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1. Nicknames: all my friends call me niky :d

2. Gender: female

3. Star sign: taurus

4. Height: umm…5'3

5. Time: 10 pm

6. Birthday: april

7. Favourite bands: imagine dragons,twenty one pilots,pentatonix,fall out boy,gorillaz,mother mother,studio killers
8. Favourite solo artists: Jaymes Young,Billie Eilish,Cavetown,Chase Holfelder

9. Song stuck in my head: it’s ok,you’re okay - bonjr (it’s really relaxing)

10. Last movie watched: the conjuring

11. Last show watched: iZOMBIE

12. When did I create my blog: jan 22,2017

13. What do I post: my art and memes(mostly phan memes because right now I’m obsessed with Dan and Phil xD)

14. Last thing I googled: cris cyborg(idk I was seeing a documentary on the weight cut that MMA fighter do before fighting,and it’s flipping insane and dangerous,so yep)

15. Do you have other blogs: nope

16. Do you get asks: eh..I received just a few

17. Why did you choose url: I think it’s the simplest name i could think of xD

18. Following: 303

19. Followers: 65

20. Favourite colours: black,white and blue

21. Average hours of sleep: 6-7

22. Lucky number: 8

23. Instruments: guitar

24. What am I wearing: pijama

25. How many blankets I sleep with: not even one,it’s too hot here in italy

26. Dream job: still don’t know,I think the animator

27. Dream trip: Japannnn =u=

28. Favourite food: cinnamon rolls

29. Nationality: half italian half colombian

30. Favourite song now: body - mother mother

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HideKane redraw time!! Because there will be one month full of Jeanmarco next, I want to concentrate on all the other wonderful characters I love for this month ;) there are 6 Month between those two (and yeah, it is the same like the last time xD Ken looks so cute, Hide looks like… ha, I dont know -.- I don´t like him there, but it´s okay, I don´t like anything right now). And yeah, it was my interest to draw them with different hairstyles ;) ~

“So, can I ask your age?”
I squinted. “Why?”
“It was an all ages show, just making sure I’m not being a predator or something.”
I laughed and cut into the soft golden brown of my pancake.
“Well, you’re not looking for anything so why would my age matter?”
“Oh come on Max, I just don’t want to be talking to a baby.”
“I am a baby, but not because of my age.” I directed the soft fluffiness towards my mouth as the syrup created a trail on the table. I let the pancake hover outside my mouth, “I’m twenty.” I quickly stuffed it inside.
She pulled her mouth up and tried to act casual. I was trying to hold in a smile by now.
“I’m uh, twenty-six.”
“Well I’m about to turn twenty-one next week!”
“Yeah, that doesn’t make me feel any better.” She frowned and pushed her plate away.
“Age is irrelevant. I think, or-or at least I like to think that way.”
I didn’t know why I was trying so hard to defend my age. She wasn’t available anyway. Wouldn’t matter if I was her age. I honestly didn’t care about that, I didn’t get why she did.

anonymous asked:

First time that their crush goes into their room? Who leaps into cleaning mode? Who's mortified? Also what goes through their minds when their crush sits on their bed?

This is so cute! I hope you like it, nonnie! 

Oh, off topic, but am I the only one who thinks of Leo whenever the “Shape Of You” song by Ed Sheeran plays, especially at the “last night you were in my room, now my bedsheets smell like you-” part comes? Okay, maybe, nevermind! xD 


Leo is not as mortified as his brothers might be, because his room is neat, clean, organized and pretty much on point. He was a little surprised when you said you wanted to hang out with him because the two of you have never hung out alone before, yet been alone in each others bedrooms, but of course he didn’t turn you down and politely let you come in. 

He’s respectful and as usual being the gentleman he is. He wants you to be comfortable, but as soon as you sit in his bed, he’s like in a trance. Imagines of you and him on his bed plays in his head and he feel all kinds of excited to have you in his room, but still stays respectful. 


