea about when is the next gacha coming out ? It's okay if you know which one :) I hope you make some breakthrough and get back to updating your gacha/event page :3

should be tonight! don’t know if it’s a remix or not though. the last bubble bath gacha was listed as a remix even though it wasn’t but. 

*i should clarify now, i probably won’t be updating either page again!~ i’ll still be posting things i find, but as i’ve said, it’s nowhere near reliable when it comes to dates. so i don’t want to be misleading and post something on a page consistently as though it’s as Definitive as it used to be. 

mostly i’m just gonna go back to doing them same stuff i did Before the gacha page; that is, vague theorising and posting assets. and answering questions if anyone has them. which is more boring but also inevitable.


Word Count: 2119

Warnings: Mild Language

Request: Hello :) Can I send in a request with Daryl ? Maybe where you both are dating but he didn’t say the words ‘I love you’ yet. So one day you join a run with some others but you end up getting shot accidentally. Then you’re carried back into the prison and as soon Daryl sees you being unconscious he Freaks out and thinks you’re dead. After you get operated, you survive but you’re out for a while. Daryl stays with you and after you wake up, he tells you that he loves you properly ? :) I hope it’s ok.

(( yes yes yes I absolutely love prison requests, it was probably my favorite time period. I made this one kind of long and to all of you who lost something tonight, I hope you’re handling okay. I love you guys and please please don’t harm yourselves over this election. ))

You’ve spent the last twenty minutes entangled in the linen sheets and staring up at the cold steel slab holding the top half of the bunk bed above you, neither you nor Daryl had found the time to cut it off and use it as an extension for the first bunk, so it was just there. You finally decided to get up and start the day. When you swung your feet over the edge of the bed and sat yourself up, you noticed the seemingly empty chair on the opposite side of the cell, meaning Daryl had already left. You ensured the blanket covered cell door was closed off to the outside, then changed into an old grey t-shirt and well fitting jeans. You slipped on and laced up your weathered leather boots and went out into the cell block to see what was on the list for you to do today. You, Glenn, and a few other had signed up to siphon gas from the cars on the side lot today, therefore that’s what you went to do. You navigated through the poorly lit halls of the prison until you made it out front, on your way to start the job. You greeted many other people, children, and friends whilst on your way to the parking lot, asking around if they knew where Daryl was.

“His bike’s still here, so he couldn’t have gone too far, I’m sure he’ll be back soon,” Rick responded when you questioned him. Still, without his motorcycle, it worried you that he was with no group. You thanked Rick, then continued on past a couple of cell blocks to find Glenn, Sasha and Bob waiting for you.

The four of you took 45 minutes to siphon 13 gallons of gas from the cop cars abandoned in the lot, then started making trips to the supply room to store them. On your way back to grab the last few gallons, you saw Glenn, Rick and Daryl arguing about something. You took a deep breath, ran your hand through your hair and walked over to see what was going on.

“Wait, guys, what’s going on?” You questioned, attempting to diffuse the situation.

“Daryl brought back a deer,” Rick started.

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Blindspot recap 2x18

(Aka the one where Roman gets to go on another excursion, Weitz wants to date literally the entire team except for maybe Patterson bc he’s intimidated by her brains, Reade is Touched By An Angel, and Nas falls on her sword for reasons which will probably never become entirely clear to anyone)

Okay, yes, I am the world’s worst procrastinator, and so am only just managing to get this posted now despite the three-week break. Tbh I intended to do it a couple of days ago, but then ended up getting distracted doing some writing of a different kind (stay tuned for that one very shortly!) and as such ended up with very little time for this– hence why it’s a little shorter and kinda all over the place lol. But anyhow, if you were wanting a refresher on last ep before the new one tonight, you’ve come to the right place haha.


