okay this is as close as we're going to get

  • Yang: *Yang slammed open the door to her and Ruby's room with tears in her eyes.* Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! *yang shouted as she punched the wall repeatedly before slumping down against it onto the floor holding her hands to her face.*
  • Ruby: *Meanwhile Ruby rushed in from the bathroom in a panic.* What Happen!? I heard banging! *She then spotted her sister sitting shaking on against the wall and quickly rushed over.* Yang? Are you alright? What's wrong?
  • Yang: *Yang sniffled wiping the tears from her red eyes.* It's nothing Ruby. Just... Just go away.
  • Ruby: Yang. It's clearly not nothing. Please talk to me. I just want to help. *Ruby said moving closer to her sister placing her hand on her shoulder.*
  • Yang: *Yang was silent for a moment, trying to stop the tears from falling as her eyes slowly turn purple.* Fine... I was going to the cafe were Blake went too... I was going to go tell her how I feel about her because I just needed to get this off my chest, ya'know. *Yang sniffled wiping her eyes.* But when I got there I saw her with Sun.
  • Ruby: Okay so Blake was hanging out with Sun. That isn't out of- *Ruby started before shouted with more tears in her eyes.*
  • Yang: They were on a date Ruby!
  • Ruby: *At this Ruby looked dumbfounded with surprise.* W-what? No. they couldn't be. They are just good friend, Yang. I'm sure it was a misunderstanding.
  • Yang: *Ruby then watched as the anger in Yang's express was overwhelmed with sorrow before looking down at the ground.* That's what I was hope for, Ruby... Right up until They kissed.
  • Ruby: oh... Oh Yang. *Ruby whisper as she wrapped her arms around her sister who hugged her back burying her face into her shoulder.* I am so sorry.
  • Yang: What am I going to do Ruby? *sniffle* I love her so much. But I can never be with her. *sniffle. I can't even tell her now. *Yang cried, holding onto Ruby for dear life.*
  • Ruby: Shhhhh. It's alright. Let it all out. *Ruby whispered as she stroke Yangs head hugging her until she calmed down.* It'll be okay Yang. Why don't you go take a shower and get ready for bed. Maybe it will help you feel better.
  • Yang: *sniffle.* Yeah... Thank you Ruby.
  • Ruby: Anytime. We're sisters after all. We take care of each other. You'd do the same for me... And probably beat up the other person.
  • Yang: Hehe, Yeah I would.
  • ~Later~
  • Ruby: *Ruby walked down stair while Yang is in the shower when she hears the front door open and close.* Oh I guess Blake is back. *She thought to herself when she hear Weiss and Blake begin to talk.*
  • Weiss: Welcome back Blake.
  • Blake: Hey Weiss. Where's Yang and Ruby?
  • Weiss: Upstairs. Yang's in the shower and Ruby I think went to bed.
  • Blake: Ah I see. I'll put these left overs in the fridge then.
  • Weiss: So how did it go?
  • Blake: How did what go?
  • Weiss: Your date with Sun.
  • Blake: *Ruby then heard Blake groan as she heard her coat being thrown.* For the last time Weiss. It was not a date. We are just friends and I made that pretty clear to him as well.
  • Weiss: What do you mean?
  • Blake: Sigh, Sun kissed me.
  • Weiss: He kissed you!?
  • Blake: Yes. And then I slapped him.
  • Weiss: WHAT!? Why? I thought you liked him?
  • Blake: As. A. Friend. Honestly, If I knew he was asking me out on a date and not to hang out I would have told him no and that I only see him as a friend. Which He accepted and apologized for kissing me while I apologized for slapping him.
  • Weiss: But I don't understand! You talked you were in love with someone blonde that we know. Oh god don't tell me it's Jaune!
  • Blake: What?! No! God No!
  • Weiss: Then who? We don't know any other blonde guys and the only other person we both know who is blonde is Yang.
  • Blake: ...
  • Weiss: ... Wait.
  • Blake: Weiss. Don't.
  • Weiss: Oh. My god.
  • Blake: Weiss. I'm serious. Shut up.
  • Ruby: *It was then just as Weiss opened her mouth to speak Ruby stepped out from around the corner and nearly shouted.* YOU LOVE YANG!
  • Blake: R-RUBY!? *Blake jumped in surprise, nearly dropping the box of sweet as Weiss watched from the chair she sat in.* H-hey. Uh, I thought you were sleep. I, uh, got some sweetd from the cafe if you want any. *Blake then watched as Ruby zipped over infront of her slapping the box out of her hand to the floor, shocking both her and Weiss before Ruby took hold of her shoulder.*
  • Ruby: Yeah. Forget that. Is it true!? You Actually love my sister?!
  • Blake: I...
  • Weiss: Ruby what is wrong with-
  • Ruby: Not now Weiss! I'll example later! Blake! Do you or do you not love Yang!?
  • Blake: Well I mean... *Blake muttered shifting nervously at Ruby's gaze before finally cracking.* Okay Yes. I love Yang but you can't tell her, please.
  • Ruby: Oh thank you god!
  • Blake/Weiss: Eh?
  • Ruby: Blake You are going to go up stair to Yang right now and tell Yang how yu feel. Like right now!
  • Blake/Weiss: What? Why? *the two said together before looking at each other weirdly then back to Ruby.*
  • Ruby: Because Yang has been crying for the past hour thinks you and Sun are dating!
  • Blake: Why would Yang think that and why was she crying about it?
  • Ruby: Because she loves you and she saw Sun kissing you!
  • Blake: WHAT!? OH MY GOD! YANG!*Blake Shouted and quickly ran past Ruby and upstairs.*
  • Weiss: You think she remembers me saying Yang is in the shower? *Both Weiss and Ruby then looked as they heard a door slam open.*
  • Ruby: Yeah I'm going to go with nope. *Ruby then took a bite of a cookie from the box on the floor.*
