okay this is ugly but i did what i could

i love florist aus, but my family’s owned a flower shop for like 40-ish years and i’ve grown up around, involved and working in it…. and it makes them hard to enjoy sometimes lmao.

  • i have been around flowers all my life and i know more about flower meanings from fanfictions
  • god, stop…. no, those flowers don’t go together….
  • that’s not how you keep that plant alive
  • stop romanticizing carnations cause carnations suck and they’re cheap as fuck and they’re most often used for FUNERALS regardless of color please stop
  • long stemmed roses are similar and only one step up from carnations
  • you can’t just slap any old shit together.  you have 3 main types of flowers in any arrangement: the ‘show’ flower, ‘filler’ flowers and ‘accent’ flowers.  plus add something green you heathens.
  • everyone??? hates yellow for some reason??? actually i can give props to fanfic for that cause they show off yellows more than i actually sell them…. which is a shame i love yellow flowers.
  • it’s the worst when they come into the store and buy all this loose shit and be like ‘i’m gunna make my own :)’ like fuck you…. i could make that ratty shit look GOOD for less than you’re spending but OKAY I GUESS.  (then it looks like shit when they post pics on facebook.  and they claim credit for making but NOT WHERE THEY GOT THE FUCKING FLOWERS)
  • there is this one old bitch we get every year, comes in for vase arrangements for her husband’s grave…. sad, but i HATE HER.  she tries to stand over our shoulders and boss and bully us and has us change the flowers used like 12 times and no matter what we make her she’s a fucking cunt acts like its not what she ordered so she can get a discount.  fuck you, you old bitch.  i made this arrangement 74583754 times you’re not getting shit.
  • why would you draw a bouquet before you make it… they’re flowers, just make it and if it looks bad take it apart???  they’re not glued there forever.
  • you WILL have skills on wrapping and bow making even if you don’t desire or think you need these skills
  • catch me in the shop blasting screaming angry metal when no one else is there (i think the flowers like it too)
  • Me: -fists the stems of a bunch of roses- Person: “doesn’t that hurt??? the thorns.”  Me; “they have learned to fear their god c:” (protip: it doesn’t hurt after a while my hands are SO ROUGH)
  • no one likes hanging around in the greenhouse as much as you think they do
  • a leaf cut is like a paper cut only the devil himself comes to rub salt in it
  • sweetie, i know it’s ur special wedding day but stop YELLING AT ME cause you picked out these ugly ass flowers i TRIED to talk you out of it and i did what i could with them, okay?!
  • the only joy i get is when children come into the shop to buy things….
  • but not when moms bring their brat ass children who want to mangle all the fucking flowers
  • this job has made me hate everyone around me
  • Wonhui: *sitting together on the plane*
  • Junhui: do you think Vernon is okay? Should I text Chan and see if he's comfortable? I hope Minghao has eaten something-
  • Wonwoo, whispering: no one deserves you
  • Junhui: what?
  • Wonwoo: i said you're uGLY
  • Junhui: oh. I'm sorry you feel that way. You look handsome as always Wonwoo ♡
  • Wonwoo, sweating and whispering : what the fuck wonwoo what the fuck he's beautiful and kind how could you s-
Broken Dreams // Lee Donghyuk (Haechan)

Summary: In which Haechan has seen comments posted by haters, and you reassure him that he is perfect just the way he is. 

Genre: angst; fluff-ish (?)

Word Count: 800+

A/N: Hello everyone, I’m back with post number two :) This time, it’s a Haechan scenario b/c when he got hate, this is what I wanted someone to do for him </3 I’m glad that a lot of people on tumblr (and on other social media platforms) took action and shared their love for this fluffy lil bby.
Well, hope you guys like it, and if you do, request something from me (if you want to heh)! :D 

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The words began to blur together as tears started forming in his eyes. 

“He’s so useless, why is he even in NCT?”

“I can’t believe he’s dating a sasaeng fan… how stupid could someone be?”

“It’s okay, he’s ugly anyways. I’m actually––”

He slammed his laptop shut and grabbed the sides of his chair, knuckles white as he felt the lump in his throat grow bigger. Before he could stop himself, tears started flowing down his cheek, and soon enough, Haechan was sobbing. He slid down his chair and moved to the corner of the room, crumpling into a ball as he thought about what he could have possibly done to deserve this. 

Why do they hate me? Did I do something wrong? Is it because I joke around too much? Maybe I’m really am just worthless… maybe I am ugly… maybe I really don’t belong in NCT…

Negative thoughts began to envelope him, flowing through all parts of his body and making him feel sick. He didn’t even notice when you walked in the room, a bright smile plastered on you face and a homemade lunch box in hand. 

You looked around the room, expecting to see him sitting on his bed or at his desk, playing video games. You furrowed your brows, concern beginning to creep into your body when you still could not find him. 

“Taeyong said he was in here though…” you whispered to yourself. 

Just as you were about to leave the room, the sound of what seemed to be a muffled sob caught your attention. You listened for a little while longer but heard nothing, eventually brushing it off as just a figment of your imagination. You took your phone out of your pocket, sending a quick “Where are you?” text to Haechan and were surprised when you heard a vibration coming from within the room. 

You furrowed your eyebrows again, knowing that something was definitely wrong now. Your eyes roamed around the room before finally landing on the broken boy slumped in the corner,  your heart shattering into a million pieces. Dropping everything, you ran to him, instinctively wrapping your arts around his shoulders, pressing sweet kisses to the top of his head. 

You don’t know how long you stayed this way, but only when his sobs quieted down and his breathing slowed did you let go. He slowly brought his eyes to meet yours, feeling a bit guilty at the worry he could see in them. You spoke first. 

“Love, what happened? Are you okay?” you asked cautiously, not wanting to pressure him into talking about anything. He allowed a small smile to grace his face as he took your hand in his own. 

“It’s fine Y/N, I was just reading some of the comments… I’ll be okay…” he trailed off. 

“You know you shouldn’t read those.”