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Hey, J Lovers! I want to start this off by saying that this is my very first story or imagine, whatever you like to call it, so it may not be that great. I’d love to take some of your requests as well! now, enjoy! xx


you got it.

your starving and mooching days are over.

you were so happy, despite the fact that you got a job as a dancer in a club. you’ve always had a passion for dancing but you were afraid that you’d be called a stripper at college. ‘it’s not necessarily stripping, right?’ you thought to yourself. you don’t even know if you’ll be there for long because it was the manager that hired you. you don’t even know who the real boss is or who owns the place. you thought it was weird but you shrugged it off without thinking about it too much. you got home, with a smile on your face.


your phone started to ring.

it was your ex-boyfriend.

you hit the ignore button. it was hard for you to do that. you miss him. you had broken up with him 2 months ago but you still weren’t over it. all the flashbacks started coming back. you took the break up really hard. he was your first love. but he cheated on you, so you couldn’t take him back. every time you even think about how much you miss him, you always stopped yourself by thinking about what he did. he had been sleeping with someone else for 4 months. you kept thinking about it and shed a tear. you kept asking yourself why you just weren’t enough for him. you wanted to cry a lot more but you held it back because you had to get ready for tonight, your first performance. you were so nervous but so ready. you got in the shower, blow dried your hair, and dressed yourself in casual clothing. all that I less than 2 hours. you left the house by 11 pm.


you walked into the club and sat by the bar. you still had half an hour to get ready, so you had time to kill.

“hello, y/n. I’m Ron. the bartender. looks like we’re gonna be working together, thought I’d introduce myself. want me to fix ya a drink?” he said, in a friendly manner, even though he looked like he was one of the many tough guys here.

“no, thanks. I don’t drink and even if I did, I’m not legally old enough.” you said, with a smile.

he chuckles. “you can break the rules every once in a while, sweetheart, but alright.”

the manager walked over.

“Is Ron creeping you out, y/n? he said in a joking manner.

“hey! I’m trying to be friendly, not creepy.”

“yeah, keep telling yourself that.”

you chuckle.

“um, you’re the manager, right? I don’t think I got your name..” you say shyly.

“my bad, I’m Richard. call me Rich.” he says shaking your hand as if he hadn’t shaken it before. “probably should’ve said that as soon as we met, huh?” he says laughingly.

“hah, yeah, but it’s totally fine. but uh I also wanted to know who my boss is? like, OUR boss.”

he smirked and says “you’ll find out soon enough.”

you were a little worried that it was probably a criminal since it was Gotham city after all. but you didn’t think too much about it and left to go get ready for your performance later. you put on a black and gold outfit and black heels. you decided to wear dark makeup and curl your hair. you were ready. even though it wasn’t like a solo or anything, you were still nervous. you were one of the girls in the glass box that had to dance to entertain the guests. you had to take turns. since there were different shifts. one of the girls even gave you some tips.

“hey, I’m Daphne. you must be the new girl.” she said, with a little ‘tude.

“hey. I’m y/n.” you said, with the same tone.

“good luck out there. it’s a blood bath after midnight. literally.”

“why’s that?” you asked.

“don’t you know? The Clown Prince owns the place.”

shit. I was right. you thought to yourself.

“do you mean the joker? one of the most wanted criminal of Gotham City?”

Daphne starts laughing. “you really didn’t know? wow, can you say cluelessss.”

“Rich said I’d find out sooner or later.. he probably didn’t want to make me even more nervous than I already was.”

“Yeah, maybe.” she replied as she was wiping off her makeup. “anyway, hope the guys like you out there. J likes to pay surprise visits so be prepared for anything. also, don’t shake your ass too much. they’re not here for just that. dance with your whole body, not just one part, and wink at some guys every once in a while. they like it.”

“um, yeah, okay. thanks.”

she didn’t seem as bad as you first thought.

“welcomeeee. gotta go. see you tomorrow, maybe? if they even decide to keep you.” she said laughing with a smirk.

never mind, I guess.

Someone knocked on the dressing room door. it was Rich.

“y/n, you’re up.”

you got into your box and started dancing. you took Daphne’s advice. you didn’t focus on just one body part but your whole body. since you were ‘fresh meat’ every guy started paying more attention to you. you felt confident and sexy.

until you saw your co workers getting all worked up. you were worried. once the song was over, you got to take a break. every dancer did, between every specific song.

