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okay but dan howell casually tweeting that “it’s so important to know you should be happy and proud of who you are”  ???? i’m sorry but this is the same kid who dropped out of university, openly told the internet that he was dealing with multiple instances of existentialism, and is now happy and healthy enough to openly encourage others to know that they should be happy, and to acknowledge that they deserve happiness???   

it’s such a beautiful example of things inevitably getting better, and i’m so proud of him.

I know this is a shot in the dark, but like, could you reblog this if you’re tired of the drama and wish bellarke and clexa shippers could cut the nastiness and come together over our common despise for jroth? 

The doctor told me at my appointment today that I should have a hospital bag packed “just in case.” Pretty sure the face I gave her was less than impressed…

I feel so helpless just sitting here behind my computer. I wish there was something more I could do to let Jared know how much he means to us, how much he’s touched our lives. And I don’t like that he is alone and struggling with these feelings. I just hope he gets home safe and soon so that he can be surrounded by all the love and support he needs! I also hope that he’s seeing some of the outpouring of love and support on social media for him. He is such an amazing man who’s been nothing but a source of light and positivity for me in my life since I started watching Supernatural, and this just really confirms that I have to meet him one day to give him the biggest hug and tell him thank you for all he’s done for me.

Erase Me

Summary: What hurt him the most, was that he wanted you to breathe. Yet, he couldn’t seem to let you go.

Type: Angst

Member: Baekhyun x Reader (featuring J-Hope of BTS)

Warning: Mild Language

Length: 2,916 words

Okay so sorry for what’s coming. Recently I’ve been in an angsty mood and I couldn’t really work on the Baekhyun fluff in my documents. So I decided to try another version of him. I hope you understand… I’m really nervous about this one too, because it’s my bias and I want it to be up to par. And it wasn’t requested by anyone, I just felt inspired to write it. Enough rambling now, you can now progress (if you haven’t already). Inspired by the song I’m addicted to at the moment, Error- VIXX.

-Admin Gray

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That was what he had felt throughout the entirety of your guys’ relationship.

He couldn’t remember when he had become so miserable in the duration of the time he would make for you. He couldn’t recall when your smiles had stopped being the greatest treasure he had ever looked upon. It seemed that somewhere along the line, you had stopped being the person who made his heart beat fast.

Baekhyun was a man who didn’t like holding on if he wasn’t happy anymore. But you had been a different story to him. You were someone who remained with him in his weakest moments, when he was beyond terrified that you would leave him when he revealed his vulnerable side. You comforted him when he felt the dark and scarring claws of depression trying to snake around him. You kissed away his tears whenever he felt he wasn’t good enough. You made him Byun Baekhyun, the strong, witty, and bold guy everyone seemed to love. So why would he just give up on you when his love had started to fade?

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//Okay here we go! I’ve been working on this sprite for about 3 or 4 hours now. I am really really proud of it! It’s the first time I’ve animated a sprite myself, especially in this way (usually i do frame/frame stuff) but it turned out so well!!

//So, anyways, enough rambling!

//Here’s the fight sprite for Gabriel for the Undertale AU! I will try to make more sprites in the future!

Please reblog it if you can!! Thanks!!

naruhina; worry not

prompt: first fight + making up (D-22)
rating: K+
a/n: another long entry. I apologize if you find any OOC-ness in this but I find it very difficult to imagine NaruHina fighting over anything but I do think this might be possible judging from his past actions as well as with the fact that Hinata is literally the first woman he has formed a romantic relationship with so it’s a different experience altogether. okay, enough rambling, enjoy!


“The man who can own up to his error is greater than he who merely knows how to avoid making it.”


Yakiniku Q was once again buzzing as the cheerful sounds of carefree laughter echoed throughout the vicinity along with the boisterous voices of certain individuals bickering teasingly to create an overall amiable atmosphere. The dishes that had been laid about the wide table fit to accommodate their large group were all almost completely devoid of any more food, everyone content with the meal now inside their full stomachs.

