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worst behavior || nursey + jack


He doesn’t answer him, typing away at his keyboard in a way that’s visibly agitated, or at least irritable. What are normally soft, smooth clicks against the mac’s surface are now harsh, broken-sounding; each near-slam of his slim fingers makes a sharp clack in the quiet of the haus’ living room.

“Nursey,” Jack says again.

The continued silence makes it clear that he’s being ignored. Inwardly, he sighs.

“Twenty-eight, your captain is talking to you. Answer, now.”

At this, the typing stops. Nurse looks up at him, slowly, and his face is so uncomfortably nondescript and blank that Jack cringes a little inside of himself.

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OTP Quotes Challenge

A belated celebration for reaching 5000+ followers! Here we have a list of random quotes for you to use for your OTP! You can have followers tell you numbers to draw your OTP as, or you can write stories based on your favorites, or both! Take these quotes in any direction you like for your creative use. Have fun!

  1. “Aah! That tickles!”
  2. “whAT IS THAT?!”
  3. “woah what happened while I was gone”
  4. “wait no that’s mine what are you doing”
  5. “No, I’m paying”
  6. “It’s fine, stop worrying about me”
  8. “Come over here— oh crap no don’t fall— why does this always happen”
  9. “just tAKE THE JACKET”
  10. “I’m so hungry I could eat a— stop looking at me like that in public”
  11. “Well, that was certainly awkward”
  13. “are… are you awake? Did you fall asleep already”
  14. “great, what did you bring home this time?”
  15. “I don’t know why you don’t like this outfit on you. You look splendid.”
  16. “aaah I can’t stop blushing… No you’re not helping at all”
  17. “I can’t believe they spelled your name wrong again”
  19. “I can’t… I can’t believe you actually remembered…”
  20. “Put some clothes on already, jeez! We have company coming!”
  21. “okay, and how much money did you spend on that thing?”
  22. “I wish we could stay here forever”
  23. “who was that? oh… your cousin…”
  24. “You okay? You seem a little off today”
  25. “I’m fine
  26. “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”
  27. “c-can I hold your hand?..”
  29. “oh, remember when you used to wear that all the time? Good times.”
  30. “you can’t run so it’ll be faster if I just carry you”
  31. “You don’t need to tell me— I’ve memorized your order by now”
  32. “y-you look… you look very nice.”
  33. “did that person just take a picture of us?”
  34. “c’mon, let’s dance!”
  36. “oh, we are not letting you drive when you’re like this”
  37. “you’re a nerd. but my favorite nerd.”
  38. “why do you find those cute I hate those pictures of myself”
  39. “you’re very warm… It’s nice.”
  40. “You know what? I wasn’t even surprised by that. I’m that used to you.”
  41. “Wait, stay right there— I’ve got a song for you”
  42. “oh thank goodness… I didn’t think you’d still be here.”
  43. “You don’t have to do this if you’re scared”
  45. “I can’t believe you actually bought that”
  46. “that… that was a lot different than I thought it’d be”
  48. “let’s pretend I didn’t see you do that”
  49. “You’re too sweet”
  50. “ah, you’re up. how’d you sleep?”

Liam Dunbar x Reader

Requested by @alphanerd5sos

Warnings: Sexual content, smut, nsfw.
Word count: 2 134

Request: Can you a write a Liam Dunbar smut where the reader and him are bffs and she asks him what to do when you have sex and they kinda have feelings after they do it??

A/N: With the combination of the one Anon asking for ‘First time with Liam’.

You looked back and forth between your books and Liam, who was sitting at his desk, writing down information you needed for your presentation next week in history class. He was shuffling his feet under the chair in the same rhythm he tapped the tip of his pen against his textbook.

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The Guy Upstairs

Word Count:2,588 

Warning: Smut 

A/N: a nice smut story with a little bit of aggressive Jin. Again! Big shout out to bangtans-baby for the quick edit!^^

 You tapped your pencil against your notebook in an annoyed manner. You knew in college, partying was second nature. But what you didn’t understand is how someone could have a party every week. How and when did their school work get done? This was the problem you were having with your upstairs neighbor, Jin. Over and over, you had asked him to keep the noise down but he continued to neglect your feelings. And this wasn’t one of those parties’s where people invite friends over for a small gathering but a P-A-R-T-Y! Where there is liquor and loud music involved. Students become sloppy drunk and no longer care about their surroundings or the people around them. They puke and fall down everywhere, not to mention the aftermath of cleaning up the mess. 

A loud thud followed by cheering interrupted you from your thoughts. You threw the comforter off of you in a huff and changed into sweatpants. You grabbed your keys and left out of the front door. Before you could take a step, a guy spouted vomit over the hallway floor and himself. This was the shit you were talking about, the negligence. Who was gonna clean this up once the party was over? It wasn’t like you stayed in the dorms and have janitors tidy up the place. You, Jin, and another guy on the third floor stayed in an apartment building and paid a quarter of the rent. The rest was funded by the school. The best part was that you had your own apartment to yourself, complete privacy. 

No roommates, no RA, no school staff to bother you. It sounded like heaven on earth that is, until you found out your neighbor was a party animal. And when he wasn’t partying, he was fucking his extremely vocal girlfriend. The sounds of their lovemaking was so loud and vivid, they could of been fucking right next to her. You stomped up the stairs. His apartment door was wide open, people stumbling in and out. After wandering around, you found Jin in the kitchen with some friends and his girlfriend. He looked buzzed but alert. When he spotted you walking towards him, he smiled. 

“Look who finally came to party.”

 "Can I have a word with you?“ You spoke, trying to keep the irritation out of your voice. Jin pulled you into his bedroom which, surprisingly, was neat and clean. He closed the door behind you, shutting out the rest of the party. 

"So what’s up?" 

You turned to face him, crossing your arms. "You promised me the last time that you would keep the noise and bumping down to a minimum. I know we are neighbors and we have to deal with each other until one of us moves out but could you at least show some compassion? I’m trying to study for an exam coming up in a few days but your parties are distracting. If I wanted to study or do homework in the privacy of my own home, I should be able to do that without being disturbed." 

Jin looked at you sympathetically. "I apologize. I’ve had a tough week with school and I wanted to relax with some friends. I swear, we will try to keep it down next time." 

"You said that last time, Jin!" 

"And I mean it this time.” He countered. You scoffed and walked passed him but before you could leave out the room, he spoke again. “You’re always so uptight. I’m here if you ever want to relieve that stress." 

You rolled your eyes and headed back to your apartment, slamming the door once you made it inside. That night, you slept with a pillow over your head until the party died down at 4:30 that morning. You awoke mid-afternoon and dress for class. You heard noises in the hallway but didn’t pay much attention to it until you stepped outside your door. Four guys were thoroughly cleaning from top to bottom. They were washing the walls, sweeping, mopping, and dusting off the banister. Soon there wouldn’t be a trace of a party ever occurring. You were really impressed. 

"Excuse me but why are you doing this?” You asked one of the boys. 

“Jin paid us to clean his apartment and the hallway." 

"Oh… okay. Well thank you, you guys are doing a great job." 

You left and returned a couple hours later to find Jin waiting at your door. "What are you doing here?” You questioned, earning a chuckle from him. 

“I live here too.” He stated. You scoffed and rolled your eyes. 

“I meant what are you doing at my door?" 

"I was hoping if you would let me take you to lunch. There was something I wanted to talk to you about." 

You looked in his face to see if he was joking. You and Jin never associated with one another outside of the apartment building. But it’s wasn’t "drunk Jin” or “silly Jin” only a guy with a serious look on his face. 

You found yourself at the local diner sitting across from Jin. You two had ordered a simple burgers, fries, and coke and were waiting on the waiter to bring it to the table. He was the first to speak and break the silence. 

“Thanks for joining me today. I know this may seem a little sudden." 

 "That’s okay but I’m curious to know what you wanted to talk about." 

"First, I would like to apologize about the loud noise coming from my place every weekend. It was selfish of me to ignore your feelings and disrespectful of me not to let you know what is going on. So I’m coming to you like a man and letting you know that from now on, I promise not to make a sound.” The last thing you expected was for him to apologize and it caught you off guard. 

“Second, I promise to clean up after each party. You don’t have worry when you step outside your door." 

 You took a sip of your drink and cleared your throat. "Thank you for understanding, it really means a lot. I’ll try not to bitch at you so much if that helps." 

"It does,” Jin smiled. You both shared a laugh before lifting your glasses for a toast. “To neighbors…" 

"To neighbors!" 


The pillow was pressed against your ears, trying to drown out the sounds. It had been two weeks since Jin had taken you to lunch and promised to keep the noise down. But as of that moment, he was upstairs fucking his annoyingly loud girlfriend. Not to mention the bed was bumping against the wall. The day before, he had threw another party. It was so chaotic that drunk people were trying to enter in to your apartment. You should have known better than to trust a word that came out of his mouth. Jin will always be an inconsiderate jerk who only cared about himself. You were over it. 

The next day, you stormed up the stairs banging hard on his door until he opened it. A sleepy head Jin emerged from the other side of the door. His hair was unkempt and he was shirtless. You figured he would still in bed, after all, he did have a long night. Jin rubbed his eyes trying to focus on you. 

"What’s up?” His deep raspy voice asked. Your breath hitched in your throat as you lost your train of thought. 

“We need to talk.” You pushed past him and entered his home, waiting on him to lock up. What you needed to say was unpleasant and you didn’t want your other neighbor to hear. It’s suddenly dawned on you that his girlfriend could still be there. You didn’t ask before you came barging in and it made you somewhat uncomfortable. 

“She’s not here.” Jin spoke. He caught you looking around, trying not to be obvious but you failed. It’s actually surprised you when you heard his voice again. You weren’t aware that he was watching your every move. 

“Oh… well that’s good,” you tried to play it off by flipping your hair in disinterest. “I didn’t want your girlfriend to think something was going on between us." 

