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Whenever Draco has a bad day, Harry buys him flowers. 

The first time it happens, Draco comes home from work with a scowl on his face. He just got some really bad news and knows the next few weeks will be hell for him. When Harry asks about his day, he doesn’t say anything. He knows, if he opens his mouth now, he will only snap at Harry and he really isn’t in the mood to fight. Not after the day he had. So he sits there, throughout their dinner, saying nothing.

When he gets up to take a shower, he catches Harry gazing at him sadly. Draco knows Harry is only worried about him, but this gets him even more irritated. Because now, on top of his bad mood, he feels guilty for making Harry feel this way.

Taking a shower normally relaxes him, but when he walks into his and Harry’s bedroom, his muscles are still tense and the scowl still won’t leave his face. The crease between his brows deepens even more when he sees something odd on his bedside table. That bouquet of peonies wasn’t there before. When he hears Harry enter the bedroom, Draco doesn’t turn around.

“Do I look like a girl, Potter?” he grumbles through gritted teeth. Why would Harry get him flowers? Harry doesn’t reply. Instead, Draco feels his arms wrap around his waist from behind. When Harry starts nuzzling his hair, Draco sighs and puts one of his hands on Harry’s.

Harry is only trying to cheer him up. And although Draco would never admit it out loud, getting flowers from his boyfriend is… kind of nice.

From this day on, whenever Draco comes home grumpy or moody, Harry will excuse himself quickly and return with a bouquet of sunflowers, or daisies, or hydrangeas… sometimes Draco doesn’t even know the name of the flowers Harry gets him. The only thing he knows is, it warms his heart when Harry is standing in front of him, smiling almost shyly, with a big bouquet in his arms.

So now, Draco isn’t that irritated anymore, when he had a bad day at work. He’s still moody and grumpy, he can’t control that, but he also knows that Harry will buy him flowers. And while they’re beautiful and Draco always admires and appreciates them for as long as they’re on his bedside table, it’s about so much more than just the flowers.

It reminds Draco of how thoughtful Harry is. It’s a sweet little gesture that reassures Draco.

Harry will always be there to cheer him up.

To make him feel loved.

Part 2

diner girl | jughead x reader

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a/n: this is a different type of piece so i hope you guys enjoy this! requests are open! 💋

“order up”

i blow a strand of hair out of my face as i pick up the next order waiting to the table at the back accomodating to a local couple, they were older but always order the same thing, two coffees and onion rings.

“here you go” i smile brightly placing the order out onto the table “if you need anything else’s just let me know” i smile picking up the empty coffee pot and wondering back to over to the counter

“louis and amelia in again?” hermione asks and i nod brushing the crumbs off my yellow waitressing uniform and adjust my name badge “yeah, i hope I’ll be like them when im older”

i sigh leaning against the counter earning a playful smack on my butt from the lodge woman “you’ll find someone your young gorgeous smart-” she emphasis the smart placing her hands under my chin “and a waitress you forgot to add a waitress” i tell her sarcasm laced in my words

the bell dings indicating more customers, i smile recognising them instantly; they were in my year at school one being Hermione’s daughter Veronica lodge the newest member, Betty Cooper the blonde cheerleader, Archie Andrews the red headed sports jock and musician and finally Jughead Jones

“now there’s an eligible bachelor” hermione smirks as the brunette boy smiles at me before slipping into the booth with his friends.

i blush a strand of hair falling in my face, the older ladies eyes widen at my response “let me go work some magic-” she smirks

“no H please please don’t embarrass me” i complain trying keep her from going over to the group

she grabs my cheeks in her hands and i dart my eyes to see if the group is looking and sure enough jughead is, he chuckles as we make eye contact and i furrow my brows in embarrassment.

i let her walk away as i wait another table trying to keep myself busy and i imagine hermione is telling the boys how im a lonely single 17 year old.

i walk over to my tables and refill some coffee mugs before i discretely glance over my shoulder to hermione and the teenager only to find they’re eyes already on me.

i glance at the brunette boy curiosity on his face and he watches me whilst popping tomato sauce drenched fries into his mouth. I’m quick to look away continuing to busk the tables.

i scoop up the half empty coffee pot and make my way past the table hoping that they wouldn’t notice me sneak past but i was sadly mistaken, the raven haired waitress pulled at my arm tucking me under her arm.

“just the girl i wanted to see” she muses, “you guys need anything?” i ask pulling out my notebook and placing the coffee pot down they shake their head conversation falling silent.

i top up veronicas mug with coffee and pick up my tray removing the empty milkshake glasses and onion ring baskets. i turn to leave put hermione grabs my shoulders pulling me back.

this throws me off and send my tray crashing to the floor the glass shattering and bits of left over food and milkshake flying everywhere. i cuss and drop down trying to clean it up as everyone stares.

a scream fills the small diner and we perk up trying to find the source of the scream, my eyes land on the red headed girl and instantly roll at the drama queen.

