okay this is the last one... otl

HQ Kareshi (Akaashi Plus): Akaashi Keiji (Pool)

Konoha: Ha~~~ this is unreasonable working the sports department this hard 

Sarukui: When we’ve finished cleaning we can just hose it down right

Konoha: If we do that it might attract people though…

Akaashi: Come on, get to work. There’s just a little more to go

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Small help?

I know I’ve disappeared kinda these last days but it’s cause of uni and a project OTL
And about the project, I’m making a “superhero” kind of comic.
I have the world and characters, I don’t have a story yet, not because I don’t have one. I want to make an INTERESTING story so that for the first day I present the progress of it to my professors they give me the okay or not to do it.
It would be no problem if it was me but I’m collabing with TWO other people and we need to “show” WHY we are doing a comic together…
My head is going nuts OTL

I just ask you to reply: What do you like about superhero comics/movies/etc.? AND if there could be something different about them, what is it? What do you not like in them?

Thank you so so much in advance for also just reading this OTL Imma just go bang my head against a wall

……………. my hand slipped again? more roboswap sans because… er. well, i may not have a good reason outside of it is all amazing (and i may have been cracking up over various scenarios with @its-captain-senpai because there are so many potential beautiful shenanigans.) (… and also @ilexdamenshi made a gif for him and i just… thank you, thank you for that.)

so much fantastic content comes out of everything revolving around @underfellfangame, both in the core game, the potential echoes/skins, and in apparent accidental happenstance outside of that. 

Christmas Time 🐈 Leo & Hyosung

“It’s a good thing BoA noona has double doors. This tree is huge. You still okay on your end, Mr. Jeon?”

Not wanting to get your father hurt, the lion had decided to be the one that would walk backwards in order to get the tree inside the mansion. The last thing he wanted was to cause your father an accident. With a rare day off, he had called you and your parents up and they all agreed to spend the day off together putting the Christmas tree up at the royal’s estate. Also known as BoA’s and Haneul’s mansion.

“Still clear, Mr. Jeon? We’re putting it in the living room, I believe. But not too close to the fire. Safety hazard and all.”

okay last one i swear to god i’m so sorry guys.. i haven’t been artistically productive recently, so i finally got a chance and rolled with it oTL -huff-

I really really like Jack’s scar.. like.. i don’t even know how he got it.. or why or what.. or -shrugs to the sky- NO SPOILERS (eventhough i am doing the spoilers u__u;;)

(Handsome) Jack©Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
art and stuff©moi :U


A WIP of my Undertale music video thingy :^)

Art - Me

Song - The Call by Regina Spektor

I will most likely only finish it with sketches/lineart but if I feel really good about it, I may color haha. BTW please ignore how horrible panels 1-9 are, I was tired and sick OTL. I’ll probably fix em up later.

P.S. I have captioned some of the images! :V

P.P.S. The only reason you can’t see Papyrus in the last image is because I spent about 20 minutes trying to sketch him out and I proceeded to cry so I thought maybe I should just leave it…>v>

Asks ;;w;;

So yeah,my hand isn’t completely healed yet and I still need to pay the doctor one last visit to see if everything’s going okay,so for now I’ll answer your questions:

Anonymous said: I hope your hand heals soon, I love your art and i can’t wait to see you draw more often, make sure to rest!! <3

Awww Thankies ;;w;; hopefully by the end of this week I’ll be completely healed haha

monkey-d-law said: I’m really sorry to hear about your hand. It must hurt like /hell/, and not being able to draw … perhaps that’s worse?? Okay … Enough negativity … I wish you the best of health (does that make sense?? O_o heheh cx ), and - oh, I meant: I wish you a quick recovery!!! - and I wish that you can come as quickly as possible back to draw again cx and … Dunno if it helps or not, but … I seriously LOVE your drawings!!!! Like … Omg, they’re SO adorably cute!!! And sparkly!!! Heheh cx bai~ <3

Yeah,more than the pain on my hand,it was the anxiety of not being able to draw cause it hurt ;;w;; it’s been a tough week for me haha from drawing daily multiple times to…. nothing ;;n;; Thankies <333

Rest of the questions under the cut uvu:

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