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Let him be everything because he is everything.


This Evergreen Love


Summary: Enjoy World’s Best Dad? Check out the story from Dean’s perspective in this very special fic…

This Evergreen Love Masterlist

Pairing: single parent!Dean x kindergarten teacher!reader

Word Count: 4,800ish

Warnings: language, self-depreciating Dean

A/N: Written from Dean’s POV…

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Okay. I’m really, really late, but this crappy thing took way longer than expected. The last time I’ve colored something was like five years ago and I never even tried to shadow my drawings back then?

So today (at least today in my time zone) the great @lesbianspacenerd has birthday and she’s such an amazing person!! Really, she’s awesome. I wanted to write a story in the beginning, but my english kind of sucks. Next I wanted to draw Pidge with Indira (just go read i here, it’s so good) but I just can’t draw.
So yeah. Please don’t hate my for this crappy idea and the shitty colouring.

I call it “Your favourite local trans buddies” btw.

By Chance (Pt. 1)

Member : Chanyeol

Genre : Fluff

A/N : Okay so this is really crappy since it’s… yeah.. no I have no excuse it’s just crappy I’m sorry, just read at your own risk you’ve been warned!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14 coming soon

You couldn’t help but sigh in content at the warm feeling that embraced your body, it felt so nice and addictive and you wanted more. You rolled to your side and let your arms fall over what ever was making you feel so good. You heard a grunt upon the contact you made followed by a satisfied sigh.

Ugh it even sounded like heaven! What was this…this thing that made you feel like you were on cloud nine and taste ecstasy in all its forms? You forced your eyes open to peek at the source of your delight…and there he was…his peacefully heaving toned chest was the first thing that your eyes laid upon.

Gosh his recent efforts did pay off was the first thought that popped into your head, his body looked like the sculpted works of an angel! You slowly lifted your head in hopes of not waking up the sleeping man next to you, you wanted to see him and know who he was, his fiery red hair was messily cascaded over his eyes and his lips were formed into a small pout.

Wait..! You know this hair, those sleeping eyes and this pointy nose, and those perfectly kissable lips!!

This was non other than Park Chanyeol of EXO!

And as if he heard your low realization gasp, he slowly woke up and blinked a few times before his head dipped down at your direction and his sleepy dreamy dark brown eyes met yours. He lazily smiled and said: “good morning baby girl”.

Baby girl? What? When? And most importantly how? You wanted to say something back, ask him why he called you baby girl, or at least greet him back, you knew yourself as anything but rude, but the constant buzzing that you felt along with the nudging completely stopped you from saying anything.

And suddenly his smiling face and his tight embrace started to fade and you couldn’t feel him anymore, and all that was left for you was the annoying buzzing and nudging that were now accompanied by a familiar girl’s voice who kept telling you to get up. Get up? From where?

“Aish! How many times do I have to come here and wake you up? Get up already” the female’s voice said in a grumpy clearly fed up tone.
Your mind was in a state of haze or what the Korean variety shows that you watched so attentively described as “mong”.

What was this person even talking about? And more importantly.. Who was she?

As your mind wandered into discovering the answers to all your questions, you heard loud footsteps and the female’s voice returned “Y/N seriously wake up!

Did you come all the way here to Korea so you can sleep in?” the voice that you recognized as your friend’s Lee Han Byul said, and you felt your warm covers being taken away from you.

Lee Han Byul was a friend who you met at the company you worked in. She was pale, cute and sweet with dark hair and a fringe. And her most obvious characteristic was her short temper, and you liked her so much because she was incredibly friendly towards you when you first started working at the company.

You groaned and slowly opened your eyes trying to read in your surroundings and adjust the light that burned your tired eyes. “Oh it’s you… Why are you yelling? Geez!” you said with your sleepy broken voice and sat up rubbing your eyes.
“I wasn’t yelling the first three times I came in here…now get up already and take a shower so we can go out!” She said as she kept yanking at your arm til you fell off of the bed head first while your lower half still remained on the bed.

Lord what a mess you were! “I had a dream about him…again!” you said with a ridiculous smile and a giggle. “Who? Oh please don’t tell me… Chanyeol?” God leave him alone" Han Byul groaned at you.

“You don’t get it Byul-ah! He was so hot in this one!! And I actually felt him!” you said as you embraced yourself with both of your arms like an idiot in love. “A- I do get it because I’m an EXO-L like you remember? And B-GET UP ALREADY!!!!” she snorted back.

“Alright alright jeez!” you said with a pout and you stuck your tongue out at her as you made yourself comfortable in a sitting position.

“Where’s my phone? I need to check my feeds” you said looking around for your phone that you dramatically call your son.

“Nope! I hid it away. Go shower so we can go out! It’s the weekend and the weather is amaze-balls today” Han Byul told you as she walked away to her own room.

