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I gotta say, I am absolutely in love with the concept of traditional “monsters” protecting abused and hurting children and this makes me very happy

It started with me going toward the more celtic side of mythology for the werewolves, which were the myths I was raised with. It was strange to me growing up when the popular media that had werewolves in it always showed them as violent and unpredictable, because werewolf myths in Scotland were more…kind. They fed starving families, they were the guardians of lost and orphaned children. 

They were still part wolf and could rip you apart when necessary, but they were first and primarily guardians. 

So while I was writing Nathan and his cultural sense of identity and personality and I started on Vlad, I knew I had an idea for what I wanted him to be. I wanted him to be the archetype vampire, really attractive and smooth on the surface, but I also didn’t want to make him a monster underneath it with uncontrollable urges because ugh, ugh, no. So instead I tried to think about what I’d do if I had eternity yawning out in front of me, and well…lets just say it’s a good thing eternity does not yawn out in front of me. But I also tried to take into consideration the history I had given him, and the family dynamic he has, and when I thought about that, it really just made sense for someone like Vlad to look at the suffering in the world and go “No” and try to fix it in small ways, ways which no one else ever seems to consider. 

He’s not brave like Nathan (he thinks) he’s not a soldier, he doesn’t fight, and he’s not got the sheer raw power Ursula has or her resilience, but he can make a difference, he can make subtle changes that make the lives of those around them—however brief—a little bit better. He pushes for social reform, he throws himself into research, he takes an active interest in medicine, and when someone says “but that’ll take decades!” he just smiles and says “I’ve got the time.”

I find it amazing how the turning point in Kakashi’s life (i.e. Obito sacrificing himself to save him) which was suppose to start his healing process only kept going downhill. He probably thought, “I’m going to change for the better. This is as bad as I’m going to let it get. I’ve learned my lesson.” But then Rin and Minato were like nope we’re out. But that’s okay because you know…. this is as bad as it gets…..

And then 16 years later Kakashi finds out that he was the stimulus of one of the great ninja wars. And as if that’s not bad enough, after Obito dies he has to take on all the burdens of the village by unwillingly taking up the hokage mantle.

I mean like…. things are going to start brightening up now right???? //heavy breathing//


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Relationship: Bucky x reader

Word count: 1,625

Tags: Fluff and comfort

Based off my own prompt (wow original); BED SHARING AUS

Hope you enjoy :)

Jumping in her chair, she drew a shaky breath as she took in her surroundings. She was sitting at a desk, her research paper sporting a stain as she must have drooled on it. Sighing, she realized she had fallen asleep. Her heart was still thumping from her nightmare and her room felt a lot colder than it usually was. Groaning at the pain in her neck, she stood up and threw on the sweater that was flung across her chair. Walking out of her room, she planned to get a nice cup of tea to soothe her soul.

“Hey.” A sudden voice made her gasp and groan as her heart picked up speed again. Bucky was leaning against a counter in the kitchen and gave her an apologetic smile. “Sorry.” He mumbled. The moonlight seemed to give him an eerily glow and her stomach threw a fit at the softness in his eyes as he looked at her.

“It’s fine.” She sighed with a smile as she made her way past him towards the cabinets. Opening up one, she turned to see his brows furrowed as he took in the dark circles under her eyes. “What?”

He hesitated before speaking, choosing his words carefully. “You look…tired.” He seemed to already regret his words and she knew why. Her…how to put this, her ‘sleeping pattern’ was a common knowledge between the rest of the Avengers. At first, it was a secret she only shared with Steve. But eventually, Steve had to go on missions and she became dangerously sleep deprived. So, she told Natasha, who surprised her greatly by agreeing to help. But then Natasha went on missions with Steve, so she went to Thor for help. Tony made remarks at first, but then started seeking her out to cuddle. She knew he struggled with nightmares too and was happy to be helping him as well. Eventually, everyone on the team knew, but they still treated her normally and for that she was thankful.

She wasn’t always like this. When she was younger she could sleep just fine by herself. Then…the nightmares began. You’d think having a superpower would improve your life, but it was not so in her case. She had to experience the horrors of other people around the world every time she fell asleep. It was exhausting and most times she would avoid sleeping until she couldn´t anymore.

But, the one good thing she had discovered is that having a cuddle buddy drew out the real-life dreams. Somehow, instead of latching onto someone else in the world, she latched onto the mind of her cuddle buddy as they slept. Finally she was able to dream, even if it was someone else’s dream.

“I’m always tired, aren’t I?” she tried to joke, shrugging her shoulders. Bucky didn’t laugh though, his brows furrowing in concern.

“Have you slept at all this week?” He asked carefully.

This week had been hell, as somehow all the Avengers, except Bucky, hadn’t been at home. Bucky was one of the few teammates she had never cuddled with, both because they didn’t know each other that well and he was way too closed off for that stuff, so she assumed. Not that she was complaining, she’d deny it if ever asked, but she may have a tiny crush on the blue eyed soldier, and may not be able to handle casual cuddling with him.

“Yeah, of course, I just woke up.” She was still trying to sound light to not worry him, but she knew she looked and sounded just as exhausted as she felt.

“Y/N…” he trailed off, seemingly trying to decide something. Don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t say it. “Do you, um…would you like me to cuddle you?” he finished, scratching his neck and hesitantly looking her in the eye.

Crap. There goes her heart, beating fast. She was taken by surprise; it didn’t hurt as much as it did after the nightmares. It was…slightly nice. She was suddenly aware of her gaping face and red cheeks and quickly cleared her throat.

“I mean, if you want to.” Wait, no, those were not the words she intended to say. She tried to blame her tired mind and ignored the small thought that suggested it could be because she wanted this more than she realized.

“You need it, of course I want to…I mean I’m willing to help you.” Of all the time she had known the man, she had never heard him ramble like that. Not that he spoke often enough for it to happen, but still. He was avoiding her eyes now and she had to take a deep breath before speaking.

“Okay…um, follow me.” What was she doing? Follow me? She grabbed his hand and hoped he didn’t feel her shakiness as she led him away from her forgotten tea and towards her bedroom.

They didn’t speak as she closed the door after them and stood there with him in awkward silence. Taking a deep breath and silencing her mind, she crawled under the covers and shuffled to give him space. He seemed unsure of what he was doing, but still didn’t hesitate as slid in next to her. They lay awkwardly beside each other for a moment, debating to themselves how to play this. Eventually she convinced herself this was just like with everyone else and snuggled close to him, draping an arm over his stomach and placing her head under his arm.

After a few moments of even more awkward stiffness, he relaxed slightly and settled his mechanic arm on her waist, before quickly drawing it back. Confused, she looked up to see the slight…fear…on his face.

“What’s wrong?” she asked frowning. Did she do something wrong?

“I…just didn’t realize it was that…one.” Puzzled, she followed his gaze to his metallic arm lying beside her. She looked back at him as she realized why he was afraid.

“Oh Bucky, I don’t care, I really don’t.” she gave him a reassuring smile and grabbed the hand beside her and laid it back on her waist. He went rigid as confusion spread on his face, his eyes raking between her and his hand.

“But…” he trailed off.

“Bucky, seriously, it doesn’t scare me, I trust you.” Her own hand gripped his and she trailed her thumb over the sleek metal. “I actually think it’s pretty cool.” Her smiled widened nervously as he looked to have difficulty believing her. “Bucky, when have I ever been afraid of it?”

She was surprised he was even concerned about this, though she couldn’t blame him. His dark past is directly connected with the mechanic arm from Hydra. But the fact is, she was the only one, besides Steve, that didn’t have an issue with trusting him since he joined the team, and didn’t shy away or narrow her eyes at the super arm attached to the super solider. She didn’t like to judge people without knowing them in and out, which has caused her trouble before, but she still held strong to the belief that there’s always more to people than meets the eye.

He seemed to realize this but still didn’t relax beneath her. He kept staring into her eyes, trying to find something that indicated she was lying but coming up empty.

“Why aren’t you afraid of me?” He whispered, almost as if he didn’t want her to hear him. She gave a small sigh with a fond smile on her face as she sat up slightly to be more level with him.

“Why are you concerned about my well being enough to cuddle with me?” he seemed taken aback and she wasn’t sure through the dark, but she thought she saw him blushing. “Because you care, because in spite of what others think, you are a good person, Bucky. Believe me, I’ve seen enough bad people to know you’re not one of them. You care about me, just like I care about you.” She answered her own question, trying to sound as sincere as possible. His lips parted in shock and he stared at her at loss at words. She couldn’t keep the smile off her face as she brushed a lock of his hair away from his face. She wasn’t sure what had come over her, but the expression his face drew her in and she gave him a small peck on his lips. Drawing back, she felt the rain of realization wash over her. Feeling her heart hammering again, she cleared her throat and looked at everything but him, screaming at herself in her head. Just as she was about to run out of the room, she felt his lips on hers again, and it took a moment for her to understand what was happening. His fingers brushed across her cheek as they slowly started to move their lips against each other. There it was again, that nice, fast beating of her heart and Bucky’s body finally relaxed completely. They tried to make the bliss last as long as they could, but eventually they separated to breathe. A beautiful smile crept its way up his face and she felt her heart skip.

