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The book has a maroon jacket and embossed spine. It’s older, and he can tell when he picks it up and leafs through the pages. The musty smell reaches his nose and makes him sneeze into his arm. With a sniffle, he fans through the book, and it doesn’t take him long to realize it was one of Erwin’s.

His heart seizes, and he leaves the book open in his lap. He thinks about Erwin every day, sometimes every second, but Erwin’s never a surprise. Thinking of him is a constant, and the physical things that conjure Erwin are cataloged and sterilized. When Levi encounters them, he does so with bravery. Indifference. He has Erwin compartmentalized at this point into his psyche. The only place Erwin could affect him is in his dreams.

But this book. This book is different. It has Levi spooked, and he isn’t sure how to move forward. He turns a page. The language is old, the information flowery and, at this point, incorrect. It must have been Erwin’s father’s, and somehow having that knowledge made the book that much more difficult to hold. Another page and he discovers it’s talking about the ocean. His breathing gets caught in his chest as he reads.

Oceans are bodies of water with high salt content. They can range in color depending on location, from deep sapphire to gleaming turquoise. It is predicted that the ocean covers more of the surface of the world than land. Nobody has ever been able to touch the deepest depth of an ocean. Strange creatures are thought to originate under the surface.

Levi slaps the book shut and places it next to him. He brings his knees up to his chest and wraps his arms around his legs.

It wasn’t anything like that. The ocean was beautiful and living and moving. It was vast and mysterious and deep. It tasted different, like an exotic delicacy. And he supposed at the time that it was. They had never tasted freedom like that before–and that’s all the ocean was.


His chest grows tight, and there’s a sound emitting from his throat that’s foreign and hoarse. God dammit, he should have been there. He should have been at his side, their cloaks catching the wind like the sails of the ships illustrated on the book pages. He had fought the longest and hardest out of all of them. He got them all here. If it wasn’t for him…

The sob comes out long and hard, and Levi has never felt something shake through him so violently. His moaning cry echoes in the room as the tears pool and drop from his eyes. It wasn’t anything like that. It wasn’t some simple pages on a piece of paper. It was so fucking beautiful and Erwin wasn’t there. He wasn’t there, and it was the ugliest thing he had ever seen in his whole life. He hated the ocean. He fucking hated it.

His hands ball into his hair as he pushes his forehead into his knees. He struggles to breathe, but he doesn’t care. His sobs turn silent as he gasps in air. Erwin wasn’t there, and he’s not here now, and he can’t fucking stand it. Tears fall salty like the waters of the ocean, and he wishes so badly to drown in them.

The text above is an excerpt from a ficlet my lovely @gouguruheddo wrote for this pic to rip my heart completely into pieces <3 Thank you love.


So I’m seriously not supposed to ask any questions right now?

Opening the Veil

During one of my witchy hangouts, a friend taught me how to open a door to the spirit world. “Opening the Veil” is what they called it. Surprisingly, it wasn’t really that difficult for me–it involved creating a bridge to the spirit realm with my own energy and then opening a door to that bridge I created. Since then, I’ve been able to do it again in my room (with a proper circle, of course). 

The first time was pretty cool, because you could definitely feel the shift in energy in the room and the presence of said spirits got much stronger. 

I’m going to keep practicing it, because I think I have a knack for (possibly) veil manipulation (I am working with spirits, after all). I just gotta be careful and safe, because I don’t want some shit to come after me. 

Spirits have been following me around all day. I don’t mind, except the feeling of being watched gets a little annoying after a while. I keep glancing behind my back (even while I’m typing this) because either my companions or some spirits that might have actually come through the door I opened (whoops) are watching me while I write this. 

On the note of companions, it’s gotten much easier to communicate with them since then. My brain isn’t going all foggy when I try to understand them, and I can actually have some pretty solid conversations now (though there will always be that nagging in the back of my mind wondering–am I just making all this up?)

I’ll definitely be writing more about them, and about my weird spiritual experiences while I was in New Jersey (let me just say this–where I stayed had a loooot of history (and a lot of spirits)).