Jin uncrossed his arms and walked closer to you. "She’s not my girlfriend.” He whispered in your ear before walking into the bathroom. You heard the faucet running and you took the time to take a breath. Your heart was pounding and you didn’t know why but you were also nervous. This was the second time you were alone with Jin but this time you were in his house and it was just the two of you. It didn’t help that you were wearing tight short shorts and a loose sleeveless shirt, while he just paraded around in just pajama pants. 

“So what did you want to talk about?" 

You turned around and found Jin still topless, drying his face and hair with a towel. Your eyes drifted down to his abs that flexed every time he moved his arms. When your gaze returned to his face, the end of his lip was curled in a smirk. You placed your hands on your hips to show him that you meant business. 

"We sat at lunch and you promised me that you weren’t going to be noisy." 

"When was I noisy?" 

You narrowed your eyes at him. "The party two days ago! It was so out of control people were trying to break in to my house! And then yesterday, your girlfriend was screaming so loud I can still hear her voice echoing in my head." 

Now it was Jin turn to cross his arms. "When a party ends, it’s up to them to find their way home. I apologize if they thought your door was home. And I told you, she is not my girlfriend. Just someone I sleep with from time to time.” 

"But they are your guests!” You screamed at him. 

“Yeah but I told you that "I” would keep down the noise. I never mentioned anything about my friends or guests.“ He stated confidently. Your eyes widen at the true nature of his words. All at once your anger boiled over. 

"You asshole! I can’t believe I trusted a single word that came out of that smart ass mouth of yours!” But Jin only laughed. 

“Now, now… I thought you promised to be less bitchy." 

"Fuck you!" 

You stormed towards the door, only to have it slammed back in your face and you being pushed up against it. Jin turned you around and leaned in close to your face. His all to familiar smirk present on his face. 

"With an attitude like yours, you make me want to. Maybe then, you wouldn’t be so uptight." 

You stared into his eyes and without thinking, your lips crushed his. Jin responded by pulling your body towards his. Your tongues met in the middle as the fight for dominance began. He gripped your hips, making you feel his present hard on. The kiss ended and his mouth latched on to the side of your neck while he fondled your breast in his palm. 

"Do you always leave out the house without a bra?” Jin whispered in your ear. He didn’t even give you time to respond back before your shirt was being lifted over your head. Immediately, he spotted a piercing on your right nipple and chuckled. “You really are a bad girl." 

Jin placed his mouth over the entire areola, flicking the piercing with his tongue. His hands worked removing your shorts until you were standing in front of him naked. He grabbed your hand and led you to his bedroom, tossing you on his bed. 

"Wait, won’t your friend get upset that you’re fucking someone else?" 

"Why must you keep bringing her up? Is it because you are jealous after hearing me fuck her last night?” You rolled your eyes. 


 Jin nodded and leaned his body over yours. "Good, because I plan on fucking you harder." 

He kissed down your neck, between the valley of your breasts, down your stomach until your glistening pussy rested in front of his face. He placed a light kiss just above your clit and moved away. Jin stripped out of his pants and laid with his back on the bed. You questioned his movements until he pulled you on top of him with your pussy in his face and his cock in yours. Instantly you felt his tongue lapping at your clit. You gripped the base of his cock and licked up the precum that was dripping down his shaft. Placing your mouth over the tip, your head bobbed up and down as you stroked him, taking more of him in your mouth. You heard him grunting under you which only encouraged you to move faster. Jin removed his mouth to wet his index and middle finger. He used his middle finger to tease your tight ass hole before penetrating it. His index finger entered your pussy and his mouth went back to work on your clit. You were in complete bliss and could feel yourself leaking down his finger. You groan around his cock and retaliated by massaging his balls. Right away, he pushed you forward, making his cock leave your mouth. 

 "Fuck,” he groaned. “Ride me." 

He held his cock still as you hovered over him. Slowly you slid down his length, emitting a moan from both of you as he stretched you open. You leaned forward and held on to his thighs as you began rocking your hips back and forth. Jin had a clear view of your ass and his cock moving inside your pussy. You moved your hand to rub your clit, tightening yourself around him. Jin felt the difference and threw his head back, relaxing against the mattress. His hands gripped your waist as he helped you grind on him. After listening to his reaction, you turned your head to look back. 

"Cumming already?” You teased. 

“Not even close." 

Jin sat up, wrapping his arm around your waist and flipped the two of you over so that he was on top. He spread your legs wider making his cock sink further into you. You held on to the bed for dear life as he plowed into you over and over. You voice echoed off the wall and you could feel the bed moving across the floor under two bodies. You finally understood what it felt like to be vocal and you loved the feeling. You were surprised if the entire neighborhood didn’t hear your moans. That feeling at the pit of your stomach was approaching and you knew you were close. Jin did too. His finger slowly circled your clit while still pounding away made your orgasm come a little too soon. Your pussy squeezed him, refusing to let go until your orgasm died down. Jin helped you ride it out by thrusting into you harder and faster. His orgasm was not too far behind. He pulled out and nutted all over your ass and back. He fell to the side of you and the room became quiet as you both tried to catch your breath. 

"So now do you promise to keep down the noise?” You asked, sitting up to look at him. 

 Jin thought for a minute before he answered. “Nope." 

"But, why?" 

"Now that I know what you will do to me if I’m loud, I think I’m gonna throw a party every day.”

the thing i love about skam is just how much POVs matter.

i remember when the “passe på meg” clip aired in s3, and we found out that even had seen isak on the first day of school, that he’d had an interest in isak since the first day of school, and that he’d gone to kosegruppa specifically to meet isak. up until then, it had seemed more like isak pursuing even, in the sense of isak being more captivated by even than even was of isak. and that was the point. because we saw things through isak’s eyes, not even’s. if we had seen it through even’s eyes, we would have understood just how much even had been pursuing isak since the very beginning (and when you go back and watch those clips with that knowledge now, it totally makes sense).

up until now, sana has been painted as this incredibly fierce, strong, unapologetic girl who doesn’t tolerate any kind of ignorance. she’s consistently portrayed as confident and outspoken throughout the past three seasons. then BAM. s4 airs, we’re seeing things from her perspective, and there’s this dramatic shift, almost instantly. 

she’s still the same sana. she stares down the woman on the bus. she snaps at vilde when vilde won’t shut up about how much sex she’s having and corrects her when vilde says “you can’t have sex”. she tells the girls that she thinks it’s their responsibility to tell noora about william’s new girlfriend considering william won’t tell her himself. these are all very sana-like traits. 

but now, we see just how much she has to put up with, too. it’s the more subtle things. the rushing to silence her phone when she was on the bus because shit shit shit, it’ll freak some people out. the fact that yes, her friends ordered another pizza without any pork on it, but the meat was still haram. but it was a kind gesture of them to think of it in the first place, right? so she doesn’t complain, she just silently picks the meat off, not wanting to seem ungrateful despite the fact that really, don’t they know by now?

and then we have the texts, too. the girls want to go out and get drunk, and we all know sana loves to party, that she doesn’t need to drink to have fun, but they were all going to the park specifically to sit around and drink all day. vilde, saying all of the other girls have had boyfriends except her when, okay, sana chooses not to have one (whereas vilde clearly desperately wanted a boyfriend), but it’s this subtle little exclusion. all of you have had boyfriends apart from me. well, no, actually. sana hasn’t.

and it’s so subtle. things that we would only get from seeing life through her eyes. but it’s chipping away at her, bit by bit, these little instances of being excluded, of her friends not quite getting it. and it’s so heartbreaking to see, but so, so clever, too. because suddenly i just feel like we - like the characters on the show - have misjudged sana completely. she’s still strong, she’s still fierce. but she swallows a lot down, too. she’s hurting more than we originally thought. she feels more misunderstood than we originally thought. and i am so impressed that in a clip that was less than 8 minutes long, we have already seen a completely different side to sana than we got throughout the last 3 seasons.

Obliviate // Draco Malfoy x Reader

Summary: After the summer away from Draco you are beyond excited to see him again. Except once you two are reunited you notice something is off about him. When you confront him about it you learn of the darkness that rests within him, terrifying you.

Word Count: 1,928

Warning(s): None

A/N: AHHH finally a Draco imagine!!!

Disclaimer(s): Not my gif credit to owner

You’re gleaming with excitement as you walk through Kings’ Cross Station, you can’t wait to get back to Hogwarts. All summer you had been counting down the days until you were going to see all your friends again. You had especially been waiting until you were going to see Draco Malfoy, your long-term boyfriend, again. You were meant to stay with him for the last bit of summer before sixth year begins, but he said something came up with his family and they weren’t in the right position to hold company.

When you reach Platform 9 ¾ you barely bid your family goodbye before dashing through the barrier. You had gotten there extra early, one so your parents could say goodbye before they had to leave for work and two so you could see Draco sooner. You set your trunk and other belongings in the train and step back out onto the platform to wait for Draco.

When the distinct platinum blond hair comes into view, which can belong to none other than your boyfriend, you are not surprised to see him going at it with Potter. You just chuckle and roll your eyes, this ongoing feud was almost becoming comical. You watch the two, unable to tell if Draco lunges at Potter to taunt him or actually fight him. Though, you can tell that Potter lunged to fight before being pulled back by Weasley.

If you lay one hand on my boy Draco will be the least of you problems, Potter. You laugh at the thought of you actually causing harm to someone. Though, you never know what you’ll do for Draco. You always manage to surprise yourself.

Draco brushes off his tailored, black suit before looking forward again.

He seems a little off, even from a distance. He’s always been pale but at the moment he looks completely flushed; you can tell that he’s stressed from the tension in his muscles and the worry lines you can see from where you’re standing.

