okay this actually isn't terrible

I just need enough of you to dull the pain, just to get me through the night until we’re twins again

Y'all know jace is my son but that boy should not be in charge of the institute I’m just hoping that this will be changed and Alec will become the head of the institute god knows he deserves it.

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(you probably won't publish this, which no worries, I can see you wanna avoid drama) The one thing I'd like to follow up with is that there's a HUGE difference between Julian's moment with Kane and Iris' with Len- & that's narrative framing. We're not supposed to agree with Julian's asshole actions. He's very obviously portrayed as in the wrong but Iris' is meant to be ~baddass~ in portrayal, which is my issue tbh & plays into a trivializing abuse trope I've seen a lot of. Those are incomparable

So much drama, Anon. But this one’s for sure worth publishing.

I agree with your point that there’s huge differences in how those moments were presented and how they were meant to play to viewers. And all of this feeds partially into the trend of the show writers in general to hand-wave trauma and to be implicitly ableist.

But… based on what I’ve seen in fandom, I still think some people didn’t get the memo about how we’re supposed to see Julian as being totally in the wrong for what he did to Magenta, to be totally honest. Not entirely the writers’ fault if not everyone gets it, but it’s part of what made it more uncomfortable to me. Because although Julian looks like a total asshole, his actions “succeeded” anyway? He did activate her powers and he was correct in his assumption that she was the perpetrator. So the narrative ends up rewarding (or at least not punishing) him for it, and that made me more uncomfortable than the scene would have otherwise, personally.

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can i ask a potentially stupid question? is calling conan "cone" a fandom wide meme or just a you-specific thing?

Fandom wide, but used more often in the rp community~