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I really love that Mark explained Dark fully in his live stream. While I really enjoy how Jack’s Anti is a persona patch worked from different fan ideas, and there isn’t a clear answer to what he is exactly, hearing the process Mark went through, from taking the character seriously to making sure he got the voice right, was really interesting. 

me: *takes a deep breath*

me: Magnus has never once touched Alec without his consent. Even when he shushes him his finger hovers above Alec’s lips. Even the night before Alec’s wedding he uses magic on Alec to show him what love feels like instead of actually touching him and doing so (also side note he has never used magic on Alec until this point in the show when they have gotten to know each other and when he knows that Alec feels the same way he does).

 Magnus may make suggestive comments and/or flirty gestures but once Alec tells him to back off he does. Episode 9, for example. When Magnus asks Alec if he could look at his wound Alec says that he’s fine. Magnus then persists because he cares about Alec and doesn’t want to see him get hurt, but then when Alec tells him he’s alright in a firmer tone of voice that clearly indicates that he doesn’t want him to, he doesn’t. Skip to Episode 11. Magnus says he’ll do Alec “pro bono” in a suggestive tone, but once Alec changes the subject and makes it clear that he’s not interested, Magnus drops it and moves on to discuss the bow and quiver.

Whenever Magnus offers Alec drinks, he never insists or forces him to actually drink it. They have only had two scenes like this in Season 1. The first scene was in Episode 6 where Magnus holds up two drinks and asks Alec if he wants a drink break. And Alec clearly makes the decision that he’s going to accept it by standing up and taking the drink from Magnus. Move to Episode 12 when Magnus tells Alec to come to his loft and magically makes a glass full of wine appear in his hand. Alec then says “I didn’t come to drink” and so on and puts the glass down and Magnus doesn’t persist even though he just told him that he hates drinking alone. Bonus is when he tells Alec that if he says that he loves Lydia he’ll stop pursuing him. Magnus persists after that and starts talking about symptoms of love only because Alec does not and cannot say it. If Alec had told him that he loves Lydia, as much as it would have hurt, Magnus would have given up, as he clearly indicated.

Magnus does not take from Alec just for his benefit, unlike Camille with Simon. While he doesn’t want Alec to get married because he’s interested in him, he knows how much it will affect Alec for being stuck with someone he will never love and how it will affect Lydia in the exact same way. He’s not chasing after Alec after the engagement is announced just for his own personal gain. He’s trying to also help someone who is conflicted between following his head or his heart and trying to stop him from making possibly the worst mistake of his life.

And lastly, the kiss. Magnus shows up at the wedding, yes, but he lets Alec choose what happens next. He makes it clear that he will go if Alec wants him to, therefore implying that whatever Alec asks him to do he will do it. Magnus shows up at the wedding to show Alec that he is fighting for him and that he likes him, but he respectably waits for Alec to make his move. And then when Alec starts walking towards him he doesn’t move an inch and he doesn’t even touch Alec until after Alec grabs him and kisses him. He only touches Alec after Alec touches him.

Even after the kiss Magnus still does not intrude into Alec’s space. He doesn’t try to make physical contact with him or make suggestive comments or anything like that.

Magnus Bane is flirty. He is sometimes suggestive and makes drinks. But he knows boundaries and respects them and is aware when he may be crossing them slightly and backs off. He is not a predator. If you want an example of a predator, look at Camille, who clearly takes for her own benefit without consent from the other person and does not respect boundaries in the slightest.

Magnus Bane is understanding and beautiful and kind. He does not harass Alec into liking him nor is he a predator. 

concept: we dance the night away. you swoon when my hands find your hips, pushing you into the rhythm. we laugh freely and somewhere in the middle of that i press a gentle kiss on your neck, then your jaw, and finally your lips. My hands never leaving your waist, and we both find ourselves falling in love all over again. without them. we are in love.


