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Day 18! This took longer than I thought, but it’s all good! Here we have The Sides™ all dressed up for Halloween! And yes! I seriously believe Patton would dress up JUST to say a dad joke!! (Thanks for the idea, Sammy) I had multiple ideas for Virgil, but at the last minute I decided to go with his own version of Jim’s Halloween costume from The Office, 3 Hole Punch Jim! Since Roman is a diva I figured he’d go all out for his costume and go as Winifred Sanderson Sister (and yes he’s upset none of the other sides wanted to dress up as the other sisters) and lastly we have Logan, I had multiple ideas for him too, but in the end I decided he’d go as a jar of Crofter’s! The costume isn’t sponsored, he’s just a fan. The only jelly he’ll put in his belly. Crofter’s.

Six Years and Seven Days

This is pretending that Bellamy could hear Clarke talking all those years, she just can’t hear him responding, and that the ship at the end is them coming back to Earth. 


Day Three

“Bellamy…are you up there? Are you alive? Is anyone alive?”


“I only woke up yesterday. At least, I think it was yesterday. I barely made it into the bunker in time, but I made it. And the computer says it’s been three days since the radiation hit, and I was so hungry I thought I might die. Please tell me you didn’t die.”


“Bellamy, my mom was right. In a way. My face is disgusting, covered in boils. You’d be laughing at me…probably. Because she was right but so were you. I’m not dead Bellamy. I hope you aren’t either.”

His fingers slammed on the respond button, pushing it down to the point of it feeling like it would crack from the pressure.

“I’m not dead, Clarke. I’m not dead.”

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happy birthday you wonderful kid, thanks for being amazing all the time. hope u have a great bday!! sending lots of love and hugs your way ❤️❤️❤️ @danielhowell

Is it okay if I lay down with you?

Summary: When your period gets out of control, Sam surprises you.
Word counting: 760 something words.
Pairing: Sam x Reader
Warnings: Periods [which means blood], so much fluff

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Sam’s whole body stiffened when he stepped into the room you two shared, and he pulled his gun out.

There was a large pool of blood covering the sheets of your bed, right where you had been laid when he left for groceries.  He looked around and listened for what could have had happened to you. Stepping inside, he noticed how the floor also had blood spread there, this time large drops.

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dabard95  asked:

Imagine Percy has gone off to help some hapless campers once again, and Annabeth isn't too worried because come on, it's PERCY. Then she reaches into her pocket for something, some change or her keys maybe, and instead she pulls out Riptide in its pen form.

Her fingers close around something narrow and smooth, and Annabeth’s heart stutters to a stop in her chest. 

The kids are dancing around her knees, squealing and hitting out at each other, each calling for her attention, and the baby’s balanced on her hip and crying because her favourite pacifier has gone missing and the gods know she won’t accept any replacements. They’re running horrendously late for lunch with Frederick, and it’s pure chaos, but everything slows down as Annabeth pulls her hand out of her pocket and looks down to see the pen. The magical pen that is always meant to find its way back to Percy’s pocket.

But it’s not in Percy’s pocket, it’s in hers, and that means that he’s gone out to help rescue some campers stranded by the Hudson without any weapon.

Oh, shit.

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Imagine waiting for Steve to wake up

Part 1- Imagine seeing Bucky pull Steve from the water   

Part 2 - Imagine waiting for Steve to wake up

Part 3- Imagine being there when Steve finally talks to Bucky

Part 4- Imagine being in the car with Bucky and Sam

Part 5 - Imagine helping Steve & Bucky escape the airport

Part 6 Imagine telling Tony where Steve was

Part 7 - Imagine Steve busting you out

Part 8 Imagine finding out about Tony’s parents

Part 9 - Imagine being in Wakanda with Steve and Bucky

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imagine #7

character - Newt

words - 1172

warnings - n/a

description - You and Newt are dating, but Newt thinks you like Minho more than him.

a/n - @brooklynalpha requested an imagine with a jealous Newt, but I think I made it a little sadder than it was supposed to be…

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and if it was just how you wanted, you’d be glued to his bones

Dick didn’t mean to get nostalgic, but sometimes it happened— the Manor was like that. It was hard to walk through a decade of memories without feeling them, especially when everything looked the same. Of course it did. Bruce didn’t like it when things changed on him. 

Dick ran a hand over the kitchen counters as he passed, up onto the wall and across the room. Yeah, exactly the way he remembered, minus Alfred at the stove. He was out today, probably at the grocery store or waiting in a middle school parking lot somewhere. It was about that time. 

His circled the kitchen until his fingers hit the doorframe and stuck on the tape measure glued alongside the wood– right on top of his own name written in Bruce’s handwriting, accompanied by a date six years old. He’d been awfully small back then, hadn’t he? Dick bent down to read the very bottom of the chart, smiling a little bit at the memory. He would have been eight back then. He made Bruce mark his own height on the wall the first time, even though Bruce had protested that he already knew how tall he was. But that wasn’t the point, and he’d given in eventually.

