okay these two would never fight really

Stevepop Headcanons
  • steve is the big spoon
  • always
  • no exception
  • soda kisses steve’s forehead ALL THE TIME and steve pretends like he hates it, but it’s secretly one of his favorite things
  • during rumbles, they always stick together and look out for one another
  • they 100% fuck after every rumble.
  • soda bottoms
  • whenever steve is driving, one hand is on the wheel and the other is on soda’s thigh or holding his hand
  • they can’t show pda in public but whenever they’re alone or with the gang, you can’t get them away from each other
  • pony has walked in on them on more than one occasion
  • soda came out to pony first just to see what it would feel like
  • pony said some dumb ass poetic shit, but soda was more than happy that he was accepting
  • darry was confused at first, but once he saw how in love with steve soda was he was so okay with it
  • steve never came out to his dad, and soda has never met him
  • when steve and soda fight, it’s usually over something serious and they’ll go a couple days without talking
  • soda always apologizes first, because steve is so much more stubborn.
  • makeup sex
  • birthday sex
  • late night sex
  • morning sex
  • shower sex
  • these two just really can’t get enough of each other
  • steve gets pissed whenever him and pony are arguing and soda takes pony’s side
  • pony hates steve SO MUCH
  • steve takes advantage of that by making sure him and soda fuck on his and pony’s bed at least once a month
  • seeing soda cry is the most heartbreaking thing steve has ever seen, especially since he never knows what to do to make him feel better
  • soda makes steve stay at his house as much as possible just because he knows how much he can’t stand his old man
  • they couldn’t go to the drive in by themselves because they always had the nerve to hold hands or cuddle up with each other
  • date ideas would include: going out to eat, driving around, or just being by themselves in the Curtis house.
  • steve still lets pony sleep on his bed even though he hates him
  • when they’re at work, they have to keep busy or else they will distract them and they won’t get nothing done
  • when soda gets drafted, they spend the whole night together just crying and hugging each other, they were both to afraid to let go
  • soda refused to let steve go with him, he couldn’t take it if something happened to him
  • steve hated the idea, because all he wanted was to protect him and he knew he couldn’t do that unless he went.
  • soda wrote him letters as often as possible, and steve kept every single one of them, and he still has them.
  • when steve found out soda had died he hit rock bottom. he stopped eating until the gang forced him, he didn’t go to work, didn’t shower. For a week straight he laid on soda’s side of his and pony’s bed and no one dared to try and move him.
  • steve never dated anyone else, he still saw soda as his only love, whether he was alive or not.
  • the gang helped him get back on his feet, but he was never the same.
  • the passion he had for cars died down, if any of the gang needed help with one of their cars he could hardly do it without crying, everything he did reminded him of soda.
  • steve was okay, he could pull through, but their was nothing he missed or loved more than soda.
  • when steve got enough money to get his own place right down the streets from the curtis’ he had a drawer full of soda’s old shirts and flannels and whenever he was feeling sad or missing him he would put one of them on, and he felt like he was okay
  • the house was decorated with pictures of him, soda, and the gang
  • when he closed his eyes he could sometimes feel soda’s lips on his forehead
  • everything about soda was stained in his memory, from the way he said certain words to his scent, to how his skin warmed up under steve’s touch
  • steve visited soda’s grave as much as possible, talked to him as much as he could, vented to him, anything. he felt like soda was still there but he knew he wasn’t

finger on the pulse

aaron develops a strange new habit, and robert doesn’t quite understand.

Robert was half asleep when Aaron got in from the scrap run he and Adam had been on all day, the two of them picking up a few new clients up Birmingham direction. He felt the bed dip beside him, and he was about to mumble out a hello when he felt Aaron do something strange.

It wasn’t unusual for Aaron to come in to their bed and wrap himself completely around Robert if he’d gone to bed first, but as Aaron settled himself around Robert, his chin digging into the space between Robert’s neck and shoulder, he pressed a finger to the inside of Robert’s wrist.

Robert kept his eyes closed and his breathing even as he tried to figure out what Aaron was doing, curious now. Aaron’s index finger was pressed to the inside of his wrist, right over the vein there.

Was Aaron checking his pulse?

Robert laid still, and waited, listened to the soft muttering Aaron was doing under his breath, too low for Robert to understand what he was saying.

After a few more seconds, Aaron moved his hand, shifting it to Robert’s stomach, bunching up the material of Robert’s pyjama top so he could press his palm to the warm skin of Robert’s abdomen, the usual way they’d fall asleep like this, with Aaron’s much stronger body tightly wrapped around Robert’s torso.

Taking a mental note to ask Aaron about it later, Robert buried his head further into his pillow, letting sleep take over now his husband was home, and in bed, wrapped up around Robert, exactly where he should be.

Robert had forgotten about it until it happened again, the two of them sitting in the Woolpack, having a quiet, post work pint. They were huddled together in a corner booth, not in the mood to socialise with anyone else.

They were sitting close enough for their knees to be knocking together, Aaron pressed against Robert’s side, comfortable in their relationship in a way Robert sometimes still wasn’t used to.

Marriage had changed them, made them better, made them more comfortable with each other and the love they shared. Robert wasn’t sure how, or why marriage had made such an impact on their relationship, but he was glad of it, glad of how willing Aaron was with things like holding his hand as they’d wander home to the Mill at night, or sitting, pressed close to him like he was now.

Robert was mid-sentence, telling Aaron about a meeting he’d had earlier that day when it happened again, Aaron pressing a finger to the inside of Robert’s wrist, not once taking his eyes off Robert as he mumbled something under his breath.

Maybe the pub hadn’t been the best place to ask, judging by the wide eyed expression on Aaron’s face, but the words were out before Robert could really think about it all that much.

“Why do you do that?” Robert inquired, gesturing to the finger on the inside of his wrist.

Aaron looked flustered, yanking his hand away. “I’ll get us another round in, shall I?” he said, making as though to move out of their booth.

“Aaron,” Robert said quietly, putting a hand on his husbands knee. “Talk to me. Whats wrong?”

Aaron shifted uncomfortably in his seat, a blush rising in his cheeks as he spoke. “I just…… When I was inside, I used to dream about you, you know - just doing normal stuff with you, getting to go to bed with you every night. Sometimes I just need to remind myself you’re actually here, that I’m not dreaming.”

Robert’s heart ached as he listened to Aaron, understood why Aaron had taken up his odd new habit. “I’m sorry,” he blurted automatically, not wanting Aaron to feel as though it had annoyed him. “I was just curious.”

“I woke up a few times thinking I was at home, with you, and I’d be all alone in my bunk,” Aaron admitted softly, lacing his fingers with Robert’s, his grip tight. “I need to remind myself this is all real sometimes, y’know? That you’re here, that I get to be with you every day.”

Robert was torn between wanting to kiss Aaron for all he was worth, or wanting to hug him and never let him go. Aaron, his gorgeous, brilliant Aaron had been through too much in his life, enough to need to do something like check Robert’s pulse to make sure it was all real, that Robert was really there.

Robert settled for squeezing Aaron’s hand tightly, pressing a soft kiss to the corner of his husbands mouth. “If you need to do it, never stop, okay?” he said, wanting, needing Aaron to have every coping mechanism he wanted, any coping mechanism that would help.

Aaron gave him a grateful smile. “Okay.”

It was weeks later when it happened again, Robert sitting at his desk in the portacabin, trying his best to ignore whatever contract Nicola and Jimmy were fighting over, the two of them doing his head in.

Aaron arrived in the door silently, heading straight for Robert’s desk, putting a coffee down in front of him. His nightmares had been worse that week, and Aaron looked exhausted, drained completely by four straight nights of interrupted sleep.

“Thought you might need it,” Aaron said quietly, not wanting to be dragged into Nicola and Jimmy’s argument. He had another cup of coffee in his own hand, and before Robert could reach for his, Aaron pressed his finger to the inside of Robert’s wrist.

Just for a second, just for long enough for Aaron to breath a soft sigh of relief, pulling Adam’s desk chair over so he could sit next to Robert, the two of them pressed together knee to elbow.

“I’m here,” Robert murmured, under the pretence of mumbling a thank you for the coffee into Aaron’s ear. “You’re home, with me. I promise.”

Sebastian Stan one shot

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Warnings: none

A/N:  It’s based on this imagine

A soft touch. The makeup artist is fixing something on Sebastian’s face. He doesn’t even know why they put makeup on people’s faces if they always end up photoshopping everything. What is the point of making someone look better now if you can change everything you don’t like later? They waste so much time on those stupid things.  

Sebastian kept thinking about things like makeup just to forget, even for a second, about you.

“I’m so fed up with all of this!” you shouted not looking at him. You just couldn’t, cause it would make you weak. He makes you weak.


“No, I won’t! Why do I always have to say the same thing over and over again?”

“You don’t! That’s the point!” Sebastian then chuckled nervously trying to look away. What was the point of that fight? He didn’t know. But he knew for sure that you would just scream at each other and five, maybe ten minutes later make up.

Sebastian looked at his shoes and sighed. He couldn’t get you out of his head. Not after the fight you two had. To him it seemed like you had this fight before. Not even once. You said you missed him and he knew that, but he always wanted the best for you. That’s why he would finish one job and then take another right after.

“Okay, then go make fifty movies a year so we don’t see each other at all!”

“Why are you so dramatic?”

“Because I’m the only one who wants to save this relationship!” finally you said it right to his face. Sebastian never really showed his feelings, not in a way you’d want him to.

“Who the hell told you that?! I always send you gifts when I’m away! I call you and text you all the fucking time!” with every word he stepped closer to you screaming his anger out. His face was all red and he was looking into your eyes. And that look just for a second made you scared, but even in moments like this he was your Sebastian. So you knew he would never hurt you.

“Sebastian, could you look at me for a sec?” a photographer said.  Sebastian quickly looked at the man and tried to shake all the negative thoughts off. You had a fight, so what? It happened before and it happens to everyone. It shouldn’t interfere with work. He might’ve said something wrong and maybe, just maybe, he could somehow prevent that fight. He could notice all the little hints and take a break. He could spend more time at home, without constantly traveling around the world, but he didn’t.

