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[ 20 • 3 ] science ft. slightly dead succulents!

  • Nier Automata tags before the release: Ass, ass, ass ass ass ass ass ass ass assassassassassassassassassassass hype.
  • Nier Automata tags after release: 10/10, LEGS, Kill me now, depression, why is everything worthless, 9S is precious resource who needs his own protection agency, everything besides 2B and 9S is a gay, B E C O M E A S G O D S, robot orgy, the elevators tho???, I wanna eat Adam's apple if u kno wat I mean •w•, Eve is smol cinnamon roll, 9S in lingerie still isn't more popular, everything is profound, Jackass is my Waifu, ass, Hackerman, Pods are true mvp, thicc, 6O just needs a hug???, I JUST WANT TO PROTECT 9S OKAY, list of people who need protection: everyone, W A S T H A T N O C T I S, I wish this game really was about hot anime girls with swords and not about mind-numbing depression, 2B9S is literally the only otp fight me on this, Take my save data, FRIENDSHIP MOTHERFUCKER, so that's the happy ending r i g h t, I need a hug, baths ARE nice; I'm gonna take one right now.
  • Most important tag: why is it all lewd

going through the kpop smut tag lately as been
- complaining about underage smut
- a meme
- a fluff with no smut
- someone else complaining about underage smut
- another meme
- fluffs, angsts, series
- no actual smuts
- a decent smut plot appears
- but it’s a bts smut
- of course

So anyways I have more stored away but this one is the only one I bothered finishing.

My arm is getting bigger, or something?

listen, i’ve been to the future and the following year for the skam kids goes like this

  • the girls have an amazing russ
    • they definitely don’t have the coolest bus, but they’re without a doubt the happiest bus and they have the best time out of anyone
    • there is no russ drama bc they have learned to talk to each other abt things and are v loyal
  • Noora and Vilde both realize they’re lesbians and break up with their boyfriends to date each other
  • Magnus takes it well and it actually encourages him to question his own sexuality and come out as bi. The boy squad gets less straight every day.
  • speaking of the boy squad, they’re now the Cool And Hot third years, except they’re not assholes like the Penetrators
    • they get bonus cool points bc of Isak’s Cool And Hot twenty year old boyfriend that drives them to school every now and then
  • Isak slowly mends his relationship with his parents. It’s slow going but it’s progress
  • Even starts film school and does amazingly
    • He and Mikael make films together and it’s great
    • Also he has a really good relationship with his therapist and finds meds that aren’t Bad
  • He also shows up regularly on Hei Briskeby, which has its first million subscribers and is quick on its way to more. Elias is over the moon about it
  • Yousef and Sana start going steady now that he’s back from Turkey
    • they take it slow, but everyone knows that they’re It for each other
  • William disappears from existence, never to be heard from again
So you’re an arsonist now?

It didn’t matter how you built your pyre. It still doesn’t. You weren’t sure how you were going to fracture yourself and fall together in a better way - like gravity, like collapsing into a black hole - but if death is an inevitability, surely the death of an ego is inevitable too?

It wasn’t supposed to matter, but it did. You carried sadness around you - you did, you did, and you still do. So what would come first, the sadness or the memories that caused them? It was a sick juxtaposition - it was the contrast between ‘okay’ and 'not okay’. You think that if you had never learned how to be happy in the first place you wouldn’t be so sad now. You think there’s still plenty of time left to be happy.

What did they - the pictures, the chatlogs, the people - matter to you now anyway? Physicality is easy to burn, physicality can disappear - into carbon under bunsen burners, into smoke. It was what came after you were afraid of - of not having anything to look back at, of not being able to pretend that this past was your future. It was not having these security blankets - not being able to read these conversations  and trace over these memories until they were as smooth as your bathroom tiles from wear.

You think about them a lot. If a relationship has ten effort units total, and you give all ten, then you’re not going to get anything back. If you look up to someone, if you spend hours social media stalking, if you keep up obsessively without getting any acknowledgement of your existence, if you write emails that never get replies, if you spend hours upon hours drafting messages that never get read - then do you not force them to look down on you?

And you wanted to become something greater, to become a phoenix at the threat of rebirth - wanted something of revenge, or regret, or some other unnameable noun that started with r. You didn’t want to become something greater if they weren’t going to look back at you.

But not now. The pyre is built and the funeral is ready. There are no white flowers, no observers, no wills or last rites. Nothing but you and the flame. Nobody will cry for your death - but then again, do you need anyone to?

So you jump in.

Too little, maybe, but not too late.


what are you doing jules

Well im not taking the same photo over and over again and calling it different i dunno what you’re talking about

I may not have snack falcon cups, but bow howdy do i have starbucks cups out the wazoo


This one took me a while because I took my time to think about it. 

To me, I think Jackie is gonna be left very confused, but she’s going to be supportive of Marco going after Star, because she must know how close they are. She is also a friend of Star, maybe not so close but they do get along. I don’t think she’s gonna be jealous, or feel left behind, or at least I hope she doesnt. Marco, of course, is going to very worried for Star and going to want to follow her and help.

And Star. I think is time for Star to be more mature, and yeah, shes gonna be sad, and maybe heartbroken, but there are things more important than that going on right now. So far she has just been enjoying all the benefits of being a princess, but she needs to own her responsibilities too. She might cry, and thats okay, but I want her to be able to move past it and grow as a person.

Sorry I ramble too much haha, but thats just how I personally see it.

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Ruby Woo (Part Three)

[part one here] [part two here]

pairing: daveed diggs x reader, ft. rafael casal (you’re welcome)

request: i was asked by many people for a part 3 to ruby woo, and i had a request for daveed x rafa x reader dp smut, so, YIKES there’s this

summary: reader meets daveed’s best friend rafa for the first time, they do some bonding and then they do some…well, bonding.

warnings: (where do i even start) hair pulling, ass grabbing, choking, face fucking, thigh riding, daddy kink, slight praise kink probably, double penetration, anal, just a smidge of unprotected sex, i think that’s it but let me know if there was something i missed yikes

word count: 4,157

a/n: I AM DISGUSTING, I AM A BEACON OF SIN, I BEG YOU TO RECONSIDER READING THIS IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF CONSENT. I AM GROSS. HORRENDOUS. i’m sorry, except that i’m not that sorry. if you don’t like any of the things i listed above, this story is not for you. my next fic is fluff, so there’s something on the way for you who are weak of heart or who are uninterested/repulsed by sex. i love u all okay sorry this took so long have a nice day.

You had no idea what to expect when Daveed told you that his best friend wanted to meet you. You had heard a lot about Rafa, mostly from Daveed, but also because you had googled searched his name (at Daveed’s urging). You realized that you actually did know of Rafael Casal. In college, you had been an avid participant in the poetry club, and as such you had spent a lot of time online searching for spoken word poetry. You had developed quite the crush on him, actually. You spend the flight to New York rewatching the videos you had watched years ago, and you can feel the traces of that innocent celebrity crush bubbling beneath the surface.

Sure, you had crushed on him, but that was years ago, you remind yourself. He isn’t the same person he was back then, and neither are you. Plus, you have a sort-of-relationship with Daveed now, so you figure it’s best if you forget about your old crush.

While that’s a nice sentiment, it’s easier said than done. When Daveed greets you at the door to his apartment, you catch a glimpse of Rafa sitting on the couch and you’re stunned for a moment.

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Changki Fanfic Masterlist-Post

Okay thats it ??? I’ve gone though the internet for like ever ???  now looking for Changki fanfics and that’s everthing i found. ( If i missed on anything pls msg me ) current status: 19.05.2016