That mark was still there: the highest one on the wall. Dick remembered staring at it every time he got measured, pleased by the way the gap closed as he grew taller, wondering if it would ever close entirely. It didn’t. Dick had stopped growing four inches beneath Bruce’s 6’2. 

He was trying not to take that metaphorically.

Measure up, he thought. Funny. He paused over the only thing about the kitchen that had changed— the two marks on the height wall that said Jason (half an inch and three months apart) and wondered if Jason stared at Bruce’s mark too. Or maybe even Dick’s.

Good luck, Dick thought, and left.

Tim understood why Bruce was angry, although “angry” might have been the wrong word. He was upset really, but on Bruce upset and angry looked the same— like slamming doors and punches that were just a little bit too hard. Like not looking Tim in the eye, but staring at him when he thought he wouldn’t notice.

He noticed. Hard not to. 

You didn’t do anything wrong, he reminded himself, and Bruce knows that. He’ll get over it in a few days. He always does.

Until then, Tim figured it was best to stay out of the way. He was hiding out in the kitchen, well away from Bruce, staring at the cause of this month’s episode: the growth chart in by the door, specifically two marks labeled Tim and Jason.
Tim’s mark was higher. That made it official— he was taller than Jason had ever been. 

Bruce must have seen that coming, but maybe plain seeing it was harder. Tim didn’t blame him for being upset or angry or whatever he was— maybe feeling upset made him angry?— especially when he felt guilty himself. He didn’t mean to outgrow Jason, by any definition. He was just… growing. By himself. 

Shouldn’t that be a good thing?

Yes. But that didn’t mean it was good for Bruce. 

Tim tapped aimlessly on the kitchen table, searching for the source of the guilt he could feel eating through his chest. He hadn’t done anything wrong. He was doing his best to minimize the problem. What else was there?

It was perfectly reasonable for Bruce to be upset. Jason was his son— a more important person than Tim, who was not— and death was hard to handle. Tim knew that. More important. Jason was more important. 

Tim wished he wasn’t. He hated himself for wishing that. 

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Excerpt from a book I'll never write

He politely pulled my chair back for me. I smiled as I sat down, and he pushed me closer to the dining room table. Everything was perfect. My hours of cooking had paid off; the Alfredo pasta and filet mignon were flawlessly prepared, accompanied by twin glasses of red wine.

My date settled down across from me. “You’ve really outdone yourself. This looks fantastic, better than a restaurant could’ve done.”

I laughed lightly. “And all in the comfort of home. You said you were a wine guy, right?”

“Absolutely. Honestly, you’re embarrassing me now. My past two two dates with you didn’t come close to matching what you’ve done for me. I have to up my game.”

“I suppose so,” I agreed. There wouldn’t be a fourth date.

The jingling bells of my ringtone began to sound, and I quickly took my cell out my pocket. The name that popped up sent a wave of irritation through me. “I’m so sorry, can I take this? My younger sister just got surgery, and my mom’s taking care of her.”

“Absolutely,” he said.

“Feel free to start without me, maybe try the wine. I have a different bottle, and I wasn’t sure if you’d like this one,” I directed as I walked out of the room.

Once I was out of hearing distance, I answered my call. “I’m almost done, and nothing has went wrong. Have some faith. Come in twenty minutes,” I hissed, hanging up before the person on the other line could even speak.

I returned to see him sipping his glass. “She wanted to buy my little sister her favorite candy and couldn’t remember the name. I thought it was an emergency.”

He chuckled. “Moms will be moms. I love the wine by the way. You have good taste.”

“Thank you,” I said as I sat down again. He would start feeling the effects within a couple of minutes.

I took a longer drink from my own glass. Dealing with my annoying boss later was less painful when buzzed. He and I dug into our food, enjoying light chatter. As I was twirling noodles around my fork, I began to feel lightheaded. It was if my thoughts were being bounced around between thick clouds, not able to form completely. My vision blurred, and I dropped the utensil. It clattered against the plate.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, my head just hurts abit. I have advil in the bathroom; I’ll be right back.” I excused myself, but the act of standing up sent a wave of nausea through my stomach. Forging on, I desperately tried to balance on unsteady legs.

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder. My date gently spun me around to face him, and he gave me a sweet yet patronizing smile. My feet tingled, growing numb. I couldn’t support my own weight and pitched forward. He caught me, picking me up bridal style. I was too weak to struggle, and I could barely comprehend his next words as he walked through my house towards the back door.

“First rule to poisoning someone, honey: don’t leave your victim alone with what you spiked. Your glasses might just get switched.”