Raph is mortified and leaps into cleaning mode, full ninja speed. He felt so embarrassed for all the mess. Some heavy weights on the floor, alot of empty Orange Crush cans everywhere. Yep, he’s room was a mess.

(So in the 2k16 movie, Raph and Mikey shares a room. I canon them both to want separate bedrooms as soon as they have a crush, because thangs can happen. *winks*)

He wants to make the best impression of himself as he can for you. He don’t want you to think that he is some nasty gross person and give you more reasons not to like him. 

When you sits on his bed, he blushes a lot. You were in his territory, so close to him and alone with him. The dreams he use to have of you played over and over in his mind, thinking of all the things he could do to you on that bed. 


Donnie doesn’t care so much for his mess. He’s used to everyone coming into the lab, which is right outside his bedroom so he doesn’t think so much of it. If it bothers you, he will ever so gently apologize and clean up the mess that’s in your way. 

He isn’t so mortified, but more nervous that you are alone in the room, though he will not complain. You and him alone in his room, what more could he ever ask for? 

When he see you sit down on his bed, it’s like he freeze and blushes, his heart doing flips. He may stutter when you talk, but soon enough he warms up again and tries to play cool. 


I think Mikey will invite you into his room quick. Alone time in his room, with his soon-to-be-babe, he’s all in for it.

“Welcome to my crib, cupcake.” he winks at you as he opens the door and let you inside of his bedroom. 

As soon as you sit on his bed, he smirks because of the naughty thoughts he has of you and he just sits next to you, being very laid back and chill about it, in the same time as he flirts and uses cheesy pick up lines. 

Shoutout to @justalilwriterblog for GIFs! ^-^ <3

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"I don't want to stand in the way of everything you wan...t" "well that's going to be a problem,, cos your everything I want"

Raven hugged herself tightly, forcing her gaze to stay fixed on the ground. She knew that if she so much as saw a sliver of a glimpse of him, she’d crack. This was for the best, as she’d told herself numerous times, and Raven needed to stay focused.  

But focus was hard to attain when he was standing this close. 


Beast Boy’s voice echoed through the hallway, making her flinch. Raven took a shaky breath, willing herself to stay on script. “Because, Beast Boy, I told you,” she said. “We can’t do this.” She squeezed her eyes shut, trying desperately to stay in control. 

Don’t break, she thought. Remember, this is what’s best for him. Images of the pain a life with her would cause flashed through her mind. She was reclusive. Antisocial. She carried a cartload of messy and terrifying baggage that no one needed to help her take care of. 

“I’m not going to stand in the way of what you want,” she murmured hoarsely. 

The following silence made her tremble. She wavered like a flower in the wind, the words to take back what she’d said brimming at the tip of her tongue. Raven bit her lip hard and remained silent. 

“Well, that’s gonna be a problem.” 

The leisurely tone of Beast Boy’s voice made her blink. Raven jerked her head up sharply, meeting his gaze. “W-why is that?” Her lips betrayed her, sputtering words before she could think. Beast Boy grinned coyly a her, his emotions surging against her emphatic barriers. 

“’Cuz, Rae, you’re everything I want!” 

Raven gaped at him, speechless. The line was so utterly cheesy and shallow, and yet so him that she had to take a moment to breathe. And think. 

Was he being serious?

Raven cautiously lowered her walls, allowing her empathy to reach out. She brushed against his aura, nearly gasping at how bright it was. Dipping below the surface, she allowed his emotions to wash over her. 

And there it was. 

A warmth of affection swaddled her being, filling her up and making her breathless. It was so overpowering, with a sizzling hint of something stronger lurking beneath the surface. She cut the connection abruptly, terrified of what she’d just experienced. 

Beast Boy’s expression softened. “Hey, look, Rae, I know this won’t be easy, okay?” He seemed somewhat bashful then, his gaze skirting to the ground. “But I don’t want easy. I want you.”