“I know, I know. There are more good comments and bad, and reading the bad ones won’t do me any good.”

“No Haechan, I meant that you shouldn’t read them because they aren’t true.”

He looked up at you, a look of heartbreaking despair decorating his face: “but what if they are?”

You blinked a few times, trying to comprehend if he had actually said what he said. Then you lightly slapped his arm, to which he feigned pain: “What was that for?” he pouted. 

“That,” you sat down and snuggled against his chest before continuing, “was because I never want to hear that come out of your mouth again. You, Lee Donghyuk, are the most wonderful person in the world, and you deserve everything you have. Never, ever let haters dictate what you should do with you life, love, because they don’t know you like I do. You are perfect to me, no matter what anyone says.” 

You tilted your head up to look at him, and were happy to see that your little speech was able to make a small smile appear on his face. He stared at you with obvious adoration painted on his features. You continued, “Besides, I’m obviously not a sasaeng fan, so you already know that they have to be wrong.” 

As you hoped it would, your joke caused him to laugh, showing the bright, toothy smile that you loved. Soon after, though, he crinkled his nose, realization flooding his features: “Why are you reading my haters’ comments?”

You kissed his cheek before confidently answering, “Because I’m always watching everything that has to do with you, silly. Hello? Number one fan here?” 

“And this is why I love you,” he beamed, lacing his fingers through yours before pulling you to stand up. A light blush decorated your cheeks at his words, and you happily allowed him to pull you towards the bags you brought (which were messily sprawled across the floor). He looked back at you, a twinkle in his eyes, “Now, did I smell food?”

A Direct Approach - Drax x Reader - SFW

Pairing: Drax x Reader

Word Count: ~1,800

Summary: Request for a Drax x Reader fic. Drax realizes they are attracted to and falling for reader, but he doesn’t know how to tell them. Still, Drax never shies away from a challenges and gives it a go anyway.

Warnings: None. ^.^

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Wynonna Has Fun Messing with Widow Mercedes Using Figures of Speech at the Diner:
  • Wynonna: "Silver spoon up your ass again?"
  • Widow Mercedes: *Turns to check her behind*
  • Wynonna (who's suspecting something): *Hmmm* "Anyway, I'd give my right hand for a nice warm coffee right now."
  • Widow Mercedes: "Wh- why would anyone just want a hand? It's not like a right hand can be used in any summoning rituals. Now a left hand..."
  • Dolls: "Are you okay?"
  • Wynonna: "Yeah, she's fine. She's bright eyed and bushy tailed as ever."
  • Widow Mercedes: *Frowns* I just checked my behind I don't think a tail could grow in that amount of time."
  • Wynonna: "Well, I gotta go (and find out what happened to the real Mercedes). See you later, alligator!" *Starts walking away*
  • Widow Mercedes: "...Why did you just compare me with that horrendously ugly reptile? Is it my face?" *pulls out mirror*
  • Wynonna (wondering how much Not- Mercedes will take literally): "Break a leg! (*under her breath* definitely somewhat evil being that Imma shoot with Peacemaker)"
  • Widow Mercedes: *Starts experimentally slamming her leg into a wall* "How would that benefit me?"

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Thank you for the prompt love ! I hope you’ll like it :) 

59 : You own my heart. 

Carol was smoking on the porch steps of the house she shared with her family. Looking at the sunset, she was hit by the contrast which laid in front of her. How could nature remain so magnificent when their reality was filled with ugliness and misery ? It did not matter what would happened tomorrow, the sunset would remain perfect, shades of pink, orange and blue would still merge in perfect harmony.

“These things will kill you,” Ezekiel said.

Lost in her thoughts, she had not seen him coming. She looked at him but did not respond.

“It seems like I have interrupted your meditation, my apologies.” He said smiling.

“It’s okay,” she simply said. “Does his Majesty need anything ?”

He chuckled as she remained inexpressive.

“I just wanted to check on you. Tomorrow’s a big day.”

Indeed it was. Alexandria and Hilltop were conducting a raid on the Sanctuary. After months of conflicts they all knew how decisive this battle was going to be.

“I’m okay,” she lied.

Carol was too anxious to talk, besides she did not like talking about her feelings.

“Try to get some rest,” he said. She nodded but he knew she probably would not listen.

“You do the same,” she said, stubbing out her cigarette.

He gave his friend one last look and turned away. Behind her the front door opened and she did not need to turn around to know it was Daryl for she could recognise him from the sounds of his steps.

In silence, he sat next to her and looked at Ezekiel walking down Alexandria’s main street.

“What’s his deal ?” He asked her.

She smiled, she could not help it. Despite him and Ezekiel being friends - and she knew that Ezekiel having a pet tiger had a lot to do with this friendship, though Daryl would never admit it - he always became less friendly when it came to her own friendship with the King.

“He was just checking on me,” she said.

Daryl did not reply.

“You’ve got nothing to worry about, you own my heart pookie.” She looked at him with a smug smile on her face and received the exact reaction she wanted : Daryl looked at her, then down, then up again and snorted.

“Stop,” he said blushing. And they both laughed like idiots. There was nothing funny really (for her heart truly was his), but he was embarrassed and teasing him was her favourite activity. They exchanged a few glances and she thought that there was truly nothing more endearing than seeing him smile.

After that, they sat in comfortable silence for a while, but the thought of what was coming tomorrow hit her again, like a punch in the stomach. She was not afraid to fight, she was scared of losing people she loved again. If she made it out alive, who will she have to live without ? Not to mention the inevitable new nightmares… she shook her head, trying to think about something else. It was not tomorrow yet.

“You good ?” He asked, despite knowing the answer.

“Just scared about tomorrow,” she admitted.

He looked at her, there was nothing he could say for he was just as scared. Scared to lose their people. Scared to lose her, the person he had tried to protect from the conflict.

“Come’ere,” he simply said.