The streets of Seoul surely did not disappoint, they were clean and organized. Trees of all kinds filled the neighborhood you and Han Byul walked in, and the aroma of the newly blossomed flowers mixed with that of coffee and freshly baked cakes and pastries filled your nostrils. It was refreshing and relaxing.

And Han Byul didn’t lie when she said the weather was amazing, because it was just the right amount of cloudy and it was crispy and warm, and the small circles of dew fell over the leaves and flower petals that appeared in various shades of different colors, creating pictures that are worth taking and keeping.

“I’m so glad I finally came Korea” you said as you closed your eyes and took deep breath inhaling every scent that loomed in the air. “Me too” Han Byul replied as she sweetly smiled at you.

Your outing today consisted of walking around the streets with minor shopping here and there and trying the various street foods that were steaming hot and so deliciously displayed.

“Let’s go check out that store” Han Byul pointed taking your attention away from the numerous shopping bags that you held in both of your hands and were organizing for a more comfortable hold on them.

“Uhh.. Sure, just once I get these in order” you said through almost clenched teeth as the shopping bags refused to cooperate with you. 

Once you held them comfortably, you lifted your head and started walking only to be surprised by the fact that Han Byul was out of your sight. You slightly panicked because the street was crowded with people and shops and Ahjummas and Ahjussis yelling to sell their goods, it was overwhelming and you absolutely hated losing your friends or anything for that matter in the crowed.

Your head shot left and right looking for her as you paced down the streets and took turns here and there, and when you couldn’t find her, you decided to get your phone and call her.

But conveniently, your phone was practically buried inside your purse that was full of items you didn’t even need but were too lazy to take them out.

Your fingers searched and struggled inside your purse to get a hold on your phone, you kept looking for it with one hand while the other was busy holding the shopping bags and your legs never stopped moving, until you suddenly bumped into something or someone you didn’t know, because you instantly fell to the ground and your things followed along spreading all over the side walk.
You groaned at the pain that landed at your butt and you heard a man speaking and asking if you were alright.

“Miss?… Are you okay? Oh my God I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was walking and I…” he spoke from under the cap he was wearing as he kept trying to get your things back into their bags.
You didn’t say anything, you just stared at the flustered man who sounded annoyingly familiar. He wore an over-sized black sweater that had red writings over it which you weren’t quite able to read, a pair of black shorts, black shoes and a back pack that seemed rather expensive for a regular man.

“I’m… I’m fine, are you alright? I’m sorry I was the one who bumped into you, I was just trying to look for my phone so I can call my stupid friend who suddenly disappeared” you felt yourself unnecessarily explaining as you tried to ease up the awkward situation. You heard him chuckle a bit before he said “Ugh phones! They’re a real trouble! I was busy with mine when I bumped into you” and lifted his head and flashed a full toothy smile that you were all too familiar with.

“I know right? They always…” you responded but were immediately cut off once your eyes landed on the man’s face. Your eyes widened once you realized who you were speaking to, and who was gathering your things and now helping you get back up on your feet.

“Y…you’re..” You tried to say something but your shock wouldn’t allow your tongue to respond to your brain signals. He chuckled again and said “Where are my manners..I’m Chanyeol, Park Chanyeol” he said and extended an arm towards you.

You froze in awe and your reaction was a bit slow, you took his hands and said “I know.. And I’m a fan.. No! I’m not.. I mean… Uh I mean my name is [Y/N]”.

He slowly shook your hand and kept an amused grin on his face as he stared into your eyes. “So are you a fan or?” he said never breaking eye contact nor letting your hand go. “No no! I am! Don’t get me wrong!” you said blushing completely embarrassed at not being able to brace yourself in front of him.

“So Y/N are you sure you’re not hurt any where?” he asked and the sound of your name coming from his mouth made goosebumps creep all over your skin. “Yeah… No I’m totally fine, thank you for gathering my things” you said shooting him a thankful humble smile and a small bow.

“That’s a relief” he said as he stared deep into your eyes. You expected him to leave after that but he didn’t. Instead he just stood there and stared at you with that same amused grin that never left his face with his hands in his pockets.

“Is.. Is something wrong with my face?” you asked him feeling slightly uncomfortable with his staring. He smiled showing you his pearly white teeth and shook his head before he said “Nope… I just think you’re really cute”.

“You what?” you said not believing that Park Chanyeol would actually say that to you. “You look like Pikachu… You’re cute!” he said it again.

Before you could say anything, you heard a voice of a slightly older man who called for Chanyeol from afar.

His head shot to the direction of the sound and he looked back at you and said “Well, looks like I gotta go, I’ll see you around…Pikachu”. He said and went on his way.

You stood there not sure how to interpret and register what he just said to you or what just happened. Was he just being nice? Or was that just part of his fan service? You honestly wouldn’t know, so you turned on your heels and walked the opposite direction.