Time slowed. Raven felt as though the entire world disappeared, leaving just the two of them. She became lost in his gaze, entranced by the emotion he held there. Her hand grazed his cheek, and she smiled. 

“Okay,” she murmured. Raven knew once she left the safety of this moment, all of her fears and trepidations would return full force. But now, standing here with him, she allowed herself to fall just a little bit more in love with him. 

At long last, I have completed the prompt. XD I like this one! And I totally know this is from Steven Universe. It’s okay though, I love Greg and Rose’s relationship. :D This was fun, and I hope you like it! 

-mod vixensheart


How about a deal with the devil scenario?

A person is set to be married and they’re unsure of whether or not they really want to marry their intended or not. It’s not that they hate the spouse-to-be or thinks ill of them. On the contrary- The person that they’re supposed to be with forever and ever is a dear friend of theirs. someone they trust and care for. It’s just… It’s just they’re unsure if they want to spend the rest of their life with an individual who will only be a dear friend of theirs in what’s to be their happiest of unions.

But tradition and family dictates their small seaside village. This arranged marriage has been planned since they were babies and there’s not much they can do.

Well, besides slipping away from the festivities the night before the marriage to give themselves a good cry. They end up taking a boat and make their way towards a littoral cave near the crags of the village, not wanting anyone to see how miserable and anxious they were for the impending rituals.

But as they get their boat closer to the sea-made cave, they see someone else is there. Someone larger than them, with glittering scales and glowing eyes and smiling the kindest smile they’ve ever seen.

A merformer.

There are Rules when it comes to interacting with these fantastical beasts. They try to keep it in mind as they speak with the gorgeous creature but they’re unable to hide their awe and surprise that such a majestic being of seas and storms would want to speak with them of all people. The merformer knows this - they’ve been around long enough to know how the human heart works - and it isn’t long before the person spills their fears and doubts of their wedding tomorrow.

So the merformer makes them an innocent enough offer: A trinket of theirs - the bracelet they’re wearing at that moment - and they’ll be more than willing to create such poor weather out in the see that the wedding has to be postponed.

The person agrees without a second thought, happily handing over the bracelet and trying their best to ignore the way the merformer’s touch lingers a bit too long.

The wedding is postponed when howling winds and crashing waves destroys any chance of a seaside wedding. The families are disappointed by the turn of events but carry on, making plans to have the nuptials happen next month instead. The person soothes their unhappy intended and tries to hide back their smile.

They begin to meet the merformer regularly now. At first to merely thank them and give them offers of sweets and wines to stay on their good side but it soon evolves in what they think is a genuine friendship. They tell them merformers their fears and dreams, their hopes and secrets. They sing songs to entertain their scaly friend as they spend hours together out at the crags. They’re given ropes of pearls and coral bracelets. They feel so safe with the merformer, so at ease with them that when asked if they’ll always be together, the poor thing didn’t realize think much of that hungry gleam in their friend’s eye as they swore to them they’ll be at each other’s side forever.

Perhaps that was where everything went wrong.

Like all things that are strange and curious, the changes happen over time like how the constant ebb and flow of the sea’s waves erodes the strongest of rocks. The price begins to escalate every time the person asks the merformer to postpone the wedding and they try not to think much of it at first. The trinket becomes a lock of hair. The lock of hair becomes a song proclaiming their loyalties to the merformer and only them. And it isn’t long before the song becomes a kiss that the merformer takes from them too roughly, too passionately for this to be a mere trade between friends anymore.

Finally, they’re asked for their Name.

At this point the person is finally (finally!) starting to realize they’re in over their head and refuses that because they know what will happen to them if they give that up. They made have doubts about their impending marriage and they maybe unsure of their future in the village but the idea of outliving their loved ones and never setting foot on land again is a nightmare.