Introverted Omegas/Extroverted Alphas Headcanons

-A shy and clingy Omega being dragged to a party by their Alpha but it’s crowded and stressful so the Alpha ends up carrying their somewhat grouchy mate around while trying not to pay too much attention to the nose brushing against their neck, seeking comfort from the Alpha’s scent

-An extroverted Alpha that has finally convinced their introverted Omega friend to go on a date with them and they are so excited so they take the Omega to their favorite place, a very loud and busy restaurant that the Alpha adores because it feeds their need to interact and be around people. However, after chattering non stop for a while the Alpha finally notices how uncomfortable the Omega looks and how they shy away a bit whenever someone passes too closely to their table, feeling a bit guilty for not noticing sooner the Alpha makes up a reason to leave and they go somewhere quieter with less people. Despite the Alpha’s denial, the Omega knows they did it for their sake and they feel so content and cared for and they know they picked a good Alpha

-An extroverted Alpha trying to do something special for their less than social mate so they tell the Omega they can pick anywhere they want to go, the Alpha is only mildly surprised when the Omega’s eyes light up and they respond, “So we can go home and nap? Just the two of us?” but the Alpha isn’t really annoyed or anything because cuddles and sleepy kisses are their weakness

-An extremely introverted Omega that gets really anxious around people but they agree to go somewhere with a group of friends. The place they end up going to is really crowded and noisy and all the different scents in the air start stressing the Omega out so they instinctually clutch onto the arm of their Alpha best friend and squeeze tightly. The Alpha turns to question them about it but as soon as they notice their friend’s distress they are quick to wrap an arm around them and surround them with the Alpha’s own familiar and comforting scent, the Alpha is very social so they easily do all the talking for both of them until the Omega is calm and relaxed again…they still hold them close though…just to be sure everything is alright of course

-An introverted Omega constantly worrying that their extroverted Alpha will get tired of their antisocial tendencies and leave them behind, the Alpha eventually catching on and reassuring them that they could never lose interest in such an adorable little rain cloud of negativity, the Omega just going “never mind bye” and walking away while the Alpha laughs

-An extroverted Alpha taking their quiet and shy Omega drinking with friends and the Omega being mortified when the Alpha gets drunk and starts loudly discussing what the Omega is like in bed like, “Yeah you’d never know cuz he’s so quiet all the time but he’s a real screamer once we get goin-” and the Omega is blushing profusely as they instantly start dragging their drunk ass home and then they spend the next two weeks denying all the Alpha’s sexual advances as revenge

-An extroverted Alpha always feeling so accomplished when they find a social thing that their introverted Omega also enjoys, like concerts, low-key being all content about other people seeing how happy their Omega is because it makes them feel like a good Alpha

-An introverted Omega really not wanting to attend a party with their outgoing mate, so while they are supposed to be getting ready they instead do little things to distract the Alpha like exposing their throat or walking around without clothes…and when they end up fucking instead of attending the party the Omega has to accept the fact that they literally just seduced their Alpha to avoid having to socialize

-An Alpha having no luck convincing their Omega to go out and do something so they turn to the Omega’s sibling for help but they won’t help because, “If you guys stay here we can all do puzzles and doing puzzles doesn’t require going out and seeing people.” and the Alpha just gives up and joins them at the table to help with the puzzle

-An Alpha literally bribing their Omega to attend a family gathering like, “Okay okay, if you come with me tonight we can spend all day at home tomorrow eating garbage and doing nothing, we can do anything you want but my mother will murder me if we miss another dinner due to some random illness.” the Omega reluctantly agreeing…“Okay but I want tacos and ice cream for breakfast.”


1 am doodles

Coffee Mugs - Bucky Barnes

- Sorry for not posting in forever. I’ve been so busy and then had the worst writers block. // This started out as a late night drabble, but now it’s kind of an imagine. Enjoy. - Also: my requests are open. I write Marvel and Criminal Minds!

— Bucky drinks coffee to try and get rid of his problems

Warnings: None.


Steam billowed around the coffee that sat in a plain grey mug on the kitchen table. Stark Tower was rarely cold, but winter in New York was out to bite this year.

Sat, looking at his mug was Bucky. Tired, and alone at nearly midnight. He was expressionless, sleep deprivation shone across his skin as he mumbled aimlessly about things he needed to remember - worthless things, but he needed them.

He looked out the window, the glowing streets of New York staring back at him. The lights seemed so dark at night, yet so bright. He felt happier at night, safer. He never knew why, but he didn’t like to question it either.

“Well the city never sleeps…so that makes two of us, huh?” He mumbled to himself, picking up his mug and wandering over to the window where he continued to stare at the city.

The door clicked behind him. He didn’t respond because for once, he didn’t feel threatened. He knew who it was from their footsteps.