“Next time you tell me how much you miss me I’ll just send you a gift! I guess it helps!” did he really think his calls and gifts would make you miss him less? You wanted to see him, feel his skin, fall asleep next to him, because no matter how much time you spend on the phone, it could never replace the private moments.

Sebastian rolled his eyes and then slightly shook his head.

“You’re just so..”

“What?” you interrupted “Caring? Loving?”

“Annoying!” he sat on the couch and leaned back. He looked so tired and he really was. Sebastian couldn’t fight over the same thing again and again. At this point he just wanted get a break.

“Yeah, right. Goodbye, Sebastian”, you took your phone and headed out of the apartment, hearing Sebastian say:

“Go get some fresh air, Y/L/N”.

The door closed behind you and Sebastian stood up. He wanted to follow you but then the pride took over and he just went to the bedroom to get ready for a photo shoot.

Sebastian looked around the room: so many people were involved just to get a few nice pictures of him. It was so bizarre. After all these years of being in the industry he still could hardly understand why anyone would make such a big deal of him. He kind of felt the same way about you. He knew you loved him, but he didn’t know why. Besides being a movie star he was just a guy, nothing special. But you kept giving all your love, care and support to him saying that he was more than everything to you.

The photographer said that they were done and Sebastian rushed to the dressing room. He wanted to talk to you, to make sure you were okay. Even though he made sure it wasn’t noticed he was really upset. And you were the only one who could fix this. Yes, it took some time, but he got it. He realised: when he’s away, he’s busy, he does interviews and goes to premieres, while you have to come home every day and fall asleep in your shared bedroom. Work helps, but it’s harder for you, because you are in a place where everything reminds you of him. And that’s the life you deal with for weeks and months. Texts and calls and that’s it. You wait all this time only to get about ten days with the love of your life until he leaves again. Sebastian wanted to tell you how much he appreciated you and all the love you gave to him. He wanted to make sure you knew that he loved you even more and would do anything to make you happy. He decided to stay out of work for a while. He’d tell you all that after getting home, but until then he took his phone and sent a short text.

“I’m sorry.

I love you”

BTS Reaction to you flinching during a fight

Jungkook: It all happened so quickly. It seemed as if right when Jungkook stepped foot in the dorm the tension between you two was there. Sensing something was the matter you urged him to tell you. After constant nagging and Jungkook not being in the mood his hand raised up motioning for you to leave him alone. It wasn’t until your eyes squeezed shut and you froze in place stopping any talking that you were once doing for Jungkook to know what had just happened. “Jagi no…I would never.” Jungkook stepped back away from you scared that any touch from him would only make it worse. 

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V: You never fought with Tae but when you did someone was usually in tears by the end of it. It’s never been this bad before so when Tae quickly whipped his body around and started walking up to you, you couldn’t help but back yourself up against the wall distancing yourself away from him. Your breath had hitched to the back of your throat while tears were slowly falling down your face. “No…” Taehyung dropped to his knees in front of you looking up at you with pleading eyes. He had gently grabbed one of your hands with both of his while shaking his head. “I would never hurt you (Y/N), I want you to know that, I need you to know that..”

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Jimin: “I just need you to listen for once!” Jimin yelled, slamming his hand down onto the kitchen counter beside you. That’s all it took for you to cower to the corner of the kitchen repeatedly mumbling ‘I’m sorry’ while keeping your head down. You heard him walk to you, his footsteps quiet but you still heard him. You felt his warm hand under your chin, you had squeezed your eyes tight scared of what might come. “Jagi…jagi please look at me.” Jimin’s voice cracked. Your eyes shot open in shot of what you had just heard. Your eyes were wet, tears slipping from them as you saw the look on your boyfriends face. “I would never harm you, I’d never think about that. Okay? Please never be scared of me again jagi, I love you.”

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J-Hope: He really honestly tried to calm the situation down before it got too intense. He doesn’t like getting mad at you or getting in fights with you but everything was piling up on him and you giving him attitude once he got back from dance practice put the icing on the cake. You two had been at each others throat yelling at each other, nit picking every little detail of what he had done wrong that day. He had enough, he threw his arm up simply letting it fall to his side when he saw you flinch, your arms raised to block your face. Once he saw that you actually thought he was going to hit you he pulled you in a tight embrace not letting go until you relaxed in his arms. “Why would you think that I would hit you jagi? I wouldn’t think about doing that..not in a million years.” He pressed a kiss to your head once he felt your arms slowly slip behind his back returning the embrace.

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Rap Monster: Namjoon was scary when yelling at you. His voice managed to get deeper once the irritation really hit him. He had been pacing back and forth in your shared bedroom when he suddenly began making way towards you. He stopped immediately at the foot of the bed when he saw you back away instantly, back hitting the headboard of the bed. “Did you just-”

“You-you were going to..I thought-”

“I’d never.” Namjoon quickly shook his head, eyes widened a bit as he slowly made his way towards you, sitting on the edge of the bed. “I want you to feel safe when you’re with me. Even when we’re fighting like that, I need you to know I would never hurt you in any way.”

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Suga: It was a simple action, if it happened in any other situation you probably wouldn’t have flinched but do to the circumstances and the close proximity you were with Yoongi you couldn’t help but jolt back letting yourself hit the hard wall behind you. His eyes widened with shock when he heard the impact of your back hitting the wall and with his first instinct to rush over to you and see if you were okay you snapped your eyes shut, throat closing, getting ready for whatever impact was about to happen. Refusing to open your eyes and the longer the anticipation for what you thought was going to happen you breathed out a shaky, broken voice. “Don’t hurt me.” Hearing those words absolutely broke Yoongi, his eyes widened once again, scared to touch you as if you’d break at any touch. He slowly placed a hand on your shoulder, squeezing gently and pulling you into his arms. Only then did you open your eyes and allow your eyes to now fill with tears. “I’m sorry..I didn’t mean to scare you. I’d never hurt you. I love you, God I love you (Y/N).”

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Jin: He was absolutely heartbroken. He couldn’t believe that you could be this terrified of him, he was the man that you loved, he was the one that you talked about marrying one day to your friends. But he’s also the one that has you crying in his arms because of him brushing his bangs out of his eyes during a fight that neither of you remember how it started or why you were both so mad, all you felt was a horrible feeling in your stomach and not being able to breath until the tears came rolling down your face and you being pulled into Jin’s arms. “Please stop crying jagi..I didn’t mean to scare you like that I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. I don’t want you thinking that I’d ever do that..hit you, hurt you, harm you. Please know that jagi.”

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You hit him during an argument (Big Bang)

Jiyong: -neither of you thought you would actually hit him. You two would argue but it never got to the point you would hit each other. He would be hurt emotionally more than physically- “maybe we should take a break for a little”

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Seungri: -he would look at you annoyed that you thought hitting was the answer to anything argument wise between the two of you- “really you think hitting me will solve our problems? Try again”

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Daesung: -you two rarely argued and when you did it was never overly serious. So the hit was unneeded - “did you really hit me? We aren’t really fighting bad”

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Youngbae: -he wouldn’t be okay with it. He would feel betrayed that you would even think hitting was going to fix the problem to two of you were having at the moment- *gif*

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Seunghyun: -it wouldn’t be the first time you hit him during a fight. He learned to keep his distance when you were angry but the current argument was more passionate than others and he got to close- “you really need to stop hitting me. All it does is make me not want to be around you”

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Please do a reaction of Minhyuk Hyungwon Wonho and Joohoney when you break up with them because you're moving to the USA! Thank you! ❤️

You break up with them because you’re moving to USA.

Jooheon: He would agree because he knew you were moving to peruse what you loved. Even though it would be really hard for both of you, it’s what was best. Long distance relationship never really last, and he didn’t want that to become you two. “Of course jagi. I completely understand. How about when you visit we can eat together? Okay?” He would be good about it.

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Hyungwon: He would get angry because both of you have put so much into this relationship and now you’re just throwing it away. He would find it rude and disrespectful because you didn’t even try and fight to stay with him. Huyngwon would hold a grudge so the next time you were in town he would still be mad. He loved you and gave you everything. “You think just because you’re back, that I’m going to forgive you? Nice try. You broke my heart. Try harder.”

Minhyuk: He would be lost. You broke up with him so abruptly that he never even saw it coming. It had been at least a week since you left and he called you. “You just left? We couldn’t talk about it? We could have made a plan, a long distance relationship.” Minhyuk would talk to you about it. He wouldn’t just let you go. This relationship was everything for you and him, so he was going to fight for you.

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Wonho: Completely and utterly heart broken. You’re his soulmate and you just took out his heart and stomped all over it, in front of him no less. Wonho would never be the same, even if you tried to contact him again. There was no way he would get back together with you because you showed him love leaves and never comes back. He was destined to never love again. Wonho’s very being would be broken.

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-A (I know I went a little dark but I wanted to be realistic, and that not all relationships end with happy endings.)

No Match

Kaminari Denki x reader

He was’t what your parents had wanted for you but he was everything you’d ever dreamed of. Even if they had you matched up with Todoroki you were going to fight tooth and claw. Kaminari was your perfect match; he would actually love you.

For the lovely @gozart (it took a while but I’m sure it’s worth it)

Word count: 1610

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“Katoh … Katoh … KATOH!”

Just think about it. If The Iron Bull betrays you and Dorian is in your group, the two will have to fight each other. Imagine Dorians pain, all the thoughts that would go through his head: “Was everything a lie? Was there never love? Is he really trying to kill me?”. And then, when Bull attacks, Dorian screams out the word that had meant safety, trust. He will act out of pure reflex, killing his Amatus with his own ice magic… only to hear Bull whisper, very, very softly:” It’s okay. You had to do it. It’s okay.”

Thank you, @shinelikepurple (it’s not letting me tag you for some reason!), this was so much fun to write! Since I couldn’t really work Jaehee into this one, just imagine her watching all this happen with amusement.