“sometimes if you listen closely, the princess will slay her dragons.”
(  tell me the story of sleeping beauty again - m. j. )

black sails lgbtqia character appreciation  × max

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*in a dark alley with a trench coat* Hey, can I please get the Rfa+V+saeran reacting to an Mc who has acne scars on their face?? Thank youuuuuuuuuu!

A/N: Hey Nonnie! I hope this as good as you wanted (if any of you out there are insecure about your acne scars, I understand, I struggled with acne for a really long time. But screw everyone okay, you’re all freaking beautiful and I love you all!) I’m sorry I’m not as good with putting out requests as 404. I’ve been feeling very fatigued lately because my dumb booty has been forgetting to take my iron supplements and I’m anemic my hoe ass writes about self care and wont even do it myself. Anyway, I hope you all like this, and thank you all for the fan art and the support ;~; <3 <3 <3 ~ Admin 626
*also has a trench coat on, whispering* so…are we like…Angels of the lord? Or…Time lords??? Or do we just like trench coats? No one knows ~ Admin 404 


  • Honestly, he doesn’t even really notice?
  • He’s just happy to have you in his arms
  • You’re so warm in his arms, how r u real
  • But as time goes on he realizes you’re super insecure about them
  • He knows saying “you’re beautiful no matter what wtf MC” won’t help you much
    • He still says it anyway
  • When you’re feeling super down, you wrap your legs around him and nuzzle his neck
    • He runs his fingers through your hair
    • No words are said and you two stay like that for hours
    • Sometimes you cry, and he just hugs you as tightly as he can
  • He loves you so much and he doesn’t want you feeling like this so he does everything he can
    • He looks up everything he can on youtube
    • How to cover acne scars, how to prevent acne, etc
  • This boy is a skin master by the end of the night and whenever you feel down about your skin, he dresses you up so you can feel like a princess <3 eventhoughyou’reaprincesswithorwithoutmakeup


  • He did notice your scars at first
  • he’s an actor, his eye has been trained to notice every imperfection
  • But it’s not like it matters? You’re such an amazing person, who even cares tf
  • One night though he finds you crying on the floor sobbing and he’s like
  • And you tell him about how you’re so insecure, especially around him
    • He’s so flawless and you’re so…blah
  • You bet this boy lifts you up princess style and carries you to bed
  • He keeps you wrapped in his arms all night and murmurs sweet nothings in your ear
  • He introduces you to beauty products to help with your skin because this boy wants you to be happy and he’ll make you do all the self care need to to feel better
  • “MC, please remember that you’re gorgeous to me. Nothing will ever change that. You’re my star; you outshine everything and anything. You might think you’re “blah” but to me, you’re the most beautiful person in the world.”


  • this girl so exhausted all the time, she’s just really happy to see ur face cause ur a blessing in her life
  • she thinks you look good with a fringe and all but she thinks you’d look better without it!!!
  • One day she brings up u growing ur fringe out and you just start tearing up???
  • A few tears fall and you tell her that you have a fringe bc they cover up your acne scars
    • mC NO PLEASE
  • She gives you a huge hug!!! You do not deserve to feel like this!!!
  • She knows words like “you’re beautiful the way you are” aren’t going to help you
    • She’s been there, words like that can just be super annoying
    • Instead, she gives you hugs and kisses for the rest of the night
  • Also gets some skin care tips for you so maybe you’ll feel better
  • All she hopes is that one day you’ll love yourself like she loves you <3


  • he doesn’t care at all either?
  • He finally met someone who understands him! Who cares about anything else!!! He loves you so much and his heart is just askldjhfaskjdhfasdf when he sees you!
    • But that doesn’t really help you
  • You know he loves you for who you are, but you’re still super insecure?
    • I mean who wouldn’t be, this guy looks like a freaking sex god
  • You always try to hide it though, this poor boy has an entire company on his shoulders, you can’t have him worry about little things
    • One night though you know he’s off at a company party and you think about all the gorgeous women there
    • You let a few tears slip and you’re like “well jumin’s not here mIGHT AS WELL LET MYSELF CRY AS MUCH AS I CAN”
  • he doesn’t know what to do??? You’ve never been like this around him???
    • He hugs you and lets you cry
    • Your head ends up on his lap and he softly strokes your hair until  you fall asleep
  • In the morning you tell him what’s wrong bc the poor boy deserves an explanation
    • “MC, you’re gorgeous, why would you ever feel like this?”
    • “Have you seen your hair? It’s like silk”
    • “Your boobs are fantastic I don’t understand”
  • But he hires an esthetician for you because he will do anything for you
  • He always makes sure to give you kisses all over your face so you know how much he loves you <3


