okay this is the last i'll post of myself

  • Lawless: I'd catch a grenade for ya!!
  • Throw myself on a plane for ya!!
  • Licht: Every day I'm shuffling.
  • Lawless: .....okay let's try this again Lich-tan. Baby you'll always have my heart and I'll have yours ⤜(♥v♥)⤏
  • Licht: .....Because I'm sexy and I know it.
To love, to fret and forget…

DY // a six word story // … myself

Hey everyone! It’s been a couple months since I’ve last been around; I’m sorry for taking a sudden hiatus without saying anything! Life really got the best of me, and I needed to take time off to get myself back on track. I’m A-okay now, so I plan on posting more pieces soon! Cheerio to more to come!

Be Patient.

We tend to hurt others without knowing, we tend to get hurt by others without their knowledge.

Last night, I got mad and scolded my boyfriend because he did something that made me feel down right away.But then, I immediately felt bad and said sorry, he said it was okay, but I knew it wasn’t.

I was selfish to only have thought about myself instead of understanding what he’s going through. He never told me anything about what he’s going through until I told him to tell me.

He was going through a lot.

I used to be a very aggressive, mean and a self-centered girl.I grew out of it because I knew all I ever did in the past year was hurting people.I came to realisation that there wasn’t any point of hurting people because you’re just wasting your energy throwing hate on them. 

I saw a quote somewhere on the internet and it said:

 “Be nice to people even if your own heart is breaking because there’s no reason to break theirs too”

From the day I saw this quote until this very day, I stand by it.My point of this text is that, don’t jump to conclusions, ask them why they did it and let them explain.be patient, take things slow, understand the situation and most importantly forgive and forget.