okay this took longer then i thought it would

Had my PET scan today

I won’t have the results back for a few days, I think, but it went okay. Took way longer than I thought it would, though, huehueuhe. Got myself hooked up to a normal IV because they weren’t allowed to use my chest port – but that’s okay.

Had to drink myself a nice radioactive smoothie, too. The nurse asks me “what flavour would you like?” and I’m like “Radiation comes in flavours?” 

Shoulda gotten banana. 

Then I sat there and watched Zootopia on a pull-out screen until they were ready huehuehue also, that’s, like, 15oz of the stuff. Stung when I drank it. 

(edit) The smoothie itself didn’t have radiation – the sugar they injected me with did. But I think it’s more fun that way. 


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Request: Hello! Are you still taking requests? If so can it be about the reader having a relationship with Grant Gustin for almost three years and decided to go on a trip to Greece(i’m from Greece that’s why) so he can learn about the reader’s culture and both of them have a surprise for each other(the reader is pregnant and Grant is proposing) plzzz!!

Notes: Okay this was really fun to write and sorry it took longer than expected but I hope you like it!!

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One year. You’ve been gone for a whole 365 days and I’m still breathing. I’m still holding on. So to all of you that think you can’t live without that one person, that believe you won’t ever be able to move on, that think you will never be the same because of how they hurt you… I promise you, that’s not the truth. I thought I wouldn’t be okay after he left. I thought every night would be as bad as that first one when I slept alone, drowning in my own tears, wondering what went wrong. It’s tough and it takes time, lots of time, but the heart eventually heals. It took me a hell of a lot longer than it should have to get over that boy, but either way, I did it. And one year later, I’m celebrating the loss that I thought would completely destroy me, that actually turned out to be the thing that set me free.
—  10.21.16

Day 4 ––– Autumn / Costuming / Cooking Together

Hide knows ‘neki is a ghoulie and they live happily together~

OKAY SO, I am very late please forgive me ; ;  this took a bit longer than I thought it would…oopsie~

pretty sure everything’s gonna be late now but I am definitely doing all the prompts! also I know they aren’t technically cooking together but oh well~

Please don’t steal or remove my signature (◡‿◡✿) thank you!

starter for @giingerstallion

He gave a simple, one handed wave to Betty and Veronica through the window as he watched their retreating figures fade from the glow of Pop’s neon sign. It was still early, only a little past seven, but Jughead couldn’t really blame the two for leaving their time-honored hang out spot. The table had been filled with small talk and mindless chatter about things that only mattered on a face value level. Each of them showing up more because of routine and less because they actually wanted to hang out—none of them wanting to bring too much attention to themselves and their issues by not being there.

What do you think you made on that math test? How’s the writing? The weather has been so weird. That shirt looks good on you.

Nothing deeper was spoken and it was clear that each of them had something else on their mind. In a way the teen was thankful for it, he was glad that the drive-in hadn’t been brought up or that an argument over Ms. Grundy hadn’t started, but the feeling of walking on eggshells wasn’t preferred either.

With a tired sigh Jughead brought his gaze away from the window and back to the ginger-haired-golden-boy of Riverdale. There was a sterile kind of silence between the two of them, not quite awkward, but certainly not comfortable. Jughead wasn’t stupid, he’d heard about what had happened with Ms. Grundy from Betty and he knew Archie was still feeling the ripples from it. A part of him was angry, because this was exactly what he’d been worried about—that Archie would be left with the larger wounds in the end, that Grundy didn’t care about Archie the way Archie did, that she would be able to walk away from it and move on with ease. Maybe some of that was unfair, because Jughead didn’t know for certain that she wasn’t hurting too—but damn it, he didn’t care.

That bitch hurt his best friend.

He reached out and slid the basket of fries that Betty had, thankfully, abandoned over to himself. They weren’t warm anymore, but cold fries beat the stale Saltine crackers he’d been eating. Jughead proceeded to grab the ketchup bottle and spray the red substance all over the fries before popping one into his mouth, silently relishing in their flavor. He ate a couple more of the golden sticks before he decided that he was over the quiet. Eggshells were for the birds.