“what’s going on?” you asked Rich.

“it’s the boss. he’s coming to see how things are. and..”

“and he’s coming to see his new employee..”

“yeah..” he said with a worried look on his face.

“what are you worried about? everything seems to be fine.”

“yeah, but it’s just… I don’t know what he’ll think of you..”

you got nervous.

“w-what do you mean?”

“I’m pretty sure one of the girls told you who the boss was.. so you know what i mean..”

you thought of the worst case scenario. you started panicking.

“look, don’t worry, if he likes you, you’ll be fine-”

“and what if he doesn’t? he’s just gonna kill me?” you say cutting him off. “you really should’ve told me who the boss was before I agreed to work here.”

“I’m sorry. just do what you were doing and you’ll be fine. look you’re up again. he should be here any minute. just act like he’s another one of these guys.”

“okay, okay I can do that.” you said inhaling and exhaling.

you were trying to calm down but you couldn’t. you were so sure he wasn’t going to like you and that you were going to die tonight. you were so scared. but this helped. you got into places and danced like it was your last night. it probably was so you were just acting careless. you turned for a split second and you saw him. he looks just as handsome as everyone has described him. his green hair was slicked back. he was wearing a black tux and he was walking around with his purple and gold cane. you were slightly turned on by him. it was so weird. then he sees you. you’re nervous but you act professionally. he sits in what seems to be his usual spot. he doesn’t take his eyes off you. you wink at him and dance more sexually. you can’t tell if he likes or hates it, since he shows no emotion. the song ended. everyone was quiet. only one person was clapping. it was the one and only, Joker. you still can’t tell if he liked you or not.

“bravo, bravo.” he says in a low, gravelly tone. “come on down here, doll.”

you step out of the glass box. he looks at you up and down, while he was licking his lips. he smiles at you, flashing those silver teeth.

“aren’t you just a pretty little thing?”

he sounds impressed. you were relieved. you were speechless.

“come with me, darling, take a break.” he says with a smirk.

“okay..” you said nervously.

“EVERYBODY BACK TO WORK!” he shouts, making you jump.

“sweetheart, I loved your dancing but you were very, very naughty..” he says, pulling you closer to him.

“I’m sorry, i thought my routine should be a little more intense for you since I needed to impress you.”

you like the way he was talking to you and you like the way he was touching you. it sent shivers down your spine.

“come have a drink with me.” he says, taking your hand.

“oh, I don’t drink..” you say, taking your hand away softly.

he laughs. “oh, honey, well, you do now.” he says smiling.

you just nod because you don’t want to upset him.

you go to sit on a stool but he stops you and says “ah, ah, ah..”
waving his finger. “come sit on daddy’s lap. it’s much more comfortable, trust me.”

you don’t hesitate. you sit on top of him, straddling him.

“ooh, just the way I like it..” he growls and strokes your cheek.

you smile.

“we’re going to have so much fun, doll..” he says, looking deep into your e/c eyes.

you stare back at his cold, blue eyes. you’re confused but you just go with it.

“this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship… or something more…” he growls, grabbing you by your waist.

“I sure hope so” you whisper into his ear as you stroke his face.


Part Two:


How Chowder Became a Goalie

[This AU was just for shits and giggles so I hope you have a blast]

“Alright.” Coach Wimmer gives his team all sympathetic looks, like he already knows they are going to lose. They probably are, but team spirit is useful when losing with dignity. “You guys suck.” Coach Wimmer says frankly. “But that’s okay— Let’s try and score at least one point tonight.”

“Coach— there’s something in my skate.” Brandon Finnley complains, raising his hand like he’s in a classroom and not a hockey rink. Their unknown private high school from the middle of nowhere in the state of New Jersey, is about ready to play the last game of their depressing season. They only won two games, and that was because Chris Chow could manage to win in overtime, with a score of 1-1 always tying the game.

Coach ignores him and claps his hands together. “Chow,” He turns to Chris, eyebrows raised. “Score a point for us. Please. My son is here tonight and he already thinks I’m a loser.”