Daryl wrapped one arm around her waist and she snuggled up against him. He held her small frame tighter, as if the gesture could protect her from the rest of the world, as if by simply holding her like this nobody would take her away from him. He slightly turned his head to press a kiss on her head  and she closed her eyes at the touch.. He surprised himself with the gesture but closed his eyes too and buried his nose in her hair until finally resting his head against hers.

And in that moment, she realised that Ezekiel was right, it was not all bad.

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prompt: adidas dress, you can do it my offspring of fire and memes

“What does this even mean.” Yuuri says, staring at Yuri’s birthday list. Victor peers over his shoulder. 

“I have exactly no idea, my love,” Victor frowns “does this mean we’re getting out of touch?”

“Speak for yourself, old man, “ (”Yuu-ri!”) “I mean, I know adidas make those long jumper-dress-tshirt things, but-”

“Does he want one of those? Let’s google it!” Victor says, tapping away. “Ugly, ugly, fake, ugl-oh,”

The “oh” n question is a deep wine colour, hugs every inch of the model in all the right ways, brings out the notes of gold in her skin. It’s not what Yuuri would usually wear, but the matching red blush that’s crawling up Victor’s nose could teach him different.

“I think we should get one. For. Science,” Victor babbles. Yuuri raises an eyebrow. “Okay,” he replies, amused.

Yuri never did get that adidas dress. 

Let me tell you why I love Billy Idol as much as I do, and why he has become the personal symbol of All That Is Good & Will Be Good - and also the personal Ass Kicker when I need good kicking.

When Idol was a child, he knew he wanted to be a singer and play guitar. He wanted to be a rock star - it was clear as a day! However, his parents were against the idea of their son playing a guitar. “If you want to play something, you’re going to play a violin and that’s final,” they said. So, he had to go to the violin lessons.

Around age 8-9 he managed to get 5£’s acoustic guitar, which he hid from his parents, and started to make his own songs. He loved to write and be creative, but at school things didn’t go that well. He was a smart kid and school felt boring - he rather wanted to read, create, write, sing and play than do math (which he was lousy at).  

In his teenager years punk movement was born in London. Idol heard punk bands and thought “This is it! I love this! This is the music I want to do, this has the freedom and attitude that speaks to my soul!” But punk was hated in London. Oh hated so very much. It wasn’t good idea at all to go to punk scene if you wanted to be a successful artist, but Idol didn’t care. He loved punk and knew what he wanted. 

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When he finally managed to form his first own band in his teenager years, dislike for punk had grown more. His father stopped talking to him for years, because he was so disappointed with his son. When his band performed, audience threw all kind of shit on him. But Idol stood there and performed without blinking an eye. He was “I love to perform, I love this, I love my music and I don’t care a shit if you dislike it. I’m not moving anywhere from this stage and I’ll quit only when I’m finished with my performance.”

Later he got to university to study music. The uni was full of higher class’s jazzy kids, completely different from Idol. He had no friends as everyone just stared him down; “Ugh, there goes that freak again, did you know he listens to those shitty bands… Look at his style, so gross, what does he even do here?” But Idol kept listening his fave bands, dressing as he liked and continued his studies, despite he told later it hurt his feelings when people left him out and he didn’t fit in at all.

By the time his first band was doing fine, hate for punk had gotten so bad all places forbid punk bands from performing in their facilities. There was literally no place for Idol to perform anymore and to continue his path towards the dream of being a performing artist. He said “Fuck it” and arranged with his punk friend a place for punk bands to perform. 

Originally posted by gifsofthe80s

Soon after that Idol started to feel that he should go for a solo career, because the band was restricting him from expressing himself as freely as he wanted to. He wanted to make HIS kind of a music, create FREELY what inspired him. People were very against this idea; “You aren’t a solo artist, you can write music, you can’t make it on your own. Just forget it, you can’t do it, you aren’t good enough.”

But he didn’t listen to that. He left the band and made his first solo album in early 20′s, and created the alter ego Billy Idol for himself. 

When the first album was doing pretty fine, Idol thought how London and Europe were too small. “I want to go to USA, I want to become a successful solo artist there with my music, with my punk sound and personality.” AGAIN everyone was against it, all odds were against it. The Europe’s most successful punk bands had gone to USA and came back completely failed - what could this just brand new almost never-heard solo artist Billy Idol do? “You’ll be wasting your time, USA isn’t ready for punk, you will come back home crying, don’t waste your breath, don’t even dream about it because you can achieve it,” the odds told him.

Nevertheless, the took his back bag and left to USA. There everyone said the same thing; “Listen kid, your music is shit. No one likes punk here. No radio station will ever play any of your songs. No record studio will ever take you in. You are a Britt and you sing with wrong accent - you will not make it. And your personal style is hideous, you dress like a bag of shit and your white, messy hair is revolting. No one will ever come to see artist as ugly as you.”

Idol thought only “Okay, if learning to sing with American accent will help my career, I’ll do it - but I won’t change my music or my style. I am who I am, I do what I love and that’s it. I will be successful as my own self.”

And he did it. He did become successful. His white ugly hair became his brand trademark - 40′s later he still has it! He became one of the male sex symbols of the 1980′s. He never double guessed could he make it or not. He refused to sell his soul, his voice, his inner being - his heart’s true calling - under any pressure, under any odds. He knew what he wanted and did it. 

Idol at age of 8  = “I want to play guitar and become a singer”
World = “We are your parents and we say you can’t. Here’s violin for you.”
Idol = Gets the guitar anyway behind his parents’ backs and starts making music.

Idol at early teenager years = “I want to create, sing and write. I have an electric guitar now.”
World = “You are bad at school, forget your stupid dream of singing, you will not make it.”
Idol = Continues making music and playing guitar.

Idol at teenager years = “I love punk! I want to do punk music. It has everything that I hold important to myself.”
World = “Whole London hates punk bands, we will literally throw shit on you when you perform with your band, all punk bands will be banned from performing, punk is a bad choice”.
Idol = Continues to love punk and get inspired by it, aspiring to be a punk artist.