The Last of Us - Sentence Starters
  • "Fuckin' hunters. See, this could've been us".
  • "No matter what, you keep finding something to fight for".
  • "Don't tell me I would be safer with somebody else".
  • "Hey, fuck you man. I didn't ask for this".
  • "Get off your ass and on your feet".
  • "Can we get the fuck outta here? Please?".
  • "Everything happens for a reason".
  • "Y... You shot him/her...".
  • "We have got to get outta here, do you understand me?".
  • "This tunnel, you use it to smuggle things?".
  • "They've been gone a long, long time".
  • "What are we doing here?".
  • "Oops, right?".
  • "I am not doin' that!".
  • "I can buy you some time but you have to run".
  • "I will not turn into one of those things".
  • "Nothing, it's just... I've never seen anything like this, that's all".
  • "Never walked through the woods. It's kinda cool".
  • "Okay, don't be a dick".
  • "You scared the shit outta me!".
  • "Sarcasm... making progress".
  • "Let's just keep going".
  • "Get up. We're leaving, c'mon".
  • "Do you even realize what your life means? Huh? Running off like that, putting yourself at risk — it's pretty goddamn stupid".
  • "Stop with the bullshit".
  • "How many close calls have we had?!".
  • "You're treading on some mighty thin ice here".
  • “hands in the fucking air!”.
  • “I pretty much lost everything".
  • “I ain’t leavin’ without you".
  • “Another city, another abandoned quarantine zone”.
  • “I can protect you”.
  • “I’ll come back for you”.
  • “Sounds like runners”.
  • “Can you walk?”.
  • “Stay the fuck back!”.
  • “I think we’re safe”.
  • “You’re a better shot with that thing than I am”.
  • “Don’t sound so disappointed”.
  • “You handled yourself pretty nice back there”.
  • “thanks for not blowin’ my head off".
  • “you survived because of me.”
  • “you lay your hands on me again, it won’t end well for you”.
  • “you still remember how to kill, right?”
  • “hey, hey—are you hurt?”.
  • “You mumble in your sleep".
  • “Are you still breathing?”.
  • “Let’s get the hell outta here".
  • “I owe you nothin’".
  • “I can handle myself".
  • “You don’t need to worry about me".
  • “I don’t think they saw us".
  • “Damn it—spores".
  • “Somethin’ on your mind?”.
  • “Yeah, well, i was tryin’ to kill you".
  • “You’re bleeding".
  • “We can help each other".
  • “Isaved you!”.
  • “How is it you’re never scared?”.
  • Mom: *gives me her credit card* Go buy some clothes online, sweetie. Your budget is $50, clothes only.
  • Me: *nods and thanks her before going to my room to shop online*
  • Me: Okay now let's see *hums and scrolls through Amazon*
  • Me: *sees a cute stuffie*
  • Little me: *Inhales deeply* I need.
  • ~*Ten minutes later*~
  • Me: *slowly gets out of little space* oh no..what have I done..
  • Me: *texts caregiver* "WE HAVE A CODE TURQUOISE!!!"
  • Caregiver: "alright bun bun, what did you buy this time?"
  • Caregiver: *leaves me on read*
  • Me: *hyperventilates*
  • Caregiver: *calls*
  • Me: *answers while hugging stuffies closely*
  • Caregiver: Pack your stuffies and pacis. We're leaving to Guadalajara on Wednesday. Your name is now Wendy. We start a new life now.
  • Geoff: If anybody wants to...
  • Jack: What do you need, Geoff?
  • Geoff: I was just going to say, if anyone wants to sit on a chicken... egg...
  • Michael: I'll help!
  • Jeremy: I'll sit on a chicken, too!
  • Ryan: Everyone is lining up to sit on a damn chicken.
  • Gavin: Oh, we're sitting on chickens?
  • Geoff: You can sit on an egg.
  • Ryan: Can we all sit together on it?
  • Geoff: Sure.
  • Michael: Can I sit and spin, or do I just sit on it?
  • Jeremy: Okay, what can I sit on?
  • Geoff: This egg right here.
  • Michael: I like how Jeremy closed the door behind him, so he thinks that I won't get to sit on the egg with him. You fucker.
  • Jeremy: Do I have to fuck it, or just sit on it?
  • Michael: Just shut the fuck up and sit on it! Do you see chickens fucking the eggs, Jeremy?
  • Jeremy: Well, I... You fuck trees to life!
  • Michael: Well, that happens in real life. You see a guy fucking a sapling, and it sprouts into a tree.
  • Jeremy: You cross-eyed fuck!
Send one in for my muse's reaction (Civil War Phrases Part I)
  • "These guys are totally out of our league."
  • "No way should we be going in there."
  • "So what's the plan?"
  • "We've been marked."
  • "It's a raid!"
  • "Any chance of that last part again?"
  • "And in your case it's totally true!"
  • "Wait a minute, I know you guys."
  • "Beg to differ."
  • "I'm on it."
  • "On your feet."
  • "You're playing with the big boys now."
  • "Does it matter?"
  • "Can you handle this on your own?"
  • "You gotta be kidding me."
  • "It's okay, they aren't going to hurt you."
  • "This is the straw that broke the camel's back."
  • "They'll be coming after us with torches and pitchforks."
  • "Who the hell can justify this?"
  • "I'd say that sounds like a reasonable response."
  • "You filthy piece of crap."
  • "We're going to have to ask you to leave."
  • "I appreciate that you're upset...."
  • "Are you just making stuff up again so I don't get mad at you?"
  • "How's it hanging?"
  • "I don't like this. I want to go home."
  • "Hold him down!"
  • "So what are they saying?"
  • "Looks to me like they're closing us down."
  • "Does anybody else think that's a good idea?"
  • "You think they're going to go for it?"
  • "So nobody you can't handle?"
  • "Forget about it."
  • "I will not be responsible for what comes next."
  • "Damn you to hell for this."
We're okay.