“You got it, Coach Wimmer.” Chris gives him a thumbs up, grinning despite the irritation at his coach. Coach Wimmer’s receding hairline and poor attitude gets on his nerves sometimes, but everyone expects him to be enthusiastic no matter what. God knows his team needs it to keep their spirits up and their sticks down.

Chris Chow’s line skates onto the ice, already solemn and mourning a game that hasn’t even started.

Chris skates up to center, even though he is a forward (he lost the game of noses last night, so they are making him start), and prepares himself for the face-off. The big buff dude from Princeton Day School smirks at him, knowing full well that he is probably going to win the face-off, if not the whole game.

“Maybe if you’re lucky, we won’t beat you 17-0 like last game.” PDS dude laughs, but Chris just gives him a smug smile back, even though he felt anything but confident. Better to go out trying.

Chris Chow is a junior at Melvin Heights, a private school no one knows about until you play against them during any sports game. None of their sports are well-known, which is why their school is practically off the map. Chris Chow never found himself playing hockey professionally, but he loved to watch it and he would even play with his grandpa for fun sometimes. Even though Melvin Heights was unknown, it was still a private school. Chris’s school district was not strong at all, and the only way to get a $5,000 dollar scholarship was to play a sport, because Melvin Heights wanted to be on the map. Their strong performing arts program wasn’t going to cut it, and Chris couldn’t get a scholarship for that anyway. Hockey was his only option since he wasn’t terrible like the rest of the team. Turns out he was some sort of prodigy and made it on to varsity his freshman year, but the lack of talent on the team just made him look alright, not phenomenal. People told him he should join the junior league and think about a professional route, but the truth was, he didn’t play his little heart out for that reason. He just wanted to get into a good college.

Chris Chow did get that scholarship, but he was not prepared for how much of a disaster this team would turn out to be. No one did, really. Melvin Heights focused on improving their football team, so the budget for their hockey team was significantly low. So low, they spent all their scholarship money on Chris Chow and pulled random students kicking and screaming onto their new team.

Chris doesn’t win the face off, to no ones surprise. PDS scores within the first minute, because Melvin Heights goalie decided to get a drink of water without any sort of warning.

It’s not like Chris Chow didn’t care about hockey, he actually really cared about it. He loved to win and being a part of a team, but this was hardly a team. They weren’t even playing hockey at this point.

Chris Chow loses a game of noses again and has to do another face-off. Right before the ref drops the puck, the clattering of sticks signals there is going to be a fight. Even though fighting is typically looked down upon in high school hockey.

To no one’s surprise, the two players fighting are two of Chris’s teammates. PDS is practically peeing their pants with laughter as Coach Wimmer slaps a hand over his face.

“Knock it off!” Chris snaps, and the two boys stop fighting. Usually Chris Chow doesn’t get mad; in fact, he never becomes angry. However, Chris Chow was currently fed up with his team, which didn’t even try anymore. At least during the beginning of the season everyone gave it their all. Now, the boys just treated it like a big joke like everyone else.

When PDS scores for the fifth time and there’s still five minutes left in the first period, Chris Chow feels himself staying genuinely angry for the first time. This was their last shot at redeeming themselves and possibly getting better players for next season. If they could win this game, it would keep them in the game at least one more time and their season wouldn’t end so early. They have the ability to get the points they need, but no one seems to care.

Chris plays more offensive and tries to do the goalie’s job for him, and it’s a relief when the first period ends and PDS remains with five points instead of six. Chris Chow realizes, with a bitter thought, that he’s been doing the goalie’s job for him the entire season. Chris Chow wasn’t scoring, because he was too busy guarding the net and acting as an out-of-net goalie.

They all file into the locker room, and that’s when Chris Chow approaches their goalie, Thomas Kimbal. “Take it off.” Chris throws off his helmet and begins to strip.

“Chow- what the fuck are you doing?” Thomas laughs, like he thinks Chris is kidding.

Chris stops, gives the most menacing look he can manage, because let’s face it, he’s seen as anything but threatening. “I said take it off. We’re switching. You can’t do your job, so I’m gonna try. We literally have nothing to lose.”