Idol at university = “I’m studying music so I can become a performing artist.”
World = “Pretty much everyone at this uni hates you, you are a freak, you don’t fit in because you like wrong bands, wrong music styles and you dress in a wrong way. Your white hair is horrible.”
Idol = Continues his music studies, keeps listening his fave bands and dressing as he likes. Keeps the white hair. 

Idol with his own band = “This is nice, but I want to make my kind of a music. I need more freedom. I’m going to solo career.”
World = “You aren’t and will never be a solo artist, you can’t write or compose, you can’t make your own songs, forget this stupid nonsense and stay in the band.”
Idol = Goes after a solo career.

Idol, after becoming a solo artist known as Billy Idol = “I want to go to America and become successful there!”
World = “Everyone in USA hates punk, you are no one, the Europe’s most successful punk bands have failed miserably in USA, you are nothing.”
Idol = Goes to USA.

Idol, after landing to USA = “I will go to show my album to different music moguls, because here I am!”
World = “No radio station will ever play your songs, no record label will ever take you in. Your music is utter punk shit, we hate punk. You have a wrong accent, you should sing in American accent. You look hideous, your style is ugly, your white messy hair is so horrible you better get rid of it. No one will come to such ugly shit’s gigs, ever.”
Idol = Learns to sing with American accent, but keeps his music style and looks as they are. 

Idol later = Still being his own self, hasn’t changed his music style or physical appearance at all, still has the white hair which is his trademark now, has become super star and a sex symbol, released multiple albums, is cast to multiple movies like Terminator 2 (he had to drop out only due his motorcycle accident, otherwise he would have been the famous T-1000), is known all around the world, and continues doing what he loves and being who he is. 

☏ Call me Handsome // Bobby

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A/N: 4800+ freaking words and i’m finally finished. This is a Call-Center AU, the idea came to me at work since i’m actually working at one and this fic is based on my real life story– jk i wish. But some things indeed happened lol. Anyway, i’d like to tag some of my favorite Bobby blogs because i love you guys @ikonope @bobbykims @bobbillionaire and unnie @useumwoo

And a big thank you to @hwan-tastic for proof-reading (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Streaks of sun-rays pierced through your window to welcome you on this beautiful Monday morning. You groaned loudly, taking a peek at your clock, 6.25 am. It was in times like these, when you felt the heavy load of regret weighing on your shoulders like a big bucket of bricks because why on earth had you thought watching K-Dramas until 3 am was a damn good idea? It really wasn’t, you realized like every Monday morning.

With half-lidded eyes and a drowsy head, you threw your legs over the bed and groaned once more when you realized it was the wrong side—the side with the wall. Fuck. It worked with the second try, when you felt the icy ground underneath your feet, relieving you that neither of your feet were broken.  

It took you 3 handful of ice cold water to become alert and almost as much concealer to not scare any people with those huge zombie-looking circles underneath your eyes, thanks to Lee Joongki and his brilliant acting. (Or maybe just his holy jesus face because he was so fucking hot and maybe that was the reason you just couldn’t resist watching all 5 episodes at once.)

Today, on this beautiful cold Monday morning, you took a bus early, just in case your nagging boss decided to take her shit out on you again. As if it wasn’t enough that all of your friends and basically almost all of your college-mates enjoyed their break overseas with their families, while you were busy calling grumbly strangers on the phone who didn’t want to participate in the stupid surveys your company developed.  

The clock stroke 9 as you put on your headset with a super big portion of motivation as you started dialing the numbers that were on the long-ass list hanging beside your computer. A few “No, Thank you”, a bunch of “Where the hell do you have my number from?” and plenty of “Who the fuck is this?” later, your motivation, which wasn’t even there in the first place, vanished. You heaved a long sigh, dialing the next number.  


You put on your sweetest voice, “A wonderful good morning sir! I’m calling from the marketing research company IKONic. Today we’re doing a super short survey about grocery shopping. Do you want to participate?” It was probably your 100th times saying this on the phone and you almost pressed on “declined” out of habit, when a deep voice answered with a “Sure.”

You were a bit surprised as you mumbled a soft, “Okay,” and started the survey.  

“So first of all, may I register your age?”  

“23,” Wow, he was the first person this young taking one of these boring surveys. Your fingers typed over the numbers on the keyboard before pressing ENTER, “How about you?” There was a soft chuckle on the other line which made you a bit flustered.

“Haha…,” you let out a forced weird laugh, “I can’t tell you that.”

“Awe why, you have a cute voice though.” You weren’t sure If he was just wanted make a joke out of it and tease you a bit, yet you couldn’t help the light shade of red rushing to your cheeks.

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JonTron  {Sentence Starters}

  • “You’re hard to love, but you’re harder to hate.”
  • “I’m here to tell you it’s not too late! You still have a chance!”
  • “I guess some things you just never forget. Some scars never heal.”
  • “I ain’t above punchin’ rats!”
  • “Maybe they didn’t want the subtlety of their, uh, blatant theft to be lost on the masses.”
  • “I shouldn’t, now. I shouldn’t, but I gonna because I’m a good person.”
  • “And IIIIIIII   —HOLY SHIT— will always LOVE you! I can’t believe you’d do this to me! Goddamn it, how could you do this to me?!”
  • “There is not a CHANCE I am interested in this bear!”
  • “I’ve been here for over six hours and I have nothing to show for it.”
  • “Well, that’s about enough life for me for one day.”
  • “There’s nothing. But the voices, they never stop. —-See you in an hour!“
  • “Oh, yes! To my surprise, this is something I often forget!”
  • “Why again with the brutality?”
  • “What’s this blue pants? What’s this blue pants? I can’t get it.”
  • “Fool me once, I’m mad. Fool me twice, how could you? Fool me three times, you’re officially THAT guy, okay?” 
  • “What did I see? What am I seeing here? No, what am I? No, is this—-?”
  • “Yeah! Ugly people never win! That’s the moral of the story, guys!”
  • “This is bullshit. I’m getting out of here.”
  • “That’s it! This is the best game ever! Cue the song and dance!”
  • “Shit, I hallucinated all that, didn’t I?”
  • “It’s alright. One day, we will all be equal on this earth. Until then, I’m gonna give you a kiss, muffin.”
Make the hurting stop || MURPHY X READER

Hey guys! Another one-shot from me. Main scenario is: an unnamed guy bullying the reader for nothing, really. I wanted to write an angry Murphy having a fight but didn’t turn quite that way… Would you guys like to read something like that, though?

