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Let him be everything because he is everything.


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What is your favorite webgott fanfic?

I received this ask just before I went to bed and I woke up and I thought to myself I need an hour to sift through my favourite webgott fics so here they are aka the quintessential david webster & joseph liebgott fic recs aka my absolute favourite stories of webgott where I have re-read all of these more than 10 times already.

Complete Fics

  1. A Love Like The Sea by AndreaLyn
  2. Take Me Out by AndreaLyn
  3. Things That Stop You From Dreaming by dolly_dagger87
  4. Maybe Something Else I’m Missing by ember_firedrake
  5. The Beast and The Dragon Adored by theteapirate
  6. Brush Strokes On Your Skin Series by luciferinasundaysuit
  7. Telegraph Avenue Series by daynight
  8. Love Has Been Waiting by sirrylot
  9. All We Do Series by MyLifeUnedited
  10. Above The Sea Series by IronPunk
  11. Like You Imagined (When You Were Young) by distractionpie
  12. There Ain’t Nothing That I Need by theteapirate
  13. Don’t Ask Me Why by trailsofpaper (Sanwall)
  14. Shakespeare by GealachGirl
  15. Our Omega, My Omega by Casey_Wolfe
  16. Verbis Circa Papilla Pungitur Series by distractionpie
  17. Shark Bite by a_quick_drink
  18. Mechanical and Thin by uniformly (scramjets)
  19. A Dream Within A Dream by NightingalesAndHandGrenades
  20. Anywhere For You by distractionpie
  21. Black Ink On Some Blue Lines by thelastfig
  22. Shark Bait by a_quick_drink
  23. Shark Week’s Early by GealachGirl
  24. California (There Is No End To Love) by i_dreamthedream
  25. Jerk Meet Cute by readwriteandavengers
  26. Mea Culpa by a_quick_drink
  27. Christmas In The Caribbean by a_quick_drink
  28. Pull Me Closer by distractionpie

WIP Fics

  1. I Have Not The Pleasure Of Understanding You by Emono
  2. Rats in Glass Houses by malarked

I hope you will enjoy this!

Okay so I have a really self indulgent headcanon for Wally.
He has a hearing disability. 
It’s thanks to this that he always asks people to repeat themselves and why it seems like he’s never paying attention. And It’s also why he has a hard time concentrating, because believe it or not, all of these things can happen due to bad hearing. 

And I imagine he has hearing aids but he’s to afraid to use them. 
He doesn’t want to start sticking out again, not even in the group of super heroes he’s comfortable around. Most people don’t even know he has bad hearing and think he’s just an annoying brat who never listens, but he’d rather take that than for them to know the truth.

Locked up PART 1 (Barba x reader)

Summary: The reader and Rafael have an affair (kind of) but after a disagreement, the reader ends up heartbroken. But when they are working on a case and something very inconvenient happens, they are forced to talk about their real feelings.

A/N: Okay, I warned you. This is really crappy and I have no idea why I even post it. Maybe you’ll enjoy it anyway… I don’t know. xD

Word count: 2,352

(Y/N) = your name

(Y/L/N) = your last name

Warnings: mentions of sexual actions (not explicitly), a bit of angst in the beginning and lots of fluff at the end (in part 2)

(Part 2) - (Masterlist)

* * *

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hey bud. so I decided to make my basically inactive miraculous blog into a hub for "rarepair" ships like adrinino and alyanette so I'm gonna like, make bunches of really crappy content okay? i can't make actual content lmao... there is always the one person in the fandom who is the crappy and I've decided to take that role

!!!!!!! thats so exciting!!!!!!!! you should totally hmu with your url 

and heres the best part!!! not only are you creating content at people want bc its hard to find, but youre going to improve so much!! the more you do of anything the better you get, so whatever type of content you decide to create, youre going to improve leaps and bounds! trust me, even if you think your content is crappy now, its going to be so good so soon!!

good luck!!! youve got this!!!!!!!!!


Marvel/DC AU - Where Daredevil teams up with Harley Quinn on occassion
Requested by anon

Chronic Pain - Dean x Disabled!Reader

Synopsis: Reader has fibromyalgia, and often questions why the Winchesters haven’t gotten rid of her yet with her disabilities. 