“you just got milkshake all over my new shoes!” she cries out pointing to her white pumps small droplets of chocolate milkshake splattered on them.

“sorry ill just grab you a napkin” i mumble stepping over the spill and handing her a clean napkin. she scoffs at me flinching away from my outstretched hand

“you can wipe it you spilt it” i bite the inside trying to remain calm, i bend down and wipe her shoes clean placing the napkin on my tray “can i help you in any way?” i ask and she clears her throat.

‘i’d like another strawberry milkshake free of charge for the inconvenience of your tragic waitressing skills” i pull out my notepad scribbling down her order “ill notify pop to remove it from your bill”.

she places her hands on the table “you might wanna clean up your mess now” she sasses her friends giggling at me.

i turn and collect the mop and the dustpan, hermione already crouched on the floor tending to the glass “hey its okay I’ve got this can you make sure cheryl gets her shake and mr green gets his cheese burger” she nods.

“i think pop need to re think his poor staff choices, a lodge and a (y/l/n) god he really lucked out” i concentrate on cleaning the spill and try and block out cheryl rude comments.

archie and the group watch my intently as i finish cleaning my mess and walk over to the blossom girls table for the bill. i pick up the scrunched up cash and head to the till when the red head grabs harshly at my wrist.

“now make sure that all that money makes it to the register wouldn’t want your sticky fingers thinking its a tip, you know with all your family history’ the girls snicker and i smile down at cheryl.

before heading over to the till “spoilt brat” i mutter “excuse me what was that?” “i said you spoilt little brat” i repeat myself crossing my hands across my chest.

“you miss blossom are a huge pain in my ass, you come here and harass us all and you think that its okay all because your last name is blossom’ i spit my anger boiling over “the way you treat people is disgusting”

she raises her eyebrows “its not my fault you can’t do your job properly klutz, don’t even think that i don’t notice you always refilling their glasses and baskets of fries without costing them” she argues gesturing to the group of four.

i walk up to the counter and empty my uniform of my tips and place it all in the till “there happy? now all their meals are paid for” she taps on the table “wheres my damn milkshake” i grab the milkshake off hermione and walk over to her

“one strawberry milkshake?” she smiles sweetly at me and nods, with a smile on my face i turn the cup upside down at let the shake pour from the glass o the top of cheryl’s head.

she screams and wipes the shake from her face “you you-bitch!’ she stand from the booth snickers coming from the booth behind me “get the hell out of my diner, oh and heres your money back yano for the inconvenience”.

she storms out and i glance at a very un impressed pop walking toward me with  a mop “she been harassing me and hermione for weeks pop i had to put her in her place” he huffs and shakes his head “just get it cleaned up kiddo”

a round of applause fills the diner and i grab the ends of my dress curtseying at the crowd “thank you thank you very much” i smile my gaze falling o=n the group smiles of amusement clear.

“id clean up your mess missy if you still want your job” hermione tease smacking my bum playfully “yes mama” i tease dragging the mop across the diner floor soaking up the spilt shake.

“I’m headed home V you coming?” her daughter stands from the booth biding a goodbye before walking past me a slipping a 50 in my apron “oh no Veronica i can’t take this”.

i remove it and try and hand it back to the raven haired girl but she shakes her head “uh uh you kept it- its your tip okay, and call me V thats what my friends call me and after tonight you are defiantly one” i sigh placing the money back in my apron.

“thanks V, see you around?” 

the blonde girl stands along with the red headed boy “it getting late jug we’ll see you at school” he nods continuing to eat his burger as the last of his friends leave the diner.

i grab the bill for my last two tables and star wiping down the booths removing them from empty dinner plates and drinks. it was just after 11 and everyone had cleared out leaving an eerie quietness leaving only a single customer; jughead.

i sit on the stool at the top of the diner waiting for pete to arrive for his shift so i could finally go home.

i walk over to the occupied booth nervous “hey” i say softly gaining the young boys attention, he tilts his laptop screen down smiling up at me “can i sit?” he nods and i slip into the empty seat opposite him.

its silent for a few seconds but he breaks first “(y/n) right?” i nod “thats me (y/n) (y/l/n)” i laugh nervously “jughead jones?” “the third” he adds smirking.

he pushes the bowl of fries over to me but i shake my head declining them and he shrugs plucking more and throwing them into his mouth. “heard a lot about you” he starts wiping his lips with his thumb.

my eyes flicker from his lips to his eyes “oh really?” i state playfully “miss lodge seems to have an endless list of compliments about you-” i roll my eyes siting back my hand outstretched on the table top almost touching jugs.

“correct me if I’m wrong but are you perhaps single?” “as a matter of fact i most certainly am, you?” i move my hand closer to his our fingers brushing together. 