“You’re up late,” You greeted him, “Coffee, baby, really?” You sighed.

“I wanted to make sure you were alright. Is that a crime now?” He raised his eyebrow at you, and you rolled your eyes back at him. He smiled as you placed down your bags.

“How is she anyway?” He asked, placing down the mug once again. “Peggy’s doing okay. She talked a lot, stayed on track, which was good. Then I had to get Tony’s equipment from the store. It took longer than I thought.” You gestured to the bags.

“I’m glad. I would go and see her but…I don’t want to hurt her.” You frowned, looking back at him. “I think she’d love to see you.”

“Really?” He asked, dumbfounded, “She mentioned you, asking how you were. You mean a lot to Steve, so you mean a lot to Peggy too.”

“I never thought about it like that.” He admitted, his eyes growing heavier as he looked at his mug, dregs of coffee remained, and he cursed it for making him even more tired.

“C'mon, Buck. Let’s go to sleep.” You smiled, stretching out your hand, waiting for him. “Do your bags not need to go away? Or, uh, taking to the labs? What about those emails you mentioned?”

“Bucky!” You exclaimed, grabbing his hand firmly. “You can’t be scared to go to sleep. I know you hate Buck, but you need to try. You can’t live off coffee forever, trust me, I’ve tried. Please. I love you, and you need to sleep.” He glanced at his pyjama clad legs and frowned. “I’ll be right next to you. Nothing bad will happen.”

He anxiously trailed behind you, waiting for you, or anyone, or anything, to do something that meant he wouldn’t have to sleep.

You two lay in bed for a few minutes, for Bucky it felt like hours, before he began to ramble in avoidance. “Hey, babe?”

“Yes, Bucky?” You mumbled, sleep trying to capture you. “Does mike wazowski blink or wink?”

You laughed slightly, tiredly, “I don’t know Bucky. We’ll find out tomorrow, yeah?”

“Fine.” He huffed, “I love you, Bucky.”

“I love you too.”

And soon enough, he fell asleep.

When the pale pink sunlight flowed through the curtains, Bucky groaned, placing the pillow that you had previously been sleeping on over his head. He knew that you had to leave early to finish a mission with Sam and Steve, but he still missed you.

He rolled over, disregarding the pillow falling onto the floor, throwing the covers back and standing. He rubbed his eyes, pushing his messy brown hair behind his ears.

Forcing himself into the once again empty kitchen, he started to use to coffee machine once more. He stood for a while, waiting for its magic.

His eyes skimmed the room, noticing his old coffee cup still on the sideboard from the night prior, but a piece of paper now sat beside it.

“If you ask me, Mike Wasowski is definitely winking…he seems like that kind of guy.” He read, laughing to himself.

Someone Special (2)

(pic cr; respectful owner)

The second date didn’t come round as smoothly as you thought it would. // Part 1

(Requested) // Word Count; 1,790

Simon D x Reader - A/F

Autumn was finally here; The leaves were gradually changing colours and slowly dropping off the trees. The air became colder and the weather more dull as the days went on, you sat alone in the cafe staring out of the window completely dismissing the coffee that retired in front of you.

You whirled a strand of hair on your finger as you watched another leaf get blown off the tree that stood alone at the entrance of the park. You were supposed to be on a second date with Kiseok but he cancelled because he was busy with work. Well, that’s what he said, you didn’t really believe him. He had been missing your calls and not answering your texts. You were beginning to doubt that he was interested in you and that everything he said two weeks ago was a lie.

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Prove Them Wrong- Part 2

Part One

Fed up of being cooped in the bunker- not allowed to Hunt. You take action.

Midnight. It was midnight. Normally, Dean was still up at this time. Sometimes you with him, both talking about nonsense or sat in comfortable silence. But this night he went to bed as early as Sam. You realised they would be upset with you for being in a mood, but dammit you had every right to be.
You sighed and decided it was time to take action.

You took your emergency backpack out from under your bed. You’d had one packed a few years now full of necessities and hunting material. ‘This is incase anything ever happens’ You remember telling yourself
You slung it over your shoulders and waited. 

You waited to make sure no one was in fact awake and you waited to try and talk yourself out of it. But, the more you tried the more you wanted to go. You weren’t running away and you weren’t doing anything stupid. It was a simple salt and burn and hell, you were prepared. 

At 12:30am you moved out of your room and into the main section of the Bunker. You paused in the middle of the war room to check for movement but nothing happened. After making sure, you climbed the steps. Every footstep increased the tension as you became closer and closer to leaving. It wasn’t the leaving part that was worrying you, but your brothers reaction. Not to mention Mary.

When you reached the door it took every bit of willpower in your body not to turn around. If you did then you might never go on this hunt. Your hand clasped around the handle and you slowly creaked it open. “Be back soon, bud.” You whispered, patting the bunker’s walls before exiting the building and closing the door behind you.