You catch his eye, him managing to stare deep into your eyes from meters away. He lets a smile take over his usual scowl when his grey eyes meet your Y/E/C ones. His smile makes your heart flutter as usual, for you know how you are one of the few people, or things, which can actually get Draco Malfoy to show a real smile. He shuffles along to you and you tilt your head, confused as to where his typical strut had gone. Draco Malfoy doesn’t shuffle he struts, everyone knows that. Something must really be off.

“Hi, love,” he quietly speaks, smiling down at you. He grabs you by your elbows, his normally firm grip turned feeble. He places a light kiss on your lips, you can still feel the passion but the power is nowhere near how it usually is when you’ve been apart for this long. "How was your summer?“ His voice is so quiet and frail, what happened to him?

"I think I may need you to answer that first,” you say while taking both his hands in yours. “Are you okay? You seem a little… off.” You just want to get straight to the point, if something is wrong with Draco you want to know now and fix it fast.

His eyes leave yours and he gazes off to the side and his smile recedes from his face, “I may have left some things out of the letters I sent you.” He sighs, “We need to talk,” he looks to the ground, then back to you. “Alone.”

“Okay,” you nod with a sympathetic voice, you give him a small, encouraging smile.

He struggles to smile back before taking one of your hands and leading you onto the train. You tell him the compartment you had previously left your belongings in and he takes you there, relieved to see no one else is in it or its surrounding compartments. You take a seat and he turns to close the doors tightly. He stands there for a second, hands gripping the handles of the door so hard his knuckles turn white, his back faced to you, he seems to be gathering his thoughts.

In a blink of an eye he sharply turns one hundred eighty degrees and rushes to sit across from you. He sits still for a moment before he looks down at his lap and starts to rub his palms up and down his thighs. What could he be so nervous to tell you?

You place a hand on his knee and only his eyes move up to look at you. “Draco,” you say in a small voice. “It’s going to be okay,” you give him yet another encouraging smile. At that tears start to form in his eyes. Was it something you said? What’s going on with him? “Dray, you’re beginning to worry me,” you voice is soft almost a whisper, you take one of his hands in yours and rub circles on the back of his with your thumb.

“I’m scared,” he whispers. “I’m scared,” he repeats letting a single tear fall.

“What are you scared of baby?” You sweetly ask while placing a hand on his cheek.

He melts into your palm, placing the hand not currently being held by yours and places it over top the one on his cheek. You feel his tears start to collect in your hand and you try to wipe them away as they fall with your thumb. He lets out a few whimpers and you know to give him time to get out what he needs to say.

“I’m scared of everything,” his voice is barely a whisper now. “I’m scared of what I’ve become, what I’ve been told to do. What will happen if I do it and what will happen if I don’t. I’m scared I’m going to lose everything,” he sniffles. He looks up, reconnecting his eyes to yours. “I’m so scared I’m going to lose you.”

“Dray, you’ll never lose-”

“You don’t know what I did,” he cuts you off. “And what I’m set to do.” His gaze leaves yours once more. His face turns deeply solemn and you can see the pain twinging in his eyes. He removes your hands from him, breaking all contact and sits up. Tears continue to roll down his cheeks when he speaks, "And I think it may be better, safer for you if you were to just break up with me and forget we ever existed.“

"Draco, don’t say that,” you sharply remark, tears now filling your eyes. “Don’t ever say that,” your voice breaks. “Whatever you did,” you grab his hand. “We’ll get through it together.”

His eyes meet yours and he slowly shakes his head. “If you stay with me, if he knows how important you are to me,” he swallows hard. “He’ll hurt you. He’ll torture you to make sure I do what he wants.”

“Who?” You ask so quietly you’re unsure Draco could even hear you.

He looks down at his forearm. Your breath gets caught up in your throat. You hope that it’s not what you think. Then, he begins to roll up his sleeve and you see it. Evil rests inked into his skin forever.

He has become a Death Eater.

“No,” you shake your head, tears falling furiously from your eyes. “No,” you place your head in your hands. “This can’t be happening,” you sob.

“I’m so sorry,” he chokes out. “But I had no choice.”

You look up at him, barely being able to see through the tears in your eyes. You know for a fact he really didn’t have a choice, but he’s still done it and you know you can’t be with him anymore. It’s an internal battle, you know he’s right and it’ll be safer for you if you leave him but you can’t let him go through this alone. He’s going to lose everyone at school if they find out, you can’t let him lose the one that is most important to him.

“I-I don’t- I don’t know what to do,” you say. “It will be safer for me if I leave you,” he winces at your words. “But I can’t, I won’t.” You see a bit of hope gleam in his eyes. “Draco,” you take both his hands in yours again. “I know this is scary, you’re going to need me now more than ever. I’m not on his side but I’m not going to let you deal with being one of them alone.”

The hope in his eyes falters and is replaced with remorse. “You don’t want this,” he shakes his head. “You can say it all you want that you want to help me through this but you don’t. You want to runaway from it and I don’t blame you for that I really don’t,” he squeezes your hands. “I know you’ll never admit it and you won’t leave my side knowing what we once were.”

“Once were?” You question.

Draco knows you better than anyone and he knows the sheer terror that rang through you the second you saw the fatal flaw on his arm. He knows that you’ll stand by him through it and that eventually it will all become too much for you. Even once you reach your inner turmoil, he knows you will still stand by him. He knows the love you have for him is so strong that even once every bit of your soul is lost to terror you will still be at his side.

All of this is why he knows what he has to do.

“I’m so sorry,” he says and you give him a confused look. He kisses you once more, with more passion and desire than all of your past kisses combined. Tears roll down his cheeks as he knows this will be the last time he’ll ever feel your lips pressed against his. The last time he’ll ever feel that you two are one.

“I love you,” he whispers after pulling away, his face only centimeters away.

You don’t know what is going on in his head but that doesn’t stop you from responding, “I love you, too.”

Draco lets out a sob when the words leave your mouth. It’ll be the last time you ever say those words to him.

He does his best to pull out his wand without you noticing. You are both staring deep into each other’s eyes. You don’t notice him moving his wand close to your temple. He closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath before uttering the most painful word.


He erases the memories of you two from your mind. He leaves a few behind from first and second year when you two only spoke when one needed help in class. He knew even with being obliviated you would question why you had seemingly never spoken to him.

When the memory charm is completed he quickly gets up and exits the compartment while you are still in a daze. He stands in the corridor for a moment, breathing heavily with his back faced to your compartment. He peers over his shoulder and gets a last look at you. His heart can’t take it, he immediately begins to shake with vicious sobs. He runs down the corridor to an empty compartment, sits in the corner, pulls his knees to his chest in attempts to become as small as possible and sobs until he runs out of tears.

“What’ve I done?” He repeats countlessly. 

Lore of Darkiplier and Antisepticeye

This is here by lore and theories from two fans of Markiplier and Jacksepticeye and means no harm by what we write. This is simply fun, nor is anything really cannon unless already stated. We don’t want to get into debates or say these  characters could be anyway shape or form real. We adore and love these youtubers and would never want to make them unhappy or uncomfortable. Thank you and here is our findings. -B


-Mark made a contract with Dark when he first started youtube (like back in 2011)

-Dark would allow him to gain love and support and gain the ability to make the effect in the world he wanted too, with the rule that Dark could periodically take over Mark’s body (and basically just exist latently inside Mark)

-Eventually Mark just kind of went into denial that Dark was real because Dark rarely showed up (except for the few times that Mark doesn’t really remember much because Dark took over the vessel and Mark’s consciousness was just kind of knocked unconscious) (this having similar ideology to when someone with split personalities ‘falls asleep’ or ‘loses time’)

-So Mark started laughing at the idea that Dark was real, and was greatly amused by the fanbase

-But Dark wasn’t pleased…….

-He wanted his share of the bargain, and he was trying to find an opening when he could gain control of the vessel

-Then the fanbase discovered Anti (translation: “created” Anti)

-Dark was told by the greater demons to try to contain Anti, but he didn’t find it that easy…

-Dark is a much older demon than Anti, having come into existence a very long time ago, far before Mark ever made a contract with him

-Also his real name isn’t Dark. That’s just the nickname he adopted because of the fanbase

-Dark has a fun time deciding what his appearance will be. While he appreciates the appeal of nicely done up suits and ties, and he really enjoys looking nice, he also does enjoy dressing up more “punk” I suppose (especially because when he rips the sleeves off Mark’s shirts it pisses Mark off and that’s so much fun)

-Dark has his own personality, own style, but has caught up with the times. This then creating his best advantage when he puts himself in front of an audience.

-During the “Date with Markiplier” video, Dark took over Mark’s body finally after a very long time of staying silent and inside, not only because Anti was starting to become more active, but also because he saw it as a brilliant opportunity to completely win over the vessel from Mark and get his side of the bargain

-This created the idea of ‘Dark’ into the cannon for the fanbase.

-Dark has a tendency to use Mark’s voice against him, and against the people around him. Everyone knows Mark’s voice is really nice and really attractive, but when Dark uses it for his own uses, it’s so much worse, and because it looks like Mark, no one really understands why Mark is suddenly so much more seductive, but it’s just Dark taking advantage of the faculties provided by his host

-Dark is a psychopath. He has no guilt or remorse, no empathy, no emotion, hes extremely narcissistic and is superficially charming, as well as dishonest, manipulative, and reckless - all traits of a psychopath

-Both Anti and Dark are incredible actors this fooling everyone they come into contact with - even fooling people like their family and friends.

-Dark is a sadist, so he will be looking to inflict as much pain as he can on the chosen victim. As whatever will hurt the person the most. This could be rejection, physical pain, or otherwise.

-First you will see it as Mark, our lovable doof and nothing will seem abnormal. Only when he is tired of using the host will he become his own entity. WIth the knowledge he has gained about the victim will use that against your will.

