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Send To All - Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Prompt: There’s this comedian called Michael Mcintyre who has a chat show and sometimes plays this game called “send to all” where he takes the guests phone and sends a mass text out then reads the replies out. It’s on you tube and hilarious but anyway i was wondering if you could do something where the reader is an actress on the show and agrees to play and he sends out a flirty text or something like that and she gets a few funny replies from Evans, Fassbender, Macavoy, Cumberbatch and TOM HIDDLESTON
Note: Okay so I went a bit mad with this one and did make a few adjustments, however 99% of it is what was asked for. This one is for the lovely @dohegotthesuperbooty - I’m sorry it took so long (I’m really behind!!) - for anyone who is interested, the video behind this idea can be found here.

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You were stood at the side of the stage awaiting your cue; it was your turn to appear on several British chat shows to promote your new film. You were staring in a new rom-com opposite Tom Hiddleston; the two of you had become very close over the last course of shooting the film, a fact that had purposely been left out of the media.

The show you were appearing on was that of comedian Michael McIntyre. All you could think about was his infamous game of ‘Send to All’. The producers had prepared you for the game; however it was up to the host as to whether or not you would be playing.

From centre stage, you heard Michael call your name. You began to walk over, the crowd went wild. Walking over to your seat, you waved to the audience. Once you reached the spot where Michael was stood, he gave you a friendly hug and welcomed you to the show. The two of you took your seats. Once the crowd had quietened down, he welcomed you to the show once again.
“So, welcome to the show!” He smiled.
“Thank you!” You said with a smile, “Thanks for having me, I’m a big fan of the show but I never thought I’d be sat here!” You exclaimed.

The interview was going extremely well, you were laughing and joking with both the audience and the host. Then he said those words you really didn’t want to hear.
“So we have a bit of a tradition on this show.” Michael began to laugh; everyone knew what he was going to say. “I like to play a lovely little game called ‘Send to All’ with my guests, are you up for a go?”
You started to think, what options did you have? If you were to say no… well, you’d only be forced to play to prove you had nothing to hide.
“Sure!” You said, a little too enthusiastically.
“Excellent!” Michael matched your tone. “The rules are simple, I’m going to come up with a message to send to all of the contacts in your phone and we’re going to leave it over the course of the show and then see who replies!”
“Great, can you just not send it to my mum” you laughed, as did everyone else in the studio.

“Okay, I think I’ve come up with the perfect message” Michael grinned.
“Oh no” you joked as you handed over your phone.
“Here goes…” Michael typed each word as he said it. “Hey, it… feels… like we haven’t seen… each other… in such a long time…” Michael stopped typing and looked over to you, he was giggling at the message he was typing. You on the other hand were using your laughter to disguise how red your face had become. “Why don’t we…” he continued to type “meet up… for a drink… or two?” Michael turned to you once again, “Do you use emoticons?” he asked.
“Probably too much” you responded.
“Excellent, how about little kisses?” he asked.
“Yeah, I guess, just one though. And always lowercase!” you added.
“In that case, I’ll add a little winking face and a kiss!” He looked up and addressed the audience. “Ladies and gentlemen, we have our text message!” The audience cheered. “Okay, here’s the message…” he paused and cleared his throat, “Hey, it feels like we haven’t seen each other in such a long time. Why don’t we meet up for a drink or two [question mark] [winking face] [kiss]” he laughed, as did the audience. You began to laugh but at the same time you were slowly bringing your hands up to your face to once again, cover up how red it was. “What do you think, shall we send to all?!” He asked the audience. They went wild. “It’s gone, sent!” Michael turned back around and walked to his seat to continue your interview.

You spent the rest of the interview trying not to think about the messages currently coming through to your phone. You had just about removed the thought from your mind when Michael said “Right, well there’s just one last piece of business we need to discuss before I let you go.” He paused while the audience reacted. “Let’s read out some of the replies to the text we sent from your phone shall we? Okay so the message we sent read ‘Hey, it feels like we haven’t seen each other in such a long time. Why don’t we meet up for a drink or two [question mark] [winking face] [kiss]’. Wow, okay so you’ve got a fair few replies here!” The audience cheered.
“Better than getting none I suppose” you joked.
“Right, first up we have Chris Evans ladies and gentlemen! Wait, is this Captain America Chris Evans or BBC Radio DJ Chris Evans?” he asked you.
“I don’t think I should answer that until you’ve read the reply,” you laughed “no it’s Captain America Chris Evans” you smiled.
“Well Chris replied with ‘Dude, we aren’t even in the same country right now! Count me in for next time though, we’ll all go out’ how nice is that! But what does he mean by ‘all’?
“Yeah, he’s a good egg!” you smiled, “I’m guessing he just means getting the old gang back together”
“Okay next up is… it looks like you’ve got the number of everyone who’s ever been in a Marvel film here!” the two of you laughed as he continued to look for the next reply. “I think we will go for this one next, James McAvoy.”
“Oh no!” you exclaimed as you brought your hands to your face, “This is going to be a bad one isn’t it!”  
“That depends what it means! It says ‘Are ye sure pal? You know what happened last time!’ then there’s one of those laughing and crying faces. What happened last time?” He questioned you.
You tried to contain the laughter, “nothing, nothing happened last time – at least nothing that you’re all probably thinking anyway! All that happened was a few of us had gone out and had far too much to drink, we all got a taxi and when it was my stop James helped me out of the taxi and then after insisting I was fine… I fell up the steps.” The audience and Michael laughed at your story, you chuckled, after all it had been quite funny.

“Wonderful, we have time for just a few more! Who’s next? ‘Benny C’ is that who I think it is?” you nodded in response. “We have to read this one! It says ‘Sorry not tonight, I’ve got my hands full. However you can both count me in next time!’ At least he’s up for the next time, but what does he mean by both?” he questioned you.
“Well a fair few people know I’m here tonight, he probably just knows it was you” you smiled.
“Hmm,” Michael looked as you quizzically.
“He is Sherlock Holmes after all,” you added “all that detective knowledge has to have rubbed off”
Michael agreed with you and moved on, “Okay, this is the last one now, let’s go for the man himself, your co-star Mr Tom Hiddleston ladies and gentlemen!” The audience cheered, some more excited than others as you heard several women let out high pitched screams.
Your face turned the brightest shade of red possible; you could only hope that he hadn’t said anything that would give the two of you away.
“Let’s see what he has to say shall we,” Michael cleared his throat, “’Darling, we spent six months together making a film and I’ve seen you every night since we got home. Shall I come and pick you up? x T’” Michael took a moment for everyone to process the message he had just read. “Well, well, well! It looks like you were hiding something after all. Anything you want to say?” He asked.
“No, not really” you responded, you could feel yourself getting warmer. You were debating whether or not to address it, although Tom had practically already made that decision for you and left you without a choice. In the end, you decided it was best to talk. “When you shoot a romantic film you spend a lot of time with your co-star and about sixty percent of that time you’re in quite an intimate position.” The redness was starting to disappear from your face, replaced only by a smile that suggested you were happily in love.

