okay this is pretty silly

(time for some silly over-analyzations)

okay so, Dipper’s hair is pretty consistently shown to be super messy like this whenever he takes off his hat. i’m assuming it’s because this kid never brushes his hair. i mean, he never washes his clothes, so i’m sure the same applies to his hair

but we have seen his hair look different twice, once during Northwest Manor Mystery, and once during DDnD

now, the first instance could be due to Pacifica making him brush his hair, or she styled it for him, so we know this is what Dipper’s hair looks like when it’s styled/brushed/not messy

the second time, however, is sort of baffling. either Probabilator magically brushed Dipper’s hair for him when he turned Dipper into a game piece, or Dipper himself actually brushed his own hair for once

now, who does Dipper know with floofy, upward facing hair?


my guess is that Dipper noticed that his hair looked just like Ford’s when he brushed it (either that, or he remembered what his hair looked like during Northwest Manor and realized it looked similar to Ford’s), so during his spare time he tried styling his hair to look like Ford’s because he wanted to look like his idol

and i think that’s adorable


Some Toony Fairy and Dreamon

This was a lot of fun. Just loosening up and having fun drawing while listening to old timey sounding cartoon music.

There are moments where Fairy becomes very salty and starts shenanigans. When they do they behave very similarly to a toon. They break the 4th wall a lot, pull things out of nowhere, can take a hit and pull themselves together, and are generally pretty okay with whatever mayhem results.

The shenanigans vary from silly but harmless to downright dangerous. Usually smol Fairy encompasses the more funtimes but its adult Fairy that you should watch out for.

Things get even more fun when the Dreamon is involved. Usually Dreamon and Fairy team up and make for quite the reality bending chaos. It gets worse when they fuse and turn into Dreamy.

Thanks for watchin!


Okay I know these are silly poses but for one thing, I look pretty good in this shirt and am having a body posi/chub-positive day tbh and also. Check out my tris, even in this shifty lighting.