Requests are open.~


  • another fight with Jumin
  • he’s talking about how he hates that “trust fund jerk”
  • you are grinning at your phone screen
  • “When are you two just going to kiss and make up already?”
  • assumes you’re joking “very funny MC”
  • “No really…you two would be SO CUTE together!”
  • Offended™
  • nononono NO
  • he is NOT OKAY
  • “Please just tell me you’re joking…please” “nope”
  • feels the need to rethink his existence tbh how can you think I fit with that jerk
  • [insert angry emoji]
  • never quite gets over it tbh


  • once Saeran is integrated into RFA, you notice he and Yoosung are talking a lot
  • you ship it so hard tbh
  • you are convinced Saeran is flirting with him
  • and that Yoosung is just oblivious
  • so you invite Yoosung to dinner with yourself, Saeyoung, and Saeran
  • he pulls you aside
  • “MC…this restaurant seems kind of…romantic”
  • “Yoosung that’s the point this is a double date”
  • “WHAT?!”
  • he’s totally shocked and can’t believe you tried to set him up
  • Saeyoung ships it too tbh
  • Saeran and Yoosung both glare daggers as Saeyoung snickers which makes you ship it even more tbh why can’t they see they’re perfect together
  • Yoosung’s face is beet red for the rest of the date dinner


  • you tried not to meddle but it was killing you
  • Jumin and V were too perfect together
  • childhood friends, super close, he even kept the letters V used to write him how could he not see it
  • “Jumin…why are you and V not together?” you just blurted it out
  • *coughs loudly* “Ex…cuse me?”
  • your face goes red as you explain stammering over your words
  • “Are…are you really sure he’s not the reason you’ve never been interested in women…?”
  • does jumin han is gay i had to
  • “That is ridiculous.”
  • “You didn’t answer my question.”
  • he’s not acting annoyed but you can almost imagine him sighing over his phone
  • “Is there even a point in answering? You have already made up your mind what you believe.”
  • well…true


  • not…even remotely fazed tbh
  • you weren’t even nervous to bring it up
  • “You sure do love to tease Yoosung”
  • as if he could argue that
  • “You two would make a really cute couple…”
  • [insert heart emoji]
  • “Oooooh, Yoosung! Did you see the messages?? Did you??”
  • [Yoosung crying emoji] nooo he’s so mean
  • isn’t actually interested in Yoosung but relentlessly “flirts” w/ him in the messenger from then on out
  • i mean…he’s an S and Yoosung is an M, it works
  • “Nah, in all seriousness MC…I’m too dangerous for that kind of relationship” but the boy is fun to tease
  • whatever, you still think they’d be great together
  • you refuse to let your ship sink and he will always play along bc it makes you happy tbh


  • you were never planning on telling V tbh
  • but he always seemed…so sad
  • you knew he was still hung up on Rika
  • but you noticed the warmth and familiarity whenever he was around Jumin
  • as if he forgot, even for a little while, everything he’d gone through
  • best friends? great. but you thought they’d be perfect together
  • you made a throwaway comment to another member V wasn’t even online
  • and then you got a call from V oh shit he actually still reads the messages???
  • “MC…what did you mean when you said that?”
  • Ahahah…haha…uhm…I think you two would be perfect together.”
  • “………”
  • omg you are so embarrassed you don’t know him well enough for this
  • “I may not agree but I appreciate you thinking of me.” why is he so pure omg


  • you really can’t help it
  • grumpy cutie pie with precious cinnamon roll?
  • it’s p e r f e c t
  • you brought it up to Saeyoung first and he laughed
  • “No wait…I can see it”
  • they seemed to get along really well, Yoosung was always a literal ray of sunshine
  • and neither of you thought you’d seen Saeran smile as much as when he’s talking to him??
  • you cautiously approach the subject no idea how he’ll take it
  • “no”
  • face goes red he tries to hide it by storming off
  • the fact that you thought he could be a match for anyone astounds him tbh
  • and…makes him happy? not that he’ll ever admit it
  • you don’t bring it up again but still highkey ship it and stick to spazzing with Saeyoung about it
A Match Made In Heaven

Imagine dating Gabriel and when he dies, your brothers learn of his existence once again…but not telling you

Warnings: language, mentions of death

Word count: 1,415


   “They call me Gabriel,” those were the very first words he spoke to you, and when you heard them you were instantly hooked.

  Both of your brothers really didn’t like the fact that you and the archangel had a thing going on, neither did Cas, Crowley, Bobby-you know…let’s just say that everybody who knew you personally, wasn’t a fan.

   “You two mutton heads broke the world and you want me to save your ass!” this was his response to your brothers practically begging him to help. “I mean Y/N and I have broken a bed before but that was fixable!” your eyes grew wide while your cheeks turned red.

   “Excuse me?” oh shit, here we go. Dean had this God awful look on his face as he spoke. “You two did what?” you closed your eyes, wishing and praying that Gabe had not just said that.

   “Uh-yeah…funny story actually. He uh-decided a pillow fight would be a good idea and ended up breaking the bed trying to get away from each other,” neither of them looked like they believed you, even though it was the truth. “What? Did you two really think we broke a bed while having sex?”

   “I was hoping you hadn’t had sex period, but guess I don’t have to worry about that now,” a relieved look showed on Sam’s face.

   “Hey now, never said that wasn’t happening,” of course Gabe had to go and clarify. You face palmed at his words.

   “Okay! End of discussion! I’m leaving!” then it dawned on you, you couldn’t leave.

   “Good Luck with that sweetheart,” now you were just pure irritated, you adored Gabe but his sarcasm would piss you off some days. Today just happened to be one of those few days.

   “Well just go down there and talk to your pagan God friends and get them to let us leave since you’re so special,” Dean was trying his best to keep everything at a friendly level but not doing that great of a job.

   “If you three Win-Brats would stay put and try not to go all captain save a hoe, maybe I could,” he mainly looked at you, knowing you feared for his safety and would probably lead the ‘Scooby Gang’ as he said, down to help him. He walked over to you. “Don’t try and do anything stupid for once please,”

   “I’ll try my best. Just try not to piss them off too badlt and get yourself killed?” the two of you kissed, getting a puking sound from both of your brothers, who you only flipped off. Before you could open your eyes to look at Gabe he was gone.

   *Skip forward in time a little bit*

   Gabe had ended up inside the fake motel with Lucifer, which couldn’t end well. One of them wasn’t going to walk out of there. Sam and Dean had you on child lock in the back seat to stop you from getting out and running into the building to help him. But you couldn’t take it anymore.

   “I’m really sorry D,” it was probably best that you apologize ahead of time for what you were about to do.

   “For what?” without another word, you broke the back window, glass cutting your skin as you reached through and opened the door .“Dammit!”

   Quickly, you ran to the doors, that somehow managed to open up. You didn’t even question it. When the boys reached the doors, they were once again unable to be opened, or broken.

   “Come on Y/N! Don’t do this!” Dean had his hands on the glass doors, he looked as though he was on the verge of tears. Sam just look terrified for you.

   “You know I have to,” you placed your hand where his was, but on your side of the glass. “I love you guys,” honestly, you didn’t expect to walk back out of there.

   It seemed like forever for you to find your way to where Gabe and Lucifer were, trying to get passed all the blood and dead bodies around you. When you finally got to them, it was too late. Lucifer had an angel blade in his hand, stabbing it into Gabe.

  “No!” your safety wasn’t even a concern for you. Without a thought Lucifer set his brother down, leaving the blade sticking out of his vessel. He just looked at you, while a small tear leaving his eye. “Don’t leave me Gabe. I’ll kick your ass if you leave me here alone,” uncontrollable tears fell from your eyes as you held your weakened boyfriend in your arms.

   “Such a big threat coming from such a tiny human,” his smile was weak like his words.

   “Even death can’t stop you from being a sarcastic asshole,” you tried your best to laugh at him, his breathing became harder and harder. “It’s keeping you alive, isn’t it,” your hand was holding the blade, wanting to pull it out. But his hand was placed on top of yours, stopping you.

   “No, you can’t. My wings will be burned into your skin,” he had a point. “I need you to leave Y/N,”

   “No, that bullshit! I’m not leaving without you. You’re going to be okay. I-I’m going to find a way to help you,” as you spoke you began to shake, the thought of losing him was tearing you apart. Except it wasn’t a thought anymore, it was actually happening.

   Turning around, Lucifer was long gone. But your brothers were running into the room…pausing when they saw you holding Gabriel in your arms which were covered in his blood.

   “You want me to help you? Get her out of here, promise me you’ll keep her safe from anything and everything. I don’t want her near me when it happens,” Dean walked towards you while Gabe motioned for him to come closer.

   “No…no Dean don’t, please don’t take me away from him,” you could barley talk, but your brother made no effort to stop. Instead he picked you up while you screamed for him to stop as he walked away from Gabriel.

   A bright light took over the room, and he was gone…

   *years later*

  Gabe had been dead for years now, while his memory wasn’t like a fresh wound, it hurt almost everyday to think about him. As usual, you and your brothers had finished up a hunt and were packing up the items in the motel room to head back to the bunker. You were outside, setting your bags in the car. When you returned to the room, you stood outside, hearing your brothers mention Gabriel you stood there unnoticed and listened.

   “Did you try calling to see if he picked up?” Sam was asking Dean about somebody. It couldn’t be Gabe…could it?

   “I tried but he hasn’t answered. He’s not exactly happy with us,” Dean set your jacket on the bed all folded up nice and neat.

   “Yeah I know, ever since we told Gabe he couldn’t come near Y/N and put up those wardings,” that’s when you decided you’d had enough.

   “What the hell do you guys mean?” you busted through the doors, tears streaming down your face…filled with rage. Neither of them answered. “Is Gabriel alive?”

   “Y/N, you have to understand. We didn’t tell you for a reason,” Sam was trying to talk to you in his calm voice.

   “I don’t give a damn about your reasons! How long has he been back?” you stayed standing by the door, knowing you would more than likely harm them if you got too close.

   “A year,” Dean’s face showed no emotions as he spoke.

   “A fucking year? Who the hell are you guys to tell him he can’t see me? Or not tell me that he’s alive?” your right hand was balled up.

  “We’re your brothers, we love and care about you,” Sam didn’t even bother saying anything, so Dean just spoke.

   “Yeah well you can love and care about from a distance,” walking over to the bed, you grabbed your jacket. “loose my number while you’re at it. Family wouldn’t do this to each other,” all you saw was two broken hearted brothers from the corner of your eye as you slammed the door shut and left.