Konoha 11 had made it a routine to gather together at least twice a month and have a delicious feast together, simply as a means to update each other on any current events or stories seeing as how individually, their schedules may be packed with missions and career responsibilities so it became increasingly difficult to horde them all into one room and enjoy each other’s company.

With Sasuke halting his wandering for a moment to return to their village, even if only for a short span of time, along with majority of them having just returned from long missions; including her fiancé, Hinata was truly savouring this relaxed moment full-heartedly with her companions.

Time passed by quickly and the night that had been filled with jovial cackles and intriguing stories came to an end. The young adults began clearing out of the restaurant, thanking the owner for once again handling their rather rambunctious gathering, and bade each other goodnight as they separated with their respective partners or groups.

Naruto and Hinata had just turned to head over back to their own home when the blonde halted as he heard someone call for him. “Oi dobe,” said Sasuke with his usual monotonous voice. “Remember, we leave at dawn tomorrow. Don’t be late.”

Naruto merely scowled playfully back. “Teme, just because you’re back for a while, doesn’t give you power to boss me around.”

“Hn,” mumbled the sole Uchiha with his infamous smirk, placing his hand on Sakura’s back as he ushered them away, leaving Hinata with widened eyes at their ambiguous exchange. As they made their way home, she looked up at Naruto curiously. “Going somewhere with Sasuke-san tomorrow?”

Naruto stretched his arms and linked them behind his head, yawning aloud. “Huh? Oh, yeah, we have a mission tomorrow. Another S-rank.”

As he continued to whine about how ever since he and his fellow raven-haired teammate received their promotions to Jounins, endless missions had been shoved to them by their past sensei, Hinata’s mind was still wrapping around the thought that her lover was once again leaving her for another mission.

She bit her lip, words she had contained inside her on the verge of exploding from her mouth and bursting out the truthful emotions she had held in for a while now. She cast her gaze downwards, her heart as heavy as her footsteps which slowed her pace down. Naruto caught the difference in her mood, asking whether she was alright to which she merely responded with a mumbled yes and chose not to speak with him any further. He had innocently brushed it off as her possibly being tired after their hectic party with their friends that night.

Entering their apartment, Naruto headed straight towards the kitchen, hissing softly as he flexed his shoulder to soothe an ache that had been bugging him for a while. Hinata frowned upon the sight, clenching her fists as she decided this was going long enough and she refused to stay quiet about this situation any further. “Naruto-kun… we need to talk.” 

He looked back at her inquisitively, pouring water into a glass on top of their dining table. “What’s up?”

She seemed hesitant, not knowing how to approach the matter at first but her heart urged her on, wishing not to restrain her sincere feelings any longer. “Naruto-kun… you didn’t mention anything about going on this mission.”

“Huh?” he responded, casually downing the entire glass of water, his nonchalant expression irking her nerves slightly. “I didn’t? Hmm… must’ve forgotten. Sorry.”

Hinata felt herself taken aback slightly by how easily those words had spilled from his mouth, how he disregarded how heavy the meaning behind that sentence left her with a hurtful splinter that began to throb. Forgotten? Something as serious as leaving for an S-rank mission, missions only given to professional ninjas due to the severe dangerous status that came along with it, was deemed so minor, he had forgotten to tell her?

She cleared her throat to hold her emotions at bay. “I don’t think this is something you should be easily forgetting to tell me, Naruto-kun.”

He noticed the serious tone her voice held, the cheerful expression she had a few moments before completely devoid as it was now replaced with a disheartened one. He couldn’t help but smile at seeing her attitude, assuming she was only making a face lightly to tease him for his naïve nature. He stepped over to her, wrapping her in a loose embrace as he swung them gently as a childish act of comfort.

“Aww, it’s not a big deal, Hinata. It’s just another mission. I’ll be back before you know it.”