“I don’t deserve you.” He mumbled, and as she opened her mouth to object, he quickly spoke again. “And you’re right, I am concerned about your well being, which is why you should go to sleep now.” He gently pushed her back down and tightened his grip on her. She let her body melt against his, feeling his cool metal fingers brushing up and down her arm, slowly lulling her to sleep. Before she passed out, she let out a content whisper.

“You deserve so much more than you think.”

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#19 robron pls

“come home with me”

It’s dark, when Aaron eventually finds him, Robert hunched in on himself, knees hugged close to his chest as he sits in front of his father’s grave. Usually, if he’s here, he’s sitting with Sarah, drawing as much comfort from his mother’s gravestone as he can, so it’s telling that it’s Jack he’s with that evening.

Jack, the man who’d always been so disappointed in his son. Aaron wasn’t sure he’d ever understand the affect Jack had on Robert, the way the long dead Sugden seemed to influence every aspect of his husband’s life. 

He’d never understand how Robert loved him, and didn’t love him, all in the same breath. 

“Robert?” he called out, not wanting to startle his already upset husband. Robert had been in a right state, according to Tracey, the only person who’d seen Robert storming through the village.

Robert looked up, tears shining on his face in the dim twilight of the evening. He looked devastated, sadness and regret painted across his face as he sat on the damp grass.

“He’d agree with all of you,” Robert said after a moment’s silence, gesturing wildly at the gravestone. Aaron couldn’t tell if he’d had a few drinks, or if he was just upset, losing his grip on his normally composed self in his grief, his sadness. “Agree that I was a disappointment, that I ruined everything I touched.”

“Robert, you haven’t ruined everything,” Aaron sighed, easing himself down onto the grass beside his husband. It was an all too familiar way to sit, reminding him of nights he’d spend at Jackson’s graveside, drinking and crying and mourning the loss of the first person who’d ever really loved him. 

“I have.” Robert shook his head, definitive in his angry tirade against himself. “I’ve ruined our marriage, I’ve ruined things with Liv, and I’ve hurt so many people.”

“That doesn’t make you a disappointment, Robert, it makes you human,” Aaron said, hating the way self pity and disgust latched onto Robert’s every word, every heave of his chest, every breath. That kind of self hatred, it didn’t suit Robert, didn’t look good on him. 

Robert shook his head again, tears welling in his eyes, tears he no longer seemed to care if he was crying. Robert didn’t cry, not normally, not ever, really. “How can you sit here and pretend like I haven’t disappointed you?”

“I’m hurt.” Aaron admitted, the lingering ghost of the hurt he’d felt when Robert had admitted what he’d done still there, still clouding his judgement. It was hard to look at Robert, still, even weeks later, it was hard to look at him and not feel hurt. “I’m disappointed that you did what you did, and that you did it with her. That doesn’t mean I think you’re a disappointment, Robert.”

Robert looked at him, a genuinely confused look on his face. “Why do you keep giving me so many chances? I don’t deserve it, I don’t deserve you. I don’t deserve your forgiveness, not this time.”

“I haven’t forgiven you.” Aaron admitted, looking down at the wedding ring on his finger, the band that had caused him so much joy, so much pain in just a few short months. “But I’ll find a way.” 

“Why would you even want to?”

Aaron swallowed, trying to find the right words. “Because I love you, Robert, and when I married you, it was for the rest of my life. I hate what you did, and god - sometimes, I even hate you for doing it. But I’ll never not love you, never not want to be with you.”

“I don’t get it.” 

Aaron couldn’t help the laugh that escaped his mouth. “Sometimes I don’t get it either,” he admitted, thinking of the sheer scale of the love he felt for Robert, the way it seemed to consume him entirely sometimes, the way he just knew, in his heart of hearts, that he’d rather work through the hard stuff with Robert, than be on his own. “But it’s true. I love you, and no matter how hurt I am now, I can’t just forget all the amazing things you’ve done for me.”

Robert looked disbelieving, his knees just hugged closely to his chest as he spoke. “And somehow that cancels how what a disappointment I am?”

“You’re not a disappointment,” Aaron repeated, firmer in his words this time. “You do cruel things when you’re hurt, you hurt other people. I can be disappointed you did what you did without thinking you’re a massive disappointment. I’m not your dad, Robert - I do believe in you, I know what a good man you really are.” 

“I’m sorry,” Robert’s voice was small, a perfect match to the way he’d hunched himself over, as though he was doing his best to disappear entirely, as if he made himself small enough that the world would go on around him, and forget he was there. 

“I know.” Aaron bumped his shoulder against Robert’s. “Just because I can’t forgive you right now, doesn’t mean I never will. Okay?”

“Okay.” Robert echoed, his voice barely a whisper.

“Come home with me, Robert.”

“You want me at the flat?” Robert seemed surprised, shocked, even, at Aaron’s plea.

“It’s your home too.” Aaron said, hoping Robert would just understand that Aaron needed him in the flat, needed him close enough (but not too close, not yet. “You’re sleeping on the couch though.”

Robert laughed, the sound a brief escape from the hurt, and the disappointment that lingered between them. “That’s fair.” 

Wasted (McCree x Reader)

You only met him a few times when you saw him in the 24/7 diner, where you work, but he took a sudden interest in you

You were cleaning up the plates of the customers who left. You returned back to your place behind the corner to wash the dishes when the man in front of you started uttering nonsense.

You barely listened even though it was funny to hear.

“So, darlin’, what do ya say? You ‘n me, together, for I dunno, dinner, maybe?” he slurred. Chuckling, you shook your head, “No thanks”.

“Why not?” he childishly pouted, “I bet I can think of ten reasons why you should go out with me!”. “Oh really?” you joked - he thought you meant it. “Yup! And I’ll prove it! One, I am very handsome and I know you can’t resist me” he started as you began cleaning the tables since he was the only customer left.

“Four! I know a good place to eat dinner!” he continued. “Oh, really? Where?” you stifled your laughs. “Here!” he crossed his arms confidentially. You snorted, “It sure is a nice place”.

“See! Five, I’m a good kisser!” he said as you walked past him, “I’ll prove it”. He suddenly grasped your hand and pressed a sloppy kiss on your cheek. He let you go and you continued, “Oh wow, best kiss of my life”

“Seven, I can protect you from evil people” he said as if he was speaking to a child. “Really now” you mumbled, still amused by his rambling yet tired of all the work you’ve done.

“Ten!” he finally said, “I’ve got a big di-”

You interrupted him, “That’s enough!”. “So, darlin’, will ya go out with me?” he smirked. With a soft smile you sighed, “Maybe when you’re sober”. He perked up, “Really?! ‘kay, I’ll pick you up tomorrow, today? What time is it?”.

“It’s time for you to go home and get some sleep” you mumbled. “Okay… I-I’ll call you” he promised, leaving the diner.

He doesn’t even have your number.

The next night at the diner he sat on the same stool again, “So, darlin’, what about that date you promised me?”

Someone requested Prompt #12: “Do you have any fucking clue what you do to me?” with Michael Clifford

     You stared absentmindedly at Michael as he rubbed the sunscreen over his already red skin. Your mind falling back into your daydreams about being wrapped in his arms in a non-platonic way. For weeks now you had been having these daydreams about Michael. You weren’t sure when you started having feelings for him, but ever since then you’ve wanted more than just a friendship. “Y/N!” Michael shouted, tossing his water bottle at you, the object hitting your arm. 

“Ow!” you exclaimed, blinking twice before shaking your head and looking at him. “What?” you muttered, staring at Michael with wide eyes. He chuckled at your reaction then shook his head.

“I’ve been calling your name for the last two minutes,” he commented, “Can you get my back?” he asked, holding out the sunscreen for you. You moved from your spot and grabbed the bottle from his hands. “What were you thinking about?” he questioned this time, sitting down between your legs. You squeezed the lotion onto your hands and began to rub it into his back. 

“I was just daydreaming,” you replied, eyes scanning over his tattoos as you continued to work placing the sunscreen on. You began to chew on your bottom lip and could already feel your heart racing as Michael relaxed into your touch.

“It’s so hot today,” Michael whined, his head falling back onto your chest. You laughed at his actions and pinched his sides so he could move back to the position he was in. “We should have brought some Popsicles or something,” he huffed.

“Mhm you’re so right,” you agreed, “We didn’t think this through-I’m finished.”
With that said Michael leaned into your embrace and smiled at you. “I would say we should make a run to the store, but we just set our stuff up,” you said. It had taken Michael at least three tries to keep the umbrella standing and if you took it down now the both of you knew it wouldn’t go back up.

“Well why don’t you run to the store and I’ll stay here to watch the stuff,” Michael suggested, a smirk on his lips. You rolled your eyes and slightly shifted under his weight. 

“Nuh uh I’m not some pack mule,” you said, slapping his arm. He laughed and you suddenly became quiet as he turned in his spot and nuzzled his face into your stomach. This action was something Michael had always done, but now it felt different for you. Even with the hot weather goosebumps still rose up against your skin and you began to play with his hair. You knew Michael didn’t feel the same way you did. He would always see you as his best friend, but you knew if you didn’t express your feelings soon you would start to avoid Michael. But knowing Michael, if you ever did avoid him he would pester you until you started talking to him again. “Hey…can I talk to you about something?” you muttered, poking him in the cheek. “It’s really important,” you told him.