The locker room goes silent, and Coach Wimmer opens his mouth to protest.

“No, pardon me Coach Wimmer-” Chris holds up a hand. “-but shut up.” Chris Chow looks over at all his teammates before continuing. “Is this all a joke to you? Because we’re a joke to everyone else. Do you guys enjoy being the laughing stalk of this entire division?” Chris Chow’s voice raises and everyone stays silent. He’s never raised his voice like this before. “I’m tired of being a joke, okay? No one respects us. Why did this school even create a hockey team if no one cares about it? Do you all realize that we have a shot here? We still have time to accumulate enough points to get as far as we can. Aren’t you guys tired of losing? I’m sure none of you joined this team to be a whole bunch of losers.”

The team glances around at each other, no one is able to speak up, because they are too stunned by Chris’s sudden change in personality.

“Am I wrong?” Chris clarifies.

It’s Finnley who finally speaks up. “You’re not wrong.” He says timidly. “I’m tired of losing too.”

“Yeah, uh, me too.” the right winger says, standing up. “I can’t get a girlfriend, man. I thought playing hockey would make me somewhat attractive.”

Everyone slowly stands up and agrees, and coach nods along with them, slightly shocked. He tells them that the second period is about to start, so Chris turns to Thomas with a determined glare.

“So take it off. We’re trading places.”

“You got it, Chow.”

Being a goalie was different, and the PDS players nor any one else noticed the change in position. If they did notice and didn’t say anything, it was because they didn’t care. It’s not like PDS was complaining; no player ever just became a goalie because they felt like it, that would cost a game. Melvin Heights hockey team didn’t have a choice.

Chris Chow wasn’t prepared for the weight of all the extra padding, and PDS scores within a minute into the second period. Chris’s team looked more pissed off than usual and more determined than they ever have been, and that’s when everything changed.

Chris just translated everything he was doing all season as an unofficial goalie into his movements in the net. Turns out, Chris Chow has been playing the wrong position all his years of hockey, because he wasn’t a forward or a center. He was a goalie. His movements were sharp and calculating, and Melvin Heights managed two goals before the second period ended.

In the third period, PDS didn’t score again. Melvin Heights managed to win in overtime, because Chris Chow never let the puck into the net again.

Chris Chow’s senior year, he applied to Samwell in hopes of a scholarship, and to no one’s surprise, he got full ride. Being a goalie is the only position Chris Chow wanted to pursue as a possible professional route. 

“Theres no way in hell I’d fall in love with someone like you”-Nate Maloley

Your brother Jack was always throwing parties. You were never able to study or even get stuff done. “Jack please, I have a job interview with the design team for Chanel. I need to get some sleep”,you pleaded. “Look, its Skate’s birthday tonight, and I promised Madison i’d throw one since shes in town”,he said. “Your parties last like 3 or even 4 in the morning Jack. This job interview means alot to me. I worked my ass off to get here in my life”,you said raising your voice. “Look, i’m older okay. I don’t care about a stupid little job interview, you probably wouldn’t get it anyways’,Jack said rolling his eyes. You were on the verge of crying and you ran up to your room. You laid in bed crying yourself to sleep.

Hours later you wokeup to raging music and people yelling. You decided to take the opportunity to have some fun. You put on a sexy dress, did your hair, and put on some makeup. You walked downstairs and caught every eye in the house. Random guys tried to dance with you, but you just pushes them off. “What the hell are you wearing?”,Jack said annoyed. “Look, you’re right. I’m not going to get the job, so i’ve decided to have some fun”,you said taking a shot out of someone’s hand and drinking it. “No, go change. You look like a hooker”,jack said taking your hand and leading you to the stairs. “Last time I checked, you girlfriend is wearing the same thing”,you said yanking your arm back and disappearing into the crowd of people.

Originally posted by genniside

You wandered around your house looking for something to drink. “Hey lil mama, want a drink”,you heard someone say. You turned around and saw Nate, one of your brothers good friends. “What the fuck, (y/n)? Is that you?”,he said shocked. “Hey Skate ,you said hugging him. How’s tour been”. “Amazing”,he said. “Damn its been what 3 years since i’ve seen you?”,he asked. “Yea, I think so. Last time I saw you, it was at my graduation”,you smiled. “Well, you ain’t in highschool no more huh”,Nate said looking you up and down. “Yea, guess your right”,you said smiling.