   You would always love them, but they had crossed a line that shouldn’t have even been drawn…and you didn’t know if you could ever truly forgive them for what they’d done.

anonymous asked:

(If you're still doing sleepover! if not, feel free to ignore ☺️) Sirius transfixed by, fascinated in, and attracted to a girl who's part veela...I think could be quite interesting!!

kill me dear lordy okay

  • so like Sirius would so be able to pick up this Veela chick
  • who is half Veela, and wayyy pretty
  • like the whole school is in awe of her
  • to the point that she had two younger years get into a fight over her
  • which she felt really bad about (because she never wanted people to know about her being veela)
  • but Sirius took a different approach
  • giving her teasing looks, smirks and winks in the halls
  • being aloof and cool around her, even when he was secretly dying over the cute things she would be doing
  • her thinking that he is just like everyone else and giving him the cold shoulder
  • until he finds her upset in an empty classroom one night after wandering the halls 
  • he so wasn’t looking for her on the map
  • and he finds her crying over some harsh words she got from snivillus and his crew
  • so he comforted her
  • and took her under his wing
  • ignoring his obvious attraction towards her and getting to know her
  • getting back at snape too
  • and they develop a more than friendship, less than relationship type thing
  • where neither of them really know what is going on, but they like it
  • and only after wayy too long does she finally kiss him
  • and he plays it off like it was his plan all along
  • but it wasn’t 
  • and he really ended up falling for her, and not the veela part of her
  • and literally everyone is jealous of both of them bc duh, they are beautiful 
  • couple goals tbh


But Why Would You Care | Peter Hale Imagine

Originally posted by almostnormal

request:  A young Peter where your a werewolf and one night you were getting hunted and you got shot or something and you run into peter and he takes you somewhere and takes care of you and like maybe fast forward to where he becomes the alpha and you help him terrorize beacon hills and then again to where you help him come back from the dead

word count: 1476

warnings: mention of blood; fluff

A/N: I decided to kinda make this three parts, so if you want the second part (where you help peter terrorize beacon hills) just message me, guys! anyway i hope you enjoy this one! :)

All you could hear were shots. They shot trees and they shot the floor, trying to make you even more scared. You also heard your own steps while you where running through the woods, now fully turned into a werewolf. “Come on, wolfie”, you heard one of the men call and you tried to run even faster. You didn’t believe that you could escape them, they were hunters and they were the best hunters you had ever thought of, but at least you tried to run faster. You were a werewolf for only a few weeks now and this was really exhausting for you. After a few more minutes of running, you hid behind a tree and waited for the hunters to come. They were three and one had just passed by which made you feel very happy. When you heard the steps of the second hunter arriving, you made yourself even smaller, hoping that he wouldn’t find you just like the first one did. And you were lucky, the second hunter ran in another direction, right away from you. The last one came slowly, he sneaked through the dark and you weren’t able to see him, but, thank your werewolf powers, you could hear him. Suddenly you heard a shot and a bullet brushed against your shoulder and left a bloody trail. Blood started to drip down your shoulder while you were trying not to growl. You got up and ran as fast as you could, leaving a spoor of blood behind you. Your body wasn’t able to take the pain anymore and you turned back into your human form, while you were still bleeding. “Why isn’t it healing?”, you mumbled to yourself confused. “Because your powers aren’t that strong, young lady”, you heard an unfamiliar voice. Your heart skipped a beat and you were sure it was one of the hunters. “Calm down, I’m not going to kill you”, he explained and it  occurred to you that he was a werewolf too and maybe heard your heart skipping. You turned around and remembered that you were completely naked but in that moment you really didn’t care. “W-Who are you?”, you asked and the man smirked. “I’m Peter Hale and I’m an omega too, just like you”, he told you and you tried to smile. “You can trust me”, he added and he helped you get up. “And you are?”, he wanted to know when you got on your feet again. “Y/N”, you murmured. “Well, what is a young girl like you doing here alone?”, he asked again. God, why did he ask so much. “My parents died in a car accident and my sister lives here but I ran away”, you claimed. Peter nodded. “I’m living right over there”, he pointed into the woods. “If you want something to dress and maybe a shower, you should follow me”, he smirked and you followed him. The whole way you held your shoulder, trying to make your wound heal but it didn’t work. Peter opened the front door and led you to the living room. “Sit down”, he proposed and you did it. “Does it hurt that bad?”, he asked and looked at your shoulder. You nodded vigorous. He took the stairs and went upstairs. After you heard a lot of rumbling, Peter came down with a large t-shirt, a sweatpants and a first aid kit. You laughed. “So you’re going to play doctor or what?”, you asked and Peter nodded. “Or do you wanna die?”, Peter laughed. He threw the shirt and sweatpants at you. “Wanna take a shower first?”, he asked and you nodded while leaving the living room with him. He opened the door to his bathroom and let you slip in. “Towels are right there”, he explained and pointed to a closet. You closed the door and got under the hot water, feeling really comfortable. You stood under the water for half an hour, just focusing on the drops meeting your soft skin and sending shivers through your whole body. Peter took care of your wound and tried to heal it. He slowly pressed his hand on your wound causing you to wince but he did it anyway. He closed his eyes and concentrated. You could see his veins becoming black and pumping something from his body into yours. By the way Peter squeezed his eyes and his red getting red, you knew that it must really hurt to do this. Peter hissed sharply before he let go of your shoulder. “Better?”, he asked. You nodded and suddenly you looked confused. “Why did you do that, Peter? I mean, you don’t even know me…”, you mumbled. He sighed. “Okay, let me say the truth… My dad knew your dad, like really, really good. They used to be best friends, before… your dad… you know. Well, my mother always hated your dad and she told me to find you and… end your life, Y/N. But when I saw you… I couldn’t help myself but try to help you to survive. I felt like I know you but this can’t be true… I’m just guessing… well, you remind me of my sister”, he explained. You looked even more confused. “Did you know my dad?”, you wanted to know. Peter shook his head. “I’m only three years older than you, Y/N” You blushed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t -”, you began but Peter interrupted you. “It’s okay”, he mumbled. Since that night you and Peter became best friends and there was nothing that could’ve separated you two. Although your friendship had begun with him told to kill you, you couldn’t ask for someone better than Peter. He was nice, trustworthy and well, he was really handsome. At least he was nice to you, he didn’t care about anyone else.  Peter and you became closer and closer. Sometimes you thought about if maybe you had developed feelings towards him but of course, you would never tell him. “God, Y/N, you have to focus on the fight”, Peter sighed. “I-I know…”, you mumbled while you were still inspecting his flawless chest. Today Peter was training you again but this time you couldn’t focus on anything but his naked chest. “Okay, Y/N, what is going on?”, he wanted to know and looked deep into your eyes. You felt like you were drowning in this beautiful color, but you looked away. “It’s nothing, Peter, I’m just tired… school and stuff”, you lied and Peter nodded. “Then let’s continue”, Peter mumbled and took two steps back. He counted down to zero and your fight began. You took Peter’s wrists and turned him around, trying to throw him to the floor and for a couple of seconds it looked like you were able to do this. But all of sudden he turned around and you were forced to look at his toned chest again before he pulled you up and threw you over his shoulder, just to smash you with himself on top to the ground. “Y/N! I could’ve killed you!”, he called and you just looked at him with surprise. “Peter”, you spoke, suddenly aware of how close the two of you were. Peter could’ve kissed you with only one move. The thought brought a hot flush to your cheeks and you were still hoping, that Peter wasn’t looking at you. But he was. He inspected every inch of your face. Both of you slowly got up and you sat down on a mat together. He was still that close to you, his eyes never leaving yours. Peter slowly leaned closer. Slowly, he reached out to run the tips of his fingers lightly from the tender skin on the inside of your wrist to the crook of your elbow and back down again. You shivered, and felt yourself lean into him, raising your face to his in invitation. Peter watched you through eyes hooded with desire as he brought his hand up again, further this time. Pushing the weight of your hair off of your shoulder, his hand lifted to cup the side of your neck. His thumb stroked your burning cheek as he leaned, slowly closing the distance between you before he brushed his lips across yours. Peter kissed you gently at first, then with greater pressure. You wrapped your arms around his neck and started to wound your fingers through the silky hair that curled against his neck. With a ragged gasp, his hand went around the small of your back, pulling you tightly against him. You could feel Peter’s heart pounding just as crazy as yours. When he pulled away, the two of you were panting. “You don’t know for how long I wanted to do this”, Peter mumbled sending his hot breath against your lips. You smiled before you leaned in again.

zebcuson: Pedri walking Odin through how to ask out someone and trying to coach Odin through a date based on how it worked with him and Wrathia. Or just Pedri spending the whole time telling Odin he is doing it wrong.

Haha, I love the idea of romanticist Pedri. (Please Michelle, show us what Pedri’s actual personality is like). This may or may not be a bit cracky.

- Advice

Eyes moving over the variety of soft animal toys up for grab, Odin’s gaze settled upon a maroon coloured fox, beaded lilac eyes staring back at him. With a mental nod to himself, he raised the rifle in his hands and fired.

“You hit it!”

Ava stared in surprise from beside him as the rubber bullet collided with the bulls-eye, sending the wooden block flying backwards. It was with much inward smugness that he pointed toward the fox for the stall vendor to retrieve and hand over.

“H-Here…” Dropping it in her arms as she blinked in surprise, he glanced aside as he attempted to act nonchalantly, even though inwardly he was sweating buckets. His nerves proved needless however, since a moment later Ava grinned up at him, hugging the fox to her chest.

“Um, wow. Thank you…”

Lips twitching upward, he watched as Ava turned around, bright eyes wandering across the fair they were currently attending. Or, perhaps ‘fair’ wasn’t the best word. It was more an annual festival for this small planet, designated to celebrating TITAN’s arrival all those years ago in which he had supposedly ‘rescued’ them from starvation and desolation.

Odin called bullshit.

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Pardon Me

Requested by anon:  Okay, so pretend Isaac just came back from france and even though reader and him kept in touch shes still feels upset about how he just left. Fluff/smut (whatever) occurs to make it up to her.