You were out. 

Now to grab the car and go.

Of course you weren’t going to take Baby, Dean would never forgive you. So instead you took the other car that was out there. It was a 1962 Mercury Monterey, Dean’s favourite in the garage. You took the keys out of your pocket which you’d stolen from Dean earlier. Well, they were in his bedside table but something told you he wouldn’t notice.

“Let’s do this.” You smirked, slipping in the front seat. Thankfully you’d already turned 17 so Dean taught you to drive- not that you got much further than Kansas.
You made sure you were far away from the Bunker before blasting your music loud.  The case was in Nebraska so not too far away. You didn’t stop driving all night and partly into the morning until you reached your destination.After booking into the Motel, you presumed you’d have about 24 hours until your brothers find you. It would have been longer, but you took their car which means they know the number plate. 24 hours was more than enough.

“Okay thank you very much Mrs Lock,” You smiled at the victim’s mother, trying not to look to uncomfortable in your stupid suit. “Please call me if anything else comes to mind.” You added before turning around to leave.


You paused and turned to look, Mrs Lock hadn’t exactly given you anything to go on yet. “Yes?” You encouraged, wanting more.
“I know it sounds stupid but….the man I saw I thought,” She stopped and shook her head. “No nevermind. It’s silly.”
“Go on, anything you can remember is very helpful. Real or not. It all gives us an idea of who…or what…we’re dealing with.”
“Well okay. I could have sworn he was….see-through.”
“See-through?” You echoed. At least that confirmed your suspicions.
“Yes. I know it’s probably codswallop but I saw…something.”
“You’ve been very helpful. Thank you.”

You climbed into the car, happy to know it was definitely a spirit. Vengeful by the sounds of it. It had killed a 13 year old girl and is claimed to have looked like her step-dad who died a few years back because of a car crash. 

You decided to stop off at the local Church where he was buried “Christopher Lock.”. You scanned the gravestones for ‘LOCK’, armed with a ready-loaded shotgun, shovel, salt and a lighter. 

A cold breeze dropped the temperature, sending a chill up your spine.
However when nothing happened you put your things down and began to dig at CHRISTOPHER LOCK’S grave. You hadn’t done this before so now was the time to discover it was incredibly tiring and very time-consuming. 

You dug your shovel into the dirt, but with every load you tossed to the side more seemed to fill the gap. However, you were determined and persevered. 

When you were finally almsot finished, with a few corners of the coffin poking through the soil, you paused for a quick break. Your hands were cramping and your back ached. Taking in a deep breath, you noticed it came out as a cold mist, this was all just like before when Mary took you on that hunt. Only that time the ghost had appeared by now…unless it was occupied with another victim.  
You strained your ears and grabbed your shotgun. A cry for help made you clamber out of the grave and sprint over to where the noise was coming from. It was inside a large shed-like building, which must have been where the grounds keeper kept his things.

You held up the gun, aiming it straight ahead and taking sharp movements as you scanned the building. It was reasonably big, but you could see everything inside from where you were. In front of you was a translucent tall man with a bloody and burnt body, his cothes ripped with an ashen finished. You didn’t have time to take in the two people he was attacking and took a shot. It disappeared into a cloud of mist, the gunshot still ringing in your ears. You staggered backwards slightly from the recoil, but remained standing stiffly. Lowering your firearm, you realised who they were. 

Of course.

Who else.

Your brothers were staring at you with both shock and disappointment. Dean had a stiff jaw and flared nostrils.
Sam got up from where he’d fallen, not sure whether to speak or not. Sam might have been older than you, but Dean was the eldest and you both had to respect that whether you liked it or not. Sam looked equally pissed off, but at least he wasn’t on the verge of exploding, unlike Dean.

You waited, shifting awkwardly. Dean didn’t take his cold and stern eyes off you.

“Where’s he buried?” Dean demanded. You stuttered, surprised that’s what he wanted to know above everything else “Uhm…J-just outside…” You managed, not sure whether to turn to lead the way or wait. 
He kept his poker face as he stormed past you. Sam waited for you to follow on before exiting the building.
You just wanted to do one thing without your brothers being there to do it for you.

Dean picked up your shovel and continued to dig. Sam picked up the salt and lighter, waiting for the bones to be accessible. “Leave the gun and get in the car.” Dean ordered, determined to finish the case before getting into a fight.
Every instinct you had told you to do as he told you to, but there you were not moving. “I said get in the car!” Dean barked, his voice boomed over the otherwise silence.
Again you did nothing. You were too scared to say no, but too stubborn to actually do what he wanted.

“Y/N…” Sam sighed, trying to go for a more calmer approach “Just get int he car, okay?” 
You understood that Sam didn’t want to deal with anymore conflict, but this wasn’t his decision to make. “You’re not Dad.” You glared at Dean. 

