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To everyone saying that Victor and Yuuri pair skating is impossible: That’s enough.

Yes, competitive same-sex pair skating is impossible.

But I’m pretty sure most of us just want to see an intimate moment between Victor and Yuuri back in Ice Castle Hasetsu, where they play Stammi Vicino/Stay Close to Me and skate out their feelings for each other together, perhaps holding hands/each other’s waists and trusting the other to lead them with closed eyes or something along those lines.

We don’t want them to compete in pair skating. We want to see a moment that is only their own, shared and expressed through their mutual passion and the thing that brought them together.

That is all.

  • Viktor: Yurio's at that very special age where he's only got one thing on his mind.
  • Yuuri: Boys?
  • Viktor: Homicide.
Christmas Carols In The Car
  • Saeran: *plays Every Snowflake Is Different for the 7th time*
  • Saeyoung: Saeran I swear to god if I hear this song one more time I'm pushing you out of this car. Play actual Christmas music for once
  • Saeran: Yeah okay
  • Saeyoung: Thank y-
  • Saeran: *changes it to All I Want For Christmas is You by My Chemical Romance*

I know we’ve already been saying this the whole season but god dammit Tarjei and Henrik need the biggest fucking applause.. We all needed that clip “minutt for minutt”.. and Henrik is just amazing at portraying the inner conflict that Even is having. The whole season he’s been amazing at building up the character and hinting that things were off but making sure the audience wasn’t quite sure why.
I was anxiously waiting to see how he would be able to portray Even after Isak and the audience found out about his mental illness. But he has handled it with such delicacy and it’s not over dramatic. It’s realistic and his face and body expresses what his words does not. But at the same time Even finally verbally expresses his fears and thoughts. That’s major character development!
And of course Tarjei is doing once again a wonderful job at showing how much Isak cares and loves Even with out even saying the three little words. The gestures, the “you’re not alone” , the freaking “Even og Isak minutt for minutt” game…

le-shadow-fawkes  asked:

Please please please please draw Spock and Kirk celebrating Hanukkah, possibly with Bones also there being grumpy and adorable. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

i had to look up some stuff and ended up getting carried away with the sweaters but tired my best ! I hope you like it !🕎💛🕎💛

usually I try to avoid drawing these kinda things bc i’m afraid i’ll make one mistake and then it’ll turn into a witch hunt but i decided to go ahead anyway!

no offense but can we talk about Even’s breathing and how his lip trembles after Isak kisses him? it really is like after Isak kisses him, he can finally breathe again. he’s so fragile right now, still so scared and anxious that Isak isn’t gonna want to be with him now that he’s seen the bad parts. but then isak reminds him again that he isn’t gonna leave him, that he does want Even, the good parts and the bad parts, and everything in between. and then he’s so relieved, and also because Isak says that they’re gonne be okay, both of them, together, so he believes him