They tell their friend as much, pulling away from their reaching grasp as much as their tiny boat allows. This is the only time the merformer has stops smiling and the expression that comes and goes their face terrifies the poor person, making them realize how small and fragile and defenseless they really were against this great creature.

They begin to row away, fast as their shaking arms can muster, and try to ignore the heated gaze that follows them all the way home. Overhead they can hear the distant rumble of thunder and they can all but taste the approach of a storm in the air.

What have they gotten themselves into?

OH MY PRIMUS!!!  I had to wait a reasonable amount of time after reading this so I could properly form the words to describe how much I love this!  I spent a good ten minutes just screaming at the computer screen!  Omfg!  XD  

This is so good!  It fits so perfectly with the underlying creepiness of a lot of fairytales and legends!  I love all your stories!  You’re such a talented writer!  I hope to see more of your stuff in the future!  <3 <3 <3

Excuse me while I go on a screencapping spree of my favorite Pasha~

Yes, Mah-kun. That’s you.

Young and handsome Pasha with his ever faithful, equally handsome falcon, Iskender.

Did I mention how handsome my son is? <3

Serious, formal “Golden Eagle” Mahmut Pasha before the Divan.

“Serious with brooding eyes” Pasha.

Oh, Shara~ 

Be merciful when teasing this innocent boy. But not too much. xD;

Awkward dancing Pasha. Hehe ^^

Secretly poetic + embarrassed Pasha.

Has no clue how to deal with women Pasha.

Very PURE, PURE boy he is.

Yep. ^^

But still considerate, gentleman Pasha even when he’s angry.

I agree, Shara. He is so cute! *giggles* x3

lol, dislodged to the roof Pasha. xD;

Early morning patrol Pasha not to be messed with. o.O

Again, have you seen my beautiful son and his stunning falcon yet?

“I am not upset” insists the Pasha.

“No, you are clearly upset,” says Grandpa Pasha.

This was so much funnier in the manga. Too bad the humor didn’t make it into the anime. :(

Worried about his foster father Pasha.

Noooo, don’t make Mah-kun sad! Dx





Baby Pasha did nothing wrong.

Baby Pasha did not deserve this! ;________;

Yes, good. Adopt and be there for this poor child.

I will be forever grateful to Halil Pasha for taking in Mahmut after he lost everything. *sniffs*

Confident Pasha. ^o^

Fierce falconer Tughril Mahmut!

(I really hope they do the fight scenes justice, btw, cuz this is okay for now but if they don’t show off Mah-kun’s incredible fighting prowess, I will be very disappointed :/ )

Pasha’s beautiful, deadly eyes~


Pasha’s strange, kinda-but-not-really-sort-of rivalry with the Poison Pasha.

I love their relationship, btw. Eagerly waiting for manga chapters to be translated to see them interacting more. 83

Finally, Golden Eagle Pasha against a golden sunset.

Surely this is the most prettiest shot of him so of course I saved it as best for last. :D

…Ooo, wait! There’s one more!

Cross-dressing Pasha. xD;

Can’t forget that when we’re getting him next week, lol~

Anyways, the story was all over the place so I can’t really call this first episode good. Hope they’ll find their grip as we continue on.

And I promise I won’t do this kind of long post again…maybe. For another while, anyway.