Dean stopped, his hands hovering over the lid of the coffin.

“Don’t you think I know that!” he snapped.

“Do you?” You scowled “Because it looks to me like your still trying to copy every damn thing he’s ever done.”

“You shut your mouth!”

“Or what? Are you going to hit me?”You slung the shotgun over your back. “Fuck the pair of you.”

Sam and Dean watched you walk away from them, both in pure shock as they took in the words you’d said. 

You sat in the front of Baby next to Sam. Dean drove the Mercury back.
Sam insisted that he was the one to be with you because of Dean’s…”temper”.

It was silence for Sam, who glanced worriedly at you from time to time. You looked out of the window, headphones in and volume up. You didn’t know what to say, you were furious that they didn’t even thank you for saving their asses. You were angry they hadn’t let you hunt yet. You couldn’t believe that after seventeen years on this dumb planet you were still being treated like a newborn.

About halfway into the journey, Sam tapped your shoulder, making you take an earbud out. “Yeah.” You mumbled, not wanting to look him in the eye. You wanted to be angry at Sam, but it was hard when he hadn’t given you as much of a reason. Both your brothers hadn’t wanted to introduce you into hunting, but Dean seemed a lot more protective about it. 

His vagueness forced you to look up, he had the audio cord in his hand. You took it, taking your headphones out and putting it in. Before un-pausing your music, you whispered a  “Thanks, Sammy.” 
“No prob, sis.” He offered a tight smile.

Dean’s voice boomed through the halls of the bunker: “What the hell were you thinking?!”

“I’m not the one getting my ass kicked by a ghost.” You remarked, noticing Mary had come to see what was going on.

“Don’t you speak to me like that!” Dean hissed.

“Dean calm down.” Sam put a hand out in attempt to do so.

“No, Sam! I won’t calm down because my stupid sister doesn’t seem to realise how dangerous what she just did was!”

“Of course it’s dangerous it’s hunting!” You shouted back, trying not to let tears form in your eyes. Dean continued off your point “Which you shouldn’t be doing!”
“Why not? I didn’t realise you were in charge of my life!”
“You’re going to go hunt when we say you can.”
“You don’t get to decide what I do with my life!” 

“HEY!” Mary shouted, making the three of youstop. “Dean, go to your room.”
Dean frowned “Excuse me?”
“You heard me.” Mary folded her arms over her chest, taking a stand. Dean gave you a glare before storming down the corridor.

You stood in shock, had Mary actually just asked him to do that?
“Y/N, stop shouting at him he won’t listen when he’s mad no matter how loud you are.” She scolded, starting to lightly pace around the room.
You raised an eyebrow at her…who’s side was she on?  “Okay…?”
“You were stupid,” She turned to you “You were reckless, and you scared us all to death. So don’t you ever think you have the right to walk out of this bunker without one of us knowing about it.”

“Mom’s right. You can’t just go hunting when you feel like it, Y/N.” Sam added.

“Well it’s not like you or Dean are gonna take me any time soon!” You protested. “Y/N..” Sam sighed “We didn’t know you were this serious about Hunting.”

“Probably because you never bothered asking.” You rolled your eyes, folding your arms over your chest.
“You can just talk to us.” You realised at this point that Sam wasn’t telling you off but asking you to tell the truth.

Mary stepped back in to the conversation “No one here has the right to tell you what to do with your life. So if you want to hunt then that’s okay. I’ve seen you Hunt and you’re good-”
“What?” Sam’s eyes widened.
“She’s seventeen, Sam. I took her on a few salt and burns that’s all. When Dean has calmed down, you’re going to say sorry to him.”
“But-” You wanted to protest, only she didn’t give you the chance.
“Am I making myself clear?” 
You sighed. “Yeah I guess.”
“Good. I’ll go get dinner.” With that she turned and left, leaving you alone with Sam.

You didn’t know what to say or what to do. You were still angry, but if felt like Mary had put some force field around you meaning you couldn’t be. Sam sat down on the table, his feet still able to touch the floor somehow. He patted next to him, gesturing for you to sit down as well.
You did, your feet swinging in the air.

Sam wrapped an arm around you, hugging you tightly against his chest. You both sat in silence for quite some time. Neither wanting to move.

“You know,” Sam lightly cleared his throat “Dean wanted to be the first person to take you on a hunt.”
“When we found out we had a sister he was so excited to be an older brother again- not that he’d admit it.” You smiled a little “Then you found out about hunting and he wanted to make sure you were so prepared it was almost impossible for you to fail at it.”
“So why doesn’t he want me to hunt?” You asked, desperate for an actual answer.
“It’s not that he…we don’t want you to. It’s that we want you to do whatever it is that you want to do.”
“But I want to hunt.” You said it like it were obvious.
“We didn’t know.”
“I’ve been training.” You explained “Mary helped me a little.”
“Why didn’t you tell us?” Sam sounded hurt which made you feel guilty.
“I thought you’d be angry. I thought you wanted me to go have one of those stupid apple pie lives.” You scoffed at the thought.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. We should have realised.”
“Is that why Dean’s so angry?” 