“Ah in that case you got my full attention, babe,” Michael smiled, head lifting up to look at you. You sucked in a deep breath and then slowly let it out. This was going to be harder than you thought it was, but you had to get it off your chest.

“Okay so for a while now I may have-no I have been thinking of you in a not so platonic way,” you said, “As in I’ve been wondering what it would be life if we weren’t friends ya know? What if we dated and did things couples do-of course that’s stupid to think about because you don’t feel the same, but I love you, Michael. Like really really love you and I don’t expect you to feel the same-I mean we’ve been friends for years s-”

“Y/N breath,” Michael interrupted, shaking your shoulders to snap you out of your rambles. He did some breathing techniques with you for a few seconds then smiled. 

“It’s okay if you don’t feel the same. I just had to tell you,” you whispered, head dropping low and fingers digging into the warm sand. Michael laughed and your face pinched up in embarrassment. “Don’t laugh at me. This was hard enough to tell you and now you’re laughing at me.” Michael tried to suppress his laughter and shook his head fast.

“No no, I’m not laughing at you,” he said, biting onto his bottom lip to hold in his laughter. You turned away from him and he reached out to tug at your wrist. you timidly looked at him and waited for what he had to say. “I’m sorry, Y/N it’s just funny cause…do you have any fucking clue what you do to me?” he asked. Your eyebrows furrowed and you shook your head at his question. “You make me weak,” Michael told you, “Anytime you smile at me I feel like I’m going to melt right there on the spot. Or when you cuddle up to me while we’re watching movies it just…I guess what I’m trying to say is that I love you too.” You let his words soak in and then smiled when you realized what he had said.

“Is this one of your jokes?” you questioned.

“No,” Michael answered fast. “No games this time I promise you,” he whispered. You smiled even more and Michael grabbed your hand and squeezed at it. “So I wouldn’t mind if we did start dating.” 


Cornflakes. That’s all Tyler could think about all day, stupid cornflakes. Mark, Ethan and he had gone out to meet up with fans and record some videos, and the whole time Tyler has a craving for some cornflakes. As soon as they got home, he went to the pantry and was excited to see a box of them sitting on the top shelf. He grabbed a bowl from a nearby cupboard and poured himself a hefty bowl of the delicious cereal. He went to the fridge to grab the milk, but was very disappointed to find they had none. He contemplated throwing away his bowl of cereal, but he knew his craving would only get worse until satisfied. He decided he should ask his roommates just to be sure they were out.

He walked out to the living room expecting to find Ethan, but instead found Mark, and decided to ask him about it. “Hey Mark, do you know if we have any more milk?” he questioned.

“I have no idea bro, sorry. None in the fridge?” Mark answered. Ty just shook his head and continued to look for Ethan. After checking everywhere downstairs, he decided to just call him to see where he was. The phone barely rang before Ethan answered.

“Hey Ty, what’s up?” Ethan questioned.

“Hey babe, do you know if we have any more milk?” Ty asked his boyfriend.

“Uh…no I uh…I think I used the last of it this morning.” Ethan confessed, sounding a bit flustered.

“Oh alright. Where are you?” Ty asked, wondering where he could have gone.

“My recording room. Why?” Ethan replied.

“Oh just wondering. I’ll let you go then. Talk to you later babe, love you.” Ty said casually.

“Uhh, yeah..um you too. Bye.” Ethan answered awkwardly. After hanging up, Ty couldn’t help but wonder why Ethan sounded so nervous on the phone with him. He didn’t say anything different than normal, right? He had talked to him while he was recording before, and Eth just always edits it out. He couldn’t figure out why he would be acting so weird. Ty dismissed it as just a weird occasion and decided to focus on his craving dilemma instead. After a few seconds of internal debate, he decided to go to the store to buy some milk.

“MARK! I’m heading to the store! Be back soon!” Ty called to the man in the other room. After hearing an affirmation, he headed upstairs to say goodbye to Eth. He walked into his recording room without knocking, like he does quite often. “Hey babe, I’m heading out to buy some milk really quick. I’ll be back soon,” Ty said right before kissing Eth goodbye. He had done this plenty of times before, so it startled him when he pulled away from the short kiss and saw Eth with big eyes looking very nervous.

“Um, babe? You okay?” Ty asked, concerned.

“Well uhh…I’m livestreaming…” Eth answered.

Two words. ‘I’m livestreaming.’ Two words that practically scared Ty to death. He instantly jumped back and covered his mouth, mortified. He looked at Eth’s computer screen to check, and sure enough there was a live chat that was slowly blowing up with confused fans.

“Oh my god. Ethan I’m so sorry,” Ty apologized sounding like he was seriously freaking out. He couldn’t believe he had done something so absolutely moronic. He felt so many emotions at once, everything became extremely overwhelming. He couldn’t breathe, his vision started acting strange, he felt like a boa constrictor was tightening around him, all while he continued rambling apologies to his boyfriend. He felt like this went on for hours, but in reality it was mere seconds. He only calmed when he felt a pair of lips on his. Eth was kissing him. He didn’t hate him. Why didn’t he hate him? Eth pulled away and looked at Ty with concern and love in his eyes.

“Ty, it’s okay. It was going to happen eventually, might as well be now. It’s okay. Calm down, my love.” Ethan reassured Ty. He finally was able to calm down enough to realize the stream was still running, so he let Eth get back to his fans. As he stood off camera, he heard Eth tell his fans, “So uh, yeah. Ty is my boyfriend, and I could not be more happy to finally get to say that to you guys. He makes me happier than I’ve been in a long time, and I love him more than anything.” Eth looked up at Ty and gave him the most genuine smile Ty had ever seen, and in that moment, Ty knew everything was going to be just perfect.


So this is my first thing I wrote for my New Years resolution. Original idea goes to @crankityler (I asked for permission, but they haven’t gotten back to me yet, so if they want me to take this down, i will)

Hope you like it! message me with ideas for future fics.

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Couple Showers

<< (I) Neighbours

Group: BTS



Summary: “I’m going for a shower Joon.” All he did was smirk at you and you knew what he was about to say,

“You sure you’re okay going alone?”

Genre: drabble, fluff

Length: 0.8k

Warnings: mentions of sex

A/N: I baked some cookies and then wrote two separate drabbles about baking.

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You had always thought showering with your boyfriend would be a romantic experience; you had expected steamy shower sex, hand prints created in the condensation of the glass shower door. You would be lying if you said you weren’t feeling let down when he turned to you and said, “There are more ass cheeks in the world than people.”

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Long time, no see//Daryl Dixon

requested by @phan—anime

46. “I’m your daughter.”

Info: Daryl and (Y/N) divorced shortly before the apocalypse. This is when (Y/N) realized she was pregnant with his child. Years later, she and her daughter, Rosalie, found their way to a community named Alexandria where they meet familiar faces. 

Warnings: mentions of abortion, swearing 

Originally posted by jesusmonroexdaryl


“H-hello, I’m Aaron-” A man said as he approached me and my daughter with hands raised.

My hand went to my gun and I held it to him, I pushed Rosalie behind me.

“What do you want?” I ask. 

“I’ve been watching you guys for quite a while and you seem like you’d be a good addition to our community. We’ve got a group of great people, loads of supplies, solar energy, water, food. I-I’ve got pictures” He rambled, trying to get words out quick enough so I wouldn’t shoot him.

My mind went to Daryl. Could he possibly be there? I doubted he wanted to see me but one last glance was all I needed. My daughter to finally put a face to the man I tell her about every day. She was around 10 now and curiosity got the best of her. 

“Hello?” Aaron asked.

“We’ll go. I drive” I demand.

“Okay” He told me with a small smile.

He told me of a large group who had joined them a few years ago. They had been on the road for months on end. He didn’t give any details on anyone, I guess no one stood out. I’d like to think Daryl was apart of that group but he could very well not be. It’s been years. He could’ve moved on, had other kids and settled down somewhere else, not even giving a second thought about me. 

“Do you think Daddy will be there?” Rosalie asked me from the back seat.

“I-I don’t know, hun. We’ll just have to see” I say giving her a weak smile with tears begging to fall.

“Your husband?” Aaron asked.

“My ex” I said tersely, not wanting to linger on the topic.


When we arrived, Aaron opened the gates for me to drive in and park alongside the wall. I got out and made sure Rosalie was next to me, never to far. I walked behind Aaron.

“The original leader died a few years back, since then Rick took over, that’s who you’ll be seeing” Aaron tells me “He’s a bit skeptical of newbies since the Saviors, but that’s over now and we’re trying to regain the number we lost when they were around. So just hang in there and don’t take anything too personal” 

“Thanks a lot” I say with a genuine smile.

He led us to a house where Rick was staying. Rick had me join him inside so he could talk to me.

“I’m Rick, Rick Grimes. You are?” He asked.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)” I say.

“Who’s the kid you’ve got?” He asked with a smile.

“My daughter, Rosalie Dixon” I say smiling back.