Warnings: Ansty-fluff, self-doubt, physical disability (I don’t really think that is a warning, but I don’t want to be yelled at.)

Prompt: Any member of TFW x Disabled Reader fic? I’m disabled and use crutches and a wheelchair to move about most of the time because it hurts too much without and yet all the x Reader fics I read involve a really able-bodied reader. Please and thank you.

A/N: For @fannishmenagerie , I hope I did okay and didn’t make it really crappy because I can’t understand fully. 

You sat in the motel room with a laptop placed on the little table before you. You had been left by the Winchester brothers to do research while they went out and did some field work dressed as FBI agents.

You could never go with them. It’d hurt too much. Not in the way that most people thought, however, not that they didn’t want you to go with them, taking the risk of getting killed by some kind of creature but that rather you were physically unable to do that kind of thing without pain coursing through your body every so often.

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okay so i’ve never been into modeling headcanons for neil or andrew but after the post about the nike and adidas endorsement deal i couldn’t stop thinking about it???? so wait bear with me;;

  • neil has had the attention of the media since freshman year okay and that never really goes away
  • like come on, he joins this rlly crappy team, is a great striker that improves drastically over the season,  basically sasses the fuck out of Riko and the Ravens continually, reveals that he’s a son of a gangster in the middle of the season oh my god, and then beats the Ravens and gets first place
  • not only that but when the media find out about him and andrew (and their whole rivarly thing) wow. that was a shirtstorm. 
  • so basically a ton of magazines and websites and stuff want to do articles and interviews with them and neil really really doesn’t want to but kevin pressures him into it
    • sort of like how he ended up on the tv show in tfc even though he was like fuck this the entire time
  • so he says FINE i’ll do the damn interview but only if andrew does it with  me (bc he’s whipped af and needs some support okay)
  • andrew doesn’t care enough to say no
  •  the magazine is mORE THAN HAPPY to have both of them
  • but they’re both these notorious, p famous, violent, really good pro exy players who have a ton of rumours surrounding them and their pasts so the magazine wants to put them front and center, cover page, all that
  • and that requires a photoshoot
  • neil is like oh my god i need to do another thing??? i thought it was just an interview??? 
  • but kevin yells at him again (its really good for ur IMAGE neil dont u want ur IMAGE to be good itll help u get to COURT neil dont u want that??? neil if u yell at them they can write bad stuff about you THINK ABOUT IT NEIL)  so neil’s ugh finE i give up stop talking to me
  • so basically neil and andrew get wrangled into doing a photoshoot

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okay so this is a really crappy picture but I just turned one of my walls into a chalk board and I want to do something fun with it!

I will write every the URL of every single person who reblog (LIKES WONT COUNT) this, on my wall until I run out of room

There’s no rules but I will make a couple points :)

  • Followers will be in Orange
  • Mutuals will be in Blue
  • Everyone else will be in yellow

Please send me an ask if you have any questions :)

okay i know the tumblr staff aren’t very good at understanding what their usership wants, and keep making stupid updates

but i get really upset when i see all the hate they receive… they go to work every day and they do try, and all they get in return is posts talking about how shit they are and how everyone hates them and god it would suck to work really hard but then have to wake up to that every morning

i mean, yea they can make really annoying updates sometimes, but i LIKE the new messaging system, and the replies are gonna come back, and they’re trying to make it nicer for us and they stay positive despite all the merciless backlash

i once emailed the staff about a problem i was having and they were actually really nice and helpful with it, like guys you dont give them enough credit… and with the amount of users on tumblr, they’re not exactly gonna be able to listen to everyone

and, hey, they must be doing something right if you spend this much time on this website… don’t just sit there on your high horse and insult the website and throw hate at the people who work hard to keep it going, as if it’s not one of your most visited sites… don’t pretend you wouldn’t be really upset if you lost your blog

you have every right to point out where you want changes to be made, or talk about things you don’t like about the update, but don’t just straight up hate and degrade the tumblr staff

im sorry i just gets me down… every time i see another mean post about the staff, and then i see the little little smiley face symbol for the new messaging system that shows that they really are trying to be happy and positive and helpful despite everything, i get hit with like a giant wall of guilt and i just- guys they’re people too