Taehyung scenario for anon~

- Admin Lu

Originally posted by bangts

Your fingers shakily tapped the screen of your phone, day-old tears streaming down your cheeks, still. 7 missed calls. You unlocked your phone. 7 missed calls from Kim Taehyung. You were so close. So close to calling him, crying into the phone, telling him you were sorry and please could everything just be normal again?

But you had your dignity to maintain. Didn’t you? You shook your head to yourself and wrapped your arms around your legs and buried your face inbetween them. What was the point, really? Did you think you were going to get anywhere by sitting here and crying, waiting… waiting… waiting for Taehyung to turn up at your door, take you into his arms and embrace you like he used to.

You longed for the light to return to his eyes when he saw you, not for him to turn away and kick at the stones beneath his feet uncomfortably. It just felt so… wrong. So out of place. It was hard to imagine Taehyung as anything other then the happy little fairy you’d always seen him as.

Just thinking about him triggered more endless tears. You genuinely couldn’t think of a time you’d felt this low. Your forehead was burning, and your hands were clammy with sweat, yet you were shivering from the cold at every movement you made. Your head was pounding, and you couldn’t think straight.

You weren’t okay. The minutes you thought about him turned into hours, which turned into days, and weeks. You were growing weak, and on some mornings you could barely bring yourself to get out of bed. You hadn’t touched your phone since the fight, and didn’t intend to.

You stared at the ceiling in your solitary state, allowing more tears to automatically slide down your cheeks and drip onto your clasped hands. Your lips were dry and your stomach was rumbling, but there was no time to eat when you were in this much pain.

Did Taehyung have any idea what this was doing to you? He probably wanted to know; that’s why the missed calls and messages had only been increasing since that day. Should you answer next time your phone vibrated? Even if you wanted to, you thought, would you even be able to?

Just then, for the first time that week, something snapped you out of your depressing train of thought. There was a loud knock at the door, followed by shouting from an all-too-familiar voice.

“Y/N!” the voice shouted. It was low, and out of breath. “Please… let me in… let’s talk things out!” he called between pants in a broken tone. As if it were merely the postman, you stood up and walked at a slow, regular pace towards the door, your face expressionless.

Your shaking fingers picked up and turned the key into its corresponding lock. Less than a second after the door clicked open, Taehyung burst into your apartment and wrapped his arms around you. He was warm, and smelt how he’d always smelt. Like cosy coffee shops and peppermint gum.

The touch of his warm fingertips against your cold back made you shiver, though you made no attempt to lean towards or away from Taehyung. Your cheek was pressed against his chest, so the sound of his rapidly beating heart seemed to shroud out everything else.

“Why didn’t you answer my calls? I was so afraid something had happened to you,” Taehyung said quickly, his eyes shut in concentration. He pulled back finally and grabbed your shoulders. “It’s such a relief to know you’re-”

He then stopped. Was ‘okay’ what he wanted to say? He looked you up and down. He looked at what you’d become, what he’d done. In your mind, it was all his fault. You’d lost a lot of weight, and your skin was much paler than he’d remembered. Your legs were barely holding you up; you’d spent so much time sitting down and making minimal effort to do anything.

Your eyes made their way to Taehyung’s and, suddenly, something clicked inside your brain. Seeing his deep eyes fill up with tears triggered something, and you began to shake your head and cover your face with your hands (which was probably the most active thing you’d  done all week).

“What… what happened, Y/N?” came the hoarse tone you were expecting. You didn’t look back at Taehyung. He stepped forward suddenly and attempted to take your hands in his and away from your face.

You stepped backwards quickly, and he stood still. You took a proper look at him, and saw that the light in his eyes had disappeared, and the his face looked as though his soul has left him. His hands were trembling beside him, unsure of what to do. His fingers squirmed in confusion, and he shook his head to himself.

“Hey, I’m here now. You don’t need to worry-” he tried again, stepping towards you once again. He opened his arms as if to embrace you, though your instinct told you to slap him away. He looked at you in shock, and everything was still for a while.

After what seemed like hours had passed, Taehyung realised his place. “Right, I see. You won’t accept my help. How could you do something like this to yourself? This can’t all be because of that one fight,” he said moodily, shoving his hands into your pockets. And then he turned away from you before adding in a shaky tone, “Get a grip, will you?”

It was then, that you spoke. You had known Taehyung for too long to know that he didn’t mean that. It was something that happened sometimes. He was trying to act tougher than he actually was. You could see his lips trembling with immediate regret. But it didn’t mean what he said didn’t still hurt you. “Don’t you see?” you asked quietly.