Warning: Smut 

Scott Mccall. You’ll have to add this name to your list of people you have an ax to grind on. Which raises the number of names to three: Scott, Isaac and this boy named Tyson that called you ugly on the playground and that you’ll probably never see again. The reason for your fury on your alpha? He paired you with Isaac on this pack mission. Again. Since Isaac came back from France he does that constantly and doesn’t even listen to any of your objections. Those two have a deal, you know that. And you hate it.

Isaac isn’t even supposed to be here. He hasn’t been here for months and suddenly he’s back and acts like he’s never been gone. You want to punch him and cover him in kisses at the same time. To say that you are having conflicting feelings would be an understatement.

You are angry at him. There is no way to deny this. You’ll probably never forgive him those months of absence. It’s not like you’ve never heard from him because you have on a regular basis. However, he just left. Just ran from Beacon Hills although the two of you were quite a thing. And now…you’ve no idea what you are. You just know that you are pissed at him and don’t wanna spend time with him. Obviously Scott doesn’t care about your feelings, though.

Which leaves you in his presence once again. And to make things worse: you’ll be spending the next few hours in the dark and creepy basement of some old industrial building, searching for some files that could be anywhere. Or not there at all. Another one of Stiles’ great plans. Sometimes you believe that they’re making this to annoy you.

You made the decision to ignore Isaac before you even entered this building and you are holding on to it now. You raise your chin and walk towards the first shelf while you feel his eyes on your back. Well, he can stare how much he wants, you won’t give in. Not this time. Therefore you relax your expression to look as cool and indifferent as possible.

However, you can’t really concentrate as you pull out the first folder and go through its contents. It’s just the way it is. His presence is distracting to you.

“I think some teenagers use this building as their meeting place…”, Isaac mutters. You know why he guesses that. There are matrasses everywhere along with beer cups and snack bags. But you don’t even give these things a little glance and act like you haven’t heard him. Which makes him sigh.

“Come on, Y/N! You’ve talked to me while I’ve been away and suddenly you are giving me the cold shoulder. I don’t get it!”, he exclaims desperately. The fact that he is desperate makes an evil smile appear on your lips. Well, he deserves it. You flip your hair over your shoulder, take a step to the left and take another folder.

“I’ve apologized to you a thousand times. I’ve done everything. What do you want me to say?”

You press your lips together and stop pretending like you are reading for a moment. What do you want him to say? You have no idea. But just forgetting about it…that’s impossible. He has been gone for too long to do that.

“Nothing, Isaac”, you finally say, still without looking at him. “You can’t say anything. Things have changed. I have changed.”

“Really?”, he retorts and there is something in his voice that you can’t name but that makes you suspicious. The urge to throw a glance on his expression is almost irresistible but you stay strong. You keep your eyes on the yellowed page and stand there stiffly while you hear him stepping closer. Suddenly his breath brushes your neck and you shiver. “I don’t believe that. Some things never change.”

Two very different needs fight a bitter battle inside of you: the need to flee from him, which would be complicated anyway because he has you caught between his body and the shelf, or to lean back against his warm figure. Instead of doing any of that, you don’t move an inch.

“That’s pretty bold to say for someone that hasn’t seen me for almost a year”, you state bitterly. “You don’t really know me, Isaac.”

“Okay, fair enough…”, he mumbles. Still, you can hear that he hasn’t given up yet. “So…you wanna tell me that if I do this you wouldn’t enjoy it?”

Without warning his hands suddenly land on your shoulders and push your hair from your neck. Then he slowly leans in and his lips hover over your bared skin for a moment, probably to give you the chance to pull away. You know you should’ve. But for some reason you cant. And as he presses them on your neck and trails a line from there to the spot behind your ear, your reaction turns out exactly as he probably anticipated. You inhale sharply and goosebumps cover your arms. Damnit. This has always been your weak spot.

You can feel him smirk before he pulls back. Immediately you whirl around and glare at him. The folder crashes onto the floor but you don’t even notice it.

“Stop playing games, Isaac! This doesn’t mean anything. You’re not my type anymore.”

This is a total lie and he doesn’t believe you, you can see that.

“Come on, Y/N! You are drawn to me as I am drawn to you, it has always been like that”, he analyses in a matter of fact tone while looking deeply into your eyes. His blue ones drill right into your heart and you hate him for that. “So be angry at me as you like. You have every right to be. You can do whatever you want to me but please stop ignoring me.”

Well, you’ve already done that. How can you ignore him when he’s standing so close to you? Your heart pressure rises and you can’t do anything about it. He can probably smell it.

“What if I want to punch you in your stupid face?”, you retort in a weak claim to stay tough.

A mischievous grin brushes his lips. “Then I’ll let you. But are you sure that’s what you want to do?”

It’s not. Well, at least it’s not your number one priority. Now that he’s so close and that you feel the warmth of his body and smell his odour, you want to kiss him. You need to kiss him, although you wish it would be different.

With an annoyed sigh you admit defeat, take a step forward and determinedly pull his head down to kiss him. Quite heavily. It’s a kiss mixed with incredible longing, affection and anger altogether. You run your fingers through his curls and open your lips in a moan while he places his hands on your back and locks you in a tight embrace. You remember this feeling perfectly well. The softness of his lips, the heat that bubbles up in your veins at his touch and the shiver that runs down your spine as his tongue starts to move in perfect unison with yours. You caught fire and suddenly it’s impossible to kill the flame.

Isaac breaks away for a second, breathing irregularly. You use this opportunity to get a grip on his shirt and roughly pull it over his head. For a moment you just enjoy the sight of his abs, of this body that you want so much before his hands wander down to your butt and pushes it upwards. You wrap your legs around his waist quite willingly and already kiss him again as he carefully presses you against the shelf.

The shelf. You pull back as this thought enters your mind that has been blank to this point. Isaac takes this reaction as a cause to trail his lips from yours down to your neck to softly suck at your heated skin. You inhale sharply, utter satisfaction drips through your bloodstream, but you haven’t forgotten what you remembered.

“We are on a pack mission, Isaac”, you mumble weakly while you lean back your head to give him more space. How consequent.

“Forget about it, we’ll have plenty of time afterwards”, he returns and you gladly take this as a sufficient excuse. You tug on his curls while he covers your throat and collarbone in kisses, maybe even a little too violent. But you’re still pissed at him and he seems to like it anyway. His hands wander from your butt to your back in the meantime and find their way under your shirt. You swallow hard as his warm fingertips brush over your skin and trail upwards, taking the seam of your shirt with them. The piece of clothing lands somewhere in the darkness and a smirk appears on Isaac’s lips as he throws a glance at your bared body.

This stupid smirk. How much you’ve missed it. How much you hate it. At first you press your lips together and glare at him, then you place a finger under his chin, lift it up and start trace a line from a spot behind his ear to his throat while he grabs your butt tighter and moans softly. Yes, you definitely know how to play his strings. You suck on his skin profoundly before you go over to kiss his sharp jawline and teasingly bite his lower lip. His hot breath pushes against your face and you like it. A lot.

All of a sudden he turns around in one swift movement, walks through the room and sits you down on an empty desk. You still have your legs wrapped around him, partly because you are not planning to give him any chance of getting away. The both of you share some heated kisses again and while you’re at it, his fingers wander from your thighs over your stomach to your back until they reach the fastener of your bra. He opens it in no time and tosses it away.

That’s when he breaks away and leans back a little to observe you closely. The smirk makes a reappearance and a cheeky sparkle evolves in his eyes that turns you on more than you like to admit.

“God, how I missed that”, he exclaims.

“Oh, shut up”, you retort, rolling your eyes, before you pull him back down to you. Soon enough his lips leave yours and trail downwards. Very slowly he kisses his way to the tip of your breasts and you already arch backwards in anticipation. As they finally find your nipples you push out a shaky breath. God, he knows exactly how to play you. You moan satisfied while you scratch over his back, evoked by his treatment and the fact that you can feel his erection against your thigh. You are still able to make him feel this way and that is amazing. Also, he’ll heal anyway. You raise your legs to his butt and pull him closer which makes him gasp a little and yourself grin.

He lets go of your breasts and looks up at you. “You are teasing me”, he states.

Your grin widens. “Well, you deserve a little teasing.”

“You shouldn’t have said that”, he claims and within seconds you are not sitting on the desk anymore but lying on one of the matrasses with Isaac leaning over you. He sucks on your breasts once more, but stronger now, hungrier. You hiss and grab his back tightly, closing your eyes to enjoy this as intensely as possible. After a while his lips, slightly ajar, trail over your stomach further down and an inexplicable anticipation builds up inside of you that only Isaac ever evoked. By now you want him so much it almost hurts.

He grabs your trousers and undresses you quickly. Then he places his hand on your calve and slips it upwards while he kisses you on the other one at the exact same time. You try to control your breathing but by now you’re absolutely gone. Your hands have sunken aimlessly to your side and you are frozen on spot, awaiting his touch where you need it most.

It follows seconds later and as his tongue meets your core you moan deeply. He licks it quite professionally and just the way you like it. God, you almost forgot how that feels. You sense the heat rushing through your veins and how you are coming closer and closer to the edge while you are whispering his name repeatedly without even noticing. As you finally come, you push out a sound between sigh and scream.

Your heart beats in a pace that shouldn’t even be possible. And it doesn’t stop because although you already got your satisfaction, this is not over. He pulls away and crawls back over you. However, you don’t give him the chance to do anything before you topple him over to be on top. For a moment he seems surprised, then an excited glimmer appears in his eyes and he leans back, waiting patiently. You kiss the corners of this mouth, then your sprawl kisses all over his body before you get rid of his pants and boxer. You climb onto him and both of you moan softly as he enters you. Now you start to ride him, slowly and steadily.

He throws his head back, closes his eyes and pushes out regular groans that cheer you on. You become faster, more demanding. You dwell in the incredible sensation of having him inside of you and to see his utter satisfaction makes this even better. You push. Again and again. Until your breath is taken away and you feel your orgasm building up again. Isaac is more yelling than moaning now and as you both reach your peaks, he pushes out a racked breath and you stop moving, exhausted but so incredibly ecstatic.

After a few moments you climb off of him and fall down on the matrass beside him. You are still breathing hard, just like he is.

“This was amazing”, you admit hoarsely, staring at the ceiling. “Can we just keep on having make up sex for the next few months?”