The Arrangement (Part 16)

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Summary: Dean responds to Sam’s news. The two of you pay a visit to Samuel, who lashes out. Secrets are revealed and threats are made, leaving you reeling. You and Dean discuss the future.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,600

Warnings: mentions of illness/heart attack, language, verbal attack/abuse, offensive name-calling, minor anxiety, lots of shouting, implications of smut

A/N: This is it, guys. I can’t believe it. This is really bittersweet for me. It’s been an incredible ride, and I’m so thankful for all of you that have shown your love and appreciation - you’re the reason this has kept going. 16 parts and 45,000 words (holy SHIT) over nearly three months, and we’re finally at the conclusion. THERE WILL BE AN EPILOGUE but this is the last official part. Enjoy everyone. Thank you for all your support.

A/N/N: Special shout-out to @deanssweetheart23 for being a sounding board, a cheerleader, and for being my beta especially for this last part. She’s the reason these parts have been coming out so frequently/regularly so y’all should be thankful. (also go read her stuff it’s incredible) And seriously, A- you’re such an amazing motivator and inspiration. Love you, dude.

Find the Masterlist for this series HERE

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Hurt/Comfort Roleplay Prompts
  • “I know it hurts but you have to hold on a little longer, okay?”
  • “No, you can’t sleep yet!”
  • “Can you hear me?”
  • ”Don’t get up yet, you’re still bleeding.”
  • “Do you know who I am?”
  • “I need you to open your eyes for me. Can you do that?”
  • “Come on, damn it, open your eyes!”
  • “How exactly did you manage to give yourself a black eye?”
  • “Where does it hurt?”
  • “That was a pretty bad fall, are you sure you’re okay?”
  • “Is that blood? Oh my god, you’re bleeding!”
  • “Don’t you dare stop breathing on me now!”
  • “I called an ambulance, okay? Just stay calm.”
  • “It’s gonna be okay, there’s help coming soon.”
  • “Don’t move, the ambulance is on its way.”
  • “I know it hurts to breathe but you have to stay with me, okay?”
  • “You can’t feel your legs? Just try to wiggle your toes a little.”
  • “Stay with me! Don’t you dare leave me now!”
  • “You don’t remember what happened? You were hit by a car, remember?.” 
  • “Just stay awake a little longer, okay?”
  • Lloyd: *Talking to Nya* I remember being "evil" remember when you turned evil from the Overlord and Garmadon.
  • Nya: *Talking to Wu* Remember when you turned evil from Pythor and the Overlord.
  • Wu: *Taking to Cole* Remember when you turned bad from the Hypnobrai.
  • Cole: Talking to Kai* Remember when you turned evil from Chen's staff.
  • Kai: *Talking to Jay* Remember when you almost killed us for talking with Nadackan.
  • Jay: *Talking to everybody* Okay I'm pretty sure we were all bad.
  • Zane: *Sitting with them like the little cinnamon roll he is* Speak for yourself all I do is sacrifice my self to save you, cook all of your food, figure out how the Techno Blades work, found Destiny's Bounty, save you from the Tree Horns after the most traumatic point in my life, but yeah everyone.
  • Cole: Someone's a little salty.
Son of a Bitch

Pairing: Dean x Reader, kind of

Word Count: 2,774

Warnings: angst, major character death, drinking, drunk!Dean, blood, mildly graphic description of death and dead bodies

A/N: Written for @babypieandwhiskey‘s Cam’s Creative Birthday Challenge. My song was S.O.B. by Daniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats. I did not plan on this getting so angsty but apparently that’s all I can do. Please don’t hate me *runs and hides*

Beta: @torn-and-frayed

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“Son of a bitch…” Dean grumbled, rolling over in the creaky motel bed. Sam chuckled from across the room where he was sipping his Gatorade, post-run. “What’s so damn funny?”

“Uh… you.” Sam grinned. “Get in a fight last night or somethin’?”

“Fuck off.” Dean peeled himself off the mattress and headed for the bathroom. Splashing water on his face, he looked into the mirror. Dark circles fell under his reddened eyes as he squinted against the harsh florescent light. Scanning over the rest of his face, he noticed little red speckles and a line of brown, dried blood running down his neck and disappearing under the collar of his shirt. Rubbing his temples and letting his eyelids fall closed, Dean’s mind flashed back to the night before.

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Klance 34

“Kiss me.”  

Two words said so bluntly but they had such a big impact.

Hearing them unexpectedly from his rival/friend almost felt like a punch to the stomach, like all the air had been knocked out of Lance.