  • He is a little surprised when he first sees you bc all your pictures online show u with flawless skin?
    • It’s called photoshop, Seven, ur hoe ass should know about this.
  • But he totally gets it! He’s been there before
    • With his high stress, tons of junk food lifestyle, breaks out will accompany
    • He’s just lucky that his skin doesn’t scar easily, but he’s not gonna be a douche about other people’s acne scars
  • He does help you learn how to cover them up bc he understands that you’re insecure
    • You think this boy wouldn’t know how to? Of course he can wtf, this boy is a dress crossing god, he can do anything with a makeup brush
  • He won’t touch your face without your permission because he doesn’t wanna make you uncomfortable <3
  • He builds a robot that says “don’t be stupid, you’re beautiful” for you


  • Honestly he doesn’t even notice
  • He’s so many horrific things in Mint Eye that he doesn’t really notice people’s appearances much?
  • 10/10 does not understand your insecurity
    • you’re strong and cool and awesome??? What’s there to be insecure about wtf
  • he may not be one to show lots of affection like the other RFA members but he has his ways
  • he leaves notes that say “I love you I guess” on the mirrors in your house <3 
    • one time he wrote “please don’t break the mirror with your ugly face” but that was meant for Saeyoung
    • saran wrap that doesn’t even make sense you tWO HAVE THE SAME FACE
  • If you ever cry about your scars, he’ll wipe your tears and try to make your favorite food
    • He burns the meal but you eat it anyway


  • Omg You’re low key this boy is blind because then he can’t see ur scars
  • One day he asks to feel your face and you just??? Don’t know what to do???
  • You don’t want him feeling your scars omg
    • Your solution???
  • Run away and avoid him for days
    • Wow you’re real smooth MC
  • You finally visit him and tell him your issue, that you don’t want him feeling your face bc you know that you’re ugly
  • “…MC, love is blind, okay?”
    • “…No, V, YOU’RE blind”
    • MC why are you like this
  • But honestly, he understands you don’t want him touching your face, he’d probably feel the same way if he had scars
  • He just makes sure to tell you’re beautiful all the time it annoys you a little
    • And he’ll snuggle with you for hours on days you feel super bad about yourself <3

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Um... May I request Edd in a maid uniform and Tord in a cheerleader uniform? I-is that okay? I'm sorry for being a bother, I just really like your style ._.


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How would the class and sensei's react, if korosensei reverts back to his original human form? ;)

A being this attractive cannot be allowed to exist on this planet…

His face says God of Death but his thoughts say Stupid Pervert Chicken Octopus

not to be That Person™ but i love bangtan a lot


cutie hwasa (。♥‿♥。)

My Girl - Pentagon E'Dawn Scenario

“I can’t leave her alone for five minutes,” E'Dawn grumbled. All he’d done was go to the restroom, and by the time he came back, two random guys had decided to make themselves comfortable in the booth with you.

He was a little proud (okay, really proud) that he had such a beautiful girlfriend as you, who could make the whole town jealous that you were dating E'Dawn. But apparently these two dumbos weren’t aware of that fact.

“Hey babe, is our food here yet?” He asked, a little extra swagger in his step as he walked over and slid into the seat next to you.

“So what do you say? I’ll pick you up Friday at 7?” One of the guys asked, ignoring E'Dawn completely. Rude.

“Sorry, but my boyfriend and I already have plans,” you replied.

The guys eyed E'Dawn critically. “Come on gorgeous, you can do better than him,” one of them laughed.