-Dark is a master manipulator, and has no remorse or guilt for anything he does. He simply enjoys the act of inflicting pain

-Dark has a magnificent way with words, and coupled with Mark’s fantastic voice, it’s hard to say no to him. Really hard. If he tells you to sit, you sit. If he tells you to kneel at his feet, you do it. If he tells you to kill yourself, you find a cliff and jump. It’s almost impossible to say no to him, no matter what he asks for. His words are sweet whispers in your ears telling you that if you just give yourself over to him the pain will end. But it never does


-Anti was just the idea of a demonic figure, but the fanbases sudden obsession with him slowly made him grow into an actual creature with a large amount of malicious intent

-When he fully became real, that’s when shit hit the fan

-Anti is crazy and angry and out for blood, and he won’t stop until he gets his quota (and who knows how much that is)

- Anti being based around Jack, he has his qualities since the fanbase had to have a vessel when creating up this creature.

- These qualities are more superficial than anything, like jacks green hair or bone structure. His laugh and over chaotic personality.

-While Jack stands for believing in yourself and being who you are, Anti would do anything for his victims to be shocked and taken back and scared with his existence. Also taking Jack’s worst qualities like his self doubt Anti will use this to make others feel bad this acting as a lure when talking to victims.

-Whereas Dark has a (mostly) consensual contract with Mark, Anti has nothing of the sort with Jack. Since Anti was created from Jack, he has no idea the demon is in him, and Anti is thrilled by this

-It means he can cause so much more havoc (such as making Jack hurt himself or others and then let Jack take back over the vessel with no memory of what the hell happened)

-This is why Dark has a 3d appearance when he takes over his vessel, whereas Anti is more glitchy - because he has no consent to take over Jack’s body, and so the two are fighting for control of the vessel

-We as the viewers see this as glitching or 3-D as that is what we has humans can relate this too. These are youtubers so it makes sense to the brain that they would look in a way related to technology. It’s also the only way our brains can really understand the real way they look, as human minds can’t handle that kind of eldritch thing

-Anti is a sociopath. He’s a pervasive liar, he’s physically aggressive, has no regard for his or others safety, and also has no remorse - all traits of a sociopath

-Anti loves to cause pain, but he’s also obsessed with inflicting pain on himself more than anything else. He’s very masochistic, and thus makes a perfect partner in crime to Dark, the opposite to him

-Anti blames other people for his own faults, mistakes and actions, like when he blamed the viewers for Jack’s death in his halloween video. This being shown as him killing the prized possesion of the fanbase, Jack.

-Anti has no regard for consequences, and believes he can get away with anything. He didn’t really kill Jack, but because the fanbase saw him appear to do so, he caused as much pain as he could, which he loves to do


-Markiplier seals a contract with the demon later to become known as Dark

-Markiplier starts his first channel, Markiplier

-Markiplier’s first channel is cut off from ad revenue, and thus gets canceled

-Markiplier starts his second channel, MarkiplierGAME

-Markiplier uploads the video “don’t blink” on June 19th, 2012, the first recorded (and canon appearance of the creature known as “Darkiplier”

-Markiplier uploads the video “don’t move” on July 4th, the second recorded (and canon) appearance of Darkiplier. This marks the first time Dark uses the black and white effect

-The fandom starts to notice Dark’s presence and creates a separate persona of Markiplier named Darkiplier as Mark continues to upload videos where he stares into the camera and just generally acts creepy

-The October of Terror Livestreams of 2012 start, where multiple appearances of Dark are recorded

-Markiplier uploads the video titled “Mr Kitty Saves the World” on July 23rd, 2013. A little over halfway through the video, it seems to glitch out, and Darkiplier’s face shows up on screen, with the words “THANK YOU” being heard through a distorted filter. Then the video loops back to the beginning, signifying the first time Dark uses looping as an effect. Mark also starts this episode by mentioning that he’s been having nightmares and seeing things out of the corners of his eyes

-Markiplier uploads the video titled “Error #53” on the same day as “Mr Kitty Saves the World” July 23rd, 2013. The “game” he’s playing seems to be riddled with glitches and problems, but he just brushes it off as nothing much, until near the end when everything seems to glitch out and Mark’s webcam disappears

-Just five days later, Markiplier uploads the episode titled “Raspy Hill”, and a little over halfway through this video, it glitches out once again, and the gameplay is replaced by clips from the gameplay with what we think is Mark’s voice over it (but what may actually be Mark being influenced by Dark) saying things like “Lately I haven’t been feeling like…myself” and “But it’s okay, because you’re here now. Here…you’ll be safe”

-Markiplier has another October of Terror Livestream in 2013, where Dark makes a couple of appearances

-Markiplier uploads “Jumpscare Friends” on May 12, 2014, where Dark seems to take over his body by the end, gaining control of the vessel through Mark’s heightened fear senses. This also shows that Dark can influence others around him, causing the others around Mark to make him anxious and frightened

-Markiplier uploads a video titled “The Way Too Serious Dance” on April 6th, 2015, where he claims that the dance he does can summon Darkiplier. This may only be Mark poking fun at the character the fanbase has created, but by this point Mark has completely gone into denial about the fact that Dark is real

-Markiplier uploads a video titled “Surgeon Simulator IN REAL LIFE” on May 10th, 2016, where by the end it’s shown that Mark is manipulating Matt into cutting Ryan apart, like on the game Surgeon Simulator. This is likely just a sketch, and not an actual appearance of Dark, but it’s noteworthy nonetheless

-Later that year, on August 14th, Markiplier uploaded a video titled “relax”, which features Darkiplier as a prominent figure who attacks Mark in the pool as he’s thanking the audience for 14 million subscribers. This likely isn’t an actual appearance from Dark, but is Mark acknowledging the “angsty, emo” persona the fanbase has by now made Dark out to be. At this point Mark believes that Dark doesn’t truly exist, more parodying the idea.

-On February 14th of 2017, Markiplier uploaded a video titled “A Date With Markiplier”, which seems to simply be a pick your own adventure style video with multiple endings, but quickly becomes more than that when Darkiplier shows up physically and clearly for pretty much the first time. He takes over Mark’s body in “HORROR” and talks directly to the viewers for a long period of time, talking about how he’s been cast aside (both by Mark himself as well as by the heightened presence of Anti in the dual fanbase’s mind), as well as talking about how he can give us more choices than Mark can (despite the fact that in reality, he only gives us one choice - the other three are links to his older appearances: don’t blink, don’t move, and relax). In the video titled “FREEDOM!” Mark once again appears and fights Dark (although Mark here is actually Tyler in a Mark mask but let’s not get too meta). In the end, a gun is dropped and we as the player are given the option of who to shoot. If the dialogue of the two Mark’s is actually listened too, it’s pretty clear which Mark is real. While Dark says things like “Kill him! He needs to die!” and “He’s going to hurt a lot of people!”, Mark says “You can’t trust him!” and “He’s got–he has weird eyes!” The statement about the eyes especially stands out, as Dark is often depicted as having strange dark eyes, and also because Mark says things like that. He’s a goof, he cares about us and would do anything to save everyone, whereas Dark merely wants Mark taken care of so he can control the body. When you shoot one, the other Mark takes control, and you get ice cream (vanilla if you killed Dark, chocolate if you killed Mark). If you killed Mark, you look down at the ice cream, and when you look back up the screen glitches, and Dark appears, telling us we made the wrong choice, and that we’ll be there with him forever. If you kill Dark, you look down at the ice cream and the screen still glitches, but when you look back up and it’s still Mark, implying that Dark is still in there, but is weakened and has no control.

-If you and Mark get caught by the chef in the date, and then you escape and decide to stick together, if you decide to try and exit, Dark glitches into frame briefly before suddenly you and Mark are transported back in time to when you were still in the cell, showing off his ability to loop time, and also showing that there is no escape, no exit…unless you call upon Wilferd Warfstache, which we won’t get into here

-So far this is the last appearance of Dark, and his biggest appearance so far


-Jacksepticeye uploads a video titled “SOMETHING DOESN’T FEEL RIGHT | Five Nights At Freddy’s Sister Location #1” upon this at the end and throughout makes the video ‘glitch’.

-Through the whole month ending in his halloween video you will see ‘glitches’ with Anti peeking through in various poses and doing various things.

-Some of these include stabbing Jack, smiling into the camera, or killing himself even. Instilling that he is a masochist.

-Becoming more and more consistent is the noticing quality that Anti has been taking over Jack’s social media through the month.

-On Halloween Anti makes Jack make a pumpkin carving video and slowly interrupts him with sounds around what we know as his house.

-And mainly ¾ths the way through the video gets a green and grainy texture and Anti finds control of the vessel.

-Shouting on about how Jack is weak and Anti is ‘in charge’, that his fanbase ‘watched it happen’, blaming us and saying that ‘we could have saved him’, all while slitting Jack’s throat with the carving knife.

-Only the next day we see what we know as Jack to clean up and identify as him being Anti and then putting him in the cannon.

Jack doing other voice over work for other channels this being the unknowing creation of what will be AntisepticEye.

-Clips of Jack/Anti laughing causes the fanbase to doubt that there isn’t another person there. (Not cannon, but I like to think it is~B)

-So with these extra bits for other peoples videos we start to truly see the chaotic tendencies of Anti

-Between the next appearance of Dark, Felix and a couple other youtubers do a long 7 hour livestream for christmas Mark and Jack both taking part. Theory being this is when Dark got Anti undercontrol.

-This being only 2 months till the next appearance of darkiplier. (see above)

-Once Darkiplier appeared, Anti (in a response to a question on tumblr) called him a “cheap imitator”

-Jack also began playing the game “Detention” around that time, and throughout every episode of Detention there has been some appearance of Anti

-The last episode of Detention was #4, titled “BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS”. In the description there was Zalgo script spelling out the words “BETRAYAL” “NEGLECT” and “MISTAKE”. This may be a reference to us betraying him by paying attention to Dark’s appearance, or it could be a reference to us betraying Jack and allowing him to die (as Anti claimed in the pumpkin carving video)

This being created by @totheworldosanime and @juliansin

@markiplier @therealjacksepticeye
work from home

Alright I mean I had to do it and don’t mind the cheesy title, I promise this ones not that corny. I added Reggie cuz I love him and I miss him!