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You and Nate were hitting it off pretty well. You felt something, although you’d probably never date him, I mean he’s known for using and dropping girl at the blink of an eye. “You know the only reason I’m even at this party is because”- “What you missed me”,Nate interrupted. “Well yea, but I was just trying to have fun for once. Before everyone got here, Jack and I had a fight about something that doesn’t matter anymore”,you said. “What was it, if you don’t mind me asking. Maybe I could help”,he said. “Well, I got a job interview with the designers of Chanel. They saw my sketches and designs and they loved them. But Jack said I’d probabky wouldn’t get the job so why bother”,you said looking down. “Are you fucking kidding me lil mama? You’re amazingly talented. I’ve seen your designs on Insta. Why don’t you go for it?”,Nate asked. “Jack’s parties last till late hours in the night, I’d never get enough sleep”,you said looking at him. “Jswazz went back to Omaha for the week, I’ve got an extra bed back at my apartment”,Nate said. “You wouldn’t mind?”,you asked. “No, not at all. Plus this party is super lame, suckest birthday party ever. Wheres the weed”,Nate said laughing. “Let me go get my bag, thank you Nate. I owe you one”,you said hugging him.

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Once you reached Nate’s apartment, you walked up the three flights of stairs. Nate was getting his keys out to unlock the door. “Hey, thanks again. When I become a fashion designer, I’ll be sure to repay you”,you said smiling. Suddenly Nate dropped his keys and put his hands on either side of your head and kissed you. You kissed back and immediately felt sparks and passion. Nate’s hands started to roam your body. You opened the door without breaking the kiss. He picked you up and went toward the bedroom. The kiss was passionate and full of lust. “Are you sure, I don’t want to take advantage of you”,he said putting your hair behind your ear. You nodded you head and proceeded to kiss him.

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The next morning you wokeup to your alarm on your phone. You looked around and noticed your bra was on the ceiling fan above you. You looked to your side to see Nate sleeping with his arm around you. You got dressed and did your makeup/hair perfectly for the interview. “Goodluck lil mama”,Nate said with a groggy voice. “Oh, um thanks”,you said. “I’ll call you later?”,He said. “It’s okay, you don’t have to”,you said kissing his cheek. “Why not, I really like you”,he said getting up. “No, no you don’t. And thats fine. Lets not tell Jack”,you said kissing his cheek. “I’m serious, I really like you. C’mon after your interview let me take you to lunch”,he said taking your hand. “No Nate!”,You shouted. “Why the hell not!”,he shouted back. “Because theres no way in hell I’d fall in love with someone like you!”,you yelled. You walked out of the room. “What the fuck why? I really like you”,Nate said grabbing your arm making you face him again. “Nate let me go, i’m gonna miss the interview”,you said trying to get out of his grip. “No, what does the mean (y/n)”,he said letting you go. “I know you Nate, I know what you do to girl. In highschool you slept with all my friends and dumped them like trash the next day. The only reason you didn’t sleep with me is because I was gilinsky’s little sister.”,you said. “Look I was a kid then, not anymore. I wanna get to know you, I wanna kiss you and call you mine”,he said putting your hair behind your ear. “Look I need to go, thanks again for letting me stay”,you said kissing his cheek. You gathered your things and headed toward the door. “C’mon let me show you i’ve changed. Let me take you on a date”,he said smiling. You couldn’t help but smile back. I mean look at those dimples. “Okay Nate, One date”,you said smiling. “Awesome lil mama, you won’t regret it”,he said kissing your cheek and slapping your ass on the way out. 

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2 years later, a lot has changed. I mean you’ve become Chanel’s number one designer. You also started your own collection of clothes and makeup. You’ve been dating Nate for about 2 years now. Jack wasn’t the happiest but he came around. And even more exciting new, tonight is the night you tell everyone your engaged and planning on getting married in June.