I’m not really sure about this one being okay to read, so I’d be glad to have some feedback. Like it, reblog it, send me a mail or something, please? :3

Words: around 1900.

Aside from a few curse words, no special warnings, unless you count possible grammar mistakes! Enjoy, and feel free to ask for one-shots. :)

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Galaxy Quest RP Sentence Starters
  • “Never give up…never surrender!”
  • “Activate the Omega 13.”
  • “I was an actor once, damn it, now look at me. Look at me!”
  • “By Grabthar’s Hammer, by the sons of Warvan, you shall be avenged.”
  • “I hadn’t even gotten to the relevant conundrum.”
  • “It’s just a television show. Okay? That’s all.”
  • “We have secured our limousine.”
  • “Her translator is broken.”
  • “We are actors, not astronauts!”
  • “You guys want to go home? Fine. Say the word and we’ll go home. Pay our bills. Feed our fish. Fall asleep in front of the TV. And miss out on all this.”
  • “Some of the crew has requested to be present at this historic event.”
  • “Why don’t you just turn it on and see what it does?”
  • “Don’t panic. I’ve dealt with this guy before. He’s as stupid as he is ugly.”
  • “There’s a red thingy moving towards the green thingy.”
  • “I remember that sound! That’s a bad sound!”
  • “Could you possibly try NOT–to HIT–EVERY–SINGLE–ONE!?”
  • “You broke the ship. You broke the bloody ship!”
  • “Look! I have one job on this lousy ship, it’s stupid, but I’m gonna do it! Okay!?”
  • "Don’t open that! It’s an alien planet! Is there air!? You don’t know!”
  • “Did I just hear that the animal turned inside out, and then it EXPLODED!?”
  • “Go for the eyes, like in episode 22!”
  • “Construct a weapon. Look around you. Can you form some sort of rudimentary lathe?”
  • “You’re just going to have to figure out what it wants. What is its motivation?”
  • “I see you managed to get your shirt off.”
  • “You have all done far greater damage than I ever could have.”
  • “The crew and I are in a lot of trouble and we need your help.”
  • “Maybe you’re the plucky comic relief. You ever think about that?”
  • “We shouldn’t have to do this. It makes no logical sense. Why is it here?”
  • “Whoever wrote this episode should DIE!”
  • “If you are counting on me to blink, then you are making a deadly mistake.”

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My Questions

1. What is a movie you will never be tired of?

Probably John Wick. It’s so good, and it has my boy Keanu Reeves in it. 

2. Is there anything you would change about yourself if you could? If so, what?

Okay so not to sound like super depressing but I’d probably change the way I look like a lot. I’m pretty ugly.

3. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Cookies in Cream 

4. What’s your Hogwarts house?

I am a hufflepuff, and I’m hella proud of it.

5. Which era did your bias look the best in?

All of them??? But like I really love the pink hair man. Yeol looks so good with pink hair.

6. What’s your ethnicity?

i’m white. 

7. Do you have any embarrassing stories?

I have like a ton but my favorite is about how I got dared to tell this guy at my school I was a foreign exchange student from Ireland. I am really good at using an Irish accent so I went up to him and asked him to show me how to get to my class. He ended up believing me and I had to keep up the act for months before finally I told him. He wasn’t mad at all if anything he thought it was funny. I still get embarrassed though because like I had to run around pretending I was an exchange student and fooling this poor kid.

8. Who is your bias from a girl group?

Aye Lisa from Blackpink.

9. What is a quote that speaks to you?

“only the gentle are ever really strong” - James Dean.

10. Is pineapple on pizza wonderful or abominable?

I don’t like it at all, but I don’t care If other people do.

11. What are your top 5 songs, either kpop or non kpop?

Creep - Radiohead, I’ll follow you into the dark - Death cab for cutie, One more light - Linkin Park, Stronger - Exo,  Lake of fire - Nirvana 

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My Questions for you! 

  1.  What’s your favorite album?
  2. What’s your favorite genre of music?
  3. Whose your favorite painter?
  4. Have you ever been to a concert? If so who was it? 
  5. Do you have a favorite book? 
  6. What’s your favorite thing about your bias?
  7. Do you poor the milk first or the cereal first? 
  8. Favorite snack?
  9. What’s your patronus?
  10. Do you have tattoos? 
  11. The scariest movie you’ve ever seen?
AU #2: cake by the ocean

Rating: T
Pairing: Natsu/Lucy
Prompt:  We’re studying in the library and there are two people very obviously fucking in the stacks and we keep sharing embarrassed glances
Words: 1651

Lucy thought it was weird that there were two people standing in the classics section of the library when she got there. Normally, she’d be the only one browsing that section since it seemed like no one really read classic literature anymore. But today, when she walked in to pick a new book to check out, a pair of students were already there, although it didn’t look like they were particularly interested in the books.

Side eyeing the guy and girl who were standing awfully close to each other, Lucy ducked her head and muttered a quick “excuse me” before she went around them. She scanned the bookshelf quickly, ignoring the giggling couple who were whispering to each other in hushed voices, and spotted the book she was looking for. Lucy could see the couple giving her discreet glances and she rolled her eyes, choosing to not comment. Instead, she examined the copy of Wuthering Heights that she picked up and once she deemed it acceptable, Lucy quickly got out of their way and left.