Jughead wiped the sweat from his forehead and leaned against the metal shovel he was carrying, Archie was stretching his back clearly sore from this mornings aggressive concrete pouring. They’d all been at the site for hours and Their day had only just begun, Reggie and Kevin made their way over to the pair of sweaty boys.

“Dude I’m all for helping out your dad but I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to lift for days after this, and that’s coming from Mantle the Magnificent, I can carry a damn ox, I can’t even imagine how Kevin must feel right now.” Reggie shot a smirk in Kevin’s direction, rolling his shoulders daintily he just shrugged

“I feel fine, fit as a fiddle.”

Moose joined the group with a shake of his head and a hidden smile “yeah well that’s because anytime something is too heavy, he calls me over.”

Archie laughed and clapped Reggie on the shoulder “I wanna thank you guys again, this really means a lot to me. I know how much me and my dad appreciate it.”

All of a sudden Reggies eyes went wide as he stared at something behind Jughead and Archie

“Oh no, that is thanks enough” he stated practically drooling.

Archie and jughead turned to see what the boy was looking at as Kevin gasped “holy fifth harmony music video.”

Coming towards them almost in slow motion was Betty, Veronica and Josie, all decked out in construction hats and holding shovels over their shoulders, their hair seemed to be blowing in the wind and jughead was certain that if this was a movie some sexy R&B song would be playing in the background.

While Reggie, Moose and Archie all seemed to be panting and staring at the three girls, trying to decide who to watch, Jugheads eyes were glued only on Betty. He didn’t think he had ever had a sexual fantasy but damn, this was a dream come true.

She looked amazing in her tiny cut off shorts Showing her long tan legs, a red and black flannel was tied around her waist and loosely hanging behind her, she had on a form fitting white tank top and her shoulders were partly covered with unruly honey blonde curls, the construction hat lopsided on her head. He wanted nothing more than to tug her into his body and kiss that silly hat right off of her head. Betty noticed his stare and blushed a light pink, her eyes lingering on his bare arms as she darted out her tongue to look her bubblegum pink lips.

Veronica dropped her shovel to the ground and smiled at Archie, “were here to help, send me to my post boss!” She fake saluted him and he finally swallowed smiling gently at the kind hearted girls.

“You don’t have to do this guys, I know it’s not really your scene.”

Betty shook her head “you guys need help and that’s what you’re gonna get, we may not be the most handy but I’m good with a tool set and Josie and Ronnie are small they can get in tiny areas. We can help, let us help.”

Archie nodded and broke out into a grin
“Well alright we’ll pair off then, Ronnie you can be with me, Betty you’ll be with…”

Jughead cut him off “me. She’ll be with me.”

Betty blushed again and smiled moving to stand near her partner as Archie paired Josie with Reggie “okay guys we’ll meet up in two hours, be careful and if you need anything my dads right in his office. Thankyou guys.”

Jughead grabbed the shovel out of Betty’s hands and tugged her towards where he had been pouring cement “you’re something else Betty Cooper, you never cease to amaze me.” She giggled at him and smiled “and I hope I never do. Now show me how to do the cement” she seemed genuinely excited and for the next hour and a half they built walls with brick and cement and shared stories teasing each other the whole time.

After three whole walls Betty dropped the smoother and sighed heavily,

“Okay that’s it, my poor little arms are about to fall off, I can’t cheerlead with out arms.”

Jughead laughed and dropped his own tool moving to stand by her “you did really good, I’m always impressed by how quick you learn things, also you’re ability to try things you never have before.” He stood in front of her and smiled at the amazing girl in front of him.

Suddenly the air shifted and Betty was closer than he remembered, her hands moving to draw lazy circles on his biceps, biting her lip she looked up at him “wanna know something else I’ve never tried?” she whispered

He gulped at the feeling of her cool fingertips on his bare skin and the way her teeth tugged at those soft lips “what’s that?” He choked out

She reached up and whispered in his ear “I’ve never made out with anyone on a construction site.”

That was all it took for him to lose control, he let out a low growl and hooked his arms around Betty’s backside lifting her onto the dried concrete wall as he cut off her giggle with his own mouth.

They fought for dominance, each of them feeling so strongly passionate, it was new and it was different and it was amazing, when Jughead placed his open palms on the bare skin of her thighs, Betty slid her hands under his tank top, feeling his toned muscular back she scraped her fingers nails over the skin and he groaned into her mouth, biting down onto her bottom lip
Jughead shifted Betty so she was pushed up against the wall still sitting on the stone his legs in between hers,

“Bets” he moaned, moving to kiss along her jaw and the sensitive sweet spot that was her neck. she whimpered at the sensation and sighed breathily “you’re not allowed to wear sleeves ever again” her hands ran up and down his arms as he pulled back and gave her a silly smile raising his brow “don’t stop!” She pouted, pulling him back to her lips.

He smiled into the kiss and he didn’t think he would ever be this turned on again in his entire life, he had never had these urges before so it only made it all so much more intense

“You’re everything” he whispered into her neck as she kissed behind his ear, she pulled away this time, looking at him confused. Jughead just shook his head “you don’t know what you mean to me, what you do to me.” He whispered leaning his forehead against hers, his hands resting in her butt pockets, she just smiled

“You’re everything to me too Juggie.” She brought him in for another kiss when suddenly the clearing of a throat drew them out of their bubble.

Standing there smirking and holding two cokes was none other than Fred Andrews, both the teens blushed scarlet as Betty went to tuck in her tank top and jughead searched for his hard hat.

“The rest of the gang is looking for you two, you might wanna head over there.” He placed the sodas on the wall with an amused smile “oh and Betty?”

She looked up from her place on the wall
“Yes Mr.Andrews?” She said thoroughly embarrassed.

“Your flannel is draped over the cement mixer.” With that he walked away , leaving both the teens staring after him in embarrassed, stunned silence.

Finally, Jughead grabbed her flannel and walked to her to tie it around her waist, pulling her in for one final kiss as they left the safety of their own little corner.

Half way to the rest of the group Betty turned to Jughead “hey Juggie?” She asked

He raised a brow and hummed “hmm?”

She sighed, smoothing her frazzled hair
“I think from now on, you better work from home.”

Okay now that i’m coming off the high of the Katie McGrath interview, her validating supercorp and ALL her deliciousness CAN WE JUST FREAK OUT ABOUT THIS LITTLE TIDBIT THAT WENT A BIT UNRECOGNIZED:

TVLINE | It sounds like a big episode for you.
It is, actually. What’s nice about it is you’re getting quite a bit of backstory for me as a character. You haven’t really seen storylines for Lena outside of her being a Luthor and all the stories to do with her family…

TVLINE | It always seems to come back to her mom.
Exactly. Or her brother… all of that kind of stuff. And this is separate to that, which is nice. It gives you more of an insight of her as an individual rather than her as part of her family.


Whatever I don’t like, we will rewrite  

{ unexpected guest }

pairing: hamilsquad x reader

prompt: Hi there! I was maybe wondering if you could make a hamilsquad fic about when the reader is alone in the house/apartment then suddenly robber shows up and sees her and the rest is up to u?

a/n: yes! i hope you like it! i have a hercules one that kind of follows this prompt so it’s called “vacancy” if you’d like to check it out! 

t/w: none! 

inbox || masterlist 

“Make sure the doors are locked, love.” Alex advised you, kissing your head from where you sat on the couch. You were sitting cross legged, totally engrossed in the newest episode of your favorite show with a blanket wrapped around you tightly.

You hardly noticed until John waved a hand in front of you. “Baby? Did you hear Alex?” 

“Yes. Lock the doors.” You said absentmindedly, looking around him. He managed a laugh and you gave him a small smile. “Promise I’ll be okay, Jack. You guys can go now.”

“You sure, princess?” Herc raised an eyebrow slightly, already slinging his jacket over his shoulders. He looked over at you from where he stood near the front door. Alex got up to look for something, mumbling things you didn’t quite pick up as he got up from the couch. He hurriedly gave you one more little kiss before he did so. John kissed your forehead and headed over near Herc.

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Exhibition (AO3)

Prompt: angst, human!AU, early 20s, artist!Cas, tattoos

For @envydean winner of my january botm

“Charlie, did you really have to drag me all the way over here? Why couldn’t you just go by yourself?” Dean huffs, following Charlie into the warehouse.

“Because I did you a favour and went to that wrestling match with you so now you’re going to return it.” Charlie retorts, before heading over to the first piece of art she sees. Dean grumbles but follows along beside her.

He’s never been to an art exhibit before. But then again he’s not the type of person who would willingly go to an art exhibit. Most of the people here seem like a bunch of hippies. They’ve either got blue hair, dreadlocks or tattoos swirling down their arms. Lots of tattoos. Kind of like someone he used to know.

Dean looks back to Charlie to see she’s moved closer through the small crowd to the piece of art. Dean sighs and follows her.

It’s been a full hour. An hour. Thankfully, though, the exhibit will be finished in ten minutes so Dean can leave. Sure, the paintings are good. Very good, but Dean doesn’t understand any of them. Charlie, on the other hand has stood and stared for about five minutes at each of them.

Dean taps Charlie on the shoulder. “C’mon, Charlie. Let’s get outta here.”

Charlie doesn’t even look at him. “No. The exhibit’s not finished yet.”

“It’s gonna finish in like ten minutes though.”

Charlie finally turns and crosses her arms. “Good. You can wait ten minutes then.”

Dean groans. Half of the people who showed up have already left. But of course there still here. “But this is the last painting. I swear we’ve looked at all the others.”

“Yeah and I’ll just be another ten minutes, okay?”

“How could you possibly look at this painting for ten minutes? It’s not even that good.” 

“Is that what you thought of all the paintings I did for you as well?” says a deep voice from behind him.