He laughs and turns over to kiss you again.

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Best Friend Code (II)

Characters: Namjoon (Rap Monster) & Reader ft. Park Jimin

Genre: Angst /Fluff

Series: Intro, Chapter 1, Chapter 2 

Summary: “We are to never like or date the same guy.” It was that simple. One rule. That’s it. Or so you thought it was, until you met Namjoon, who made you question the one rule that you had once made up with your best friends, and had tried so hard to keep.

I’m sorry for taking so long to upload this chapter, but I hope that you’ve all liked it :)  I always love to hear what you guys think ❤️ I will update everything as soon as I can. Until next time, Happy Reading~ 

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Three Months Ago 

As your best friend continued to type on her phone, you poked at your food and said,

“I.. I have something to tell you.”

Having just came back to visit after a month in university, Jennifer was the one who planned this whole lunch date, yet here she was, busy typing away on her cell phone completely disregarding your existence. What’s even worse then your best friend ignoring you, was the fact that you already knew who she was texting, Namjoon. You hated yourself everyday for being the reason why the two started talking again. Technically, you weren’t completely the reason, but if it weren’t for you who asked Jennifer over the summer if she was still talking to him, she wouldn’t have decided to pick up her phone and start texting him again.

You knew that Jennifer wasn’t even interested in Namjoon, yet you couldn’t find the heart to warn him or yell at her. How could you? They were both your best friends.

“What is it Y/N?” She asked as she momentarily looked up from her device.

“You can’t make fun of me okay?”

“Yeah. I got it. What’s wrong?” Jennifer now worriedly asked.

“I… I think I like Namjoon.” You blushed while staring down on your plate of food.

It might have been a sudden confession, but you silently had hoped that this would have been a slight warning for Jennifer. For as long as she had known you, Jennifer had always teased you about your not-so secretive crush on Namjoon, but you always shook it off by simply saying that she was thinking too much. Being your best friend, you should have felt safe by telling her your secrets, but this secret seemed too big for anyone else other than you to know. This secret was either going to make or break your fifteen year friendship with Namjoon, and you weren’t ready to risk it just yet.

“You what?” Jennifer quietly asked.

There was something about her tone that you found unnerving, so when you looked up, you were surprised to see that Jennifer was no longer on her phone anymore, instead now she was staring at you, with what seemed like a worried look.

“I.. I just said. I think I like Namjoon. Why? What’s wrong?” You asked.

Frowning at her slight chuckle, she said,

“What’s wrong? Y/N… you guys go to two different universities, how are you going to date him? I’m not trying to ruin your mood, but I just want you know that it’s going to be hard for the two of you, if the two of you were to date.”

As if I didn’t know.

Taken back by her response, you said,“I never said that I was going to date Namjoon, I just said that I like him.”

As Jennifer continued to lecture you about how you always easily fell for guys who paid even an ounce of attention to you, you went back to picking your food. You were angry. Furious even. Because she out of all people had no right to talk to you like this.

Having had enough, once she was done, you pushed back your food and got up,

“I didn’t come here to have you lecture me okay? I just wanted to tell my best friend about how I felt. I’m going home.”

Without even bothering to listen to what she had to say, you quickly dialled Namjoon’s phone and headed towards the parking lot.

Knowing that he would always answer you phone, you smiled the moment you heard his voice after the second ring.


Once you closed the car door, you asked,

“Is it cool if I’m come over tonight?”

“Sure. What time?”

“Like. Um.. now?”

“Sure. The doors unlocked. Come in whenever.” He laughed.

The good thing about having two best friends was that when you’re mad at one of them, you can always count on having the other one to talk to. Or at least that’s what you thought.

Guessing that Namjoon probably hasn’t eaten anything, you went to his favourite pizza parlour around his neighbourhood and bought a medium cheese pizza for the two of you, since you barely touched your own lunch.

Your excitement was quickly dismissed the moment you opened Namjoon’s front door only to see Jennifer and Namjoon cuddled together on the couch in the living room.

“Y/N what are you doing here?” Jennifer asked.

You stood at the door completely speechless. A part of you was jealous to see the two of them cuddling so happily, while the other part of you was mad. You were mad at Namjoon for not telling you that Jennifer was coming. You were mad at Jennifer for cuddling with Namjoon, who she told you time after time that she didn’t like, and who you just told minutes ago that you like. More than anything, you were mad at yourself for not being able to do anything but stare at the two, and realize just good they look together.

Before you would turn into a crying mess, you quickly mumbled that you had other plans and ran out the door as quickly as possible.

Just as you were about to start the engine, you almost screamed out of surprise the moment Namjoon started banging on the car window.

You wanted to ignore him. You tried, and you would have succeeded if Namjoon hadn’t yanked the car door open before you had the chance to lock it.


“Y/N What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” You mumbled while trying to wipe away your tears.

Kneeling down to your eye level, Namjoon sighed,

“You’re an awful liar.”

While Namjoon reached forward to wipe your tears, you had to hold back a sigh. As much as you hated to admit it, you couldn’t stop yourself from feeling a sense of comfort from just one touch.

Like you had told Jennifer today, you like Namjoon. Really. Like him. And maybe even hopelessly in love with him.

Although you wanted to continue and enjoy his soft touch, the memory of him and Jennifer cuddling just seconds ago flashed back into your mind causing you to brush his hands off and turning away from him.

“Nothing’s wrong. I clearly was in the way of something. I’m just going to go now.” You mumbled.

“You weren’t in the way of anything. We were just watching a movie. Come on in. The three of us can a movie night together.” He smiled.

As breathtaking as his smile was, you couldn’t stop the everlasting images of the two of them on the couch from flashing into your mind.

“I have things to do Namjoon. It’s nothing.”

If there was one thing that Namjoon had very little of, it would be patience, and he surely was running out of it right now.

“Get out of the car Y/N.”


Namjoon couldn’t describe it, but the sight of you on the verge of crying agitated his impatience to the point that he would do anything just to make you feel better.

“Now. Y/N.” He almost shouted.

You instantly felt your body shrivel up at how stern Namjoon’s voice was. Although you had seen Namjoon mad before, never had you seen his eyes so filled with annoyance like he was staring at you right now.

Seeing how pale you suddenly got, Namjoon’s face quickly softened and this time had said softly,

“What’s wrong Y/N? Why did you suddenly run off? I thought we were going to hang out tonight.”

Seeing that you weren’t going to get your way out of this, you finally said,

“Jennifer and I..”

“Did you guys have a fight?” He asked.

“Y-Yeah. Yeah. We’re not really on talking terms.. right now.” You lied.

Although you should have told the truth, knowing that Namjoon would never ask why the two of you fought, you were willing to say anything just so he wouldn’t find out about your confession.

Whether Namjoon thought you were lying or not, you were glad that he didn’t question any further.

“Well. Wait here I’ll be right back. Okay?”

After giving a slight nod, Namjoon left you alone in your car as you watched him and Jennifer talk from your rear mirror. You contemplated on whether you should just leave them right now and go home to heat up and devour your now cold pizza, or wait for him like he asked. After much debating, you decided to choose the latter.

As minutes went by, you continued tapping nervously on your steering wheel wondering what they were talking about. After minutes went by, Namjoon finally came back and this time softly opened your side of the door.

“Let’s go get some drinks okay?” Namjoon softly asked.

“What about Jennifer?” You asked.

“She’s going home. Tonight it’s just going to be you and me. Deal?”

You and me.

As your heart started to flutter, you shyly nodded at him and in return you received yet another one of his beautiful smiles.

Just before you buckled your seatbelt, Namjoon stopped you and asked,

“What are you doing?”

Giving him a confused look, you said,

“We’re going out for drinks aren’t we?”

“Yeah. But we’re not going out. We’re drinking in my house. Just you and me.” He winked.

Trying your best to hide your reddening face, you quickly got out of the car and said,


“Don’t act like you don’t love it.” He yelled before you quickly ran into the house.

One drink became two which then eventually accumulated to all almost dozen empty beer bottles.

You couldn’t remember who suggested it, but here the two of you were completely wasted out of your mind in hopes to be the first to finish their six bottles of beer.

After downing your last beer, you smiled at the emptied bottle and chuckled,

“Ha. No more. Namjoon I won!”

Turning to him, you laughed at the sight of a snoring Namjoon completely knocked out.

You tried to nudge him awake, but it was no use, he didn’t budge.

With the television playing a movie that neither of you were paying attention to, you turned to Namjoon and softly ran your fingers through his hair.

“Namjoon.” You tried again, but there was no response.

Leaning towards his ear, you tried again,



In your drunk state of mind, you continued to run your hands through his hair as your started to admire his features.

You admired how beautiful his golden skin was.

You admired how soft his hair felt.

You admired how plump and full his lips were.

More than anything, you admired him.

Not as your best friend Namjoon, but as Kim Namjoon, who had stolen your heart years ago.

Although you knew that you weren’t going to get a response, you asked,

“Namjoon can I tell you something?”

Not expecting an answer, you continued,

“I like you Namjoon. A lot. A loooootttt. A lot.”

Thinking that Namjoon was asleep, you leaned in and kissed his cheek before you slowly got up and headed towards the sofa in which you fell asleep within seconds.

What you didn’t know was that Namjoon had simply decided to take a nap and he was listening to you the whole time while trying to stay quiet.

Once the room feel to a complete silence, Namjoon finally got up and headed towards his room to grab a blanket before draping it over your sleeping body.

Quietly laughing at your drunken state, Namjoon softly ruffled your hair and said,

“I’ll take it that you were too drunk and I’ll save you from embarrassment by forgetting what just happened.”  

Finally pulling you back to reality, Jennifer said,


“I thought you said that you didn’t like him.” You finally said so quietly that even Jennifer who was standing in front of you could barely hear.

“I.. I know I said that before, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized that I really do like Namjoon, more than a friend.”

You watched at Jennifer kept explaining how and when she realized how great Namjoon truly is, but somehow, everything to you just seemed like excuses. More than anything, it just seemed like Jennifer was trying to prove to you why she likes Namjoon. But why? What does she get from reasoning with you?

Completely ignoring what she was saying, you asked,

“I’m sorry, but why are you telling me all this?”