“i am in deed, there this girl though” he start continuing to flirt “there always is” i muse “she gorgeous actually, intelligent, funny and can actually be a pain the ass sometime but i like it” “maybe she just has a great sense of humour” 

he narrows his eyes “maybe, she has excellent taste in clothes too, but i almost never see her out of the incredibly yellow waitressing uniform” his eyes fall to my lips then back up to my eyes.

the bell rings and i look past jughead to see Pete entering giving me a small wave before clocking in. i slip out of the booth “you have a thing for ronnie’s mum?” i place my hand over my mouth faking shock.

he exhales laughing and shaking my head at me “told you she was funny” i grab my bag from behind the counter and push on the door starting my journey home when i hear the bell ding followed by heavy steps.

“(y/n) wait” i turn and start walking backwards “you need something?” i ask turning forward when he finally catches up “let me walk you home?” he questions and i sigh “fine this way” he laces his hands with mine and we begin the short trip to my house.

we create small talk until the familiar house comes into view “this is me, thank you for walking me home” he smiles shyly “anytime” i go to walk up he steps but he stops me placing his hands on my face.

he presses his lips to mine in a sweet warm embrace, i kiss back instantly my hands darting to his suspenders pulling his body flush against my own. he smiles into the kiss and i break away stepping back a few steps.

 “what about hermione?” i tease.

“oh be quite and get your cute ass over here” i walk back over to him wrapping my arms around his neck as we continue to kiss butterflies thrashing my stomach.

best shift ever.


for ungranger

‘Cause I can’t b r e a t h e, without you n e a r 

You keep me safe, keep me sane, keep me h o n e s t

You keep me alive, on the edge of tonight, chasing t o m o r r o w

With fire in my eyes, you’re like a siren in the dark

You’re the beat playing in my heart

You keep me a l i v e

Some unusually smart food choices today somehow led me to be able to have pizza from a RESTAURANT tonight. Honestly this never happens so I’m enjoying every second of it.

Red handed (g.g.) *smut*

▹Short imagine 

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I sat in the small, quite coffee shop with my computer open.  I write for composure magazine in New York, I’ve been assigned to find a guy to write about. I’m suppose to observe him, the way he lives as a New Yorker and how easily can he fall for me. I haven’t found a guy yet but I surely will. 

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the signs as tøp lyrics
  • Aries: cause sometimes to stay alive you got to kill your mind // migraine
  • Taurus: gangsters don't cry,therefore, therefore I'm Mr. Misty-eyed // heavydirtysoul
  • Gemini: used to dream of outer space but now they’re laughing at our face,
  • saying, "wake up, you need to make money" // stressed out
  • Cancer: don't wanna give you all my demons you'll have to watch me struggle from several rooms away but tonight I'll need you to stay // the run and go
  • Leo: tie a noose around your mind loose enough to breathe fine and tie it, to a tree, tell it, "you belong to me, this ain't a noose, this is a leash, and I have news for you, you must obey me"// holding onto you
  • Virgo: but I'll kindly enter into rooms of depression, while ceiling fans and idle hands will take my life again // glowing eyes
  • Libra: you fell asleep in my car I drove the whole time but that's okay I'll just avoid the holes so you sleep fine // tear in my heart
  • Scorpio: but there's hope out the window, so that's where we'll go let's go outside and all join hands // guns for hands
  • Sagittarius: faith is to be awake and to be awake is for us to think and for us to think is to be alive // car radio
  • Capricorn: the ghost of you is close to me, I'm inside-out, you're underneath // goner
  • Aquarius: he's changed his meaning of a chair now because a chair now is like a tiny island in the sea of all the people who glide across the very surface // the pantaloon
  • Pisces: i want to crack the door so I can just fall out but then I remember when you packed my car you reached in the back and buckled up your heart // a car, a torch, a death
  • Akechi: This was amazing, and I learned a lot, and I enjoyed it tremendously.
  • Akira: I learned a lot about you, Akechi.
  • Akechi: You did!
  • Akira: One; you're super interested in slobbing on my knob, like-
  • Akechi: Wow, is that what you took away from this?
  • Akira: Number two-
  • Akechi: Uh-huh?
  • Akira: That's going to happen tonight.
  • Akechi: Whoah.
  • Akira: You made a promise.
  • Akechi: I did not.
  • Akira: Don't break it.
  • Akechi: Okay?
  • Akira: I'm holding you to it-
  • Akechi: Nah.
  • Akira: Publicly.
  • Akechi: A promise I never made?
  • Akira: In front of all of these people.
  • Akechi: You're holding me to a promise that you made just now on my behalf.

