okay that sounds weird idk what to call it

yesterday i was at an amusement park and this kid (about my age) kept shouting konichiwa at me (because i’m asian but fyi im chinese not japanese) and i was like okay i’m going to ignore it. fast forward to an hour and i’m on a lil boat tour and there’s this bridge above us right and this kid, dylan, (im p sure i heard his friends call him dylan) fucking spit on us. now this fucking kid, dylan is obviously a racist asshole but i honestly thought he was just gonna say racist stuff not fucking spit on me. but i was on the boat and i couldnt do anything so once again i ignored the racist asshole. 

okay now few hours later, i’m on a roller coaster with my lil bro and we had just finished the ride. i wave at my family who is watching me from the benches afar. i notice behind, yeAH THAT’S RIGHT GODDAMN FUCKING DYLAN IS BEHIND ME ON THE FREAKING ROLLER COASTER. and i was legit like okay i’m not going to do anything cause i’m a good moral fucking being. but then, oh THEN THIS KID shouts at my family and he literally goes, “AY AYYY ehhaaAYY konichiwa! konicHIWA!” i look behind him and kinda glared and his friend goes “dylan stop,” and mofo dylan goes, “shut the fuck up.”

then he looks at me and shouts konichiwa and spits beside me like okay bitch. so we get of this roller coaster and i’m super mad like dylan the racist has been bothering me this entire day. my brother happens to be standing next to him when we got off the roller coaster so i look dylan mctrump in the eye and i go, “step away from the racist” in this obnoxious sarcastic voice. and he was like “yOOO THAT GIRL JUST CALLED ME RACIST” to all of his friends. and i was super pissed like bitch honey stumpy trumpy u are racist. idk what but he kept shouting slurs and me and followed me and continued to shout konichiwa (which probably sounded fucking weird to a japanese speaking person as he was basically aggressively screaming heLLO) 

okay anyways, i got really mad and i flipped him off and he was literally like, “oh shit that tiny asian kid just flipped me off, duDE SHE FLIPPED ME OFF”

yeah okay ik vvv anticlimatic but i just wanted to say that i fucking hate racist people and i hope dickwipey dylan eats a gym sock.