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nickname: snickers 
starsign: Sagittarius 
height: 5′4″ (164 cm)
time right now: 6:10 pm
last thing googled: Info on RSD Syndrome
favourite music artists: currently… bts, camilla, dua lipa, black pink, rv, olivia o’brien
song stuck in your head: it’s more of the tune but by your side by jonas, RAYE
last movie watched:  in a heartbeat (does that count as a movie) 
last TV show watched: - um….voltron does that count?
what are you wearing right now: a mint crop top and…no pants (im at home okay let me live XD)
when did you create your blog: this one 2014 *tho i deleted all my 2014 posts cause im extra and filled with anxiety)
what kind of stuff do you post: monochrome, grey stuff, aesthetics, anime and textpost 
do you have any other blogs: @h-eros​  and @oshiteyos
do you get asks regularly: nope
why did you choose your URL:  i’m pretty sure back in the day i shipped rl people it was a ship name backwards but i keep it now cause i see it as tenya my wonderful son :)
gender: female
hogwarts house: gryffindor 
pokemon team: valour
favourite colour:  shades of blue and green
average hours of sleep: 6-8 depends on the day
lucky number: ¯\_( ◉ 3 ◉ )_/¯ don’t have one
favorite character(s):  iida tenya, todoroko, tsuyu (bnha) honestly all of the bnha girls, victor nikiforov (yoi), phichit (yoi), asahi (hq), akaash(hq)i, mila(yoi), sara(yoi), hyoudo (bey), tsukiyama(tg), juuzou(tg)…i should probably stop
how many blankets do you sleep with: one not cold enough for another one
dream job: dancer but realistically something in the medical field 
following: 114 


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Calum Hood- Harder

Request: Could you make a smut that Calum gets so rough with you he breaks the bed?

Hope you guys like it :)


There’snothing quite like a nice and quiet, relaxing night. I had a nice warm cup oftea in my hand and one of Calum’s old band t-shirts on. Sitting on the couch with no pants on, just my panties and Calum’s shirt with my hair all messed up and a nice cup of tea. Yeah, it’s going to be a nice relaxing night. That is, until my thoughts we’re interrupted by the sound of the front door slamming shut. I jumped up and bit, spilling a little tea on the carpet. I gently placed my tea cup on the coffee table and walked over to the front door. I poked my head around the corner to see Calum facing the front door. He head his arm above his head, his head resting on the arm which was resting on the door. He seems stressed.

“Cal?” I asked.

He turned around quickly and I gasped. His face was all red and his eyes were wide. “Y/N.” He said.

“Are you okay? What happened?” I asked.

He stormed over to me and grabbed me by the waist, lifting me up, and kissing me hard. I took in a sharp breath as he kept walking backwards until my back hit a wall. I placed my feet back on the ground while Calum lifted my arms above my head. His grip on my waist was strong and it was kind of turning me on. His lips left mine and attacked my neck, leaving love bites. I moaned and tiled my head back, giving him more access. He kissed up my neck until he finally kissed my sweet spot that was under my ear. I shuttered and tangled my fingers in Calum’s hair. “I need you.” He whispered into my ear.

I didn’t have time to answer because he picked me up and brought me upstairs and into the bedroom. He kicked the door shut with his foot and he put me down on my feet. I sat down on the bed and took his shirt off, throwing it on the floor. He took his shirt off and then got on top of me, kissing me hard again. I scooted further up the bed and then wrapped my legs around his torso. He kissed down my neck again until his lips reached my bra. He reached behind me and unclipped it, throwing it on the ground. He clearly wants things to happen quickly judging by the bulge in his pants. I reached down and started to palm him through his jeans which caused him to moan. He leaned down and wrapped his lips around one of my now hard nipples. He nipped at the sensitive bud and whimpered a bit at the feeling. I felt the wetness start to grow between my legs and I moved my hand away from his growing hard on. I started to grind myself against him which caused us both to moan. The fabric of my panties rubbing against the rough material of his jeans was enough to send me over, but I wasn’t close enough. He reached down and gripped onto my waist, forcing my movements to stop.

“Panties off.” He demanded.