She pushed away from his hold in a rather curt manner, causing him to now realize she was actually rather upset with him. “Please… don’t try to hide it anymore,” she muttered, a deep frown etched on her lips.

Naruto blinked back his confusion. “Hide what?”

She gazed up at him, her eyes glistening with pure concern. “I can see it. I can see how you’re straining your muscles and how your chakra level is slightly unbalanced. Your body’s starting to feel sore, isn’t it?”

He scoffed, moving around her whilst taking off his jacket, flinging it aside as he rubbed his bandaged arm. He had hoped he was doing a pleasant job at hiding how tired he had felt the past few days. Natural, considering he had been sent on 3 S-rank missions almost consecutively, handling even just 1 was noted as already a heavy feat for a normal ninja. As usual though, he was pushing himself to further improve his abilities, his dreams of being Hokage nearing day by day and he had no time to waste. The need to continue for the best thriving him forward despite his body slowly crumbling.

He had no intention of making her worry over something as small as this.

“I’m fine, Hinata.”

“You’re overexerting yourself. You need to take a break.”

“I said I’m fine. It’s nothing.”

“It’s not nothing! You’ve gone on too many missions in a row, your body’s not able to keep up. I’m sure if you told the Hokage, he’d understand and assign someone else—,”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Hinata, I said I’m fine!” he argued, his voice unintentionally rising in exasperation over her worrying. “I know my own body. I can handle this so don’t worry.”

“Stop telling me not to worry!” she yelled back, causing Naruto to flinch from how her normal soft voice now became poisoned with rage, her doe eyes glaring sharply at him. She took a few steps forward so they were only a length away, her fingers gently holding his shoulder to show how her anger now dissipated into genuine concern once more. “You’re not a superhero, Naruto-kun. You’re only human. Even you have your limit, and I can sense that you’re nearing yours. So of course I’m worried.”

His teeth gritted, slight irritation boiling inside him as he smacked her hand away with unexpected force.

“No one told you to! God, no one’s forcing you to worry about me, Hinata.”

Hinata was left completely flabbergasted at his harsh words, bringing the hand he had shoved away close to her, her mind trying to comprehend how he was even capable of saying such a thing. How could he easily disregard her true feelings and confuse them for mindless paranoia? How was he completely ignoring the notions that came with loving someone wholeheartedly? He knew her love for him, she made sure every day she shared with him proved it, yet he dared to say such a cruel sentence?

Naruto’s temper drew away as he saw her eyes watering, his features softened with immediate regret, realizing his grave mistake. He took a step closer to reach her. “Hinata, I’m—,”

She turned her back onto him, hiding her tears from his view yet the trembling of her figure informed him just how much he had unintentionally hurt her. He never meant for his words to be so direct, the meaning he had wished to express failed to transition well with how he had responded. His mind clouded with fatigue along with stress numbing his ability to honestly tell her how she was better off worrying about others rather than him.

Naruto knew they needed some time alone, both of them too strung with emotions that may cause the argument to blaze hotter. Times like this, he desperately needed fresh air and solitude to properly come back to his senses clearly. He grabbed his jacket and headed towards the door. “I’m going to the training grounds for a bit.”

Hinata heard him pause for her to say anything but her distraught prevented her from even able to utter his name. She heard his footsteps slowly drag him away, and soon she was left alone in their home, the silence becoming her comforting lullaby as she outwardly sobbed.



The next thing she knew when her eyelids fluttered open, she was faced with his side of the bed empty.

She woke up to a morning that lacked brightness as the rays of the sun hid behind the grey clouds, the equally monochrome shade of the sky warned the residents of Konoha of a looming rainy day ahead of them. Hinata sat up, wracking her mind to discover the moment she had even headed to bed for the last thing she properly remembered was her laying on their couch, repeatedly wishing for her lover’s quick return so they could calmly talk and end their feud with a kiss.

