okay that was pretty bad

okay Im pretty sure shading like others isn’t bad so lol at that anon from before. bt now I have some tutorials on how to shade and i’ll learn abt it some more so I don’t have to rely on others that much miau

Imagine Galra!Keith and Lance cuddling in bed. Lance cannot fall asleep so he starts scratching behind Keith’s ears and the top of his head. Keith just leans into his touch and starts purring. The purring helps Lance go to sleep.


Min Yoongi tripped and fell in his apartment on the 20th, injuring his ear on a door. He was taken to a plastic surgeon who said he will not be able to participate in any activities for the rest of the year while he is recovering.

Please send Yoongi your full support as he is recovering from this accident!

  • Lloyd: *Talking to Nya* I remember being "evil" remember when you turned evil from the Overlord and Garmadon.
  • Nya: *Talking to Wu* Remember when you turned evil from Pythor and the Overlord.
  • Wu: *Taking to Cole* Remember when you turned bad from the Hypnobrai.
  • Cole: Talking to Kai* Remember when you turned evil from Chen's staff.
  • Kai: *Talking to Jay* Remember when you almost killed us for talking with Nadackan.
  • Jay: *Talking to everybody* Okay I'm pretty sure we were all bad.
  • Zane: *Sitting with them like the little cinnamon roll he is* Speak for yourself all I do is sacrifice my self to save you, cook all of your food, figure out how the Techno Blades work, found Destiny's Bounty, save you from the Tree Horns after the most traumatic point in my life, but yeah everyone.
  • Cole: Someone's a little salty.
Wh-WHAT ?!

I was just reaching 4k a few weeks ago… what’s up with you people to suddenly some to me all the sudden ?!

Hhhhh okay… so… my internet is pretty bad right now, but to celebrate reaching this number I saw that SO MANY of you wanted to actually watch me draw a print for UnderDecay which would start as soon Paper’s Crane story is completed… But I’m still pondering between this and a request stream.

I’ll make a stream with the lovely @alainaprana as soon she reach her own 5k which is really soon so that we can do a dual stream and share how much we appreciate our followers !

I want to thanks all of you gosh… this is so intimidating to have SO MANY people following me for my work… I honestly never expected to reach so many and especially THAT fast. Thank you so much… tumblr really changed my life at many points and gave me the occasion to meet and talk with wonderful people.

Let me promote a few people that I particularly admire:


















There’s so many more of them… I just… gosh… thank you guys. I love you all~<3

I’ll give you more news about it as soon as I can.

Reblog if you still have faith in Ohtaka and believe in her ability to finish this story well.

I’m starting to think I’m the only one here admittedly.

Hey Kara?

I don’t know if this is okay.

I swear I didn’t mean to read your letters to my Mom, but my dad keeps snooping around the house so I thought it would be better if I kept them when John the doorman brought them up. Then I thought it might be important, so I read just a little bit. I’ve hidden them in my room, so don’t worry.

Mom’s alive, okay? I think I’m allowed to tell you that. If this doesn’t get to you then the agents watching me have burned it. They’re not from Mom’s job, they don’t have those uniforms. I think they work directly for the President. They’re okay though. Not really friendly but they let me have soda whenever I want.

But Kara, it’s not okay. I’ve only seen Mom one time and she’s hurt pretty bad. There’s this special hospital but I don’t know where it is. I haven’t spoken to her so I don’t know what she would want me to do. I think she wouldn’t like that you’re so worried. Mom always wants to know the whole story, so I guess maybe you’re the same?

I’m scared. I don’t want to live with my Dad all the time, and I don’t like him here in Mom’s house, looking at everything like he’s wondering how much he could sell it for on ebay. I know I should be nicer to him, but he’s said some pretty bad things about Mom and about her new job, so I’m mad at him.

Is it okay that I’m mad at him? I don’t know what to do. I just want my Mom to come home. She would know.

I know I was a pain sometimes Kara, and that I got you in trouble with my Mom. I’m really sorry about that. I’m glad you and Mom are friends. She needs a good friend.

I’m leaving this on the balcony you wrote about. I’ll leave another note if I find anything out or I get to see Mom. I would text but these agents took my phone because secure lines only or something. If you want to write back you can leave your letter behind the big gray plant pot. I only get to come here sometimes, the agents keep us on the move a lot. But I’ll get it.

Yours sincerely,

Carter Grant

Shit Aph Belarus Does #173

Has too much time on her hands so she attempts to learn other nations languages, but her procrastination levels are out of this world so she never actually gets around to it