“That was weird,” she muttered to herself as she walked out into the sitting area. It was tiny space in the back corner of the library and but it had comfy couches and desks for students like her to study on and she didn’t want to walk too far to find a seat. Considering it was a Friday night and the quarter had barely started, the area was empty save for a boy with peculiar pink hair, sitting at one of the desks. Choosing one of the couches next to him, Lucy curled up with her book and opened to the first page. One of her favorite things to do in college was to just relax and read at the library. College was tiring and stressful and when she had the time, she liked to sit down and read because it reminded her of home.

Lucy had made her way through a few pages when suddenly, a soft noise caught her attention.


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The signs camping

Aries- *lights up a fire* *refuses help* *pitches tent* *collects firewood* *angry* *red eyes* *destroy Aquarius card pyramid* “I’M DOING WVERYTHING ALONE, YOU USELESS!!!! FUCK YOU ALL”

Taurus- *looking at the stars casually eating a hamburguer* *steps on a stick* “OMG A SNAKE” *runs* “SAVE THE FOOD”

Gemini- “HEY SAG HOW ARE YOU BRO” “HIGH FIVE ARIES” *goes to scorpio* “I don’t like to gossip but have I told you that Sagittarius and Aries met yesterday? I think they may have something but idk, did you watch the Grammy’s? What’s your favorite singer? My hair is ugly? *talks for 3 hours*

Cancer- *hugging teddy bear* “I miss my mom” *listen to Adele for the rest of the night*

Leo- “OKAY LISTEN TO ME YOUR FUCKERS DO WHAT I SAY AND WE WILL HAVE A LOT OF FUN” *leads the way* “Pisces stop trying to feed this fox with our marshmallows”

Virgo- “Oh God we could be dead in a second” *spraying insect repellent* “IS IT MUD? NO WAY, BYE BITCHES” *entering the tent*

Libra- *roasting marshmallows with Capricorn* *flips hair* “Gemini is such a bitch. She told everybody I kissed Pisces, I hate her” *gemini comes* “HI GIRL WANTS TO JOIN US?”

Scorpio- *determined* “Aries come here” ~ten minutes later~ *making out*

Sagittarius- “Aries made out with Scorpio? Oh I don’t care I didn’t like her anyway she was too bitchy” *turns to Aquarius* “LET’S FIND SOME MUSHROOMS?”

Capricorn- *reading book* *makes a joke* *nobody laughs* *sits with Libra* “Hey friend at least YOU like me, right?”

Aquarius- *talking to Virgo* “Yeah I do think Aliens really exist but they are some kind of humanoid, you know? Like they can time travel because the human race made them so they became too powerfull and dominated world” *lays in the ground* 

Pisces- *strokes frog* “Hey little butterfly you’re so cute let me give you a name” *catches it* “SIMBA”

Written for Powder Doom by Amara

“The conversations that surround beauty need to start with our humanity and why girls, fat girls, trans girls, especially girls of color, and especially black girls, do not believe they have a shred of beauty, and how they can focus on changing that, makeup included or not included.”

Writer Amara talks about the no makeup vs makeup trend.

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anonymous asked:

can you do a reaction thing for when you are about to bake a cake with jungkook/jimin/namjoon in the kitchen, then when you're carrying the bag of flour to the counter, you trip over something and fall. the flour bag kinda explodes and now you look like an extra frosty jack frost ehehehe

Ehehehe this request is so adorable. I’m not sure if you wanted a gif reaction or an ask so I did both, hope you enjoy reading cause I sure enjoyed answering

Jungkook: The two of you would probably be baking a cake for one of his bangtan hyungs and Jungkook would really be enjoying spending quality time with you, especially when food is involved. He’d expect you to be more of a baker than him so when your clusmy self falls and bursts the only bag of flour you got, this boy will not know what to do with you, staring in disbelief.

*flustered* yeeeeap…

He’d stare for a couple more second, half worried that you injured yourself and the other half thinking, “I knew we should have gotten more than one bag.” When you manage to pull yourself together, he’d be beside you in a heartbeat helping you to stand but that’s before he catches a glimpse of your flour covered face. Because when Jungkook does he’d be laughing like there’s no tomorrow, hands on his stomach and tears in his eyes. 

Indignant, you’d throw a handful of flour at him. It’d take more than that to suck him into the whole food fight thing but when he does, oh the war will be on. He’ll be jumping around to wind up the flour, pretending that it is snow.

And pretty soon you’ll see him rolling around in the flour just so he can slide across your kitchen floor without getting friction burns. 

They two of you will probably spend the whole day playing in the flour, and ending the day with a nice long soak in the tub with you drying the hair of an embarrassed Jungkook. 

“I feel like we’re forgetting something… what were we suppose to do again?”


Jimin: Mega cutie Jimin would be very concerned at first, crouching down immediately when he realizes that you fell onto the bag of flour.

Jagiya, are you okay?”

He’d try to brush the bits of flour stuck on your hair and ends up making it worse, all the while panicking and apologizing. He’d try to make you sit up, pulling you towards his body so that you can lean on him while he checks for any bleeding or major injuries. He would be confused when you refuse to show him your face, bending this way and that to get a good look, worried that you’re hurt. When Jimin sees your flour covered face he’d be shock at first,

which will slowly progress to him trying not to laugh and failing terribly

He’d try his best to stop laughing but ends up like this

and “I’m sorry jagiya but..ehheehehehehe”

In a huff you’ll be flinging whatever flour you can grab from around you at his ugly teasing face. He’d look at you in shock, pausing mid laugh as he chock on the dry flour.

Before long the two of you will be childishly throwing flour at each other, laughing louder and louder each time you do. This boy will probably splash water at you just to see you squirm, only stopping when you start yelling, “alright, alright you win!”

“Aw man really? And just when I was gonna start attacking you with ageyo too!”


Rap Monster: A loud crash would send Namjoon running to the kitchen, the cake recipe in hand and panic all over his face

When he sees you on the floor, Namjoon would not even pause to think about the potential pain you might be in, thinking that the scene before him is too comical to be happening in real life. He’d laugh 

and laugh (why is it so hard to find a normal gif of him)

and laugh some more,

blabbering nonsense as he tries to ask if you’re okay.