E'Dawn abruptly grabbed your hand and pulled you out of the booth. “Why don’t you wait for me in the car, babe? I’ll go see if they can make our order takeout,” he said.

You agreed, although you were fuming at how they’d insulted your boyfriend. “At least he’s a gentleman, unlike you,” you told the two guys angrily before you walked out.

Five minutes later, the guys who’d been bothering you came running full speed out of the restaurant. E'Dawn walked out after them, nonchalant, with the takeout boxes.

“What did you do to them?” You asked when E'Dawn got in the drivers seat of the car.

“Just reminded them not to mess with my girl,” he replied, eyes twinkling mischievously. You felt heat rising to your cheeks and broke eye contact with him.

“You’re my girl, and that means I protect you,” E'Dawn said firmly, pulling you towards him for a quick, passionate kiss. “No monkeys are gonna steal you away while I’m around.”

“Now let’s go home and watch a movie while we eat,” he suggested, handing you the takeout boxes and then starting the car. You couldn’t help chuckling a bit as the car passed the two idiots from earlier, panting and looking around nervously several blocks from the restaurant. It was nice to feel so loved and protected.

(I hope you liked it, I’m really nervous about it.) ••• Ari

Basic Phobia Starters

“Don’t move, you’ve got a spider in your hair.”
“Did you hear about the snake that escaped a few blocks down from here?”
“Great, the elevator door just jammed. Tell me you’ve got your phone on you.”
“Wow, this is really high up. I don’t think I like this.”
“You didn’t say this gig would be so crowded… Would it spoil the experience to stand at the back?”
“Are you okay? It’s not that high up, really. Come and look, the view is beautiful.”
“Don’t panic, just don’t look at it. The drip’s important if you want to get better.”
“Wow, it’s really dark in here.”
“If you would’ve told me you were so scared of water, I would have taken you to a movie instead.”
“I didn’t know this movie was going to be so bloody. I think I’m going to faint.”
“Are you alright? You seem very nervous. First time flying?”
“What was that?! Was it thunder? Oh no, oh… I really don’t like this.”
“What are you so afraid of? It’s just a bit of water.”
“Look, even if you do fail it’s not the end of the world, okay?”
“What’s going on? Why are you in such a panic?!”
“Don’t worry! It was just a small mouse and I can’t see any droppings. It was probably just lost, okay?”
“He doesn’t bite, he’s just happy to see you. Why don’t you say hello to him and he’ll leave you alone. Really, that dog is harmless!”
“I think I’m going to die. What if I die? I don’t want to die.”
“Shh, calm down. You’re in a panic. You need to try to breathe normally.”
“Did you check the gas? I think I smell something.”
“I don’t know what it is, but it’s big and it’s got many legs.”
“I can’t go to the doctor, okay? I just can’t and you can’t make me!”
“So, on the one hand you’re afraid you’ve got a deadly illness and on the other hand you’re afraid of doctors.”
“We all grow old. Why are you making such a big deal about it? It’s just a birthday, it doesn’t mean anything.”
“Calm down, it’s okay. The fireworks are over now. The banging has stopped. You can take your hands off your ears now.”
“Why do you hoard all this stuff? It wouldn’t hurt to get rid of some of it.”
“The sharks are behind glass, they can’t get to you and you should really see this. Come on, you’ll be fine.”
“You could’ve told me you were afraid! I wouldn’t have thought any less of you.”
“So, why does this scare you so much? Did something happen to you or something?”
“I think I heard something downstairs.”
“So, you’re saying you don’t want to be with me because you’re scared of committing, not because you don’t like me?”
“Is this too much? If you’re too afraid to do it, you can tell me.”
“I’m just so afraid of ending up alone. And it’s weird because I think about it all the time. That’s not normal, right?”
“It’s just a presentation, okay? Everyone gets nervous about those. You’ll be fine.”
“I’m afraid of being afraid. I sit there being anxious about something making me feel afraid, so I’m living my life in fear of fear… and I think I need help.”