“He just doesn’t want you to get hurt. He doesn’t want to be like…like Dad. He’s scared, Y/N. He’s scared he’s going to do it wrong.”
“He won’t.” You assured him despite his absence.
“You try telling him that.” Sam scoffed.

“I will.” You smirked, “Just you watch.”

Sam chuckled.

You glanced up when you heard footsteps, making your smile fall into a curious glance. Dean turned the corner, his face was softer as he moved over. He sat down next to you so you were in between your brothers. “I’m sorry, kid.”

“Me too, De.” 

“We should have let you hunt by now, I’ve been selfish. There’s me knowing your all safe at home while me and Sam are out ganking monsters, never thinking of it the other way round. Hell, you don’t even know if we’re gonna come back sometimes. I guess I’ve always known real deep down you wanted to hunt.”

You didn’t know what to say so you just pulled him into a hug. Dean hugged back. pressing a kiss to your forehead. “Does this mean I can hunt?” You asked, giving him your best puppy-dog eyes

“Don’t give me that look,” Dean rolled his eyes “Yes. But you’re not hunting alone.”

“I won’t.” You promised. 

“And you do as I say.”

“I might.” You smirked, making him chuckle.

“Does this mean I get to ride shotgun?”

“Don’t push it.” Sam nudged your side playfully.

“Can I pick the music?”

Dean looked mortally offended “He said don’t push it.”


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She Knows - Part II

Summary: Your in desperate need for answers. Not sure if you can trust them anymore, you’re hesitant to ask them for the answers you need.

A/N: This is mostly in a texting format, just letting you know

Part l

You could see Jonah trying to call you, but you just stared at your phone. Call after call, message after messages from them. Corbyn was apologizing, saying he didn’t want you to find out this way but you needed to know. Daniel was trying to comfort you, asking if you needed someone to be there with you.   Jack was trying convince you to listen to them, but you weren’t having it. 

You texted the one person who wasn’t bothering you with messages and phone calls.

You: I need you to be honest with meYou: I need you to tell me the truth, even if it hurts me. 

Z: Whatever you want, (Y/N). 
Z: I’m sorry…

You ignored the last text, a rush of pain hitting you every time one of them texted you to apologize. 

Y: I don’t even know how to ask…
Y: Isn’t funny?

Z: … 
Z: What’s funny?

Y: How you give someone the best years of your life
Y: And all they give you in return is pain
Y: I just don’t understand

Z: (Y/N)…

Y: I don’t understand any of this…
Y: Why…
Y: Why did he string me on for so long?
Y: Why didn’t he just have his fun and then leave me?
Y: Did it get funnier the longer it went on?

Z: (Y/N), you wanted me to tell you the truth, right?
Z: No matter how bad it hurt, right?

You took a deep breathe, an unsettling feeling in your stomach. Did you rely want to know the truth? 

You: …
You: Yes, Zach. 
You: I want to know. 

Z: Okay. 
Z: At first, it was just a harmless joke.
Z: It wasn’t even about you, just…
Z: We thought it would be funny for Jonah to go up to a random girl and ask her out. 
Z: No flirting, no small talk, nothing.
Z: Just a simple ‘Hey, you wanna be my girlfriend?’ or ‘Do you wanna go on a date?’
Z: We thought he would get rejected right away
Z: And then we’d have a laugh at him and go on with our lives

You: …
You: But that didn’t happen…

Z: No…
Z: You said yes
Z: Joking around, you asked him when the wedding was 
Z: And it was in that moment that we knew it wasn’t a joke anymore
Z: We knew it couldn’t go any further 
Z: Well, most of us…

You waited for Zach to continue, but after 5 minutes of waiting for his response you grew tired. 

You: What do you mean by that?
You: Zach?
You: Zach! What do you mean by most of you?

Z: It was still just a joke for Jack and Jonah…
Z: It turned into a game for them..
Z: It turned into a bet…

Your world seemed to stop all at once. You could hear your phone go off, but it was in the distance, miles away from you. 

You were starting to forgive them all, seeing as the joke wasn’t him dating you, but him asking out a random person, a stranger. 

But then, it turned into a bet. You turned into a bet. 

You looked at your phone, seeing that Zach texted the group chat everyone was in. 