“Well ladies and gentlemen, it looks like the show is ending on a lovely note! Thank you to all of tonight’s guests and I’ll see you next week!”

(Part 2)

While Bruce was lost in time, Tim would call his phone a lot. Even though he knew he’d never get an answer, just hearing Bruce’s voice over the voicemail was comforting. It let him feel, just for a moment, like maybe things were still normal, even though they weren’t. And sometimes he would leave messages, just so it felt like he was talking to him again. When Bruce got back, he found hundreds of messages on his answering machine, all from Tim.

“Hey, Bruce, it’s Tim. So uh, Dick made Damian Robin. He just… fired me. Just like that. *a deep breath* You know, I remember that time when you said that Robin would never be taken away from me, but I guess things are different now. Now I don’t really know what I’m going to do. *sigh* If you were here I’d probably just go ask you for advice, but that’s not really an option anymore, huh? *a humorless chuckle* …I thought the others would be on my side, help me try to find you, but they think I’m just grieving. They won’t even let me explain. And the funny thing is I don’t even blame them, because the more I tell myself again and again that you’re out there somewhere, the more it sounds like I’m just crazy. And I probably am, but… I know you’re alive. They don’t believe me, but I know. *a sniffle* Uh, I have to go, so… Bye, Bruce.” *click*

“Hi, Bruce. Me again. It’s already been a month since you’ve been gone. Or, at least I think it is. I don’t really know anymore. I’m still searching, in case you were wondering. I haven’t given up. I won’t give up. Everyone else has, but… I dunno, I guess they can afford to. They have other things to keep them going, so I guess they can afford to accept you’re gone. Don’t know if that says more about them or me. *halfhearted snort* *in the background, another voice asking Tim who he’s talking to* Nobody, Tam. Just… -it’s nobody. *back into the phone* I-I gotta go, so uh, talk to you later.” *click*

“It’s Tim again. I wonder what number message this is. Doesn’t really matter, I guess. So uh, I have to leave in a few hours. I’m gonna fight Ra’s. If you were here you’d probably tell me not to, because I’ll get killed. But you’re not here, and-and that’s why I have to. *long pause* You’d be right, though. I know I’m no match for him, and I know I won’t last for long, so I’ll probably die tonight. But even if he does kill me… it’ll be worth it. So uh, goodbye, I guess. And if this is my last message and I do die, then I just want you to know- *voice crack* *shaky breath* I just want you to know that I’m okay with it. Because at least it’s me rather than you. …Goodbye, Bruce.” *click*

Bruce listens to hundreds of other messages just like this, each one more heartbreaking than the last. When he’s finished, he clears them all, and then he picks up the phone again to call Tim.

Just Go With It

AN: Not a request but I just had this idea and I really wanted to write it lol

Peter Parker x Reader

// Masterlist //

(gif credits: calebhaas)

“So, single replacement or displacement reaction. In this type of reaction, a more active element replaces a less active element in a compound. ” Mr. Rodriguez explained.

Hands slightly cramping, I scribbled down notes as quickly as possible so that I wouldn’t miss anything important. I was completely engrossed in chemical reactions when I felt a tap on my shoulder. A string of curses ran through my mind as I lost my train of thought. I shook my head, ignored the tap, and continued with my work.

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Okay so this is gonna be a long post and nobody will probably even see it but I needed to talk about the concert tonight. I had the wonderful opportunity to see B.A.P last year in concert and it honestly was the best concert I’ve ever been to. I got lucky again and got to see them tonight and I can’t believe that this one was even better than last year! BAP are so talented and they are AMAZING live. They are so energetic and fun to watch and I couldn’t stop dancing and singing/yelling(I lost my voice lol) I could feel how happy they were to be there and that they love what they do. You can also tell how much they love their fans. They were constantly interacting with the crowd and every time they talked they told us how much they loved us and how thankful they were that we came to see them. So thank you B.A.P for doing what you love and I hope you all stay happy in the future.💜💜💜

Are you okay? (Peter Parker x Reader) (Part II)

Part I

summary: while walking home alone one night, you find you’re being followed by a group of men. a certain masked hero swoops in to save the day before it’s too late.

warnings: none

words: 1.9k

pairings: peter parker x reader

a/n: thank you so much for reading this! i am so happy people enjoyed part 1 and i hope part 2 delivers :)

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“Irresistible” Dean x Reader PART 2

Word Count: 2,000ish

Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: Dean takes you out on your first date.

Warnings: Language, fluff, kissing


You stand in front of your mirror, taking in your appearance for the night. After meeting Dean last week, he had immediately asked you to go out on a date with him. You had originally scheduled it for last weekend, the night after you two had met at the bar, but he said something “came up” and he couldn’t make it. He was short on the details, so you assumed it had something to do with his top secret FBI job or his family. You told him it was completely fine and that you would just go out this weekend instead.

He didn’t tell you what you’d be doing, so you just opted for something that could work for both a casual date or something nicer. You were in skinny jeans and a sweater, along with your hair down and enough makeup to satisfy you. You wanted to look nice- this was your first date since your breakup with your ex. Plus, Dean is a very attractive guy.

You were about to put on your shoes when you heard a knock at your front door, implying that not only was Dean there, but he was early. Like, fifteen minutes early.

“Shit,” You hurry to put your shoes on, looking in the mirror one last time. You look around your house and see that it’s a huge mess, making you internally groan.

“Hold on!” You yell out to Dean, trying to make the house look a little nicer just in case he decided to come inside. You really hope not.

Your attempt to clean your house within thirty seconds was somewhat of a success, but by the time you open the door you’re out of breath.

“What, did you just run a marathon or something?” Dean gives you an amused look. He’s wearing jeans and a flannel- completely different than the suit he was wearing when you first met him, but goddamn did he still look good.

“I, uh,” You bite your lip, trying to think of something to say. “Anyways, we should go.” You avoid the question, hoping that he doesn’t expect to be let in. You grab your purse from the cabinet on your right and exit the door with Dean.

Not even five minutes into the date and I’ve made a complete fool of myself.’ You think to yourself.

“You look great. Even better than I remember.” Dean winks at you as you two walked towards his car.

“Thanks- holy crap, is that your car?” You ogled, seeing his impala parked at the end of your driveway. You don’t know much about cars, but you know enough to know that he had a nice one. Your dad always used to tell you that you can tell a lot about a man by his car.

“Ah, yes, this is baby.” Dean pats his car, and opens the passenger side door to let you in.

“You named your car baby?” You laugh. “Well, ‘baby’ is a nice car.”

“Know much about cars?” He asks, and gets into the driver’s seat.

“I used to. My dad used to know a lot about cars and when I was younger, he would always talk to me about them. I don’t remember much but I do know enough to tell you that you’ve got your hands on a pretty good one.”

“Yeah, it was my dad’s actually. Guess both of our dads liked them.”

“Yup.” You say. “So, mind telling me where we’re going?”

“I was thinking we could go fishing. I heard bass is in season this time of the year.” Dean says with a straight face.

You look over at him oddly, not sure if he’s joking or not. Fishing? What the hell?