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Oops you got me pregnant//Jughead Jones

Originally posted by everyhtingslove

Originally posted by dylanobrienbaby

Requested by anon

Requested: Hi there! Just thought I’d ask you if you could please write a one shot where the reader finds out she’s pregnant with Jug’s kid (they’re still in HS, maybe one night stand?) and he finds out from one of her friend’s like Veronica or Betty? You can decide what happens next! Thanks!!

(Y/N)’s P.O.V.

Looking down at the three positive pregnancy tests, you could feel your stomach come up to your ears. This was not supposed to happen, you were freshman, like everyone else, you couldn’t get pregnant. After Veronica Lodge, your best friend decided to throw a party and get you drunk, you had gotten pregnant. That was the only thing you could remember, who got you pregnant. Jughead Jones. The one who you’ve had a crush since third grade. Now, you were pregnant with his baby. With shaky hands you grabbed your phone, almost dropping it and dialed Veronica’s number. 

“Hey, sup?” Veronica’s peppy voice sounded in your ears. 

“Um V, you know that party you threw? Ya um, um, you see, Jughead and I did the do and he got me pregnant.” You said tears leaking out of your eyes.

“Oh hun. It-it’ll be okay. We’ll figure something out, Betty and I will help you.” She reassured.

“Thanks, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow. I now have to go tell my parents.” You said goodbye with shaky hands and voice.

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Three Little Words

“Meet my family” Those three small words had thrown your mind into a tizzy, their implications huge, knowing how much Tommy valued his family and their privacy. You sat nervously in the back of the car, fussing with the hem of your dress, a light chiffon day dress, perfect for the informal picnic that Ada had no doubt planned for the group. Your mind continued to race, thinking back to the moment he’d said those three words, his crystalline eyes showing a speck of vulnerability, a chink in his armour, the crack in his ever composed exterior. This was it, this was his way of saying I love you without uttering those three impossibly heavy words.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 523 Review

Okay Double chapter this week so come on with FT chapter “Will fate burn”

The cover page is Happy and Carla in a chinese festival. That’s it. Okay so on to the chapter.

Okay so starting from where we left off, Gray is going to use a lost iced shell. I’d like to draw attention to the bottom right panel of Gray during Avatar. He says “I wanted to see it“ which I believe he means the book of END. Either that or it’s implying he learned lost attribute from them.

Okay little sidebar, Gray says lost attribute added will enhance a spells powers than normal. Now we know Lost magic is a thing, it’s classified as magic that’s very rare and almost lost to most knowledge seems standard. But lost Attribute seems to be something different like if you use lost attribute than your spell no matter what will increase. I think lost attribute is basically the user tapping into that primal magic or as Rustrose would say “returning to the abyss of magic” that this is the user returning to that undiluted magic. I know it’s odd but this is an interesting concept.

Okay Gray. I get it. You have had so many sacrifice themselves for you and you’ve had to live with that mourning and this has happened many times to you. But, this is war. There is suppose to be sacrifices made and if you think you guys have suffered all that much than your kinda wrong you just lost Makarov. Which is troubling but it was one life. But at the same time I understand that you wouldn’t want more suffering kinda a tough choice.

Okay for most the chapter the dialogue is on point but this one exchange was stupid. “There is no eternity” would be fine but saying “the ice will melt” really is just very vague. If you said something like “My followers will not stop till they melt it” that be fine but the way the sentence is structured it seems like he’s saying the ice will melt on it’s own. But Gray here sounds more dumb by saying if it does melt that’s far down the road’s problem. Gray don’t you know eternal I mean your basically saying every one will forget you but hey it might mean nothing anyway. The hell sense does that make?

I, Really like the symbolism and imagery here. Like no lie, first having it be Ur which is so nice and have it transition over to natsu. Really good sequential story telling.

And I know what people will say, “natsu had to come in to be the big damn hero because Mashima that’s just standard shounen and of course Natsu needs to be pandered to” well I’ about to diffuse that right here. Gray is bringing up a good reason about his grief he feels from almost killing his friend in a blind rage, but here’s what I love Natsu references he could do the same. We have self awareness right here. Then we have the questioning of their friendship. A standard questioning of friendship becomes so much more powerful by adding emotion to the scene. This isn’t some Natsu is stoic reaffirming they are friends this is him on the ground trying to reach Gray.

Welp, touching moment over cause Zeref wanted to be a dick.

Queue standard Natsu is serious two page spread.

“I guess I’ll just stand off to the side, it’s not like I have an ability to access a 9 different forms which grant me a wide range of magic. Better let the men handle this.”

Also Lucy you don’t look like you have any faith in Natsu right now.

So we cut outside the guild to see Erza (Who had her bones broken) all fixed up. You know I’m not even mad. If Wendy can bring juvia back even when she’s only a centimeter away from death, then I’m sure a whole skeleton can be fixed just fine.

Also this resolve works for makarov, but Irene. NO. She was pretty much crazy and pretty much would’ve nuked all of you. But hey cause she killed herself I guess it’s okay.

oh yes. oh yes! OH YES!

And great way to end the chapter.

Also I love how Acnologia references how bored he is. As if he is getting tired of this whole damn arc.

Post Chapter Follow Up: I really liked this chapter. Seriously it was good.

On the Pro side, we have actual emotion that carried over in to the theme of friendship and didn’t feel to shoved down our throats.

Also big thing is the pacing in this chapter is actually really good. Nothing goes by too fast and it all gets in what needs to be done.

We have the air of this final battle beginning and had such a weight to Zeref taking center stage and Acnologia arriving. I couldn’t be more pumped. I’m Hoping that while Natsu tanks the whole zeref thing that at least Gray and Lucy contribute. Also the fact that august even stops fighting really is an amazing sign of what’s coming up.

On the Cons side, nothing really. There are a few snags in the beginning but I think it doesn’t ruin the story overall.

Final Verdict: 8/10

  • Actual character emotion shown on screen
  • solid chapter
  • good pacing
Always a Bridesmaid 1/3

Felicity must return to her hometown for the first time since high school to stand in her friend Sara’s wedding.  While many things have changed for Felicity some have not and she has begun to wonder what happened to her old high school crush Oliver Queen.

This is for all, who like me, have had the privilege of being a bridesmaid.

Thanks so much to @mel-loves-all for the beautiful edit and to @almondblossomme for proofing!  Also available on AO3.

                                   Chapter 1: Will You Marry Me?

May 2017

Felicity Smoak walked into her empty loft, kicked off her shoes and threw her keys on the hallway table. Her week was done and she could not wait to slip into her comfy clothes, sip some wine and watch TV. The weekend was hers for the taking!

She had just settled into her couch, where she spent far too little time, when her phone buzzed. She actually contemplated not answering, but when she saw it was her high school best friend Sara Lance, she rushed to answer.

“Hey you! Feels like I haven’t talked to you in forever. What’s new?” Felicity really did miss Sara. She was one of few people, she felt truly understood her.

“I have news!!!” Sara sounded so excited.

“Oooh do tell!”

“I’m getting MARRIED!!!!”

“OH MY GOD! Sara I am SO happy for you and Nyssa!!! Tell me all about it! Who did the proposing? I need details!! Remember I live vicariously through you!”

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moonbow-gem  asked:

Okay, I didn't have the guts to break the TV this time, but I heard his little "hmmm" again and um... I'm ready for the MysMe R18 CD now.

UNF you and me both.

Pro tip, everyone: crank up the volume before Zen licks your finger. He makes a very soft “mmmh” sound and no one I talked to seemed to have noticed before I came into their lives. Just sayin’.

Like in the movies ~Smutty September~

Prompt: Can you do a smut where y/n find a hardcore porn in Carl’s room, she decides to watch it and Carl walks in on her and she admits for a long time, she wanted to be treated like the girl in the video?

Pairing: Carl x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

Warning:trigger warning:hardcore

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In Your Head - Part 6

Jughead Jones x Reader

Reader: Y/N

Brother: Y/B/N

Word Count: 2,707

Summary: You are almost 3 months into a relationship with Jughead Jones. You are going through a tough time being too much in your head as the anniversary of “that night” comes closer. Jughead can sense something is wrong.

Warnings: Features sexual content, as well as a rape flashback and parental abuse. Please don’t read if easily triggered.

With your gaze at Jughead, you took a breath and looked to the floor. Your turned back to Archie and after a slight sigh, “How do you like your eggs Arch?”

He smiled, “Anything is fine Y/N…so Juggie….” his eyes went to Jughead behind you. “You okay? I’ve never really seen you like that before…” He was a little shy in asking.

“I’m better now”, Jughead glanced at you. You gave a smile and it was returned.

“Yeah I can see that”. He gave a bashful look to the he both of you. “So….here’s the thing…..you know how when Ronnie gets determined by something, she doesn’t let anything stop her?” He was glancing back to just Jughead now.
While Jughead and you had gotten to the point where you could exchange glances and understand each other - it was nothing on the level of Jughead and Archie. They could have conversations with just looks, it was a sight to see. You turned back to Jughead and saw his face slightly fall and lock your eyes with yours.

“…..what?”. Your curiosity had heightened.

Jughead gave a breath, “is it all of them?”

“Yeah, Betty tried to stop them but she was fighting a losing battle….” Archie’s eyes dropped to the floor looking a little ashamed.

You waved your hands in front of both of them. “What are you two talking about?”

Jughead looked back to you, with his hand now on your shoulder. “Veronica, Kevin and Betty are here….or at least I’m assuming somewhere nearby….” his eyes turned back to Archie.

“They’re in the truck. She kind of demanded it….”.

“Ah. And they sent you in first to make sure?”. You finally got the full conversation.

“Yeah. So should I drive them to Veronica’s or not…because you can say no if you want to Y/N. Betty said they had to agree to that. That it had to be up to you…”. His words trailed again.

You looked back to Jughead who was now next to you holding your hand. “Whatever you want to do Y/N”. He gave a smile but the look of concern was behind it once again.