Taehyung turned to you. “Huh?”

“Don’t you see what you’ve done?” you said louder. You displayed yourself and stepped backwards again. “Do you see the damage you left behind since that day? And only now you’re feeling guilty, so you decide to show up here.” Your own voice sounded strange to you; you hadn’t heard it for weeks.

“That’s not true, Y/N. I made a mistake. A huge one. But I love you, that’s something I’m sure of. Can’t we just forget this?” Taehyung asked you, and you hoped he wasn’t going to reach for your hands again. His words had no affect on you. “Didn’t you check your phone at all?”

You looked over at your phone, laying flat on the table, where you’d left it two weeks ago, and shook your head. “Listen, you need to leave. This is only making things worse. I know now that you never really cared about me, it’s all clear.” And before Taehyung could say any more, you ushered him out of the door and locked it behind you.

He didn’t bother trying to knock again and only when you’d heard his footsteps fade out did you walk back to the sofa and sit back down where you’d been for the past 24 hours, wishing the cushions would just swallow you up inbetween them. Hm. You glanced over at the table. What would happen if you did check your phone now?

You reached over and picked up your now freezing-cold-from-being-untouched phone and dared to turn it on. The light of the screen blinded you, and the number of unchecked notifications caught you off guard. Though they meant nothing to you. Most were from Taehyung.

16 missed calls. 27 unread messages. While you quickly used your thumb to clear the notifications away, one stood out. ‘Tae 💕 sent you a video’. Your thumb hovered over it momentarily before touching down to swipe it away. But you weren’t quick enough.

The application opened, and there on your screen was Taehyung with a guitar, a small play button over him. You touched it. You couldn’t go back now. For 3 minutes and 20 seconds you watched Taehyung play you a sweet, slow melody, a sad smile on his face. At the end he said, “Y/N. I’m sorry. I love you more than the entire world. I love you more than anyone or anything. I just… I made a mistake. And I miss you. So… we’re okay?”

You closed your phone and smiled to yourself, tears dropping down onto the table unintentionally. “We’re okay,” you whispered. You checked the time. If you left now, you could be at the dorms in 10 minutes. Without a second thought, you picked up your phone and keys and ran out of the door.

When you got to the BTS dorms (in almost exactly 10 minutes), you didn’t even need to knock before Taehyung opened the door to see you.

“How did you know I was here?” you asked him, panting. You didn’t tell him that you hadn’t been outside for a long time, and your legs felt as though they were about to give way beneath you.

He smiled at you softly. “I just knew.” He looked at the phone in your hand. “So you saw it, huh?”

You tried to nod, but you were distracted by the fact that there were now two Taehyungs in front of you, and everything had started to spin. “T-Tae, I don’t feel so-” Before you could finish what you were saying, you dropped to the ground and gasped as you felt yours eyes shut.

“Y/N!” you heard a fading voice shout out.

“Hey, Y/N, you’re awake!” came a familiar voice. You slowly opened your eyes and found yourself in a new setting. You were lying on the BTS couch, and your head hurt like hell.

“I… I fainted, didn’t I?” you asked Taehyung quietly, once he’d come into focus.

He nodded. “I took you inside; I thought you’d be more comfortable sleeping here than on the ground.” He grinned then. And you stared. You wanted to take a picture of that grin and keep it forever.

“Listen, Y/N. We can just forget about all this, right? And you’ll stay with me, and I’ll keep you safe? And I’ll make sure you eat better and get more rest from now on?” Taehyung said hurriedly.

You smiled up at him and nodded, and knew he meant what he said genuinely. “Hey,” you began, sitting up. “We’re okay.”

Taehyung looked at you momentarily, the light you’d missed back in his eyes, before giving you the most dazzling grin you’d seen for months.

