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In Which Archie, Having Been Rejected Again by Betty, Decides to Rat Out Juggie as a Gang Leader's Son to Hal Cooper
  • Archie: <storms into the Cooper home, foaming at the mouth> Mr. Cooper!!! You have a right to know!! Jughead is the son of a Southside Serpent!!
  • Hal Cooper: Young man, is this true?
  • Juggie: I can explain, sir....
  • Hal: Oh no need for that my boy! I just don't know why you didn't tell me. Or really, why I didn't notice how very like your father, you are....
  • Archie: <interrupting> How are you not furious, Mr. Cooper? His father is a criminal!
  • Hal: You do know we live in Riverdale, right? Where everyone's shady? But you know what else, you fatuous ginger turd?
  • Archie: I'm NOT fat!!! I got ripped after working for my dad this summer!! I play football!!
  • Hal: okay....you stupid, hypocritical ginger turd?
  • Archie: still don't really know those words, but at least you didn't call me fat
  • Juggie: It's okay sir, I'll explain it to him later...
  • Hal: Not sir, my boy, call me "Hal" or "Dad 2.0" as you young people would say, if you like!!! Anyway, AS I WAS SAYING....I knew your dad in high school, my future son-in-law....when I was a Southside Serpent, myself. Nothing to judge, there. Please stay for dinner, Jughead. Please leave and never return, Archie.

Hal and Barry in a haunted house. (˼●̙̂ ̟ ̟̎ ̟ ̘●̂˻)

Bonus polaroid pic:

“Wanna do it again?”

“Shut it,Hal…”

Based on this ask.

I know it’s not really what @halbeary was describing but i hope it’s still okay??

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mahalen things: names

“hal” becomes the name everyone in the inquisition uses, because he thinks it’s easier for the humans. sera approves.

mahalen is what he’s called by the dalish and by solas. solas refuses to call him hal, because elfyness appreciation reasons. but he doesn’t ever really pronounce the “n” at the end, on purpose.

“fancy” is varric’s nickname for him

I heard people enjoy shipping random Striders and Vantases together (I believe most of that is @polyglotplatypus‘ doing, because of those comics) and I want you guys to look me in the eye and find a single reason that Kankri and a literal autoresponder made to do nothing but talk is not the single worst ship in history, and somehow simultaneously /painfully/ made for each other.

I blame @hexstuck for this crack ship of the two biggest pricks in the entirety of homestuck.

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dirk being a Good Big Brother™ and being super protective of his younger siblings in general. he’s the type to go out and tear their bullies to pieces okay–no one touches dirk’s brothers or his sisters

the odd on out and often exception to this rule, understandably enough, is hal. he’s always been a self-sufficient sort of guy, so dirk doesnt exactly… coddle him like he does the other’s? and of course hal takes that as an insult because he takes this as a sign of dirk disliking him or even worse, being indifferent towards him and it sits heavily with him in a way he absolutely hates

Hal is very bad at this whole ‘sharing’ thing you see. it’s hard and very confusing, sharing dirk with dave and davis. its even harder sharing dave and davis with dirk and just

Sometimes he wishes he was an all encompassing ai so he could get rid of all of these useless Mortal Emotions okay

I’m absolutely in love with the idea of Snake and Otacon’s separate interests mingling together once they grow closer. Snake likes to poke fun at Otacon’s anime but loves to watch it with him and they bicker about character arcs and stuff.

Meanwhile otacon normally wouldn’t have touched 70s and 80s sci fi because he thought it was all dumb camp and cheese but then he finds he grows to have an uncomfortable level of knowledge about Battlestar Galactica and The Thing.

by the time MGS2 rolls around, he knows enough that the second he and Snake get home he makes a beeline for their VHS collection and takes Escape from New York and threatens to throw it away because of how awful Iroquois Pliskin was as an alias. snake is just like “I panicked, okay? Jesus Hal, you try to make up something on the spot. You’re the one who goes by Otacon.”

Yo Batlantern fans please consider

Hal and Bruce hooking up but not getting serious. Hal still doesn’t know who Bruce is but he WANTS to be with him but god fucking DAMNIT Batmans an ass. Then after being nosy he confronts Bruce and
JUST ADMIT IT THE REAL REASON YOU CANT BE SERIOUS ABOUT ME IS BECAUSE YOURE DATING BRUCE WAYNE and holy fuck okay Hal thinking Batman and Bruce are a couple would make my life like its a canon thing in the DCU already that people have assumed that and WHY WOULD HAL NEED TO LOOK DEEPER INTO IT BATMAN SCREWING BRUCE EXPLAINS SO MUCH

alwaysxlate  asked:


send me a ship | no longer accepting 

Send me a ship and I will rate it:

notp / not really / meh / I could / sometimes / maker, yes / my otp babbies

and answer:

  • Who is the most affectionate? Hal
  • Big spoon/Little spoon? Hal/Barry
  • Most common argument? Definitely over Hal’s wandering eyes
  • Favorite non-sexual activity? Netflix & Chill 
  • Who is most likely to carry the other? Barry carrying Hal bc lbr he’s always catching him at some point when he gets knocked the fuck out during a fight. 
  • Nicknames? “Hal” “Bar” “Barry” “Baby” “Babe” “Flyboy” “Highball” 
  • Who worries the most? Barry
  • Who tops? Barry listen Hal will never fucking admit it okay?  
  • Who initiates kisses? Hal
  • Who wakes up first? Barry never went to sleep in the first place, so
  • Who says I love you first? Barry