Hi friends,
I just want to say I’m so sorry for being hella inactive. I know Finn has been putting out a lot of stuff for you guys so I kinda just feel bad that I havent been doing shit. Idk if you guys actually care about my work or whatever but i care, and even if no one reads this or my stories i still want to write and post. Idk why but this summer my writer’s block has been so shitty to where i literally sit down on my phone ready to write and within an hour i get like one sentence and it’s extremely frustrating. I honestly am working on Only One pt. 4 rn but im struggling a lot. I told myself id finish by tonight but obviously that didn’t happen and is far from happening. It’s okay if you guys already don’t like me, its cool, i just felt really bad that a havent posted in like 3 months i think??? but yeah thats all i wanted to say. Hope all your summers are going well.
-Admin Kay

Signs as Twenty One Pilots' Vessel Lyrics: (@asstrolorgy)
  • ARIES // you think twice about your life, it probably happens at night, right? fight it, take the pain, ignite it, tie a noose around your mind loose enough to breathe fine and tie it, to a tree, tell it, "you belong to me, this ain't a noose, this is a leash, and I have news for you, you must obey me."
  • TAURUS // and I will say that we should take a day to break away, from all the pain our brain has made, the game is not played alone. and I will say that we should take a moment and hold it, and keep it frozen and know that, life has a hopeful undertone.
  • GEMINI // I'm never what I like, I'm double sided, and I just can't hide, I kind of like it when I make you cry, 'Cause I'm twisted up, I'm twisted up inside.
  • CANCER // while you're doing fine, there's some people and I, who have a really tough time getting through this life, so excuse us while we sing to the sky.
  • LEO // I do not know why I would go, in front of you and hide my soul, cause you're the only one who knows it, yeah you're the only one who knows it, and I will hide behind my pride, don't know why I think I can lie, cause there's a screen on my chest
  • VIRGO // I have these thoughts so often I ought to replace that slot, with what I once bought, 'cause somebody stole my car radio, and now I just sit in silence
  • LIBRA // I ponder of something great, my lungs will fill and then deflate, they fill with fire, exhale desire, I know it's dire my time today
  • SCORPIO // behind my eyelids are islands of violence, my mind's shipwrecked, this is the only land my mind could, find, I did not know it was such a violent island, full of tidal waves, suicidal crazed lions, they're trying to eat me, blood running down their chin, and I know that I can fight or I can let the lion win,
  • I begin to assemble what weapons I can find, cause sometimes to stay alive you got to kill your mind.
  • SAGITTARIUS // don't wanna call you in the nighttime, don't wanna give you all my pieces, don't wanna hand you all my trouble, don't wanna give you all my demons, you'll have to watch me struggle, from several rooms away, but tonight I'll need you to stay.
  • CAPRICORN // let's say we up and left this town, and turned our future upside down. we'll make pretend that you and me, lived ever after happily.
  • AQUARIUS // am I right? of course I am, convince me otherwise would take all night
  • before you walk away, there's one more thing I want to say, our brains are sick but that's okay.
  • PISCES // I find over the course of our human existence, one thing consists of consistence and it's that we're all battling fear, oh dear, I don't know if we know why we're here, oh my, too deep, please stop thinking
A One Time Thing - Jimin x Rap Mon x Reader (Smut) - Pt 2 of Teacher Jimin-

Final Request From ( @xxsaskia1xx )