The only explanation she could think of was Naruto possibly carried her to their bed when he had returned but when she turned to her side, her heart plunged noticing how hollow it looked without his sleeping form there, she wondered if he had already left for his mission, recalling him promising Sasuke to meet up at daybreak. Immediately, she bit her lip. I didn’t even get to say goodbye to him…

The warm shower did nothing to heat her from the coldness howling inside her shivering body, the hot breakfast she cooked did nothing to ease the sinking feeling digging in her stomach, the calm patter of the rain did nothing to soothe the restless itch eating away inside of her. Hinata sighed aloud, staring in front of her as her mind played images of him eating happily while he complimented her delicious meal with that usual chirpy morning voice of his. She missed him terribly already.

She tried to distract herself by washing the dishes, her eyes indifferently staring outside, watching the slow trickle of the beads of rain on the window pane, hypnotizing her out of reality into a repeated flashback of her argument and how bitter the aftertaste it left her with was. They rarely fought, in fact, she recalled no prior moments of them ever raising their voices at each other till last night. Hinata never wanted it to be a regular thing. It left her heart feeling chipped and battered, with her spirit sunken deep with depression.

She finished wiping her hand dry when instinctively, her eyes widened, byakugan activated and she was about to turn into a fighting stance upon sensing another presence within her household beside hers only to have her halted with a familiar pair of arms snaked around her waist and that irresistible scent of nature and tangerines she grew addicted to filled her sense.

Hinata became stunned with silence, unable to react when he placed his forehead against the back of her head, the dampness of his hair drenched from the rain staining her own dark tresses. Millions of questions rushed through her shocked mind, her lips quivering from just him holding her there for she had feared she wouldn’t be able to feel this till he returned from his mission.

Though the silence amplified, she managed to hear it loud and clear. The way his grip tightened as his breathing evened against her skin. The way he remained as motionless as she yet also leaning on her tightly like a child never wanting to be astray from his parent. The way he seemed to purposely draw himself as a vulnerable soul clutching to her desperately. She heard it well.

His unspoken apology.

“What’re you still doing here?” she asked after their prolonged stillness, her tone unintentionally mirroring her surprise. “I thought you’d left for your mission.”

“I told Kakashi-sensei to let me off this time.”

“What?” she exclaimed, feeling a huge pang of guilt hit her. This wasn’t what she had wanted. No, she didn’t wish for him to see her as a restriction, as a controlling partner, nor as someone who failed to recognize his own capabilities and strength enough to discourage him from his own wants. She hadn’t meant to mislead his understanding of her worries. “Naruto-kun, I didn’t mean to—,”

“It’s not your fault. I wanted to pull out myself.”

Hinata tried to turn to face him but he trapped her in spot.

“Na, Hinata, you know I’m slow on a lot of things, don’t you?” 

She could feel the tremors running down his body, his arms locked around her shaking as he tried to stabilize his voice. “All this time, I’ve kinda always been on my own. Never in my life did I have to really care about what others thought on what I did. I could go on the most dangerous missions ever and no one could stop me. Not because they don’t care, but because their worries weren’t enough for them to say anything.”

A teasing snicker left his lips. “Can’t blame them, I do have a reputation of being an undefeatable ninja after all.”

“But…,” he continued, nuzzling his face further into the softness of her hair, sending shivers down her spine with how hot his breathing felt. “Having you be so worried over me last night, so concerned, it honestly surprised me. I stupidly forgot that my life’s different now.”

He moved his head lower so it rested nicely on her shoulder, his lips now directly against her ear which made her tremble even more. “My apartment’s now not just mine, my problems aren’t just mine, and my body and soul doesn’t belong to just me. For once… I have someone who loves me enough to get it through my thick skull how important my life is, actually. So I can’t be recklessly selfish anymore.”

“You’re right,” Naruto whispered, his tone enunciating his vulnerability completely. “I’m no superhero, I’m just human… and humans make mistakes. I make mistakes. I’m still new to this whole relationship thing, so I may be slow on things that could mean a lot to you and I could say idiotic things that might hurt you… but can I at least be a bit selfish to ask you to be patient enough to stay with me if I promised I’d do better?”