Jughead shifted himself so that he was sitting directly in front of Archie and slid the basket of fries so that it sat between them— an offering if you will.

Listen, I’m not gonna ask if you’re okay, because it wouldn’t be you if you were.” His voice came out stronger than he meant it to and Jughead paused to reel himself back in,

And I’m not gonna say that it’s for the better or whatever—I’m just…sorry that it happened the way it did.”

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What is your favorite chanyeol hair color and style? Do you have some gifs/ pictures of said style?

I feel like I answer this at least once a month or so (I’ve answered it /here/ previously) BUT I never pass up a chance to use gifs/pictures of Chanyeol so here we go~ ^___^ xo

Warning, this is going to be a bit long. Also I feel the need to express that I do not own any of these gifs/pictures

I’m going to go a bit more in depth than usual because I’m using pictures too. So, to start, I love red hair on Chanyeol. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Like, honestly. If he styled his hair in the ugliest way possible but dyed it red, I would still love it.

Red. Just red. 

But I do have a soft spot for whatever you’d call the color that he had for Exo Next Door.

Brown? Red? Brown-red? Red-brown? I don’t know. But I liked it.

Also orange. Bless the orange.

He looked like a giant baby pumpkin.

As for style… anything where it’s out of his face is my favorite.

Because I think it makes him look mature & adorable at the same time.

Like, just… ugh. Yas.

But I do also love when it’s all fluffy. 


/Chanyeol, put your tongue away. I’m trying to talk about your hair. -___-/

Also long-haired Chanyeol is one of my top 3 favorites. Especially when it’s in the monytail thing.

Seriously. Monytail. 

& then any combo of the things I’ve mentioned. Red & up.

Long & orange

Brown-red & fluffy.


Lastly, I’d like to give a special shout out to his weird gray hair that he had for Call Me Baby because it was gorgeous~

/yes it is, Chanyeol, yes it is/

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Have you ever talked about how weretiger!arin and the other were-creatures in your au were initially infected? Cuz they wouldn't have been born a were-creature, right? It seems like it would be a big moment in their lives

I had actually thought about this exact thing shortly after this au took off! Whether they were cursed to transform against their will or maybe they had this affliction transferred to them early in their lives I wasnt sure. But the idea of them having to face society and readjust to their previous way of life with this added burden of being so unnatural and different piqued my interest!

(This is actually longer than I expected it to be so im gonna put a readmore okay?)

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Well, you can’t get what you
want but you can get me
So let’s set out to sea, love
‘Cause you are my medicine
When you’re close to me
When you’re close to me

Trans!Jean High School AU that I’m currently writing a fic for, stay tuned for updates

Feel free to check out the other works in my  jeaneren project set

Hey guys! So today’s my 2 year blogiversary, and to celebrate these past 2 years of hardcore procrastination, I’d like to present to you my first follow forever! These are just a few of the people that make my dash fun and beautiful. As you can tell, Tolkien has taken centre stage on my dashboard these days, but I love every blog that I follow, some of whom I’ve literally followed since day one, so check them out on my blogroll!!

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okay wow, that took waaaay longer than i thought it would, i am so sorry ;;
but yeh this was what i have been up to. decided to try out a new painting style, and i kinda like how it turned out, for the most part!

anywho, this is my half of the art trade with the super-sweet @volcanicdoodles/ @volcanicfires, who asked for Gaius and Lon’qu from Fire Emblem: Awakening!
I hope you like it, and that it was worth the wait! ;;
(Fullsized/unwatermarked version available upon request! <3)

With this, I finish what I began nearly a year ago.
OKAY SO the thought/headcanon behind this is, “Clint’s usual costume is in the wash so he borrows Kate’s cos hey, they’re both equally Hawkeye right?” and so the excuse to draw the hawkpals in matching crop tops, booty shorts, and thigh highs happened.

How Exo-K Would... Cuddle

Important: Please Read

Hello! I know I’ve not posted in a while but to be honest with you guys, I didn’t really set aside time to write. But, I’ve decided that I’d start posting in the middle and end of the week, so on Wednesdays and Saturdays! So that’s something I’m gonna try to start and keep going! I know it’s a Thursday but I figured I can still post something the coming Wednesday!