It was Saturday morning, you had just woken up when you heard a *ding ding* noise coming from your phone. You looked at the message, revealing it was from the contact “Biology” meaning it was from Mr Park, Jimin Park who you have been messing around with for the past 3 months. The text message read, “Hey, I want to try something a little frisky tonight adding another person, you up for it?” You looked at the text, questioning what your answer should be, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing, especially if the guy was hot. “Only If he’s hotter than you.” You replied jokingly, another *ding ding* sounded in the room, signalling another reply. “Thats not going happen, but you may think he’s okay” you raised your eyebrow at his reply. “Send me a picture” You messaged back, checking he was of potential. The same signalling sound projected from your phone as you typed in the passcode revealing a blonde man, he had a hearty smile, a structured jawline and some cute brown eyes, “Seems pretty hot, as long as it not a more than one time thing.” You replied, getting out of bed. “Okay see you at six then, I love you” was his reply as you got into the shower. Once you where clean and fresh you proceeded to your lingerie drawer, picking out a black lace bra and some matching panties. To cover that you put on some black skinnies, a camouflage jumper and some black heeled boots. You done your make up before blow drying and straightening your hair. It was around 2pm by this time so you flicked your T.V on to the vampire diaries, watching 3 and a half episodes before Jimin had text you, making you aware of the fact he was waiting outside. “Hey baby” He said as you got in the car, puckering his lips for a peck, which you gladly accepted. “Hey, Chim” You said putting your seat belt on. You made small talk about anything and everything as you made your way to his Jimin’s house. “What made you want a threesome may I ask?” You questioned curiously. “I thought it’d be something different” He laughed slightly. “Okay then” you replied, putting your phone on silent after texting your mother and telling her you’d be staying at a friends for the night. “You think i’ll like this guy?” You asked him, getting slightly worried about the occasion. “You’ll love Namjoon, he’s such a chill guy” He spoke placing a reassuring hand on your thigh as he continued to drive. After another 25 minutes passing you finally made it to Jimin’s house, It was around 6:49 and Kim Namjoon was arriving sat 7pm. You sat cuddling with Jimin, talking about useless things, you shyly asked Jimin “Do I still have to call you daddy if he’s there?” your face went beetroot as the words left your mouth. “In any sexual activities you call me daddy. Understand?” He asked completely serious, you simply nodded before the door went, making you both jump to your feet. “Heeeey, Joonboii” Jimin spoke hitting the blonde boys arm in a bro hug. “This is the lovely Saskia, whom I’ve heard so much about” the boy said taking your hand and kissing it delicately. “Nice to meet you!” You said, trying to sound friendly. “Now shall we get started?” Jimin asked, you tried to keep your cool, relishing in the scent that was your boyfriend as he wrapped his hands around your waist, you where very unsure as to how you felt about this but never the less assumed you’d enjoy it. You nodded, as you walked up to the bedroom. “Just give me 10 minutes to go up and get ready. I’ll wait for you in your bedroom.” You said as your got to your top landing. You walked to your cupboard in Jimin’s room, picking out your black lace nighty, changing from your clothes. You fixed your hair and applied some lip gloss, sitting on the bed quickly preparing yourself as you heard someone walk up the stairs, the door opened revealing a lustful eyed Jimin. “Baby, you look gorgeous” Jimin spoke as he sat down with you on the bed. He began kissing you, using his tongue to taste every part of his mouth. He redirected from his lips to your cheek before moving over your jawline, nipping and sucking at every inch of your neck. You moaned as you leant you head to the side allowing him more access. He began removing your lacy night dress, you lay back on the bed as he kissed down your chest, unclipping your bra, kissing and massaging your breasts as you continued to moan his name. “I’m going to blind fold you now baby, remember the safe word, although you shouldn’t have to use it” He spoke, all you could do was nod, reaching complete darkness. He then moved your arms over your head and tied them with strong rope round his headboard, you felt almost afraid of what was about to happen however all those worries left you when he began to kiss you again, exploring your mouth with his tongue and your body with his hands. Namjoon crept into the room, as Jimin was leaned over kissing you, he left the kiss to take his shirt off, before whispering “ill be right back baby” you where left in darkness unaware of what was happening as namjoon and jimin stripped off. They both leaned at the edge of the bed, jimin slid his hands up your legs, pulling your thighs apart, kissing around your heat. You whimpered slightly at the lack of touch. Namjoon moved up to your mouth as Jimin took your panties off. Jimin blew the cold air onto your clit, making you whine before attaching his lips and sucking fiercely achieving a moan from you, however when you opened your mouth you felt a tongue slide in, tasting you. You didn’t recognise the tongue however in your attempt to explore, the tongue disappeared leaving you hanging with only a taste whilst he massaged your breasts then moved down to your neck, biting and sucking, all while Jimin continued to work at your clit. The tongue soon disappeared and when you where least expecting it Namjoon inserted 3 fingers into your folds as Jimin continued to suck on your sensitive clit, you screamed out in pleasure as you released over the two boys fingers and faces. You heard Namjoon lick your release from his fingers and Jimin proceeded to eat out the release left inside of your pulsing heat. All of a sudden you felt the ropes around your hands release as hands escaped to the back of your head, all of a sudden the blind fold was removed and you saw two indescribably handsome, naked men standing over you, you reminded Jimin that you where on birth control and with that they continued. Jimin positioned you on your side as Namjoon lay infront of you, his erect length in your face. “Suck me, Saskia.” He spoke the lust in his voice so thick you could cut it with a knife. You felt Jimin raise your leg as you licked the tip of Namjoons length, you could taste the pre-cum as you took him, tasting saltier and less arousing than Jimin’s however you could still enjoy it. You began to take more of him, swirling your tongue and rubbing the rest of him with your hand, just as you came to grips with it Jimin plunged into you “MHH DADDY!!” you screamed, because he was so horny he gave you no time to adjust, so instead you whimpered and moaned whilst Namjoon was still in your mouth, you felt him twitch at the vibrations of your sounds, so you flattened your tongue causing his release, you swallowed what managed to fill your mouth as Jimin plunged in deeper than before, hitting your g-spot and causing your second release, shortly followed by his first. They both sat up, making you stand on the bed. “Your gonna take me in your ass, wither you like it or not” Namjoon spoke viciously, you gulped as his erect member faced you, you slowy sat down on him, causing a shooting pain from the never before experienced sensation, however all became too real when Jimin then lifted you slight, sitting his dick into your wet heat. You now had the two men inside you and where in so much overwhelming pleasure you could barely even speak, the two men began moving, slowly as you whimpered in the painful pleasure. Once you had adjusted to having the two men inside you both of them grabbed your hips and began speeding up, thrusting into you as hard as you could. You screamed out in pleasure finally releasing over the two men when Namjoon started massaging your breasts and Jimin began rubbing your now bright red and trembling clit. The two men followed your release, feeling yourself heat up in both your pussy and your ass as the two men release, hearing their moans and groans as you breath heavily. You sat there still with the two men inside you, “Thank you so much for allowing us to do this baby” Jimin spoke as he kissed your lips sweetly. “Thank you trusting me” Namjoon spoke kissing your neck. “Can you guys go downstairs please? I need a little nap after that” You spoke, exhausted. They both slid out of you, you stood up in an attempt to get under the covers, the horrendous pane in your stomach washed over you causing you to fall to the ground, Jimin ran over to pick you up as Namjoon pulled the cover back, Jimin lay you down tucking you in as he pecked your lips, they both got dressed before smirking at you “That pain should go away in a week or so…” Namjoon said winking at you as Jimin closed the door, you where so tired that you passed out, thinking about the event that just took place.