“You can relax, babe.” Dean laughs, and he pats your thigh. “I’m only messing with you. I don’t fish. We are going out to eat, though. Hope you like burgers.”

“Oh, thank god.” You let out a sigh of relief. “Burgers sound great.”

“You like my car AND you like burgers? Where have you been all my life?” Dean laughs, being his charming self. You blush at his words even though you know that he’s probably only making a joke.

The ride to the burger place only takes about fifteen minutes, and the place was insanely cute. It was an old 50’s diner style restaurant that was complete with checkered floors and handmade milkshakes.

“This place is adorable.” You admire, walking into the building. Dean leads you to a booth and you two look over your menus.

“So, you’ve been here before?” You ask.

“Yeah, me and my brother Sam used to come here all the time. I come more often than he does now, since he’s an absolute health food freak these days, but I still love this place. The burgers are freakin’ fantastic.”

“Sam’s the one who’s your partner, right? I still think it’s really cool that you two not only have the same job, but you’re also partners. I doubt that happens often. Do you ever get tired of working with him all the time or are you two best friends?” You question.

Dean furrows his eyebrows, and his face seemingly having a confused expression. If he did, it was gone instantly and his smiling self was back.

“Oh, right.” Dean says slowly. “Yeah, nah I don’t really get tired of working with him. He’s a pain in the ass but in the end he’s my brother, and yeah, he’s my best friend. One of them, at least. I have another best friend named Cas.”

“Cas? That’s an odd name. I kind of like it, though.”

“Yeah.” Dean laughs. “We’re just like one big family. But anyways, tell me more about yourself, Y/N. My life is pretty boring, I’d rather talk about yours.”

“Before I do, I need a suggestion on what to order. They all look really good.” You bite your lip, looking at the menu.

“Oh, definitely the cheeseburger with bacon. And make sure you order it with a side of their special sauce, that shit is the bomb.”

Just as he’s saying that, the waitress comes over, a notebook in her hands and a pen behind her ear.

“What can I get for you two today?” She asks, her eyes lingering on Dean longer than necessary. She sets two water glasses down in front of you, filling them both up to the brim.

“We’re both going to get the number four, I think.” Dean looks over at you for approval, and you nod your head.

“Coming right up. See you later, Dean.” The waitress winks at Dean, walking away. Dean immediately puts an uncomfortable smile on his face and looks at you, waiting for your reaction.

“So, know the waitress?” You raise your eyebrow, taking a sip of the water that was left on your table.

“Yeah, I, uh-“ Dean looks obviously flustered, not knowing what to say.

“You can relax, babe. I’m only messing with you.” You joke, repeating what he had told you earlier. You’re not under any impression that he was some lonely, single, virgin man before you met him- I mean, look at him- so you know that the fact that he probably fucked the waitress doesn’t affect you. You’re the one sitting here with him tonight, not her.

“You’re hilarious.” Dean grins. “But anyways, back to talking about you.”

“Well, what do you want to know?”

“Anything, babe. I’m all ears.”

“Well, okay.” You try and think of something. “I’m twenty-four, but you already knew that. I graduated college last year with a degree in nursing. I’m currently working as a nurse at the hospital in town, although I am strongly considering going back to school to get my master’s degree. You already met my best friend Ana, even though she was drunk as all hell. I have two sisters, and both of my parents passed away when I was a teenager. I really like to watch Netflix when I have free time. Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead are my shit. I also like reading but I have a hard time finding books that actually interest me…” You pause, realizing you’re rambling. “Wow, I’m sorry, I’m rambling.”

“No, it’s okay.” Dean smiles. “I like hearing you talk.”

“Okay.” You blush.

“I didn’t know you’re a nurse. That’s cool as hell.”

“It’s hard.” You admit. “But I really enjoy it.”

“Yeah, that’s how I feel about my job too. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it. You get to save so many people.”

“I could imagine. You get to see some crazy shit being an agent, don’t you? My dad’s best friend used to be a cop, and he would tell me all about the stuff he would see. But he got to save so many people from dying, or kid’s from kidnapping, or just anything like that. It’s completely different from the life-saving that I do, but it’s super important as well.” You say.

“Exactly how I feel.” Dean replies, and you both see your food coming to your table.

“Oh, it smells so good.” Your mouth starts to water, and you realize how hungry you actually are.

You both eat your burgers, continuing to talk about your lives. You learned from him that both of his parents had passed away when he was younger as well, and by the way that he talks about his job, that it’s his life. He really enjoys it. You tell him more about yourself as well, but only dumb things like your favorite color or your favorite food.

Before you know it, the night was coming to an end and he was already dropping you off at your doorstep. The date had gone tremendously well and you prayed that there would be another one.

“I had fun tonight, Y/N.” Dean looks down at you.

“I did, too.”

His eyes are focusing in on your lips, and you look at his. He leans down, and the space between your lips closes. You were expecting a fast and rough kiss, but to your surprise, it was slow and romantic. The kinds of kisses that you see in the movies. And oh man, did he know what he was doing.

You pick up the pace, and wrap your arms around his neck. His hands go to your hips, pushing you up against the wall as he continued to kiss you. You’re about to take it a step further when he pulls away, his forehead still touching yours.

“I should go.” His voice comes out low. You can tell that he’s holding himself back, just by the look in his face (but you can also feel it pressing up against your leg, if you catch my drift). You desperately want to tell him to stay, to come inside with you, but you just nod your head.

“I’ll call you tomorrow.” Dean whispers, and kisses your forehead. You watch him as he walks back to his car, slightly disappointed but also glad that he actually said he’d call.

You walk inside and go straight to your bed, not even bothering to change as you curl up underneath the covers. It was a good night, and you can’t stop touching your lips where his were once pressed up against. One date and you’re already wrapped around his finger. 

“I’m so screwed.” You groan to yourself.


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One Last Dance Update 2

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Sneak Peek:

“I can’t believe you didn’t kiss her goodnight!”

“Not you too,” Nino grumbled.

Ladybug frowned, looking at her partner. “I suppose we shouldn’t give him a hard time.”

Chat Noir grinned. “True. He’s probably pretty rusty.”

“You both can take your smugness and jump out the window at any point.”

“I’m sorry. I promise we’re just teasing. You know you two are my OTP,” Ladybug said, joining him on the couch.

“Stop talking Tumblr-speak to me.”

She touched his arm. “Seriously though, did you have a good time with Alya tonight?”

“Yeah, I really did.”

“She’s missed you.”

“Mari,” he warned.

Ladybug threw her hands up in surrender. “Okay, okay. I’m just happy you reconnected. I’ll keep any further comments to myself.”

 “I’d like to place a bet on that, my Lady,” Chat Noir grinned.

The Nanny (Ashton Irwin - Part 5)

You were out of a job and Ashton’s name was plastered all over the newspaper a week later. Your city knew all about the affair thanks to his now soon-to-be ex-wife. That’s the thing about having a big reputation. It can be ripped away with one headline and in a matter of hours, the news can be in every home. You were grateful that Mrs. Irwin hadn’t dropped your name. Not yet anyways.