His face seemed to change at the mention of Dixon, his body shifted but he shrugged it off.

“Your buddy spying on me and my daughter isn’t very cool” I say.

“He did the same with me and my group. I’d get why you’re skeptical, but I’ve made this place home and I think you can. We only watch to make sure you’d be an asset and are a decent person”

“Who were the Saviors, Aaron brought them up” I ask with furrowed brows.

“Bad people run by an even worse person, took two of our own, they both made it back though. But they’re gone now and you shouldn’t be worried about them. I’ve got three questions for you though”

“I’m ready” I say eager to start a new life here, a good one, for Rosalie and I.

“How many walkers have you killed?”


“How many people have you killed?”

“A good dozen or two” I answer honestly


“They weren’t good, tried to hurt me or my daughter”

“Welcome to Alexandria, (Y/N). I’ll set you up a house and have Aaron show you around” He said with a smile.

“Thanks” I smile.


Aaron walked around, showing me the complex. I hoped to run into Daryl somewhere in the streets. Rosalie held up the picture of him I kept.

“This is Dad, right?” She asks.

“Yeah, why?” I ask.

“Just in case I see him, I want to know what he looks like” 

“I’ll know” I say with a soft smile.

I looked up and I saw him. It felt unreal. He looked so different, but he didn’t change a bit. He bulked up, his hair grew, he had somewhat of a beard. He looked great, that was the man I loved, that is the man I love. I didn’t know what to do. Would I say hi? Would he say hi? He wore a ring, on his left hand ring finger. I hoped he wore it because he considered himself married to me still, not another woman. I wore my ring around my neck on a chain. He left me but I never stopped loving him. Maybe he regretted it. I hoped he did and he’d take me and Rosalie back. I gave her his last name since I legally wasn’t allowed to use it anymore. Instead of speaking or walking past him I thought it’d be a better idea to stare. He was walking with a man with long hair with a middle part (it’s Jesus). They were in a decent conversation, maybe about a meeting or trade. The man pointed over at me.

“Shit” I whispered softly and looked at the ground.

“(Y/N)?” I heard his voice and a tear fell.

I looked up at him, he held a serious demeanor until he really saw me. His face turned into a frown and a few tears fell. His hair was covering a good part of his eyes. He walked to me, seeing I was frozen, and wrapped his arms around me. I choked out a sob.

“I-I’m so sorry” I said.

“Don’t be, no, please no” Daryl ran a hand down my back.

“I thought you were dead” I said.

“I’m not, I’m right here, right now” He pulled back and looked at me “I never took it off, even after I signed the papers” He said looking at his ring.

“It hurt to see it everyday after what happened but I couldn’t let it go” I said honestly.

“Who’s that?” He asked me in a hushed tone.

“I’m your daughter” Rosalie answered proudly.

She had memorized every part of that picture. She knew his face, even if he was thinner and had short hair, she knew her dad. She wrapped herself around him.

“I didn’t know” He said.

“Me either, when I did, it was too late” I say tearing up.

“Shh, we can talk later, for now, let’s be a family, yeah?”


After I put Rosalie to bed I went to the living room. Daryl told me to meet him there to talk.

“I’m so sorry” He said as soon as he saw me.

“For what?”

“Leaving you, especially when you were pregnant” He tells me with sad eyes.

“I was going to get rid of it, but I know that was my only part of you I’d have left, so I kept her, I don’t regret it at all” 

“I still love you, (Y/N)” Daryl blurted out.

He was still his socially awkward self.

“I love you too, not a day went by without me thinking of you. I showed Rosalie that photo of you every night since birth and told her what a great man he father was, is” I corrected myself.

“I told Rick about you all the time. Carol also, she never heard the end of it.I’d tell her how great you were and how much I loved you. That no matter what happened, I’d never love anyone like I loved you and so on”

“I’m glad I came back with that odd man”

“Me too” He nodded and kissed my cheek, making sure not to rush into anything.

I just knew whatever happened here from here on out would be good, as long as I had Daryl and Rosalie.

Unexpected Guest

Hey again! I’m back with a new oneshot that I hope you enjoy! As always, you can leave any type of feedback, it’s always welcome.

summary: Phil has been nervously waiting for Dan to come back from his 10 day trip with some of his university friends so they could celebrate their four month anniversary.

What he didn’t expect was that Ben (one of Dan’s friends) had to stay with them for two more days because his flight back home was cancelled.

words: 5.2k

no trigger warnings

“Okay… perfect.” Phil whispered to himself as he tasted the stir-fry he had been cooking for he and Dan. He had dressed up nicely (he had spent more than an hour perfecting his fringe, so it should be worth it) and was finishing cooking their dinner since Dan was coming back today from a 10 day trip that he had organised with some of his uni friends. Apparently they did some kind of reunion every year (even if Dan left law they were still good friends) and this time they were travelling to who even knows where.

After their tour they had decided to move things forward and started dating and since yesterday had been their four month anniversary, it was perfect that Dan was just coming back today. They were happier that they had ever been, Phil couldn’t ask for more. They hadn’t told anyone yet, they wanted to keep it a secret for a few more months and even though it was being a bit more difficult that they thought to hide it from their family, friends and most of all, their viewers, keeping it a secret for a few more months made everything much more exciting.

The sound of the front door unlocking startled Phil from his thoughts so he rapidly turned off the stoves and rushed out of the kitchen and down the stairs to greet his boyfriend. “Hey Dan! I’ve missed… you” but his last word died in his mouth as he saw Dan entering the flat with Ben, one of Dan’s uni friends, not expecting him at all.

“I’ve missed you too, Phil” Dan replied back, greeting Phil with a smile before turning back to Ben, who was standing behind him, “You remember Ben, right?”

“Yeah, hi Ben” Phil awkwardly let out, lifting his right hand to wave at him, “I wasn’t expecting you.” Phil remembered hanging out with him multiple times when Dan and him were in Manchester, and they both had get on well but now it wasn’t the best time…

Ben waved back and was about to explain why he was here but Dan beat him to it, “Ben was supposed to catch another flight back to Germany to meet his parents there after we landed in London, but it was cancelled and won’t be able to fly back till Friday so I told him it was okay if he stayed here for the next two days… I texted and called a few times to tell you but you never picked up…” Dan rambled, hoping Phil would understand.

And Phil did. If he had been Dan he would have done the same, but yesterday it had been their four month anniversary and he had prepared Dan’s favourite dinner and if that wasn’t enough he hadn’t seen him for 10 days and he had really missed him… But now with Ben here they couldn’t do any of the ‘coupley’ stuff Phil had in mind.  

“Yeah, of course you can stay Ben.” Phil replied a bit forcedly, looking back at Ben who offered him a smile, “as for the texts and calls, I have been in the kitchen for a few hours and my phone is in the bedroom so I think that explains why I look so surprised.” Phil awkwardly laughed, hoping the tension would go away.

“Thank you so much guys, you totally are the best!” Ben exclaimed.

“I will grab some sheets and prepare the sofa bed in our office for you, okay? You two can relax in the sofa, I bet you are tired.” Phil said, giving them both a forced smile before climbling up the stairs to grab some clean sheets.

The 'coupley’ stuff will have to wait…


Dan was sure Phil wasn’t mad at him, but when he saw him walk upstairs to get Ben’s provisional bed ready he could see how upset he was. And apparently Ben saw too.

“Dan, are you sure that I can stay? Phil didn’t seem so happy about it and I don’t want to impose really, I can go to a hostel or something, I don’t mind” Ben offered but Dan knew he couldn’t ask his friend to leave. He wasn’t that rude and Phil wasn’t either, they wouldn’t make him leave.

“No, it’s okay, I will talk to Phil later…” Dan said looking at Ben,

“Okay, if you say so I will stay, I promise not to disturb much.”

“Now, c'mon, help me get your luggage to the office,” Dan spoke in a much light-hearted voice, “it’s on the top floor so it won’t be easy to get it there since I know you packed all your apartment.”

Ben laughed at this because it was true. His luggage was never the easiest to carry around. “I will get it upstairs, you cannot even lift a pen with those lanky arms of yours.” he replied back, picking up his big suitcase and steping up some of the stairs, waiting for Dan to do the same with his.

“The worst thing is that you are right.” Dan mumbled out before picking up his also heavy suitcase and between grunts and a few stops they made it to the main hallway, where they encountered Phil just walking down the office stairs.

“Oh, your bed is ready Ben. I’m going to serve dinner now, so just change and I will meet you two in the living room, okay?” Phil rapidly said, making his way to the kitchen not giving the other two time to even speak back.

Dan just sighed deeply and turned to Ben, who was looking at him already, “You can take a shower while I talk to Phil, we can all eat dinner after.”

Ben just nodded and picked up his suitcase again, making his way upstairs while Dan rolled his luggage to what it was supposed to be his bedroom.

It was a bit strange to see his bedroom after so many days. Well, not only his, it had been a few months since it had become theirs.


Phil was opening one of the many cupboards of the kitchen when he heard the sound of the shower running so expecting it to be Dan who was showering (since he always did that when they came back from a trip) he almost dropped a glass when he heard his boyfriend’s voice from the doorway “Hey Phil.”