You took a breath and thought about it for a moment. You looked at the bowl of eggs in front of you, “Okay, but everyone is getting scrambled eggs….”. Archie gave a slight laugh and headed back to the front door.

Jughead tugged at his flannel you had adorned, “You sure? You don’t have to you know”.

“I know. But they’re my friends, and they’re good ones. They obviously have some concern…”

“What is it?” He could tell you were refraining from your words.

“I’m just going to tell them about Chuck and last year. Not everything. Is that alright?” Your eyes were a little watery.

He gave a smile, “Of course. It’s yours to tell. No one else’s”.

You looked at his chest and giggled, “You should probably get something on….”.

He looked down, almost forgetting that he just had boxers on besides the gray beanie. “Oh crap”, he quickly ran upstairs. You yourself buttoned the flannel higher, otherwise you weren’t too worried at how you looked at this point. You cracked the rest of the cartons eggs into the bowl and began to stir the mixture into the pan now hot behind you.

Archie came back to the kitchen and the rest of them had followed in. Veronica slightly shouted while entering the kitchen, “Y/N! What the hell was all of that?”

 “Sorry. She drank a little more….” Betty interrupted before you could respond. 

 “I stopped over an hour ago”, Veronica was trying to be aware of her voice now.

You heard footsteps coming back down now and were greeted by a fully clothed Jughead. 

“Well Heeeeelllllloooo Forsythe”. Veronica gave a giggle while excited to use his formal name. 

He gave you a loving glare, “She’s never living that one down you know”. 

You giggled, “I said I was sorry about that”. 

They were all kind of looking at you now, some with concern on their faces. Betty herself mouthed “I’m sorry” and you just gave her a reassuring nod. You gave a deep sigh. You looked to Archie, “Grab some plates. I’m making pancakes and the eggs are almost ready. Then we’ll move this to the living room”. You drew your eyes back to your group of friends, “Okay?” 

They all nodded while Jughead went around the other side of the kitchen and grabbed some glasses for everyone. He shoved Veronica a glass of water and gave her a look of subtle annoyance. “Why thank you Forsythe”, she once again gleamed using the name. He grabbed you a glass of water too and set it down before drinking almost a full one himself. You stopped yourself from giggling and cracking a joke of why he was dehydrated. 

You looked over to Kevin, who had a look of concern on his face. He still looked confused by what had happened at Cheryl’s. 

With pancakes now on plates next to some scrambled eggs for everyone else, you served Jughead and you last. He looked towards you before heading into the living room with everyone else. “You sure?” 

“Yeah I’m sure”, you gave him a peck on his cheek before following him out with your own plate to the living room. 

Betty didn’t really even touch her food, knowing some of what was coming. She was in a chair by herself while Kevin, Archie and Veronica were all on the couch together. You put your plate down on the coffee table and sat down at the chair Jughead had got for you. He got one for himself and set it beside you. He took one bite of his eggs and set the plate down himself and the reached for your hand. 

Veronica was finishing a pancake when she realized everyone had gotten silent around her. She looked up, “sorry”. 

“So why did Jughead punch Chuck? You know…not that I’m complaining about it…” Kevin decided to speak up first. 

“Because Chuck was trying to do something”. You gave yourself a breath to prepare your next words. You then went into what you had told Betty as well as what Jughead learned at Cheryl’s. You went into that night itself and even got to the part of you walking home by yourself. All the while holding and squeezing Jughead’s hand at the parts that were harder for you to tell. They thought that was it, until you went into what you did to yourself, your medication and then proceeded to lift the sleeve on your arm. You finally looked up to all of their eyes.  

Betty had tears again, not knowing the details or the last part and tried to give you a smile. Kevin had both of his hands over his mouth, shocked while then reaching for Betty’s hand. Archie, sitting in between both Veronica and Kevin, had a rather sad face. You couldn’t tell if he was holding back tears or not. He looked right in your eyes, his jaw a little open in astonishment. And then his eyes led back to Jughead’s. Jughead seemed a little angry while still holding and caressing your hand for comfort. 

You looked back to Veronica who had looked angrier than when you told Jughead. She made a fist with her hand and shot up from the couch. Everyone’s eyes were on her. With a stern voice, the words “I’m going to kill him”, escaped her mouth before she darted to the front door. 

“Ronnie!”, Archie leapt up behind her and grabbed her hand before she could make it to the doorknob. 

“And now we’ve made a full circle to what happened in the kitchen….”. You had always made jokes when you were uncomfortable and everyone seemed a little thrown off by your statement. 

“Sorry, that’s what I do when I’m nervous…” you stood up but before you could finish your words, Kevin’s arms were around you. He slightly released you and you started to reassure him. You wiped his tear with the flannel sleeve, “Hey, I’m okay now, alright?” He just nodded, heading back to the spot on his couch. 

“Veronica, will you please sit down?” Your eyes looked back to Archie holding Veronica back from the door. 

“Fine, but I want to kill him”. Veronica slowly made it back to the couch while releasing her fist. 

“Truer words….”, Jughead still sitting on the chair looked back to Veronica. You gave a look back to Jughead of “not helping” while coming back to your seat.

Kevin chimed in again, “Well, shouldn’t you tell someone?”, you could tell he was choosing his words, “like my dad? Your parents?”. Everyone looked back at you. You gave yourself a second to breathe, as you figured this question would come up. 

“Well it wouldn’t do much good now. With no real evidence, it would just be a “He said, she said” type of case. And I don’t know if I could handle everyone knowing. I have talked to my therapist about it though.“ You paused again, “and I don’t really want to tell my parents. I have you guys, that’s enough”. You looked back to Jughead when you said the last part. His eyes never tore away from you while you were speaking. 

You looked back to everyone Betty finally asked something. “Well what can we do?” 

You paused and looked at everyone’s faces. It was a new feeling to be surrounded by people that actually cared about you. Besides your brother, you had never really experienced it before. “You can eat. I think Juggs is about to die from starvation”. You smiled while looking back at Jughead, both Veronica and Betty gave a small laugh, while Archie came back to his spot on the couch. The redhead looked at his food with determination and began to eat. Everyone followed in suit. 

 A few moments went by, with everyone eating. Jughead not so shockingly finished first and went back to the kitchen for more eggs. When he sat back down, you finally broke the silence. “So how was the rest of the party?” 

Betty’s eyes went towards Kevin’s, as if they had a secret. Kevin looked up from his plate meeting Betty’s eyes, “I totally forgot!” All eyes were now on Kevin. And you were happy that something had gotten back to normal - it was if you were back at the lunch table all eating together. “So Moose grabbed me off the dance floor, and then made out with me in one of the rooms at Thornhill”. Not too surprised by the statement, you looked around. Veronica had seemed engrossed with Kevin’s words now. “But then Midge was looking for him and kind of found us together. He flew out of the room to catch her and I still don’t know what happened. He hasn’t texted me back”. He looked back at his phone and his eyes dropped a little as it seemed there were no new messages for him. 

It went around to the others, Veronica talking about how she had to show people what was in a martini, Betty trying to ward of Veronica and Kevin from coming here sooner and Archie talking about the Pussycat’s set and talking about Valerie in all of her musical glory. 

Archie offered to take them back to Veronica’s and they agreed to it. Veronica let Kevin take your spot at the sleepover and all had finally gotten up from their seats heading towards the door. Kevin waited for you to fully get up and gave you another hug with a reassuring smile. Betty did something similar and when Veronica reached in for her hug she whispered in your ear, “I will seriously kill him for you if you want to”. You gave a small a laugh and told her it was “okay”.

Veronica looked over to Jughead, “Forsythe” while giving a curtsy. Both Betty and Kevin laughed a little while Jughead rolled his eyes.

 Archie gave you a pat on your arm and looked to Jughead telling him to “not worry about the kitchen”. The door had closed and all you could do was take a deep breath. You were tired and finally ready to sleep. A welcomed feeling since the few nights before, you had tried not to sleep altogether, in fear of your nightmares. 

You turned to Jughead. “So, back upstairs?”, he had looked tired himself.

“Yeah”, you nodded while he reached for your hand leading you back up the stairs. You entered his room again. The room was dark and he didn’t bother turning any of the lights back on. 

He adjusted the blankets and then took off his shirt. “Come here”. He grabbed your hand again, gently kissed your lips all before saying, “you know you’re really brave right?” 

You gave a slight sigh, “I don’t know about that. I’m pretty sure I’m just trying to live through all of this….”. Your rolled your eyes back to your feet. 

“Nope. You’re brave. Trust me”. He smiled while grabbing the side of your face, bringing your lips back to his. “So how about some sleep?”. 

“Sounds good to me”. You both laid on the bed and he pulled the covers over the two of you. His body faced yours and he leaned in to give you a kiss on your forehead, “I love you Y/N”. 

You smiled, put your arms around his side, “I love you too Jughead”.

 *deep breaths*

 “Come on. I know you want it…” you tried kicking him. “Don’t fight it…”, he pushed your arms back down and knocked the wind out of you with his knee. “I want you, your making this harder for yourself…”, you tried to scream again and he covered your mouth, “I SAID don’t scream”, he socked you in your side again. You whimpered and began to nod, still crying while giving a small scream to what he was now doing under your dress. 

 *muffled scream* 

You woke straight up again, and saw the alarm on your phone going off. 6:45, it was the one you had for medication. You swiped it quickly before you turned back to the bed. “Are you okay?!?”, you saw Jughead’s face looking a little horrified. 

“Yeah, yeah. I’m alright…” you caught your breath. You got up, found your bag and grabbed your meds. “I’m getting a glass of water. Do you want anything?” You finally put your eyes back to Jughead who was now sitting straight up himself. You went back to the bed and sat next to him. Grabbing his hand, “I’m okay, really. Just a nightmare, promise”. He laid back down, “I’ll be right back, okay?” You gave him a peck on his forehead and made your way downstairs.