  • Napoleon: So, what's the plan, who are we meeting?
  • Gaby: You're my body guard, not my business partner, so just focus on guarding my body.
  • Napoleon: So not knowing who we're meeting tonight is gonna make me extra effective. That's okay, I get it. I got shit to do. You'll probably be fine. Why don't I go get you a nice dress to be buried in? Dumb ass.
It Only Takes One Time (Part 37)

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Part 36

Warnings: lol swearing

“There’s been an accident.”

“An accident? With who?” My panic was prominent and beginning to make me feel light headed. The thought of someone I knew being hurt exhausted me.

“Phil and I.” Dan replied with ease.

“How? If you’re in an accident with Phil how are you calling me… Where’s Phil? Put him on the phone!” I felt as if I was screaming at this point.

“Phil’s dead, Y/N.”

My eyes shot open and I began to pant.

“Ugh, it was just a dream.” I rubbed my temples and looked over at my clock. It was only 11am but it felt like it was so much later than that. I immediately checked up on my phone. If there was an actual accident I’m sure there would be people asking about what happened or some type of update. I had 8 texts and two calls. The texts were evenly split between both Dan and Phil. They were all along the lines of “are you okay” which made me question what happened to me.

I stood up and rubbed my eyes, pulling the over sized shirt I was wearing over my simple pair of underwear. I didn’t remember getting to bed after talking to Dan’s mother, I simply remember crying to her and then receiving the call. I wasn’t even sure last night happened, it just all seemed like a blur.

I crept out of the room slowly and went up to see Liam. I wanted to cuddle him and pour myself into loving him more than ever. My dedication to motherhood hadn’t been as wonderful as it could have been but I was determined to change that.

“Oh good, you’re up. How are you feeling, darling?” Dan’s mother smiled at me as she held Liam in her arms, patting his back. “Liam needs to be fed but are you well enough yet? If not I could get some formula.”

“Oh don’t worry. I’m well enough.” I insisted, softly taking him. Liam gurgled in my arms and waved his arms around. I chuckled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “If I’m honest I don’t remember going to bed?” I felt like I should have been embarrassed for my attire around her, but I didn’t. Whether I was with Dan or not she was still my sons grandmother and that meant she was still family to me as well.

“You were feeling sick last night when you got home, your back hurt and you had a headache. I made you go to bed since your night had already turned sour.” She placed a hand on my shoulder and squeezed it. “Dan nor Phil came home last night. I told them you weren’t feeling well and they insisted on coming but I figured you should have space.”

“Thanks, that means a lot. I’m sorry you had to stay over and watch Liam longer than intended, that surely won’t happen again.” I shook my head.

“It’s okay, he’s my grandson. I’m always available.” She smiled.

After feeding Liam and getting us ready, I informed her that I needed to run a few errands. I needed to go to my doctor and confirm the whole pregnancy situation once and for all. I also needed to pick up more supplies for Liam so it would work out well.

“I don’t think you should go out yet.” Dan’s mother mumbled from the couch as I was getting ready to go. “If it’s supplies you need, make a list and I’ll go. I’m worried that you’re still not well enough.”

“No no, I have to take care of some other stuff, too. It’s fine honestly, I’ll be back before he’s up from his nap and then you’re free.” I promised, pulling my hair back. She sighed loudly and shrugged for a second.

“You left your pregnancy test in the bathroom, Y/N.” My blood ran cold and my mood went from meh to bleh in 30 seconds.

“T-thats old-I,” I frowned and tried to think of an excuse. There was nothing that didn’t make me sound even more crazy that I could come up with. “So, okay, I need to go to the doctors now so I can get results back by tonight. I need to be certain before anything happens.”

“Alright… I hope everything is okay. Can I just ask you one thing?” She played with her hair for a moment and turned off the TV in front of her.

“Of course.” I tried my hardest to smile but failed and went for a neutral expression instead.

“If you’re truly having a baby… Is it Dan’s?” All I could do was slowly nod. I had no nails left to chew on my hands or else I’d be relieving my stress that way. She simply nodded in return and gestured her head to the door.

