okay thats it from me tonight

Some unusually smart food choices today somehow led me to be able to have pizza from a RESTAURANT tonight. Honestly this never happens so I’m enjoying every second of it.


for ungranger

‘Cause I can’t b r e a t h e, without you n e a r 

You keep me safe, keep me sane, keep me h o n e s t

You keep me alive, on the edge of tonight, chasing t o m o r r o w

With fire in my eyes, you’re like a siren in the dark

You’re the beat playing in my heart

You keep me a l i v e

Please read this

PSA to all of the people that live in Lafayette Louisiana
There was a shooting at The Grand 16 on Johnston
A shooter opened fire within theater 14 injuring 6 and killing 2
The shooter than turned to gun to himself
Please stay inside tonight and stay safe the next few days
Normally when one extreme tragedy happens more follow so please please be careful
And if you know me and live there
Please please message me to let me know that you’re okay
Because this is really scaring me

if u guys wanna know the truth abt me its that: tonight i watched 20 episodes of steven universe in one sitting. also, i have this giant cut (i think a canker sore?) on the inside of my lip, and i thought it would go away with time but it keeps getting worse, and now my lip is kinda swollen and it hurts to talk or smile or chew food. also, tonight i ate half a plum and the whole time i was like “geez this is a disgusting plum” and then i realized it was covered in mold, so i think im gonna get really sick? anyway maybe ill get sick and it will distract me from how badly my lip hurts. okay thats all i have to share with you guys for now…. goodnight