So, I kinda changed the request to another How Exo Would kind of thing! (ft. some cute gifs) Hope you don’t mind and thank you for the request! Sorry it took longer than I thought! I wrote small little scenarios to make up for my absence and to give you a little idea about my writing style! Okay, enjoy! ~Uma 

Suho- ”I didn’t know which one you’d like better so i made both.” Suho walked in with two bowls of soup, one for you and one for him. “Either one is fine.” You replied, taking one bowl in your hand and immediately slurping a spoonful. He sat next to you, lifting his spoon to your mouth. You fed him some of your soup as well and before you knew it, the soup was gone. After taking the dishes back into the kitchen, you crawled back into bed and faced Suho. “So how was your day?” He asked, as he scooted closer to you and took you hand. “It was good, I finally finished reading that Prince book you gave me.” You replied, raising your hands and looking at your intertwined fingers. The two of you talked until both of you fell asleep. 

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Baekhyun- “Noooo!!! Baek, s-stop- OH MY GOSH!” You screamed at your boyfriend. “STOPPPPP!!” You screamed again unable to breathe or control your laughter. He didn’t give up though as his fingers attacked your sides. “Not until you give me back the remote!!” He laughed back, his eyes on the remote that was clutched between your hands. “Never!!” You said and flipped over suddenly, causing to Baekhyun to fall under you.”HA!” You laughed and started the same relentless torture on him, your fingers now gliding over his sides. Soon he started his counterattack, rendering the both of you breathless. You both stopped to take a breather, you laying on top of his chest. He brought his arm around you and smiled. “Fine, you win. But we’re watching The Amazing World of Gumball next.” He said making you burst into laughter again.

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My thoughts were scattered, but I did my best to keep calm. Deeply I exhaled in hopes it would keep my nerves settled. “Okay, Lo. Don’t freak out. Not yet.”

I found a phone in my back pocket. It was an entirely different brand and carrier. My hand trembled slightly as I dialed Lacey’s number. Despite my best effort, panic defiantly trickled in. It only took one ring for the automated voice to inform me the number was no longer in service. 

I dialed again. 

Same message.

Again and again.

Each time it played. My heart ached a little more. Finally I gave up dialing. My hand and the phone slid slowly from my ear.

Sexy Retribution (2/2)

Sexy Retribution (CS two-shot)

CS AU – Offering her help to her boyfriend’s brother, Emma had no idea what she was getting herself into. Jealous!Killian. Smut alert.

Rated: sMut

Part 1 here

also on ff.net

A/N: Okay, wow this took me longer to write than I thought it would. I needed to take a few breaks since my keyboard caught fire a couple of times… if you know what I mean :P

Anyways, I hope you’d think it was worth the wait. Thank you so much for the likes and rbs. They are all very much appreciated! Now without further ado here comes the second part…

Part 2/2

Emma was enjoying this – keeping her boyfriend on the edge of his seat, leaving him no choice but to watch as she played the role of his brother’s girlfriend with not much restraint.

At the slightest provocation Killian became skittish – jaw clenching, eyes narrowing, body moving restlessly. Knowing that she could affect him this way was a delightful revelation. As hot as he was, Killian was also cool and collected. Nothing seemed to get to him. But somehow she’d managed to get under his skin, and she had every intention to stay there.

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It’s sickening to the stomach that anyone would do it. 

Just because you can’t come up with anything, does not mean you go and steal someone else’s hard work and credit it as yours. There’s blogs of prompts, writers help, and many movies and books to help give you ideas and to help you out. 

Afraid to publish anything because your grammar may not be great? It’s okay to ask for help. There are plenty of beta readers out there who will help proof read your stuff, and you must remember to thank and credit them too. 

And I’m only going to say this once, for I have never thought I would ever say it. If my work is out there somewhere and plagiarized, I will no longer share any of my works here. I may link it personally to mutuals, but because I have been plagiarized before back in 2008, it took me a long while to get back into writing. 

Do us all a favor and form your own ideas, your own work, and always give credit. Asking for permission too, should be the first thing you do. 

 Rant here is done, for now at least. 😡