He had tried reaching out to you with phone call after phone call but you ignored every one of them.

There was a knock at your door around 9:00pm on Wednesday. You turned the volume of your television down as your roommate got up to answer the door. Not thinking much of it, you went back to watching your show.

“(Y/N)?” your roommate called back to you. “There’s someone here for you.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, getting up off of the couch to see who was at the door. When the person came into view, you slowed down, shaking your head.

“No… no,” you said quickly, staying back.

“I just need to talk to you…” he said softly, staying in the doorway.

“No! Not after what you did to me!” you widened your eyes.

“Just talk to him (Y/N),” your roommate sighed, not wanting to stand in the middle of you two arguing.

“Seriously?” you scoffed at her.

“Just talk,” she raised her eyebrows, coming over to you and pushing you forwards. “If I don’t hear you talking, I’ll make you stay in a room. I know you hate him, I do too, but if the guy is trying so hard to talk to you, just do it.”

You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms over your chest, waiting until she left the room to address him.

“I would’ve figured ignoring all your calls and whatnot would have been a big enough hint, but I guess not,” you spit out.

“Please…” he breathed out, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Just… I had to do it…”

“Had to throw me under the bus? For what? Your marriage was over either way. How did she find out huh? Did you tell her or did she push it out of you?” you said harshly.

Ashton shook his head and stepped in your house, shutting the door behind him. “I get it. You have every reason to be pissed at me. I shouldn’t have gotten you involved in the first place. I shouldn’t have dragged you into it. I got what I deserved. Okay? I lost my wife, my child and my home. My job is hanging by a thread and I made sure she didn’t drop your name in the papers so you wouldn’t be at risk.”

“Oh, how considerate,” you scoffed. “You deserved all of it Mr. Irwin.”

“I told you to call me Ashton…”

“It’s Mr. Irwin. Barely,” you shook your head and took a step back. “Did you say what you needed to?”

“I guess,” he said defeated.

“Good. So you can go now.”

He stood in front of you quietly.

“Please…” he whispered but you shook your head.

“I’m not going to be a rebound, or a filler until you find someone better. I’m not going to commemorate you for your… ‘brave’ actions of coming clean to your wife. I feel so fucking shitty for doing that to your daughter. I have to deal with my own consequences out of the spotlight. I broke a family apart. How can I ever forgive myself for giving into you?”

“My marriage was already broken…” he said.

“So I cut the final string then.”

“In a way.”


Looking at your feet, you disappeared into your mind for a moment.

“This is completely my fault,” Ashton said after a couple minutes of silence.

“You don’t need to tell me that.”

“I know.”

You looked back up at him, shaking your head. “I can’t believe I did this… to your baby girl… how do you think she’s gonna feel when she grows up? When her mom tells her why you’re not around? That’s gonna fuck up her idea of love…”

“I know.”

Pursing your lips together, you looked at him for a moment and groaned internally. “Where are you staying tonight?”

“At the hotel in town,” he cleared his throat.

“Well you can stay here instead. On the couch, but…” you sighed, not knowing why you were giving into this.

“Really?” he asked hopefully.

“Yeah… you should probably preserve the last of your money,” you teased, keeping a flat face. “Just… go get your shit. I’ll wait up for you.” He reached out towards you but you stepped back. “It’s just a couch to sleep on. Doesn’t mean we’re okay.”

“Right… I’ll uhm… I’ll be back. Thank you.”

Snakes and Stones, part 2


Part 1


“Will you stop staring at me?” Sam asked as the brothers headed back to the motel.

“Sorry. I’m just… trying to imagine what it would look like if your hair was snakes.”


“Like that girl, Y/N. The gorgonzola or whatever.”

Sam shook his head slightly. “Gorgon.”

“Right. Snake-head McBlindy.”

“You know she could have killed you with a single look, right?”

Dean shifted slightly, turning back to the road. “Do you think she could really turn people to stone just by looking at them?”

“That’s the legend.”

“But that ghoul wasn’t stone.”

“Maybe it doesn’t work on ghouls the way it works on humans.”

Dean chewed on the inside of his lip. “Man, this is just like when someone tells you not to do something. Now all I want to do is look at her eyes, see what happens.”

“Bad idea, man.”

“I didn’t say I was going to. Besides, I doubt we’ll ever see her again.”


A few weeks later, Dean and Sam were camping out at another diner, mindlessly wasting time while waiting for midnight so they could go in and clear out the vamp’s nest down the street.

“You two here for the vamp nest?” you asked, sliding into the booth next to Sam.

The Winchesters were startled for a moment. “Y/N?” Sam asked, really only recognizing you because of the beanie and sunglasses.

“Haven’t seen you in a while,” Dean said. “Do you only come out at night or something?”

“It’s easier to go along unnoticed at night.” You paused. “So… vamps?”

“Unless you already dusted ‘em.” Dean was quiet for a moment. “Does your stone vision work on vamps? And does it actually turn people to stone?”

Even with your sunglasses on, Dean could feel the death glare he was getting. “You really want to know?” you finally asked, voice as hard as… well, stone.

Dean sheepishly bowed his head, forking another mouthful of pie into his face.

“How’d you find us?” Sam asked.

You shrugged. “I frequent 24-hour diners. I figured we would run into each other again. Just coincidence that it was tonight.”

“Okay,” Dean said, scraping the last bit of blueberry from his plate. “Let’s go.” He tossed a bill on the table and scooted from the booth.

You stood, letting Sam pass you. He got out of the booth and turned to you.

“You, uh… want to come along?”

You shook your head slightly. “We should probably split…”

“Right. Of course.”

“Because there’s actually a second nest across town…?”

“There is?”

You nodded. “I was going to deal with it tomorrow, but if you and your brother are okay with dealing with the one down the street…”

“Sounds good.”

Dean stepped back up to you two. “What the hell is taking so long?”

“There’s a second nest.”


“I got it,” you said, pushing your sunglasses up the bridge of your nose. “But, uh… we can meet up at my motel later? Make sure everything’s good?”

Dean looked from you to his brother. “Whatever. Let’s go.”

Sam dug into his pocket, finding one of the FBI business cards he had. “Here’s my number,” he said, handing you the card. “Let me know when you’re done on your end.”

“Will do.”


Sam knocked on door 11 of the Gravel Lot Motel. The door swung open, but you weren’t standing behind it.

The Winchesters carefully stepped in. “Y/N?” Sam asked.

“Here,” you said, pushing the door closed. You still had your sunglasses on but your beanie was off. The top of your head was covered in dozens of thin, green snakes. They all turned their attention to the newcomers, a few of their tongues flicking out. After a few moments, they began to move around, relaxing, slithering as much as their ‘roots’ would let them.

“Freaky,” Dean said.

“Be nice,” Sam said, elbowing him slightly.

“It’s cool. I’m used to it. So, did you guys get the vamps?”

“All gone,” Dean promised. “You?”

“Burned to a crisp.”

“What, the entire building?”

“It was a condemned house. The city was just waiting for the ordinance to tear it down and turn it into a parking lot.” You shrugged. “No harm, no foul.”