Phil jumped, turning his head around only to see Dan claded in his joggers and a t-shirt, “Oh God, you scared me! I thought you were the one in the shower.” Phil said, leaving the glass safely in the counter before turning his whole body around so he could speak to him better.

“I told Ben to have a shower before dinner, I will have one before I go to bed.” Dan explained, entering the kitchen and looking around at all the dishes Phil had cooked.

“You cooked my favourite meals…” Dan realised, looking at the stir-fry that was still on the stove.

“Yeah, since yesterday was our four month anniversary I wanted to surprise you…” Phil explained in a timid voice, looking at his socks, “but hey, I made enough food for three or even four people so it will be okay.” Phil laughed awkwardly and turned around so he could continue picking up the dishes but two hands circling his waist from behind stopped him.

“I’m sorry Phil, I didn’t know that you had something special prepared. If I had known I wouldn’t have invited Ben…” Dan said, hugging Phil closer to him, letting Phil’s back touch his torso, both of them getting comfort from each other’s touch.

He had missed Dan and since they were now a couple he had noticed Dan’s absence more than he did when they were only friends. He practically ached for Dan’s touch but he couldn’t have any. 10 days without him had been hell for Phil, so he just let himself be hugged by his boyfriend for a few minutes.

“No, it’s okay. I would have done the same as you and we are not bad people, I don’t think I could live with the thought of having sent your friend away so I could just cuddle with you.” Phil said in a low voice in case Ben could hear them but the sound of the shower still running relaxed him a bit. “I wish we could be more coupley today, but it will have to wait.”

“We could tell Ben if you want to, that way we don’t have to hide…” Dan offered.

Phil turned around and sighed as he put his hands in his boyfriend’s forearms, not wanting to make eye-contact with Dan, “I would love to but you know, we haven’t told our parents yet and it’s not that I don’t trust Ben, because I do but, I don’t think it would be fair. My brother doesn’t even know and I feel like our families should know it first…” Phil explained rushedly, trying to avoid Dan’s eyes.

Dan brought Phil closer, hugging him, letting him know that he understood what he was saying. It was true, they hadn’t even told their parents and even though Ben was a good friend he might not deserve to be the first to know their secret. “It’s okay, and  I agree, they deserve to know it first.”

Phil let himself be hugged, and he was about to hug Dan back when he heard silence from downstairs, understanding that Ben had finished his shower and they couldn’t act like this in the next two days.

He separated himself from Dan’s arms and put a reasonable space between them, “Go, I will bring the glasses just now, you can switch on the tv so we have background sound while you ramble about your trip…” Phil showed him a small smile, trying not to show how upset he it was but he was sure Dan noticed. They knew each others’ expressions so well by now it was impossible to lie.

“Phil…” Dan said again, trying to say something to comfort his boyfriend a bit more but he didn’t know what else to say.

“Go, I bet Ben will take your seat if you don’t tell him which one it is…” and with that Phil turned around to grab some more glasses, letting Dan know that the conversation was over and he should go back to Ben now.


All three were now seated and having dinner, chatting about the trip. Dan’s mind wandered off the conversation, fixing his gaze on Phil who was sitting in front of him chatting calmly with Ben. He realised how good Phil looked today. He always looked attractive but he had one of his best dress-shirts on, one that made his shoulders a bit broader and his fringe was looking neat and shiny, just as the hairdresser had recommended him to style it before tour.

Phil had dressed up all nicely and had prepared an awesome dinner full with Dan’s favourite meals only to have him share it and Dan hadn’t even properly thanked him. He was the worst boyfriend ever.

“Dan? Are you with us?” he heard Ben’s teasing voice, making him wake up from his thoughts.

“Oh yeah sorry, I spaced out… What are we talking about?” Dan looked between Ben and Phil, who as looking at him curiously, as if he wanted to ask what was wrong but he didn’t, imagining he couldn’t explain it with Ben here, and he was right.

“I was about to tell Phil the story of what happened to us in the river, when you almost fell.” Ben explained, making the three of the chuckle.

“Oh God Ben, it’s so embarrassing, please, don’t!” Dan suddenly said, not really wanting Phil to know the whole story of it. He could use it as blackmail later. The less he knew the better.

“Dan!” Phil let out a whine, extending the 'a’s of his name, “let him tell me the story! I wanna hear all you did on the trip, it sounds so amazing!”

Dan looked at Phil again, and realised he looked much relaxed and happy than an hour ago. He guessed he was still a bit upset but by the smile on his face he could tell he was having fun, and if the story about Dan almost falling into the river would make him happy he could let Ben tell him. It was the least he could do after all Phil had done for him…

“Okay tell him, but don’t go into too much detail, okay?” Dan mumbled, trying to sound a bit annoyed but he couldn’t stop the small smile appearing on his face as he heard Phil exclaim a happy 'Yes!’ followed by Ben’s laugh, who started telling the story.

By the time Ben finished Dan was red as a tomato and wanted to hide under a blanket for a week but seeing Phil laugh so freely at his misfortune was worth it.


The three of them were watching a movie now, they had tried to sit as comfy as possible in the sofa but since all of them were so tall it was impossible to fit comfortably on it, and Phil had ended up moving the armchair they had so he could also watch the tv even though he couldn’t enjoy Dan’s body next to him.

He just dismissed Dan and Ben when they both had offered to take the armchair, but he wasn’t that selfish and let them share the couch.

Phil wasn’t really paying attention to the movie, his thoughts were a bit more entertaining. He sometimes looked in the direction of them both when they laughed loudly, or mostly only Dan, and Phil used those moments to appreciate the smiley profile of his boyfriend that was only visible thanks to the flashing lights of the tv.

Dan looked back at him, as if he knew he was looking at him so Phil rapidly avoided his gaze by looking down at his lap, blushing a bit at the fact that he had been caught staring; and as soon as he didn’t feel Dan’s stare on his face he tried to focus on the movie this time.

He in fact, was so into the movie now that he even started laughing at some scene, but was surprised when he only heard Ben’s laugh and not Dan’s, which apparently surprised them both because their eyes met before looking at Dan, who had fallen asleep at an awkward posture on the sofa.

Phil’s face softened at the sight. He had been so tired he hadn’t even managed to watch an hour of the movie. And apparently seeing someone asleep was contagious too, because Phil yawned even though he could say that he wasn’t that tired.

“Maybe we should go to bed too?” Ben’s low voice said, a yawn cutting his last word.

Phil looked at him and then back at Dan. He had been looking forward to secretly cuddle with Dan in bed but now that Dan had fallen asleep in the couch he didn’t have the heart to wake him up to move him into bed… The cuddles will have to wait.

“Yeah, we should. Just next to you there are some blankets to cover Dan, I don’t think he would appreciate being woken up to move into bed, and the couch is comfy so…” Phil explained while he turned off the tv with the remote.

As Ben picked up one of the blankets, Phil grabbed some throw pillows that they had in the sofa and pilled them together before moving Dan’s body and laying him down in the sofa gently, trying not to wake him up.

Dan let out some grunts at the movements but didn’t wake up, so Ben rapidly threw the blanket over his body and sighed when he managed to do it without waking him up.

Phil chuckled, “don’t worry, when he is really tired he is a really heavy sleeper, it’s just like a bear on hibernation.”

Ben wanted to laugh but another yawn interrupted him. “I think it’s time to go to bed… Good night Phil.” and he started walking out of the room.

“Good night Ben,” Phil offered him a small smile before he completly exited it, recieving a smile back before he was out of sight.

Phil made sure Ben had completly exited the room before looked back at Dan and crouched down so he could push aside some of the curls that were tickling his forehead, kissing it lightly so he wouldn’t wake him up. “Good night Dan.”

Phil made his way to the end of the hallway, where their bedrooms were. He stopped for a second… Should he go back to his bed in case Ben woke up early and saw him making his way out of Dan’s bedroom or should he go into Dan’s room and sleep peacefully and risk that that scenario could happen? He could always wake up super early and fake that he couldn’t sleep or something, he doubted Ben could wake up earlier than 7am as they were so tired.

He opened the door to his bedroom first and took some steps forward, a shiver running throught his body at the coldness of the room. Phil slowly turned around to open Dan’s bedroom door, where he was meet with a comforting and calming atmosphere, that made him want to curl into the duvet for hours.

“Let’s hope Ben doesn’t wake up at 6am tomorrow…” and with that Phil put on his pyjamas and set up an alarm. “Well, let’s make it 6:15am”


The first rays of sunshine woke Dan up, making him groan at the discomfort of the light directily on his face. He turned around, facing the cushions, trying to sleep a bit more but he realized he was too awake already to sleep so he laid on his back, trying to find something interesting in their louge ceiling.

“Wait. Why am I in the lounge and not in bed?” Dan wondered out loud, his voice not too loud in case he woke the other people sleeping in the flat.

Dan sat up straighter, rubbing his face with his hands, trying to rub the sleep from his eyes. He searched for his phone that was on top on the coffee table where he had left it yesterday while they were watching the movie. A “6:14am” showed up as he unlocked it. It was too early for him to be woken up at this time.

That’s when he heard an alarm go off his bedroom, it wasn’t too loud but the silence of the flat made every sound more loud than it actually was.