#49 - One Of The Other Guys Catches You In A Heated Moment
  • ***WARNING: Contains sexual references! Please do NOT read if you are NOT comfortable with smut!***
  • Louis: Louis grabbed your hand and pulled you into the bathroom of the dressing room when no one was in the room and quickly attached his lips to yours. You didn't even question his actions, you just went with it. You jumped up and wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck, kissing him back as he pushed you up against the opposite wall, running his hands up your shirt and massaging your breasts. You two were so caught up in the moment that you had forgotten to lock the door which resulted in Niall flinging the door open moments later and shouting, "You guys couldn't have waited until you got to the hotel? Jesus!" He laughs as he shuts the door and moves away. "Let's finish this, yeah?" Louis grins and connects your lips again.
  • Niall: The thought of having a lunch date with Zayn and his wife that afternoon had completely disappeared from your mind when Niall began to pepper kisses down your back that morning. You ignored your phones buzzing and ringing as you laid in bed, loving on each other all morning. You straddled his waist, moving your hips quickly as he ran his hands up and down your sides, watching you with a smirk. Not only did you forget that you had lunch, but you had forgotten that all the boys had a key to your house in case of emergencies. Since you weren't answering your phones, Zayn began to get worried and had let himself in, finding his way upstairs and knocking on the door. "Fuck, Zayn?" Niall shouts, looking at the door and covering you up. "Oh my God, okay! You know what, we're just going to lunch another day. Yeah, I'll just...bye." He shouts, leaving quickly.
  • Liam: Harry and his wife had taken the kids for the afternoon, leaving you and Liam at the house alone for one of the first times in a while. One thing led to another and things began to get heated. You were so enamored with each other that you didn't even bother moving to the bedroom, you just stayed put on the couch in the den. Your shirt laid on the floor along with Liam's as you straddled his lap, kissing him deeply. "God...I missed this." Liam moaned into your ear. "We n-need to do this more often." You stutter as Liam began to grind his hips up into yours, "S-shit, Liam." You groan as you let you head loll back, closing your eyes. "Hello, hello!" You heard Harry shout as he let himself in through the backdoor. "Shit, Harry! Don't!" Liam shouted as you quickly got up, "Harry, don't come in here!" Liam yelled. "Okay, kiddos, back outside for a bit." Harry laughs, peeking into the room. "Yep, back outside with Uncle Harry. We're going to go play!" He says, taking them out quickly.
  • Zayn: All of the boys and their families had decided to go on a big vacation and rent a house in Hawaii for a nice little get away. One morning you and Zayn decided to sleep in and when you woke up, everyone had gone somewhere, leaving you both in the big house you had rented by yourselves. You two had changed into your swimsuits and gotten into the large pool that overlooked a beautiful mountain side and the small town just down the road. Zayn grabbed your hips unexpectedly and pulled you towards him and smashes his lips against yours, quickly untying your bikini top and discarding it somewhere in the water. His hands roamed your body as he leaned against the wall and you wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling yourself as close as you could to him. You were so caught up in making out, you didn't hear the back door open and Louis come out with his wife following right behind, "Hey you horny people, do it inside, not out here where literally everyone can see." He laughs, "Oh, (Y/N), I think you lost this." He grins, throwing your bikini top at you. "Go away!" Zayn shouts before kissing you again.
  • Harry: Being separated for four months right after you were married was not an easy task, so when you were reunited with Harry while he was on tour, things were bound to happen. It was late one night on the tour bus and you and Harry laid curled up in his bunk when Harry began to get handsy. "They're going to hear us." You whisper, referring to the rest of the guys who were just feet away in the small living room, watching TV. "Not if we're quiet." He whispers, pulling you on top of him, sucking on your neck. You groan just loud enough for Harry to hear as he slides his hands up your shirt while your gripped his sides, grinding your hips together to create friction. Harry groaned softly into your neck and gripped your bum as he rolled his hips with yours. "Hey! Lovebirds! No having sex while on the tour bus! You know the rules!" Louis shouts from the small living space. Harry groans loudly and stares at you, "Sorry, babe...When we get to the hotel tomorrow, I'm all yours." He says softly, kissing you gently.
Octodad: Dadliest Catch {Sentence Starters}
  • "He's just running late. He's always late!"
  • "The wedding is starting. Are you ready?"
  • "You're not even DRESSED!"
  • "I knew you wouldn't get cold feet."
  • "You look so handsome."
  • "Will you get me a unicorn?"
  • "You'll say yes one of these days!"
  • "Oh, you're finally up. Nice to see you, sleepyhead!"
  • "We've got more somewhere, right?"
  • "Oh, honey, how could I stay mad at you?"
  • "I made your coffe just the way you like it."
  • "I will mow you down!"
  • "Honey, what's going on over there?"
  • "Can't you make an exception this time?"
  • "I hope nobody steals it while I look over here!"
  • "You're always up to something odd."
  • "Not now, I'm composing my masterpiece!"
  • "I wanna climb something condemned!"
  • "Are there any more lights around here?"
  • "I think there's something really scary in here."
  • "Here, use these. I don't want them anyway."
  • "Nowhere to run this time!"
  • "Well, now we're both in trouble!"
  • "That was a close one. I hope that man is okay."
  • "Well, someday I'll get an answer out of you!"
  • "That... doesn't make any sense."
  • "Just because you're right doesn't mean you're not crazy."
  • "I will not bother you again."
INTJ Going to Lunch
  • Co-worker: Hey, INTJ, we're going to Some Restaurant for lunch.
  • INTJ: *opens new tab, Yelps Some Restaurant. 3/5 stars. Opens menu, puts off to the side. Opens Google Maps, 15 minutes away*
  • Co-worker: Do you want to come?
  • INTJ: Who is driving? *Studies menu*
  • Co-worker: Bill.
  • INTJ: *Closes Google Maps* Okay, sure.
  • Co-worker: Alright, let's go. Wait, are you looking at the menu? You can look at it when we get there. *laughs*
  • INTJ: Yeah... I don't need to look at it NOW. *fake scoff* Why would I need to look at it now? *nervous laughter*
  • Co-worker: *confused look*
  • INTJ internally: Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. *gets up, opens menu on smartphone*
  • *********Sexy Zone jumping off a 4.5m cliff along a waterfall; Sou, Fuma, and Marius have yet to jump********
  • Fuma: Matsushima!
  • Sou: I want you to go before me
  • Fuma: If I go first you won't jump
  • Sou: Wait for me
  • Fuma: It's a man's promise
  • Sou: I'll jump
  • Fuma: This is a man's promise
  • Sou: I'll definitely jump, wait for me.
  • **After seeing Fuma jump**
  • Sou: I don't think I can do it...
  • Sou: Wait, it's seriously scary, I'm really scared
  • Fuma: Matsushima, a man's promise!
  • Fuma: Don't worry, I'm right here
  • Sou: Really scary...
  • Fuma: It'll definitely be fine! Matsushima!!
  • Marius: Fine, I'll go first!
  • **Marius jumps**
  • Marius: Sou-chan we're waiting for you
  • Fuma: Matsushima, you can do it!
  • Sou: Did it hurt?
  • Fuma: Don't worry, it doesn't hurt! It doesn't hurt!
  • Fuma: Just be sure to close your legs and your hands.
  • Shori: You can do it!
  • Kento: Matsushima, you were able to get halfway with rock climbing, you can do it!
  • Guide: 3, 2, 1, GO!
  • . . .
  • Sou: Ah, I can't
  • Fuma: It's okay! Matsushima
  • Fuma: Even if you say you can't do it, we made a man's promise, didn't we?
  • Guide: 3, 2, 1, GO!
  • Fuma: Be a man! Matsushima!
  • **Sou jumps**
  • Fuma: He's coming!
  • Sou: *lands in water*
  • Sou: *laughing* It feels good!
  • Fuma: Even though this guy has a fear of heights, he overcame it!
  • Disney: We're gonna get some heterosexuality up in this bitch if we have to give some actual goddamn women some actual speaking parts, I swear to fuck I'll do it, don't push me cuz I'm close to the edge.
  • Fandom: Space lesbians! Space lesbians who never appear onscreen together. That's okay, we have the technology. Evil Nazi space husbands! STORMPILOT IS A MOTHERFUCKING GO.
  • Luke: "Hey, (Y/N)", the way he said your name sent shivers down your spine, "I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed our date last night, and I was wondering if you'd like to meet up again sometime? Whenever you're free and I'm not touring and on interviews, of course. Not that they take up all of my time, you know, on the possibility of there being a serious relationship in our future. No! I mean, not that I wouldn't like that. But -". "Man, you already screwed it up. Might as well just stop talking", someone else's - one of his band mates he had mentioned on your first date, you assumed - voice spoke up, filled with laughter. "Uh, anyways, I should get going. Call me back whenever you can... Bye".
  • Ashton: "Babe!", he dragged the 'e' longer than necessary, "I have no idea what time is it for you and, quite frankly, I have no idea what time is it here too. But I just wanted to let you know that I'm boarding my plane soon. So, if by any chance, you try to call me or text me and I don't reply, it's probably 'cause I'm on the plane. Or I'm at a strip club and am just making this up - you'll never know. Well, I'll call you once the plane lands - or I leave the strip club - and leave another voice mail in case you're still asleep. Dammit, (Y/N), you sleep a lot. Oh, I'm boarding now - gotta go. Hopefully Cal will buy me a lap dance. Just kidding, the only lap dance I'd want now is yours. Love you".
  • Michael: "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! My name is Michael Clifford and I'm your host for another episode of 'My Girlfriend Isn't Answering Any Of My Calls 'Cause She's Mad At Me But Hopefully My Voice Just Made Her Laugh", Michael faked a broadcaster's voice - and, in fact, it made you laugh, "On tonight's episode, you'll get to listen to our young Michael's voice mail apologizing to his beautiful, sexy, smart and hot girlfriend, (Y/N). And t begins like this:", he returned to his normal voice, "Babe, I'm really really sorry. I know I screwed up and I know I shouldn't have let you storm off - I know it. I just am hopelessly waiting that this isn't the end for us, (Y/N). I mean, I love you way too much for this to be the end. And, even if it is, I just want you to know that I loved you with all my heart while we were together, and I will keep loving you until I'm one hundred percent sure we have not a single chance of getting back together. Please come back home so we can talk this through. Please, (Y/N). I'm sorry".
  • Calum: "Babe?! Where are you?!", Calum's voice was a little faded due to the sound of lots of people talking behind him, "Your cousins and I just left the roller coaster and we're at the point we marked to meet - but there's no one here to meet us. You're not answering my calls or replying to my texts, and I'm trying to think you simply went to the bathroom or to get something to eat. But I'm sort of freaking out. So I might just keep talking to your voice mail 'till I see you coming back or am sure that you're okay. Or I could just go talk to security. But I guess that's a little bit extreme. In case you don't remember, I'm wearing a plaid blue t-shirt and -. Oh, is that you? I'm guessing it is. Yeah, it is, I'd recognize that beautiful smile anywhere. Just for precaution: when you're listening to this voice mail when we're back at the hotel, please don't get mad at me. You're really close now, so I'm gonna hand up. Love ya. Oh, and you look really hot today, by the way.
The Devil Within
Digital Daggers
The Devil Within