The kitchen was clean from the night’s breakfast you had made and you grabbed a glass and did your morning routine of a full glass of water with a pill. You went back up the stairs. 

You were greeted by Jughead sitting up in the bed. You closed the door behind you. You took a deep breath, "you want to know….”. 

“Yeah. You shouldn’t have to go back there”, his hands were playing with a sheet out of nervousness. 

“Look, I get my therapy and my meds because my dad let’s me do that, my mom never agreed to it. And it’s not just me, it’s also my brother. I have to, and again, it’s been better than it has been in years. If something happened, big wise, I promise, I’ll do something. Okay?”. You finally met his eyes. He nodded while not entirely agreeing to the idea of you going back. 

He gave a long pause. “How long do you have until you have to be back?" 

 "About 1, my dad comes home tonight”. You knew that meant you had to get the house “pristine”. 

 "Alright, but your mine until then”. He moved the sheets back welcoming you back in and gave a large smile. He grabbed you in with his arms and once again you fell asleep, in a loving embrace with the feeling of being safe.

|| theme song ||

{summary: in which you find out that peter parker adores spiderman just as much as you do.}

so there was some spiderman: homecoming event held in tokyo some time yesterday, and there was some new footage being shown [♥] @//tomhsource on twitter had a few screenshots saved on their twitter page (and also, just to clarify, their twitter page never explicitly stated that angourie rice was playing gwen stacy. they called it out as a RUMOR, and these shady sites were just looking for more clickbait material by saying that she was confirmed to be gwen)

but i’m not here to talk about the mess behind angourie rice’s character identity (even though I still firmly believe she’s playing betty brant, personally) what i’m most excited about is how peter is actually seen in the footage WRITING his own spiderman theme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and I just had to make an imagine out of it ;)

I will be using [[cosmicbooknews]] transcription since I have their whole typed out theme saved in my emails

tags [permanent + peter parker]: @ghostedwolf , @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53 , @wannabe-weasley , @mcusebstan , @tmrhollandkay , @pepcvina , @nekonerdxox , @lokigirl18 , @fangeekkk , @kylielo22 , @wavy-ley , @lghockey , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry

warnings: none

**please don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine!!**


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Home (Seungcheol)

24: “You okay? You seem little off today.”

42: “oh thank goodness…I didn’t think you’d still be here.”

You didn’t want to seem desperate, but maybe you were. You wanted to give him space, not seem so clingy, so maybe that’s why you have to do everything to restrain yourself every day from calling him. But maybe just once, you thought, just once you could be a tiny bit clingy.

You held the phone to your ear, heart racing, eyes moving all around the room. The ringing caused time to move slowly. Your knee bounced rapidly, fingers tapping your thigh. Just as you were about to give up all hope, there was a click.

A smile broke on your face, “Seungcheol!”

“The number you are trying to reach…..”


With a deflated heart, you pulled your knees to your chest. The darkness outside began to consume you, the loneliness slowly settling itself in.

The vibration of your phone shook you. Your heart leaped but once again fell. It wasn’t a text or a call. No. It was a vlive. Ah, you thought, the boys were live. You clicked on the notification. You assumed you weren’t going to see Seungcheol, but what was the harm in watching his other members play around.

Your lips tugged upward, scanning the four boys. Chan, Soonyoung, Seokmin. The smile dropped. Seungcheol. You’re eyes fell, a defeated sigh leaving your lips. For 5 minutes you watched him smile, listened to his laugh, saddened at his voice.

Did he really ignore my call?

You watched as the live came to an end. One minute passed. Two. Then three. Four. Maybe I should try again.

Your finger hovered over the call button. Pressing it lightly, holding the phone to your ear. It rang once. Click.


“The number you are….”


Eyes threatening to water, you held yourself back. An idea popped in your head. You scrolled through your contacts, quickly clicking on the boy’s phone number.

He answered right away, “Y/N!!!!!” the boy screamed in excitement. A smile crawling onto your lips, a happy sigh being let out.


“Did you watch our live. I looked cool right.”

You giggled at the boy’s enthusiasm, “you were the coolest. Say, um. Is Seungcheol there?”

Chan hummed for a moment, “How come you didn’t just call hyung?”

“I..uh..” you thought for moment, “I didn’t want to wake him if he fell asleep quickly. I knew you’d still be up.”

Chan hummed once again in agreement, “yeah hold on a second. He’s right here.” you could hear Chan’s voice as it moved away from the phone, handing it over to Seungcheol.

“Hello?” His voice was low and tired.

You felt the calm rush over you, eyes beginning to water slowly. God you missed his voice. How long had it been you wondered 3 months since you last saw him?

“Hey.” your voice fell quiet, “You okay? You seem a little off today. I tried calling.”

Seungcheol let out a sigh, one that sounded more annoyed of you, “yeah. I’m just really tired right now. You know practice and promotions. Plus Jihoon is really hovering over my shoulder to get these lyrics done. And you know how it is.”

“Ah…” your voice slowly cracked. You coughed hoping he didn’t notice, “I just missed you that’s all. We hadn’t talked on the phone in a long time.”

The annoyed sigh was released once again, “You can’t keep doing this. Calling me just randomly. I’m really busy okay. I told you I’d call you when I have the time.”

A fire was lit inside of you, “so I’m just suppose to wait around next to my phone waiting for your call. What am I, someone you can just call up for fun.”

Seungcheol could feel the small glances he was receiving from the few member that had walked in the room, “We’ll talk about this when I get home.”

“Home?” You scoffed, “I’m surprised you remember this place over here was your home since you’ve been living at the dorms for the last 3 months.”

“Stop being such a drama queen!” Seungcheol raised his voice. The members stared for a moment but he disregarded them, “I’m the one paying for you to stay there! So stop whining just because I’m not there twenty four seven!”

His harsh words stunned you. Your mouth was left agape, your eyes gave away, letting the flood gates open. You hung up the phone, letting him have the last say as you broke completely in the middle of the living room.

Seungcheol tossed the phone onto the couch. Chan grabbed his cell phone and the others stared at him in concern. Silence plagued the room.

Chan stood uncomfortably, “You didn’t have to yell at her.”

Seungcheol looked at the boy, “what.”

“Y/N didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I didn’t yell at her okay. It was just a mini fight. It’ll blow over.”

“Chan’s right.” Jeonghan spoke up, “she’s your girlfriend. Of course she’s going to call you. She’s probably worried sick.”

Seungcheol squeezed his eyes shut, “This is between me and Y/N. Just butt out.”

Jeonghan stood from his seated spot, “Between you and Y/N? It doesn’t sound like that anymore. You basically told her the only reason she’s with you is because you pay for where she lives.”

Seungcheol opened his mouth to protest but Jeonghan intervened.

“She can’t call you but you can call her? Honestly she wouldn’t even be with you right now if it wasn’t for the rest of us updating her on her idiotic boyfriend.”

Updating? Seungcheol looked in confusion, “what are you talking about?”

“This is the first time she’s called you in 3 months because you’ve been so self absorbed in yourself.” Jeonghan pulled out his cell phone, scrolling to your name in his messages, “did you even notice that she hasn’t called you.” Jeonghan shoved the cell into Seungcheol’s hand.

Y/N: hey jeonghan. I watched you guys perform on tv. It was great. I know Cheol is busy so please take care of him for me.

Y/N: Please make sure Cheol is eating his meals, he looked a little skinny in the last performance. Don’t forget to eat yourself too!!

Y/N: i haven’t called Cheol in a long time. I hope he’s not too worried. I know how absorbed he gets into his work sometime so please make sure he stays healthy.

Y/N: Cheol hasn’t come home in a while. I hope he’s resting at the dorms. Please make sure he’s taking breaks, don’t let him over work himself so much. Take care of yourself too!!

Y/N: 3 months pass by slowly when I can’t see you guys. Don’t overwork yourselves. Also, can you make sure Cheol is alright. I haven’t seen him in a while, I hope he’s okay.

Seungcheol stares at the screen. 3 months. Did he really forget about you for 3 months. And here you were, every day, making sure the others were taking care of him. All because you knew he always put work first. Jeonghan’s phone vibrated in his hand.

Y/N: you probably won’t hear from me for a while. Please take extra care of Seungcheol for me in my place.

Seungcheol gripped the phone tightly. Idiot. He hated himself. He loathed himself. He wanted to punch himself so much at the moment. How could you still possibly care for him after he had spoke so harshly to you. His heart began to race.

you probably won’t hear from me for a while

What did that mean? Were you going to end it with him? Were you leaving? Seungcheol stood up hastily, shoving the phone back to Jeonghan as everyone watched him curiously.

“Where are you going?”

Seungcheol slipped his jacket on, struggling with his shoes, “I’ll be back later.” He flew out the door.

By now your tears had ceased. You hadn’t known if it was because you were numb or if you had literally cried all your tears out. Your body weak and tired, you dragged yourself to the kitchen, opening the fridge and pulling a water bottle out to hydrate yourself. Your shoulders felt heavy as you moved slowly, closing the fridge door, you heard the slam of something louder.

Seungcheol stood before you. He was still panting, out of breath because he decided it would be faster to climb four flights of stairs to the apartment. He noticed your state, hair a mess, eyes and nose red, your limbs looking smaller than he remembered. But most importantly, he saw you standing in his home.

He ran towards you. Entering the home with his shoes still on, his arms engulfed you. Seungcheol buried his face in the crook of your neck, taking in the scent he was deprived of for 3 months, “oh thank goodness…I didn’t think you’d still be here.” his voice hitched, “I thought I lost you. I thought I’d come home and everything about you would be gone. I’m so stupid. I’m so utterly stupid.”

You felt the wet tears of his drip onto your neck. The water bottle rolled off your fingers as you brought your arms to wrap around his shoulders. You took the softness of his touch in, your sadness, your anger, the loneliness, all of it slipped away, “Welcome home.”