“Same for your pants.” I said and we both sat up, taking the rest of our clothes off. I pushed him down onto the bed and crawled on top of him. I kissed his bare chest and traveled down his stomach and to his lower torso. I grabbed hold on his member and he hissed, fidgeting a little. I pumped him up and down at a slow rate that I know is driving him crazy. I swiped my thumb over his head, wiping off the pre-cum and I put a little bit of him in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his tip and he groaned, letting his head fall back against the pillow. He bucked his hips, causing me to deep throat him. I gagged a bit which only made him do it again, and I allowed him. His tip kept hitting the back of my throat and for some reason, I was enjoying it. I think it was because I was making him feel good is why I’m enjoying it. I felt him twitch and I pinned his hips down to the bed and sat up. He groaned and flipped us over quickly. He didn’t hesitate thrusting into me, groaning loudly. I moaned and reached up, tangling my fingers in the hair on the back of his head. He went deep and fast, not wasting anytime. He reached up, placing his hands on the headboard to keep himself balanced. He rolled his hips into mine at a fast pace, and they were quite powerful thrusts. The bubbling feeling began to rise in the pit of my stomach faster than usual. I moaned loudly and tugged on his hair which only motivated him to go harder.

“Calum, go faster.” I demanded. He exited me completely before slamming into me, causing me to arch my back off the bed. I lifted my hips up, meeting his thrusts with mine. Each time our skin slapped together, I moaned a bit higher the closer I got to my orgasm. I heard a snapping noise and Calum fell on top of me. He lifted himself up with his arms, not stopping his movements. He pulled out of me and threw one of my legs over his shoulder and then slammed into me again. At this new angle, he brushed against my g-spot with each hard thrust. I cried out and screamed once I reached my high. I dragged my nails down his back and closed my eyes, letting him ride out my high. But he didn’t change the pace of his thrusts at all, still slamming into me. I reached down and gripped the sheets, turning my head to the side. Suddenly we dropped closer to the ground, meaning the legs of the bedframe broke. Oh my God this is so hot. He kept ramming in and out of me and a dangerously fast pace, making the warm feeling rise in my core once again. He reached down and rubbed circle on my clit which caused me to release a second time. My vision went black and I cried out Calum’s name.

“Shit shit shit shit shit.” Calum muttered with each thrust before he finally came undone inside me, moaning my name loudly and then collapsing down next to me. After I caught my breath, I looked around at the room. I looked up to see that the headboard was broken in half, the top part slightly hanging off. I looked down to see the legs of the bent, some of them snapped off. I looked up and Calum to see he had his eyes closed, taking in the moment. I reached over and traced shapes on his chest which caused him to look down at me, “That was just what I needed.”

“We broke the bed.” I giggled.

He sat up and looked around and then laughed, “Damn, I guess we did.”

“Now, do you want to tell me why you were so angry?”

“I just had a really stressful day.” He said and leaned down, wrapped his arms around me tightly. He placed light kisses on my neck and I smiled.

“I hope I relieved some of the stress.”

“I believe me, you did. And tomorrow, we’ll look online for a new bedframe.” He whispered the last part.

“Okay.” I agreed.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too, Cal.”

- Brooke XD

What Lies Beneath The Bones…

Contest Entry for @golzy‘s GZtale contest. I’m very proud with what came out, since this is my first time drawing with a glass like effect. I looked at the other contest entries and if you’re wondering, no I did not get this idea from my awesome friend BrassWarrior, I just thought of broken glass because ever since I finished reading the comic, I always thought of making a drawing with Ganz and Papyrus with the broken glass effect. I just didn’t have enough time or the “encouragement” to make one. But anyway, I just hope Brass can understand this and I hope I won’t get disqualified for doing something similar.

-Decided to do all of the themes for the contest which were hallucinations, memories, light and darkness. I also thought it’d be nice if I incorporated the original events that happened in the actual story to this. And I decided to not add too many parts with the humans or anyone else since they aren’t in the comic yet and don’t want to make assumptions. If anyone didn’t know, all of these events happened straight from Golzy’s comic. Starting from the top left corner, the first two are linked images and they represent hallucinations because in the comic, SPOILERS BY THE WAY!!!, Ganz gets flashbacks of his dad, Gaster, forcefully giving Ganz the Determination Pills and in his flashbacks, he acts out and strikes Gaster through the chest with a bone, only to have it strike Papyrus as his flashbacks felt too real and caused him to act out of his thoughts.