I will keep quiet you won’t even know I’m here

You won’t suspect a thing you won’t see me in the mirror

But I crept into your heart you can’t make me disappear til I make you

I made myself at home in the cobwebs and the lies

I’m learning all your tricks I can hurt you from inside

I made myself a promise you would never see me cry til I make you

You’ll never know what hit you, won’t see me closing in

I’m gonna make you suffer, this hell you put me in

I’m underneath your skin, the devil within, you’ll never know what hit you

I will be here when you think you’re all alone

Seeping through the cracks I’m the poison in your bones

My love is your disease I won’t let it set you free til I break you

You’ll never know what hit you, won’t see me closing in

I’m gonna make you suffer, this hell you put me in

I’m underneath your skin, the devil within, you’ll never know what hit you

I tried to be the lover to your nightmare, look what you made of me

Now I’m a heavy burden that you can’t bear, look what you made of me

Look what you made of me, I’ll make you see

You’ll never know what hit you, won’t see me closing in

I’m gonna make you suffer, this hell you put me in

I’m underneath your skin, the devil within, you’ll never know what hit you

The devil within, you’ll never know what hit you

(Hope you enjoyed. This is what happens when I get bored,plus I felt like this song fits Stiles at the moment. Very tempted to do one for all the other characters. Let me know if I should :) Love ya Wolfies!)