Dean nodded. His eyes were drawn to one of your snakes; it was staring right at him, flicking its tongue in an unsettling manner. Dean took a slight step back.

“You guys want a beer?” you asked, turning to the mini fridge. The snake turned, facing behind you, never breaking eye contact with Dean.

“Dude,” Dean whispered to his brother. “One of them is staring at me.”

“It’s not like it can do anything to you,” Sam said. “Just… ignore it.”

“It’s giving me the creeps.”

“Shhh,” Sam said, sounding very snake-like to Dean.

Twin Winchester

Imagine you are Sam and Dean’s little sister and you have a twin.

“(Y/N)! (Y/S/N)!” Dean yelled at you “we have to hit the road!”

“Yeah, yeah!” You sister replied.

Since you two are very close and you always did anything together, you never minded to change at the same time in the bathroom, especially when you are in a hurry.

“I wish we could just stop going to school” you whined putting on your shirt.

“Come on, it’s not that bad, a new school means fresh meat” your twin laughed.

You roll your eyes, your sister is really like Dean and you are more like Sam. You are shy and prefer to study, read, write, watch TV shows and draw. Your sister, look out for boys, party and having fun teasing you, but you don’t mind, you love her like that.

“You know, we could ditch” she proposed.

“I heard that!” You heard Sam’s voice said out of the door.

“Nah, it’s okay” you smiled.

“Do you want me to do your make up and make your hair? Maybe I can make something-“

“Stop!” You laughed “you’re such a princess”.

“I am a princess” she winks at you “you are the tomboy, maybe you want to be my prince dear sister”.

“You are such an ass”.

Dean behind the door, hears his two little sisters laughing and can’t help to smile even though he knows he should be screaming at you two to hurry up.

The two of you get out the door, both wearing outfits which resemble, but were completely different. You are wearing black ripped jeans, a black t-shirt, a blue denim jacket and black convers. You’re sister, black ripped jeans, a black t-shirt tucked in her pants (when she goes to school she changes for a black crop top where we can see a little of skin, too much for Dean) and the same pair of convers.

“Finally” Dean sighs “let’s go”.

Arrived at school, you can’t help the scared feeling in your stomach. This feeling is always there when you start a new school. You are scared of people, seeing how they look at you how they judge you. You don’t care of what people think, but you hate it.

“Okay, you two will have to walk tonight, Sam and I are probably going to come late at the motel” Dean said.

“Okay” you nodded getting out of the car.

“See you later, Dean” your twin said and follows you.

Seeing the look on your face, she knows that you are afraid, like always. She is the one who knows you the best.

She takes your hand giving you a small smile “come on, (Y/N)! It’s our last year of high school, let’s make something good about it”.


“Oh. My. God!” Your sister laughs “did you see that guy!”

You look up, a boy walking with his friends inside the school.

“Well, he does look good” you admitted “go talk to him, I’ll try to find our first class and text you, okay?”

“Okay, go, go, go!”

Your sister walks to the boys and fakes falling down on the ground, and luckily for her the first boy to help her is the one she saw.

“Class, this is (Y/N) and (Y/S/N) Winchester, they are new here” she looks at you “want to present yourselves?”

You grab your twin’s hand, looking down on the ground, you really don’t do publics.

“No thank you, Miss” your twin said and drags you to the back to two empty desks.

If you didn’t have a twin to help you through this, you don’t know how you would.

Your sister gives you a smile and leans on her desk “at lunch we ditch, I want to go eat some candies”.

Stay Away From My Friends

Chapter 4

Characters: Jinyoung x Reader ft. Jaebum


You slid your tongue into his mouth, continuing to make out with him when you felt a vibration between your bodies. 

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

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Dialogue Prompt

“You ready for tonight?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Are you serious? The mission, the one we’ve planned on doing for weeks, is today.”

“Of course I know about the mission, I was kidding, you idiot. I’ve been ready since last Monday. This is the most important thing you or I will probably ever do. How could I have forgotten?”

“Okay, I see someone is a little tense.”

Amour: Part 2

Summary: Reader moves to Quantico, Virginia, where she meets her very attractive neighbor, Dr. Spencer Reid. Will this move be beneficial or will it all blowup in her face.

Pairing: Reid x POC! Reader

Word Count: 1212

A/N: Sorry it took me so long to get this out but I dd change the plot of this story and so I am remaking it a bit. I hope you like it. And also, if you want to be tagged into this story, send me an ask. 

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It has been almost a year since you have moved into your apartment. You have quit working as a lawyer and opened your own bakery in heart of Quantico, Virginia. The tedious long nights and mountains and mountains of cases and paperwork was too much for your new carefree lifestyle. So, you quit. Ten plus years of school down the drains but It was worth it. You are your own boss, and It felt amazing. You bought a cute little shop that was going out of business, the interior needed work, you need to buy new equipment and employees. It started off slow at first, you trying to get the hang of owning your own store and getting a steady commission going. Not only that but the early mornings and late nights preparing for the next day took a toll on your personal life, until you hired Kendra, a pastry chef. The two of you would trade off on the early mornings prepping for the day. Having her there made everything much easier. Soon enough, the store became popular amongst the busy city, the pastries and treats that you and Kendra made becoming favorites. Business was booming and you loved every minute of it.

You were preparing the dough for tomorrow’s rush, when Kendra strolled into the kitchen. Her black curls bouncing with every step she took. She spotted you, giving you a quick wave before putting her things away in your office.

“So, Kendra, how was your date last night?”You heard a deep sigh coming from the office, followed by a light thud. You furrowed your brows, whatever happened last night, wasn’t good. You left your dough on the counter, wiping your floured hands on your apron, you peeked your head inside your office. Kendra was sitting in your chair her face planted on the wood of your desk.

 “Did something happen?” You walked in, standing next to the desk. She lifts her head, her beautiful brown eyes red rimmed and tired, obviously, she has been crying.She opened her mouth but quickly closed it, thinking.

“The guy that I had dinner with…”


“Yeah. Him. Well it started off amazing, he was so sweet. He opened my door for me when we got to the restaurant. He pulled my chair out. He even picked a wine that would complement my dish.”

“That sounds wonderful.” You said. She scoffs, running a hand over her face.

“Well it was nice until afterwards. He dropped me off and we were walking to my door. Ya know, gentlemen like, but then he came in for a kiss and I refused.”

“Did he try something?”

“God, no. I would have kicked his ass if he tried. He got mad, saying that I shouldn’t have strung him along if he couldn’t even get laid at the end.”

“What an asshole!”

“Exactly. I told him to kick rocks and he left. I swear men are starting to be more jerks now. Like what happened to courting a dame, bringing her flowers, and waiting until she’s ready for anything intimate.”

“Is that the reason why you’ve been crying?”

“What? No.” she scoffs, putting her curls into a messy bun. “I bought a burrito before I came and as soon as I got out of my car, I dropped it. Had me on my knees in tears in the parking lot.” she wipes a stray tear from her cheek.

 Food. Just food. You roll your eyes, walking away from her. Sometimes Kendra can be the biggest drama queen when she needs to. 