“Y/N… I…” She stuttered.

Turning to your best friend, you felt sick just looking at the pitiful look that she was displaying on her face.

She wants to date him.

She wants me to let her date Namjoon.

She want me to… let go.

Seeing the look of realization, Jennifer said,

“I’m so sorry Y/N. So so sorry. You can say no if you want. I just want you to know that I really do like Namjoon, and.. and I-“

“Don’t. It’s fine.” You mumbled.

Having been your best friend for so long, just like Namjoon, Jennifer was able to see right through your lies, so it was no surprise that she was able to see through this one just as well.

“Y/N… This clearly is bothering you. Just.. pretend that I didn’t say anything. Forget i-“

“It’s fine.” You said while trying to hold back your anger.

“Are you sure?”

“Don’t worry. I won’t say that you only like Namjoon now because he giving you the attention that you love.” You spat.

Without realizing, you were boiling with anger but more than anything, you were hurt. Hurt that your best friend could do such a thing to you.

Taken back by what you had just said, Jennifer said,


Although you were usually able to hold yourself back, you found yourself for the first time since last night, unapologetically letting out your true feelings that you had kept so long for the sake of your friendship, but clearly you no longer saw the need in doing so.

“I loved you as my best friend. I even loved you like a sister, and I respected you. I respected the choices that you made, and never once, did I lash out at you. But what about you? I told you that I liked Namjoon, and what did you do? You didn’t encourage me, and as much as that had hurt, I understood that you didn’t have to root for every guy that I like, but did you have to say that all I wanted was attention? Did you have to think so little of me and think that it was okay for you to just say that to me?”

As Jennifer was about to speak, you quickly said,

“Just for one second. Just for one fucking second. Listen to me. You out of all people have absolutely no right to call me out for wanting attention. Why? Because how about we remember why you and Namjoon started talking again shall we? If I hadn’t kept my fucking mouth shut and had not ask you whether you and Namjoon were talking again, I bet you, the two of you wouldn’t be talking so happily right now. And why did the two of you stop talking in the first place? Because you didn’t want to give him the wrong idea and what are you telling me now? That you suddenly like him? And you’re practically asking me if it’s okay for you to just take Namjoon. You know that he likes you, so you’re asking me right now to just let him go so you can go for him aren’t you?!”

Once you were finished, you weren’t sure whether you were gasping from air because of the long speech or because of your tears. Streams of tears then turned to sobs, and soon you were too drowned from your own tears to even acknowledge the fact hat Jennifer had left your house. To be completely honest, you didn’t really even care. As broken and hurt as you were, you finally felt free after letting out all those words that you had kept in for so long, and you didn’t feel a single bit regretful.

Once the sobs finally came to a stop, you decided to go out for some fresh air.

Without a single sense of direction or plan, after about an hour of strolling, you ended up sitting on an empty bench at a park nearby.

Although Namjoon continued to text and call you, you never bothered to answer because for one, you weren’t in the mood to answer after knowing that your friendship with Jennifer had basically ended, and two because you were certain that you and Namjoon were also on the verge of that, and you weren’t just yet ready for that.

So in hopes to lighten your mood, without even thinking twice, you quickly dialled a phone number.

“Hello?” He answered after the first ring.

“Hey. Are you busy right now?” You asked.

Letting out a light chuckle, he said,

“No. I’m free right now.”


Whether you were aware of your conscious or not, clearly you didn’t give a damn, because within seconds, you quickly said,

“That date. Let’s do it now Jimin.”

Night Sky

@fishfingersandjellybabies makes me want to write Dami. Like, forever.

And it’s of course rote: Gotham always has protectors. Even if it isn’t the Bat, some of his team is patrolling the city to cause trouble in the murky depths of the underbelly.

When it’s the Birds of Prey, well, there must be some momentous occasion. And that…is Damian’s eighteenth birthday.

The kid, in late from patrol the night before, rose at eleven to a special breakfast made by Alfred, and all the Bats in attendance to share the day with him. Even after years in the family, part of the whole, he seemed surprised and pleased when even Cass, Steph, and O were crowded around the table with Jay, Dick, Tim, and B.

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anonymous asked:

I saw that you were taking prompts so, perhaps some Bubblegum Rock or Kuzuhina fluff? (btw, i really like your content, even if there is lots of Nagito 😁)

Thank you for the prompt! I’m not sure what Bubblegum Rock is, so I went with Kuzuhina. I’ve never written Kuzuhina before so I hope this turned out all right!

(Haha, I’m sorry for all the Komaeda. He’s pretty much my favourite character so I usually end up reblogging a lot of Komaeda stuff.)


Hinata frowned, eyes still shut, and turned over onto his side. The grass tickled his bare arms. He thought he had heard a voice, but it was so faint he decided he must have imagined it. Lying under the shade of the trees, leaves rustling in the wind, Hinata tried to go back to sleep.


He opened his eyes and sat up, grunting and stretching, looking around as he rubbed his eyes. Though Hinata didn’t usually take naps outside, he had felt oddly tired after collecting materials and the peaceful, quiet park had seemed like the perfect place to sleep.

Hinata blinked, confused. He was positive someone had said his name, but the park was empty. He wondered if he had been dreaming, and then—

“Goddammit, Hinata! Up here!”

Hinata looked up, and he stared. He could see a person high up in the tree above him, clinging to a branch like an angry cat. They glared down at Hinata.

“Kuzuyuu…? What are you doing up there?”

Kuzuryuu’s face was red. “I… Look, that doesn’t matter right now. I need you to help me get down.”

“You mean you’re stuck?” Hinata asked, finding the situation too strange to even laugh. He couldn’t see how the heir to the Kuzuryuu clan managed to get stuck in a tree. It was something a little kid would do, though Hinata decided to keep that thought to himself. “Just wait here, okay?” he called up to him. “I’ll go find someone and—”

“No! Don’t you there!” Kuzuryuu yelled. He leaned forward: he didn’t seem to notice he was dangerously close to falling off the branch completely. “The others can’t know about this! Understand?”

Then the branch snapped, and Kuzuryuu yelped as he plummeted down. Hinata, panicking, ran forward with his arms outstretched. Some part of his mind wondered if there was an SHSL talent for catching people: he supposed this was one way to find out.

He didn’t catch Kuzuryuu, but he did cushion his fall. Kuzuryuu crashed into him, and though Kuzuryuu didn’t weigh much the impact was enough to knock Hinata off his feet. He lay sprawled out on the grass, stunned.

“Fucking hell, that hurt…” Kuzuryuu groaned, rolling off him. He looked pale and shaken, scratches littering his face. “H-hey, are you all right?” he asked when Hinata didn’t respond.

“Yeah, I’m fine…” Hinata sat up, and he flinched as pain shot through him. He would definitely have some bruises later. “What about you?”

“I’m pretty sure nothing’s broken,” Kuzuryuu said. “But we should probably see Tsumiki, just in case. You look terrible.”

Hinata couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m pretty sure you look worse.”

The two of them stood up and started towards the restaurant, where Tsumiki would most likely be. Though they were limping slightly, they laughed together as they walked.

“Oh,” Kuzuryuu said suddenly. “Hey, remember, no one can know about this. I could never live it down if everyone found out I was stuck up there. If anyone asks, we got into a fight, okay?”

“Okay, I get it.” Hinata smiled and nodded. Though there was still a light mood between them, Hinata had no doubt that Kuzuryuu would be furious if he ever told anyone what really happened.

“And…” Kuzuryuu looked away. His face was red. “…Thank you. You really helped me out back there.”

“What are you talking about?” Hinata asked in an overly confused voice. “We just had a fight, right?”

Kuzuryuu laughed, and together the two of them continued walking.

~The Past is Coming Back~ Luke Hemmings Imagine (Part 2)

Originally posted by 5sos-place


Pairing: Reader x Luke
Summary: Y/N Hood is the younger half sister of Calum Hood. She was sent away to a boarding school for always getting into fights and sneaking out. Finally after three years and missing out on family gatherings Y/N is invited back too be around family. How will everyone feel when she shows up out of the blue? How will Calum react? Especially since he knows that his sister and Luke had a thing before she left.

Word Count: 2,796k

A/N: This will be in Luke perspective and kind of the others. I would love to hear what you all are thinking of it! As well I don’t know when the next part will be up.

Calum and I were sitting around in the studio. Cold beers in our hands as we watched Michael and Ashton play GTA, a huff coming from me when realizing that it was almost time for me too leave. Slowly standing up from my spot on the couch, stretching my arms over my head the shirt riding up a little. “Do you really have to leave?” Ashton questioned not taking his eyes off the screen in front of him, “Yeah I have to go get ready for a date.” I spoke quickly knowing what was about to come my way, the screen had the main menu on it. Ashton and Michael both setting down the controller’s, “Why are you still talking to her? You know she is bad for you, all you too do is argue.” Michael said leaning back into the chair his hands behind his head, rolling my eyes as this same argument started up again. “Look I like her, and including she isn’t that bad.” I tried to reason but a part of me new deep down that she really wasn’t good in any way for me. Holding his arms up in surrender, before grunting, “You just wait till Y/N gets here.”
“Is that suppose to scare me into breaking up with her? I haven’t even seen Y/N in what three years?” I argued trying to get the point across that I could careless about her being her in almost two weeks, Michael raised his eyebrow looking like he wanted to deck me in the face. Opening my mouth before John came walking in, stopping in his tracks when he saw the scene in front of him.

Michael with a pissed off expression on his face, Ashton with the same expression his being a little more on the annoyed side. Then there was Calum he was sitting calm, sipping his beer tapping his fingers against his thigh looking deep in thought. Poor me standing in the middle of this, trying to make it seem like I didn’t care that my girlfriend was probably beyond pissed about me being late for our date. While on the other hand trying my hardest to make it seem that in any way it didn’t bother me that Y/N will be here soon knowing full well if she knew about half of the shit I have done she would kill me.