Squid incident part 2
  • jason: eliza that wasnt in the script. how many times do we have to tell you not to bring anything squid related with alycia around?
  • eliza: *recovers from laughter* im sorry. im sorry. *wipes tear away* i know. i just couldn't help it. sorry
  • eliza: okay. im done now. okay. i'll go get alycia
  • jason: thank you
  • eliza: heeeeey. jason said we have to film now
  • eliza: alycia? give me the squid. we have to film now okay
  • eliza: c'mere. give eliza the squid
  • alycia: *looks up at eliza from her curled position* my. squid.
  • eliza:
  • eliza: your squid
  • ...
  • eliza: i - she wouldn't give up the squid.
  • jason: *drags hand across face* we were so close.
  • jason to everyone: that's it! we're wrapping up for the day. eliza gave alycia a squid
  • everyone: *groans* again?
  • eliza: i can't help it alright?
HE'S my fiance? - arranged marriage au with fluid-haruka

Makoto sighed to himself as he was practically pulled along by his mother. She was overly happy today, and Makoto knew exactly why. She’d arranged with a friend of hers and ended up arranging Makoto’s marriage. How did he get suckered into this again?

‘Makoto! You’re not engaged yet? Not even a girlfriend? I’ll be old and grey when I get to see you walk down the aisle!’ Hiyori Tachibana questioned, pacing back and forth as Makoto sat on the couch, sighing to himself.

'Sorry mum… No one’s just caught my eye yet… I’ll get married when I meet the right person…’ Makoto apologised. Hiyori stopped in front of him, hands on her hips as Makoto looked up at her.

'Alright, we’re going to go meet a friend. They have a child close to your age called Haruka. You’re going to meet Haruka, and if you don’t find someone before you turn 25, Haruka will be your partner, okay?’ Hiyori stated, smiling to herself, overly pleased.

So that was how Makoto had gotten sucked into this. Just what kind of girl was Haruka anyway? Was she one of those snobbish rich girls that wore too much make up and skirts that barely qualified as a napkin? Or was she a bookworm with ugly big glasses and sat in her mother’s basement reading books and typing on her computer, probably hacking the goverment’s database at night?

“We’re here!” announced Hiyori, beaming a smile at Makoto as they arrived at the front doorstep to the Nanase household.


smol-jong  asked:

as much as it hurts me to say this, i dont think we're getting fancams of the back hug <//////3

I’m trying not to lose hope :( I check every new fancam that appears on youtube and one was THIS close to the jongyu backhug but it ended when Jinki was already behind Jonghyun

I NEED THIS FANCAM OKAY. Jongyu are little shits and decide to cuddle on air just a few minutes into the new year. And their cheeks were touching and I thought I was gonna pass out when I watched the stream.