You finished prepping for the next day, craving some wine and a TV series on Netflix. And maybe, if he’s there, some company from the doctor next door. The two of you became very good friends at the start. You are bumping into each other outside of the apartment building, chatting any chance you got. Then gradually spending time at each other’s apartments, watching movies and eating take out as the young doctor spit out random facts that came to his mind. You met the BAU team about three months into your move, them liking you almost instantly, inviting you to future dinners at Rossi’s. And even the kid’s birthday parties. It felt like you are welcomed into the BAU family.

Hearing you phone begin the vibrate in your pocket, you wipe your hands on your apron again, answering your phone.


“Hey Y/N, its Spencer.”

“I know, I do have caller I.d.” you hear him chuckle, the sound making your heart do somersaults.

“Okay smarty pants, but what are you doing tonight?”

“Um…. I don’t know. The usual probably. I don’t have a life outside of this bakery.”

“Well you do. Rossi is hosting another dinner tonight. You want to come as my plus one?” you can hear the smile in his voice. This is the closes you will ever get to him asking you out somewhere and that’s only as a friend. And yet you can’t help but hang on the slightest chance of that he might like you back. It’s borderline pathetic and unrequited. 

“Yeah, sure. Can’t pass up Rossi’s cooking. I swear the last time I had a foodgasm was when he made the bruschetta. Oh, it was so good.” You moan out of habit, the thought of having the bruschetta making you hungry. You heard Spencer let out a sigh, hearing a faint groan right after. “Hey are you alright?”

“Uh… yeah I just… hit my knee on the corner of my desk.”

“Oh, okay. Did he want me to bring the wine like last time?”

“Yeah can you. He said the last one you brought complemented his dish well. And that’s a plus in his book. He might just marry you if you do it again.”“I might let him. A man that can cook like that is goals.”

“Well you have competition with his ex-wife.”

“It’s alright though. I can’t get between two people in love. I would never forgive myself if I did.”

“Okay well dinner starts at 8 so be there at least thirty minutes early.”

“I’ll be there.” you say your goodbyes and hang up. You can feel Kendra’s eyes burning a hole in the side of your head. You turn to look at her and she’s has a smug look on her face.

“May I help you?”

“You need to tell him how you feel.”

“Kendra, we been through this. He doesn’t like me in that way.” You put the last of the pastries on the pan, putting them away for the next day.

“How do you know that. You two flirt like mad and yet don’t do anything about it. Trust me when I tell you this. You will never know until you say something. You need to tell him before It’s too late.”

“I’ll think about it okay.”

“You better before I take him. You know I like them tall and skinny.” You both laughed, the sound mixing into the air. You cleaned yourself up, giving instructions to Kendra and the night crew what you wanted to be prepped and done for tomorrow before saying your goodbyes. You looked at your watch, you only have less than three hours to take a shower, get dressed, and go to the grocery store to get the wine. As you walked to your car, the thought of confessing weighing heavily on your heart but your insecurities over powering those feelings. You cant get over the feeling that he doesn’t like you.

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anonymous asked:

I love your blog so much! You are an amazing writer! Could you do a prompt to the song like I would by zayn? Idk why but I feel like it relates to justlex lowkey haha

I barely knew this song before I got this ask but then I went and listened to it and you are so right anon. Thank you hun I’m sorry this took so long!

Hey what’s up it’s been a while

Talkin’ bout it’s not my style

Thought I’d see what’s up

While I’m lighting up

It’s cold-hearted, cold-hearted

Justin knows it’s a bad idea as he knocks on the Standalls’ door. He really shouldn’t be here, probably, but the weed he’d been inhaling a few minutes before had given him something similar to liquid courage. His mind registers exactly what he’s doing, and he thinks probably, it’s stronger than that.

He hasn’t been here in a while, and he knows the reason, even in his mind’s hazy state. He shouldn’t be here. Alex isn’t going to want him here. He shouldn’t be here.

He has nowhere else to go.

He’s considering whether or not he should leave before anyone comes; for a moment, he wonders if anyone’s even here. His decision’s made for him when the door opens, and he’s suddenly face to face with Alex.

When he actually sees the blonde, he freezes. His heart aches, and his hands twitch with the need to touch. He forces them still at his sides and drags a smile onto his face, hoping the younger boy can’t sense he’s been smoking–he knows how much more difficult the situation will be if Alex thinks he’s only here because he’s high.

So he keeps his smile small and his eyes focused on Alex’s and greets with a simple, “Hey.”

Alex shifts on his feet, keeping his expression blank as he looks down at him, but Justin can make out the curiosity in his eyes. “Uhm. Hey?”

Justin’s smile widens. “What’s up? It’s been a while,” he says softly. The words pain him, he’s saddened by the truth of them, but he knows he has no one to blame but himself.

He’d been close to Alex, once upon a time. It wasn’t that long ago, really, but it feels like a lifetime right now, when he’s here but still wants to be closer. They’d been close until those tapes had come along and fucked everything up, and Justin had pushed Alex away.

He couldn’t stand it when the younger boy had looked at him after hearing what he’d done. He couldn’t stand it, and he didn’t know how to explain, so he pushed Alex away. He didn’t talk about things, it wasn’t how he worked, but he knew Alex would ask him to and it scared him. It was safer not to talk, it was the only way to stop Jessica from being hurt, or so he thought–now even that had backfired, and he had nothing left.

That thought grows stronger in his mind as he watches Alex look at him now and sees his bright blue eyes darken. “That isn’t my fault, Foley.”

The words confirm his worries. He’d thought pushing Alex away and being rude to him were the only way to protect him. Instead, he’d hurt him, just like he always did.

Know it’s late but I’m so wired

Saw your face and got inspired

Guess you let it go, now you’re good to go

It’s cold-hearted, cold-hearted

He clears his throat and blinks, pushing away the pressure building behind his eyes. He blames it on the drugs in his system; they were making it hard to keep up his usual facade, it had nothing to do with the boy stood in front of him.

“Look, Standall, I know it’s late but I-”

“But you’re high and living out of your car,” Alex cuts him off bluntly.

Justin sighs. “I was gonna say but I really wanna talk to you. I’m not here to ask if I can sleep in your garage.”

Alex looks at him. “Then why are you here?”

At that, Justin pauses. In truth, he can’t answer, because he doesn’t really know. He’d been staring at his phone, debating calling Zach one more time and praying for an answer, when his fingers moved of their own accord and suddenly he’d been staring at a picture of Alex. His eyes had taken in all the blurred features of his smiling face and the only thing he’d wanted to do was see it in better quality.

The only thing he’d wanted to do was be here, with him.

Alex’s hand is still on the door, and Justin wonders if he’s just waiting to slam it in his face. He knows really, Alex wouldn’t do that–they mightn’t have been close recently but that was because he’d been the mean one. Alex could definitely give it back to him but Justin hoped he’d never actually turn him away.

Now, though, that hope was quickly diminishing.