'Why the hell is an alarm sounding from by bedroom? It must be Phil’s but why?’ Dan thought, getting up to investigate what was happening.

As he was reaching his bedroom door the sound stopped and the door was violently opened, an alarmed looking Phil almost colliding with Dan.

“Hey, what are you doing up so early?” they asked at the same time, making both of them laugh softly.

“The sunlight woke me up, but you don’t have any excuse to put an alarm so early.” Dan explained in a lower voice, trying not to wake Ben up.

“Yeah I do…” Phil muttered quietly, “I know we have been sleeping in your bed, and since you were away I have also been sleeping there, and I tried to go back to my room yesterday in case Ben woke up and found me leaving your room but I just couldn’t, so that’s why I’m waking up so early, that way it was impossible for him to see me sneak out…”

Dan looked at him, staring at the bags under his eyes, realising he hadn’t gotten much sleep probably form the tension and nerves of being caught. Dan grabbed Phil’s hands in his and squeezed them, “Phil, go back to bed, I will make sure Ben doesn’t notice when you come out of the bedroom, don’t worry.”

Phil stared at their hands and then back to Dan’s eyes, “No, I can take a nap later, it’s okay… I just need coffee and…” he let the sentence unfinished, swinging their hands a bit and pulling Dan a bit closer, giving him a hint of what he wanted.

Dan caught up with what Phil was implying and lifted one of his eyebrows, “And? If you don’t say it I cannot do anything…”

“Coffee and a morning kiss, maybe?” Phil said innocently, making Dan chuckle, but as soon as he started pulling Phil closer they heard a loud yelp coming from the office, making them both separate and almost run towards the pained sound.

Dan opened the office door, Phil just behind him who looked over Dan’s shoulder only to see Ben lying down the office floor, the sheets tangled around his legs.

“Sorry I woke you up but I fell off the bed!” Ben embarrassedly explained, trying to untangle the damn sheet from his limbs.

Dan and Phil just burst out laughing, seeing the funny scene that was happening in front of their eyes. “This is revenge from the river story!” Dan said once he stopped laughing, but anyways started helping Ban out of the mess he was in.

“I will just start making coffee.” Phil said, shaking his head at their antics and walking back to the kitchen to start their breakfast.

At least Ben’s interruption had been funny enough not to be angry about it.


Since they all had woke up so early, after breakfast they decided to play some Wii game since they didn’t feel like going outside.

“C'mon Ben, your turn” Phil said, but was interrumpted when said’s phone chimed with a message so the blue eyed paused the game and let them also have a rest from the game so Ben could look at his phone.

Ben picked it up and pulled a surprised face when he read what he recieved, “Oh, it’s an email from the airline, they say my flight is avaliable today at 10pm if I want to fly back today instead of tomorrow.”

Dan and Phil looked at each other before looking back at Ben, who was staring at them already as if he was waiting a response from them. “You can stay till tomorrow if you want Ben, it’s no problem.” Phil offered. Even though he just wanted to be alone with Dan he didn’t have the heart to throw him out before he had too.

“No, I don’t want to be more of an inconvenience,” Ben rapidly said, “I can take the airplane at 10pm, I kind of want to see my parents already…”

“Do you want us to come with you to the airport?” Dan said, looking at Phil for confirmation who just nodded, letting him know that he was okay with the idea.

“You don’t need to, don’t worry, I will call a taxi.” Ben replied, “I should phone my parents and let them know I will arrive today late at night instead of tomorrow.” he had already exited the room to have a bit of privacy while he called when Phil called for him.

“Ben! Play your turn before you call, otherwise Dan is not going to wait for you and I don’t wanna loose!”

“You know I’m gonna win even if Ben plays, right?” Dan teased, pushing Phil with his shoulder.

“Oh, stop it! I don’t get why you are so good at all the games, I bet you are cheating or something!” Phil pushed him back as he complained, making Dan laugh.

“Okay, you two stop bickering!” Ben said as he reentered the room, “Give me the controller Dan, I’m going to win this for sure, you both cannot beat me!”

Dan grudgingly gave his friend the controller back and sat back on the sofa, only to see Ben beat their score.

“Well, a call awaits!” and with that Ben left the room again, leaving an open-mouthed Dan and Phil just staring at the tv screen.


The rest of the day passed on a blur, till around 7pm, when Ben finally decided that it was time he called a taxi to take him to the airport so he could be early in case something went wrong.

“Well, this was fun.” Ben said as he exited the flat and turned around to face the pair that was standing by the doorframe, “thank you so much for letting me stay here, I had a really good time, it reminded me about all those times we hung out in Manchester.”

“Yeah, it has been fun. At least our flat didn’t smell of Doritos and cheap beer.” Dan commented, making all three laugh.

“You are welcome here anytime, Ben.” Phil replied with a smile once their laughter died down. He had to admit it that it hadn’t been the most pleasant surprise when he saw him at the door but he was a really nice guy, you couldn’t hate him.

“Thank you Phil.” Ben said with a bit of surprise in his tone, not really expecting those words to come out from Phil after he had seen him so upset at his arrival that first day.

Dan was about to speak when he saw the taxi arriving from the corner or the street, “Your taxi is here.”

Ben looked back for a moment, only to see a black car already waiting for him. He couldn’t stay that much longer. “One last hug before I go?”

Phil hugged him first and then Dan, who hugged him for a bit longer, considering he had been one of his first friends at uni and only saw him a few times a year.

“Have a safe flight, okay?” Dan said, once they both had separated.

Ben just nodded and made his way to the taxi, where he waved at them one last time, and Dan and Phil waved back at him.

“See you!” they pair shouted at the same time, making Ben laugh hard at their synchronicity.

“See you guys!” and he entered the taxi, waving back a last time.

Dan and Phil only closed the door once the taxi was out of sight.


Phil leaned back against their front door and was about to speak when a pair of lips on his didn’t let him, making him lean back even more against the door.

They both instanly sighed into the kiss, Dan circling his arms around Phil’s waist to bringing closer while Phil’s hands made their way to Dan’s curls, moving his head a bit so he could have better access to his open mouth.

They kept kissing for a few minutes, fast and needy, enjoying the feel of the other’s lips and tongue but at the same time wanting more, hands caresing every space they could. Not having kissed each other in almost two weeks led to having pent up emotions and needs.

“I’ve missed you.” both whispered at the same time once they parted from the kiss, their breaths intertwining still since they hadn’t separated that much from each other.

Phil laughed a bit but he was again cut off by Dan’s lips, bringing him into another deep kiss, this one less franatic than the one before, more gentle and relaxed.

“I didn’t even thank you for the surprise you prepared for me, so thank you. It was really sweet and I’m sorry I brought Ben and we couldn’t enjoy it was we wanted but…” Dan said sincerely, separating their bodies a bit so he could look into Phil’s eyes.

“Hey, don’t worry about that, I had a good time and well, I know we will have more anniversaries to celebrate.” Phil replied with a smile, ressuring Dan that it was okay, that he didn’t have anything to be sorry for.

Dan chuckled and grabbed Phil’s t-shirt by the front, bringing him closer but not enough so their lips wouldn’t touch, just teasing him into a kiss, “So, what do you say? Do you think we should continue celebrating this one in the bedroom, uh?”

Phil gave him a peck and slowly nodded, giving Dan just the only confirmation he needed, so he grabbed his boyfriend’s hand and brought him upstairs almost runing till they reached the bedroom, where Dan threw himself into the matress, bringing Phil on top of him, who slotted himself between Dan’s legs, leaning in for another sweet kiss.

They kept kissing more intensely and Phil could feel how Dan was getting horny. He could tell by the way Dan grabbed his butt and pulled him down so he could have the feeling of Phil’s crotch against his.

Phil really didn’t feel like having sex now, he wasn’t really in the mood. He just wanted to make out and then cuddle up with Dan under the covers. Sex could wait.

“Dan, Dan wait.” Phil whispered into Dan’s lips, separating their bodies enough so he could lean on his forearms that were resting by Dan’s head.

“What’s wrong? Did I do something?” Dan worriedly asked.

“No, no, it’s just…” Phil looked down at their chests, not wanting to look directly into Dan’s eyes. “I don’t want to have sex right now… I just want to cuddle with you under the blankets.”

“Phil,” Dan softly said, but it didn’t stop Phil from speaking.

“It seems silly and it probably is but, I just want to cuddle because I have missed you so much and I don’t know, I feel like you never leave me alone because I’m always the one travelling with my family and leaving you alone here and this time it was the contrary and it was so hard…” Phil sighed deeply, opening up his mouth to speak again but a gentle hand on his cheek made him stop and look up at Dan, who was looking at him already with a small smile on his face.

“First of all, if you are not in the mood, we are not going to have sex. Second, I’ve missed you too, and if you want to cuddle with me under the covers we can cuddle under the covers, I’m always up for cuddling, you know that.” that made Phil smile and lifted the covers so they could both get under the duvet.

As soon as they were inside the warm bed, Phil burrowed his face on the crook of Dan’s neck, giving him a small kiss there as he managed to get his arms under Dan’s body, hugging him as if he was a koala bear.