Keith watched Lance cycle through various expressions before he seemed to settle on a somewhat startled one complete with a crimson blush dusting across his cheeks.

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For Kaity.

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For @kaitymccoy123, after a rough day. I love you to bits, dear, and I think they lost out, not you. I hope this is decent (banged it out on lunch break, posting quickly. Probably riddled with errors). Also, it’s incredibly difficult to find a good AOS Scotty gif.

“I didn’t get it.”

“Ya what?” Monty’s nose crinkles in a way that you would normally find adorable. As it is, the entire world seems dampened by the bitter disappointment that snakes through your chest, and your answering smile is hollow.

“The job. I didn’t get it.” Despite your best efforts, you feel your voice hitch a little on the words. 

“The rat bastards,” he spits, dropping his spanner and pulling you into his arms, heedless of the fact that you’re in the E deck corridor for all to see. You smush your nose into the mesh fabric of his red shirt and let him hold you tight. 

“Shh, shh, shh, shh,” he murmurs, more an instinctive litany of comfort than actual shushing. He rocks you gently back and forth, threading agile fingers through your dark hair. His skin smells of bay rum aftershave and something vaguely singed, and it crosses your mind to ask him, later, how the refit is coming. He presses his lips to your temple and sighs heavily through his nose. “The silly sods don’t know a good thing when they’ve got it.”

His words send hot tears prickling at the corners of your eyes. Silly as it is, to cry feels a little like defeat, like one last punch in the gut. You pull back, biting at your lip and swiping your face in frustration. 

Monty catches your hands in his. “My heart,” he says softly, reaching to thumb away the tear-tracks that stain your cheeks. “I know what I’ve got right here.” His eyes are dark as he stares at you for a long moment, as if memorizing your features. You can see, suddenly, that he shares your heartbreak. He clasps his fingers around the nape of your neck, planting a gentle kiss on your forehead and fluttering his eyes closed. “I have the very best thing, Kaity. I have you.”

Bonus, because I just can’t resist.

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im gay because i always got the rainbow sprinkles on my ice cream


DEATH BY OLICITY (part 3) (part 1) (part 2)

Sniffles | Taehyung x Reader | Fluff

You text your boyfriend, Taehyung, to let him know that you will be missing a day of school, due to a cold. However, his reply is vague and uninterested, which leaves you feeling dejected. But you should’ve known Taehyung would not leave you so…

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‘Take care, sweetie, I’ll be back in two hours!’ your mother called as she exited your bedroom.

From the comfort of your bed, you offered a feeble wave as a farewell. Once your bedroom door was shut, you released a weak groan and pulled your duvet up to your neck, before practically cocooning yourself with the sheets.

Then, after wriggling your right arm free of your makeshift nest, you grabbed your phone from your bedside table.

On this particular day, you were hampered by the flu - okay, okay, that was a lie - you had a pretty bad cold, and felt like crap (and also had a test you were less than eager to complete) so you had persuaded your mother to allow you to call in sick to school.

You wanted nothing more than to lay down and sleep for the rest of the day, but first things first, you had to message your boyfriend Taehyung, and tell him that you would not be in school that day.

(Y/N): Hey I’m not going to be in school today, I’m really sick. Don’t miss me too much!

You sent the message, before locking your phone. Smiling to yourself, you began to close your eyes, hoping for a cute reply from Taehyung. He was your boyfriend, after all, so surely he would be disheartened by the lack of your companionship?

Seeing as Taehyung often replied quickly, you were not surprised to receive a text from him in only two minutes. You quickly opened your phone to see the message, which was undoubtedly a cute, ‘Get well soon!’ message.

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Only One - Jaehyun [3] (M)

A/N: Oh. My. God. I’m so sorry. Tbh I’m not very happy with how this turned out… my writer’s block was so bad like I was actually stressed writing this. I knew what I wanted to say but I was having a hard time putting it into words I guess… ughghgghghghgh I hope you guys like it anyways ;-;  hopefully part 4 will be less shitty *cries* [I didn’t even proofread jfc… I have a headache x_x] ffs i couldnt even come up with a decent title… my writing abilities have gone down the drain RIP im fired

-Admin Kay

Prologue  Pt 1  Pt 2 

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Part 3 - Say No

Genre: Smut, Angst

Rating R

(sexual content, language)

Word Count: 2,969

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