The process at the hospital was quick. I got my blood drawn and begged for them to get it back to me ASAP. I needed to know before I went on my trip with Dan. If I was pregnant, that secret would be suffocating to hold back.

I was hoping for a smooth rest of my day as I tried to fight of the pure anxiety that built up inside me whilst I waited to get my result. I’d get an email around 7PM and I needed to distract myself. This would be a good opportunity to clean up a bit and even go online and browse for a new apartment.

I wanted to be in a good mood while everything was mostly unknown.

I raced home after shopping and grabbing a coffee. I had every intention to get home and clean everything up and get organized. If I felt organized that would already be a huge improvement.

 However, since it was my life I was dealing with, plans didn’t work out. I entered the apartment just to be greeted with a load of guests.

“Dan? Phil?” I called out at the doorway as I took off my shoes. I could hear all the chatter from the lounge. Why were there so many people over? Why hadn’t I known?

“Yeah?” Both of them responded, from different sections of the house. I didn’t reply to either and took it upon myself to go to the lounge. I looked moderately presentable but at the time I was so absorbed in the situation that I could care less.

The lounge was filled with well… Everyone. Dan’s family, my family, Marie’s family, and Catherine…

For a moment, I bothered to question why she was here. Then I remembered that she was dating Jacob and tat made me wonder if she was doing it just to spite me.

I looked around the whole room and the only person who wasn’t there was Phil which was odd.

“What’s going on?” I looked to Dan who was holding Liam and raised my brow. He pursed his lips and hummed for a second.

“Everyone wanted to come and see us before our trip tomorrow.” He looked at everyone and sat Liam up on his knee.

“Why?” I put a hand on my hip and moved to make eye contact with Waverly.

“Because we care about you and we all have stuff to say, starting with me. Y/N, I’ve found some apartments and there’s one in particular that has the space you need and its honestly wonderful for you.” Wavily smiled and slightly clapped her hands together.

“Already?” Dan piped up. Wavily immediately shot a glare at him and crossed her arms, making him turn back away and shrugging. “Just kidding…”

“I’d really like to stick around longer but I have things to do so this isn’t really anything I want to deal with right now.” I shoved one of my hands in my jean pocket and fiddled with my hair.

“Like what?” Marie chirped up, leaning her head over and resting it on Dan’s shoulder. With Liam in his arms, they almost looked like they were a family of their own. It would have seemed real if Dan hadn’t stiffened up the second she touched him.

“I’m sure Y/N has to pack up and get Liam organized. It’s alright, go ahead.” Dan’s mother insisted, turning to look at everyone and standing up. “Meanwhile, let’s talk about how much Liam has grown.”

I walked out of the room with every intention of just going to the shower and hiding in there. I needed to find happiness and being clean seemed like that would suffice.

“Y/N,” the voice came from behind me along with more footsteps. “I was worried about you.” I spun around on my heel to see Phil standing there. His hair was messy and he was in his pyjamas. Typically he would always try to make him self look somewhat ‘decent’ but right now he looked like he’d just woken up, and I adored it.

“Hi, did you know about this whole party gathering thing?” I pointed my finger to the living room. “If you did I’m not mad or anything,”

“No, I can safely say I didn’t know but… I wanted to say something it shouldn’t take too long.” Phil shyly looked around and walked up closer to me until our bodies were almost touching. “You know that fight I had with Dan?”

I cleared my throat and bit my lip, nodding.

“It was about how Marie was fiddling with his condoms because she wants a baby, too… I told him it was insane and inconsiderate she was for doing that and he denied it and said it was fine and normal for a woman to want a baby. I then told him that I knew it would hurt you because you love him. He then said that the two things don’t mix and I brought up him needing to focus on his already existing son and he lost it.” Phil was so close to me that I could feel his breath on my skin. It was so soothing and I wanted to jump in his arms and squeeze him. He was just as hurt as I was and him telling me that was the evidence.

“Sounds like Marie to be so awful and possessive about him… But that doesn’t sound like Dan? I’ve never seen him get so irritated so quickly.” I didn’t know what to think of the situation. I wasn’t exactly shocked but it explains why a second pregnancy would be brought into consideration.

“It’s because I brought you up and he loves you… He didn’t know he did and when he realized it, he knew he fucked up.” Phil squeezed my shoulder much like Dan’s mother had done earlier.

“What’s up guys?” Now Dan had showed up, Liam on his side. He looked far more distressed than pleasant but had no intention of saying anything about it.

“Talking.” I answered, not pulling my gaze away from Phil.

“Got room for one more person here?” It was now Catherine who came in.

“I actually have to talk to Y/N alone,” Dan awkwardly stood in between Phil and I bouncing Liam as he did so.

“I do too…” Catherine waved and played with her dress.