“Because I was high.” He decides to he honest. “And I was sitting in that fucking park. And even though yeah, I was wishing I didn’t have to spend another night in my car the thing I was wishing for more was a chance to talk to you.”

Alex scoffs. “I’m flattered after weeks you decided that was an option.” Justin’s jaw works and he blinks a few more times, and the blonde’s gaze softens. He leans against the door and sighs. “Okay. Talk.”

Justin feels his own expression turn soft and sad and he doesn’t bother to change it. Alex will only listen to him if he thinks he’s being honest and he thinks right now is the only time he’ll have enough courage to be.

“I know I was a dick, and I’m sorry. It–I think that once we got too close and I got scared. I got scared that I’d lose you, that even after that, you’d hate me after listening to the tapes. I know you would’ve let me explain but I don’t know how so I didn’t bother explaining anything else, either, and I’m sorry.”

He remembers that night with sudden clarity through the fog and his heart aches again. He’d kissed him. He’d been drunk, and he’d been happy and sad at the same time, and he shouldn’t have, but he’d kissed him.

He’d kissed Alex, and the blonde had kissed him back.

Then there’d been Hannah, and it had been bad even before the tapes that followed, and he couldn’t hurt Jessica anymore than he already had.

So he acted like it had never happened, and he pushed Alex away. He’d decided to hurt him instead.

He reaches out and takes the younger boy’s hand, tracing his palm with his fingers. “I shouldn’t have pushed you away. I miss you, Alex.”

But Alex’s expression only flickers for a second before it’s stoic again. He looks down at their hands for a moment. “Whatever. It’s fine. I’m over it.”

He pulls away.

Oh, oh,

It’s probably gonna sound wrong

Promise it won’t last long

Justin’s expression falls and he barely stops himself from reaching out again. His heart beats faster in his chest and he decides he’s not above begging. He needs Alex, even if it’s only for tonight, but he can’t let it end like this. He knows that flicker was there.

“Alex,” he pleads. “Just, please, give me one day. It doesn’t have to last, okay, just, let me in tonight and if you still want me to, I’ll go.”

He only realises when Alex’s jaw clenches how it sounds, how wrongly it could be taken and clearly, that’s the way Alex heard it.

“Sorry, Foley, but I don’t really feel like a one night stand.” The words are sarcastic, as most of the younger boy’s are, but his tone is too forced. Justin can hear the tightness behind it, and it gives him a little hope.

It’s okay to want me, cause I want you

Been thinking it over, but I’m through

So stop wasting all my time, messing with my mind

It’s cold-hearted, cold-hearted

Justin gives a small grin and keeps his voice light. “You can have me every night if you want, Standall. Just because I said it doesn’t have to last doesn’t mean I don’t want it to.”

It’s all he wants, actually, to just be with Alex. He’s been thinking about for months, turning it over and over in his mind ever since the younger boy moved here. He doesn’t understand his feelings, or the fantasies they conjure up; both awake and in his dreams and more frequent with the help of booze or drugs, anytime he has somewhere to place the blame.

He thinks he sees Alex waver again, but then he’s looking at him empty eyes and his tone’s apologetic when he says, “Justin.”

Justin feels his hope slide away and he steps back, walls flying back up around him.

Alex doesn’t want him. He never did, and Justin doesn’t know why he thought that would change. His heart breaks again, and he suddenly decides he’s through with this.

Of course he wouldn’t want him. Justin isn’t good for him. He isn’t good for anyone.

He’s done letting this mess with his head. He pushed him away, and it still hasn’t been enough. He had to break it off completely, and let Alex move on. Even if he couldn’t.

He was done being a burden to this boy.

“Don’t bother,” he says curtly. “This was a waste of time.”

Alex doesn’t argue, and Justin’s just glad his heart isn’t together enough to break any further.

Oh, oh,

If we can never go back

Thought you’d like to know that

He, won’t touch you like I do

He, won’t love you like I would

He don’t know your body

He don’t do you right

He won’t love you like I would

Love you like I would, like I would

It takes Justin about a week to change his mind. His feelings haven’t changed never mind disappeared and it still hurts every time he sees Alex in the halls. What really gets to him though is seeing Alex with someone else–anyone, girl or boy, freshman or senior, whether Justin knows them or not they’re not good enough for his Alex.

He knows he’s probably overreacting and that most of them aren’t even trying to be; they’re probably from one of the younger boy’s classes, or jazz band or something. But he watches them make Alex smile, watches as he talks and jokes and laughs with someone that isn’t him and it kills him.

This time when he turns up to the Standalls’ house he doesn’t bother with the door. He climbs up to Alex’s window and clambers straight through the open frame.

The blonde boy jumps when Justin’s feet hit the floor but the jock can’t even apologize for scaring him. Instead he walks towards him until Alex’s back is pressed against the wall and they’re stood toe to toe.

Justin crowds him back tight, hands against the wall on either side of his head and Alex doesn’t argue. Though he does look up at him with defiance in his eyes, but Justin can see his surprise in the shape of his mouth, the curve of his raised brows.

“I know you didn’t want to give me a chance and I know, I left, but if we can’t go back to how we used to be I at least have to tell you how I feel. You at least deserve that.”

He pauses a moment, staring at the blonde intensely while letting the words sink in. Slowly, Alex gives a small nod, and he continues.

“I messed up. I know that, okay, but I mess up a lot. My life sucks and you shouldn’t have to deal with all the shit when you could do so much better than me. You deserve, better than me, I know that.”

Alex huffs out a breath. “You’re really selling yourself here, Foley.”

Justin kicks lightly at his foot with the toe of his shoe. “Shut up and let me finish.” His hopes lift when Alex ducks his head to hide a smile, and his tone turns softer.

“You deserve better than me. A better person than me. But even if you find the nicest girl in the world, or a guy that fucking dedicates his life to charity,” he trails off, and starts to trail his hand up Alex’s arm.

“They’re not gonna know how to touch you like I do,” his hand curves over the blonde’s thin shoulder to cup his neck, his other hand moving to grip his waist.

He carries on, “They’re not gonna know your body. They’re not gonna know which parts have always been soft,” he trails a hand over his cheek, “which parts have gotten stronger,” he reaches up to squeeze his bicep, “which parts hurt you,” he lays a hand against his stomach. “They’re not gonna know which parts you hate and which parts you love and how to admire every inch of you until you love them all.”

His hands have both moved up to cup Alex’s neck, and the younger boy’s gaze has turned soft and warm, his eyes burning into Justin’s as he looks back at him.

“But even if they figured that stuff out, they could never love you like I would, Alex,” he concludes, voice so quiet now it’s almost a whisper. “So if you wanna go look for that someone better, I won’t stop you. But they’ll never love you have as much as I do. I love you so much, Alex, you have to know that.”

Alex stares at him, blue eyes shining, before leaning in and kissing him soundly on the mouth.

It’s soft and short, and Justin stands frozen for all of it, hands still on Alex’s neck while the blonde’s have come up to hold onto his waist. He looks at Alex questioningly when he pulls away, until he smiles and Justin leans in to kiss him again.

This one’s just as soft but it lasts a moment longer before they stop to breathe and Alex pulls him into a hug.