Dan sighed at the feeling of having Phil so close to him, slowly closing his eyes and enjoying the moment. He circled his arms over Phil, lifting his t-shirt a bit so he could caress the soft skin of his back, feeling each mole under his fingerprints.

He heard Phil exhale a puff of air into his neck, instantly giving signs of getting more and more relaxed at Dan’s touch.

“I’m glad you are home.”

“I’m glad I’m home too.”

And with that the both of them laid there for hours, the soft caresses of multiple fingerprints slowly lulling them to sleep.

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Hi I recently read the ficlet where Tom thinks humans are just really affectionate and I love that idea. Could you write something where Marco confesses to liking Tom and thinks they're dating? And Tom just grows increasingly distraught bc Marco keeps getting cuddly, which is nice but it isn't helping his crush go away.

Awwwww! This was such a cute idea! I hope you like the story! I really enjoyed writing it! Flustered, love-sick Tom is the best!

Read the last one here! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/158285733512/can-we-getta-story-w-tom-being-completely

Tom nearly choked when Marco laid his head on the demon’s shoulder. Tom bit his lip and looked down at the human. He felt his heart flutter when marco gave him a warm smile and cuddled closer. Tom gulped and tried not to think about that. There was no when what Marco was showing him was affection, it had to have been normal for humans. Right?

Tom jumped when he felt Marco’s hand go over his own. “Hey, are you okay?” Marco asked, when Tom shot up out of his chair.

“I uhm… I need to go.” Tom just looked away and left the house in a burst of flames. Marco looked over at where he left and sighed. He just sat there all alone for a long while until Star entered the room and sat next to him.

“He’s still distant?” She asked. Marco nodded. “Still being shy?” She asked. Marco nodded again. “Well give him time, this kind of relationship is probably really new to him.” She offered some sort of comfort. Marco sighed again, but smiled a little at Star. He gave his friend a hug and she squeezed him tight.

“Thanks Star.” He told her. “Maybe I just need to talk to him about this. You know, ask him what it is that he’s so scared of.” Marco opted. Star nodded ad gave a thumbs up.

“Yeah, if you think it’ll help, do it.” She assured. “I know how much he likes you, you’re all he ever talks about. He tells me all the things he wants to say but he’s too shy. Give him some time, and talk to him.” She added.

Marco nodded and took the scissors off the nightstand and cut a portal open to Tom’s home. He stepped through and looked around. “Tommy?” Marco called sweetly. Tom heard the voice from the other room and threw his face in his pillow. Marco was NOT making this easy for him. Every single time Tom thought he could get rid of these horribly wonderful and confusing feelings, Marco would smile at him and ruin everything!

Tom got up and walked into the living room where Marco was. “Hey, Marco.” He smiled crookedly. Marco walked closer and took Tom’s hand. Tom felt that same fluttery feeling well up in his chest and stomach and he tried to get his heartbeat under control. Tom pulled away and rubbed the back of his head, nervously.

“Tom, I wanted to talk to you.” Marco admitted. “I… you keep shying away whenever we’re together.” He began. “Do you not… like me?” He asked. Tom’s eyes widened and he shook his head frantically, taking Marco by the shoulders.

“Oh Marco! Of course I like you! I…” Tom blushed deeply and trailed off. “That’s the problem.” He sighd. Marco looked confused and leaned closer. Tom felt his face flush deeper and he bit his lip. Finally he closed his eyes tight and balled his hands up into fists and just blurted it all out. “I’m in love with you, Marco!” He cried.

“Yeah, I know.” Marco responded. Tom’s eyes shot opened mortified, he was so embarrassed, especially when Marco started laughing lightly. “I should… I should hope you are. We’re dating.” Marco laughed. “I love you too.”

Tom just stood there totally shocked and mortified. “Y-you love me?” Tom asked, with wide eyes. Marco smiled and nodded.

“Of course I do, Tommy. You know I do. We’re together now.” He told the demon. Tom felt a smile creep up on his face, and before processing this situation he pulled Marco into a kiss. Marco laughed and let the demon spin him around in circles. “Ah! Haha, Tom! What’s up with you?” He asked. Tom put Marco down and blushed.

“I… I didn’t think you… Marco, since when are we dating?” Tom asked. Marco looked confused and fell back a bit. “I-I’ve loved you but I thought that… I thought that you could never… I just wanted the feelings to go away.” Tom sighed. Marco tilted his head to the side and gently touched Tom’s face.

“Tom I never knew you felt that way. Of course I love you.” he promised. “I thought… I kept advancing, and Star told me how you felt and then… I thought you got the hint and it was just mutual.” Marco blushed and rubbed the back of his head. Tom fell in and shrugged timidly, a blush spreading on his own face.

“I guess demons aren’t really too affectionate.” Tom admitted. “We uhm… when you were acting so close to me I just thought humans were like that.” He added, laughing a little at himself. “But I… I would have never guessed you loved me! I mean I dreamed of it, and I wished for it but I didn’t think you really ever would.” He began laughing and then scooped Marco up in a hug. “You love me! You really love me!” He laughed.

Marco smiled big when Tom put him down, and he jumped up to give him a kiss. “Oh Tom, of course I do! You’re sweet and kind and lovable and really cute.” Marco gushed. “I can’t believe I’ve been dating you for a week, but you had no idea.” He giggled. Tom blushed even deeper than he already was.

“Okay, okay. I’m embarrassed enough as it is.” He mumbled.

“What did you think when I tried to kiss you two days ago?” Marco asked, remembering Tom had pulled away and practically ran from him. Tom giggled a bit and held Marco’s hand, smiling at the memory.

“It was confusing but… really nice.” Tom admitted. “I wanted to kiss you so badly, but I convinced myself I was mistaken and that’s not what you were trying to do and… I really regret not kissing you.” Tom rambled, playing with his thumbs. Marco smiled and little and took Tom’s other hand in his.

“Well… you can kiss me now.” Marco offered. Tom flared up and his fire swirled all around him, causing Marco to laugh lightly. “It’s just a suggestion.” He giggled. Tom gulped and reached his hand out to take Marco’s fac and gave him a deep kiss, but as he tried to get closer, Marco had to pull away because of the fire.

“Oh.” Tom stepped back. “I don’t think this is going to work too well.” Tom admitted. Marco smiled at him encouragingly.

“Don’t worry, we’ll get it right someday.”


Hi I’m tyler (15 year old FTM) and I’m pretty sure I’ve submitted on here before but I’m submitting again okay; I finally got my hair cut two days ago (as short as my parents will let me). I want it shorter but it’s good enough for now I guess, I’m still a little dysphoric over it but I’ve realized that I’m able to actually take photos of myself with my hair down without feeling like absolute shit. I think my problem with it is is that I know I won’t pass since I’m still pre-t but I don’t hate the idea of having long hair after I start testosterone? I don’t know, anyway, sorry for rambling. HMU bc I love new friends and I’m always willing to talk with anyone. (:

The Look Of Love

Prompt: Okay so I’ve had this prompt in my head for months now and I really like your writing so could you maybe do dom!punk!phil who basically wants to have sex with pastel!dan all the time because he can’t get enough of him (established relationship) thank you!

Author’s note: I hope this is close to what you had in mind!<3  (1.6k words)  Anyways, I’ll keep naming my fics after 80s songs until my ears fall off from all the synth ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Oh my goodness, I just saw that you were caught up!! I'm sorry!!! But could you do a HC where Newt just loves the smell of your hair or your perfume and he does the thing that puppies do when they want attention? (Ya know where they kinda gently nudge their head against you when you're not giving them enough attention, oh it's just the cutest!) I mean since he's not a puppy, he could be a little flirty?. Sorry I didn't know how to describe that, okay now I'm just rambling. Sorry!!!!

Haha don’t be sorry! This is so cute!

Master list

-Newt was currently laying in your lap, his eyes closed, and nose nuzzling into your stomach.
-“What are you doing?” You laughed.
-Newt just smiled into your shirt, looking up at you before sniffing.
-“Your perfume…it’s distracting.” Newt took in the scent, its sweet smell filling his senses and making him drift into a quiet calm.
-He adored your perfume, even when you weren’t around it somehow stuck in the air, making him miss you terribly.
-“Shall I stop wearing it then?”
-“Never…” Newt wrapped his arms around your torso, taking in a big waft of your perfume as you giggled.
-“Stop that, Newt.”
-But, the wizard wasn’t happy with the lack of attention, and he nuzzled deeper into your stomach, grabbing your wrist and placing it over his head so you could play with his hair like he always liked.
-You sighed at his antics, giving in to your love for him and running your fingers through his messy hair.
-Newt kept his head in your lap, nudging you gently with his nose whenever you stopped.
-“Newton Scamander, stop being so needy.”
-Newt just scoffed, his green eyes staring up at you before giving you a quick wink.

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Was casually planning out my submissions for nalu week and nalu angst week but my parents decide it’s a good time to pick on me and my already shitty mood and I’m so tired and my parents are so pushy and I’ve lost all will to draw so maybe I’ll nap and give them more reason to get angry 🙄

A continuation of this that I didn’t think I’d actually do but…here it is anyway.  Again, Blackmadhi, with implied past Blackbright/Phantomquill and a lot of focus on Simon’s mental state.  Deals once again with Simon’s PTSD and includes descriptions of a panic attack.  Approx. 2600 words.