-Then the two images with young Papy and young Ganz, they represent memories. In a little three-page spoiler thing for GZtale that Golzy did, the scene was about Ganz struggling to contain himself which resulted in him almost attacking Papyrus when he tried to help his older brother.

-Next is with Gaster and young Ganz on the opposite end below the first images. I did this one as two, young Ganz with his flaring eye as both light and memories while Gaster meant darkness and memories as well. This scene was when Ganz ate his first Determination Pill which caused his powers to show as he defended himself against Gaster’s attacks. I made the floof around his neck a bit more darker since I imagined it getting a bit darker due to eating the Determination Pill which I believe caused his jacket to darken in color and obviously the markings.

-Third to last is the images below the young Ganz and Gaster ones with Papyrus and Ganz being injured. This is another light and darkness one with light being Ganz and darkness being Papyrus. This scene took place rather “recently” I guess you could say with the comic. I believe the human’s name is Jean and as the monsters of Snowdin saw him walking through town, they threatened to kill him and all that. Before this, Ganz was told by the lady on the other side of the door, Toriel, to protect the child, I believe. So, with Undyne being relieved of her Royal Guard duties when Papyrus was named as their leader after losing half of his SOUL to Ganz’s accidental attack before, Undyne knew that the human had to be protected. Undyne attacked Papyrus when he was about to kill Jean and that led to their battle and the human fleeing to Ganz. As Undyne and Papyrus fought, Ganz managed to help Jean only to have Mettaton come in and soon, killing the human. This led to Ganz teleporting his way to Papyrus who was about to finish Undyne off, and with that, Papyrus slashed Ganz with a slash of his claws. Saying that it was a shame to see the day that his brother would become a traitor which was protecting the human.

-Second to last is the bottom right images with both young and older Ganz. Although this didn’t occur in the actual comic, I guess I could say we can interpret what we thought Ganz felt during his growth. This is another light and darkness one, as young Ganz being light and older Ganz with the claw marks being darkness. No, older Ganz does not become evil, hopefully. I just put this as light and darkness because if you think about after reading the entire comic so far of both parts, you can’t help but wonder, what if Ganz knew what was coming to him in the future as a young kid? I drew this part like that because I asked myself that question, like, if young Ganz was thinking after he took his first Determination Pill or something, *what’s going to happen later on? And then as he grew older and went through some tough hardship, at the point where he has the scars, older Ganz reflects on his memories, *what have i done wrong to go down this path? I always go deep into these type of things that interest me. But really, can you imagine if Ganz asked himself these questions? If we know how Ganz is, he probably will ask himself similar questions, think about them, or he might even try to become someone he is not just to try and change the path that he now walks.

-Okay! Last one! This is the final image with Ganz crying and holding the human Jean in his arms, you probably can’t tell but that’s his hair, I didn’t know how to draw Jean’s position so just put a floof of brown hair there XD. Anyway! This last image is about hallucinations. I say so because, Ganz made a promise to Toriel that he’d protect the human. And as Mettaton appeared and killed the human, it was as if Ganz had been torn in two for breaking his promise to the one who’s probably the closest monster in all of Snowdin at the scene of the human’s death. And after Ganz is injured, he and Undyne flee from Papyrus and the Royal Guards, and Undyne leaving him, Ganz makes his way to the door to the Ruins and knocks onto the door until Toriel shows up. This leads up to Ganz admitting that they failed to protect the human and that he was now being chased after. But back to Jean and that scene, I also say hallucination because although Ganz had probably never met a human before, the human had trusted him with his life and yet, Ganz couldn’t do anything but stand and watch him die. In my opinion, I’d say Ganz saw this as a hallucination and wanted all of this nonsense to be a simple dream that would never happen, but he was in reality and he now had to face it. Jean had died in Ganz’s arms while Ganz did nothing but stand there and watch Mettaton kill him, not saying he’s useless or anything but in the comic, he doesn’t do anything to try and prevent his death, though I know it’s intentional.