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leave | namjoon

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anonymous asked: sad angst with namjoon from BTS please! 

word count: 1.6k

a/n: if you are interseted in a part two, let us know!

genre: angst

summary: in which he didn’t want you to leave, but you never promised you’d stay.

“What’s the worst that could happen?” your friend, Dorothee, asks you as you stare at the application form.

“I get the job,” you answer.

“And that would be bad, because?” Ellyn asks as she lies on the couch, a flannel over her eyes as she tries to pass the hangover sickness.

“I’d have to leave here, and I’d be alone there,” you answer.

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Left of Center

Rating: T (a lil bit of mature themes going on in the sense that they’re aged up)

Pairing: Riley Matthews/Farkle Minkus (some Lucas/Maya)

Summary: In which Riley spends a majority of her time waking up with an empty feeling in her stomach, contemplating cold coffee on the counter, and wondering where in the world has Farkle Minkus gone.

A/N: I listened to the entire Pretty in Pink soundtrack and got incredibly angsty and here’s a whole fic I wrote based off of it. It’s 4.4K worth of a lil bit of angst.


Mornings usually swept before Riley’s eyes in a minimalistic daze. Her eyes would flutter open to the sight of her bedroom’s ceiling and she’d take a minute to study all the ridges, avoiding glancing at the empty space next to her. Eventually, one of her hands would stretch out too far across the bed and she’d recall her current state.

Then, she would simply roll out of her bed and quickly glance at her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was typically mussed, her lips chapped, and her dark circles prominent. She’d pee, take a quick shower, and pull a brush through her hair. She’d toss on somewhat of a nice shirt and jeans; sometimes, it made her feel more productive. Despite whatever statement her clothes had, she’d always end up going into the kitchen, noticing the cold pot of coffee on the counter and estimating how long ago he left that morning. 

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Babysitting (Request)

Could you maybe do one where y/n has to take care of her cousins Guinea pigs for a week and she has no idea what to do and she calls Harry and he knows how to handle them because his sister had them or something like that, with lots of fluff!

Okay, I altered this one a bit. There are still guinea pigs involved, but also children because…I’m a sucker for it.


“Harry! I need you!”

Your voice over the phone sounded a little more frantic than perhaps was necessary, but this was a time of crisis. You were on your last strand of patience and if anything else went wrong tonight, you may not make it out alive.

“What? What’s going on? Is everyone okay?”

Poor Harry probably thought that something had happened to one of the kids that you were currently babysitting. To be fair, that wouldn’t be an extremely uncommon occurrence and there were a lot of kids.

You still weren’t entirely sure how you had gotten roped into babysitting on this particular night. You loved your cousin to bits and pieces and did enjoy spending time with her kids, but didn’t often do it without another adult being present. Now you found yourself alone in a big house with four very active, very diverse children. If that wasn’t bad enough, there were also two dogs, a cat and a cage full of guinea pigs.

“No, no, everyone’s okay.” You reassured him. “I’m just…I’m at the end of my rope here. The kids are driving me nuts, none of them will settle down, the baby won’t eat, the dogs are barking at everything and I think the cat dragged home a mouse or something.”

You heard Harry chuckle on the other end. “Alright baby, I’ll be over in a bit, yeah? Think you’ll survive for 10 more minutes?”

“Yeah.” You sighed. “Thank you.”

“No problem, love. See you soon.”

You knew that your cousin wouldn’t have any problems with Harry coming over to help you. The kids all knew and loved Harry just as much as they loved you, and you had reassured her many, many times that you and Harry wouldn’t engage in any sort of adult behavior when the kids were sleeping. It’s not as if you’d have any energy left at the end of the night anyway.

When Harry finally arrived, the 10 minutes had felt more like 10 hours. You were sitting in the middle of the kitchen with all four kids running around you. 10-year-old Jasper was currently hitting his 7-year-old sister, Hannah. 4-year-old Connor was playing in a pile of flour that he had spilled on the floor and the baby – 16-month-old Ava – was wailing in her high chair because she was out of milk.

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