After that first night, Simon would be lying if he said that things hadn’t gotten better with Nahyuta within the next couple of days.  

The investigation seemed to run smoother, and even though they still bickered some, it was mostly teasing, and the two prosecutors would smile at each other after delivering some half-hearted insults. Yes, once in a while they would actually get frustrated, but that was mostly due to the contrasts in their personalities.  Luckily, it would not really last.

Nahyuta was even able to find a local restaurant that specialized in Japanese food, and surprised Simon with that one evening, which had made him smile rather happily instead of just giving one of his trademark sly smirks.  He could have sworn he saw Nahyuta’s cheeks tinge pink after that, but perhaps he had just imagined it, because the foreign prosecutor had turned his face away.

Even the nights had gotten a little bit better, if only because Nahyuta had been able to drag him out of his nightmares almost as quickly as they began.  Each time he slept, as soon as Fulbright’s face materialized in his mind, Nahyuta was gently shaking Simon awake.  It was poetic, Simon couldn’t help but think…when Fulbright’s face – only existing in his unconscious thoughts – disappeared and Nahyuta’s took its place. At times, Simon had felt an overwhelming urge to reach out and touch the other prosecutor’s features…his cheeks, his hair, his lips…if only because Simon wanted to make sure that he was real.

And that his face was actually his own.

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Training motivation (The Flash- Barry Allen x Reader)

A/N: I don’t have anything against Iris, but in this one she’s just a friend of Barry. Also, I hope you all like this and that it isn’t as bad as I think it is. Might be little unorganized but I wrote it like in 10 minutes and it wasn’t checked or anything. In short, please tell me what you think and sorry. Oh, and it was all inspire by one of @tvshowturtle imagines. REQUESTS ARE OPEN 😂
It was regular Thursday. You were walking down the street to the lab. You were friends with Cisco before the whole Flash thing started and it wasn’t surprising that he let the secret slip. Luckily you were smart and shy, so you kept it to yourself. With time you met Caitlin and Wells. Eventually you met Barry too. It was awkward at the beginning, cause he was nervous and rambling and you were too closed to start normal conversation. Now however you were friends. You knew enough about each other to be comfortable and casually start conversation or even flirt. You were happy that you found such a great group of people you could trust.
When you walked down the corridor you heard Cisco’s voice and faint punches but they were rare. You figured out that he probably made Barry work out, even though it was only 7am.
“Okay. Would you start training?” You walked in at the same time Cisco sighted
“Hello boys” You giggled and kissed Cisco’s cheek. You let your body fall to the chair
“What, no kiss for me?” You quirked an eyebrow at pouting Barry. Idea struck and you smirked
“Cisco ended the project so he deserved, while you didn’t even start” You said pointing to the punching bag. Your others friends laughed and before any of you blinked Barry started throwing punches
“Wow” Cisco whispered standing next to you
“Are you monitoring that?” You whispered back in slight awe
“Yeah” He nodded without taking his eyes off of Barry
It went for another 10 minutes, but in the meantime you and Cisco managed to start your own lab work. Barry being oblivious to that went on and on. It was 7:30 when you felt small breeze next to you. You looked up to see smiling Barry
“So what about that kiss?” You shook your head with small smile and planted soft kiss on his left cheek
“Hope it will be good motivation” You both looked at each other for a bit longer and neither could contain goofy smiles.
Those small moments were the most important ones. The sparkles in the eye. The smile you couldn’t stop. The bitting of the heart that made your cheeks flush. The warmth in your chest that made you feel like home. That feeling was something you couldn’t let go

Forever the One

Summary: When Omega Dan is of age, he is told by his father that he will be sold off to find an Alpha mate. Cue, Alpha Phil. Alpha Phil is in desperate need for a mate, and although Phil is only a few years older than Dan, he holds a reasoning behind why he needs a mate so quickly. When secrets are revealed that give up why Phil needed a mate, this story may not have a happy ending. 

Chaptered Work: This is chapter 9 of 16. 

Warnings: Pure smut and mentions of mpreg. 

Word Count: 1,500 

Authors Note: Hey everyone! Here is the long awaited smut chapter and hopefully you all enjoy it! Fun fact: I wrote the first draft of the chapter when I was drunk and it turned out terrible so I had to completely redo it so I hope this is good! Also, I know I mentioned I’d be longer but I just don’t think I could add any more to this. I literally wrote it out and milked it long as I could and this was the best I could do. If this isn’t what you like or for some reason, you think it didn’t turn out okay, you can skip the chapter. I won’t be offended. However, this is probably going to be the last mention of smut in this story, I just don’t have it planned and honestly, I don’t know if it would be appropriate. Anyway, enough rambling, happy reading! :)

*UPDATE* I may rewrite this chapter at some point so if you’re reading it now, it may be altered if you read it again. Thank you for your patience! 


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A Little Too Much Information● Dean x Reader ●

Originally posted by castielamigos

Synopsis: y/n gets drunk for the first time and vents about love and her sex life with dean in front of Sam and Castiel while Dean is in the room.

Request: pretty please with pie,can you do a angel!reader x dean request where she gets drunk for the first time & starts proclaiming random shit about love and what she loves about dean also her sex life with dean while cas and sam are in the room x-Anonymous

WARNINGS: nothing life threatening, drunk!Reader, fluff, confused!Cas.

A/N: I’m still recovering from a hungover. DON’T GET DRUNK KIDS!

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TAG SQUAD: @archer-whovian-violinist @imslytherin4life @your-silver-and-gold @teeenwolf-writings @bananakid42 @star-gazer178 @thegreatficmaster @livelovelike555

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“I’m going to go have a beer” Dean grumbled, as he opened the door to the bunker.

Sam and Castiel following behind him.

“Well I’m going for shower” Sam said, as they ascended down the stairs.

“Do you hear that?” Dean asked, as he stopped at the bottom of the stairs.

“(y/n)” Dean called out, as he heard crying.

Dean quickly took his gun out, aiming it in front of him.

Sam took out his gun as well, Castiel took his angel blade.

All three of them walked further into the bunker, stopping at the library.

“Thank god” Dean sighed, as he put his gun away.

You pushed the tablet away from you. Looking up at them.

“I love, love” you babbled, making Dean frown. While Sam tried not to laugh, Castiel looked confused at your actions.

“I love how people can look at each other and j-just love each other” you slurred.

“(y/n) are you drunk?” Dean asked, noticing the empty whiskey bottles on the table.

“It’s so beautiful, love is so beautiful, the way that love conquers all, flaws, war, the feeling you get one you love someone it’s like” you sniffled, as Dean rolled his eyes at your drunken rant.

“Are you crying?” Sam asked, noticing tears fall from your eyes.

“Yeah, love makes you cry, and hurts sometimes, it’s like a stab in the heart” you sobbed, grabbing the half empty bottle of whiskey and drinking it. Castiel squint his eyes.

Dean let out a sigh, rubbing his forehead.

“Okay, halo let’s get you into bed, you’re an emotional drunk” Dean grumbled, walking up to you.

Taking the whiskey bottle out of your hands and putting it onto the table. Dean helped you up, making you giggle.

“It also makes you horny, oh heavens Dean I’m so horny for you” you confessed, biting your lip, looking at him with lust.

Dean gulped as your hand wondered down his chest.

“I love you Dean so much you make my vessel feel this pool of wetness in my heat and don’t get me started on how you are in bed, your so good better than good, I want you all day” you rambled, lowering your hand further down until you touched his bulge.

“Whoa (y/n) that’s enough” Dean grumbled, taking your hand away from his jeans.

“I love it when you finger fuck me with those fingers, hitting my g-spot and when you scream my name when I suck your dick” you purred.

“Okay” Sam said, getting weirder out.at first you being drunk was funny to him but now it was just getting plain weird.

“(y/n), babe, princess, no one wants to hear about what we do in the bedroom” Dean said, cupping your cheeks.

“I also love it when you use pet names when you pound into me”

“(y/n) stop please” Dean begged, his cheeks slightly turning a shade a red.

“Are you g-going to punish me with the vibator?” you asked.

“What’s that?” Castiel asked, making Dean look at him.

“Don’t worry about it Cas” Dean grumbled, rubbing soothing circles on your cheeks.

“(Y/n), your drunk and in the morning you’re going to regret what you said” Dean said, looking into your hazy eyes.

“I just love your body on my mine” you mumbled, your eyes fluttering shut. Dean quickly wrapped his arms around you, keeping you from falling.

“Okay, sleep time” Dean gasped out, picking you up bridal style.

Sam smirked when Dean walked past him.

“What’s a vibator?” Castiel asked Sam. Making Sams smile fall.

“Umh, I’m going to go for a shower” Sam said, walking quickly away leaving a confused Castiel behind.


“I love you Dean” you mumbled, as Dean softly laid you down on his bed. Lying next to you. You snuggled into his chest.

“I love you too princess” Dean cooed, kissing the top of your head.

“Just don’t get drunk ever again” Dean grumbled, looking down at you to see your eyes closed.

“Sleep well beautiful” Dean cooed…