This isn’t really as important as the rest and doesn’t represent anything other than Ganz right now. But the full body Ganz in the center represents him as of now as he suffers, he is put between a rock and a hard place, literally. To me, it feels like Ganz wants to help his brother while his brother is trying to kill him, I guess. Ganz’s cracked SOUL means a lot too, it doesn’t represent anything of hallucinations, memories, or light and darkness, but rather how hurt he is, physically, emotionally and mentally hurt. The cracked SOUL not only represents him, but rather his own stabilization as a sans monster, cause honesty, to me, if his brother tried to mercilessly kill him, like my own Sanzter and Papyrus, then he’d literally go mad from all the depression, stress, sadness, guilt, pressure and shame that he tries to keep contained. And I mean it when I say;

*he will literally go mad.

So, yeah! That’s the reason behind my choices of images in the drawing and everything else. Sorry for the long description, I love GZtale and Golzy’s story for it and I love it with a burning passion in my heart and SOUL. I tend to be very descriptive of all the little details of my drawings when it comes to Undertale, whether original or AU. Thanks for reading and viewing my artwork!



GZTALE, Ganz, GZ Papyrus, GZ Gaster, Jean © GolzyBlazey

Art © Me

Please do not steal, copy, use without my permission and all that stuff, thank you!



Guys look at this
I’m quite happy

I was just fooling around with animation on photoshop and I made these pretty things! Ooooh! ✨ 

I wanted to combine the last three into one GIF, but then I realized that would be way too difficult so I kept them separated haha XD

(By the way Stan is wishing for Ford’s safety in the last panel…it’s okay to cry, I know it hurts ;D)

I’m glad tumblr isn’t going to be a meanie about these and let them work!

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Sam!! Do you have pigeon friends? I know they have a bad rap as 'winged rats' and shit but they are actually just smol lost friends! Totally domesticated! And quite intelligent t b h so I bet they bring you all the good local gossip xD

okay don’t even get me started! pigeons are smart, but guess what, they nosy. so I gotta hear bout who’s datin who, and who was seen going into a jewellery store, and who was last seen being fitted for a tux hmmm 

i love pigeons lmao but their gossip is mostly about food which now that i think about it… relatable

there’s this one i call buckbeak and she’s so cute! she poops on ppl i don’t like , i mean i don’t ask her to but somehow she just knows who! oops. she’s my fave

don’t tell redwing tho, he uppity and thinks pigeons are ‘common’ 😒

Just finished Dragon Age: Inquisition for the first time as a hard-ass female Dwarf Inquisitor and I had loads of fun! (didn’t really care for the shit-ton of side quests tho xD)

I thought that we had the Trespasser DLC on our PS4, but turned out we didn’t and now imma have to wait longer cuz DAMMIT I wanna have one last conclusive feels session with the companions I grew to love!

Below are just a few of my opinions about the gameplay that are just random thoughts and me being like ‘…it’s not just me thinkin this right? Or maybe someone thought about this better than me’

(Be warned! TONS of Spoilers ahead! SPOILEY SPOILING SPOILEROONIEEESSS. …okay u have been warned)

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Okay so I was tagged by @crazybunchfamily to post the last selfie I took, my phone background, and the last selfie I took. The selfie was months ago (I don’t take a lot lol) I’m the one with short curly hair. The background is Lafayette jumping, and I’m listening to Despacito right now XD

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I'm SO BUMMED that I was broke by the time your One Piece manga came out! 😭 Any chances of a reprint/second edition?

Hello! That’s okay XD fortunately, I still have a small number of copies left in my store (I printed extras for just in case) and you could still grab a copy [HERE].

These are the last stock for now though, I will not do any reprint of this issue until maybe after I’m opening orders for the second book, hopefully in this fall ^ ^