Z: She knows

Z: She knows everything now…

Z: Well, almost everything…

Discovering I'm Ace 📝

“So about a year ago I thought I was straight. But then my brother came out a gay (and at this point I was under the impression there were only two sexualities: straight and gay). I supported him, but I wanted to learn more about it so I could be more understanding if he were to ever talk about it or anything, so I did my research, and I discovered that there are way more than just two sexualities. I was shocked, and became determined to be a good ally. I wanted to learn everything I could about every single sexuality so I could be supportive of all people, and then one day I came across asexuality.

The term meant nothing to me at the time; it was just another definition, another group of people who deserved rights and support. Then I started to notice things. Just little things around me, like how my friends and I all obsess over male actors, but they say things like “I’d hit that,” and “I’d fuck him,” where I would always fantasize about walking and talking with them; or how guys and girls around me were starting to experiment with sex, and I had no interest. Then a pin came up on Pinterest about asexuality, and suddenly, the word meant a whole lot more.

I started to relate to the definition, and the stories people were telling seemed to be about me. It took longer than I thought for me to realize that there was a reason I identified with what these people were saying.

Once the thought actually occurred to me, I was terrified. Honestly, even though I knew that ace people weren’t broken and I’d seen so many testimonies about how it’s okay to be a-spec, I would get anxious thinking about it. Even if I sucked it up and said to myself “You’re ace, it’s fine,” I would still be paralyzed by the thought of coming out to my friends. And since i’m heteroromantic, I rationalize it; saying things like “There’s no need to tell anyone, you’re basically straight.”

Being around my friends and family drove me to a very unhealthy state of anxiety. Finally, I’d had enough. I didn’t have the courage to say it aloud, but I texted one of my friends and told her. She was so happy for me. So then I texted another of my friends. She too, was cool with it. Neither of them made a big deal of it. The next day at school, they asked a couple of questions, but life carried on as usual. It still took a long time for me to accept myself, and even now (having found out that I’m also demiromantic) I still doubt myself and get anxious, thinking that I’m not going to find someone to care about me, but the moment always passes. I’m not out to any of my family, but I am at peace with who I am.“

~ Anonymous

“Just One Yesterday” relation to Supernatural

Just One Yesterday is a fantastic song that I found had a bit of… correlation with Supernatural and Destiel in general. It’s by Fall Out Boy featuring the Foxes and I highly recommend listening to it.


I thought of angels
Choking on their halos
Get them drunk on rose water
See how dirty I can get them
Pulling out their fragile teeth
And clip t
heir tiny wings

This is Dean expressing his anger towards angels in Season 5 (?) when Sam reveals to him he believed in them. It’s mainly because Young Mary said, “angels are watching over you,” and she died by Azazel causing Dean to think they didn’t care or didn’t exist.


Anything you say can and will be held against you
So only say my name
It will be held against you
Anything you say can and will be held against you
So only
say my name

This isn’t really deep but I see it as Cas and Dean going on adventures pretending to be agents. It may be a little kinky, too ;)


If heaven’s grief brings hell’s rain
Then I’d trade all my tomorrows for just one yeste

When Cas died, you saw Dean kneeling next to him very distraught. Dean would rather have no future if he could just spend one more second with Cas alive- even if it means Jack destroys the Earth.


(I know you’re bad news)

The phrase, “He’s in love with humanity,” is famous within the fandom. Cas is rather fond or possibly in love (as much as an angel can be) with Dean and he knows it’s wrong.


(I saved it all for you)

Cas betrayed heaven for Dean, he raised him from hell, he damaged his wings to bring him back. All for him.


I want to teach you a lesson in the worst kind of way

Dean has tried to separate from Sam and Cas (Lisa and Ben, Deanmon) but it ends up hurting them. He thinks no one can love him because they all die. Or it’s just kinky.


Letting people down is my thing baby

This is Dean saying he always disappoints and everyone he loves dies.


Find yourself a new gig
This town ain’t big enough for two o
f us

Dean wants Cas to move on despite his love/companionship he wants and needs and puts on a tough exterior even though he’s really just bluffing.


I don’t have the right name
Or the right looks
But I have twi
ce the heart

Cas hasn’t always fit in as a human whether it’s his name, how he dresses, or just as a fake FBI partner for Dean but he has the passion to be a hunter and possibly Dean’s love interest.


If I spilled my guts
The world would never look at you the same way
And I’m here to give you all of my love
So I can watch your face as I take
it all away

This is Casifer because even fucking Lucifer knows Dean and Cas are in love. He knows even if they eventually kill him nothing will be the same after for either of them. Lucifer took Jimmy’s vessel pretending to be Cas knowing Dean would be easily to manipulate that way.


Okay! So those are all of my thoughts on the song and how it translates into the show. It’s obviously longer but the chorus repeats a lot and I removed that to make it easier to read.

If you want to make a fan edit or something based on this post, please do! I’d love to see what you guys can do with this.