Naturally this bombard of his ugly (no wait I actually mean it this time) ugly face would send amusement and resignation to your features and before you could resist you’d be punching his face gathering flour into a big bowl and dumping its content onto his head from behind. 


“I-is this the flour from the floor??!!”

He’d shout as he looks back at you, a mix of playfulness and shock written all over his face. He’d distract you by making a huge fuss out of you throwing flour on his newly colored hair (“look what you did now I have to take a shower and the color will wash off!!”) as he gathers flour from all around ready to make an attack. 

He’ll take you by surprise, hitting you right in the face and celebrating right after with his strange new dance that is, before he gets attacked by you again.

“Oh so that’s how you want to play it, jagiya.”

“Give me your best shot." 

The two of you will be play wrestling in your cramp kitchen for the rest of the day, breaking and finding more things to throw at each other. And if by the end of the fight you don’t need a new kitchen, you probably need a new house.

I have realized that scrolling through the jungkook gif tag was not a good idea *noona feels OTL*

- Raye (´∀`)♡

Mile high Michael- Michael Clifford Imagine (smut)- part 2- straight version

Requested- Yes

Anon-   Hi can you please do a part 2 to Mile High Michael please would appreciate it, thanks

Pairing- Michael & Y/N

Words-  900+

Summary-  you and Michael get delayed in the airport during a crossover and decide to kill time with a bit more fun

NOTE- I can make an extra part to any imagine/smut in my masterlist.  Just ask


Masterlist / Ask

“This is unbelievable. I need to be back in Australia for my mums birthday!” Michael groans, looking up at the board that has the word “delayed” on it. 

 "You are kidding right? It’s my friends wedding,“ you groan, "I miss that and there is no making it up." 

 "Well either way we are stuck here." 

 "Brilliant. Like being stuck with you on the plane wasn’t enough,” you sigh. 

 "I didn’t see you complaining when I had my head between your thighs,“ Michael retorted, clearly hurt. 

 You breathe out. 

 "I’m sorry. I’m just frustrated. Out of all the times I have flown anywhere this is the first time I’ve been delayed and it’s the first time I had somewhere to be at a set time." 

 "Yeah it’s typical that it happens when you have to be somewhere,” Michael sympathised. 

 "What are we supposed to do for five hours? Sit in the terminal bored out of our minds?“ 

"I can think of something we can do,” Michael replies, cheekily. 

 "Michael we are in an airport full of people. It’s not like we can start fucking each other in the Starbucks.“ 

 "No but there are toilets in the building." 

 "You have a strange thing about toilets,” you giggle. 

 "I have a thing about anywhere that’s private enough to have sex with a stunning girl.“ 

 "You think I’m stunning?” You blush. 

 "I wouldn’t have sex with you If I thought you were ugly,“ he scoffs. 

 "Okay but even if we did go to the toilets, the male and female toilets are separate. One of us would have to sneak in to the others bathroom." 

 "Or we could use the disabled toilet." 

 "No,” you shake your head, “that’s awful. What if someone needed it?" 

 "I’m sure there is more than one disabled toilet Y/N,” Michael points out and you frown. 

 That is true. No wait! Why are you even considering this? It was bad enough that you had had sex with a total stranger thousands of feet in the air but now you were considering taking over a disabled toilet to do it again? What was wrong with you? 

 "No,“ you shake your head,"no this is stupid. We should just sit and wait patiently like normal people." 

 "Whatever you want,” Michael shrugs, taking a seat on one of the benches. You sit down beside him and the pair of you stare ahead in silence. The minutes tick by excruciatingly slowly and you find yourself thinking back to the toilet on the plane and the way Michael felt inside you. 

 "I know you’re thinking about it,“ Michael said, suddenly, making you jump. 

"I’m not thinking about anything,” you shrug. 

 "Right so your thighs are clamped together because it’s comfortable to sit like that? And your gripping your knees that tightly because you want to make sure they don’t run away somewhere?“ 

 You gulp and loosen your grip on your kneecaps. 

 "Admit it Y/N,” Michael chuckles, “you want more. You want my head between your legs again. You want me fucking you with my tongue until your just a pile of nerves around me and I know you want to taste me again too. I know you want to show me how good you can make me feel." 

 You swallow hard, trying to ignore him but it is impossible and he doesn’t speak one lie. 

 Michael jumps as you turn and throw yourself on him. He staggers back so he is in a lying position on the bench and you are above him, kissing him wildly. He grips your shoulders and pushes you back so you are both sitting again. 

"Not here,” he reminds you, breathily and with that he takes your hand and marches you towards the toilets. You frown as he suddenly changes course and turns to the left of the toilets. “

Where are we-” you start to ask. 

 "Broom closet. Nobody’s been in it for hours,“ he smirks. 

 You are surprised that it is open. Are the cleaners even allowed to do that? You go to ask Michael this but he cuts you off as he pushes you back against the door, clicking it shut and his lips crush against yours with a delicious force. It’s like you can’t get enough of each other. 

 Hands and clothes fly everywhere and yet your mouths barely move apart. Within minutes you are both naked and writhing against each other. Michael wasn’t wrong. You wanted to please him. You wanted to take his long length to the back of your throat over and over until he filled it. 

 He didn’t see it coming as you broke away from the kiss and sunk to your knees but he let out a low growl as you gripped his shaft in one hand, holding it steady as you lowered your mouth along it. 

 Michael pressed his palms against the door to hold himself steady while you twirled your tongue around his erection. He was so hard so easily and it made you feel extremely sexy and powerful. You felt like you could make this boy do anything you wished. And you probably could because Michael was enjoying this blow job more than any other he had received. And it wasn’t just the danger of being caught but the way you moved your innocent looking mouth down his length while you peered up at him through your eyelashes. He was loving every second of this and his loud moans made it very clear. 