“We were busy talking.” Phil slowly turned his head to stare at Dan. “You can wait,”

“It’s important, though.” Dan mumbled.

“I don’t care. Why are you always such a cunt?” Phil rolled his eyes. This sent Dan and Phil into another argument. They were going back and forth with insults using profanity. I grabbed Liam and started to bring him up to his nursery and heard everyone calling out to me. I ignored all except for one comment that came from Catherine.

“I wanted to tell you that I’m in love with you!”

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oh my god feel free to not do this one but “fight me, you attractive stranger.” XD that's probably the first time they meet in the uni au one of them walks away from an argument before they even know each others' names thinking that I can't sorry I'm all manic giggles tonight

Okay I’m tired and a little loopy, but fuck dammit Saner, you keep sending me the best ideas

Obi-Wan is drunk. Obi-Wan is /very/ drunk, because today was the last day of classes, so he doesn’t have to be up at too-fucking-early-o-clock in the morning to teach.

And so, he is drunk. And so is Bail, and Satine, and Satine is giggling on his shoulder, while Bail regales them with some story that Obi-Wan has long since lost the plot of, sweeping one hand grandly in the air. It’s probably more stupid things that happened on campus.

“I need to pee,” Obi-Wan announces, pushing himself up off his bar stool, Satine shifting easily to lean against Bail. He’s gone only three steps when he hits a wall, which is odd, because Obi-Wan can see the wall, and it’s still a fair distance off, and really, he’s pretty sure his depth perception is not quite that bad just yet. Also, the wall is remarkable soft and warm for a wall, and also breathing. Obi-Wan may be a Literature professor, but he’s pretty sure walls don’t breath.

Confused, he looks up. And up. And the up a little more.

The wall is, in fact, a man. A very gorgeous man, with a crooked nose and long chestnut hair pulled up in a bun which, ugh, and stormy eyes, and okay, Obi-Wan is too drunk and too gay to be dealing with someone so beautiful. What the fuck.

They stare at one another for a few long moments. Obi-Wan might be gaping. He’s not sure. Confusion fades to suppressed mirth in the man’s eyes.

“Hello,” the man says, and oh, his voice. It’s like liquid warmth sliding straight into Obi-Wan, and he wants to close his eyes and reveal in it.

“Uh,” he says.

The man laughs, rich and full. Obi-Wan narrows his eyes, suddenly irritated.

“Fight me, you attractive stranger!” he snaps, and then spins on his heel, stalking off to the bathroom.

WE ARE KINGS - marriedtheghost - 3K - Matty Healy/Harry Styles

“So who was it tonight?” he asks, popping the buttons on Harry’s shirt, starting from his throat.

“Producer,” Harry answers, throwing one leg over Matty’s waist to straddle him. “Didn’t have time to get me off before he had to go home.”

“Of course.”

Harry’s already shrugging out of his coat and shirt when it’s halfway unbottoned, rocking back so he’s sitting right atop Matty’s dick. “Had to get home to his soon to be husband,” he says, rolling his eyes.

okay guys… here it is

  • Kurosaki Ichigo: I have a plan.
  • Ishida Uryu: You've got a plan? Okay, first of all, you're copying me from when I said I had a plan.
  • Kurosaki Ichigo: I'm not copying you, I have a plan, that's not that unique of a thing to say.
  • Ishida Uryu: And secondly, I don't think you even have a plan.
  • Kurosaki Ichigo: I have part of a plan.
  • Ishida Uryu: What percentage?
  • Kurosaki Ichigo: I dunno... Twelve percent?
  • Ishida Uryu: Twelve percent?! THAT IS NOT A PLAN.
  • Inoue Orihime: It's barely a concept.
  • you attend your first gig as his girlfriend.
  • Luke: "Hello everybody! How are we doing tonight? I have a very special announcement tonight actually…*he smiles over at you and drops his head* Y/N my girlfriend has actually joined us tonight. She's right over there! She's quite excited, she's a fan just like all of you. Someone promise me you'll dance along with her tonight, she doesn't like to dance alone."
  • Calum: "Okay I have a confession to make, I can't bring myself to leave the left side of the stage because we'll my lovely girlfriend is right over there. It's her first gig, since ya know..we've made it official. Anyways it's hard being away from her while I'm on tour so I want to be near her. Okay I'll shut up, the next song is…"
  • Ashton: "Hello loves! Don't worry I can see you all from back here! Actually let me get up for a minuet…there you are! Everyone my lovely lady is here attending her first gig! So let's make this a great show, because she doesn't get to see me preform as much as she'd like. Being at UNI and me being on tour makes it hard. But I'm so happy she's here tonight.."
  • Michael: "You people are so loud tonight, it's fucking amazing! I absolutely love it. You're making tonight a wonderful show, and that's great because my..girlfriend Y/N is actually in the building tonight. I know i know people, I'm just as excited as you are. She's never seen us play a proper show before so this is very special."