okay that's not supposed to sound mean

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re your attraction to men post: when I thought I was bi I misconstrued any strong emotional attraction I had to men as romantic attraction bc that's "what you're meant to feel" and i was desperate not to be gay and was really lonely. idk what I'm getting at exactly but your experience doesn't seem uncommon and I understand what you mean by the post. also what the hell is "henlo" I've never seen that word?

okay thats interesting and also good to hear bc i’ve definitely had strong emotional connections to men in the past but i think they fell short of being actual romantic/sexual feelings. ive definitely never been sexually attracted to a guy and sex with men has always been very unenjoyable for me. so when you, an actual lesbian, tell me that my experience sounds familiar that’s very comforting to me. thank u

LMAO okay it’s like another word used in cringy tumblr “smol bean” culture and it is supposed to mean “hello” i believe

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Okay, so i suppose what you reblogged about Josh has some point in it... But how is she liking him for the wrong reasons? I mean, in tell tale tot, yes she mentions the fact that he's in Riley's family (which i get why that's iffy), but what she mentions afterward sounds like she sees that he will take care of the people he cares about (which is something Josh & Lucas have in common) & of course that is something she wants for herself.

Every single thing she says ties back to the Matthews family. None of it is about who Josh is as an individual beyond how he interacts with his family.

For reference: http://theowldetective.tumblr.com/post/147048431341/letstryonemoretime-ok-so-some-rcas-shipper