 He had images in his head of how he would repay you for this and not one of them was innocent. Unknowingly you had awoken a sex driven beast. Michael was about to show you just how good he could make you feel.

Moments Gone

Chapter 1. Decisions

Lucas Friar watched as Riley Matthews wrapped a blanket around her body and snuggled up on the bay window in the ski lodge they had been staying at. She glanced around the room, tentatively smiling at passing strangers.

He stood staring from afar, finally at peace with himself. He knew who he wanted. He’s always known.

Before Lucas could take a step towards her, a hand pushed him back and he found himself staring at Cory Matthews concerned face.

“Don’t hurt my daughter,” Cory said firmly, but there was a softness as he added, “Love is a beautiful thing when we allow it to grow.  I can’t stop the inevitable, Mr. Friar. You make her happy. Now, go chase love.”

With a slight grin and a happy nod, Lucas strolls over to Riley. Her eyes flickered up to meet his and they darkened visibly.

“You made a decision?” Her voice was uncharacteristically meek and completely uninterested.

“I did,” Lucas confirmed with a soft smile. “I choose you, Riley,” Lucas pauses, falls onto his knees and grabs Riley’s warm hands, pressing a warm kiss on her knuckles.  "It’s always been you…“

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She’s Tired

Request - are you taking requests? becasue if you are can you please write something where the reader is sick or sth and is lying down and thomas and minho fights over her loudly so she gets mad and newt walks in and tells them both to leave and kisses her?? idk but thanks:)


“Whats wrong with her?” Minho screamed pointing at the girl drooped lifeless in Thomas’s arms.

“I don’t know, she just-”

“Is she hurt? She’s not … dead, right?” 

“She’s just-” Thomas couldn’t continue his sentence.

“I knew I shouldn’t have trusted you with her! She should have went running with me, then- then this wouldn’t have happened!” Minho yelled out half mad and half worried.

“Hey! I don’t know what happened to her, she’s not hurt. She just sort of fainted, okay? I didn’t do anything!” Thomas argued back.

“Well you must have done something! Look at her!”

“Calm down, alright!” Newt and some other Galders rushed towards the east doors.

“How can we calm down when she’s-” Thomas stopped when Newt’s eyebrows shot up. 

“Medjacks! take her, I think she’s overworked.” He said rubbing his chin. “You guys go with them and tell him exatly what happened. I’ll go get Alby.” As soon as Newt finished both Thomas and Minho ran towards the medjacks as fast as they could.


“So is she going to be okay?” Minho asked impatiently tapping on the head of the bed. 

“When will she wake up?”

“I don’t know but-” He was cut off.

“What do you mean you don’t know? You’re the Medjack!” Minho interrupted.

“Newt’s right, she’s overworked, don’t think she’s eaten or slept recently. And running in a state like that? Wasn’t the best thing for her.” Winston said shaking his head towards the sleeping girl. “She’s sleeping right now, let her rest and she’ll be back to normal soon.” 

“This is all your fault! You give her way too much work everyday for her to handle! No wonder she passes out!” Thomas said raising his voice to Minho. 

“My fault? She was running with you all the time! You probably got worked up in running you didn’t even stop to rest!” Minho fought back, also raising his voice.

“Hey! Quiet, I said she has to rest. Don’t think she can do that with you guys screaming your heads off.” Winston pointed out. “Leave her alone, she’s tired.” He rolled his eyes before walking out the room.

“She probably fainted because she couldn’t keep up with the task you set for us! it was obviously too much running for one day.” Thomas said, this time quieter.

“I asked her if it was fine, she said yes so I thought it would be okay. Not my problem she had to keep up with you.” Minho said in his sassy voice, a little louder than Thomas.

“Keep up with me? What’s that suppose to mean huh?” He said taking a step closer to minho.

“It means-” He was cut off by a small growl.

“Shut up for shuck sakes.”

“Are you okay? How do you feel?” The two boys immediately crouched down to your level.  

“Tired?” You said annoyed.

“Well I’m so sorry MInho overworked you.” Thomas sassed smirking.

“What do you mean I overworked her?” He argued back.

“Guys, I need you to shut up. Okay? I want to sleep.” You said with the smallest energy you could get out.

“Okay, don’t worry. We’ll be quiet.” Thomas and Minho said.



“What did you mean when you said keep up with me?” Thomas spoke.

“I don’t know like look at you ugly shucking face that she doesn’t like? She obviously likes me better.” Minho said raising his eyebrows.

“What do you mean she likes you better, she likes me more. Everyone can tell.” Thomas scoffed.

“Everyone like who? Yourself?” He laughed.

“Everyone as in all the Gladers, except you.” Thomas smirked.

“Oh really? Is that why she sat next to me for dinner last night?”

“I was next to her too!” Thomas shouted. “Why would she want to run with me then?” 

“Because she couldn’t handle how perfect I am? Duh.” 

“As if! He laughed.

“Guys! Shut up! Seriously leave me alone.” You screamed, fed up with the two immature boys.

“Thats it, you heard the girl. Get out.” Newt said walking in.

“But-” Thomas tried to fight but it didn’t work.

“Out, both of you.” 

“She likes me more.” Minho whispered.

“No she doesn’t, she likes me.” Thomas whispered back.

The two boys walked around the shack to the window to sneak a peak at You.


“Thanks, Newt.” You said lying back down.

“You alright?” Newt said running his fingers through your hair.

“Yeah, just tired.” 

“Those boys won’t bother you now.” He said Leaving a small kiss on your lips. “Sleep, I’ll come get you before dinner.” He said before standing up.

“Newt,” you called out. “I love you.” 

“I know.” He smiled and walked out.


“Seriously guys? I didn’t send you guys in here to have a fight.” Newt said to the boys startling them.

“Are you and Y/N? … like going out?” Minho said shocked.

“Yes, we are. So back off, don’t touch her.” He said before walking away.


A/N - For some reason I can’t link My masterlist on the comp so if you want to check just go on your phone safari and type 


in to the search bar and you’ll see it there. If you get onto it just message me.