“Hey Pikachu!” you heard his voice call out the nickname he decided to give you without your approval. 
You turned your head to see him jogging towards you. “You forgot this” he said handing you a small paper that resembled one of the many receipts you had in your bags. He leaned in and said “I’m glad you lost your friend, or else I wouldn’t have been able to bump into you”.

And with that he just left.

You opened the piece of paper curious and wondering why he had to come all the way back to hand you one of your receipts, or so you thought until you flipped it and saw a bunch of digits and a note written at the back of it that read: I couldn’t just leave like that and not ever see you again… you’re just too cute! This is my number.. call me. Oh and please don’t distribute this.. I trust you..Pikachu.

You couldn’t believe it!! Park Chanyeol actually gave you his phone number! You looked at it almost ready to jump out of happiness. Just then you heard Han Byul calling for you.

“Ugh! There you are! Where did you run off to?” She said catching her breath from all the running she did to find you. You didn’t answer her as you kept looking and smiling at the cute note Chanyeol handed you. “Why are you smiling by yourself? What did I miss?” She asked confused at your lack of response and the smile that was plastered on your lips.

You looked at her and said “I met someone”, and grinned like an idiot for the second time today. “Who? And how?” She asked excitement evident in her voice. “Someone… special… we met by chance!”

You said holding the note to your chest close to your heart as you smiled towards the direction that Park Chanyeol ran off to.

tbh, im fucking tired of seeing those ‘motivational artists’ posts.

“its okay if you dont get noticed” – no, no it is very much not okay. an artists can see a really crappy 2-seconds sketches of a character (from anywhere) that someone ‘’famous’‘ has drawn and that suddenly has over 500 notes. They spent an entire day on something they sketched and get, what, like 4 stupid hearts and no reblogs? That feeling fucking sucks, don’t tell a new artist it is okay if they don’t get noticed, whether or not they are new to the art community or have been drawing for years/decades! THE SAME WITH WRITING. I have seen and been told about ‘’famous’‘ artists all together ignoring up and coming artists – and what i mean by that is just giving a little heart that means nothing while reblogging the exact same couple/person(s) by someone more ‘’famous‘’ and writing encouraging tags.

Me, as an artist, strive for recognition. Especially during the kind of semester I’m having where all i’m getting is critism, not even constructive criticism, just ‘ur not an artist’, ‘you need to fix this and this’ and other bullshit that someone who can barely even get up in the morning or stomach her own drawing and stories anymore can hear.

“its okay not to be noticed” transfers into “you will never be noticed” (to me)

there are people who have drawn and write short stories for as long as they can remember and all they ever get are a few words of encouragement, a few smiles, and then their work is forgotten for something ‘’better‘’.

I use to reblog those “its okay…” posts because i thought, one day, i’d believe it. But i just… I don’t. Because it’s not okay. It’s not okay when you spend years in a community and don’t get noticed at all. It’s not okay when you spend hours on renders or sketches, drawings, stories, short-movies, amv, whatever your talent is, and being told ‘its okay’ or being told ‘please stop reblogging ur own shit’. 

There goes another shred of confidence in myself… and that’s not okay.

It. Is. Not. Okay.

And don’t even bring up networking with me. I’ve networked, am still networking because of the career I want to be in, and networking doesn’t do much if the person doesn’t deem said work piece as anything more than a little heart and a ‘good job kid’. You can have a plethora of people you speak to, daily or not, that art artist themselves and not reblog your work, but at the same time saying ‘you’ll get noticed one day’.

That little ‘you’ll get noticed one day’ thing? Yeah, that day could have been today. Do you even know who all your followers are? Who they are in contact with? Who they are related to?

And I get it. It’s your blog, you want to post things you like. But don’t give other artists that condescending ‘you’ll be noticed one day’ or ‘you really are a good artist’ when you aren’t even willing to just reblog (or even recommend) something of theirs to someone you know, who you may think enjoy this kind of art and reblog it on their page?

Please do not remove the caption. Ask permission before using or reposting. 

Okay, uhm. I used a really crappy computer camera to take a picture, sorry ‘bout that, but it looks really cool in person, trust me. On the other hand!

Happy birthday, Mark! You’re an awesome person, and I really hope you see this eventually - maybe I can give you the original copy someday so you can actually see it. You inspire so many people - myself included - and you’ve helped so many people get through horrible times. So, happy birthday!


Prompt: The way you said “I love you.” prompt list #19- With no space left between us.

Fandom: Newsies (2017)

Pairing: Crutchie Morris X Reader

Summary: Selling wasn’t going so well for you, and after a few frustrating days and shitty weather you were not in a good mood. Crutchie decides to help, and you find yourself more content than you thought possible.

Word Count: 2,309

Warnings: Language, sadness/hopelessness? (there’s comfort though)

A/N: I honestly have no idea how this came out. I had an idea and it changed drastically from when I originally set out to write it. So, I hope it’s okay! And sorry for the crappy ending, I wasn’t really sure what the hell I was doing.


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