Hinata shed a tear she had been trying to keep at bay but it proved futile. She turned to face him, caressing his cheek gently with a smile plastered on her features. “I promised you I’d never let you go, remember?”

His lips leaned to take hers softly, the kiss soon turning passionate as he brought her closer, both discarding the fact he was soaked from the rain.

“I don’t deserve you, ya know?” he breathed, holding her face close to his.

“Don’t say that,” she mumbled, pressing light kisses to him. “You deserve all the love in the world.”

Hinata had to stifle back a moan when he started dragging his mouth further down, his hand pulling her body flushed against his. Each of his kisses expressed the apologetic feeling he wanted to properly convey to her, how sorry he felt for hurting the most important person in his life, hoping for her forgiveness he desperately sought.

“Then… is it okay if I just ask for yours?”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and allowed him to press her against the counter as he continued showering her with his kisses, feeling herself grow even more breathless as she fell into his charm and every inch of rage or anger she had felt dissipated into the thin air, replaced instead with the endless love she had that burned for him always.

“You don’t even need to ask.”


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Little girl, the world is laying itself out in front of you for the first time. You are only now realizing the city that has always kept you safe is only just the beginning of an Earth that will swallow you whole. That the people who promised you only open arms are often flawed and sometimes terrible.

It is okay to be afraid - you are brave enough to still be here. They betrayed you when they didn’t tell you it might be like this - being so confused and so certain there is something you could have done differently.

All of a sudden, there will be constant continuous bursts of fear. It is like when you’re small, smaller than you are now, standing in the ocean and the waves envelop you and there is a moment when you believe your lungs will never swell with air again. 

It looks easy when everyone around you is taller, and all the head patting and sideways glances and throw away smiles will sometimes make you think you are only a shadow. Or maybe a mirror projecting only what they wish they were seeing.

Do not let anyone fool you into believing this is the way it will feel forever. You will crash like the waves, retreat back into the ocean, be born again, and each time you will be stronger.

—  am i talking to the little girl next to me or myself, n.m.

Alright, so I’ve been silent for a long time now, I assure everyone I’m okay, but I’m at a point where these camping and sampling trips require my complete attention, and I can’t let even a tiny thing slide, or else my head is on the line.

I couldn’t draw anything this past week, and I mostly have the prize sketches, regarding Sunset…. well, that will have to wait until I can dedicate enough time to draw again, but I haven’t forgotten about the prizes, I swear.

And then there’s the delicate situation with Sunset Shimmer and her portrayal in the upcoming movie, I’m still thinking what to do, and when the time is due, I will need feedback from everyone of it’s followers on how to proceed.

Well, there goes my mind, I hope you all understand the reason for the inactivity is not because I’m sitting idly doing nothing.

Oh, and this pretty drawing was made by Rick, go follow him if you haven’t already, fantastic artist, and obviously more active than me anyway.

is there anyone who has been following me long enough to remember i used to ship philinda?

remember when may nearly cried and said ‘you mean a lot to me, a lot’ and we went absolutely crazy?

remember when coulson shielded her even tho he was v mad at her?

remember when this fic destroyed us all? (well it certainly destroyed me. if you hadn’t read it, GO READ IT. for real it’s the best philinda fic i’ve ever read. it was written during s1 so a lot of plots conflict with the show but it’s still  g r e a t)

remember when we were all so excited about s2 bc they might become canon (lol)

good times.