“What is going on here?” John with caution asked, stuffing his hands in his pockets. Setting down the papers and pens on the table next to him, shaking my head throwing my hands in the air, “Nothing!” I shouted storming out of the room, trying my best not to go back in there and start a yelling war with Michael when he told John, “He is scared shitless of Y/N coming to visit for Calum birthday.” It wasn’t true, or maybe it was true. Was I really scared or was I more concerned of what she would do when she saw me? It’s been almost three years since she saw me last, or has it been four years? Banging my head against the steering wheel when it started to sink in that I was indeed fucked out of beyond belief when she showed up. A buzzing sound was heard from beside me, knowing full well who it was. Reaching over taking the phone out of the cup holder, pressing the button holding it up to my ear, “Hello?” Why did I say hello when I already knew who it is?

“Are you going to come in or are you just going to stay out there?” She spat out, an imagine of her standing by the window looking down at me with her foot tapping impatiently while waiting for me to come up. Seeing around that I had made it too my apartment without even remembering starting the car let alone driving. “Yeah I’ll be up there soon.” Sighing hanging up the phone before she could say anything.

“Why didn’t you say anything Calum?” Michael whispered leaning towards me, while Ashton was recording his part for the song. “Well.. I know something that he isn’t going to like at all.”

“What is it?”

“Y/N will be out here in about twenty-four hours, less than that actually. She is currently in Illinois right now, waiting for her plane.” I coughed out choking on the water, the expression on Michael face was priceless. “What?”

“She will be here in … ten hours maybe less if her plane hurries. Ashton and I will be getting her at LAX, you want to tag along?” A laugh coming from me, when seeing Michael face, he was almost bouncing in his spot.

“Fuck yes, I do. Maybe we should surprise Luke,” He chuckled, rubbing his hands together before Ashton took his space on the couch. “I’m guessing you told him?” Nodding my head before standing up getting another water. Opening in taking a slow sip since it was cold water, “Who is Y/N?” John spoke up finally, ever since Luke shouted at him he was silent.

Pulling over a chair kicking my legs up on the desk, “She is my half sister. Yeah I know I never mention her, because in the beginning we didn’t really get along. I kind of blamed her for a while for my parents arguing so much when we were younger. Her mother dropped her off on our doorstep when I was maybe two or three. She could always tell that Mali and I never really liked her; Y/N just stuck to herself, except for when Michael started to come over. Anyway Y/N was NOT a good kid growing up, always picking fights my mother would blame it on the fact that no one really paid much attention to her. Which was true, sure my mother would try her best with playing with her and interacting with her but she was always a constant reminder that her husband had cheated on her with another woman. Making it awkward between the two, since I would always remind Y/N about it. Now realizing that was such a dick move; first were the fights than came the sneak out. That started at what.. 13? Yeah 13, by now she was fighting and sneaking out. Bring in a couple years later I started to making covers with Luke and Michael by now even sometimes Mali and I. Our parents started paying more attention to us, not her not noticing the hurt on her face when they would brag about us. I didn’t even realize it till maybe two years ago that her and Luke were seeing each other. Not as boyfriend and girlfriend, just mindless hook ups. Then came in Luke first girlfriend kind of ruined everything for a while, till they started being on again off again. She was always over at the Hemmings, Liz kind of took her under her wing. Mothering her you know, well looking back at it whenever she would be over there and Luke was there she had this.. Glazed expression on her face when looking at him. Him being the same with her.” I took a break from speaking to look at John, noticing now that Michael was out of the both sitting there listening intently along with Ashton and John.

“Carry on.” John waved a hand encouraging me to continue.

“Okay, well at fifteen that’s when it really started to sink in that we never paid attention to her. The sneak out and fights went to an all time high, by now our parents gave her an ultimatum. Telling her that if she did it one more time, she would be sent off to a boarding all girls school overseas. She did care, since they would always threaten her with it didn’t stop her. Now on the night that she snuck out her last night to not do this, she went to a nearby party maybe two blocks away. Luke literally right after telling her that our parents were serious about this left, telling us that his mom wanted him to go home to clean his room or some dumbass lie. He went to that party that night, from what I heard at least. Then came the part Dad found her and dragged her back telling her that it was over that this was the final chance she was for sure going to this school. It happened well… kind of she ended up staying with one of his friends overseas. The day she left was kind of the cherry on top that there was something going on between the two. She told us all good-bye telling us that we would become something big in the future, giving us an awkward for I at least hug. Luke though got a kiss on the lips, not just a little peck nope full on kiss. Than she went to England, we went out there a year later do some recording. Luke yet again telling us some bullshit lie about how he was going to go walk around but in reality was meeting up with her. How I know is that I kind of followed them the first time they did. That day he did make a promise to her, she kind of forced it though I’m still positive that he wanted her too.”

“What was it? And how come we are just now hearing about all of this?” Michael argued, throwing his hands above his head. Shrugging my shoulders in response, “I was to far away to hear. But they were holding pinkies, she was always a stickler about pinky promises. That’s how I know it was a promise, something that if he breaks.. He is fucked. Take into thought they have not spoken in almost three years.”


“Who is this girl that the boys keep talking about? And tagging in things, along with liking her stuff on Facebook?” Arzaylea asked taking a seat on the couch, wondering deep down if Michael was going to be spending the night here or not. “What is the name?” I asked, though I kind of figured who it was by now. “Some Y/N Ava Hood. Is she related to Calum by any chance?” She questioned, scrolling up the feed on Facebook a sour look on her face, “Even Liz tagged her in something.” Reaching over taking the phone away from her, looking at my mother status about Y/N.

“It was wonderful seeing you again Y/N/N, I can’t wait till you move back here again. Be nice to  have another girl in the household.” Attached to the status was pictures of Y/N with my mother and siblings. Even a video of Y/N walking through the door, and Molly tackling her down when she said a simple ‘Hi Molly’. “You’re brothers commented on it along with others.” Arzaylea told me, scrolling down the comments on her computer that rested in her lap.

Underneath the photo’s were comments from almost all the mothers of the boys and some from my siblings.

It was so good to see you again Y/N!- Jack
I can’t wait to catch up some more with you!- Celeste
Omg I didn’t know she was even here!- Anna
WOW she is pale as hell from being up in England- Lauren
Maybe, when you come back we can all meet up and talk! Y/N Ava Hood.- Karen

Sitting down on the couch, Arzaylea leaning over taking her phone back into her hands. “Who is she? And why does everyone want to see her?” I didn’t reply just stood up and walked into the kitchen taking my phone and wallet. “Where are you going? I thought we would watch like a movie or something after dinner.” Arzaylea spoke fast and quick, though I kind of new deep down it was just to record on snapchat too post to everyone. Y/N wouldn’t have done that, I told myself trying to clear my head from thinking that way. “I’m going over to Calum’s, probably play some video games and apologize.”

“Apologize for what exactly?” She laughed at her phone, “Nothing.” Walking out of the door, without another word not even say I Love You. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, I was just on the third floor not the fifteenth floor though there was no fifteenth floor at all. Unlocking the door before hopping in, turning on the engine buckling up and then heading over to Calum not even stopping when I saw Arzaylea running outside a pissed off look on her face. Turning up the radio, quickly changing it when I realized it that song but deciding to change it back since I haven’t heard it in so long. Fireflies by Owl City started playing, tapping hand against the steering wheel, swallowing the lump in my throat when memories of Y/N and I started to replay in my head.

You would not believe your eyes
If ten million fireflies
Lit up the world as I fell asleep
‘Cause they fill the open air
And leave teardrops everywhere
You’d think me rude but I would just stand and stare
I’d like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly
It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems.

I was singing along with it trying my best to remember all the lyrics, it didn’t take much driving for me to get to Calum and Ashton place. “ Because my dreams are bursting at the seams,” I sang the last part turning off the car, stepping out I didn’t even bother calling or texting him to let him know I was on my way over. Judging on how I didn’t see his car at all, I assumed he wasn’t here taking notice that Ashton was though. Taking the stairs two at a time, I made it too there floor in just three steps. Turning the key in the lock, stepping in, “Hello?” I whispered, turning on the kitchen light finally sinking in deep that no one was here. “Peace and quiet.” I told no one in general, opening the fridge taking out a beer and water another cabinet with chips. Laying down on the couch with a groan kicking off my shoes turning on the TV at the same time.

A hour or two passed before I heard the door open, getting up off the couch taking setting down the beer and chips. “Where were you guys at? I have been waiting for like ever,” I admitted laughing when hearing no reply, picking up my third beer walking into the kitchen. “Hey maybe we cou-” Dropping the beer in my hand when I saw Calum and Ashton with Michael, “What.. What is.. How?!” I stuttered out, locking eyes with the girl that was leaning against the granite counter a smirk on her face, “Hey LuLu.. It’s been so long,” Y/N sarcastically spat out, her arms crossed in front of her chest. Her shoulder-length brown hair looked damp, finally hearing the rain outside hit the sliding door, the green in her hazel eyes was more prominent than all the other times that I saw her. That only happened when she was either annoyed with something or pissed, I was guessing she was pissed at me probably.

Y/N was dressed in holed grey jeans, her converse looked like they were about to fall apart, the hoodie she was wearing I recognized as the one I had gotten her a couple years back. “I see you still have the Good Charlotte hoodie,” I pointed out trying to somehow get her eyes to go back to being a nice chocolate mint color. Rolling her eyes, before a sigh slipped past her pink plum lips the same lips I remember kissing when we were fifteen. “I am too tired and jet-lagged to deal with you right now. I am going to sleep, thanks boys for picking me up.” She thanked them before giving them all a hug and a kiss on the cheek, she didn’t have her normal accent I noticed it was slowly more British than Australian.
Slowly walking away with her things, she made it too the third room slamming the door shut with her foot. Smiling when more memories came flooding back, frowning when it set in that it was the past and I have a loving girlfriend back at my apartment who is probably beyond pissed since I turned off my phone. Turning around towards the guys that were in the living room sitting there like nothing happened.

“You all have some explaining to do.”

“hard worker” pt. 2

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genre: angst / fluff

# of words: 1,170

summary: jihoon shows up at (Y/N)’s house apologizing

A/N: AHHHH so i said i was going to release a mingyu angst before this but i changed my mind LOL i hope you enjoy this part two!

Approaching the exit doors, a body collided into yours. Not bothering to look up, you muttered a short apology and tried to walk past the person.

“(Y/N)?” he said. 

Fuck, it was Mingyu.

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