okay these two would never fight really

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Please do a reaction of Minhyuk Hyungwon Wonho and Joohoney when you break up with them because you're moving to the USA! Thank you! ❤️

You break up with them because you’re moving to USA.

Jooheon: He would agree because he knew you were moving to peruse what you loved. Even though it would be really hard for both of you, it’s what was best. Long distance relationship never really last, and he didn’t want that to become you two. “Of course jagi. I completely understand. How about when you visit we can eat together? Okay?” He would be good about it.

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Hyungwon: He would get angry because both of you have put so much into this relationship and now you’re just throwing it away. He would find it rude and disrespectful because you didn’t even try and fight to stay with him. Huyngwon would hold a grudge so the next time you were in town he would still be mad. He loved you and gave you everything. “You think just because you’re back, that I’m going to forgive you? Nice try. You broke my heart. Try harder.”

Minhyuk: He would be lost. You broke up with him so abruptly that he never even saw it coming. It had been at least a week since you left and he called you. “You just left? We couldn’t talk about it? We could have made a plan, a long distance relationship.” Minhyuk would talk to you about it. He wouldn’t just let you go. This relationship was everything for you and him, so he was going to fight for you.

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Wonho: Completely and utterly heart broken. You’re his soulmate and you just took out his heart and stomped all over it, in front of him no less. Wonho would never be the same, even if you tried to contact him again. There was no way he would get back together with you because you showed him love leaves and never comes back. He was destined to never love again. Wonho’s very being would be broken.

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-A (I know I went a little dark but I wanted to be realistic, and that not all relationships end with happy endings.)

bobaga said: Okay so I’ve been lurking on your blog since forever and lately your deluge of thoughtfully written and downright fascinating essays and ask replies have been making my days, it’s so fun to read and I love how K-fans view Jimin (pretty fairy!!) and how you’ve described their Kook/min fics. And also how you describe their dynamics, really it’s opened my eyes a lot ♡_♡! I love you! Just wanted to share that when you described Jimin as “shockingly savage sometimes” it reminded me of 4:22 in this YouTube clip of an ASC behind-the-scenes special (watch?v=FnlehceM_Mo). Always exposing his members 😂 How can a mochi be so savage

Thank you ♡ That video may me realize(?) something. The way Jimin talks and acts (and even the way he sounds) has changed significantly since their early years. Back then, he was so much more temperamental like a teenage brother. Now he’s legit scary like a middle age Korean mother who’s had enough of your shit.  

Seriously, Jimin may be a manggaetteok but mess with him and he’ll become a super spicy tteokbokki that will leave you breathless, crying, and feeling like somebody slapped you right in the face.

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Sort of like that ^