Justin moves his arms to wrap around the smaller boy’s waist, burying his face in his shoulder with his lips turned up in a smile. Alex runs a hand through his hair and he melts against him, filled with relief that he wasn’t turned away again.

“You’re not even high this time,” Alex says happily after a minute, voice tinged with pride. Justin lets out a laugh, squeezing him tighter in his arms. His voice is softer when he adds, “I’m sorry I was kind of a dick before. I don’t want anyone else, Just. I love you too.”

Justin turns his head to press a kiss to the blonde’s neck. Maybe Alex couldn’t get anyone better, he thinks. Because what Alex deserves is someone who loves him and who makes him happy–and if Justin’s the one that can do that, then he’ll be damned if he lets anyone take this away.

I’m going to be honest

I received a few asks, asking me if I was okay, I replied to all that I was fine

I’m lying, I’m just lying to myself, I’m sad, hurt … my doctor said I am depressed

The reason is Sam, I’m still not over his death. I can’t, I just can’t not think about it all days long, it’s been more thank three months and I just can’t

Remember when I said he was poisoned and that’s why he died, he was not poisoned

He was shot, someone actually shot my cat

It’s a criminal act anyway but … what went through this person’s twisted mind when he/she did this horrible thing, did he/she ever think about the cat’s owners before killing it ? If there is anything I hate the most in this world it’s people who hurt/kill animals; it’s not funny, it’s sick, you’re fucking sick

Sam was … he was the most nicest, adorable, funniest cat I have ever had, never did he do something wrong, always asking for hugs, for petting, always purring. 

This is the last picture I took of him, one month before his death

1 year old, 1 year old why just why did you do that.

We got him on April 2th 2016, he died on April 23th 2017

I’ve never been this broken 

I always think about this famous night, I stayed with him all night long, petting me, telling him that he was going to be okay, tomorrow he will be just as active as he was this morning, he held up for 12 hours, 12 hours it’s so long, if we had done something sooner, maybe, just maybe he would still be with us today

I’m feeling so guilty, I should have act sooner, if I knew he was going to die the next day I would have taken him to the vet immediately, even if he was doomed, I would have try anyway, just a small chance to save him

But no I didn’t, he suffered all night, couldn’t stay in place because of the pain …

… and I didn’t do anything to help him, I didn’t do anything during those unbearable hours … I thought he wasn’t feeling that bad, that he was just a little sick, he was suffering, he was dying in front of me and I didn’t do anything. I loved him, I miss him so much, I’m currently crying because of the guilt and the lack of his presence

I will always remember the last moment I saw him, me and my mother were at the vet ( too late ), it was 5AM, the vet told us that he was going to do everything it can to save him, I regained my hopes, the vet took Sam in his arms, even though he was very weak he looked at us with those silly eyes of his, confused. My mom and I were going to left when I turned around to watch the vet taking Sam in a room, Sam was still looking at me, surely wondering where were we going, I run to him as I get the sudden urge to pet him, the vet stopped walking and stayed silent when I was kissing and petting Sam’s head while I was sobbing over his feeble body; I remember what I said to him :

“I love you Sam I love you, you’re going to be okay, I’m here for you I love you, hang in there I will see you later, I love you”

I probably thought it was the last time I was petting him

The vet couldn’t do anything, he tried, but Sam passed away

… I wish I could go back to fix my mistakes, I wish … I wish he was still there, cuddling with me tonight, like we used to every evening

I hope I won’t meet the one who killed him or else I won’t be able to control myself

I’m so sorry Sam, I’m terribly sorry …

Revenge, Interrupted (Part 11)

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A/N: Sorry this was so late.

Caroline checked out of her hotel and met up with Elena and Bonnie in the lobby. They grinned excitedly at each other, knowing this was it: the beginning of next chapter of their lives, and Caroline was ready. She had an apartment, a job, her best friends and a boyfriend.

Well, fake boyfriend, but her life was on track nonetheless.

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make a vlinny x vinny fanfic

Vinny walked into his bedroom, finishing that last bite of pepperoni pizza. To his surprise, Vlinny layed on his bed in a very… strange pose that made Vinny feel very uncomfortable.

“Uh..” Vinny stood still.

“Hey,” Vlinny replied. “What’s up?”

The fact that he was actually talking made Vinny even more uncomfortable. “Please get off my bed and out of my house,” he pleaded. “I was about to go to sleep but this is probably gonna end up giving me nightmares.”

Vlinny sighed. “Okay,” he agreed. “But you better keep one eye open tonight, or else.” He squinted at Vinny and jumped out the window.

Vinny stared on for a few seconds, trying to process the events that had just taken place. After 4 minutes of questioning literally everything in existence, he was finally asleep in bed.

Then, an hour after he had fallen asleep, Vlinny came into his bedroom, picked up the bed with him in it and threw it outside.

The End

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Hc's on how our baby boi q will handle to growing affectionate towards a very warm, gentle, mother/father figure?? HE NEEDS MORE LOVE I WILL KILL FOR IT


-i’m going under the assumption that he doesn’t have his doll with him for plot purposes

-it takes a while for him to warm up to you. He breaks the rules often and he does it on purpose.

-Once he does warm up to you he becomes a very needy and affectionate child. Holds your hand everywhere you two go and loves snuggles.

-Probably comes to you at night because of nightmares

-poor smol

-you’re basically his entire world.

starmaiden777 replied to your post “I feel like chatting with you guys tonight, and I haven’t done one of…”

Ok. I’ve got to go for Grandpa Motou on this. He needs more recognition.

Hot diggity! We’re gonna talk about this old coot! Okay, last one for the night cause I’m probably annoying people, but I’ll answer anymore tomorrow! 

-I mentioned her in a drabble I wrote not too long ago, but Grandpa’s wife was a black jack dealer he met on a casino boat

-He cares for Atemu just as much as he cares for Yugi, which is a lot

-Grandpa believes himself to be in a life debt with Atemu for saving him back in his tomb

-He finds it funny when Atemu slips up and calls him Siamun instead of Sugoroku

-The first person he ever lost a game to was Yugi when he was just a tiny child, and he finds this to be a very important, happy moment in his long life

-Grandpa is always up for chatting, he likes to talk

-He has forgiven Kaiba for tearing up the Blue Eyes and for what he did during Death-T, cause he knows that that version of Kaiba no longer exists, and he does feel like shit about what he did then

-Grandpa taught Yugi how to count cards

-He enjoys the game that he shares his name with

-He has made up with Otogi’s dad, after Otogi and Yugi sat them out and told them to talk about everything. They did not want another disaster to happen because of revenge 

-He feels comfortable wearing something on his head, so it’s rare to find him without his bandanna on

-Nothing really bad happened to him during the Shadi arc cause I’d like to think that the Key remembered that he was, technically, the original wielder of it.

         -That, or he was just super lucky to just get knocked out for a short nap

-He loves to talk about ancient Egypt with Atemu, who is always happy to listen

-More of an opinion, but… I think Grandpa was pretty damn badass during the Capsule Monster arc in the anime