(it’s been nearly two years since I posted things about them and I’m only writing this bc some ppl on my dash reblogged some philinda in s4, which looked a lot more promising than s3 lmfao)


Hello my lovely little peanuts~ How are you all doing? After lots and lots of thinking I decided I’d finally make my first ever follow forever because not only is it ma birthday (yay) but just rescently I hit a number of followers that when I first made this blog, never even imagened I’d have. I want to sincerely thank every single person who follows me here on tumblr. I honestly have the kindest and sweetest followers in the world and I appreciate all the love and support I get from you guys ♥ To the people listed below, whether we talk or not, are mutals or not, I want you to know that your blog is what makes me want to come on tumblr everyday. Thank you for being perfect and posting hot korean men that i can crey over on a daily basis. God bless your souls. Okay, okay that’s enough rambling from me, if you aren’t following these people yet go do it now cause you won’t regret it!


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Bjd tips and thangs from elfgutz

Righto, I’ve decided to woman the fuck up and grow some bigger ovaries and pull the massive pole from out of my bum hole.While I do not condone copying, taking inspiration from is awesome. So I will now -brace yo selves- share how I make/do things.

This is particularly hard for me because ever since I was a child I’ve had this obsession with keeping things I come up with a secret or getting super upset when someone does the same thing I do. Okay okay enough rambles.

1. Small dog and cat collars make really good SD/possibly MSD belts. I got comets ones from Woolworths for like 7$ (EVERYTHING in Australia is expensive) and I modded them up with lace, star beads and cabochons.

2. I get most of comets cabochons off etsy.

3. If you want to cut your bjds wig and you wang it to look messy and choppy, when cutting the hair, angle the scissors downwards rather than across, this will give you a much less blunt look and it will blend better.

4. I made Mortie’s socks out of my own human sized socks. Just get one sock, cut it in half and sew the two pieces back together.

5. Op-shops are awesome for finding random things that could be used for bjds. If you go to the toy section there, sometimes they have porcelain dolls with pretty vintage looking clothes. They often will fit bjds. You just gotta keep your eyes peeled and think outside the box. You could always alter and wash the clothes yourself and throw away the porcelain doll. (I keep mine and hang their heads off my shelves).

6. When painting freckles, keep the paint extremely watered down and use a thin brush and just splodge them randomly. I suggest using a reference.

7. If you get a wig and you don’t end up liking how it looks, you could put it on backwards and/or style it from their. Comets synthetic fibre wig is on backwards.

8. I made the bandaids on Kaney’s face using human ones. I just cut out the shape I want, and bammmm! Sweet bandaidy :pp

9. Finger styling is my preferred styling method for wigs. I like disheveled looking hair so I rarely ever comb my krews.

10. If you have a fibre wig that is curly, and you want it to be straight but it isn’t heat resistant, you could wet the wig till it’s saturated and turn your hair straightener on a low setting or wait til it gets a little hot then turn it off again and go over the wet hair really fast. I’ve tried this method and it works pretty good. I used it on my leekeworld wig that I used on my LW Mia.
Be careful you don’t get the straightener too wet bc electrocution wouldn’t be very fun.

11. I’ll think of more later (:

okay so we know a bit more about yang’s mom now right? she had yang and then skipped town, never to be heard from again. her mother could be anyone, assuming yang takes after her and ruby’s dad.

but who else do we know with a fiery colour/outfit scheme that’s a full grown adult?

wait, there is someone…

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Chapter 449 Theory?

Okay, first of all, SPOILER ALERT! Now, from what i know from Chapter 449, Mavis has the curse too, so what if she trapped herself in crystal because on the way she realized the way to end the curse is to:

1. gather enough ‘life’ energy in crystal form from the guild

2. use the curse itself to override the curse on Zeref

3. absorb the curse from Zeref

Or maybe the curse killed one of the FT members *coughYurycough* and she decides to trap herself in crystal in her despair to prevent anymore deaths.

Or maybe this is just the ramblings of a recently converted Zervis trash who’s COMPLETELY FREAKING OUT AT THE AMOUNT OF ZERVIS IN THIS ONE CHAPTER?! THE FOREHEAD TOUCH, THE HUG, GAH! *foams at the mouth and vomits rainbows*