  • Ashton: His hands rest on your waist over your dress. You feel the heat coming off his large hands and it sends a shiver through your body, making him chuckle. "You look so good in this dress," Ashton breathes in your ear. "You've been teasing me all night, baby." You bite your lip to hold back a moan as he nips at the sensitive spot just under your ear. "Now, you are going to pay for it," he practically growls before his lips crush against yours. Clothes disappear faster than you realize. His hands are now on your skin making your heart race in your chest. His mouth and fingers leaves marks upon your skin that will stay for days. Your breathing is ragged, but so is his. He's taking in every inch of you that you hide so well from the rest of the world under your clothes. You're his. He gets to know every inch of you and that makes him so happy. "I think your shirt is on the lamp," you tell him as you relax back onto his bed later in the night, both of you covered in a layer of sweat and each other. "I think you're right," Ashton chuckles. "Created some nice mood lighting though, didn't it?" he jokes. "It kind of did," you laugh. "Ashton, I love you." He sighs and wraps you up in his arms, his chin resting on your head, making you feel safe and loved. "I love you too, babe, so much more than you can understand," he replies.
  • Calum: "Do you even own clothes?" you ask your boyfriend as he wanders in after a shower, only a towel loosely hanging around his hips. "I brought a bag of them, didn't I?" he chuckles. "Besides, we both know you like it when I don't wear any." You roll your eyes and throw a pillow at him. "I definitely prefer you covered, where you can't mentally scar my little sister," you counter. He pouts before he says, "You don't mean that, do you, babe?" You sigh and shove yourself off you bed, coming over to your slightly wet, gorgeous, and mostly naked boyfriend. You wrap your arms around his waist and rest your cheek on his chest. He happily wraps his arms around your shoulders, bringing you closer to him. "I like this," he says. "I'd like it more if you weren't wearing clothes- hey, that's my shirt." You giggle and press a kiss to the feather tattoo on his collarbone. "It might just be your shirt, Hood, but it's not like you wear it anyway," you tell him. "I wanted to wear that today," he whines. You roll your eyes before stepping out of his arms. Without hesitation, you yank his shirt off over your head and shove it into his hands. His eyes don't even glance down at it. They're trained on your lingerie. "Where the hell did those come from and why haven't I see them before?" he asks, gesturing to your undergarments. "They're new," you smiled, giving him a small turn. "Like?" He swallows hard before confident, cocky Calum makes a reappearance. "I definitely like," he tells you. "It's a shame they can't stay on though." He drops his shirt in favor of cupping your face in his hands, his lips crashing into yours as he walks you backwards to your bed.
  • Luke: You tiptoe around Luke's room, careful not to wake him up as you head downstairs to grab some breakfast for both of you. You grab one of his band shirts off the floor, tossing to over your head, before stealing a pair of his shorts and heading downstairs. You smile at his mom when you see her in the kitchen. She looks you up and down and laughs. "Little big on you there, sweetie?" she asks, referring to Luke's clothes that are dwarfing you. "Just a bit," you laugh. "He's kind of a giant, but it's okay. His clothes are so much more comfortable than mine." She shakes her head as you pour two bowls of cereal for you and Luke. "Can I take these up to his room?" you ask her. "Go ahead, sweetie," she replies with a wave of her hand. You thank her before climbing back upstairs to his room. When you push the door open, you see Luke sitting up in his bed, his normally done up hair flopping across his tired face and no shirt on to hide his broad shoulders from you. "Well, that's an amazing sight to wake up to," he mumbles, his morning voice making you giggle a little. "You should just always wear my clothes, babe," he tells you as you climb back into bed with him, handing him his bowl of cereal. "They kind of don't really fit me, Luke," you say. He shrugs before shoving a spoonful of cereal into his mouth. "You look hot. Don't fight me on this," he says. "You make a mean bowl of cereal, babe." You kiss his bare shoulder softly as your way of thanking him. "Stay tuned and I'll make you a mean bag of chips later, if you're good," you add. "I can't really be good. You look too amazing in my clothes for me not to fu-" Luke stops in the middle of his sentence as his mom peaks her head into his room. "You two good up here?" she asks. "We're great, mum," Luke replies, head down toward his cereal. "Just freaking great," he mumbles grumpily and you have to bite back your laugh.
  • Michael: You stare at yourself in the mirror carefully, turning every direction to see your body from every angle in the dress. "Would you come out already?" Michael whines outside the dressing room. You huff in annoyance before you step out of the dressing room. Michael's eyes lift up from his phone when you clear your throat. "Take it off," he commands as he stands up. "Oh, I thought it looked okay at least," you mumble, dropping your eyes to the ground. "You look so fucking good, baby," he says, his lips grazing your ear, surprising you with his closeness. "I mean, get back in the dressing room and take it off for me." You swallow hard as his hands rest on your hips. "Mikey, we're in public," you start, but his lips pressing against the most sensitive spot on your neck cut you off. "So, naturally, you're going to need to be quiet for the first time in your life," he laughs. He's slowly backing you up toward the dressing room. "I'm buying this for you when we're done," he tells you. "You only get to wear it around me though." You laugh and say, "Would you rather I just not wear anything at all?" He pauses in the doorway of the dressing room before saying, "You're definitely the smart one of our relationship." His mouth attaches to your throat as he shuts the door behind you. "This dress will wrinkle if you leave it on the floor," you warn him as he unzips it slowly. "Do I look like I give a shit about wrinkled clothes?" he laughs. Despite saying he doesn't care, while his mouth leaves marks all over your skin, he hangs the dress up on one of the hooks, just to please you.
Song Inspired Sentence Starters
  • "We're so close yet so far apart"
  • "That's just because I'm not okay"
  • "Will we ever say the words we're feeling"
  • "Will we ever have our happy ending?"
  • "Will we be pretending?"
  • "Imagine that I am good enough"
  • "Wondering if we still belong,"
  • "Tell the truth, lights don't shine at all."
  • "Please don't have somebody waiting on you."
  • "If I could do it all over, baby, I'd do it different."
  • "I found you then I lost you."
  • "It hurts to know I let you go."
  • "If I could get it back I'd never let it go this time."
  • "There's no such thing as perfection, I'm still learning that lesson."
  • "True love, it was mine."
  • "I'm wondering how I blew it."
  • "I wanna know the secret of how they do it."
  • " To forgive is key to forgetting me."
  • "Nothing's lost, but something's missing."
  • "If only I knew what my heart was telling me."
  • "Am I crazy? Maybe we could happen."
  • "Will you still be with me when the magics all run out?"
  • "I'll go sit on the floor wearing your clothes."
  • "I don't know how to be something you'd miss."
  • "I never planned on making you cry, but not letting go would be living a lie."
  • "She's the kind of girl you marry, and I'm the kind you don't."
  • "They won't love you like I would."
  • "I feel you forgetting me."
  • "Can I have this dance?"

anonymous asked:

My friend called me over the phone and started crying about how Trump won. The entire time I was just thinking, "So? No body likes him, so they aren't gonna let him do anything." People don't realize that the reason Obama didn't get much done is because of checks and balances, Trump cant just go "OKAY PEOPLE WE'RE DOING ____!!!" He'd have to go through his cabinet, the office, and the three branches government before he could even get CLOSE to that wall or kicking people out of America.

True, but it’s not Trump that’s scary, it’s his supporters. His supporters threaten women of color on the street, yell at Mexicans and Muslims that they can’t wait to see them deported and rip off hijabs from Muslim women. Even the children raised by his supporters say “shouldn’t you sit in the back of the bus?” to their black school mates. Trump cannot do the evil he’s thinking of personally, but his supporters do it for him. With the embodiment of evil as president, his supporters feel free to display their bigoted behavior as aggressively as they please.